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Oaks Park High School 45-65 Oaks Lane Newbury Park Ilford IG2 7PQ


FADE IN EXT. STREET – Afternoon LUCY (17) is exhausted; she calmly walks down the street to get to her house. LUCY arrives at her house and takes her keys out of her bag; she opens the door and enters the hallway. LUCY looks exhausted as she goes straight upstairs into her bedroom. She drops her bag and walks towards her wardrobe where she picks up a photo album. CUT TO MR WICKS IN SCHOOL: INT. SCHOOL CLASSROOM - Afternoon MARK (17) is in detention after school for behaving badly, MR WICKS (35) is with him (teacher) MARK is sitting in front of MR WICKS doing his classwork looking ashamed. MR WICKS is marking students’ homework effortlessly. MR WICKS looks at the clock to check the time, MARKS detention is over. MR WICKS You can go now Mark MARK gets up and puts his paper and pencil in his bag; he then looks at MR WICKS angrily. He walks to the door, urgently opens it and exits the classroom. MR WICKS continues to mark the rest of the students’ work before he has to leave. CUT TO LUCY: INT. LUCY’S BEDROOM - AFTERNOON


LUCY looks upset as she looks through old pictures of her deceased mother. LUCY begins to whimper as she glares at a photo of her mother. CUT TO MR WICKS: EXT. STREET - EVENING MR WICKS walks down the street in a hurry to get home. INT. HALLWAY - EVENING MR WICKS enters the hallway; he takes off his shoes and drops his bag. MR WICKS Lucy? (louder) Lucy? MR WICKS looks confused as his daughter does not respond even though he knows that she is at home. MR WICKS walks towards the living room; he pops his head into the room to see if LUCY is there. MR WICKS Lucy? She doesn’t seem to be in the living room therefore MR WICKS walks out of the room and goes back into the hallway. MR WICKS (loudly)Lucy? MR WICKS makes his way upstairs towards LUCY’S bedroom. CUT TO LUCY IN HER BEDROOM: INT. LUCY’S BEDROOM – EVENING


MR WICKS Lucy? (Prolonging) Luucy? MR WICKS worriedly enters LUCY’S bedroom, LUCY does not respond to him entering her room. MR WICKS Lucy are you okay? What’s wrong? LUCY is very emotional therefore she does not reply to her father’s questions. Mr Wicks walks towards the bed and sits down. MR WICKS I can’t believe it’s been two years since she’s gone, if she was still here things would be so much different. LUCY (smiling) We’ve still got each other MR WICKS smiles as they both look at each other. MR WICKS Yeah… You remind me so much of her, so beautiful MR WICKS strokes LUCY’S hair and takes his blazer off. MR WICKS places the photo album on the floor, out of the way. LUCY looks uncomfortable as MR WICKS leans in closer to Lucy, making her lie down. FADE OUT FADE IN INT. LUCY’S BEDROOM – EVENING


MR WICKS puts his shirt on as he walks towards the door; he suddenly stops and ruthlessly looks at LUCY. He then leaves the room and slams the door shut. INT. (1 WEEK LATER) LIVING ROOM – EVENING MR WICKS is calmly watching television whilst enjoying a couple of beers. He slowly begins to drift off into a deep sleep. He is shown lying on the sofa sleeping, with a bottle of beer still firmly in his hand. CUT TO LUCY: INT. LUCY’S BEDROOM – EVENING LUCY is crying, her mascara is running down her eyes. LUCY (crying) MUM She looks at herself in the mirror in disgust as she holds a pregnancy stick in her hand. She opens the cap of the pregnancy stick to double check the result as she is in despair. FADE OUT END


Behind closed doors final script  
Behind closed doors final script