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Sunnyvale Splash

Splash Special Events (All Ages Welcome) Take a dip in the pool with the whole family. Games and prizes will be awarded throughout this special recreation swim.

Things to Know

Washington Pool $4 Res/$5 Non Res

Welcome to Sunnyvale Splash, the City of Sunnyvale’s Aquatics Program. Activities are offered for the whole family: youth swim lessons, CPR, First Aid, lifeguarding training and recreational swim for all ages at three pool locations (listed below). For map of pools, see page 5.

Friday, July 7, 6:30 – 8 p.m. Friday, Aug. 4, 6:30 – 8 p.m.

Columbia Middle School Pool Free

Friday, July 21 6 - 8 p.m.

Pool Rules Pool rules apply for all aquatic activities held at any City of Sunnyvale operated pool. See for complete list of rules.

Pool FAQs Q: What is the pool temperature? All facilities in Sunnyvale are outdoor pools. They are heated to approximately 80 to 82 degrees Fahrenheit. Although the outside air temperature may make it seem cooler, the pool temperature is consistently maintained, regardless of the weather.

The only thing my kids want to do is go to recreation swim and swim lessons. The lifeguards and swim staff are excellent and passionate about keeping them safe!

Q: Are lockers and showers available? Yes, locker room facilities with showers are available at each pool for your use. Patrons must supply their own locks and towels. Note: Columbia Middle School Pool lockers are available Monday through Friday only. Q: Are there any health restrictions? Persons suffering from infections or contagious disease and illnesses are not permitted in the pool or locker room facilities.

Swim Lessons FAQs

Q: Does the pool close if it starts raining? No, unless there is lightning.

Q: What level do I register my child for? Read the skill level descriptions provided under each section, and register your child for the class that sounds most like his or her level. If your child is an Otter, Seal or Dolphin, register for the Beginner class. On the first day of the class, staff test each child and split them up according to their current level (Otters, Seals and Dolphins). More advanced swimmers are not tested.

Q: My child missed a swim lesson because he or she was sick or out of town. Are make-up classes offered? Unfortunately, make-up lessons are not offered for any reason. Q: Can I request a specific instructor for my child’s lesson? Sunnyvale Splash cannot accommodate requests for specific instructors. The instructors rotate between levels and times. The pool manager does not know who will be teaching the class until the first day of the session.

Q: What if I feel my child is in the wrong swim class level? Let the pool manager know, so he or she can test for your child’s proper level. Q: Can my child be assessed by your staff before I register? For Swim Assessment Day information, see inside cover (page ii).

Q: What if I am not happy with the program? Let the pool manager know your concerns so that he or she can try to resolve the problem. For refund policy, see page 40.

Q: Why does the second week of each swim lesson session end on a Thursday? Every other Friday is an extended Recreation Swim day (June 23, July 7, 21, and August 4). Swim participants receive a voucher to allow them to enter recreation swim on the above dates for free.

Q: Does the class use the diving board? The last day of each session is Diving Board Day where each class has the opportunity to jump off the board; however, children are not required to jump from the board. Note: Columbia Middle School Pool does not have a diving board.

For additional policy and procedures (including cancellation

and refund/transfer deadlines), see pages 39–40.


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