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DESCRIPTION Educreations turns your iPad into a recordable whiteboard. Creating a great video tutorial is as simple as touching, tapping and talking. Explain a math formula... Create an animated lesson... Add commentary to your photos... Diagram a sports play... With voice recording, realistic digital ink, photos and text, and simple sharing through email, Facebook or Twitter, now you can broadcast your ideas from anywhere. TEACH ANYTHING • Help students with homework by working through an example problem. • Put your lessons on the web so students can watch them before and after class. • Tutor someone from afar. • Showcase your video tutorials on and share your knowledge with the world. • Add your commentary to famous works of art. • Diagram team sport plays

FEATURES • Record and replay your voice, handwriting and drawings • Draw in 10 colors of realistic digital ink • Add text to any page • Add photos from the iPad camera, Photo Albums, Dropbox or the Web • Animate images by dragging them around while recording • Create multiple whiteboard pages • Scroll pages up or down when you need extra space • Easily erase drawing mistakes • Unlimited undo and redo • Pause/resume or start over recording anytime • Create a free account on and choose who can view your lessons • Share your lessons via email, Facebook and Twitter • Embed your lessons on your blog or website

• Create photo comics in the full featured comic editor. • Start a comic project on an iOS device and finish it on any desktop with Comic Life 2 or vice-versa. • Read your comics with the integrated e-reader with retina support. • Share your comics on Facebook, Twitter, via Mail and add to your Photo Library. • 'Copy To' and 'Import' from iTunes, Dropbox and WebDAV. • 'Open in' option that allows you to open a PDF version of your comic in other apps. • Send your comics to a printer on your wireless network. • Exchange and edit comics with multiple iOS devices through the In Tray. • Choose from full page layouts including panels, titles and captions along with complimentary styles for a professional look. • Drag and Drop elements anywhere in your comic page. • Easily add photos from your library with the Place Photo button in panels. • Curve and place balloon tails precisely with advanced tail controls. • Resize and rotate images, clip them in panels along with balloons, captions, and lettering. • Create multilayered colour gradients to design the perfect style for lettering, captions or background. • Use smart shapes to add common shapes and the free form shape drawing tool to create any line or shape you can imagine. • Work without worry of losing your creation as documents are automatically saved whenever a change is made.

Key benefits of using comics in education A great visual Representation of Knowledge - Presents what is essential - Easier to remember a visual graphic containing key information - Engaging through thinking, creating and writing. - Perfect avenue for writing dialogue - Incites students with low interest in writing - Helps organization through storytelling and storyboarding - Using visual images convey meaning to a story or topic - Develops creative and higher level thought processes - Develops composition techniques through visualverbal connections - Enriches reading, writing, and thinking - Serves as and assessment and evaluation tool - Sequencing promotes understanding For more information on how Comic Life can be used in Education go to:

The easiest stop motion app available. Simple tools and guides make it easy to shoot, edit, and even score your movie with music. Add one of the customizable title cards then share it online and, who knows, you may have the next summer blockbuster in your hands…literally! Animations need not be confined to using Lego characters – you can animate any object using this app. Features: -Add & delete frames to your movie -Choose from 7 different soundtracks, or add music from your library -Add a colour filter to the camera -Customize different title cards -Save your movie to your camera roll -Add text to your movie with custom dialog cards -Add LEGO sound effects to any frame -Record your own sound effects -Edit the duration of each frame

A youtube ‘how to’ video is:

Popcorn Maker works on Firefox browser What is Popcorn Maker? Popcorn Maker helps you easily remix web video, audio and images into cool mashups that you can embed on other websites. Drag and drop content from the web, then add your own comments and links —all within your browser. Popcorn Maker videos are dynamic, full of links and unique with every view. You can build: an animated gif with sound a documentary with dynamic links a video profile to introduce yourself to the world and more! How to get started:

Tutorial: watch?v=0wiqG8C6s1k Educational Mash-ups tutorial watch?v=MmhvYg_S0dE Make your images come alive with private video, notes, or even music from YouTube. Holiday, family, interiors, sports, and personal images can be shared privately or with your network on Facebook and Twitter. Thinglink is online and an iPad app. ThingLink for education Thinglink supports social learning platforms such as Edmodo and Schoology. Embedding Thinglink images into your content on Edmodo or Schoology is easy and requires only a few clicks. Read on to learn more! Edmodo You can embed Thinglink images in Edmodo by attaching them as links or adding them via your Edmodo library. The step-by-step instructions and the screencasts below will guide you through this process: • • • • • • • • • •

Hover over any Thinglink image Select Share image from the top left corner of the image Click on Edmodo Copy the iframe code by clicking on the Copy to clipboard button Log in to your Edmodo account Create a new post and attach a Link to it Paste in the iframe code to the field that says http:// or <embed> Give the attachment a title and click Attach Fill in the empty fields and click Send Your Thinglink image will now show up in your post as an attachment, which can be opened/closed by clicking on the attachment icon. FEATURES √ FREE TO USE √ Choose or take a picture with your phone’s camera √ Add interactive tags on your image - YouTube videos - Videos from your phone’s camera - Twitter handles - Text √ Share with friends on Facebook, Twitter and Email √ Browse your own interactive image gallery √ Join the ThingLink community at √ Take advantage of your own channel at

Note: a network connection is required to use this application.

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Vol 1: A selection of iPad apps and online tools for teachers.

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