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Screenroom in seconds!

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“It’s all we ever wanted and more…thank you so much!”

“The SunPorch is by far the best investment that my husband and I have added to our home. It’s all we ever wanted and more…thank you so much!” ­— Glen and Tracy M., PA

Start enjoying your outdoors more Welcome to the wonderful world of outdoor living! Spring Starts Sooner… Summer Lasts Longer… Fall is Fantastic… Winter is Warmer At SunPorch we want to help you enjoy your outdoors more than ever before. That’s why we’re dedicated to making your new sunroom project go just as smoothly as possible, and why we place so much emphasis on customer care. From the very first time you contact us right through the final assembly our friendly SunPorch experts are here to help you every step of the way. For over forty years, we’re here for you. Contact us today





and ask us anything.

“I guarantee you will enjoy your outdoors more!” Sincerely,

Dean Schwartz General Manager


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2014 SunPorch Product Guide

Stay weather protected against the wind and rain

Before (outside)

After (outside)

Mounts on existing decks and patios.


After (inside)

Go from cozy sunroom to breezy screenroom instantly!


ith fully adjustable Easy-Slide windows and screens, SunPorch and ShadePorch adjusts quickly and easily to your comfort needs in every season.

Stay cool in summer and warm in winter SunPorch is heated and cooled naturally. During cool weather the sunroom acts as a passive solar structure that is heated by the sun. In warmer weather it quickly converts to a screenroom with cool air moving through the enclosure. 2014 SunPorch Product Guide

Adjust air-flow to your comfort easily Screened windows operate effortlessly and allow you to adjust air-flow to your personal comfort in every season. With multiple settings each window can be adjusted from fully to partially open or fully closed... giving you complete control of air-flow.

A complete ready-to-assemble kit The sunroom is delivered as a complete kit including roof, walls, windows, screens and a door. It is easy to assemble and can be installed in as little as a single weekend.

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Make SunPorch or ShadePorch your favorite room in the house (Natural daylight roof )

(Shaded insulated roof )


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2014 SunPorch Product Guide

Enjoy your outdoors even more in rainy, chilly and buggy weather Adding a SunPorch or ShadePorch to your home will give you more outdoor enjoyment than you ever dreamed possible. When it’s warm, the screenroom becomes a cool, breezy retreat. Then, as the weather turns cooler, you’ll extend your outdoor enjoyment by converting the SunPorch to a cozy and protected sunroom that uses energy from the sun to keep warm in winter.

Your family’s special room in every season No more running inside when it rains or the weather turns cooler. No more swatting mosquitoes on a summer evening. Plus, you’ll never have to put your patio furniture away again.

A beautiful addition to your home...inside and out

Choose SunPorch for maximum natural daylight and solar heat gain SunPorch’s light-transmitting roof is designed to maximize the flow of natural daylight into your SunPorch. This also serves to keep adjoining rooms much brighter.

SunPorch or ShadePorch makes a beautiful addition to any style home. Our modular design ensures a perfect fit. In fact, many of our owners say the addition looks so beautiful, friends and neighbors were convinced it was custom designed.

Both the SunPorch and ShadePorch can help heat your home and save energy During cooler months direct sunshine will heat the sunroom, typically raising its temperature up to 50˚F or more above the outdoors. Even on days with little direct sun it will generally be 10˚ to 20˚F warmer than outside. This heat gain can be used to help warm your home and reduce your heating costs. Plus, SunPorch and ShadePorch provide added insulation to the outside wall of your home.

2014 SunPorch Product Guide

Choose ShadePorch for cool shade and sun protection With a 3" thick ENERGY STAR® insulated, heat-reflecting roof, ShadePorch offers truly optimum shade and maximum protection from the hot summer sun. It also blocks heat and saves energy while keeping adjacent rooms cooler.

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Choose SunPorch for maximum natural healthy daylight and solar heat gain (Natural daylight roof )

SunPorch with light-transmitting roof

Choose SunPorch for: •L  ight-transmitting roof allows natural healthy daylight • A beautiful diffused light • Perfect for cooler climates with short summers and long winters • Brighter adjoining rooms • Ideal for dark shady areas with little direct sunlight • A passive solar collector that can help insulate and heat your home during winter months

100% natural healthy daylight 6

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2014 SunPorch Product Guide

The twin wall polycarbonate roof is lightweight, durable…and strong Watch A Branch Fall!

Supports heavy loads

Impact resistant

The roof is 200X stronger and only 1/8th the weight of glass!

Roof Vents…SunPorch’s natural exhaust system

You’ll never have to worry about wind, rain, snow, hail or falling branches. Along with its super strength, our roof glazing is also incredibly light weight. That’s why our seamless, leak-resistant, 3' wide sections up to 15' long are easy to lift...easy to install...and keep SunPorch light enough to mount on your existing deck or patio. Beautiful light and 100% UV protection The roof glazing delivers 100% protection from the sun’s harmful UV rays without annoying glare or uncomfortable hot spots. Guaranteed for 10 years The roof is designed to withstand prolonged exposure to sun, rain, wind and snow and covered by a 10 year warranty against yellowing and discoloration. Our roof is strong, light weight, energy efficient, durable and long lasting.

Made In The USA

Approved Material

2014 SunPorch Product Guide

Air circulation and the efficient venting of warm and stale air is a critical component of the SunPorch’s overall design. Air circulation is the key to comfort Proper air circulation, particularly during the warm summer months, is essential to your comfort in any outdoor room. That’s why we designed Roof Vents right into our standard SunPorch kit. During the warmer months these vents help to draw cool, fresh air in through the Easy-Slide windows. As the air warms and rises naturally it is continuously vented through the roof keeping you cool and comfortable. Weather tight & insect screened We include one Roof Vent for every 3' roof bay to optimize air circulation and the ventilation of warm air. Each vent is 1' square, fully screened and thoroughly and permanently weather sealed. Each vent is installed in a pre-cut factory opening one foot from the top ridge of the SunPorch.

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Choose ShadePorch for cool shade and sun protection (Shaded insulated roof )

Beat the heat and hot sun with ShadePorch

Choose ShadePorch for: • Solid roof for maximum shade and sun protection • 3” thick, insulated R11 foam core heat-reflective roof • 6” overhang on all three sides for added protection • Keeps you cool in summer and warm in winter • Blocks heat and saves energy, keeping adjacent rooms cooler • Maximum protection from the sun’s harmful UV rays • Perfect for hot, sunny climates • Ideal for southern and western exposures with excessive sunlight and heat 8

Enjoy your own cool, shady retreat

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2014 SunPorch Product Guide

The 3" thick insulated ENERGY STAR roof protects you from the hot sun


Super strong


Super strong to handle snow yet light enough to lift with…just one hand Solid, insulated and heat reflective The ShadePorch roof is designed to provide maximum shade. The roof is 3" thick with an R11 super insulating foam core and an outer skin of heat-reflective aluminum. Together they provide ENERGY STAR® rated protection from the heat of the sun. A 6" overhang on all three sides gives you additional shade. Great strength and durability The ShadePorch roof is very strong, capable of withstanding live loads of 70 lbs. per square foot and exceeds most building codes.

Made In The USA

Lightweight and easy to handle Along with super strength, the ShadePorch roof is also incredibly lightweight, weighing in at just 1 lb. per square foot. The 2' wide panels are remarkably easy for one person to lift, handle and install. Completely weatherproof The ShadePorch roof uses an interlocking design to provide complete weather protection. Individual panels tightly interlock making the roof leak-proof and secure in any kind of weather. The high quality enamel finish is permanently baked onto the aluminum for a lifetime of maintenance-free service. The ShadePorch roof is 3" thick with insulated R11 foam core and a heat-reflective outer layer

Roof panels snap together easy as 1, 2, 3

Approved Material

ShadePorch roof panels are 2' wide and up to 15' long. Each tongue and groove panel snaps together requiring no special tools or bonding materials. Once snapped together the panels form a truly weatherproof roof surface. 2014 SunPorch Product Guide

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SunPorch and ShadePorch both feature our exclusive Easy-Slide, floor-to-ceiling 2-in-1 windows with screens! Here’s Why Our Customers Rave about These 2-in-1 Windows: 3HELPS YOU STAY WARM OR COOL…easily opens and closes in seconds





3EASY-TO-USE LATCHES…open easily to glide the windows effortlessly

in seconds!

3PROVIDES MAXIMUM VISIBILITY…with more natural light 3DURAPLEX ACRYLIC GLAZING…is crystal clear, safe and weatherable 3High quality ALUMINUM WINDOW FRAMES…are air and water-tight 3BETTERVUE® Premium floor-to-ceiling SCREENS…provide more light and superior air-flow

“Now we can see and enjoy our mountain views and stay protected from any weather!”

ely siv ! u l Exc Ours

“We used to have to peek out tiny windows to see the mountains. What an amazing difference the SunPorch has made. Now we can enjoy incredible panoramic mountain views and breezy, fresh mountain air in peace, all from our bug-free SunPorch.” ­— Harry and Jane H., New Hampshire

Easy-Slide windows with floor-to-ceiling screens are convertible…both top and bottom


Both the upper and lower Easy-Slide windows unlatch easily 10


The windows then glide effortlessly in place


The windows may be re-latched in a partially open position

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Or, re-latch the window in a fully open position to maximize air circulation

2014 SunPorch Product Guide

Easy-Slide 2-in-1 windows in every bay provides maximum air-flow and helps you keep cool Remove both windows for full-height screenroom! Includes BetterVue® premium floor-to-ceiling fiberglass screens which offers superior performance over ordinary screens.

Upper Sliding Window

• Better visibility and more natural light • Improved air-flow to keep you cooler and comfortable • Permanently mounted for maximum insect protection • Charcoal colored to reduce glare and reflection


Easy-to-use latches Lower Sliding Window (removable)

SunPorch BetterVue Screens

Ordinary Screens

Duraplex® rigid acrylic glazing is crystal clear, strong and safe. • S afe, indestructible, and completely shatterproof • 1/4 weight of glass – windows weigh just 7 lbs. each • 100% protection from the suns UV rays




ery n Ev


ws I

indo n-1 W


Duraplex® rigid, single glazed windows weigh just 7 lbs. each. They are easy to raise, lower and remove. 2014 SunPorch Product Guide

• Crystal clear and guaranteed to stay that way for 10 years

Made In The USA

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Easy-Slide Windows provide crystal clear view that’s completely safe and shatterproof

Duraplex rigid wall glazing is 40X stronger and 1/4th the weight of glass & Our rigid 1/8" Duraplex® acrylic single wall glazing is strong and better than glass! It’s practically indestructible and completely shatterproof. That makes our sunroom the super safe choice for children and pets.

1/4 the weight of ordinary glass High impact-resistance makes Duraplex® the perfect sunroom glazing material. Lightweight (just 7 lbs. each) without sacrificing strength, you can mount the sunroom right on your existing deck or patio.

A beautiful view that’s guaranteed for 10 years Our Duraplex® single glazing is crystal clear, scratch-resistant and guaranteed to stay that way without yellowing or hazing for 10 years. You get a beautiful, worry-free view as well as 100% protection from the sun’s harmful UV rays.

Easy to clean A bucket of warm water, a tablespoon of your favorite dish soap and a soft cloth are all you need to clean the walls.

High quality designed and tested windows We use only the highest quality, made-in-the-USA hardware and glazing in our windows. The window frames are heavy duty aluminum with double wool pile weather stripping. The Duraplex® acrylic glazing is rigid, safe, lightweight, durable, impact resistant and weatherable. 12

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See Hammer Live!

Approved Material

Made In The USA

2014 SunPorch Product Guide

The structural aluminum frame is strong, lightweight and also maintenance-free

are building code approved and strong enough to withstand heavy snow and hurricane force winds! &

The strength to handle heavy snow loads By using high quality, lightweight components, the sunroom frame is able to achieve great strength without excess weight. That’s why our sunrooms easily meet or exceed building code standards for snow loads and wind loads, and is even in compliance with California’s rigorous earthquake code. The light weight aluminum advantage The combination of great strength with light weight means that the structure can be mounted right on your existing deck or patio with no costly foundation or site prep.

Meets Building Codes

A lifetime finish in bronze or white The frame is available in either architectural white or bronze finishes. The high quality Valspar® enamel finish is permanently baked onto the metal for a lifetime of maintenance-free service. Choose the color that coordinates with the trim of your home. Concealed stainless steel fasteners Our hardware is made from the highest grade stainless steel and will never rust, corrode or become structurally compromised. Heavy-duty aluminum structural components and stainless steel fasteners combine to create a rust-free, rot-free, maintenancefree frame.

“On August 27, 2011 our SunPorch survived Hurricane Irene with 100mph winds!” ­— Phil & Aven R., North Carolina

See our story at 2014 SunPorch Product Guide

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Our quality engineering and design make assembly easy Built right here at our own factory in Louisville, KY. This gives us complete quality control over every step of the manufacturing process making sure that our customers get the highest quality product at the best possible price.

We use precision saws accurate to 1.1000th of an inch to assure that every cut is clean, precise and guaranteed to deliver a flawless fit. Joe Burns, Factory Manager

SunPorch is the proud recipient of the Handyman Club of America’s approval and recommendation

SunPorch is featured in: Black & Decker “Porches and Patio Rooms”

SunPorch is featured in: Popular Science “Moneysmart Makeovers”

Mounts on your deck or patio with...No Site Prep! No Permits! No Taxes!* Because our sunrooms are designated as recreational outdoor space you’ll need fewer if any building permits and approvals. Plus…you can frequently avoid added property taxes completely.

“The SunPorch is a beautiful addition to my home! What a difference!”




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2014 SunPorch Product Guide

Delivered 100% complete & ready-to-assemble Free support helpline! The sunroom is designed for easy on-site assembly and includes all aluminum framing, Easy-Slide windows, BetterVue screens, roof panels, door and hardware to assemble the kit. All you need are a few simple tools and materials such as wood for headers, flashing, wall attachment fasteners and caulk and you’re ready to go.

The assembly manual is detailed and easy to read with clear and complete illustrations and instructions


“We did it! To sum it up…we love the new addition!”

After “We are thoroughly enjoying our new ShadePorch! We enjoy watching the birds at the feeders, the traffic go by, reading in the warm sun and eating in the outdoor atmosphere. We entertain guests with full meals or maybe just wine and a snack. It has been and is a great addition to our home. I would also like to comment on the relative ease with which the project went together. Our family is pretty handy and we were able to complete the project in about three weekends or so. We found it did help to lay out the parts and identify them before each phase of construction. To sum it up…we love the new addition. Thank you for your help and you may quote me and/or use our pictures to inform other about your great product.” — Bob M., NY

2014 SunPorch Product Guide

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Thousands of happy homeowners agree… it’s their “favorite room” in the house! Better than an awning…because it’s enclosed!



Better than a screenroom…because it has windows!



Better than a sunroom…because it’s fully screenED!





(Natural daylight roof )

PLANNING • PRICING • ORDERING 800-221-2550 or 2014 SunPorch Product Guide

(Shaded insulated roof )

SunPorch & ShadePorch 2014 Product Guide  
SunPorch & ShadePorch 2014 Product Guide  

SunPorch & ShadePorch 2014 Product Guide