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MAP 09 2009

The Va actors

Looking forward a better life, dancing on the hard shell of city By Sun Peng


a nationality lives in southwestern Yunnan Province of China. Their population in China is around 400,000 now. One of the main source of revenue of young Va people is to attend a local performance school and then go to show for money in the city, especially in the southeast coast of China. Ai Luo is the leader of the biggest Va art ensemble called Black Wind, the name came from the black skin of Va people. This year his business is popular in Shang Hai and Hang Zhou, he lives here, and one of his teams with more than 50 young people works here. Training and performancing is their life, and they are a part of the city’s life. 2

As the boss of the whole team, Ai Luo hole the absolute power, the only sofa in the yard outside the members’ accommodation is his, when there is a meetting, everyone else will be standing. In the training, he used to show the strictness and power with a stick in hand and USA flag trousers.

1 3 2 4 1/2/3 - Ai Luo and members in the training room, preparing for the coming performance 4 - Ai Luo is meetting in the yard


A actor is at drill in the training room. Hang Zhou, China. A talented actor can go up on the stage in 3 or 4 month after the beginning of training.


More than 50 people live in 6 rooms far from the downtown of Hangzhou, they gat up at 6 AM everyday to do the training. Then they enjoy the reat of the day, finally go to the stage to perform the show. 7 days a week, paid one or two thousand RMB a month.



Ni is in the training room. Hang Zhou, China Ni is the nephew of the boss, he likes dancing, so followed his uncle came here. with a special identity, boss is more strict to him than others. He said he could not be away from this pressure.


For the new performance Impression West Lake, actors need to put on rain boots and rehearse on the west lake with feet in the water everyday. When audience watching the show, they can not see any actors but only the props. To the star-dreamers, it is not a good news. Street dance is one of most popular among all the shows, only the skilled and handsome boy will be sent to this show, in Shanghai Happy Valley, they do perform this twice everyday.

Rehearsing on the west lake for Impression West Lake, Hang Zhou, China


Some old actors can accustom themselves to city life easily, but some newcomers are still very curious about everything different from their hometown.

Background of the performance in Shanghai, a young actress is choosing a wallpaper for her mobile phone. Happy valley, Shanghai, China.


Va actors ver 1  

Va actors ver 1 for MA

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