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Dynamic Search™ Social for Lead Generation Intro         

1/3 of global B2B buyers use media to engage with their vendors, 75% expect to use social media in future purchases processes Marketers rate social media as the second-most important factor (64%) in organic search success, behind only effective web pages (82%) 60% of B2B companies have acquired a customer through LinkedIn, followed by 60% through company blogs, 43% through Facebook, 40% through Twitter 60% of B2B marketers already implement a social media strategy or they plan to within the next year Social media allows a company to use fun, interactive, different content Social media lets a company be personable and accessible o Helps to connect with prospects Build relationships in an informal, personable, low-pressure way 33% of buyers believe what a brand has to say about itself 95% of qualified prospects are on your website to research, are not ready to buy o 70% will eventually buy from you or a competitor

Peer-to-peer communication   

Low cost brand lift, increased brand authenticity, Highly trusted and effective One of the most credible types of WOM

The Golden Rules of Social Media Marketing         

Social media is about being social- have a good personality Combine inbound and outbound You must have good content and solid offers Strong call to action Always add value (to your customers) Keep the lines of communication open, respond quickly and sincerely Be sure your messages have a combo of content and offers Be interesting, helpful and on occasion Create content that people want to interact with

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Create it consistently and frequently

Facebook 

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Ask yourself: o Does this help our brand’s likeability? o Is this interesting, engaging, useful content? Posting for the sake of posting can hurt Edge Rank o A high engagement rate helps you build your Edge Rank and gets you seen more often “People Talking About This” Ranking o To boost interaction, post more and engage fans in 2-way dialogue o 70% of interactions happen in the 1st hour of a post  Don’t post and go to bed! How to See & Be Seen o Edge Rank rewards pages in newsfeed based on the # of interactions the page receives o Fresh, engaging, current, compelling content o Track engagement Use pictures! Facebook suggests using promoted posts for: o Unique, vibrant, interesting photos and videos, o Offers o Exclusive events or news o Questions Facebook Ads: you’re competing for attention Sponsored stories: o Paid to show up o Different because they leverage the mentions and buzz already taking place o You can define your target audience Facebook apps o You can feature up to 12 apps  Optimize the 3 that show up first o Changing the apps= interactive & engaging o Consider the app display image a small advertisement

Twitter   

Companies that lack strategic, lead-generating plan for twitter accounts are losing out on access to a huge potential customer base Being followed on Twitter is a strong signal of online affinity B2B marketers strive to provide good content in an easily digestible and timely format

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Use Twitter to get the word out about specific product offerings, use as a forum for potential customers Promoted Tweets o Targeted to followers and users who are similar to your followers If you never offer something personal or fun/funny, you’re missing prime opportunity Engage and be engaged Pay attention to what your customers and prospects are tweeting about and respond accordingly Retweet material that will be helpful to them Writing your own info is important, too If they benefit from you, they’ll remember you 2 Rules: o 80/20 Rule: post 80% helpful or entertaining content and 20% promotional content o The 4-1-1 Rule: For every 1 self-serving tweet, you should RT 1 relevant tweet and share 4 pieces of relevant content written by others. Identify opportunities to engage with your followers by investigating their conversations Check in weekly Being proactive is essential Twitter can lead to organic B2B conversions Helps to continuously engage with customers and prospects

LinkedIn 

Find value by: o Joining or starting groups (program)  Expands your circle of contacts  Increases reach and connections  Join industry specific groups o Posting links to content  Become a source of information  Attract connections  Posting is important, engaging is vital o Build your LI company page

Best Practices for Building Effective LinkedIn Company Pages:  Co. description should include kw’s that resonate with products descriptions and contribute to network visibility  Identify posting sequence to est. consistent brand messaging  Add RSS feed feature- auto-populate blog content  Enable “Show News” to publish articles within stream  Add “Specialties” to ensure that the page acquires search traffic

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Utilize “Overview” section for lead generation by linking to a landing page Optimize “Products” section for search visibility by including kw-rich text in the descriptions Add a video for visual learners

Getting Followers to Your Page:  Add “follow our company on LI” CTA with a link on your email signature and other promo materials  Activate individual status updates for collaborative contribution from designated company individuals  Add a follow button to your website or blog- LI offers a line of code for this  Encourage employees to share company news (social amplification tool like GoogleAmp can help)  Follow company pages of industry peers, partners, customers, and prospects. Commenting, liking, sharing updates with these sources can get your company immediately on the radar How to Use Business Focused Content  Personal Profile o Gather insights on prospects  Recommendations o Qualify potential business prospects, gather insights about company  Status Updates o Give insights into your organization’s capabilities, goals and internal culture  Links o Become source of business information, attracts customers  Q&A o Share information to position an individual or organization as a thought leader  Groups o Increase reach and expand knowledge of partixipants  Company pages o Provide evidence to help qualify company and/or employees in business interactions  Advertising o Enables organization to target specific organizations or individuals based on range of segmentation options

Social for Lead Generation  
Social for Lead Generation  

1/3 of global B2B buyers use media to engage with their vendors, 75% expect to use social media in future purchases processes