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A passion for teaching turns into a business

alicia fajardo ■ Kevin Rounce | Reporter

Alicia Fajardo has dedicated most of her life to education. She worked as a teacher, taught future teachers through Yakima Valley College, helped with Inspire Development Center, and now has opened a small educational store in Grandview. “I love taking care of kids and teaching them.” It was through her experience that she noticed that there needed to be more support and resources for monolingual, Spanish-speaking parents and educations in their native language. “That why I opened the store and you see all these educational materials,” Fajardo said. “In every training I do my providers always ask me where do you get that toy or that tool among other questions.” So Fajardo decided that she would open a store where she could provide these resources; to parents, teachers, day cares, whomever might need it. Her connections and extensive knowledge allow her to be able to understand what is specifically needed and tailor the purchase to the child in question. She is also using her store to bring up other local businesses and artists by selling jewelry, silicone rattlers

and teethers, and other items that are made by residents of the Yakima Valley. “I’m working with a lot of people around the Valley to help each other. Looking to raise each other up through word of mouth advertising.” Fajardo admitted that it is scary to have opened the story, but she believes that she must remain positive and trust that this is what she is supposed to do. At one point during our conversation, she got a little emotional when she talked about her folks coming into the store. “They said, ‘Wow. This is pretty cool.’ I could tell that they were proud of me.” She says life experiences, regardless of whether it was positive or negative has helped her grow. “The people that inspired me are the good and bad teachers or good and bad managers. I could pick out things I decided I did not want to do, or that I did want to do.” She says she’s also inspired by people who decide to use education to go in a different direction for their life, regardless of age. “I try to inspire people as they come in. They know my background and come to me looking for advice,” Fajardo said while stressing the importance of education. “Holding a degree, I’m not

I try to inspire people as they come in. They know my background and come to me looking for advice. Alicia Fajardo

worried. I can go back into teaching if this fails.” But for now, she is going full force with her store at 205 E. 2nd St. in Grandview while maintain her job with YVC and during the pandemic offering Zoom trainings for anyone who needed her help. With Fajardo, it’s about teaching and helping those who are looking to better their life. She said she spoke with her daughter, who is attending WSU, about following her passions and knowing that you will be happier in the long run. “I don’t want to stop teaching or training.” ■ Kevin Rounce can be contacted at 509-837-4500 ext. 110 or at krounce@sunnysidesun.com

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Audrey Brandsma, Owner

Audrey started her career in Network Marketing, selling jewelry online, in 2017. She helps her customers feel like a million dollars without spending a fortune. Whether it’s accesorizing a casual outfit, business attire or putting the finishing touches on a look for a social occasion, Audrey can help you feel glam without the guilt. She emphasizes that doing business with her is more than just $5 Jewelry though; it becomes a friendship, and a chance to encourage everyone to find their inner sparkle and to share it with the world around them. Love what she does? You could be doing it too… contact her today!

Our Family, Serving Your Family R

Carolyn Smith and Carolyn Alanis work as a team to be sure your family is taken care of and the office appointments are kept on schedule. The women of Smith Funeral Home have been grateful for the opportunity to serve Lower Valley families since Hap and Kathryne Smith founded the family YEAR Serving The S business in of the YakimFamilies a Valley 1951.


Since 1951

mith funeral homes and crematory

Facebook: $5 Bling with Audrey • Instagram: The Bling Life with Audrey www.mysparkledealer.com • Text: (509)460-2760

Sunnyside | 528 S. 8th St. | 837-4962 ♦ Grandview | 512 E. 4th St. | 882-3386 wwww.funeralhomesmith.com

Karen Don Weddings • Funerals Birthdays Anniversaries All Occasions Balloons

509-786-0048 409 Wine Country Road Prosser, WA 99350

Lower Valley Massage and Wellness is now


Did we miss you? I’d Like To Be In Women in Business 2021! _____________________________ Business Name

Brittany Byma

Owner, LMT & Wellness Coach


Tami Graham

Licensed Massage Therapist


Maria Saucedo

Esthestician & Lash Tech


Services include: Massage Therapy with a large variety of techniques with experienced licensed massage therapists. The most knowledgeable in the industry and helping car accident claims, L&I claims, post surgery recovery, scar tissue repair, prenatal massage, and more! Skincare and beauty services ranging from facials to eye lash extensions. Self-care products, supplements, classes, and workshops. Personal training, wellness and weight-loss coaching. Continuing education for licensed professionals and certification courses.

1503 E. Edison Ave. • Sunnyside WA 98944 Brittany Byma LIC#: MA60057840 • Tami Graham LIC# MA60070706

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_____________________________ Address, City _____________________________ Contact Person _____________________________ Phone


Mail To: P.O. Box 878, Sunnyside, WA 98944 Or drop off at 600 S. 6th St. in Sunnyside


We are proud to support our businesswomen! We are here to serve the Sunnyside and Yakima communities! PHONE: 509-836-4707

MORTGAGE: 509-946-2044

ONLINE: WWW.HAPO.ORG October 27, 2021 • sunnysidesun.com • 5

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Bringing healthier options to Sunnyside and surrounding areas

thania labra ■ Ileana Martinez | Media Director

The knowledge and importance of nutrition came at the age of nine years old for Thania Labra, owner of Juice Mae in Sunnyside. “The earliest memory I have of how nutrition was important, was when I lived in Florida,” Labra explained. “My mom somehow knew that there was a guy selling produce from his pickup truck, and she made us walk two miles to pick up fruits and vegetables and then two miles back.” At the age of nine, the future business owner didn’t understand why her mother did these things. It wasn’t until she was a bit older that she realized people in the surrounding areas were ill due to malnutrition. “Looking back, I understand why it was always really important to her, and now is to me.” Juice Mae, a local juice and protein shake bar, is the newest addition to Downtown Sunnyside, 504 S. Sixth Street. The new business celebrated their grand opening on Friday, September 3, 2021, and has been bringing healthy products to Sunnyside ever since. “I’m mostly trying to help people in the Sunnyside area have healthier options than we’ve been given, because we are such a Redbull driven community,” Labra explained. The

ingredients in all Juice Mae products are hand chosen by Labra herself — handpicked berries, specialty protein powders, and locally sourced fruits and vegetables. Labra, mother of two, had the idea when she was 20 years old. “I always knew I wanted a juice bar, and when my son was born, I made it a goal that by the time he was between third and fifth grade I would have my business so that I wouldn’t have to ask someone for permission to be a part of his life.” Her children, ages 8 and 6, can be seen regularly at the shop, along with Labra’s mother, who is also a proud employee. Labra smiled ear to ear when sharing how she was able to hire her mother. “It’s my greatest accomplishment, hiring my mom. She had me when my sisters were much older, so I was the baby of the family,” she went on. “I always felt like it was my responsibility to watch over her when she reached a certain age. So, when I opened the shop, and I was able to give her the opportunity because of how amazing the support has been. That part currently is still setting in.” Labra’s mother has always been a huge inspiration in her life. “My mom has always had a business, since I can remember, and even prior to me being born,” she described. Labra always knew going into business was her goal

I’m mostly trying to help people in the Sunnyside area have healthier options than we’ve been given, because we are such a Redbull driven community. Thania Labra because of her mother and her focus on always helping people. “That was always her staple, ‘how can I help someone?’ People that stop by Juice Mae during the week are greeted with a smile. “That’s the best part of my day. They come in and have great conversations — they’re curious and very supportive. My customers are just happy that I’m here and emphasize how grateful they are. It seems like this was something that they were looking for that they just didn’t know how to obtain.” “It feels like everything that I’ve worked for is for this moment. Everything that I already enjoyed and already loved... is for this moment. So that I could help people, and that’s where my purpose resides.” ■ Ileana Martinez can be reached at 509-837-4500 ext 115.

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Service with a smile, bringing local businesses together

nancy lopez rodriguez ■ Ileana Martinez | Media Director

If you’re walking into Bonzis, you’ll likely be greeted by the biggest smile you’ve seen that day on the face of Nancy Lopez Rodriguez. Lopez Rodriguez is driven by her desire to serve people, and it shows. “I really do love people. I love getting to know their story, getting to know the person,” she said. “Sometimes I might not remember your name, but I’m going to remember your face.” She has been a part of the Bonzis brand for over five years, she shared. “I look forward to coming to work, it’s exciting to deal with all kinds of people,” she mentioned. ““Like there’s Doug, I know Doug,” she smiles as she waves to a customer coming to check their mail. Lopez Rodriguez enjoys being a friendly face to everyone that stops by to either check their mail at the private mailboxes, drop off a package to be shipped, or grab a drink at the coffee bar in the store. “You get to hear their journeys. I always tell myself to treat people the way I want to be treated somewhere. Because I know how it feels to be turned away without help.” Lopez Rodriguez is also the brains

behind the vendor markets that have been “popping up” in the business’ parking lot. The popup markets have been an idea in the store for quite some time, but it was only after visiting one that Lopez Rodriguez brought the idea home to Andy Bonzi, owner of the store. “I had gone to a popup about a month or so ago, and there were people I knew and just such a positive energy,” she exclaimed. “So, I came back to the store and talked to Andy about it. We got together and thought, ‘how to do we do this?’ I said let’s just do it!” The first Bonzis popup market occurred on Saturday, September 11, with about eight vendors ranging from local artists, fruits and vegetables, baked goods, and candles and has only been getting better. “Now it’s growing and we’re up to over 20 vendors for this Saturday, October 30. “It’s so important for small businesses to have this opportunity,” Lopez Rodriguez went on. “It’s really nice getting recognition for your hard work. When someone comes to me and says, ‘I love your work, what you do,’ that’s what matters.

It’s really nice getting recognition for your hard work. When someone comes to me and says, ‘I love your work, what you do,’ that’s what matters. Nancy Lopez Rodriguez

“And I think that’s what’s important to us at Bonzis. We see that our vendors not only get recognized for the things they do, but also their customer service, they’re all so great. I think that’s why we’ve been successful.” The next popup market at Bonzis is set for Saturday, October 30 from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m. at 633 Yakima Valley Highway. Vendors with questions about future events can reach out on Instagram @bonzis.shop or stop by the store. ■ Ileana Martinez can be reached at 509-837-4500 ext 115 or email imartinez@sunnysidesun.com

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— Protecting Your Future — We can help with Auto, Home, Life, RV’s, Small Business, Renters, General Contractors, Trucking Insurance, Bonds Notary Services and much more. Our Staff is ready to help you with your insurance needs!

Leticia Sandoval, Insurance Specialist

, Inc.

Nosotros le podemos ayudar con Auto, Casa, Vehiculos Recreacionales, Negocios Pequenos, Aseguranza para Inquilinos, Contratistas Generales, Seguro para Troqueros, Bonos, Servicio de Notaria y mucho mas. Nuestro personal esta listo para ayudarle con sus nesesidades de seguro.

530 South 6th St. | Sunnyside 509-839-7922 | www.myselectins.com

Hours: Mon.-Thurs. 9 a.m. - 5 p.m., Friday 9 a.m. - 5:30 p.m.

Health insurance options for your family or business

Your Satisfaction is Our Success Let us help you find the best choice

• New Medicare Advantage options, including Dual Special Needs Plans, Medicare supplements and Part D Prescription Drug Plans • Small Business Options • Individual Health plans, including subsidized plans with the WA Healthplanfinder • Travel insurance • Vision and Dental ll m en t O pe n En ro e • Life Insurance Me dicar mber 7 to Dece • Medi-Share October 15

Mary Bos, Co-Owner

Mary has been co-owner since 2002 and office manager for the past 15½ years. Bos Refrigeration is your local Trane dealer. We service all brands of heating, air conditioning and refrigeration equipment. Mary works with her professionally trained service representatives to make sure customers get the quick, efficient service they deserve.

Paula Rodriquez, Broker

& Famili es Individ uals - January 15 November 1

110 North Ave. • Sunnyside

Leticia Garcia, Exec. Director October is Domestic Violence

Awareness Month Leticia and her caring, dedicated staff are on hand 24-hours-a-day to support local victims of domestic violence and abuse. If you know someone who is in need of our support services, please give us a call.

(behind Bobs Drive-In)


Bos Refrigeration

Serving Yakima and Benton County for over 25 years

3940 Alexander Road Sunnyside • 839-3466




24 Hr. Toll Free 1-877-604-7432

We keep your trucks rolling while we do all the paperwork!

Mantenemos sus camiones corriendo mientras le hacemos todo el papeleo!

“Serving Truck Operators Professionally”

Laura Gomez President Agent

Main Ph. 509-839-STOP (7867) or 509-439-3914 Fax: 509-837-8229 1stoptrucking@gmail.com

More than 11 years experience. Hablamos Espanol Services: • Operating Authority • Quarterly Reporting Servicios: • Autoridad para Operar • Reportaje Trimestrales

• Monthly Road Taxes • Oversize, Trip, Fuel • Insurance • Prorate • IFTA ...and More! • Reportaje de Millas • Sobredimension • Aseguranza • Prorate/Placas • IFTA ...Y Mas

1602 Morgan Rd. B • Sunnyside, WA 98944

10 • women in Business • October 27, 2021

Sandra Villa, Lucia Navarro, Nicole Jech, Delia Ramos, Karen Hosmann

The daily operations at the Port of Sunnyside benefit from the talents and business expertise of Sandra, Nicole, Delia, Lucia and Karen. Each of them contribute to the expansion and refinement of the Port’s vision and commitment to enhance economic development within the boundary of the Sunnyside Port District. 2640 E. Edison Ave., Suite 1 ● Sunnyside, WA 98944 509-839-7678 ● www.portofsunnyside.com



A' I V



Here to Serve You with the Best Drinks!











Red Bull, Big Trains, Lotus, Lemonades, Frappes and more, and the Best Pesto Bagels! Comfortable seating and Wi Fi available! Open, 6 a.m. to 6 p.m., Monday thru Saturday, at 1015 E. Lincoln Ave. Sunnyside Call 509-790-9393

Employees: Silvia Alvarez, Daisey Leon, Rocio Cisneros, Briseida Sabalza and Berenice Andrade

50% off your first drink Only one per customer. Bring in this coupon for your discount. Expires December 1, 2021

Silvia Ramos Owner/Operator

FREE LOCAL DELIVERY! Check us out on Facebook & Instagram

Our team is ready to help you!

Silvia’s Professional Tax Services is open all year long to service our clients better! We can help with Business Licenses & Permits. Let us assist you with your Tax Preparation, Bookkeeping, Payroll, Translation Documentation, Notary Service & much more! Our bilingual staff is ready to help!

1015 E Lincoln Ave | Sunnyside

Call us today 509-790-0065 and like us on Facebook! Business Hours: 9 am - 5 PM • Monday - Friday

Salute to our local hard working women Back Row, Left to Right: Irma Valencia, Cassandra Bautista, Silvia Alvarez, Silvia Ramos, Nora Cisneros, Daisy Leon, Rocio Cisneros, Jacqueline Guerrero and Deanna Gutierrez. Front Row, Left to Right: Aketzally Salazar, Dalia Sabalza, Luz Sanchez Gabriella Alvarez

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Keeping Sunnyside looking good for more than 20 years

catalina espindola ■ Kevin Rounce | Reporter

Cutting and styling hair is not something Catalina Espindola just does, it is who she is, and has been for a long time. “When I grew up in Mexico, my neighbor was a hairdresser and I would help her out after school. I have loved it since I was very young.” Despite that, it took a long time for her to open a salon of her own, waiting until after she got her visa, her GED, married, had three daughters and worked other jobs. She did maintain her passion for cutting hair by styling her friends and family at various times during her life, sometimes for money, but nothing professionally. Espindola worked at warehouses, and then at a day care, but the dream remained alive, it just needed the right time to blossom. It turned out that time was when she had to make a choice, get a certification to remain at the day care, or pursue her passion, so off to beauty school she went. Upon graduation, she worked at a salon but, “After a year I wanted

to go out on my own because I liked the idea. I wanted to be my own boss.” So in January of 2001, she opened Catalina’s Hair Care where she has been for more than 20 years. “It’s great to work here. We are a family. Sometimes it feels like I’m here more than I’m home.” She even gets to work next to her daughter Ariana at the salon and spend a lot of time with her other daughters Vanessa and Catti along with a few grandchildren. If you’re into reading online reviews, the shop is a great place to get a haircut. “Catalina is an expert! She cut my hair so fast and did such an amazing job!” says one review. “Catalina did a great job, even with my thin, fine hair,” said another. Catalina’s Hair Care holds a stunning 4.8/5 stars on Google reviews. Espindola says there has been ups and downs with far more positives then negatives which Espindola called just “little things” in recounting her experience. “My favorite stories are ones

It’s rewarding to have your own business. Fight your fear or you won’t know. If you try, you’ll probably succeed. Catalina Espindola

that involved people coming to work for me and then going out on their own,” noted Espindola. “When someone leaves here inspired. It just shows that if I can do it, you can do it.” She says it’s something she hopes young women in the community can take from her. “It’s rewarding to have your own business. Fight your fear or you won’t know. If you try, you’ll probably succeed.” ■ Kevin Rounce can be contacted at 509-8374500 ext. 110 or at krounce@sunnysidesun.com

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14 • women in Business • October 27, 2021

Rewards in service, helping women make good choices

becky morris ■ Kevin Rounce | Reporter

In case you were unaware, the term “midwife” means “with women.” The American Pregnancy Association, APA, says midwives provide a wide variety of services to women, but perhaps are best known for helping in the birth of a child. Becky Morris works as a midwife at Prosser Memorial Health in the Grandview Clinic. “I started in health care as a patient care tech and watched midwives supporting women during the birth process and I loved helping and being involved,” she said. “The relationships I observed during that time between the midwives and the women they supported inspired me to want to learn more and want to pursue midwifery as a career.” Morris has been a midwife for seven years now and loves it. “I enjoy supporting and educating women in every stage of their lives, whether they are just starting a relationship and wondering about contraception (birth control), starting a family or entering into the menopause stage of life.” According to the APA midwives can help: • Decrease risk of needing a cesarean • Reduce rates of labor induction

and augmentation • Reduce use of regional anesthesia • Decrease infant mortality rates • Decrease risk of preterm birth • Decrease third and fourth-degree perineal tears • Lower costs for both clients and insurers • Increase chances of having a positive start to breastfeeding • Increase satisfaction with the quality of care Morris cited all the midwives that she worked with early in her career as inspirations and recounted a story of working with them before she was even among their ranks. “I was checking the waiting room and a laboring woman slowly walked into the hospital and said she was going to have her baby ‘right now!’ She said she could no longer walk and sat down on the floor. She did not have anyone with her. I wanted to run and get a wheelchair, help her get into it and quickly take her to a patient room. She said she was scared to deliver before she could get into the hospital and scared to deliver alone. I knew then I could not leave her to get a wheelchair. I called out for help but she delivered so fast that it was just me and her alone in the waiting room. I was scared to catch her baby because I had never done it before but I remembered the

The relationships I observed during that time between the midwives and the women they supported inspired me to want to learn more and want to pursue midwifery as a career. Becky Morris calmness and positive attitude of the midwives I worked with. I decided I would be calm and positive even though I was scared.” The baby was delivered successfully, and Morris says she and the new mother bonded over the experience. It’s a mission she hopes to take forward, connecting with women of all ages, working with them and providing them with information. “The more educated they are, then they’ll know their options and make an informed decision.” She might even impress one or two of them enough that they become midwives themselves. ■ Kevin Rounce can be contacted at 509-8374500 ext. 110 or at krounce@sunnysidesun.com

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Are yougrowing your family? From planning to delivery to postpartum care, our maternity and pediatric teams are here for you, close to home.

We provide women’s and children’s services at the following locations: Astria Health Center — Obstetrics & Gynecology (OB-GYN) 803 E. Lincoln Ave., Sunnyside

Astria Health Center — Pediatrics

803 E. Lincoln Ave., Sunnyside

Astria Health Center — Pediatrics, Behavioral Health, Primary Care with Walk-in Care

222 E. 2nd St., Grandview

Astria Sunnyside Hospital — Family Birth Center

1016 Tacoma Ave., Sunnyside

Astria Toppenish Hospital — Family Maternity Center

502 W. 4th Ave., Toppenish

Visit www.astria.health to take a virtual tour of our birth centers in Sunnyside and Toppenish.

SunnySideSun pr in t • dig it al • lo c al

Debbie Guerrero Office Manager

Rachel Turner Multimedia Sales Consultant

Ileana Martinez Media & Marketing Director

Janet Hicks Distribution Specialist

Karen Zackula Multimedia Sales Consultant

600 S. 6th Street • PO Box 878 • Sunnyside Phone: 509-837-4500 • Fax: 509-837-6397 www.SunnysideSun.com Follow us online @thesunnysidesun

The staff at the Sunnyside Sun includes many multitalented women! They are active in their communities, schools and churches, and involved with their families. They are a part of many tasks and responsibilities from the front office, to the content, layout, mailing and delivery of your paper each day. Stop by to place your classified, birthday or business ad. We’re here Monday through Friday to help you with your advertising, subscriptions or story ideas.

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Perla Zepeda Insurance Se Habla Español

Dedicated insurance professionals thriving to provide exceptional customer service with over 15 years experience. Serving Washington, Idaho and Oregon for your auto, home, life, business, SR 22, bond, notary, recreational, motorcycle and financial services.

Shellie Speck

Keeping hair beautiful for over 40 years

Shellie’s Hair Design & Gifts

Perla Zepeda, Agency Owner (center) Insurance Specialists Sandra Chavez and Stefani Navarro

1504 Saul Road | Sunnyside


Business Hours: Tues. – Fri., 9 – 5 p.m. Sat & Sun by Appointment Jewelry, Lotions, Hair Products and more

2590 Yakima Valley Hwy, Ste 1 • Sunnyside, WA 98944

Ph: 509-837-2280 - Fax: 509-837-2299 Left to right: Megan Newbury, Michelle Briscoe, Brezzi Campos, Linda Bordwell, Angela Rodriguez, Lala Campos, Julie Kukes, Juliana Saucedo.

For 35 years, Hairworks stylists have been here for you. We are excited to be getting back to a little more normal. This past year we welcome two new young stylists, Lala Campos and Juliana saucedo. We look forward to keeping you looking your best!


1417 Lincoln Avenue • Sunnyside

Left to Right: Marissa DeChand, Scharrel McDaniel, Dr. Mary Pine, Sonya Carranza and Stacey Hancock

Pine Family Practice LLC Mary L. Pine PA-C

Open Mon-Fri 7:15 am - 5 pm | Closed Fridays at Noon 2240 E. Lincoln Ave • Sunnyside, WA 98944 Tel: 509-836-2367 • Fax: 1-888-927-0390 After 5 p.m. please call 509-788-1637

24 years of continued success in helping buyers and sellers achieve their goals. Give me a call or stop by my office for all your real estate needs. I am always available, appointments welcome.

Did we miss you? I’d Like To Be In Women in Business 2021! _____________________________ Business Name _____________________________ Address, City _____________________________ Contact Person

Gina Gamboa


_____________________________ Phone

1220 Yakima Valley Hwy., Ste. C | Sunnyside, WA 98944

Office Phone 509-515-0190 509-839-0053


Mail To: P.O. Box 878, Sunnyside, WA 98944 Or drop off at 600 S. 6th St. in Sunnyside

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18 • women in Business • October 27, 2021

Trust in some of the most difficult times

carolyn smith ■ Kevin Rounce | Reporter

If you have lived in Sunnyside for any length of time, there’s a pretty good chance you or someone you know has worked with Smith Funeral Homes and Crematory. They’ve been in business since 1951 after all. While she doesn’t go back quite that far, Carolyn Smith has been helping people through the most difficult times in their lives since she was 19 years old. The company was originally founded by Greg Smith’s parents Hap and Kathryne whom sold it to Greg and Carolyn in 1987. “It’s a business that is very gratifying, but very hard. You learn about people over the years,” says Carolyn. She says that having been a part of the business and community, she’s able to know so many people, and count them among her friends and family. “It’s important for me to know them, help and direct them in the most difficult time of their lives. I want to make it as easy as possible.” That means talking with the families to make sure their particular loved one is celebrated and remembered in a way that is symbolic

of them and unique. Smith says that sometimes means she can offer options, but there have been occasions where family members have to come her with a specific request. Historically, funeral homes and the businesses surrounding them have been a largely male-dominated industry. Smith says as a woman she has felt the need to prove herself on a lot of different levels to show that she can do the job well. “Many times I get a call saying, ‘Thank you for being there. You helped us in a very difficult time,’ or I will get a note, or someone will call whom I helped 10-15 years ago and they express gratitude that I’m there with confidence that I can get them situated again.” Smith noted that she is comfortable and confident in how she helps and serves each family. She says she’s always learning something on the job, and because of the amount of time she’s been there, there’s very little she hasn’t done or continues to do from physical tasks such as daily clean up, wash cars, removals, working in the preparation room, office and bookwork, meeting with families, conducting funeral

It’s important for me to know them, help and direct them in the most difficult time of their lives. I want to make it as easy as possible. Carolyn Smith

services and preneed insurance. Whatever it takes to serve is her, and the company’s motto. Smith Funeral Homes has been in business now 70 years and been parts of multiple generations of families who have had to deal with tragedy, expected or not. Carolyn noted that it’s very humbling to be trusted with such responsibility, but says she approaches each person with humility and compassion. “If it’s not my own family that I’m serving, once I get done helping them, I feel like we’ve become a family.” ■ Kevin Rounce can be contacted at 509-8374500 ext. 110 or at krounce@sunnysidesun.com

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Leanne Antonio

Carolyn Dresker

Melanie Kimm

Jackie Payne

Janette Smith

President and CEO

Senior Vice President Chief Human Resource Officer

Senior Vice President Chief Deposit Officer

Vice President Audit Manager

Vice President Compliance Officer

Debbie Hazzard

Cristy Swearngin

Heather Lynde

Erianna Minter

Erin Thierolf

Tina Naaz

Assistant Vice President Manager, Sunnyside Branch

Assistant Vice President Manager, Ellensburg Branch

Assistant Vice President Deposit Operations

Assistant Vice President Mortgage Loan Operations

Assistant Secretary Human Resources

Assistant Secretary Manager, Stadium Branch


20 • women in Business • October 27, 2021

Toll Free 1-800-331-3225