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The popularity of sunpocket sunglasses in the world Sunpocket sunglasses has been already popular all over the world, even in the countries not so much sunny. Familiar with the civilized world, but to properly and fully understand the sunglasses, what and how to use the glasses for outdoor activities, especially when summer is approaching it seems to be the problem. Everyone knows that we wear sunglasses to protect your eyes and reduce sun shielding with high-energy rays in it, avoid the harm or discomfort to the eyes. In countless the rampant colored glasses display from the sidewalk, corner markets to the shop lights shimmering color, what glasses do you need? Glasses to see better and more comfortable? In some circumstances, yes. It helps you prevent glare when in traffic, look at the water. When you are dilated due to injury, disease or medication mydriasis, sunglasses will help you to have near-normal vision. The albino, due to lack of melanin is very annoying when out in the sun. Wide-rimmed sunglasses is an effective means to protect themselves. Sunpocket sunglasses protect your eyes? Right. In addition to shielding dust, insects, chemicals from underground into the eyes, sunglasses also help you prevent ultraviolet (UV) - a harmful rays in the spectrum of sunlight from damaging the eyes. Ultraviolet - UV rays have been known for a long time is immediate and potential hazards to the eye. Eye burns caused by UV rays or to meet with the sun too long. If long-term exposure to excessive UV rays, we can dream up eyes, skin cancer, cataracts and macular degeneration. Pilots also have to wear glasses because of a higher ozone layer thinner, UV attenuation also increases. The pilots began wearing sunglasses since 1936. The person who had surgery or wearing contact lenses should still wear sunglasses when necessary because sunglasses have wider coverage than the intraocular lens or contact lens. There must be as dark glasses, the more UV filter? UV attenuation depends on the altitude, the more high UV attenuation greater. Climbers, skiers should wear sunglasses because they at high altitude UV rays reflected from snow and ice in the eyes of many. UV rays found in sunlight from 10 am to 2 pm. Color, our eye color is also important to prevent UV filter. Dark as the filter prevents UV rays as possible. As for sunglasses, UV filters depending on the color of the glass and glass materials. Glasses made of polycarbonate, CR39 able to filter 50% of UV rays. Pale amber yellow, and black is for the best UV filter. Blue light or group of popular highenergy rays to look rules alleged can cause macular degeneration. Stained glass copper, red brown to green light filter is better than other colors. If you are in doubt, should seek the professional spectrum analyzers, they will know exactly what your glasses with you 100% protection from UV rays. Children need sunglasses more than adults? Children have fun and outdoor activities than adults. Therefore, parents need to equip sunglasses for children. However, it should choose lightweight plastic frames, glasses made of polycarbonate to children comfortable to wear. What sunglasses’ color should be chosen? American gray are the most popular. Gray glass is suitable for all normal activities while maintaining good vision and true color. Brown people play golf, ski preferred. Orange

should be used to the player shooting. Red suit in the sun. Yellow should be used when driving and go to the beach. How sunpocket sunglasses is standard? ISO-2004 standard has been adopted by manufacturers on a global scale. In European CE standards, in Australia is standard AS/NZ1067: 2003. However, not all manufacturers also meet the above criteria. CE standard UV filtering level divided into 7 levels, of which 6-7 are considered perfect. North America share the ability to block UV filter of glass 4 levels. Anti-glare polarizer is considered the best, it is very suitable for driving, working or playing outdoor sports, fishing, sailing. Some special shapes are designed to work with liquid-crystal display LCD, 3D movies. Glasses are quite expensive from several hundred thousand to several million pairs.

The popularity of sunpocket sunglasses in the world  
The popularity of sunpocket sunglasses in the world  

Sunpocket sunglasses has been already popular all over the world, even in the countries not so much sunny. Familiar with the civilized world...