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Saturday, December 6, 2008 08:16 GMT

John Christopher Sunol This blog is for comments on John Christopher Sunols youtube´s and his online statements in both youtube´s and other online messages - John Christopher Sunol Newcastle.

Obama is heading to lead the US in a Historical fashion The day for the innauguration will come upon us in no time at all. It is on the 20th January 2009. This will be a momentus day in History and a very expensive day. In times of ecomonic hardship... [[ Read more here ]]

Anerica is in support of Isreal, both Bush and Obama but they have different atttudes towards Iran and different ways of approaching very difficult issues. Bush was all attack and frontal war, Bush also made stupid comparisons of Obama during the... [[ Read more here ]]

coming world government This coming world government will be known as Globalization for peace and harmony on earth in tmes of troubleBecause of the massive violence on the earth at the moment and in the name of peace. A... [[ Read more here ]]

Laws are changing to service anti vilification and discrimination I am going to put a special online you tube tonight Laws are changing and changing quickly some laws are changing to bring in more anti villification and discrimination legislation. There is a... [[ Read more here ]]

Jihad in Mumbai India Today there was a great exposion. World War 111 is on its way very very quickly We must fight these terrorist Unlike the past Communist of the Cold war era this is realy dangerous and these... [[ Read more here ]]

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Can terrorist halt economic growth of a country I ask the questions again Can terrorism hold the economic growth of a country India is a country on the economic growth and the Kashmiri Terrorist (from Pakistani origin which incorporates... [[ Read more here ]] ml

Islmaic forces besign Jewish Centre in Mumbia In todays attacks in India, the Jews are under attack. These old Arab Isrealy conflicts will not go away I beleive that no tolerance is needed towards such terrorists as these Mujahideen and i back... [[ Read more here ]] ml

Thialand has more terrorism in it Terrorism has hit the main Bhuddist headquaters. Bhuddism is a religion of peace but in these days terrorism is every where in the name of religion. BANGKOK, Thailand ? Protesters occupying... [[ Read more here ]]

Conspiracy behind the latest attacks in India There could be unlying elements behidn the attacks in India and a conspiracy. look at this and read it and watch the you tube-then make your own decision. John Christopher Sunol NB: also my you... [[ Read more here ]]

Obama has a word of support for Indian Military over the Pastor Few days Obama: Attacks will not defeat India's democracy Obama is no different than Bush in a time of Crises of such "These terrorists who targeted innocent civilians will not defeat India's great... [[ Read more here ]] tml

The terrorist attacks in India. Mumbai have Global consequences

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These attacks from the Mujahadeen are part of the world war we are fighting with global consquences, not just local for India. This is the reasons that I have said so much on this. We are... [[ Read more here ]] ml

In these economic hard times recruitment is going global We are starting to live in a global villiage, not just local even our recruitment is going global This makes it alot more difficult to get senior managment jobs or positions with any power. This... [[ Read more here ]]

Now Jihad in Negeria The Jihad was not only in Mumbua in India but it is now in Nigeria as well. Jihad is all over the world as Al-queda and Mujaheen tries to fight the world in Jihad for Allah in the name of Mohummad.... [[ Read more here ]]

Pakistan and India at Tension From the last few days with the Mumbia attacks, Pakistand and India are now at a ready state of war according to the Sydney Herald, the Australian and other news sources. "PAKISTAN is withdrawing... [[ Read more here ]]

Iran would hit at US warships when and if US goes to war in the United States Then we might find the first sea battle going on in a war since the world war 11 - 1942-45 This form of Sea battle would be very different as Terrorist today use small craft carrying rocket... [[ Read more here ]] html

The war on Terror is realy of a global nature Barrack Obams coming up Administration is going to have one big task trying to show the world the truly global nature of the war on terrorism, keep up to their party policies and keep America as the... [[ Read more here ]] ml

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For all to know of, new laws to restict Civil suits The Australian Federal government announced yesterday on ABC Radio that new laws are in the pipline for Civil courts to restrict Civil suits and those cases to do with Villification before the... [[ Read more here ]] ml

When Obama takes over the Whitehouse, things more than likely will not change. Only that Obama wants to withdraw the United states from Iraq and put the troops in Aphghanistan. Then confront Iran which is needed A New World Order under the terms Globalisation is... [[ Read more here ]] ngs.html

When old enemies get together things go good Obama has put Hillary Clinton, His old foe into a top position in the New US administration. This is good as Hillary has been first lady before and she would be best for this position. I think... [[ Read more here ]] o.html

Cruise ship outruns pirates Pirates today are just as bad if not worst that back in the Buncaneer days. Only today they have modern weapons. If they attack Cruise liners, they need the Naval ships from countries like US, UK,... [[ Read more here ]]

Terrorist attacks are racise and this is what Anti Villification is mean to stop Terrorist are racists and homopobic. This is the real reason for this legislation. NOT TO BE USED AS A PLOY TO MISUSE AND MANIPULATE TO PUT ON PEOPLE THAT ARE NOT HOMOPBIC TO GAIN A PRE-CEDENT FOR... [[ Read more here ]]

Isreal might go it alone at Iran if Obama does not come to the party Then could see a catastrophe as Iran is now getting more stonger evidence that it has Nukes. If Iran has Nukes, so does Terrorist, Imagine Taliban or Al-queda with Nukes, a fightening senario. No... [[ Read more here ]]

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Prison Speed Dial - daily telegraph Friday December 5 2008 - page 1 - cover story One of the States highest security prisoners has been caught using a smuggled mobile phone to run a $1.5 million drug ring from his cell. Killer Bassam Hamzty, 29, will be charges over ther... [[ Read more here ]]

Iraq war much longer than expected and i knew this as it is prophecied in the bible that there will be wars, wars and more wars. It is stated that while Sadaam did not have direct influence with the 2001 Twin Tower bombling, which... [[ Read more here ]] ml

This is the reason for my writing on world poltiics on my blog: to herald the coming of This: A One World Government and one-unit monetary system, under permanent non-elected hereditary oligarchists who self-select from among their numbers in the form of a feudal system as it was in the... [[ Read more here ]] ml

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