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All candidates opposed to sanctuary counties Story and photos by Ted Escobar

The four candidates for Yakima County sheriff came to Bon Vino’s Friday hoping to attract votes at a candidate forum. After brief statements, they fielded questions. If either separated himself from the others, the separation was not large. All four are likable fellows. All are articulate. On some issues they think a lot alike. “It is a tough election,” candidate Dave Simmons of Zillah said after the forum. “What you really have is four qualified candidates.” On the one issue of a naTed Escobar

Sunnyside American Legion member Leroy Werkhoven, left and CMDR Greg Schlieve give Amsden a Quilt of Valor for his World War II service the day before he turned 100.

WWII vet turns 100

By Ted Escobar

Last Thursday and Friday were memorable for Sunnyside’s Bill Amsden. Thursday he was honored by the Sunnyside posts of the American Legion and Veterans of Foreign Wars for his participation in World War II, and Friday he turned 100 years old. Amsden gets around in a wheel chair, and visitors have to raise their voices so that he may hear them. But he has a sharp memory and a bombastic voice. After bit of conversation, a visitor might just forget he’s in that chair. Amsden is one of 14 WWII veterans in Sunnyside. They were all honored with a dessert banquet and gifts on Thursday. Amsden was not a Sunnyside boy. He came here as a U.S. Department of Agriculture turkey inspector

“I live one day at a time. Friday was the first day of my 100th year.”

— Bill Amsden

in 1971 and stayed. He was already nearing retirement age. If anyone alive today knows about the Depression, Amsden does. He saw it from beginning to end, living in Beach, N. Dakota. “It was depression and drought,” he said. “There were no crops for eight years.” Amsden said his family survived on work from the Works Progress Administration and food from government commodities. His father was paid $51 a month for his labors and those of a team of horses that met some government needs. Amsden was the substitute team driver.

Amsden and his siblings enjoyed riding horses and rode sleds or toboggans pulled by horses. There was nothing else to do. And they couldn’t quit school. Their mother wouldn’t allow it. Other admired their parents. “They would say, ‘They got all of eight of you through high school with no money.’” Amsden said. But it was not no money, only little money. There was the WPA income and then the Amsden Coal Mine, which Bill’s father opened. “It was the only thing that made money,” Amsden said. “Everybody needed coal.” But the mine didn’t make the family rich. Consumers still had little money, and

Amsden’s father helped others out knowing many could not pay. One winter there was so much snow that people couldn’t move about. “Dad tied a team of six horses to a bobsled and took coal to neighbors who were out,” Amsden said. Amsden recalled that when his father died, so many people came to the funeral at the Lutheran Church in Hettinger, N.D. that about half had to be seated out of doors. Life changed abruptly in 1940. Amsden was drafted into the U.S. Army. He found a job right away as a team driver for supply a wagon in the 7th Artillery Division. It was an old covered wagon. “I had one year in before the war started,” Amsden said. When the war broke out, see “Vet” Page 2

Candidate Profile: first of two

Bob Udell

tional nature, all four were vehemently opposed to Sanctuary counties, cities or states. All four would work with federal authorities but differently. Simmons would work only on cases that involved serious crime. He said his officers would not be asking about immigration status in most arrests. Simmons reminded the attendees that some of illegal residents are victims of the people who brought them here. He would be out to protect them as much as any citizen. “We need to keep their trust,” he said. Simmons added that his own parents were migrant farm workers when they came to this Valley. Candidate Nolan Wentz

Primary election matters to political newcomer By Ted Escobar

Primary elections don’t often matter in political races that have only two candidates; both are going to be on the general election ballot. But the primary election coming up on Tuesday, August 7, will be anxiously watched by Bengie Aguilar. “I hope we see a good number of votes,” she said. Aguilar, 57, is running as a Democrat against a popular, long-serving Republican, Jim Honeyford. Aguilar has had only two political races in her life, years ago. She won the first time for a seat on the Sunnyside City Council. She

lost the second to Bill Gant. She was not going to run because she thought name recognition Aguilar alone would give the well-known school administrator the win. “Everybody liked him. I liked him,” Aguilar said. “I ran again because a lot of people asked me to stay in the race.” Aguilar finds herself in a similar situation. She considers herself a friend of Jim and his wife Jerri. “I thought he was going to

retire. People were saying he was,” Aguilar said. Aguilar is woman of faith. “I pray about everything,” she said. I’ve prayed about this, too, after I started to feel I was being called.” Aguilar said she made her decision before Honeyford announced he would run again, and she decided to stay in it. She had committed herself to the party after it had run a year-long voter education and registration campaign. That group is helping the volunteers in her campaign make contact with the public. “We’re knocking on doors everywhere in the 15th District,” she said.

The small business owner is one of her priorities. He or she is over-burdened with taxes, she said. “I visited with Ben Martin the other day,” she said. “He’s big in this town in the insurance business. He told me he pays two employee salaries worth in taxes.” Aguilar also wants to see an effective sunset law. She said there are too many laws that have worn out their usefulness still on the books. Voters will have an opportunity to learn more about Aguilar at Meet the Candidate on Thursday, July 19, at 6:30 p.m. at Navarro’s Community Event Center at 544 S. Sixth St. in Sunnyside.

Nolan Wentz

referred to federal agencies like ICE (Immigration and Customs Enforcement) as other tools available to the sheriff. His main concern was that everyone be treated fairly. He believes in good customer service, and everyone in the county is a customer.

Rick Mottice

“I don’t care what color you are or which language you speak you will be treated fairly by my sheriff’s department.” Bob Udell noted the sheriff often works with the feds. He noted there is some upcoming opioids sweep which will require cooperation with the Yakama Nation Police. Candidate Rick Mottice said he would look forward working with federal agencies. But he wouldn’t have them roaming the Valley unannounced. “The sheriff is the top law enforcement authority in the county,” he said.” “They need to notify us when they want to come in.” The candidates were asked the advantages of hiring from within as opposed to hiring from outside. All said either way can produce the right candidate. However, Udell, the chief criminal deputy at the sheriff’s department said he

Dave Simmons

was best suited for the job because he has a package of changes in hand. Simmons, who has worked his way to chief, said he was best suited for the job because he worked is way up the ladder to chief of one department and was hired as a chief another. Wentz, who worked at the sheriff’s department and the Yakima Police Department, said that made him qualified as an insider and an outsider. Mottice said an outsider brings a new pair eyes that can what those in the department have missed. All four said they would seek to tear down the invisible curtain between Union Gap and the Lower Valley. Simmons went the furthest, saying he consider collocating in Sunnyside. Sunnyside and Grandview make up a big chunk of the Lower Valley and Sunnyside is the second largest city in the county.

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JULY 16, 2018

Candidate Profile: first of four

Sheriff’s candidate wanted to be a doctor at first By Ted Escobar

Sometimes the ebb and flow of life makes important decisions for you. That’s how Yakima County Sheriff candidate Nolan Wentz came to be a law enforcement officer. Coming out of the U.S. Air Force in the 1970s, Wentz was seriously thinking about becoming a doctor. He had the academic acumen for it. But Wentz married just before finishing with the Air Force. He and his wife checked in at Yakima Valley College. She started a course toward a nursing degree.

He took business courses. N o t wanting to wait all the time it would take to become Wentz a doctor, Wentz joined an emerging new wood stove company, Blaze King. “I did everything. I set up the first production line,” he said. By 1984, Wentz was tired of wood stoves and manufacturing. Turning back the clock to his Air Force years as a law enforcement spe-

cialist, Wentz decided that was what he really wanted to do. Wentz joined the Yakima County Sheriff’s Department that year. He was advanced to detective in 1988, and in 1990, he moved to the Yakima Police Department. “That was like starting all over,” he said. Three years later, Wentz was back up to detective, working major crimes. He eventually became known as the county’s expert homicide detective in many quarters. Wentz’s proudest moment came in 2009 when he got a conviction for the

1993 killing of a 21-year-old woman in the Sportsman’s State Park area. Wentz said law enforcement was just starting to understand the value of DNA evidence. Investigators collected blood from the scene and stored it. In 2008, Wentz, who is retired now, sent the blood to the Washington State Crime Lab and got a match on guzilion-to-1 odds. Wentz said the girl had come to Yakima with her Arkansas boyfriend, and they went to Sportsman’s to camp. “The boyfriend got drunk and fell asleep,” Wentz said.

“The girl wandered off.” The person who killed the woman turned out to be a man from California. It still bothers Wentz today, that he was as close to the killer as across the river while he did his work. “I was that close to him,” Wentz said. Wentz was close to law enforcement way before he thought about becoming and officer of the law. His father, Tony Wentz, started a police career in Toppenish and

retired from the Yakima Police Department in 1889. Nolan Wentz retired from the same department in 2016. He took care of Tony the last couple years of his life, remodeled his own home and started going back to college. Then, when he realized Brian Winter would not be able to run for sheriff again because of health, he decided to run. “I wanted to give the voters another option,” he said.

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Job Wise teaches the art of balloon animals YA K I M A F E D E R A L S AV I N G S A N D L O A N Introduces


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Amsden’s unit was sent to Dutch Harbor Alaska. From there, the unit was going to dislodge Japanese forces that had taken control of other locations. “The horses were sent to Utah, and we were sent to the Aleutians,” Amsden said. The Japanese forces were concentrated in two locales about 150 miles from Dutch Harbor in opposite directions, Amsden said, and they were eventually bottled up by U.S. forces. And that’s how things remained until U.S forces overtook them over a 2-year period. “I never saw the enemy,” Amsden said. “We were put out at the time, but now, when I watch World War II movies, I’m glad I wasn’t there.” When Amsden left the Army after the war, he received a big check from the government for the many months he wasn’t paid out in the remote wilderness. And he got six years of G.I. Bill benefits. Amsden earned a degree and became a veterinarian. At age 63, he gave up his practice in favor of the government job in Sunnyside and changed addresses. Amsden lived on VanBelle Road near Maple Grove and now resides at Adult Court on 5th Street. Amsden never wondered what his odds were of making to 100. He was just chasing a sister who turned 101 in Watertown S.D. last December. “I don’t even wonder how old I might get to be,” he said. “I live one day at a time. Friday was the first day of my 100th year.”

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Garage/Yard Sales MABTON BIG YARD SALE Wed 18th, Thurs 19th, Fri 20th 8am-?, 117 Rose St Furniture, garden tools, dishes, clothes, fabric. Years of accumulation, everything must go!!

Campers & Canopies

SUNNYSIDE- Good selection ELKHORN SLIDE IN of used couches and chairs. DinCAMPER, 1997. ing sets and assorted pieces of furniture. Mahoney's at 545 South AC electric jacks, furnace, and in 6th St. Monday - Friday, 10-6 pm good shape. $3000 OBO. If interested please call 509-837-6203. and Saturday, 10-4pm.

GRANGER Self Storage 8x12. $65/mo. Call Rogelio @ 509-5156929. MINI STORAGE, G'view, CF&H Realty, 882-5145 or 781-0069. MINI-STORAGE for rent. Ph. 8375578 or 509-830-4399. STORAGE UNITS for rent. Various sizes, beginning at $35/mo. Sunnyside Storage. Ph. 8375511.

Homes for Sale GRANDVIEW

This like new, 3 bdrm 1 bath home sits on a large lot (.27) and has a new roof, new vinyl windows, new counter tops, new flooring, all new kitchen appliances, fresh paint inside and out and the list goes on... This must see home is next to a sweet shaded park, close to schools and shopping and just minutes from the freeway. Now showing to qualified buyers.


Help Wanted

LANGDON LAKE Tollgate Cabin Built in 1995. 4 Bed, 2 Bath, Garage. 2742 Sq ft. on 10 ac. Acreage sub-dividable. Sleeps 10 comfortably. Comes fully furnished. Wood Stv & Central Ht. 30 mins from MiltonFreewater, Oregon. Auction @ Red Lion Inn. Pendleton, Oregon 8/02 at 1:30pm. $10,000 Deposit to Bid.Cashier Check payable to Pioneer Title Co. Refunded if bid not won. BookerAuction.com Contact Lewis Key @ JOHN L. SCOTT Weston, Oregon

Help Wanted ROZA IRRIGATION Seeking PT Student Asst Looking for a part time Student Shop Asst for the following duties: Clean shop, warehouse, and Pump shop. Empty garbage inside and outside. Wash and wax trucks. Must have a current, valid, drivers license. Application may be obtained at: www.roza.org or stop by our office at: Roza Irrigation District 125 S. 13th St Sunnyside, Wa 98944

CITY OF SUNNYSIDE Recruitment Announcement:

Finance Technician- AP

(full-time) Affiliated

Opens: July 4th Closes INTERNAL: July 11th Closes EXTERNAL: July 18th Hourly: $18.60- $22.84 per hour plus benefits for additional info & required application is available on our web site: www.sunnyside-wa.gov or at: City of Sunnyside 818 E. Edison Ave Sunnyside, WA 98944. CITY OF SUNNYSIDE Civil Service Commission Recruitment Announcement for the following Positions:

Fulltime Police Officers

(Entry & Lateral) + Benefits

Salary: $4,336.27 per month Pre-Academy $ 4,596.02 per month Post Academy $4,854.40 - $5,900.57 per month To apply please visit: Nationaltestingnetwork.com Current testing is scheduled in Kennewick on the following dates: ● Wednesday, July 11th ● Wednesday, September 5th

Fulltime Fire Fighters

(FF1 - Paramedics & FF1 EMT) Salary: $4,671.00 - $5,676.00 plus benefits and incentives. Please visit: Nationaltestingnetwork.com (view Pasco Test Center) EOE/AA CLASSIFIEDS CONTINUED PAGE 5


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For BETTER or FOR WORSE - by Lynn Johnston


Dependable, Home-like care at Just Like Home Resident Care 24 hour care • RN on staff • Health tracking • Medication Assistance Family style living • State licensed • State Certified staff • Private rooms Nutritional, yummy meals • One-on-one care • Planned activities No concerns in an environment where 13 residents don’t get “lost in the crowd.” Call us today and let us give you a tour of our Sunnyside location!

Assisted Living

906 North Ave. Sunnyside

509-839-4663 • fax 509-839-6301

jlh@embarqmail.com • Follow us on Facebook

In The BLEACHERS - by Steve Moore

July 16, 2018

Sunnyside, Washington Daily Sun News - 5

c l a s s i f i e d s • 509.837.4500 Help Wanted

Building & Remodeling


Legal Notices

Legal Notices

A Petition to Terminate Pa-­ /s/Teresita Varela, rental Rights was filed; A WSBA No. 46603 Fact Finding hearing will I agree to accept legal papers for be held on this matter on: this case at Lawyer's address: July 27, 2018, at 9:00 a.m. 6 South 2nd Street Suite 905 ADVERTISING SALES **Legal notices online at www.DailySunNews.com** at Yakima County Superior Yakima, WA 98901 NEW CONSTRUCTION & remod-­ Court, Juvenile Division, This Summons is issued according el & handyman service. Ph. Char-­ The Daily Sun News is looking to 1728 Jerome Avenue, to Rule 4.1 of the Superior Court lie's Building Service, 509-837expand their outside advertising Yakima, WA 98902. YOU Civil Rules of the State of Wash-­ or 831-9031. sales team. If you are a well-orga-­ 2970 Legal Notices Legal Notices SHOULD BE PRESENT AT ington. nized individual with some sales CHARLBS0200H. THIS HEARING. PUBLISH: DAILY SUN NEWS experience you might be the right the date this summons is pub-­ Street, Granger, Washington, be-­ THE HEARING WILL DE-­ July 16, 23, 30, August 6, 13 and one for the job. Computer and dig-­ PHOTOCOPIES WHILE You Wait. lished. If you do not file and serve ginning at the hour of 3:00 p.m. on TERMINE IF YOUR PA-­20, 2018 ital media skills helpful. Salary Daily Sun News. 600 So. 6th St. your Response or a Notice of Ap-­ Tuesday, July 31, 2018. RENTAL RIGHTS TO DOE, FT position including quality pearance by the deadline. All are invited to attend these pub-­ YOUR CHILD ARE TERMI-­ SUPERIOR COURT OF benefit. Bilingual applicants wel-­ No one has to notify you about lic hearings and submit written NATED. IF YOU DO NOT Cleaning comed. WASHINGTON other hearing in this case, and the and/or oral comments concerning APPEAR AT THE HEAR-­ FOR YAKIMA COUNTY D'S CLEANING service. Ph. 831- court may approve the requests in these applications. Comments ING THE COURT MAY EN-­ CASE NO.: 18-2-00797-39 Send cover letter and resume to: the Petition without hearing your may also be submitted in writing to TER AN ORDER IN YOUR SUMMONS FOR PUBLI-­ 9035. Andy McNab side (called a default judgement) Granger City Hall, PO Box 1100, ABSENCE TERMINATING CATION (60 DAYS) at the Daily Sun News: Follow these steps: Granger, WA. 98932, prior to the YOUR amcnab@ PARENTAL WILMINGTON SAVINGS FUND Construction 1. Read the Petition and any hearings. Any questions concern-­ RIGHTS. dailysunnews.com SOCIETY, FSB D/B/A CHRISTI-­ other documents that were filed at ing these applications may be di-­ YOU ARE NOT REPRE-­ NA TRUST, NOT IN ITS INDI-­ SEEKING EMPLOYMENT court with this Summons. rected to City Hall at (509) 854- SENTED BY A LAWYER IN VIDUAL CAPACITY BUT SOLE-­ COMMUNITY LIVING Looking for employment. 14yrs ex-­ Those documents explain what 1725. THIS TERMINATION PRO-­ LY AS THE TRUSTEE FOR THE GRANDVIEW Alice Koerner, City Clerk/Treasur-­ CEEDING EVEN IF YOU BROUGHAM FUND I TRUST, is seeking FT/On call DSP perience in Tapping, Drywall and the other party is asking for. remodeling. Busco Trabajo. Call 2. Fill out a Response on this er WERE APPOINTED A Plaintiff, Positions. form (check the Response that City of Granger 509-643-6974 LAWYER IN THE DEPEN-­ vs. matches the Petition): FL Non- PUBLISH: DAILY SUN NEWS Requirements: DENCY CASE. YOU MUST UNKNOWN HEIRS OF JERRI J. Parent 415, Response to Non-Par-­ July 16, 2018 MUST BE Available Nights, RE-APPLY FOR AP-­ KING, a deceased individual; Weekends and Holidays, Proof of Landscape Maintenance ent Custody Petition POINTMENT OF A LAW-­ GARY S. KING, an individual and eligibility to work in U.S., WA Driv-­ You can get the Response YER IN THIS CASE. IF YOU as heir of JERRI J. KING; GREG-­ IN THE SUPERIOR COURT OF GONZALEZ ers license, High school diploma form and other forms you OR A LAWYER ON YOUR ORY KING, as heir of JERRI J. THE STATE OF WASHINGTON LANDSCAPING or GED, Valid auto insurance, 18 need at: BEHALF DOES NOT AP-­ KING; ALYSSEA KING, as heir of IN AND FOR YAKIMA COUNTY yrs. or older and able to pass a Call us for ALL your lawn care The Washington State Courts' NO. 18-2-01962-39 PEAR AT THE HEARING, JERRI J. KING; ALEXYSS KING, needs. We provide prompt, pro-­ website: www.courts.wa.govlforms background check. $12.50 hr. YOU WILL BE DEFAULT-­ as heir of JERRI J. KING; ASA fessional services at reasonable The Administrative Office of the SUMMONS BY PUBLICATION NEW PARADIGM REAL ESTATE ED AND TERMINATION OF KING, as heir of JERRI J. KING; Apply at: prices. Commercial and Residen-­ Courts- call: (360) 705-5328 & INVESTMENTS, LLC, a Nevada YOUR PARENTAL RIGHTS OCCUPANTS OF THE PREMIS-­ 673 Wallace Way, Grandview, WA tial. Lawn mowing, trimming, Washington LawHelp: limited liability company GRANTED. ES, clean-ups and much more! Free www.washingtonlawhelp.org, or To request a copy of the Defendants. Plaintiff, Estimates. Call us today (509) The Superior Court Clerk's office MAINTENANCE Notice, Summons, and TO THE vs. DEFENDANT/ 837-6768. MECHANIC or county law library (for a fee). KENNETH A. BARRETT, a single Termination Petition, call RESPONDENT(S) ALL UN-­ 3. Serve (give) a copy of your person; All other persons or par-­ DSHS at (509) 225-6500. To Milne Fruit Products has a new Miscellaneous Services Response to the to the person ties unknown claiming any right, ti-­ view information about KNOWN HEIRS AND DE-­ VISEES OF JERRI J. KING, position open for a talented indus-­ who filed this Summons at the ad-­ tle, estate, lien or interest in the your rights in this pro-­ a deceased individual: trial mechanic. Full time career po-­ FRED'S BARBER SHOP dress below, and to any other par-­ real estate described in the com-­ ceeding, go to You are hereby summoned to ap-­ sition with benefits. More informa-­ ties. You may use certified mail plaint herein. www.atg.wa.gov/TRM. TUESDAY THRU SATURDAY pear within sixty days after the tion and application online at with return receipt requested. For Defendants. DATED this 27 day of June, 2018 9 AM TO 5 PM date of the first publication of this www.milnefruit.com/ more information on how to serve, THE STATE OF WASHINGTON Janelle Riddle, Yakima County summons, to wit, within sixty days WALK-IN'S ONLY careers. EOE read Superior Court Civil Rule 5. 509-515-0195 TO: KENNETH A. BARRETT, a Clerk after the 9th day of July, 2018, 4. File your original Response single person; and All other per-­ By: Shelie Aman and defend the above entitled ac-­ MR. ASPHALT & SONS with the court clerk at this address: sons or parties unknown claiming Deputy Clerk, tion in the above entitled court, Legal Notices CDL DRIVER NEEDED Superior Court Clerk, Yakima any right, title, estate, lien or inter-­ PUBLISH: DAILY SUN NEWS and answer the complaint of the Looking for a Heavy Equipment County est in the real estate described in July 2, 9 and 16, 2018 plaintiff WILMINGTON SAVINGS ZILLAH SCHOOL DIS-­ Operator and dump truck driver. 128 N. 2nd Street, Yakima, WA the complaint herein: FUND SOCIETY, FSB D/B/A Some experience preferred. Call TRICT #205 98901 YOU ARE HEREBY SUMMONED ABANDONED VEHICLE SALE CHRISTINA TRUST, NOT IN ITS Notice Of Budget Adoption 5. Lawyer not required: It to appear within sixty (60) days of 509-790-7103. INDIVIDUAL CAPACITY BUT For Zillah School District is a good idea to talk to a lawyer, the date of the first publication of Saturday, July 21, 2018 Time of sale, 11:00 a.m. SOLELY AS THE TRUSTEE FOR #205 Of Yakima County but you may file and serve your this Summons, to-wit: within sixty ROUTE DELIVERY Auto Bone Yard THE BROUGHAM FUND I Washington Response without one. (60) days after the 11th day of 406 South Division TRUST and serve a copy of your Persons filing this Sum-­ June, 2018, and defend the Toppenish, WA 98948 Yakima Herald-Republic is seek-­ Notice is hereby given that the answer upon the undersigned at-­ Board of Directors of Zillah School mons or his/her lawyer ing reliable persons to complete above-entitled action in the above- (509) 865-3820 torneys for plaintiff, ZIEVE, District No. 205, Yakima County, fills out below: daily newspaper delivery in Sun-­ entitled Court and answer the 1993 HONDA ACCORD BRODNAX & STEELE, LLP, at nyside, Toppenish and Wapato. Washington, will meet on July 26, /s/Deonila Manjarrez Complaint of the Plaintiff, New BCA5061WA their office below stated; and in 2018, at 7:00 p.m., at the Zillah P.O. Box 16 Must have reliable transportation, Paradigm Real Estate & Invest-­ PUBLISH: DAILY SUN NEWS case of your failure so to do, judg-­ Middle School Library in said dis-­ Granger, WA 98932 valid driver's license, social secur-­ ments, LLC, a Nevada limited li-­ July 16, 2018 ment will be rendered against you ity card and provide proof of vehi-­ trict for the purpose of fixing and (If this address changes before the ability company, and serve a copy according to the demand of the adopting the budget for the 2018case ends, you must notify all of your answer upon the under-­ cle insurance. Contact Brandon complaint, which has been filed Superior Court of Green at 509-577-7664 or the 2019 school year. Any taxpayer parties and the court in writing. signed attorneys for Plaintiff at with the clerk of said court. This is Washington, County of may appear at said meeting and You may use the Notice of Ad-­ Yakima Herald-Republic at 509their office below stated; and in a Complaint for Judicial Foreclo-­ Yakima heard for or against any part of the dress Change form (DRPSCU 01- the case of your failure so to do, 248-1251 Monday-Friday, 8:30 sure of Deed of Trust. 18-30-0435-39 budget. The budget will be avail-­ 325). You must also update your judgment will be rendered against a.m. to 5:30 p.m. Summons Served by Publication DATED: July 2, 2018 able to the public July 10, 2018. Confidential Information Form you according to the demand of ZIEVE, BRODNAX & STEELE Available routes: Doug Burge, Secretary of the (DRPSCU 09-200) if this case in-­ the Complaint, which has been (SMPB) LLP. In re: Board volves parentage or child support.) filed with the Clerk of said Court. By:/s/Janaya L. Carter Sunnyside: Rt. Y44448: 16th PUBLISH: DAILY SUN NEWS Petitioners: Angel Peterson This Summons is issued according The object of this quiet title action Janaya L. Carter WSBA# 32715 Street to Parkland Estates and July 16 and 23, 2018 Nick Van Buskirk to Rule 4. 1 of the Superior Court is for a judicial determination ex-­ Scott D. Crawford, WSBA# 34978 Yakima Valley Highway to Saul And Respondents: Civil Rules of the State of Wash-­ cluding the Defendants from any Naomi L. Peterson, DECEASED jcarter@zbslaw.com Rd. Delivery time is 2.5 to 3 hrs., ZILLAH SCHOOL ington. interest or lien in certain real prop-­ George W. Wise, III scrawford@zbslaw.com 115 customers. Approx. monthly DISTRICT NO. 205 PUBLISH: DAILY SUN NEWS erty, situated in Yakima County, Theodore Paul Peterson Attorneys for Plaintiff profit of $1,200. 2018-2019 Bakery, Dairy, July 16 and 23, 2018 State of Washington, to-wit: PUBLISH: DAILY SUN NEWS Summons Served by Pub-­ Produce and Fuel Bid Toppenish: Rt. Y448108: N. The West 60 feet of the North 150 lication July 9, 16, 23, 30, August 6 and Notice Meyers Rd to Buena Wy and Pis-­ CITY OF GRANGER feet of Lot 7, of LEAMING'S AD-­ To: George Wise, III, The other 13, 2018 co Ave to E. 1st Ave. Delivery Sealed bids will be received in the GRANGER HEARINGS DITION TO NORTH YAKIMA, party has asked the court to: time 1.5 hrs., 88 customers. Ap-­ Office of the Superintendent of Zil-­ EXAMINER NOTICE OF PUBLIC now Yakima, Washington, ac-­ Decide how the parents may claim Abandoned Vehicle Auction lah School District No. 205, 213 prox. monthly profit of $825. HEARINGS cording to the official plat thereof the dependent children on their tax Friday, July 20, 2018 at Fourth Avenue, Zillah, WA 98953, 10 a.m. -1:00 p.m. Toppenish: Rt. Y44816: 1st until 3:00 p.m., July 26, 2018, and NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN that recorded in Volume A of Plats, forms the following applications have page 71, records of Yakima Give custody of the children to a Viewing one hour before sale. Ave. to King Ln and Campbell Rd marked: been proposed to the County, Washington. non-parent. Douglas Towing at to Marion Drain Rd. Delivery time "BID-BAKERY PRODUCTSHearings Examiner for the City of DATED this 6th day of June, Order payment of court costs. 2681 Donald Wapato Rd 2.5 hrs., 115 customers. Approx. DO NOT OPEN UNTIL Granger. 2018. Order payment of lawyer and oth-­ Wapato, Wa. 98951 monthly profit of $1,300. JULY 26, 2018" File No. LU-2018-01. The ap-­ HALVERSON NORTHWEST Law er professional fees and costs. (509)877-8887. or plicant is requesting a Conditional Group P.C. Wapato: Rt. Y45118: W. Wa-­ You must respond in writing if you PUBLISH: DAILY SUN NEWS "BID-DAIRY PRODUCTSUse Permit to (1) Construct and Attorneys for Plaintiff pato Rd and Pumphouse Rd and want the court to consider your July 16, 2018 DO NOT OPEN UNTIL operate a horse arena/event facil-­ By: Brett N. Goodman WSBA No. side. S. Wapato Rd to Harrah Rd. De-­ JULY 26, 2018" ity to have the following type of ac-­ 49727 livery time is 3 hrs, 130 customers. Deadline! Your Response must be CARLSON BOYD, PLLC or tivities: Rodeo, remote control rac-­ PUBLISH: DAILY SUN NEWS Approx. monthly profit of $1,300. filed and served within 60 days of Probate Notice to Creditors "BID-PRODUCE PRODUCTSes, concerts, teen pinning, roping, June 11, 18, 25, July 2, 9 and 16, the date this summons is pub-­ RCW 11.40.030 DO NOT OPEN UNTIL X game events, Monster Jam 2018 lished. If you do not file and serve In the Superior Court of the State JULY 26, 2018" events, paintball events, archery your Response or a Notice of Ap-­ of Washington in and for the or events, any type of sporting event, SUPERIOR COURT OF pearance by the deadline: County of Yakima "BID-FUEL PRODUCTScarnivals, flea markets and any WASHINGTON No one has to notify you about In the Matter of the Estate of DO NOT OPEN UNTIL unforeseen events that are safe. COUNTY OF YAKIMA other hearings in this case, and SERVICE TECHNICIAN DOLORES D. BAUER JULY 26, 2018" (2) To operate two multi use event JUVENILE DIVISION Deceased, Questions relative to the bid or halls, one 32 feet by 274 feet and NOTICE AND SUMMONS BY The court may approve the re-­ quests in the Petition without hear-­ RDO Equipment Co. is looking for specifications are to be directed to Case No. 18-4-00344-39 the other is 30 feet by 195 feet, to PUBLICATION ing your side (called a default The Personal Representative talented and ambitious people Doug Burge at (509) 829-5911 who thrive on working in a team- The board reserves the right to re-­ be used for meeting, birthday par-­ THE STATE OF WASH-­judgment). named below has been appointed ties, corporate meetings and other INGTON; TO: WHOM IT Follow these steps: oriented culture. as Personal Representative of this ject any or all bids or to accept the similar type events. Applicant: MAY CONCERN; And TO: 1. Read the Petition and any estate. Any person having a claim proposal deemed best for the Dis-­ Sunnyside, WA: We are look-­ Ryan Stonemetz, Spartan Sport 1. CRYSTAL HOLSTINE, Mother; other documents that were filed at against the decedent must, before ing for a professional Service trict. Doug Burge, Superintendent. Complex, 606 Division Road, Zil-­ The Unknown Biological Father the time the claim would be barred Technician who will be responsible Companies bidding to the Zillah lah, WA 98953. Project Loca-­ and anyone claiming a paternal court with this Summons. Those documents explain what by any otherwise applicable stat-­ for the repair of machinery and School District assures that its tion: The property is located at ute of limitations, present the components at high levels of qual-­ agency/labor union will comply 300 E Avenue, Granger Washing-­ interest of Anastasia Lynne Star-­ the other party is asking for. ity. Must have sufficient tools to with all state and federal guide-­ ton, in the West 740 feet of the rett and Seanna Marie Starrett, 2. Fill out a Response on this claim in the manner as provided in perform duties; the ability to work lines and/or regulations. There-­ North 1143.5 feet of the Northwest dob 04/05/17; 04/05/17, Termina-­ form (check the Response that RCW 11.40.070 by serving on or tion Petition #18-7-00287-39; 18- matches the Petition): effectively and efficiently with min-­ fore, all applicants seeking con-­ mailing to the personal represent-­ FL Non-Parent 415, Response to ative or the personal representa-­ imal supervision; possess strong tracts for goods and services will Quarter of the Northwest Quarter 7-00288-39 filed May 2, 2018; communication skills; and be able be considered and will not be dis-­ of Section 22, Township 10 North, 2. JESSICA AYALA, Mother; Non-Parent Custody Petition tive's attorney at the address stat-­ to prioritize and multi-task. John criminated on the basis of race, Range 21 East. Parcel Num-­ JAIME BARAJAS, Presumed Fa-­ You can get the Response ed below a copy of the claim and bers: 211022-22412,211022- ther; of Aliana Zoe Ayala, dob 12/ form and other forms you Deere experience is preferred but filing the original of the claim with color national origin, gender, or 22413,211022-22414, and 15/08, Termination Petition #18-7- need at: not required. the court. The claim must be pre-­ disability. This is in accordance 211022-22415. 00301-39 filed May 10, 2018; The Washington State Courts' sented within the later of: (1) Thir-­ with Title VI of the 1964 Civil To apply visit File No. LU-2018-02. The ap-­ 3. JESSICA AYALA, Mother; Rights Act; Section 504 of the Re-­ plicant has filed an application for JAIME BARAJAS, Alleged Father; website: www.courts.wa.gov/forms ty days after the personal www.rdoequipment.com habilitation Act, 1973, as amend-­ a zone amendment, changing the The Unknown Biological Father The Administrative Office of the representa¬tive served or mailed the notice to the creditor as pro-­ ed; American With Disabilities Act, zone designation of the parcel and anyone else claiming a pater-­ Courts- call: (360) 705-5328 LawHelp: vided under RCW 11.40.020(3); or July 26, 1990, P. L. 101-336, and from Rl-Single Residential Zone to nal interest of Jaime Barajas Jr., Washington (2) four months after the date of Title IX/RCW 28A.640 of the Edu-­ a R2-Muli-Family Zone. Appli-­ dob 05/29/07, Termination Petition www.washington/awhe/p.org, or The Superior Court Clerk's office first publication of the notice. If the cation Amendments of 1972, as cant: Jaquish Parker LLC, c/o STAR TRAILERS #18-7-00300-39 filed May 10, or county law library (for a fee). claim is not presented within this amended. Rose Parker, 3701 Gun Club 2018; Need permanent 3. Serve (give) a copy of your time frame, the claim is forever PUBLISH: DAILY SUN NEWS Road, Unit 24, Yakima, WA 4. The Unknown Biological Father Response to the to the person PT Assistant barred, except as otherwise pro-­ July 9 and 16, 2018 98901. Project Location: Ad-­ and anyone else claiming a pater-­ who filed this Summons at the ad-­ Secretary/ Receptionist vided in Section 11 of this act and jacent and South of 250 Cherry nal interest of Colton Brock Forti-­ dress below, and to any other par-­ RCW 11.40.060. This bar is effec-­ Duties include multi-line tele-­ Superior Court of Hill Road on Lot A of Short Plat er, dob 09/18/17, Termination Pe-­ ties. You may use certified mail tive as to claims against both the phone, filing, book keeping, mail, Washington, County of 7792736 in the Northwest Quarter tition #18-7-00310-39 filed May with return receipt decedent's probate and non-pro-­ and light office cleaning. Comput-­ Yakima of Section 22, Township 10 North, 11, 2018 (natural mother Heather requested. For more information bate assets. er experience with Microsoft Word, No: 18-3-00609-39 Range 21 East. Parcel Number: Sears); on how to serve, read Superior Date of First Publication: July 9, Excel and Outlook necessary. Summons Served by Publication 211021-23421. 5. MIGUEL RAMOS, Alleged Fa-­ Court Civil Rule 5. 2018 Quickbooks a plus. Must have de-­ (SMPB) NOTICE IS GIVEN that said ap-­ ther; The Unknown Biological Fa-­ 4. File your original Response Personal Representative: LISA A. pendable transportation!! Com-­ In re: Jimena Manjarrez plication LU-2018-01 will be ther and anyone else claiming a with the court clerk at this address: pensation DOE. For more infor-­ Petitioner/s:Deonila Manjarrez BAUER considered by the Hearings Ex-­ paternal interest of Ezra James Superior Court Clerk, Yakima mation call 509-837-3136. Please Attorney for Personal Represent-­ aminer for the City of Granger at Eby, dob 12/02/17, Termination County send resume via email or standard Gabrier Lopez ative: Donald A. Boyd, WSBA No. Summons Served by Pub-­ an open recorded hearing at Petition #18-7-00336-39 filed May 128 No. Second St., Rm. 314 17376 mail to: lication Granger City Hall, 102 Main 29, 2018 (natural mother Angelina Yakima, WA, 98901 Star Trailers Address for Mailing or Service: To: Gabriel Lopez Street, Granger, Washington, be-­ Eby); P.O. Box 403 5. Lawyer not required: It is Carlson Boyd, PLLC, 230 S. 2nd Give custody of the children to a ginning at the hour of 2:00 p.m. on Sunnyside, Wa 98944 6. MIGUEL RAMOS, Presumed a good idea to talk to a lawyer, but St., Suite 202, non-parent. Tuesday, July 31, 2018. or email to: Father of Miguel Ramos III, dob you may file and serve your Re-­ Yakima, WA 98901 You must respond in writing if you Application LU-2018-02 will be 01/07/17, Termination Petition sponse without one. m.soto@ want the court to consider your considered by the Hearings Ex-­ #18-7-00335-39 filed May 29, Person filing this Sum-­ Telephone: (509) 834-6611 startrailersinc.com PUBLISH: DAILY SUN NEWS side. aminer for the City of Granger at 2018 (natural mother Angelina mons or his/her lawyer July 9, 16 and 23, 2018 Your Response must be filed an open recorded hearing at Eby); fills out below: and served within 60 days of Granger City Hall, 102 Main N




HOWAT REMODELING. Special-­ izing in kitchens, bathrooms & re-­ pairs. Over 25 yrs. in business. Lic#HOWATR*204RK. 837-8695

— CITY OF GRANGER is publishing notice of public hearings — SUPERIOR COURT OF WASHINGTON is publishing notices of summons served by publication — AUCTIONS is publishing abandoned vehicle auctions



JULY 16, 2018



Community submissions can be dropped off at 600 S. 6th St., or mailed to: Community PO Box 878, Sunnyside, WA 98944 Call or fax us at: PH. 509-837-4500 • FAX 509-837-6397 EMAIL: JQuick@DailySunNews.com

Storytime, a favorite aspect for library supervisor By Laura Gjovaag

Storytime is not silent listening at the Sunnyside Library. Instead, children react as Community Library Supervisor Marcelina Ortega reads through a picture book page by page. In one book, a child goes through adventures in a wild landscape, with the book asking at each step of the way if the situation is good or bad. The children called out “good” or “bad” depending on the page. When one young voice piped up with a suggestion the child is about to be eaten, Ortega calmed her fears. “No one dies in this story,” she said. From somewhere in the crowd a disappointed “aw” was audible before the next page brought another adventure and responses on whether the new development was good or bad. For Ortega, Storytime is the highlight of her work at the library. “It really is my favorite part of the job,” she said. “I love reading and getting responses from the children.” Ortega was born in Prosser and grew up in Grandview. The daughter of farm workers, she was taught to read by her older sister, who played school with her. “I started out in the top of the class in reading,” she said. She moved to Sunnyside as an adult. She briefly attended Washington State University with the intention of becoming a teacher but left to start a family. “I wanted to teach kindergarten,” she said. “But I also wanted to have my own children.” She worked for a time after having her first child. She was the billing secretary at a clinic, but it wasn’t what she wanted from life. She soon became a full-time housewife and mother to her five children. She stayed at home for 11 years then found herself wanting to go back to work. “I was made for more than this,” she said. “When I saw an ad in the paper for a library job in 1988, I jumped at the chance.” She was so certain that she would get the job she alerted parents she had been babysitting for that she would

Artwalk to wine, artists, live music and food vendors By Jess Quick

The 15th Annual Artwalk and Wine Gala in downtown Prosser will take place 6-10 p.m. on Saturday, July 21. There will be dozens of artists and artisans with fine,wood, glass, and reclaimed art. The event will also feature live music, and there will be food vendors and businesses with special menus for the event. There will also be 13 wineries competing in a Sangria Contest where the wine-based concoctions are judged and ranked, according to Jesalyn Cole of Historic Downtown Prosser Association. “The Artwalk brings people to see the best of both wine and art, and to really see how cute Prosser is,” says a spokesman from the Prosser Chamber of Commerce. “It’s a beautiful time of year, they can see the Northwest Artisans, and enjoy the wine,” Cole said. “If you wanted a sample of this part of the lower valley, this is the best place to find it,” the Chamber spokesman said. The event is only for those 21 and older, and no pets are allowed.

no longer be available – before she even applied. It was part-time work, only 14 hours a week, but she settled in quickly. “In the second week on the job, they said it was my turn to do Storytime,” she said. “I had never sweated so much before in my life. I was terrified.” Fortunately, she was good at it and loved it. “I knew it right away, this would be my favorite part of the job,” she said. “It fulfilled the desire to teach that I’d always had.” She quickly took over the Storytime duties at the library and has been at it ever since, reading to diverse audiences and generations of Sunnyside children. Although Storytime is her favorite part of the job, she says all her duties are fun. “I can work with a preschooler then turn around and help a senior citizen,” she said. “There’s constant variety in this job.” Ortega also uses a puppet dog named Harry to teach animal safety to children at the library and events. In front of a group of fascinated children, she shows the proper way to approach an unfamiliar dog, making Harry sniff her hand and explaining why Harry might nip if he’s scared. “Sometimes I do have people come up to see if he’s real,” she said. Pre-school Storytime is every Friday at 10 a.m. at the library. With Marcelina Ortega, Strytime is showtimes

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July 16, 2018

Sunnyside, Washington Daily Sun News - 7

14 Sunnyside World War II vets honored thanks. “If it hadn’t been for these men and women, we might be speaking another language now,” VFW Commander Bill Ingraham said. “We are able to gather like this today because of them.” The veterans in charge of the event were gentlemanly. They placed Betty George, the lone Women’s Army Corps WWII veteran in Sunnyside, at the head of the line. She received every gift first. In addition to the Quilts of Valor, each vet received an embroidered WWII Vet cap from the VFW. And each WWII vet received a Certificate of Victory, arranged by the American Legion. “Each person who served was supposed to receive one upon leaving the military afTed Escobar ter the war,” Schlieve said. “But everybody was in a Sunnyside Veterans of Foreign Wars CMDR Bill Imgraham Salutes the veterans. hurry to get home, and the government was in a hurry to down-size the military, and only about 10 percent of the men and women got the certificates.” Not all the WWII vets were honored at the VFW. Earlier Thursday, Jack Moran and George Seebeck received their gifts at the Assisted Living Center. Receiving their gifts at the Prestige Nursing home were Frederick Rougk and Bill De La Paz. Not receiving their gifts were Russ Lindstrand, Siy Grigsby, Fred Rollinger and Don Cole. They will receive theirs later this summer. The veterans who received their gifts at the VFW Hall presentation were Betty George, Bill Amsden, Dave Van Dyke, Ralph Prescott, Howard Frye, Darrel Cook, Fernando Farias, Richard Ted Escobar Roach, Joe Gordon, Gene Jeff Bostick and John Cole present Betty George a Ted Escobar Startup and Toby Clemetson. Quilt of Valor for her service during WWII. Veterans of World War encounter a light moment.

Some received their gifts where they reside By Ted Escobar

Thirteen men and one woman from Sunnyside who served in World War II were recognized and honored by veterans of more recent wars, such as Korea, Viet Nam and the Gulf wars at a special gathering last Thursday. Leading the charge was the Sunnyside American Legion, commanded by Greg Schlieve. Hosting the pie, cake and ice cream banquet was the Veterans of Foreign Wars at the VFW building. The WWII vets, all in their 90s, with 100-year-old Bill Amsden the oldest, didn’t say much, but their eyes and smiles were beaming. “In 10 years, there probably won’t be any World War II veterans left,” Schlieve said after the banquet. Also, on hand were two representatives of Quilts of Valor, a national organization of volunteers who make patriotic-themed quilts with which to honor the veterans. Jeff Bostick and John Cole presented a quilt to each of the veterans, and they surprised Schlieve and his assistant Leroy Werkhoven. “Just like us, they are Vietnam veterans, and when they came home, some people were not very nice to them,” Bostick said. “So, we brought Quilts of Valor for them too.” Afterward, Schlieve said: “We had no idea. This was not part of the plan.” In addition to the gifts, the organizers brought the WWII vets together to give them another round of


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Road, Wapato Overdose on Yakima Valley Highway, Wapato. Death Investigation on East Wapato Road, Wapato. Welfare check on Pumphouse Road, Toppenish. Suicidal person on Home Acres Road, Wapato. Missing person on Daisy Lane, Wapato. Domestic disturbance on West Boulevard South, Granger. Traffic stop on Fort Road at South Wapato Road, Wapato.

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Assist resident on East Second Street. Suspicious circumstance on East Second Street at South Wapato Avenue.

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JULY 16, 2018


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Ted Escobar

Jaycek A. Soto of Sunnyside, third from right, dives into the pool with 7 opponents in the boys 8-and under 50-meter breaststroke at the AAU Regional Swim Meet at Toppenish Saturday.

Arianna top point-getter for Sharks at AAU meet By Ted Escobar

After Saturday’s round at the AAU Regional Swim Meet at Toppenish Saturday, the Sunnyside Rotary Swim Team — the Sharks — was being led by girls high point winner Arianna Sanchez with 25 points. The leading boys high points winners were brothers E. J. and Christopher Villanueva. They scored 18 points each on Saturday. Because of the two-day nature of the meet, complete results were late in coming. They will be posted online as soon as they arrive. In other individual achievements Saturday, Tyler Ann Curfman finished second in the 10-and under girls 100-meter backstroke “Most of our swimmers shaved 5-10 seconds off of their best times,” coach Lindsee Curfman said.

Ted Escobar

Carter J. Hauver, left, charges toward the turn in the boys 12-and under 100-meter backstroke. Above, Kael M. Campos takes a big lead in the boys 10-and under breaststroke. Below, Devan Harrington surges ahead in the girls 10-and under 50-meter breaststroke.

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Ted Escobar

R.J. Curfman takes nice, smooth strokes in the boys 10-and under 100-meter backstroke.

Bidi Bidi Bom Bom, Fiesta, “Summer ‘16” & Red Bull 24 oz ................................ $500 32 oz ................................ $675

7453 Sunnyside Mabton Hwy. Mabton, WA 98935 5 A.M. - 9 P.M.

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July 16, 2018 issue  

July 16, 2018 issue