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Sunrise Association Winter 2016 • Vol 9 • Issue 1

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From Nina Pickett, Board Chair & Arnie Preminger, President & CEO

Be careful what you wish for, we’ve heard said. But here at Sunrise, we’re working every day to make sure that the things we wish for actually do come true.

Our wishes are simple yet powerful ones: that our children have the best days possible at our many Sunrise programs, and that we find a way to bring more camps and year-round services to children in need, wherever they may be. This past year – with the opening of the 4th Sunrise Day Camp and 3 new Sunrise on Wheels programs, we saw a lot of those wishes become reality, and the coming year is anticipated to be even bigger. This year saw the opening of three new Sunrise on Wheels programs – at New York–Presbyterian/Columbia University Medical Center in New York, Hackensack University Medical Center in New Jersey, and Rambam Hospital in Haifa, Israel. As we expanded the smiles we were bringing to children in hospitals, our partners at Sunrise-Israel opened their second camp – Sunrise’s fourth – in Be’er Sheva in the south. The growth of these programs added hundreds of new families to the Sunrise experience, putting joy on the faces of children who had too often forgotten how to laugh. This year also saw the official opening of the Sunrise Association, the umbrella organization devoted to sustaining and growing our existing programs while opening new ones. Our thanks to our dedicated colleagues on both the board and staff of the Association, who have worked tirelessly in so many areas to secure the Sunrise dream. The dream continues this year as we expand our work to both Baltimore, Maryland and Staten Island, New York, where two new camps are projected for a summer 2016 opening. In Baltimore, thanks in large part to a tremendous startup gift from Shari and Jeffrey Aronson, we have hired a dynamic team to create the needed infrastructure to launch a successful camp. In Staten Island, a brilliant synergetic pairing between the Sunrise Association, the JCC of Staten Island, and Catholic Charities is creating a new model which should see our 3rd New York camp open in the coming year. “A dream that you dream alone is just a dream, but a dream you dream together is reality.” John Lennon wrote those words as part of an unpublished song, and we used them in our opening Sunrise newsletter more than 10 years ago. Thank you all for being part of our dream and turning it into reality. All our best,

Nina Pickett Board Chair


Arnie Preminger President & CEO

15 Neil Court • Oceanside, NY 11572 • (516) 634-4144 •

“A tree house, a free house, A secret you and me house, A high up in the leafy branches Cozy as can be house.” ~ Shel Silverstein

A Treehouse for Pearl River More than a decade ago, before the first of our 4 Sunrise

Now that we had a plan, we still had to put the pieces in place. Major funding for the project came from Quicken Loans and the Kaminsky family, with support from the Discovery Channel. Filming took place in late May and early June, with staff and board members from both the Sunrise Association and Sunrise Day Camp–Pearl River trying their hand at acting. On the night the show aired, social media came alive, with Quicken Loans promising to make a donation to Sunrise for every tweet that contained “#treehousesunrise.”

Day Camps had taken hold, Sunrise founder Arnie Preminger had seen a universally-accessible treehouse at a sleepaway camp in Connecticut, and was determined to have one at this new camp that he was dreaming about. By Sunrise’s second summer – and with the help of JK Kids and Jarro Construction – that dream became a reality. For 9 years, the children at Sunrise Day Camp–Long Island have frolicked among the trees, enjoying the beauty of the quiet space and the wonder of standing among the treetops. But in our newer camps, building such a structure was more elusive, as we Building the Sunrise Treehouse in Pearl River was a labor of pure needed to concentrate on more basic needs, like sports facilities love, and as is the case in so many areas of Sunrise, a community and crafts areas. once again gathered together to make a dream come true. As for the kids . . . well, this is one of those moments where a picture – or Enter Caroline Danehy. a TV show – is worth a thousand words. Caroline was 16 when she visited Sunrise–Pearl River as a volunteer and, in her words, was immediately hooked. The more she learned about Sunrise, the more she loved everything about it. But one of the things she learned was that Long Island had a treehouse while Pearl River did not. So Caroline came up with a plan. She sent a letter to a reality TV show called Treehouse Masters, on the Animal Planet channel, which had a huge following. Would they create an episode about Sunrise–Pearl River for their show, she asked, and build our kids a treehouse? The answer came back as a resounding “yes!” 15 Neil Court • Oceanside, NY 11572 • (516) 634-4144 •



to raise $1 million in just one day? Just ask Larry Levine, Chair of the Mildred & Samuel Levine Memorial Golf Classic and he will tell you it’s one of the most satisfying feelings in the world! “We have a dedicated group of people who begin working a year in advance to create this golf outing, and after 8 years and raising over $4 million collectively, breaking that $1 million number in just one day was amazing!” said Larry. “We had 4 wonderful honorees - Dr. Richard Copell, David Pfeffer, and Michelle and Michael Roberts - and between them, they inspired a remarkable evening of generosity that put the event over the top.” Larry is referring to the evening’s “Send a Child to Camp” live auction which raised an astounding $284,750 – more than any other event in Sunrise’s history! What will Larry do to top this for his tenth annual outing in 2016? “For the kids, we’ll just do it all again,” says Larry.

Above: Larry Levine speaks at the Mildred & Samuel Levine Memorial Golf Classic

Above (left to right) Honorees David Pfeffer, Michelle Roberts, Michael Roberts & Dr. Richard Copell

Above: Attendee Liam Dunne helps to send a child to camp in memory of his father, Arthur

NEW BOARD MEMBERS How do we build our Sunrise Board of Directors? One way is to reach out to passionate members of our “Sunrise

Family” who have shown through their actions that Sunrise and its mission are important to them. Recently three such wonderful people were added to our board, each of whom has made Sunrise an integral part of their lives.

Jimmy Berg, a Baltimore native and recent New Yorker, was introduced to Sunrise just 2 short years ago, and in that time has made Sunrise a big part of his life. Jimmy’s rich and varied background in nonprofit endeavors and philanthropy led him to create a corporate sponsorship program in 2014 between Sunrise Day Camp and his car dealership, Sunrise Toyota. During this time his dealership has supported our Long Island camp on a monthly basis, and this past summer, created a Sunrise Toyota Day for our campers! As a Baltimorean, Jimmy is also helping us to identify potential new supporters for Sunrise in his home town!

Steve Marcus, partner in the account-

ing firm Gettry Marcus, is a new friend to Sunrise who hit the ground running – or walking as the case may be! Steve’s firm started right away by creating a walk team for SunriseWALKS which raised recordbreaking funds through “Sips for Sunrise” (see page 12 for more details on this great event!). Steve supports his junior colleagues’ participation in our NextGen events and in 2016, will be the LI Corporate Chair for SunriseWALKS!


Joy Zelin was introduced to Sunrise by our

good friend and board member, Laurie Girsky, the summer before we opened our camp in Pearl River. Joy fell in love with Sunrise and has been actively involved ever since. From attending Planting Days, to Co-Chairing Volunteer Days at camp and our Dare to Dream Benefit, to providing the funds for our Arts & Crafts building, Joy understands the happiness Sunrise brings to children and wants to spread the “JOY!”

15 Neil Court • Oceanside, NY 11572 • (516) 634-4144 •


WE WALK SO THEY CAN SOAR! Thank you to everyone

who helped make the 2015 SunriseWALKS the most successful yet! An astounding 2,000 people walked across 3 different locations and collectively raised over $700,000 to help send hundreds of children to camp this summer. We hosted our 10th annual walk on Long Island, our 3rd annual walk in Pearl River and our inaugural walk in London! Thank you to all of our sponsors, volunteers and participants for helping us introduce the magic of Sunrise Day Camp to so many new families. SunriseWALKS-Long Island 2016 Community Chairs, Rob Landau, a Senior Executive with NBC Sports Group, and Laura Landau, an attorney in NYC and avid Sunrise volunteer, are thrilled to be working along with our Corporate Chair, Steve Marcus, CEO of Gettry Marcus. This fantastic team is sure to make SunriseWALKS 2016 the biggest and best event ever. WE HAVE SO MANY EXCITING VOLUNTEER OPPORTUNITIES, both leading up to and at the event. This is a great community service opportunity for school teams, scouts, youth groups and families! To stay informed throughout the year, please fill out a volunteer application on our website ( If you are interested in joining our SunriseWALKS committee, please contact Josh Krinick at 516-634-4174 or josh.krinick@

MEET AMANDA! This year Sunrise Day Camp has chosen Amanda Kammerdener as our National Camper Ambassador for SunriseWALKS! There couldn’t be a more perfect person for us to highlight this year. This was Amanda’s first summer at camp, and she very quickly rose to Sunrise Stardom!! Amanda’s personality, positive energy and strength lifted up everyone who met her this past summer; her smile and excitement about camp never wavered. We are so proud to highlight such an amazing camper this year.

SAVE THE DATE! 2016 SUNRISEWALKS SUNDAY, JUNE 5TH For more information about the event or to become a corporate sponsor, please visit or contact SunriseWALKS Director Aileen Hoffman at 516-634-4188 or

15 Neil Court • Oceanside, NY 11572 • (516) 634-4144 •



Above: Enjoying a groovy day at “Sunrise Stock” during Music in the Air Week.


aspects of Sunrise Day Camp is how every day feels different, exciting and special. Because some campers are only able to attend camp for just a few days throughout any given summer, it’s in the Sunrise culture that each day stands as its own unique production to create moments and memories distinct from any other day. Our goal is to create an energetic and spirited atmosphere each day. One way we do this is through our specially planned Themed Weeks, which this summer included: • Get Ready, Get Set, Get Fit: a week of fitness that included “Boot Camp Day,” “Relay Day” and healthy programming • Wild & Wacky: a week to act silly and crazy, including “Crazy Hat & Sock Day” and “Joke Day” • Music in the Air: a week dedicated to music, including our first annual “Sunrise Stock” • Friendship Week: our last week of camp, with a focus on friendship and summer reflection Themed Weeks (and individual Themed Days) provide an opportunity for campers to dress up, learn special cheers and partake in specially planned programs that bring a magical and unique experience for our campers that will be remembered forever!


15 Neil Court • Oceanside, NY 11572 • (516) 634-4144 •

Above: Mike Fliderbaum (fourth from left) leads a great yoga class at Sunrise!

Above: Thank you to Rob Landau (first row, third from right) and the NBC Sports Interns!



Spotlight on Karen Berg and Mike Fliderbaum In-Camp Decathlon on July 10th One of the most spectacular themed weeks we had this past summer was “Get Ready, Get Set, Get Fit!” This week was all about living a healthy life for our minds, bodies and spirits. Our programming was exciting and intense - our kids had a stellar week filled with fun for all ages at all levels.

Above: Karen Berg spends time with our campers We were fortunate enough to have a great addition to the week’s program. Karen Berg (Spiritual Leader of The Kabbalah Centre), Mike Fliderbaum (Association Board Member and Amuta/SunriseIsrael Board Member) and several Kabbalah Centre friends embellished our “Get Ready, Get Set, Get Fit” Week with healthy programming. Mike spent each day with our youngest and oldest campers, teaching some light yoga and meditative work - great for the body and the soul! Karen worked with the younger children preparing healthy snacks, participating in camp yoga instruction and sharing positive affirmations with the older campers.

What better way to celebrate the 10th summer at our flagship camp on Long Island than with the children during camp? On July 10th, Ken Faltischek and his TJA crew partnered up with Rob Landau and the NBC Sports intern program along with the Sunrise staff to create “A Rainbow of Celebrations - Decathlon Day.” At the opening ceremony, the Sunrise torch was passed through each unit and then passed to those staff and campers who had been at camp for all 10 summers. The crowd cheered - and the celebration began. The day was nothing short of amazing; The dynamic decathlon included 10 activities and 10 colors for 10 minutes at a timeand so much more. The camp was abuzz with excitement all day! The dynamic decathlon included obstacle courses, cycling, swim, freeze dance contests, rock climbing challenges and much more! Even though July 10th was our 10-year celebration day, the staff and campers celebrated EVERY DAY! Our celebration was heard through song and cheer, seen on smiling faces, and felt with electric energy in the air. We are so excited for the next 10 years at Sunrise Day Camp–Long Island.

Karen and Mike have immersed themselves in Sunrise, and having them at camp was a true gift. Thank you to the Kabbalah Centre for their generous donation of $52,000 with the promise to continue their support by donating $26,000 per quarter annually.


“1, 2 , 3 , 4…everyone dance like Dumbledore!”

Above: (top left to right) Jeff Feinstein, David Miller and Matty Feinstein cast a spell on our Harry Potter Color War.

echoed throughout the camp grounds once our Harry Potter themed Color War broke out at Sunrise Day Camp-Long Island this past summer. David Miller and Michael Rosenberg put their brilliant heads together and worked tirelessly to transform camp into Hogwarts. The Hogwarts Express, fire dueling wizards, Hagrid and the sorting hat were just the beginning of another memorable week of Color War. Once the teams were “sorted,” the campers took part in a spectacular carnival filled with games and challenges created by David and Michael, and ended with our famous team dance off! Thank you to Rubie’s Costume Company for donating Harry Potter glasses and magic wands to all of our campers, and a very special thank you•toOceanside, David, Michael and the entire634-4144 Men’s Day•Team of Volunteers. 15 Neil Court NY 11572 • (516) 7

THE PEARL RIVER EXPERIENCE As the buses departed

on the last day of Summer 2015 at Sunrise Day Camp–Pearl River the atmosphere was a mix of laughter, hugs and tears from campers and staff. We had a record breaking summer at our Pearl River site, with 193 campers from 17 counties within the NY/NJ metropolitan area. These amazing campers had a chance to show off their “moves” this summer as we added two phenomenal programs in dance and basketball to our already outstanding camp programs. It is very exciting watching our camp and programs grow every year with your help! We are already planning more incredible surprises and outstanding programming at Sunrise Day Camp-Pearl River for summer 2016! Just wait and see!


15 Neil Court • Oceanside, NY 11572 • (516) 634-4144 •

A LOG CABIN AT SUNRISE ISRAEL The Jewish National Fund, known in Israel as Keren Kay-

emet, is a major force in the Israeli landscape, promoting youth leadership and outdoor education as well as water and land management and conservation. Throughout Israel there are log cabins gifted by Keren Kayemet to organizations with outstanding programs cultivating youth leadership initiatives. Impressed by the Sunrise–Israel’s general summer day camp program, in particular the newly designed yearround Counselor in Training program, this year, Keren Kayemet donated an ‘American style’ log cabin to Sunrise–Israel in Even Yehuda. This has become one of the most loved gathering points and highly utilized activity areas at camp. The CIT program trains our teen campers to be young instructors certified by the Ministry of Education. The program takes place at the Migvanim Center in Ramat HaSharon where CITs participate with the Ramat HaSharon youth group. At the completion of the program they are invited to serve as assistant counselors at both Sunrise–Israel as well as in their home communities.


The children in Be’er Sheva relished three wonderful weeks of fun and friendship at our newly inaugurated 2015 Sunrise–Israel Day

Camp. For one week during the Passover school break and for two weeks this summer, 86 children from Be’er Sheva, Bedouin villages and other southern cities, ranging in age from 5 to 17, gathered for music, crafts, sports, science, cooking and other exciting activities. As a desert community, the newest activity for all of the campers was swimming. Staff and campers of every age enjoyed splashing and cooling off during the hot summer days at the on-site pool at the Maof School, where the summer program was hosted. Sisters Liam and Shira, ages 5 and 9 who both have cancer strengthened their own relationship and happy memories together. Shira was well enough to attend during the Passover camp; Liam joined her sister this summer. Sunrise–Israel - Be’er Sheva gave them a chance to explore new friendships and fun-filled creative activities. This Sunrise Israel program is a collaborative effort between several organizations including the Municipality of Be’er Sheva, the town of Rahat and the Be’er Sheva Ministry of Education and Welfare. Members of Congregation Eishel Avraham happily volunteered serving lunches daily and playing with the campers who were resting in the ‘Wellness Center.’ Above: Campers/Sisters, Shira and Liam


Beth Fetner, Senior VP of Development This summer I had the opportunity to visit our camp in Even Yehuda, Israel and although the trip was short, it was so sweet!

As soon as I walked into camp it felt like Sunrise. My first morning began by watching the children as they got off their buses, running into the arms of their counselors – laughter and smiles were everywhere! Morning “Round Up” (my favorite time) was filled with dancing, singing and cheers. And while I didn’t understand the Hebrew and Arabic being spoken, happiness needed no translation. The counselors were warm and embracing and the children were filled with joy – the same kind of joy I have seen at both of our New York camps. I also had the opportunity to meet with a number of potential corporate partners during my stay, thanks to Sunrise’s dear friend Ralph Klein. My visit culminated with a beautiful dinner party in Tel Aviv at the rooftop apartment of Sunrise Association board member Michael Fliderbaum, where I was joined by New York supporters Karen Berg of the Kabbalah Centre, Linda and Raymond Aboody and family, and over 50 guests all who were incredibly moved by our mission! Next summer I’ll be planning another trip to Israel – if you’re interested in joining me, just Court let me•know! 15 Neil Oceanside, NY 11572 • (516) 634-4144 • 9

Sunr se

SUNRISE ON WHEELS OPENS IN ISRAEL Our first international Sunrise on Wheels program opened its

trunk in the Children’s Pediatric Hematology/Oncology Unit of Rambam Hospital in Haifa, Israel on May 14, 2015. A project of Sunrise–Israel, the look and feel of our 11th Sunrise on Wheels program is incredibly identical to all of our Wheels programs here in the U.S., except that all of the games and toys are in Hebrew letters. Toys, games, puzzles, art projects and music fill the inpatient playroom each week, bringing joy and laughter to children and adults alike. The Sunrise on Wheels Coordinator of the program, Rotem Rahamim, oversees a team of volunteers made up of students, teachers and community members. This magical program transforms the unit every Sunday for 4 hours, entertaining children of all backgrounds and heritages in the playroom, at bedside and even in isolation rooms. Sunrise on Wheels/Rambam has brought a sense of community to all of its patients, and has made everyone in the Unit one family. The sound of a child’s laughter is truly the universal langauge!


Sunshine from Sunrise is a truly unique outreach program, offered

to campers as part of Sunrise Day Camp’s year-round programming. At the request of a camper’s parent or caregiver, Sunrise offers campers an extra special visit when they are hospitalized for any reason. Sunshine from Sunrise brings the fun and excitement of Sunrise Day Camp right to the child’s hospital bedside. As seen in the photo to the right, Sunrise Day Camp counselors went straight to the hospital after a full day of camp to bring sunshine and camp cheer to one of their campers. A parent’s testimonial: “Sunrise Day Camp counselors are amazing. We are blessed to have them. You can really tell they truly care for our children.”



If your

child is


we’re h pitalized for any re ason, ere for you.

15 Neil Court • Oceanside, NY 11572 • (516) 634-4144 •




4 Camps 1076 Campers Enrolled 22 Hospital Partners 11 Sunrise on Wheels Programs Sunrise Association Fully Operational

1 Camp 106 Campers Enrolled 4 Hospital Partners

By the Year


2009: Sunrise on Wheels Rolls into Schneider Children’s Hospital (now Cohen Children’s Medical Center) 2011: Sunrise Israel - Even Yehuda Opens 2013: Sunrise Day Camp - Pearl River Opens 2014: Sunrise Association Established to “Heal” Children Around the World 2015: Sunrise Israel - Be’er Sheva Opens

Sunrise Superstars! We are excited to recognize 16 staff and campers who have been part of our Sunrise Family since 2006! Joshua Jimenez Noah Jimenez Lex Korobow Catherine Mach Thomas Mach Amanda Perrone

Michelle Rengifo Nicole Rengifo Vanessa Rengifo Arly Reyes Kenneth Reyes Malik Singleton

Manuel Segarra Zach Ventrice Caroline Watters Lisette Watters

By the Numbers • Since 2006, Sunrise has touched the lives of 10,000 individuals • Today over 1,000 children attend our 4 camps • Close to 3,000 children enjoy year-round programs at camps and 22 affiliated pediatric oncology hospitals • Celebrating 5 years of smiles...Sunrise-Israel (Even Yehuda) • Sunrise on Wheels bringing miles of smiles to over 2,300 children each year in 11 hospitals on Long Island, NYC, Westchester, New Jersey and Israel


15 Neil Court • Oceanside, NY 11572 • (516) 634-4144 •



tworking, all in e tasting, raffles and ne win d, foo of g nin eve g ttry excitin ryone's support, the Ge Sips for Sunrise was an se Association. With eve nri Su the & S LK WA se support of Sunri 4,500!! able to fundraise over $4 Marcus SunRisers were Marcus yed a digital photobooth at Gettry Pictured: Sips for Sunrise guests enjo

Sips for Sunrise

July 30, 2015 Ladies Day Out

Hundreds of women attended this new event at the Seawane Country Club, chaired by Judy Faltischek, Pearl Greenfield & Ellen Hisiger. This event was a Kick-off to the Mildred & Samuel Levine Golf Outing Classic. Vendors sold fabulous jewelry, handbags, giftware, stationery and more while guests enjoyed a delicious lunch buffet, were introduced to Sunrise and helped to raise over $27,000 for Sunrise Day Camp–Long Island. Pictured: Ladies Day Out guests show off their shopping

October 12, 2015

asset Concours d'Elegance

11th Annual Americana Manh

rity of choice for Concours Sunrise was chosen as the cha For the fifth consecutive year, rity raffle was chaired by mier luxury car event. The cha pre st’s Coa t Eas the – nce d'Elega The event raised & Sal Alesia and Stewar t Senter. a ecc Reb ters por sup rise Sun long time ,000! lucky winner with a check for $25 over $30,000 and provided one r with winner Theodore Kotsirtis Pictured: Senior VP of Development Beth Fetne

October 20, 2015

Night Run Tel Aviv

Over 500 running and walking participants and nearly 1,000 donors revved up the evening of October 20th in support of Sunrise–Israel. Thank you to the amazing Karen Berg, Mike Fliderbaum, the Kabbalah Centre and all of our Sunrise-Israel family and friends for their incredible efforts! At the end of the run, over $125,000 was raised. Pictured: A Night Run participant enjoys the night on behalf of Sunrise–Israel

015 November 19e,, 2Cards and Games Luncheon

ficiary for ciation as bene so As e is nr Su ain chose the their holiday shop try Club once ag chance to star t e th d e ha th ts of es Glen Head Coun irs and gu Sunrise. Co-cha heon. Members and donate to ds en , always fri their Ladies Lunc r ee ei itt th m m ith d lunch w ith their co w an g s on rd al ca , y tz jo Ka en ping, and Bonnie ne, Elyssa Harris event Allison Fi ccessful event. and fun to this su bring elegance d Bonnie Katz n Fine, Elyssa Harris an Pictured: Co-chairs Alliso

Holiday Boutiqu


15 Neil Court • Oceanside, NY 11572 • (516) 634-4144 •

WHAT’S ON THE HORIZON December 3-6, 2015


Shop on behalf of Sunrise Day Camp over these three days. Participating stores at both the Americana and Wheatley Plaza will donate 25% of their pre-tax sales to Sunrise. This year, our KickOff Party at J Crew will be hosted by a Jr. Crew committee of over 40 tweens & teens!!


Americana Manhasset Champions for Charity Annual Shopping Benefit

Mark your calendars now for all of the great upcoming events in support of the Sunrise Association!

February 6, 2016 Sunrise on the Rocks at Marquee, NYC

Having sold out for the last 4 years, this annual event is attended by over 500 twentysomethings in Manhattan and gives them an opportunity to raise funds and awareness for the Sunrise Association.

March 10, 2016

Fifth Annual Sunrise in the City

May 5, 2016

Tenth Annual Friends of Sunrise Cocktail Party and Auction

Notice the new date – due to construction at the Glen Head Coutry Club, this incredible evening will be held in May this year! Join us as we honor Michele & Evan Cagner and Michelle & Harold Morganstern with the Sunrise Volunteer Award, and Gabe Landau & Eric Schiff of ESP Productions with the Sunrise Community Partner Award!



Our annual “NextGen” event is the place to be in Manhattan! This year’s event will be held once again at The Edison Ballroom. Led by a committee of media and entertainment professionals, business leaders and philanthropists, this comedy event benefits the Sunrise Association.





April 7, 2016

Rock the River Concert

Held at the Capitol Theatre in Port Chester, featuring a rock concert with Max Weinberg and the Max Weinberg Band – recent inductee into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame and legendary drummer for Bruce Springsteen and the E Street Band – this fabulous evening is catered by Lawrence Scott Events and features an auction to benefit Sunrise Day Camp-Pearl River.

For additional information about these fundraisers, or to learn how you might begin your own fundraising tradition to benefit the Sunrise Association, please contact Beth Fetner, Senior Vice President of Development at 516-634-4196 or

15 Neil Court • Oceanside, NY 11572 • (516) 634-4144 •


With Deepest Thanks... We Gratefully Acknowledge Our Friends Who Have Made The Dream Of Sunrise Become A Reality $2,000,000 & UP Feil Family Foundation

$500,000–$1,999,999 Shari & Jeff Aronson Muriel & Nat Glanz Janet & John Kornreich Billie & George Ross Assemblyman Harvey Weisenberg

$200,000–$499,999 Americana Manhasset Fund Bonim Atid of UJA-Federation of New York Caring Commission of UJA-Federation of NY Rita & Frank Castagna Debi & Jeffrey Feinstein Susan & Leonard Feinstein Senator Charles Fuschillo Andrea & Jeffrey Lomasky Nikon Inc. Gary Podell Jill Podell Randi & Dennis Riese Laura Rosenberg Foundation Senator Dean Skelos Tam O'Shanter Country Club Marvin Tiger Foundation Virginia B. Toulmin Foundation UJA-Federation of New York Wilf Family Foundations Diane & Howard Wohl

$100,000–$199,999 Jeffrey A. Altman Foundation Association Of Contracting Plumbers BTIG Lainie & Michael Contillo Discount Bank Carol & Richard Feinstein Mike Fliderbaum Laurie & Stephen Girsky Helaine & Fredric Gould Gould-Shenfeld Family Foundation Michael Greenseid Ellen & Gary Hisiger Jericho High School Sheila & Bill Lambert Gale & Larry Levine The Levine Family Laurence W. Levine Foundation Long Island Real Estate Group Next Generation Bankruptcy & Reorganization Group of UJA-Federation of New York Scott Mager-Perfect Building Maintenance Steven M. Perez Foundation Quicken Loans Aurily & Andrew Sandler Solelim Fund of UJA-Federation of New York South Huntington Jewish Center Men's Club Kate Tschernoletz Foundation, Inc.


$50,000–$99,999 Nanci & Sammy Aaron Arison Foundation Muriel & Bert Brodsky Bruce Supply Corporation Cantor Fitzgerald Relief Fund Richard E. Capri Foundation Charlotte Pipe & Foundry Co. Steven & Alexandra Cohen Foundation Mindy Cooper & Michael Kaminsky Ellen & Daniel Crown Discovery Channel Mitzi & Warren Eisenberg Family Foundation Nicole & Adam Faber Denise & Kenneth Faltischek Judith & Michael Faltischek Amy Feinstein Ferguson Enterprises First American Title Insurance Frances Davis Foundation Green Art Plumbing Supply Shelly & Ted Haft Hain Celestial Group, Inc. Heather on Earth Music Foundation High Five Foundation Hirshleifer's Inc Amy & Scott Jaffee Kabbalah Centre International, Inc Knights of Pythias Joe Levin Leslie & Peter Levine Tammy & Jay Levine Sara & Barry Mandinach Jill & Eric Miller Nedivot Fund of UJA-Federation Neshamot Fund of UJA-Federation Flora Oppenheimer Hass-Leo Oppenheimer Foundation The Par Group Donna & David Pelton Beverly Blank Perry Debby & Scott Rechler Risk Management Planning Group Wendy & Neil Sandler Paul Selvin Donna & Stewart Senter Sandra & Lawrence Simon Family Foundation Slomo & Cindy Silvian Foundation, Inc. Sobell Foundation Talon Air UJA-Federation of NY-GAMDAM Skolnick Family Charitable Trust United Capital Markets, Inc. Joy & Steve Zelin

$25,000–$49,999 2 B Angels Alliant Insurance Services, Inc. Hope & Marc Altheim Angel Compass Network Aspro Mechanical Contracting, Inc. Bank United

Barclays/Nets Community Alliance Pamela & Phillip Barnett Jane Borg & Barry Blattman Blue Earth Foundation Evan Bower Stefanie Bower Donna & Michael Brennan Judy & Stuart Brenner Cardoza Plumbing Corp. Cleary Gottlieb Steen & Hamilton LLP Susan & Bruce Cohen Cooper Family Foundation Vicki & Todd Cooper Fara & Richard Copell Daniel J. Hannon & Associates Inc. Bari & Troy David William De Luca Dellon Sales Company, Inc. Lisa & Stephen Eisenstein Engel Burman Group ePlus Technology Marcia & Joel Faber Leah & Edward Frankel Fried Frank Harris Shriver & Johnson LLP Florence & Barry Friedberg Arlene & Richard Fromewick G.A. Fleet Associates Lisa & Mark Gallogly Jackie & Erik Gershwind Gilbane Building Company Glen Head Country Club Women’s Philanthropy Cindy & Ben Golub Bonni Gould Elizabeth & Paul Greenbaum Greta Osher Bequst Henry Quentzel Plumbing Supply Co., Inc. Houlihan Lokey Marla Kaminsky John & Elaine Kanas Family Foundation Susan & Shepard Kay Kirkland & Ellis LLP The Krieger Family Randi & Cliff Lane Kim & David Levine Courtney & Paul Levinsohn Sheree & Peter Levy Liberty Mechanical Contractors, Inc. Jessica & Stuart Lippman London Fischer LLP Joseph Malfitano The Marcus Family Mid Island Collision Miles for Matt Foundation Natalie & Richard Mines Moritt Hock & Hamroff Lisa & Eric Nelson James M. Orphanides Pine Hollow Country Club Bunny Podell & Jerry Weinrib Barbara & Ed Portnof Praxis Public Relations Inc. RC Dolner LLC Michelle & Michael Roberts Andrew Rosenblum Memorial Foundation

15 Neil Court • Oceanside, NY 11572 • (516) 634-4144 •

Rosalie & Ken Roth Baron Edouard de Rothschild Arthur Rubinstein Ruskin Moscou Faltischek, P.C. Saratoga Capital LLC Seawane Country Club Charitable Foundation Debbie & Steve Shapiro Susan & Michael Siegel Cynthia & Jay Simoncic Skechers USA Karen & Robert Sobel Solco Plumbing Supply, Inc. Karen & Marc Spector Stephanie & Lee Spiegel Abby & Mark Stempel Sunrise Toyota UJA Federation of New York’s Music for Youth Initiative Charlie Ulmer United Legwear and Underwear Co. Penny & John Wallerstein Wheatley School-C.A.R.E. Club Myra & Marvin Wittlin Edwin & Shirley Woldar Family Foundation

$15,000–$24,999 Advantage Title American Standard AvalonBay Communities Harriet & Jimmy Berg Blackman Plumbing Supply Co., Inc. John N. Blackman Sr. Foundation Eric Blumencranz Braham Capitol Corp. Broadridge Security Processiong Solutions, Inc. Brookfield Financial Prop L.P. Louis R. Cappelli Carnival of Love Foundation Frank Cassata Family Foundation Robert Catell Karen & David Cole Allison & Tim Coleman Vinny D'Andraia Daniell Family Foundation, Inc. Danzig Charitable Trust Henry D'Auria Marcus David Ditmas Management Corporation Rebecca & Martin Eisenberg Nina & Hal Fetner Deborah Fine & Marty Schneider Forrest Solutions, Inc. Allison & Kraig Fox Holly & Daniel Friedman Arlene & Larry Gilbert Annora Gilman Beverly & Joel Girsky Donna & Jonathan Glabman Glen Oaks Country Club Charitable Foundation Marsha & Richard Goldberg Goldman Sachs Growing Tree Nursery School H.J. Kalikow & Co. LLC Renee & Adam Haber Hahn & Hessen LLP Carol & John Harrison Charles & Joan Hermanowski Family Foundation

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What if you could change the world for a child with cancer . . . ? In 2016, Sunrise is anticipated to open two new summer day camps – in Baltimore, Maryland and Staten Island, NY. Hundreds of new campers struggling with cancer will know the joy that is Sunrise . . . that is childhood. The Sunrise Association invites you to be a part of setting up new camps and hospital programs by supporting our Emerging Camps Fund – a new initiative designed to support new Sunrise programs throughout the United States and beyond. All donations to the Emerging Camps Fund will be used exclusively to help communities set up brand new camps, as well as Sunrise on Wheels programs. Imagine the feeling of knowing that you helped to build a new Sunrise . . . .

Please send your generous donation to: Emerging Camps Fund Sunrise Association 15 Neil Court Oceanside, NY 11572 Or to speak to a Development Associate about how you might make a substantial difference, please call us at 516-634-4174

We would also like to extend our thanks to the thousands of donors who have made gifts of $14,999 or less, but for whom space constraints currently make it impossible to list in this issue.

15 Neil Court • Oceanside, NY 11572 • (516) 634-4144 •


NON-PROFIT ORG. U.S. POSTAGE PAID BALDWIN, NY PERMIT NO. 217 15 Neil Court Oceanside, NY 11572

“The Sunriser” is a publication of the Sunrise Association. Comments and/or suggestions should be forwarded to Bonnie Flatow, Editor, at


SUNRISE ASSOCIATION 15 Neil Court • Oceanside, NY • 11572 (516) 634-4144 •

Arnie Preminger, MSW, President and CEO Michele Vernon, MSW, Senior Vice President for Camping and Related Services Bonnie Flatow, MT, Senior Vice President for Hospital and Community Services Beth Fetner, Senior Vice President for Development Aileen Hoffman, LCSW, Director, SunriseWALKS SUNRISE ASSOCIATION BOARD OF DIRECTORS Nina Pickett, Board Chair Shari Aronson, Vice Chair Jeffrey Feil, Vice Chair Laurie Girsky, Vice Chair Phillip Barnett Jimmy Berg Kenneth Faltischek Michael Faltischek Thomas Farano

George Ross, Vice Chair Larry Levine, Treasurer Gila Klein, Secretary Adam Russ, Assistant Secretary

TRUSTEES Michael Fliderbaum Michael Greenseid Bonni Gould* Gary Hisiger Sara Mandinach

Steve Marcus David Miller Jill Podell Andrew Sandler Joy Zelin



Deanna Slade, MSED, Camp Director Mark Atlas, MD, Medical Director

SUNRISE-PEARL RIVER A project of the Rosenthal & Friedberg JCCs

Sandor G. Haft, LMSW, Camp Director Mark Atlas, MD, Medical Director


at Even Yehuda & Be’er Sheva A project of Sunrise-Israel Amuta

Hagar Yona, Executive Director Chaim Kaplansky, MD, Medical Director

Sunrise Day Camps are affiliated with 22 renowned hospitals and medical centers throughout the United States and Israel.


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Winter 2016 sunriser  

Winter 2016 sunriser