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Out of this World What happens when Henry, Jake and Rosie are sucked through the nozzle of an abandoned hoover into Rosie’s painting of a snow-capped landscape haunted by a hideous snake-headed monster? Or when James, Jess, Victor and Holly fall through the stock-cupboard floor into the warring realms of the Sluffies and Zergoids? Or when a loose mosaic tile brings Will and Cleo face to face with the enigmatic Sphinx? Or when Jamie-Lee travels back in time to save her parents’ marriage?

Out of this World contains nine exciting adventure stories, each written and illustrated collectively by children from Sunnymede Junior School in Billericay, Essex. Read and enjoy them – and discover the secret worlds of the imagination that lie behind the walls of a school just like yours!


Out of this World – Sunnymede Junior School – 2011

Sunnymede Junior School

Out of this World Sunnymede Junior School

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Out of this World Sunnymede Junior School

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Published in 2011 for Sunnymede Junior School by Categorical Books, 70 Margate Road, Herne Bay CT6 7BH This book was created as part of a project delivered by Creative Partnerships and Royal Opera House Education in Thurrock. The book was also kindly supported by Ford and Hallmark Healthcare. A CIP catalogue record for this book is available from the British Library. ISBN 978-1-904662-14-3 Copyright Š Sunnymede Junior School. All rights reserved. No part of this book may be reproduced, stored in a retrieval system, or otherwise transmitted by any form or by any means, electronic, mechanical, photocopying, recording or otherwise without the prior permission of the copyright owner. Printed and bound in Great Britain by Butler Tanner & Dennis Ltd, Frome.

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Contents Foreword from the School Council


The Story Thief! by Class 3J ......................................................................................................................................................................................................................... The Wild Willow Dome by Class 3D ............................................................................................................................................................................................. The Missing Tile by Class 4W








The Undersea Adventure by Class 5SH ......................................................................................................................................................................................


The Stock Cupboard and the Creatures of Flamefreeze by Class 4H

Two Sides to Every Story by Class 5V



The Knight’s Shield by Class 6C


The Locket Anomaly by Class 6J


Paintings, Portals and Pencils by Class 6K Acknowledgements


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Out of this World | 3

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The Sunnymede Junior School Council

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Foreword from the School Council


riting our book was very enjoyable. We had so much fun even though some of us had a few disagreements about parts of our stories. Everyone was involved and our teachers wrote down our ideas. They helped us to make our stories better by looking at the vocabulary to

see if we could make it more exciting. They also helped us to edit our work so that it made sense and had the right punctuation. It took much longer to write the stories than we thought it would. This was because we spent lots and lots of time practising the skills that we needed to make our stories good enough to be published. Writing the stories has helped us improve our writing and our teachers are really pleased. It has been good preparation for moving up to the next year group. We feel proud that the School Council played an important role in producing the book. We all spent extra time working with Danya, our storyteller, and we loved making up our own stories. Mrs Cooke, our headteacher, bought us special journals so that we could write and draw pictures to record what we were doing. Our teachers Mr Jackson and Mrs Hathaway took us to London to visit the British Library and to a shop to buy things to make our own books. Some of us made paper and stinky ink too.

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Out of this World | 5

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“Who’s left that hoover out?” asked Jake. “And why is it still switched on?” questioned Henry. “I’ll go and turn it off,” said Rosie. But when Rosie tried it wouldn’t switch off, so she picked up the hose and looked down the nozzle. Suddenly there was a gigantic BANG! The floor rumbled and there was a rushing, roaring, swishing, swooshing sound.

The Story Thief! O

ne very ordinary school day the children of Class 3J were working hard learning about Myths and Mythological Creatures. They were writing stories and painting pictures of mythical lands and the creatures that lived there. The first three children to finish were Henry, Jake and Rosie. Henry had written an exciting myth, Jake had drawn and painted an imaginative mythological creature and Rosie had painted a picture of the land where the creatures lived. The children were sent to show their amazing work to the head teacher. While they were walking along the corridor they noticed that a hoover had been left out and it was still switched on! 6 |

Out of this World | Sunnymede Junior School

The children were swept off their feet and sucked down the nozzle of the hoover. For a few moments the children were sent spinning, spiralling, swishing, twisting and turning down, down, down, until they tumbled out with a crashing THUMP! into a dust-filled, jumbled heap. When the dust had settled the children could not believe their eyes. “Wh… wh… wh… where are we?” stuttered a shaking Henry. “This isn’t the corridor!” “Wow! Look at that view!” gasped Rosie. There in front of them was a real landscape that was an exact copy of Rosie’s painting. In the distance they could see

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tall, towering, snow-capped mountains with rocks and boulders tumbling down. Rustling fir trees swayed in the rushing wind. In the valley a fast-flowing, wriggling, winding river hissed along like an angry snake. Crossing the river was an old rickety, squeaky, creaky, wooden bridge. From this a rocky, stony, dusty path twisted and turned up the side of the mountains until it reached a dark, mysterious cave perched high above. “It’s exactly the same as the picture I painted!” exclaimed Rosie. “But where has my picture gone? It’s vanished out of my hands!” Rosie looked at her empty

hands. She was very confused. She didn’t like feeling this way because she was a smart, brainy girl who usually understood everything. “My painting of the mythological creature has disappeared too! What on earth is going on?” asked Jake. He was a natural leader, a confident boy who liked to be in control and look after his friends. “My book’s gone missing too,” Henry mumbled quietly. “I don’t like this! I want to go back to school!” Henry, who was a very timid, shy boy, began to sob silently. Sunnymede Junior School |

Out of this World | 7

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As they sat there thinking, they noticed, on the floor in front of them, a school paintbrush. “Look! There’s my paintbrush! How did it get there?” shouted Rosie, pointing at the floor. The paintbrush was still dripping wet with paint. “That’s very strange!” exclaimed Jake, scratching his head. Jake picked up the paintbrush and where it had been lying they spotted some very strange coloured and painted footprints leading along a dusty path. “I d… d… d… don’t like this. I’ve got a very bad feeling,” whispered Henry nervously. Jake leapt up, dropping the paintbrush. “Let’s follow the footprints!” he yelled excitedly. “I d… d… d… don’t like this!” trembled Henry. “Whose footprints are they and where are they going?” They were about to find out the answer to Henry’s questions, because from behind a tree, a dark shadow appeared, which was followed by the strangest creature they had ever seen. “Wow! Look at that!” screamed Jake. “That’s the mythological creature I painted. It’s exactly the same. It’s come to life!” “I d… d… d… don’t like this!” shivered Henry. The strange, beast-like creature came towards them on its four feet, but slithering and wriggling its slimy body and flapping terrifying wings. On its head hideous, hissing snakes were spitting at the children. Inside its massive mouth were three glaring, bulging, evil eyes that were staring at them. Two pointed, sharp fangs jutted out of its mouth and fire was streaming out of its nostrils. “Who are you?” asked the children. “Who are you and what are you doing in my land?” replied the beast grumpily. “We don’t know! We just landed here out of a hoover,” explained the children. 8 |

Out of this World | Sunnymede Junior School

“H… h… h… have you seen my storywriting b… b… b… book?” stuttered Henry shyly. From behind its back the monster took out Henry’s book. “Is this what you are looking for?” growled the beast, cruelly. Henry nodded. “Well, you can’t have it, because it’s mine!” smiled the beast wickedly. And with that it pushed the children over and zoomed away as fast as it could up the dusty, stony path, clutching Henry’s storywriting book. It quickly rushed across the bridge and then chopped it down with its sharp fangs, laughing over its shoulder. “Ha ha ha! You’re never going to get it back now!” “I d… d… d… don’t like this! I want my book back!” sobbed Henry. “We need to think of a way to get it back,” suggested Jake. Suddenly the paintbrush on the floor in front of them began to glow. Jake picked it up and as he did so it made a golden line in mid air. He waved it around and it painted wiggly, colourful lines and patterns. “Wow! Look at that! It’s amazing! It’s a magic paintbrush!” cried Rosie excitedly. “How d… d… d… does it do that?” asked Henry in amazement. “I wonder if we could use it to paint the bridge back? Then we will be able to chase the creature,” continued Rosie. So Jake walked towards the broken bridge and with the

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So he did. Henry quickly scrambled out and they continued up the path, following the beast, who was just disappearing from view. A little while later the beast was spying on them from the top of a tree. He knocked down a few spiky fir trees, which fell across the path in front of them. “Oh n… n… n… no!” gasped Henry. “I don’t like this. How are we going to get over them? They’re gigantic!” “Look! The paintbrush is glowing again. It seems to do that every time the beast does something nasty to us. Why don’t we use it to paint wings on our backs so we can fly over the fallen trees?” suggested Rosie excitedly. magical paintbrush he painted long, straight and wiggly lines to bring the bridge back to normal. “I don’t like this,” said Henry nervously. Carefully and very slowly the children crept across the new bridge. “Now, we can follow the creature’s tracks and catch him up,” said Rosie calmly. And so they set off. During the next few hours the mean and hideous beast put many obstacles along the path to stop the children from catching him and getting Henry’s book back. The first thing the beast did, as they walked along the path, was to lay a trap by digging a massive hole and covering it with branches, sticks, moss, leaves and grass. Unfortunately Henry fell through and landed very confused and dizzy at the bottom of the murky, muddy, mouldy hole. “I d… d… d… don’t like this!” wailed Henry. Jake and Rosie peered over the edge. “Oh no!” cried Rosie. “How are we going to get him out?” Jake looked at the paintbrush in his hand. It was glowing again. “Why don’t I use the magical paintbrush again and paint a ladder so Henry can climb out?” suggested Jake.

So they did. They fluttered their wings, flew over the trees and continued up the path through the forest. Meanwhile the beast was getting up to more mischief, setting up another secret trap for the children. This time it was a metal cage, hung high in the tree tops. Underneath, in the middle of the path, was a triple-layer chocolate cake! They immediately spotted the delicious-looking cake. “Look!” yelled Rosie. “I’m starving! Let’s eat that yummy-looking cake!” “Stop!” screamed Jake. “It may be a trap!” But Rosie and Henry didn’t listen. They grabbed a handful each and scoffed it down. “I don’t like this,” said Henry, feeling sick. “It doesn’t taste like ch… ch… ch… chocolate to me!” Suddenly, from nowhere, a cage plunged like thunder to the ground, right over the top of them. They were trapped! “H… h… h… help us!” stuttered Henry. “I don’t like this!” “Calm down, Henry. You’ll be OK. Rosie will get us out somehow with the magic paintbrush,” said Jake firmly. “Oh look! There’s a keyhole!” exclaimed Rosie excitedly. “Let’s paint a key to unlock the cage, so we can escape.”

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Out of this World | 9

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The boulders tumbled,

tum ble




tu m bl









bl m tu


n… right on top of the children. So she did. They were free! They continued their journey along the dusty path. Eventually they came out of the trees. In front of them was an enormous rocky cliff and right at the very top stood the fierce beast. He roared wickedly at them. “Ha! Ha! You’ll never catch me!” Never catch me… never catch me… never catch me… echoed the words around the mountains. And with that he pushed huge boulders over the edge of the cliff. As quick as a flash they dashed out of the way and the boulders rumbled past them, down to the winding river far, far below. “Phew! That was close!” said Jake, wiping his forehead with the back of his hand. “I don’t like this!” said Henry, biting his finger nails. “Don’t worry! You’ll be alright. Let’s carry on with our quest,” encouraged Rosie. A few minutes later, as they walked along the path, a mysterious, spooky cave emerged into view, perched above them. They caught a glimpse of the beast disappearing inside. 10 |

Out of this World | Sunnymede Junior School

“I wonder if that’s his lair. Let’s go and investigate!” said Jake bravely. And so they trudged on towards the beastly-looking cave. Suddenly, underneath their feet, they heard SNAP! CRUNCH! CRACK! They were stepping on thousands of small bones! The ground began to shake and the children heard a loud rattle like thunder behind them. Henry spun round like a Catherine wheel. To his amazement and horror he saw a fearsome sight. The bones they had trodden on had broken and sprung to life. They connected together like magnets to make an enormous, strong army of small, fierce, fighting skeletons. “I… I… I… I don’t like this!” he yelled. The other children spun round, as the fighting skeletons marched towards them with shining swords held high. “Quick! Rosie!” screamed Jake. “Paint a crack in the ground, so they fall in.” So she did. The fighting skeletons tumbled into the crack head first and disappeared out of sight.

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At last they were approaching the mysterious, creepy cave that the beast had disappeared into. The children were now very high up in the mountains and feeling very cold. At the entrance to the cave hung plunging, pointed, sharp icicles, like teeth guarding the creature’s lair.

“How are we going to get into the cave without being seen?” asked Rosie. “I know! Why don’t we try to paint invisibility cloaks around ourselves, then we can sneak in unnoticed,” whispered Jake.

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Out of this World | 11

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So they did! They were now completely invisible. Jake, Rosie and Henry crept silently, on tiptoe, into the cave. It was dark, dismal, damp and dripping. At the back of the cave was a very faint glow. As the children got nearer they could see the beast sitting behind a slimy, slippery stalactite reading Henry’s storywriting book. The snakes on its head were twisting around, their tongues quietly hissing and spitting. All around the walls of the cave hung many children’s paintings and storywriting books. The children’s jaws dropped open in amazement! “I d… d… d… don’t like this!” sobbed Henry, loudly, forgetting where he was. In a flash their invisibility cloaks fell from them into a pile of dust around their feet. Their cover was blown! The snakes on the beast’s head began spitting and hissing wildly, alerting their master to the intruders in the cave. “Oh no!” screamed Jake, Rosie and Henry together. The beast’s head slowly peered round from behind the stalactite. Its massive mouth opened as wide as an alligator’s jaw and revealed three hideous, glaring eyes, which were staring at the frightened children. It sprung up with its flapping wings and unravelled its slimy, wormlike body until it was towering above them. “What are you doing here?” it roared, with fire streaming out of its nostrils. 12 |

Out of this World | Sunnymede Junior School

“You weren’t supposed to get to my cave. I made traps and obstacles to stop you!” “I d… d… d…don’t like this!” wept Henry. “Why have you got children’s paintings and books hung around your walls? Why have you stolen our work?” asked the suspicious children. The creature began to sob and crumpled to its knees on the floor. “I’m sorry! I stole them because I’m just an ordinary beast. I wanted to be a real mythical creature in a real mythical story. I’m sorry for being nasty to you.” “That’s OK,” replied Jake, smiling. “But can we have our work back please?” asked Rosie politely. “Of course you can. I’m sorry I stole it. Please forgive me,” sniffed the creature. “And by the way, I really enjoyed reading your magical myth. It’s just the sort of story I’d like to be in.” “Th… th… th… thank you! That was mine!” stuttered Henry happily. For a while the children sat in the cave with the beast, talking about their life

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at school. Suddenly the paintbrush began to glow. To their amazement it began to paint the hoover from their school. “Hooray! The hoover! I think it’s telling us that it’s time to go,” sighed Jake. A short message was stuck on the nozzle. “TURN ME ON!” So they did! They felt the floor rumble and heard a familiar rushing, roaring, swishing, swooshing noise. Once again they were swept off their feet and sucked down the nozzle of the hoover. They were sent spinning, spiralling, swishing, twisting and turning. But this time it was up, up, up, until they tumbled out in a jumbled, tangled heap. This time they found themselves back in the school corridor where it had all started, but their work had completely vanished from their hands. “I wonder where our work has gone?” said the very confused children, looking all around. In a land far, far, away, a real mythical creature sat in its cave reading its favourite storywriting book and looking at two special paintings. It had a very happy, smug smile on its face! Sunnymede Junior School |

Out of this World | 13

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The w O

ne peaceful afternoon the new Year 3 children settled into their new classroom. Most of the children were feeling nervous and anxious because it was their first day at junior school, although there was one person who was more worried than the rest. Izzy was new to the school and she hadn’t made any friends yet. She was a little girl with short red hair, light green eyes and freckles that covered her nose and cheeks. She sat awkwardly at the back of the carpet as she felt too shy to join the little groups of children. Sophie, Daniel and Kieran felt confident and excited in their new class 14 |

Out of this World | Sunnymede Junior School


w i l l d o li w

because Mrs Franklin was a cheerful and friendly teacher. Mrs Franklin decided to take the whole class into the wildlife garden because they were going on a mini-beast hunt. The children tiptoed quietly along the corridor so that they didn’t disturb the rest of the classes in the school. The wildlife garden was in the middle of the school near the Year 6 classrooms. There were lots of spiky wild plants, a rickety wooden shed and a brown log cabin. Butterflies fluttered gracefully in the calm breeze and spotty red ladybirds munched on the glossy green leaves. Mrs Franklin put the children into groups of four.

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“Izzy, would you mind working with Kieran, Sophie and Daniel? They’re a friendly bunch!” said Mrs Franklin. “OK then,” replied Izzy, quietly. “Come on Izzy! Let’s go to the willow dome,” shouted the excited children. The willow dome was shaped like a semi-circle. It was covered with small narrow leaves and the entrance was a curved arch woven from long, thin willow branches. The four children skipped towards the green dome and entered through the little archway. Inside the dome, it was dark and muddy. The willow branches creaked and they could hear the gentle wind blowing softly through the leaves. Suddenly, they heard a low rumble and the ground began to shake. A massive bolt of colour sprouted out of the ground and the children screamed. The floor of the willow dome gave way and the four children fell into a big round hole. They fell down, whooshing and whirling through a spiralling pitch black tunnel. In a flash, they saw a speck of daylight. They tumbled out of the tunnel and landed in a bush. They scrambled to their feet and looked around in astonishment. All around them were tall, unusual plants in different shades of green.

“Ouch! Where are we? What just happened?” cried Sophie, shakily. The children looked around nervously. They could see hundreds of tall trees that made a canopy high above them. Vines swayed to and fro in the light breeze

and, as they swung, they wrapped themselves around the brown tree trunks. A colourful parrot sat on a thick branch and squawked loudly. They could also hear a strange scratching sound. Pretty flowers were scattered through the wet grass of the unusual place. There were unfamiliar sounds everywhere. The group thought they could hear snakes hissing, crickets chirping, monkeys chattering and beetles scurrying. Leaves crackled and crunched underneath the children’s feet as they looked around them.

“I didn’t know the willow dome was this big!”

exclaimed Daniel in


Sunnymede Junior School |

Out of this World | 15

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“Let’s follow them and see which flower they will lead us to,” “We’re not in the willow dome! I think we’re in a rainforest,” whispered Daniel. The children slowly followed the trail of ants towards the announced Kieran. “I read a book about rainforests during the beautiful flowers. The plants came up to the children’s knees and had bright summer holiday and I recognise those strange sorts of palm yellow petals with golden swirls. The leaves were soft and curved and, from a trees,” he explained. distance, looked like fluffy feathers. Izzy could smell a gorgeous perfume that her of colourful wild flowers. She followed the irresistible scent and it “Oh look! There are thousands of giant purple ants marching in reminded led her straight to one of the golden flowers. a line like soldiers towards that patch of flowers,” shrieked Sophie excitedly. 16 |

Out of this World | Sunnymede Junior School

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Izzy bent down to sniff it. Then, SNAP! The flower pounced and bit Izzy’s nose. She screamed loudly,

“Owww! Help! The flower’s grabbed my nose!” “I remember this flower from my Rainforest book. It’s called a Golden Snapper Plant,” shouted Kieran. “I think it’s quite a vicious plant but it’s easy to escape from. You just tickle it!” “What? Tickle it? With what? That can’t be right!” yelled Sophie and Daniel. “That is right! Just pick a leaf and tickle its stem then see what happens,” replied Kieran. “Would someone please hurry up and try it!” sobbed Izzy. Carefully, Sophie pulled a feathery leaf from the fearsome flower. She took a deep breath and shuffled forward. She slowly began to tickle the shiny plant. At first, nothing happened so Sophie tickled a bit quicker. Soon, the plant began to shrink and shrivel and eventually it let go of Izzy’s red, sore nose.

“Phew, I’m glad that’s over. That was one spiteful plant!” said Izzy in relief.

“Right, we must stick to the narrow pathways, not go near any deadly plants and make sure we stay together,” decided Kieran.

The four children began to jog along a straight bumpy path. Daniel spotted a hairy brown monkey jumping from tree to tree and from vine to vine. He turned around and, out of the corner of his eye, he spotted a shadow behind a green leafy bush. Daniel heard a rustling sound and a low growl. At once, he felt uneasy. Suddenly, the rustling and the growling became louder. It made the children jump and they all turned towards the sound. They couldn’t believe their eyes! The bush parted and the children saw a terrible monster. It was a mean-looking creature that stared at the children with cold, fiery eyes. It seemed to have a bushy mane, a piggy nose and pointed fangs as long as daggers. The children were absolutely amazed! The terrifying creature also had arms like a t-rex that poked out of its body, which had a spotty pattern, like a cheetah. Perhaps the most amazing thing about the monster was its eight hairy black spiderlike legs, each with a sharp claw on the end. Its long tail, which was like a monkey’s, was swishing from side to side. The children could tell that the creature was angry because it was snarling madly and was baring its teeth. Saliva dripped from its fangs. The children stared at the monster in a complete daze, fixed to the spot and standing as still as statues. Their mouths were wide open in surprise.

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Out of this World | 17

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“W… w… what’s that animal, Kieran? D… d… do N-N-N-N!” screamed Daniel. you remember if it was in your Rainforest book?” stammered Sophie. The four children twisted around as fast as lightning and began to run for their lives. They realised the monster was chasing them because the ground was “No. But just back up slowly and don’t aggravate it,” assured vibrating. Izzy soon became out of breath and stopped running. She yelled at Kieran. the top of her voice, “Stop, stop, wait for me!” The others whizzed “Actually, I’ve got a better plan. R-R-R-U-U-U-U-U- around and saw the creature behind her. 18 |

Out of this World | Sunnymede Junior School

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“Quick, run! You’ll get eaten!” encouraged the children. As Izzy spun

around, she was face to face with the monster. She saw its fiery eyes staring at her and it licked its lips. Screaming with fear, she ran as fast as she could. Soon, she caught up with the others. They scrambled through spiky bushes that tore at their clothes but the monster simply flew over the spikes using its small wings. Along the path, the children leapt over large bumpy rocks but the monster just scurried over them using its long legs. The children were becoming tired and worn out when they saw a wide, muddy swamp ahead of them. It was too wide to jump over or run around the side of it.

“A swamp! We’re trapped!” puffed Sophie. “How are we going to cross this?” gasped Daniel. “I don’t think we have a choice, we’ll just have to go through it,” panted Izzy.

“Hang on a minute,” said Kieran. “Look up above you! There are long, thick vines that we can use to swing over the swamp.” The roar from the giant creature was getting louder and louder as it got nearer and nearer. The children charged towards the vines and snatched one each. The branches overhead creaked as the children swung over the sticky, smelly swamp. The vines swished back and forth as the youngsters dangled in the air. Kieran managed to swing to the other side first. He released his vine and tumbled into a ditch. He was closely followed by Daniel, Sophie and Izzy. Feeling relieved, they looked around to see what had happened to the monster.

It was still on the other side of the swamp!

“Ha, ha, you big, ugly monster. You can’t get us now! Na-na, na-na-na!” sang Sophie happily. “Don’t tease it Sophie,” Kieran warned. The creature snarled angrily at the children. All of a sudden, the mean monster’s tail unravelled. The tail whipped upwards and the monster hooked the end of it over a branch. The children stared in horror as it began to swing over the vile swamp. The chase was back on! Daniel clambered desperately out of the ditch but kept slipping backwards. Finally, he leapt over the side, closely followed by the others. They dashed along Sunnymede Junior School |

Out of this World | 19

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bridge had rotted away because there were big gaps between the strips of bamboo.

“It looks sturdy enough to me,” Kieran told the others. “And besides, the only other option is to climb down the rocky cliff!” “I’ll go across first as I’m the smallest,” said Sophie worriedly. Izzy,

Kieran and Daniel watched as Sophie nervously took a step onto the rickety bridge. She walked carefully as if she were on a tightrope. The others could hear the monster charging through the undergrowth behind them. Finally, Sophie made it safely across to the other side.

a stony pathway, crashed through thorny bushes and nettles and sprang over a thick, mossy tree trunk that had fallen down and blocked the path. The children could hear the monster’s footsteps thundering loudly behind them. Zooming through the undergrowth, they spotted a wooden bridge just ahead of them in the bright sunshine. They sprinted as fast as they could towards the bridge. Then they stopped dead in their tracks. In front of them was a cliff edge. The children bent down and peered over the side. It was the biggest drop they had ever seen and they all felt dizzy. At the bottom, they could see rocks and boulders crashing into the deep, raging water below.

“Quick, the monster’s catching up. We need to cross to the other side,” shrieked Sophie. “But the only way across is on that old, rotten bridge,” Izzy

“It’s safe for all of you to come across the bridge one by one, but hurry!” she called. Daniel gently pushed Izzy towards the bridge.

“Ladies first!” he said. Izzy stumbled and almost slipped through one of the gaps. Then she pulled herself back up and started running towards the other side. Daniel and Kieran watched as Izzy crossed. They heard footsteps behind them and turned around. The monster was in their shadows! It pounced towards the boys. They quickly rushed onto the wobbly bridge and ran as fast as their legs could carry them. As they ran, they could hear wooden planks falling into the deep water below them.

“Run! Run! Quick! It’s behind you!” screamed Izzy and Sophie



The children looked towards the bridge. It was very tatty and was made from old bamboo held together by dirty, frayed rope. They could see that some of the

Kieran and Daniel hurled themselves towards the cliff edge and managed to land safely on the ground. Kieran grabbed a large sharp stone and turned to

20 |

Out of this World | Sunnymede Junior School

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face the bridge. He smashed the stone onto the frayed rope again and again until the fragile and battered rope finally gave way. The bridge began to collapse. The monster, which was in the middle of the bridge, tumbled sideways. The children watched as it was catapulted in a spiral down onto the sharp rocks below before finally crashing into the raging river. The children caught a glimpse of the battered snail shell on the monster’s back floating way.

“Hooray!” cheered the children. “I’m so hot though!” puffed Kieran. “I’m so thirsty!” whined Sophie. “Listen everybody, I can hear splashing over there,” said Izzy,

pointing towards a green leafy palm tree. The children followed the sound and it led them to a tropical, colourful spot. Graceful butterflies flew around the exquisite flowers and exotic birds tweeted and chirped. However, the most magnificent thing in the place was a beautiful waterfall. Shimmering fresh water tumbled down into a glistening pool. The rocks sparkled brightly and the children could see their reflections in the clear water. It looked so refreshing that the children just couldn’t resist stepping into the pool. They gulped the cold water until their thirst was quenched. Daniel lifted his feet and floated on his back, staring up at the white fluffy clouds. Sophie, Izzy and Kieran thought it looked very relaxing so they plunged in and soon all four children were floating calmly. The gentle current carried them towards the crystal blue waterfall. Water trickled and splashed onto their faces. Suddenly, the sound changed. The gentle dripping became a loud rumble. The water began to shake and a bolt of colour sprouted out of the waterfall.

The four children felt themselves being sucked into a big round hole. They fell whooshing and whirling back through the spiralling pitch black tunnel. They spotted a speck of daylight but the white fluffy clouds were blocked by leaves. They stared towards the sky, realising that they were still on their backs but were lying on the floor in the willow dome.

“I didn’t realise the willow dome was so adventurous!” chuckled Izzy.

“It’s nearly home time, children. What beasts did you see?” asked Mrs Franklin.

“She will never believe the beast that we saw!” giggled Sophie. Sunnymede Junior School |

Out of this World | 21

SunnymedeBook2011:Layout 1 12/06/2011 15:20 Page 22

the missing tile It was 28th January 2011, a cold, frosty morning at Sunnymede Junior School. A cloud of mysterious fog hung low over the playground. Some of the children were running through the thick mist trying to dodge each other while others were huddling together to keep warm. Meanwhile two children fromYear 4, Will and Cleo, were sent to the Log Cabin with a really important message. They dashed past the Tutankhamun mosaic, which was mysteriously glittery that day. Out of the corner of Will’s eye he saw a mosaic tile lying on the floor. When he bent down and examined it, he noticed that on its back were carved some golden hieroglyphics. A low humming noise started to come from the mosaic… and beyond! “Shh… Did you hear that noise? Shall we move closer?” whispered Cleo.

22 |

Out of this World | Sunnymede Junior School

SunnymedeBook2011:Layout 1 12/06/2011 15:20 Page 23


Cautiously the children crept towards to mosaic. The tiles started clicking like the sound of crabs’ claws and the children immediately noticed that some of the tiles had changed places. The mosaic started to take the shape of the Eye of Horus, then sand seeped out of the eye like tears and an eerie, blood-red glow beamed through its centre. The glow enveloped the children and the bright light drew them closer to a swirling portal. As they got nearer, the humming noise became almost deafening. The children were dragged into the portal.

It was like a never-ending tunnel, swirling with colours. Visions of history flashed and whizzed past. When Will looked

at his watch he saw the hands were mysteriously spinning backwards! The children tumbled past century after century. Images of the new Millennium, World War 2, the Victorians, Vikings and Saxons sped past them faster and faster.

It all came to a sudden halt, and the children crashed down into a desolate, sandy desert. Spluttering and spitting out sand, they picked themselves up and flapped their hands vigorously to clear the dust from in front of their eyes. As it cleared, all they could see was a blanket of golden sand twinkling in the blazing midday sun. “Where are we?” whispered Cleo. Slowly the children turned around and all the hairs on

Sunnymede Junior School |

Out of this World | 23

SunnymedeBook2011:Layout 1 12/06/2011 15:20 Page 24


the backs of their necks stood up as they saw the breathtaking sight of colossal pyramids. “I think we are in Ancient Egypt!” exclaimed Will. They looked down in fear at their hands and knees and saw that they were no longer wearing school uniform. Instead, they were wearing white cloth for clothes, they were wearing sandals made from animal skins and they were even wearing make-up! Will thought he looked pretty silly but Cleo thought she looked beautiful. Will desperately tried to wash off the make-up in the River Nile but without any luck. The children suddenly caught sight of a strange shape alone in the distance. “Hey, I can see something on the horizon!” said Cleo. “Shall we run?” asked Will. “No, it’s miles away,” replied Cleo. As the children trudged on through the desert towards the strange shape they felt as if they were walking on hot coals. The 24 |

Out of this World | Sunnymede Junior School

sand around them was swirling and sweeping along the ground in the refreshing desert breeze. After they had walked for hours they noticed that the strange figure in the distance was growing bigger and bigger the closer they got. At last the stunning, sandy Sphinx was standing proudly in front of them. Cleo noticed that the monument was covered with unusual carvings and pictures and the children recognised some of these as hieroglyphics. After a while Will realised that a part of the message was missing and he remembered that the tile that fell from the mosaic in school had some golden hieroglyphics on it. “Why don’t we see if our tile fits into that gap?” questioned Cleo. So the children gently pressed the tile into the Sphinx and immediately it clicked into place and completed the writing. Suddenly the Sphinx’s head started to move and a dusting of sand fell onto the

children. His head ground down to look at them, and in a low, booming voice he growled, “Who dares to wake me from my deep sleep?” Cleo and Will cowered and whispered, “W… w… we are responsible for waking you up. We desperately need your help to get back home!” “You have added the last tile to my riddle,” the Sphinx replied. “But I can only grant you the power to get back home if you solve the puzzle. What’s dead but alive, who is his guard… ? and there you’ll find the key to the portal!” The children let out a great gasp as the Sphinx’s feet started to rise up into the air. In a growling voice he said, “Climb onto my back and we will travel across the desert to the tomb where you will find the answers to my riddle.” The Sphinx put out his mighty leg so the children could climb onto his back, and slowly and carefully they clambered up the rough side of the great cat. The Sphinx’s claws dug into the

SunnymedeBook2011:Layout 1 12/06/2011 15:20 Page 25


sand like sharp knives. As he stretched his stiff, ancient body, pieces of sand fell into the flowing breeze. Cleo and Will struggled to grip onto the mighty monument, and their nails scratched down the Sphinx’s neck. Faster and faster they travelled, their hearts skipping a beat as the majestic cat silently bounded across the desert. The wind seemed to repeat the riddle over and over as they raced across the sand . . . And as the journey went on, they felt themselves becoming more and more puzzled. At last the Sphinx stopped in front of a tomb which looked like it had been buried for centuries. The outside of the tomb was dusty and filthy. The walls that had once been rigid had crumbled away. It looked very dangerous, and Cleo asked the Sphinx, “Do we have to go in there?” “Only if you want to go home!” replied the Sphinx. Will and Cleo peered down the cracked, worn steps into a

realm of complete darkness. The children staggered as they lowered the dusty soles of their sandals onto the smooth sand of the first step. They were shivering and breaking out in goose-bumps as they crept down into the tomb. By the time they reached the last crumbling step, their hearts were pounding with excitement. The gloomy tomb was as dark as night. Will slowly drew a candle from his

pocket and its warm glow harvested the gloom and darkness. The ancient walls were covered with hieroglyphics and curses were carved deep into the damp stone. The children’s footsteps echoed through the cold chambers of the tomb as they walked further into the unknown. Their throats were gripped with fear as they read the curse in front of them:


Out of this World | 25

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Will repeated the riddle: “What’s dead but alive, who is his guard…? and there you’ll find the key to the portal!” “I wish my mummy was here to help us with this riddle,” whimpered Cleo. 26 |

Out of this World | Sunnymede Junior School

“That’s it!” gasped Will. “An Egyptian mummy is dead, but our mummies are alive!” The children’s candle illuminated the amazing sight of the painted tomb walls. There were paintings coloured red

and brown that showed Ancient Egyptian life. There were paintings of gods, paintings of people farming and even paintings of funerals. As Will ran his finger over the ancient images he noticed

SunnymedeBook2011:Layout 1 12/06/2011 15:20 Page 27


there was a dog-headed god in nearly every one. The god seemed to be watching over the damp, musty tomb. “Wait a second, I’ve got it!” shouted Will. “Anubis is a jackalheaded god and he protects the dead. So he must be the next answer to the riddle!” “Well done, Will! Now we’ve just got to find the key to unlock the portal and we can get home,” said Cleo. As the candle moved slowly through the chamber like a spotlight it revealed glimpses of the jewels that were scattered within. The children saw a plastered wall and pressed their hands against it to see what was behind it. Suddenly the middle of the wall crumbled away to reveal a shiny, golden sarcophagus. The children couldn’t believe their eyes; it was like looking at a solid wall of gold. They both squeezed through the gap, scanning the floor and walls for a key. Ancient furniture lay among rubble from the crumbling walls as the children searched Sunnymede Junior School |

Out of this World | 27

SunnymedeBook2011:Layout 1 12/06/2011 15:20 Page 28


high and low for the key to open the portal. Will suddenly exclaimed, “In Ancient Egypt they didn’t have keys!”

“Oh no! We are never going to get home now,” cried Cleo. As the children crept into the last chamber of the tomb they stopped dead in their tracks as a great, dark statue loomed up in front of them. “That looks like a statue of Anubis,” whispered Cleo. The candlelight lit up the statue’s jet black head and his eyes were a bright amber glow. All at once Anubis’ fiery eyes blinked. He moved his arm upwards and it looked as if he was going to grab them. Will and Cleo seemed to have taken five steps backwards. In a deep voice Anubis demanded, “Who are you to summon me from my duty of guarding the dead?”

28 |

Out of this World | Sunnymede Junior School

SunnymedeBook2011:Layout 1 12/06/2011 15:20 Page 29


“We have been sent on a quest by the Sphinx to solve a riddle. We have answered two parts of it but we are stuck on the last part,” quivered Will. “We are looking for a key to unlock the gateway home and can’t find one anywhere,” sighed Cleo. “The key you are looking for is no ordinary key. I hold the only key in Ancient Egypt. It is the key of life, called the Ankh, and it will grant you the power to unlock the portal home,” replied Anubis. The children removed the Ankh that was hanging around Anubis’ neck, and as they did so a burst of swirling colours appeared beneath their feet. Soon they were swallowed into the bright whirlpool of colour. They flew up through the centuries, Will’s watch spun forward in time and suddenly the children were standing in the corridor in front of the mosaic again. The clocks in school were the same time as when they left,

children were still playing in the playground and they still had the message to deliver. Will and Cleo looked at each other in astonishment just as Mrs Cooke walked past. “Oh, there’s a tile missing

from the mosaic! I wonder what’s happened to that?” she asked. The children smiled and said, “You’ll never believe where we’ve been…” (And no one ever did!) Sunnymede Junior School |

Out of this World | 29

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The Stock Cupboard and the “James! Victor! Stop right there!” shrieked Mrs Higgerbelly. The boys hobbled determinedly down the corridor as fast as they could with their laces tied together. “Shouldn’t we have done this in the playground?” asked James worriedly. “Yeah, she’ll make us miss all lunchtime if she catches us,” replied Victor as he shuffled faster, dragging James along. Jess and Holly were chatting, minding their own business, strolling down the corridor to fetch their coats, when James and Victor seemed to appear from nowhere and smack straight into the two girls as they came round the corner. “Oi! Watch where you’re going!” moaned Holly, who wasn’t scared of Victor. Jess lunged sideways, knocked off balance by Victor, and wobbled against the stockcupboard door. The door swung open with a creak. “Quick! Mrs Higgerbelly’s coming! Hide in the cupboard because we’re dead meat if we get caught,” whispered James urgently. The two boys scrambled to the cupboard, shoving Jess and Holly in first, and pushed the door to, just in time. Mrs Higgerbelly stomped angrily down the corridor and noticed the door to the stock cupboard was slightly open.

30 |

Out of this World | Sunnymede Junior School

“I’d better lock that door,” she muttered under her breath, “before someone gets sucked in. Don’t want any kids to step on that secret tile!” “What does she mean by that?” asked James as the moody teacher slammed the door shut. Click, the door was locked! The four children huddled together in the pitch black. Jess and Holly nervously held hands. “Has she gone yet?” whispered Victor. “I just want to get out of here!” He crawled forward, blindly feeling for the door, and bashed his head on the handle. He yanked it down but nothing happened. He tried again with all his strength, but it still didn’t budge. “Guys, I’m not usually scared, but we’re locked in!” exclaimed Victor.

SunnymedeBook2011:Layout 1 12/06/2011 15:21 Page 31

e Creatures of


“What???” they all yelled together. “I’m not s-s-scared,” stuttered Holly as she stumbled back and stepped on the tile that Mrs Higgerbelly had mysteriously mentioned. The secret tile that teachers were trained to avoid. The tile crumbled into a thousand pieces and activated a rainbow-coloured whirlpool anomaly. The room shuddered and the floor started to split, creating an effect like a sandstorm swirling around the children. It sounded like a hundred bees swarming around the room, and before she knew it Holly was sinking into the portal that had opened up. Holly screamed as loud as she possibly could and grabbed Jess by the hand. This started a chain reaction, because as Jess plunged down, James dived for her, yanking Victor after him. Victor slid across the floor with his blunt fingernails screeching as he dug them into the tiles. “What’s happening?” yelled Victor as the last of his body was sucked down the portal and his fingernails slipped off the edge. Then the group of children swirled around like water going down a plughole and James let go of Jess to cover his mouth to stop himself being sick. There was a flash of light and the children all closed their eyes. They tumbled as fast as a bolt of lightning, as if down a chute, and found themselves in a new world. Victor and James landed with a sudden thud on a land covered with hundreds of thousands of miles of huge red rocks. Victor hesitantly opened

his eyes and saw bubbling streams of blazing hot lava and a massive volcano shooting out giant boulders. Victor felt ready to faint but remembered he was meant to be the tough one so he stood up and peered around. The heat of the steaming lava felt like it would melt his skin. “Come on, take a look at this!” said Victor, shaking James to make him gain consciousness. James woke up and threw up all over Victor’s brand new trainers. “Sorry,” said James, as he tried to clean the shoes with his sleeve. Just then four six-foot aliens appeared out of nowhere. “We should take them to our leader!” exclaimed one, smiling to let the boys see his razor-sharp teeth. Sunnymede Junior School |

Out of this World | 31

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Their lips trembling, the boys looked up at the scaly monsters. The aliens’ tails uncurled and coiled back up, releasing a delicious smell of bacon. The boys could not resist the smell and dizzily followed the aliens to a fortress made of lava. Meanwhile the girls landed with a crash on rock-hard ice. They gazed about at the glimmering ice statues that surrounded them. They looked like lizards frozen into sharp icicles. “Ow, ow, my leg really hurts. Help me, Holly, I might have broken it!” whined Jess, her face scrunched up in pain. “Calm down! Don’t worry, I’ll help you,” said Holly worriedly. In the distance Holly glimpsed a glowing icy-white light coming from a glacier. “I can see a shimmer. Maybe it’s a rescue force,” Holly yelled. “Help!” She screamed at the top of her voice, waving her hands wildly. Out of the corner of her eye she saw a sudden movement. A fluffy teddy-like creature with big googly eyes peeked round a statue and tilted its head in confusion. It thought for a second and then came a little closer. Jess shuffled painfully over the ice, dragging her leg across the floor, while Holly stood her ground. “Back off! Don’t come any closer!” she said confidently. “I’m warning you! I know karate and I’m not afraid to use it,” she added. 32 |

Out of this World | Sunnymede Junior School

At that moment more sky-blue fuzzy things came out of hiding and gathered round the girls. One said, “We won’t hurt you. We come in peace. Would you like some hot chocolate?” “Y-y-yes please,” stuttered Holly in surprise. “That’s really nice of you. Can you get one for my friend here as well, because she’s hurt?” The fluffy Sluffies picked Jess up and took the girls down a secret hole in the ice which they uncovered by pushing a statue like a lever. They went in a lift down to an ice city with a massive palace carved from blue and turquoise ice. This sparkled like a crystal in the centre of the kingdom. Jess and Holly gazed about, looking at the amazing sights of the city, the shining icicles and the crowds of cute, adorable Sluffies.

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The girls were taken to King Sbarbar and Queen Flimoozy of Icelus to heal Jess’s leg. The Queen laid a magical snowball on Jess’s shin and rubbed it in carefully. “Rise up! You can do it,” said Queen Flimoozy gently. “Thank you, your Majesty,” said Jess gratefully, and she curtseyed. Another Sluffie gave a glass of hot chocolate to each of the girls. While the girls were sipping their cocoa, the boys were having trouble. James and Victor gulped when they saw the huge leader of the Zergoids. Belazarus stuck out his forked tongue and hissed, “Good, just what we expected. Two heart-stealers. We have been waiting hundreds of years for this moment and now it has finally come.” “We will obey your command, Master,” said the boys in zombie-like voices. “Now, my slaves, you must go to the Kingdom of Icelus and bring back their half of the planet’s heart. It is hidden under the Ice Palace, the most dreadful place in Flamefreeze. If we dared enter we would turn to stone, but you are not special like us Zergoids so you can cross

the threshold safely.” A guard appeared in front of the children with a blood-red hovering vehicle that looked like a massive surfboard with shelf-like seats. “Now, be gone, and do your task. Go from Lava Mountain, follow the molten stream to the gateway and you will find the Kingdom of Icelus. Steal the crystal and return it to me in one piece. We want it so we can make our side of the planet more powerful.” “We will obey your command, Master,” said the two boys as they marched to the hover vehicle and slowly climbed up onto it. “Azibador!” pronounced Belazarus, and the vehicle started to power up silently. It sped down a ramp out of the fortress into the dark, dull air. Whoosh! The boys were gliding over a river of bone-burning lava on their way to the shining gateway to Icelus when they smashed into the invisible force field that was guarding the entrance.

Sunnymede Junior School |

Out of this World | 33

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Suddenly the hypnotising smell of bacon vanished and both boys began to feel normal again. They fell to the floor with a smack, causing an avalanche of ice. The statues on top of the palace crashed down and shattered into thousands of tiny pieces. King Sbarbar and Queen Flimoozy were furious and went to see what the problem was. “Come on,” whispered Holly. “The boys might have done it!” Jess and Holly followed silently behind, hoping to see the boys. And there they were, smothered in snow! “James! Victor! It’s us!” shouted Holly, running over to the mountain of snow and digging them out. Jess helped them to their feet. “Where have you been?” Jess asked in a confused voice. Wiping off the last of the snow, the boys explained what had happened and the girls told them about their adventures. The Queen interrupted. “Come quickly! We must see if the precious crystal is still in our possession.” The King led the way through a secret maze of carved ice to

34 |

Out of this World | Sunnymede Junior School

a massive cave which contained a magical drill that could tunnel through anything. The King, Queen and the four children got into the vehicle and sat on special seats stuffed with feathers. The King sat at the controls and flicked a switch that turned on the motor, making the spiral break through the solid ice. After five bumpy minutes they arrived at the centre of the planet and saw a sparkling statue floating above the icy floor. They all leapt out and landed on a platform in the middle of nowhere. Hovering over the statue’s hand was a turquoise crystal. It looked like half of a heart. “Wow!” the children said excitedly. The sound echoed around the space and the crystal began to shake wildly. All of a sudden they heard a crack and four lightning bolts shot out in a flash towards the children. Jess, Holly, Victor and James were each smothered in a bubble of light. They all screamed and the light faded.

SunnymedeBook2011:Layout 1 12/06/2011 15:21 Page 35


“Victor, you have gained the power of shape-shifting, so you may turn into all things,” said an echoing voice. “Jess, you have unlocked the power to walk through blazing hot lava. Holly, you have unleashed the ability to control any mind. For James, the power is teleporting, to take you and your friends anywhere!” “How did we get these powers?” asked Jess. The statue replied, “I gave you these powers to make the Zergoids and Sluffies be friends again. Use them to get the other half of my heart from the Land of the Roaring Rocks and return it here so we can be one whole piece in happiness! James, use your power to transport you and your friends to the volcano at the Lava Fortress!” “Hold my hands,” said James. “No way!” replied Victor, but the girls grabbed hold of him. James closed his eyes and pictured Belazarus’ fortress and three seconds later they arrived. “Yes! It worked! Well done, James!” said Holly excitedly.

They stared at a massive building with skyscraper towers on each corner built around a volcano. There was also a huge gate and a moat of steaming lava. “I don’t think we can get in past all the guards,” said Holly. “Yes, we can,” whispered Victor. “I can turn into a Zergoid and pretend that I captured the girls. The other guards will open the drawbridge and James can follow us in.” He thought about the Zergoids who had found them that morning and suddenly he began to grow taller and his skin changed colour and became scaly. He grew a long spiral tail, a forked tongue and spikes from his shoulders. The last things to change were his feet, which were covered in green slime. Victor slowly approached the fortress, with Holly and Jess in front of him. He yelled out, “Open the gate! I have apprehended these two squirms and need to take them to Belazarus.” “Fine! Open the gates!” growled the Zergoid in charge of security. The gate creaked as it slowly opened and the drawbridge thumped down. Victor stomped in with the girls. Meanwhile, James teleported himself to the top of the volcano and stood on the edge of the crater. He was shattered, as teleporting was hard work. He fainted. After fifteen minutes and a thousand steps, the others reached James. Jess ran to him and hugged him.

Sunnymede Junior School |

Out of this World | 35

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Victor and Holly peered over the edge and saw a small island in the centre of the volcano. It was surrounded by bubbling lava and in the middle was the other half of the crystal heart. It was a blooming rose red and was guarded by six muscly Zergoids. Victor slid down the inside of the volcano but he couldn’t take the heat and soon had to climb back up, exhausted. Jess said, “I’ll go. I can walk on lava!” Holly suggested that Victor turn himself into a rope to lower Jess down, so he concentrated really hard and became a thick rope. “What about the guards?” asked Holly. Suddenly a voice came: “Holly, use your power!” “I know. I’ll make the guards play Rummy!” said Holly. So she thought hard and waves of energy like ripples in water sped to each guard. Automatically they sat down in a circle and began to play cards. Jess abseiled down the ‘Victor rope’ and darted across the volcano to the island. She grabbed the ruby crystal and dashed back to her friends. By now James had regained consciousness and was ready to teleport them back to Icelus. In a flash all four were back with King Sbarbar and Queen Flimoozy. “Now, put the heart back together. Jess and Holly take the crystal of the Zergoids and place it together with the Sluffie crystal. Victor and James push the pieces into position,” said the statue. The children did as they were told and the two crystals connected 36 |

Out of this World | Sunnymede Junior School

together with a magnetic force. There was a giant wave of air as the pieces linked and the inner core glowed purple. As the crystals morphed together the planet reacted and a deadly silence came over Flamefreeze. Slowly the planet was engulfed in a purple light. There was a sound like wind chimes that gradually became the sound of laughter from both sides of the planet. The violet glow faded away and the whole planet had combined to create a peaceful place with skies of blue. Rivers and waterfalls of shallow warm water flowed through a land of volcanoes that erupted with marshmallows and hot chocolate. There were areas of glossy green grass and soft squishy snow. Growing all around were flowers with crispy bacon petals. It was a land of heaven for both Sluffies and Zergoids. “Thank you,” said the statue. “You are our heroes and have saved this planet.”

SunnymedeBook2011:Layout 1 12/06/2011 15:21 Page 37


The group happily stepped back into the drill and reversed out, back to the surface. They were met by the royal family of Icelus and the Zergoid army, who were feasting and celebrating. They partied until midnight, eating bacon lollies and chocolate cake, and drinking fizzy cocoa. “I think we should go home now,” said Jess. “Our mums will be looking for us!” “Yes, we should,” agreed James. So they all said good bye, and the King and Queen thanked the children again. Then they all held hands, and James concentrated and squeezed his eyes shut. Quick as a flash they were back in the stock cupboard, which looked as if nothing had happened. But when Victor tried the handle, the door was still locked. “Guys, we’re still stuck. I wish I still had my

powers then I could be a key!” said Victor. All of a sudden his hand began to mould into a key shape. He put it in the lock and turned it. The door squeaked slowly open and Mrs Higgerbelly swung round at the sound. “Holly, use your mind control!” whispered Victor urgently. And all at once Mrs Higgerbelly was back flipping down the corridor and round the corner. The four children rushed out of the cupboard and closed the door. “Let’s go for lunch,” said James, laughing. They strolled happily down the corridor arm in arm. Behind them a mysterious glow came around the door, with a sound like a hundred swarming bees!

Sunnymede Junior School |

Out of this World | 37

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The Undersea

Adventure othing would have happened if they hadn’t opened that drawer! As Chantelle walked slowly along the corridor with her head down, she was dreading what was just about to happen. She peered into the classroom with her sky blue eyes that sparkled in the sunshine to check whether the teacher was there, and then nervously opened the door. Instead of the teacher, her best buddy Tom was waiting. Tom was very small and had an old faded zigzag scar on his right hand, in which he was holding his wonky orange glasses. The glasses had become wonky when he sat on them a couple of weeks ago.


The day before, however, they had both been in trouble for the same reason. When Chantelle had popped open a bag of crisps, a few had hit Tom on the head. Tom thought they had been meant to hit him, so he 38 |

Out of this World | Sunnymede Junior School

threw a sandwich at Chantelle. The teacher caught both of them hurling food at each other and shouted, “You will both miss playtime tomorrow morning. I will see you in class after assembly!” Chantelle was really angry but Tom wasn’t bothered. From the door Chantelle rushed to her drawer to

SunnymedeBook2011:Layout 1 12/06/2011 15:21 Page 39


retrieve her Homework Diary, because the teacher wanted to write a note home. Then she heard a scream. She turned around quickly, but Tom had suddenly disappeared! She peeked into Tom’s drawer and saw his shoes poking out – but no Tom. She tried to pull the shoes back but that only made matters worse because she fell in behind him. Suddenly she found herself twirling around and down a huge hole at the speed of lightning. She flapped her arms about as she tried to grab hold of Tom. “Help me!” cried Tom desperately. With all her might Chantelle grabbed onto Tom’s ankle, and at that point they slowed down and started to float.

himself as a Jack Knife fish with black and vibrant yellow stripes running across his body, which was now in the shape of a boomerang with a round head. He looked at Chantelle, who had changed into a Blue Gem fish and was flapping her sparkly blue and green fins frantically to swim to the surface of the water. Chantelle was horrified, but Tom was bubbling over with excitement. “Yay, I can breathe underwater – and I can swim upside down too!” he yelled. Tom held fins with Chantelle and dragged her deeper into the warm sea. But gradually the water started getting colder and they realised that they were in a dark cave. The cracks at the top of the cave let in some light, which was reflected in the mini crystals that were embedded in the rocks. The amber rocks looked like fiery flames. There was a small blue hole that they swam towards but they couldn’t feel anything.

Both children opened their eyes and gasped. They were in pale blue water with an electric blue whirlpool in the distance. There were some fish darting around with luminous tropical colours, splashing their tails, which wobbled like jelly. Other fish had beautiful flippers that flapped like little birds’ wings. Then as they turned to each other, Tom and Chantelle saw themselves developing into fish. Tom was devastated to see Sunnymede Junior School |

Out of this World | 39

SunnymedeBook2011:Layout 1 12/06/2011 15:21 Page 40


When they got there they squeezed through one at a time into a massive wave, and in the blink of an eye they shot to the surface. Suddenly Chantelle’s fin was hit with a heavy rope. Tom swam over to check if she was OK and without realising it they floated into a fishing net. They both screamed. As their heads broke the surface of the sea Tom and Chantelle were

amazed to find they turned back into children. Chantelle was delighted to be human again, but Tom was heartbroken; his dream had evaporated. The fisherman was annoyed to see children in his net as he thought they were after his fish. He threw them back into the deep dark sea. Then they saw pale grey fins darting towards them. Chantelle screamed! There were sharks thrashing about in the water, making lots of noise. But soon the sound was drowned out by the mighty roar of a speedboat engine. “We are saved!” exclaimed Chantelle. They had been rescued by a man with a dull grey beard who smelled strongly of ‘Lynx’ shower gel. “Hello!” he called. “Grab onto this pole and I’ll pull you out!” They both clenched the pole tightly and the man was able to haul them onto the speedboat. “Hey, what are your names? My name is Jackie Joe,” he shouted above the sound of the engine. Both children noticed that Jackie Joe was wearing some very strange clothes for the driver of a speedboat. On his head was a red pointy wizard hat with some Chinese-style symbols and over his clothes he had a bright white robe. “Hi! My name is Tom and this is Chantelle. Thanks for saving us!” said Tom, shivering. “Here, have this,” said Jackie Joe, taking off his robe and giving it to the children. As Chantelle turned her head around, she noticed something sparkling under one of the boat’s planks. She slowly reached out and grabbed it. It was a valuable sapphire ring. She was about to give it to Jackie Joe when Tom nudged her.

40 |

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stairs up the



“Don’t say anything,” whispered Tom. And he snatched the ring from Chantelle and put it in his pocket. “What are you two whispering about?” asked Jackie Joe. Thinking quickly, Tom asked, “What are those symbols on your hat?” “They show that I am an international free-running champion,” explained Jackie Joe, steering towards the shore. Chantelle screamed as the boat hit the shore. It stopped suddenly and Jackie Joe and the children were catapulted out onto dry land. They scrambled quickly to their feet, groaning about their bumps and bruises. As they walked quietly across the stony beach, Jackie Joe heard someone singing “The Muffin Man” with a quirky Irish accent. He turned around quickly and saw running towards them some small men with curly orange hair wearing waistcoats as green as grass and huge round glasses. They were leprechauns, and they were not happy. Jackie Joe and the children began to run, but the boldest leprechaun yelled, “You can run, but you can’t escape us!” Jackie Joe and the children rushed to one of the tall buildings that were standing nearby. Jackie Joe put on his spiked free-running shoes.








and climbed out onto the roof. The leprechauns followed them but by the time they arrived on the roof Jackie Joe and the children had already jumped across to the next building. As the leprechauns rushed to the edge of the roof they were pushing and shoving each other so much that half of them fell off. The other five managed to leap the gap successfully. Meanwhile, Jackie Joe led the children to two zip wires that ran from the roof of the next building down to the beach. He helped Chantelle onto one, while Tom got onto the other by himself. “Whee,” he shouted as he slid down the wire. Jackie Joe leapt up and put one foot on each wire as he ran down, with sparks flying from his shoes. Then Chantelle panicked and lost her grip. “I’m falling!” she screamed, but Jackie Joe managed to Sunnymede Junior School |

Out of this World | 41

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grab her arm and hold her safely until they reached the ground. Without pausing for breath, they rushed into the sea and began to swim. Under the waves they caught a glimpse of some ruined buildings in the distance above them. The children swam quickly into a cave, following Jackie Joe. The water started to get lower and soon they were able to wade on to the land. There they saw a city made up of a temple and some broken foundations. The temple was the only building still upright and all the surrounding buildings were embedded in the sand. They walked over to the temple and inside they saw a stone head that was slightly cracked in places. One eye was a sea blue sapphire but the other was blank. Next to the head was a sign saying, “DO NOT DISTURB MY SLEEP!” Tom walked over to the head and said cheekily, “Oh old wise one, can you show us the way home?” To his surprise, the head replied – in a language that left him baffled. But now the symbols on Jackie Joe’s hat began to light up in dazzling colours and Jackie Joe answered the head in the same language. Tom and Chantelle looked from Jackie Joe to the stone head. “What did it say?” asked Tom. “It said, ‘Put your hat on the symbols on the wall’,” translated Jackie Joe, putting his hat on the wall. 42 |

Out of this World | Sunnymede Junior School

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To their amazement they saw that the symbols matched! “The head says, ‘Now put the sapphire in my other eye’,” continued Jackie Joe. “What sapphire does it mean?” Tom pulled the sapphire ring from his pocket and placed it in the empty eye socket.

s cla s

s if A y.

back in the ves

red into the anom a pea l ap

So the up. ed

d o b o y g r

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ey dis th


e m h i t d , d e l e s i r o p f r t u h s e a n r d e o J i n i e i k a fla c h e a J h s to sh t o they found e c i g a th T m y b children s a i d t h e i

“Where have you two been?” asked their teacher. “Well…” Sunnymede Junior School |

Out of this World | 43

SunnymedeBook2011:Layout 1 12/06/2011 15:21 Page 44

Two Sides to Every Story

Two Sides to Every Story


t was a blazing hot summer’s day and the children in Class 5 were eager to get out for lunch. They stared at the clock, counting down the seconds till the bell. 3… 2… 1… Finally, it was break and for the first time this year they were allowed onto the field. They were bursting to get out, and when the teacher eventually released them they charged out of the door. “Fred and Claire! Don’t forget it’s your turn to tidy up the bookshelves today,” reminded Miss Ing. Fred stopped in his tracks and groaned. He had already made it half way down the corridor in his desperation to get outside and avoid doing his boring job. Slowly, he trudged back into the hot, stuffy classroom and sank into his chair. “It won’t take too long. Then you can go out for lunch,” finished Miss Ing. Fred wasn’t convinced. Sunlight was beaming through the classroom windows, covering everything in a warm, golden blanket, and he could already hear children screaming and laughing on the field. He frowned with disappointment and sank even further into his chair. At that moment the phone rang in the corridor. “Ah, this will probably be for me,” Miss Ing stated as she began to leave the room. “I won’t be a moment. Make sure that the bookcase is nice and neat when I come back.” Leaving Fred and Claire alone in the classroom, Miss Ing went to take the phone call.

44 |

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As soon as she had left the room Fred turned to Claire and moaned, “I hate this job!” “Don’t worry. The quicker we get this done, the quicker we’ll get outside,” reassured Claire. “You never know, this could be fun!” With that, she went to the bookshelf and began to neaten up the books. Fred looked longingly out of the classroom window. Sunlight was still filling the room and from where he was slumped he could see his shadow looking just as grumpy as him. All of a sudden, he jumped up and with a mischievous grin he started to wander around playing butterflies with the Sun. “That wasn’t quite the fun that I was thinking of,” Claire remarked as he fluttered his hands cheekily in front of her face. “Ah, thank goodness for that! I can see a cloud coming that will block the Sun for sure. Now you can come and help me.” As the cloud floated across the Sun, the room went into shade, but Fred carried on playing butterflies in front of the bookcase. “You can stop being silly now. The Sun’s gone in. Get out of the way and start helping.” But instead of moving Fred edged closer to the bookcase. “Hey, who’s changed the colour of the Sun? My butterflies are multi-coloured now!” he muttered. “What are you going on about? The Sun’s gone in. There’s no light to make your shadows,” stated Claire. “Yeah there is. Look! You’re just trying to ruin my game,” said Fred angrily.

He could see a rainbow of colours creeping through the gaps between the books on the bookshelf. The shafts of light were gleaming and glistening in the darkness that the cloud was making and all Fred could think about was his favourite flavours of ice-cream. “I can see mintchoc chip! I can see raspberry ripple! Mmmm, toffee!” drooled Fred. Claire stared at him suspiciously. “Are you trying to trick me? I can’t see anything apart from all these books!” Ignoring him, she rolled her eyes and carried on with their job. She was used to Fred and his slightly weird moments where he daydreamed about food. She tried to forget this recent outburst and set about removing a handful of books from the middle shelf. Instantly Fred saw even more light pour out from the bookcase, like a disco ball showering the room in multi-coloured brightness. He stood as still as a statue, watching the magical glow streaming through the books. Gasping with delight, Fred blabbered, “I really can see icecream over the back of the bookshelf! Honest! At least, I think I can.” “Don’t be daft!” Claire replied in disbelief, continuing to tidy more books off the shelves. Each time a new shaft of light broke through a fresh gap, Fred’s excitement built up to the point of exploding! Unable to contain himself any longer, he barged Claire out of the way in his desperation to see all the swirls and flavours he was experiencing. In total confusion Fred reached out to grab at the back of the bookshelf to try to touch the wonderful patterns. As he stretched he knocked some of the books on the shelf. As if by magic the books disappeared through the glowing light. Shocked, Fred staggered

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Out of this World | 45

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The Title TWO SIDES of theTO Chapter EVERy STORy

forward and his hand followed the books straight through the back of the bookshelf. Claire gasped as she saw the books, and Fred’s hand, disappear. As quick as a flash she yanked Fred back to see that he was alright. Amazingly, she witnessed his hand come back through unharmed. “Are you OK?” asked Claire in shock. “Your hand just disappeared through the back of the bookcase!”

friend had seen. And now he had vanished, just like the books. As Claire was about to go and get help, she began to hear Fred’s voice shouting at her to follow him. Before she could call for Miss Ing, Fred reappeared, grabbed her arm and pulled her through.

“I’m fine,” replied Fred, “but I don’t think it’s ice-cream!” Cautiously Claire picked up a ruler and moved towards the bookshelf. She prodded a few more books and they too completely vanished into thin air. “I think you’re right, Fred. That’s definitely not ice-cream. Let’s find out what it really is.” Claire and Fred frantically started pulling the books off the shelves to see just what was going on. As the shelves were cleared, Fred began to get a better view of all the swirls and colours that had taken over the back of the bookcase. Every time new lights shone out he described what he could see. Each time, in their excitement to empty the shelves, more books accidentally fell through, Claire’s belief that something was there strengthened. By the time all of the books and shelves were on the floor Fred could see the full effect of the mysterious spirals. “I think the scientific term is an ‘anomaly’. The books have to be going somewhere, but where?” Claire thought. “Do you think we should get Miss Ing…?” Before she could finish her sentence Fred had clambered across the books and disappeared through the back of the bookcase. Claire stood there staring at where Fred had once been. To her it was just a plain, red piece of wood. She had seen nothing that her best

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As Fred and Claire stumbled through the anomaly they found themselves in a dark, gloomy corridor. Candles flickered dimly, barely lighting the space around them. Torn pictures hung on the dusty walls and cobwebs covered the shadowy corners. An old grandfather clock stood tall between two closed doors, its slow tick echoing in the eerie hallway. Claire spun around to head back through the anomaly that had brought them there but all she could feel was a broken bookcase, littered with ripped books. “It’s not there. It disappeared the moment I pulled you through,” Fred whispered. “And I can hear scary noises coming from that room.”

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Claire turned and looked down the hall to where Fred was pointing. She could see a glow of light behind the door and as her eyes adjusted she began to hear the screaming Fred had noticed. The floorboards creaked as they slowly tiptoed towards the room to investigate the mysterious sound. The closer they got, the louder the noise became, and Fred’s confidence began to crumble. “When’s a door not a door? When it’s a jar…” he laughed nervously under his breath. Claire calmly patted Fred on the back to reassure him that everything would be OK and they both peered round the door. An old lady was standing at a kitchen table with her back to them. She was dressed in rags and a scruffy apron was tied loosely around her waist. In her hand was a large knife which she was rapidly moving from side to side. The old lady was screeching and wailing at the top of her voice as if she was in pain. Every so often she stopped to cackle, which sent a shiver down the children’s spines.

Frozen with fear, the children looked on as the old lady stared right back at them. In the background the ticking of the grandfather clock went silent. Without warning there was a loud clunk, and the halfhour chimes sprang into life. The old lady jumped and the knife fell out of her hand, clattering to the floor. Fred and Claire yelled in terror and shot down the corridor. They crashed through the front door and kept running. “Come back!” called out the old lady in confusion. “I thought everyone liked tomato ketchup sandwiches.” She watched as the children ran into the forest at the end of her garden. With a sigh she closed the door and walked back into the kitchen. Turning off the radio she had been singing to, she looked around at the mess. “Look at the state of this kitchen! I’d better clean up before I have my lunch.”

Fred and Claire stared wide eyed as the knife flashed up in the air, leaving a trail of red in its wake. Suddenly they began to look around and noticed red handprints covering the walls and cupboards. Smeared over the floor were red footprints leading to where the old lady stood. Over by the dirty window, the sink was splattered with even more red, which was dripping down to form a puddle below. Without looking up, the old lady stopped her dreadful shrieking and out of the blue she spoke to the two trembling children. “I’d love to have you for dinner,” she croaked as she waved her knife in their direction. Slowly twisting, the old lady turned to Fred and Claire and flashed a smile at them. Her face was covered in red and the thick liquid was dribbling down onto her apron.

Fred and Claire found themselves running deeper and deeper into the forest. After a few minutes they came to a clearing and Fred collapsed against a large oak tree. “You said this would be fun,” panted Fred. “For once, I wish I was back at school!”

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Out of this World | 47

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The Title TWO SIDES of theTO Chapter EVERy STORy

“If you hadn’t gone through the anomaly in the first place we wouldn’t be in this mess,” replied Claire, looking over her shoulder. “At least we’re away from that house now.” “But now we’re in a horrible, overgrown forest. What if we meet a three-headed mmmmonster?” Fred stuttered. “We’d need to say ‘hello, hello, hello’!” frowned Claire. “OK, but what if we come across a mmmonster with six arms?” stammered Fred. “We’ll just stay calm and try not to get carried away,” Claire sighed. “Listen. There’s no such thing as monsters. We need to focus on getting home!” The children looked around the clearing. Surrounding them were thick, prickly bushes stretching across unused paths. Trees towered above their heads, leaving the forest cold and dark in the midday sun. As the trees swayed in the slight breeze, shadows moved about the forest floor, leaving Fred and Claire feeling even more uncomfortable. “I hope we find the anomaly thing soon,” said Fred quietly. “I agree. But I won’t be able to see it,” Claire reminded him. “So let’s get moving and hope you see another one.” They chose the clearest path and set off. After a while they came across a clearing in the forest. Fred, feeling very hungry, slumped against a large oak tree. “This is all just a little bit familiar to me. Haven’t we been here before?” questioned Claire. The children tried again, this time choosing a different path. They walked and walked, further and further, until they got to yet another clearing. “Isn’t this the same place?” groaned Claire, noticing the tree. 48 |

Out of this World | Sunnymede Junior School

“I’m starving!” Fred moaned as he clutched his rumbling tummy. Claire looked over at Fred and gave him an understanding smile. “I know, but we’ve got to keep going. Surely we’ll find a way to get home soon. Come on, there’s one more path to try and hopefully that will be the right one.” They trudged over to the path Claire had suggested and followed its winding trail back into the shadowy forest. Even though Fred knew that he was supposed to be looking out for the multi-coloured swirls of the anomaly, he couldn’t help but search for food.

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It wasn’t too long before he found what he was looking for. In amongst the overgrown bushes Fred spotted the biggest blackberry bush he had ever seen. He stopped and gazed in wonder at the large, juicy berries hanging from the thick branches in front of him. Within a few seconds Fred had scoffed all the berries within reach. Out of the corner of his eye he spied the fattest, most delicious-looking berry of them all. Reaching out to pick the sweet prize, he toppled forward and disappeared into the thorny bush. Hearing the crash, Claire whipped around only to find Fred gone. Calling out, she desperately began to try to find him. She rushed around, retracing her steps, looking high and low for a sign of where he could have vanished to. Suddenly, Claire heard rustling in a bush behind her. “Fred..?” she asked nervously as she slowly turned around and moved towards the noise. Before she could take another step, a gap appeared in the bushes and a filthy hand reached out, grabbing at Claire’s wrist. She screamed and fell backwards onto the leafy path. As she looked up she saw a terrifying figure emerge through the thorns. Groaning as it moved, it had dark goo dripping from its mouth and its feet dragged heavily along the floor. Brown slime covered the creature, leaving a trail behind it as it shuffled closer to where Claire had fallen. The monster raised its arms in her direction… “Ahhhhh! It’s a ZOMBIE!” cried Claire in horror. “Where?” panicked Fred, his mouth full of blackberries.

“Ahhhhh!” repeated Claire as she saw even more goo spray out of the creature’s mouth. “Where is it? Where is it?” spat Fred in complete terror.

“Ahhhhh!” “Where!”





running around in all directions.

BUMP! Claire landed back on the floor with a thud. She looked up and saw an old lady carrying a basket, smiling sweetly down at her. The old lady held out her hand. Helping Claire up, she asked, “Are you alright, my dear?” “Help me! Please help me!” Claire pleaded. The old lady patted Claire reassuringly on the shoulder and turned her around so she could see ‘the zombie’. Fred was still racing around in circles, screaming at the top of his voice, covered in mud and leaves… and blackberry juice. “Oh,” Claire whispered, starting to turn red. “Oops. I knew it wasn’t a monster really.” They watched on as Fred continued to run up and down the path, screaming at himself. Just as they were about to stop him, Fred lost his balance. Cringing, they both watched him tumble across the floor and come to a halt at their feet. “Hello, Mr Zombie. Have you finished?” asked Claire in embarrassment. “That’s OK,” said the old lady. “It must be very strange for you both, being here.” Claire paused for a moment, then turned to face the old lady and looked closely at her. Taking a step back, Claire gasped, “It’s you! From the house! All that bl…” She stopped as the old lady reached Sunnymede Junior School |

Out of this World | 49

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into her basket. Fred stood up and they both stared in terror as she pulled out something dripping with red.

“Ahhhhh!” yelled Fred as he began to run up and down the path again. “Here,” said the old lady, offering Claire a plate. “You must be hungry. Have one of the ketchup sandwiches you watched me make back at the house.” “Ketchup… sandwich…” Claire repeated.

“Ahhh… huh?” blurted Fred as he skidded to a halt. The old lady sat them both down in the clearing and set out the picnic she had prepared. She explained about the mess in the kitchen and

apologised for any frights they had been given. As the old lady told the children about previous visitors she had met, Claire passed Fred a handkerchief to clean himself up. As he wiped his face the old lady noticed his green eyes. “So you are the one with the special gift! Those green eyes of yours are the reason why you can see the anomaly. And you must have been very puzzled by it all,” she said, turning to Claire. “That explains a lot. I did get confused when he said he could see icecream,” nodded Claire. “Well, I had noticed that Fred likes his food,” remarked the old lady as she watched him gobble down a few more sandwiches. “But now I think you’ve had far too much excitement for your first visit. We’d better get you home.” Realising that things weren’t exactly as they had imagined, the children enjoyed the sounds of the birds and the smell of the plants as they followed the old lady back to her house. As they left the forest, sunlight shone in their eyes and they could feel the warmth dance around them. Hills stretched as far as they could see and the old lady’s house stood by a calm, flowing stream that glistened in the sun. The house was actually a beautiful cottage. Ivy climbed the walls and neat flowerbeds lay in colourful rows in the garden. The curtains were now open and a gentle wisp of smoke puffed out from the chimney above. “I managed to finish my spring clean,” said the old lady proudly. She got out a large gold key and opened the door.

50 |

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The hallway had been dusted and the cobwebs were gone. A patterned rug lay on the corridor floor and new pictures hung on the walls. They could see one of the doors open by the grandfather clock and inside was a comfortable-looking chair by an open fireplace. Fred and Claire looked around them, shocked at how different it was now from how it had appeared before. They turned towards the bookcase.

“We’ve been gone for ages. Haven’t you realised we’ve been missing?” Fred blabbered. “Is that some kind of joke?” she replied.

“Fred? Can you see it?” Claire asked wistfully. “Ah, that reminds me,” said the old lady. “Here’s a little something you could use in the future. It’s not just a green hairband. Put it on and have another look at the bookcase.” Claire tied back her long, blond hair and stared in amazement at the shower of colour spurting from the anomaly in the bookcase. “Thank you,” she murmured, unable to take her eyes off the sparks and flashes. The old lady smiled. “Hurry along now. I’ll see you again soon.” Fred and Claire waved as they stepped through the bookcase and found themselves back in their classroom. They turned around, seeing the anomaly disappear, and grinned at each other. “Wow, that was amazing! We’d better make sure we do it again,” exclaimed Fred. Claire looked over at the clock. “Oh, the time hasn’t changed at all since we went through the anomaly!” “What?” said Fred, looking at the clock. At that moment their teacher walked back into the room and noticed the books all over the floor. “I thought you wanted to go out to play, Fred. Haven’t you finished yet?”

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Out of this World | 51

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The Knight’s Shield Chapter 1 : The Disco | Chapter 2 : The Knight and the Princess | Chapter 3 : The Tournament Chapter 4 : Trapped! | Chapter 5 : Back Home

52 |

Out of this World | Sunnymede Junior School

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Chapter 1 : The Disco

When they turned the corner the children could not see the ghost any more but the Year 6 painting of a shield opened up and the knight came walking out of it. He stopped and stared at them. Then the knight turned around and walked back to the shield and in a flash he had disappeared through it. The children followed the mist he left behind. Jay looked up at the clock – it was 8:35pm.

ng st i h t

peller, an o r sp

ed into th uck ts

rted to f sta

Then they su dden ly g o r m f s r t u h o e l shie co o e h t l l l d da o swirl! t d e t ar

spun round like a helicop t d and e r’ hiel eanwhile e v e es h and m ry las

“Wow! This disco is great,” shouted Michaela and Charlie over all the noise and screams in the school hall. After they had had a dance they went to get an ice-cold lemonade. They saw a red flashing light in the Upper School corridor and suspiciously strolled up the stairs. “Oh, what is that? I think I can see fog over there,” shouted Michaela. Charlie spun around quickly to see what she was talking about. They saw the faint outline of a ghostly knight on a dark brown horse and they followed it to the Upper School corridor. “Wow!” whispered Charlie under his breath. “How did that get into school?” wondered Michaela. But when the ghost turned around the corner, it disappeared. “Please hurry up. This is getting creepy,” whispered Michaela. “Shhh… Michaela, we must stay quiet,” grunted Charlie. Then Jay wandered out of the boys’ toilet and spotted them! “Where are you going? You know the Upper School area is off limits!” shouted Jay. “Be quiet Jay! Something weird is happening. Follow us,” muttered Charlie quietly.

Sunnymede Junior School |

Out of this World | 53

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Chapter 2 : The Knight and the Princess Before they knew it they were falling out of the mysterious shield. “WHERE ARE WE?” shouted Jay, looking at the woods which surrounded them. There was a path leading in front of them and also behind. Which way should they go? Either side of the path was thick with trees. “Come with me. We’re going right, but we must stick together,” announced Jay. Suddenly they saw a handsome knight coming towards them on horseback. “What are you doing? It’s my wood, so get out!” declared the knight. Michaela stepped forward. “Please Sir, we are lost. Can you help us? It seems strange to meet you here – have we travelled back in time?” The knight revealed that they had travelled back to Medieval England and that it was in fact March 1399. They were amazed and rather frightened. The knight thought for a moment and kindly replied, “I can lead you to the edge of London but you will need to go to the castle and present a letter of introduction to the king.” The children began to follow the knight. They were feeling a little worried at the thought of going to London without their parents, but it was also very exciting. High above, an eagle was floating on the breeze. All of a sudden it swooped down through the tree tops in search of food. They hadn’t walked for too long, maybe about half an hour, when the trees thinned out and they found themselves in a clearing with a little stream running across it and a tiny wooden footbridge stretching over the stream. In the distance they could hear a trumpet being blown. This meant they were close to the castle. The knight stopped. He turned to say goodbye and good luck to his new friends and rode off back into the woods. The children hesitated for a while then sat down on the grass to write a letter to the king.

54 |

Out of this World | Sunnymede Junior School

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The children walked up to the wall that surrounded the castle and spoke to the guards at the huge metal gates. “Could you take this letter to the king, please?” asked Michaela. “We need his help.” “Wait there and I will see what we can do,” replied the guard. Nervously the children waited outside for the guard to return. In a few minutes they heard a pretty voice. “May I be of any help?” Turning their heads to the sound, they saw standing before them a beautiful princess. The boys were speechless but Michaela quickly curtseyed, as she had learnt to do in ballet class, until the princess told her to stand up straight. “My name is Catharine. What is your quest?” she asked, with her blue eyes sparkling at them. Between them the three children told the princess everything that had happened to them. She told them to go to the Tower of London to meet her father, the king, who was at a tournament, and said that he might help them. She kindly lent them her horse so they could take turns at resting while the others walked. They set off. Dark clouds spread across the sky and raindrops began to pitpatter on the ground. It was muddy and slippery but they still made it to the city of London about two hours after they left the castle. They were approaching from the east.

Chapter 3 : The Tournament “I know where we are, I’ve seen this before. We are near the Tower of London!” exclaimed Charlie. “It looks almost the same now as it is in 2011,” Michaela said as she walked quickly towards it. “How about we follow all these people?” shouted Jay over all the noise. They walked along with the crowds, hoping to get into the Tower and find the knight who could lead them back to the magical shield.

“I am so tired I need to sit down,” grunted Jay, dragging his feet. “Here are some seats, so let’s sit down for a bit,” answered Michaela. The noise from the Tower was getting louder the nearer they got. “I’m hungry. We need some food. Where can we find some round here?” shouted Jay over all the noise. “Come and get your apples, only 2 farthings for ten,” shouted a man standing by a wooden stall. “Have you got any hamburgers?” called Charlie. “Get away unless you’re buying,” yelled the man. The children walked away with their tummies rumbling!

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Out of this World | 55

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Michaela looked around in confusion. Then the three children caught sight of a huge wooden gate. “What is that loud noise?” moaned Charlie. They walked towards the big wooden gate. They carefully peeped round the corner and saw thousands of people seated in tiered rows. They were shouting and chanting. In the centre of the arena were men on horses charging towards each other. Suddenly a child ran over to them. She was a short little girl. She had long blond hair with a plait hanging down over the side of her shoulder and red rosy cheeks. She was wearing a long yellow dress with a white ribbon on the side of it. “What are you wearing?” she asked. “Are you from the royal family?” “We have been sent here from the castle to find a knight to help us find our shield,” explained Charlie. He told her the tale of their travels from 2011 but then they didn’t know what to do next. The little girl told them to come with her so they could talk to her father, who was a knight. He could introduce them to the king and see if they could get the help they needed. Nervously they approached the king and waited for him to tell them what to do. The king carefully explained that he had experienced something with a flashing shield before and the only way to make the shield open again was to win a competition! “You have to enter a jousting competition and win. Otherwise, you will have to be servants in my castle,” declared the king. “But we have no idea how to joust,” exclaimed Jay. “Very well! I will have to get one of my knights to teach you,” the king replied. “I will do the joust,” whispered Charlie nervously. “No, I will do it. I am stronger than you,” said Jay. “OK, then Jay is doing the joust,” answered the king. “Follow me and I will lend you my horse and show you what to do,” announced the knight. “OK, sir,” called Jay.

56 |

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The knight led them to the armoury to show them the lance they would need to use. As they entered the room they all stopped and stared up at the wall. Michaela excitedly shouted, “Look at that shield over there, it’s exactly the same as the one at school but it’s not flashing!” The knight brought a lance over for Jay to hold. “Wow! That’s very heavy,” said Jay. “Well, you’d best get used to it because you need to ride a horse while you’re holding it,” laughed the knight.

They spent the rest of the afternoon on the training field, practising. Jay was very good at riding because he had lessons at home, but holding on one-handed proved to be a little more difficult than he expected. As it got later and the sun was going down the knight declared that Jay would be ready to compete after a meal and a night’s rest. The next morning, after an uncomfortable night’s sleep in the stable, they had a quick wash and made their way to the armoury for Jay to get dressed for the joust. When it was time for the competition Jay was very nervous. As the children walked out they could hear the crowd screaming as they were waiting for the next joust. “Are you sure you know what you are doing” asked Charlie. “Yes. I am sure. Just trust me on this, OK?” answered Jay. A very frightened Jay sat upright on his horse and trotted into the arena. He took his place at the end of the jousting track and prepared for battle. The flag came down to start the race and Jay kicked his horse and set off. Michaela and Charlie were screaming, “Go, Jay, go!” As the knight opposite Jay charged towards him, Jay suddenly pulled on the horse’s reins and turned round and ran away. He was terrified of being hurt. The king stood up in the royal box and declared that Jay was disqualified.

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Chapter 4 : Trapped! “How do we get home now?” asked Michaela. “You can’t go home because you lost the tournament, so into the kitchen with you! You are now my servants until we can think of another contest you can win,” the king told the three worried children. Jay, Charlie and Michaela went into the kitchen and wondered what they should do now. The annoyed chef was not happy to have three children in her kitchen. The children were given their orders by the chef, who told them to feed the blacksmith in the armoury. So they began to bake a cake. Then they started to think of a plan to poison the blacksmith because in the armoury with him was the shield they needed to use to get home but they knew he would never let them enter as the armoury was out of bounds to children. While the cook was busy on the other side of the kitchen cooking a chicken for the king’s feast, they put some mouldy milk in the cake and a rotten banana. While they were waiting for the cake to cook they tried to come up with ideas for contests they might be able to win. Charlie suddenly remembered that he had done fencing lessons in the infants with the Little Musketeers club. “I might be able to win a sword fight against another child. I wonder if they have a children’s competition when the adults have finished?” said Charlie thoughtfully. “Fantastic idea, Charlie,” said Michaela. “Let’s go ask the king.” The chef was getting fed up with the kids’ chatting and told them to hurry up and get out of her kitchen. When the cake was cooked it smelled delicious so they had to remind themselves that it had mouldy milk and a rotten banana in it! Then they hurried away. Carrying the cake to the blacksmith, they went the long way round through the fair. They walked past a table with loads of cakes on it. “Look – a cake contest,” shouted Jay.

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Recipe for the Ca ke 8 M us hy B an Rotten Cheese – an as MOULDY Milk 1 slice of –3 Poison – 7 spoonspints of of Chocolate Icing – half a bowl of Flour – 5 cups of Sugar – 2 bowls of Fudge – 1 cup of

What to do now

1. Get 2. Put all the ingra big bowl. edie 3. Stir the ingred ients until there arnts in a cake tin. e no more lu 4. 5. After 25 minutThen put it in the oven for 25 min mps in the bowl. utes. es take it out and leav 6. Now it’s readye it to cool down for 5 minutes. to eat. Hope you enjoy yo ur revolting cake.

The children walked away holding up a small trophy and looking very pleased with themselves. “We still need to get this to the blacksmith. He’s expecting it,” said Michaela. “Yum! Cake! I have not had cake in a long time!” exclaimed the blacksmith. After he had eaten the cake he ran off, ignoring the children. “I think he has tummy ache,” giggled Michaela. While he was distracted they grabbed the bright red flashing shield from the wall and ran back to the kitchen. They placed the shield on the floor and looked at each other, all thinking the same thing. How does this work? Then they noticed that there was a crack of light on the shield that was getting bigger and bigger.

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Chapter 5 : Back Home Suddenly, with a loud crash, Jay, Michaela and Charlie fell out of the shield and tumbled onto the floor. “We did it! We’re back at the disco!” yelled Charlie in amazement. “Woohoo! We’re back!” cried Michaela and Jay. “I thought we were in there for three days, but look at the clock! We’ve been in there for only one minute,” said Michaela in shock. The clock showed 8:36pm. “Wow!” said Jay in surprise. Jay thought that he imagined the whole adventure but then he felt something bulging out of his pocket. He put his hand down to see what it was and pulled out a small metal trophy. Engraved on the side were the words: Cake baking winners of 1399. The three children ran down the corridor and quickly into the toilets. Michaela told Jay to give her the trophy so she could hide it in her bag until they decided what to do with it. They were all feeling a little confused.

How could this have really happened in the space of one minute? Yet they had the trophy to prove it was real. “We can’t tell anyone about this yet because people won’t believe us. We need to get together over the weekend to discuss what to do,” Michaela sensibly arranged with the boys. “Come to my tree house tomorrow morning and don’t forget the password. The new word is TROPHY,” announced Charlie importantly. Running quickly, they slipped back into the hall, hoping that all their friends hadn’t missed them in the disco. It was time for the final dance before the parents came to collect them. Jay asked Michaela to dance with him and as they danced close together they whispered about their exciting adventure.

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The Locket Anomaly B

eep, a-beep, beep, beep,

a-beep, beep, beep,

a-beep, beep!

The noise seemed to pierce her very skull. “Oh, it can’t be school time already,” grumbled Jamie. “Why can’t the weekends last longer?” As if in answer, her mum called from downstairs. “Jamie-Lee, sweetie, time to get up, Pickle.” Jamie didn’t answer, but just pulled the duvet up over her head. She hated her mother’s pet names! “Pickle,” she sighed. “Why Pickle? It’s so embarrassing!” Her hand fumbled for the snooze button as she tried to get comfortable without exposing her eyes to the light. Just five more minutes, she thought. But it was not to be. “Jamie-Lee, hurry up my love, you don’t want to be late!” “Coming, Mum,” she mumbled. “Jamie-Lee, do I have to come up there?” mum called yet again. “I said I’m coming, for goodness’ sake!” “There’s no need for that! Now just get a move on, I’m not giving you a lift again. If you’re late you’ll have to deal with the consequences.” “OK, Mum… Sorry, I’m getting up.” “Breakfast’s on the table,” called her mother as a last reminder.

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Suddenly Jamie realised it was Tuesday, show and tell day. This made her tumble out of bed. She wanted to be able to get up and dressed without a fuss, but no, her hair was a mess! “Oh no, look at my hair! It’s awful, it looks like a bird’s nest,” Jamie said, in shock. “Jamie, come NOW!” exclaimed her mum. “Coming. Just getting dressed,” yelled Jamie in reply. She grabbed her phone and texted her best friend Ashley. R U WEARING A SKIRT 2DAY XX? Then she went to her wardrobe and picked out her best school outfit. Will this be OK? she thought to herself as she studied how her reflection looked. Just then a text reply appeared on her mobile. YEAH, I AM. MEET U AT THE SHOP ON THE CORNER TO WALK TO SCHOOL was Ashley’s reply. YEAH OF COURSE. C U THERE, Jamie sent back. She quickly finished getting dressed and finally sorted out her beautiful, long golden hair into a neat pony tail and snuck across the landing to her mum’s bedroom.

her, was a picture of her dad, or at least she thought it was her dad. Perfect, just what she needed! She heard mum’s footsteps coming up the stairs; she grabbed the locket and hurried out of mum’s room into the bathroom. Mum walked past and into her room. That was close, Jamie thought.

BANG! The box fell to the floor, the vibration echoing through the house. “Woops!” Jamie whispered. As her mum was about to speak, Jamie shuddered. She knew she was going to be told off. “Jamie, what was that?” mum asked calmly. Jamie took a long, slow breath of relief. “Dunno, wasn’t me!” She knew it was bad to lie, but thought it might be acceptable just this one time. She needed to find something, anything to do with her dad, in two minutes flat or she would have nothing for show and tell and no way of shutting Lauren up! She picked up the jewellery box and was about to replace it on the shelf when she saw something she remembered. An old locket, a slightly dirty old locket; she knew it, but couldn’t quite place where from. She opened it and there, looking back at

On the way Jamie passed Mr Short, who muttered “Good morning.” She bent down to stroke his dog Pebbles, taking the locket from her shoe and transferring it cleverly to her pocket. She arrived at the corner shop and saw Ashley waiting for her. “Well, did you get it?” enquired Ashley. “Yep, look.” Jamie retrieved the locket from her pocket and showed Ashley. “And look, there’s a picture of my dad inside.” “You can’t see much behind that glass, but it should shut Lauren up. Is it gold?” Ashley asked, giggling. “I reckon so,” said Jamie with a smile. Slowly her smile faded. “I wish I’d met him.” “Come on, cheer up, let’s get to school.” Ashley flung her arm round her friend and they headed off.

Jamie cautiously tiptoed down the stairs, hoping she wouldn’t get caught. “Pickle, where are you off to? You haven’t had your toast yet,” mum moaned, following Jamie down the stairs. Jamie bent down and quickly slipped the locket into her shoe, carefully making it look like she was tying her lace. “Just doing my shoes,” Jamie replied nervously, limping along the hall in agonising pain as the locket dug into the sole of her foot. “Oh darling, you’re limping, show Mummy,” her mother said caringly. “No, no, it’s fine, don’t worry. It’s fine, Mum. Gotta go, bye!” Jamie staggered out of the door. As she left she received a text message: C U OUTSIDE THE CORNER SHOP. 5 MIN LUV U XXX.

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“Look at this, guys. I took it from my mum this morning!” Jamie gloated to her friends, presenting the grubby gold item, which glinted in the morning sun, with pride. “WOW! That’s beautiful,” gasped her friends. “It must have cost a fortune.” In the distance the bell rang for the start of school. “Let’s line up,” said Jamie. “I’ll fill you in later!” Jamie and her friends wandered slowly across the playground in a huddle, whispering excitedly about the morning’s gossip. Jamie couldn’t resist taking out the locket once again. It was beautiful, even through the dust. It had a thin, shiny silver rim, with a golden centre. Even better, inside was a picture of her dad, the only picture of him she could ever remember seeing. She’d been spotted. “Where did you get that from? It’s gorgeous!” said Kayla, looking over her shoulder. “Oh, it’s only something from my mum’s jewellery box. She wouldn’t let me have it, so I took it from her this morning. I need to show Lauren!” Jamie replied as Kayla snatched it from her hand for a better look. Jamie and her friends chatted for a while as slowly the classes filed into line. “Hey, everyone’s going in now, here, have it back, before Mr Johnson spots it!” Kayla thrust the locket back to Jamie and she slipped it quickly into her pocket and rushed into the class behind her friends. As Mr Johnson started the register Jamie-Lee could hardly contain herself. In a few minutes she would be able to prove to Lauren that she DID have a dad! Lauren was Jamie’s worst enemy. She had been bullying Jamie for what seemed like forever, in fact since the very beginning of their school lives together. As the register finally came to an end Jamie jumped up. “Mr Johnson,” she called out, not really thinking clearly. “I have a show and tell.” “Jamie, since when do children shout out at me from the other side of the classroom? Sit down, we need the early bird done before anything else is

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even discussed,” Mr Johnson replied angrily. Jamie sat slowly back in her chair. She hated early bird but she had to get through it. “Ah, oh, Mr Johnson, please can I do my show and tell?” Jamie whined. “Oh, yes, let’s waste our time, when we could be learning, listening to you blabber on about how cute your cat is,” Mr Johnson groaned sarcastically. “Oh please, Mr Johnson. Jamie’s show and tell is really sick,” Ashley added. “They can’t even use the language correctly,” muttered Mr Johnson. “Sick? Can my life get any worse? This job and speed dating every night, just to be rejected.” “Please, Mr Johnson,” the class chorused. “OK, just get on with it!” Mr Johnson slumped in his chair, shaking his head. Jamie began, “My show and tell is this golden locket.” Some of the girls ‘ooh’d’ at the mention of gold. “Inside is a picture of my dad,” said Jamie proudly, looking straight at Lauren and sneering. “It was taken just after I was born.” “It’s tricky to see,” said Mr Johnson, suddenly taking an interest. “I’ll put it on the visualizer to blow it up a bit.” “Thank you,” replied Jamie, still not taking her eyes off Lauren. “The window is a little dirty. If you hold it, Jamie, I think I can pop it open to give us a good view.” Mr Johnson went to his drawer and rummaged about until he found his glasses screwdriver. “This should do it,” he commented as he held the clasp. “Please be careful,” begged Jamie. “Here we go. You can open it now. See, I told you I’m an expert!” smiled Mr Johnson. What exactly happened next was rather confusing. The class screamed and there was a flash of shimmering blue light like a puddle of water. Next second the puddle had imploded, Jamie was gone and Mr Johnson was swearing! * * *

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“What on earth…?” Jamie was in a small room, facing a door. She was sitting on a toilet! She couldn’t get her head straight. Breathe, breathe, she told herself. As she calmed slightly, her thoughts cleared. I was in my class, it was show and tell. Mr Johnson opened the locket, then everything went… bright blue. Another flash of blue and I’m here, wherever here is. She felt like crying, but there was only one thing for it: to open the door directly in front of her. There were noises on the other side of the door, voices. That was a little more comforting. She opened it a crack and screamed! “Arth you al wight?” the vampire enquired as he removed his teeth. “Sorry, can’t speak with these in. Are you OK? I didn’t mean to give you a fright.” “I… I… I thought you were a real vampire!” Jamie stammered. “Really? Thanks for the compliment. I didn’t think my costume was that good. I’m Tom, and you must be the new girl who’s just moved into number 27.” “I’m Jamie,” replied Jamie. “Jamie! That’s funny because the couple who live here, Jane and Peter, have a baby called Jamie. Nice to meet you, Jamie.” He shook her hand. “It’s great of you to help with the party. If you want a drink or anything, help yourself. The kitchen’s through there on the left. I’ve got to go, I need to help Mary with some tables. Catch you later.” Tom disappeared into the garden. Jamie walked slowly towards the kitchen door. She pushed it hesitantly and it creaked. As it swung open, to her surprise she saw people everywhere: adults running in and out with plates of food; children playing, dressed in spooky costumes and wearing masks. There were people hanging lanterns and spraying fake cobwebs from corner to corner. “Excuse me,” Jamie interrupted. “Do you know where I am?” Nobody answered. She tried again, only louder, but still there was no answer. Suddenly the front door burst open and a bunch of kids came rushing in. Two of the children looked strangely familiar, but she couldn’t be sure.

Where am I? wondered Jamie. She gazed around the room, and things began to look more and more familiar. Was that actually a photograph of her and Gran on the wall? The glasses and sparkling eyes where the same as her Gran’s, for sure. Panic and confusion were quickly spreading through Jamie’s body: she knew this house, she had grown up here! Jamie rushed up the stairs, heading towards where she was sure her bedroom would be. She burst through the door. In the far corner of the room was a cot. Jamie walked slowly towards it. Lying silently inside was a beautiful baby girl. “W… w… w… what, w… w… who?” she stuttered. As her eyes drifted around the familiar but different room she became aware of music for the first time. It was the baby’s mobile and she recognised the tune! It was then she noticed the teddy, HER teddy! Then it all came flooding back. This was her house, her room, her mobile and her teddy. Could it be? Was the baby girl actually her? She sank to the ground in shock. Jamie shot a glance at the calendar hanging above the cot. It was the day her grandmother had told her about, it was Halloween! Jamie felt the familiar smell of lavender rise in her nostrils. She remembered, clearly, sitting comfortably on Gran’s knee telling her how wonderful she smelled. It was as if she was above the picture on the wall, gazing down on the vision of herself and Gran. As she watched silently, she saw that in fact she was crying and Gran was comforting her. She strained to hear their conversation. “But why don’t I have a dad?” she was asking Gran. “Why don’t I? It’s not fair!” “My darling Jamie.” Gran was hugging her tightly. “You do, you do, it’s just sometimes silly things happen in life and adults can’t sort it out so they decide it’s best for them to be apart. Jamie, it’s not your fault. You mustn’t think it is.” “But if it’s not my fault, what happened?” Jamie sobbed. Gran looked into Jamie’s face and seemed to be weighing up what she could tell her.

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“It happened at a Halloween party when you were just a baby,” Gran began. “Your dad had had a few drinks and kissed a woman in the same costume as your mum. And as if that wasn’t bad enough, your mum saw them at the top of the stairs.” Jamie just looked at Gran, shocked. Gran continued: “Your mum thought your dad was having an affair and refused ever to see him again. I don’t know if he was or not, but your mum wasn’t feeling well after you were born and that was her decision.” “But if it was only a kiss…” Jamie looked pleadingly. “It might have just been a mistake… possibly?” “It might have been. Anyway, that’s what happened. It wasn’t your fault.” Gran undid the beautiful locket from around her neck and it slipped slowly into the palm of her hand. “I want you to look after this for me, sweetheart,” Gran requested. Jamie was slowly drifting back to where she was crouched in the corner of the bedroom. Her eyes were drawn to the crisp white calendar once more. There was a large red circle around the 31st October. It was Halloween, the dreaded day when it all went wrong.

* * * Jamie wandered around the house, desperately trying to find her parents. “Oh, hi!” said a familiar voice from behind. Jamie span round. “You must be the new girl from down the road. What’s your name?” “Um, I’m Jamie,” she replied, in shock. This was her aunty, she was sure. “Oh really?” The lady looked surprised. “My niece is called Jamie, she’s upstairs sleeping I think. Well, it’s a very pretty name and it’s very nice of you to come and help at the party.” She passed Jamie a large plate of sausage rolls for the table. Jamie found a space for them then hurried into the garden to find some peace and quiet to think. She remembered her secret corner.

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Right, so I’m in MY house, in the past, with all my family and I’m supposed to be some girl from down the road. Is this a bad dream or what? Jamie mumbled to herself. What should she do next? Somehow she had to stop that woman from kissing dad! She needed to frighten her off, but how could a small girl who was even terrified of little spiders scare a grown woman? She thought for a while… Spiders, that was an idea… Most women were scared of spiders and there were plenty of Halloween plastic spiders about. All she needed was some of them and a way of dropping them on the woman and a costume so no one would recognise her. She shut the cupboard door as quietly as she could. She had found a sheet for a ghost costume, and now for the next bit of her plan. As she walked down the hallway, lots of people carrying plates of sausage rolls, pasta and cakes barged past her. She got dumped with piles of plates full of treats and didn’t know what to do with them. Everyone was rushing around to get everything done as quickly as they could, while guests were still arriving. She placed a scary-looking pumpkin that had been passed to her in a position on the table. When she knew that no one was watching she moved silently around the house collecting what she needed to put her plan into action: some spare plastic spiders and a leftover piece of cobweb. “That will do the trick,” Jamie mumbled, “she’s bound to be scared of spiders. So let’s get to work!” Jamie crept quietly up the stairs to the area on the landing where the ‘kiss’ would take place. She carefully hung the cobweb high enough to be out of sight, scattered the plastic spiders on it and trailed a thin piece of web over the

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landing to her bedroom. She tested the plan, tugging gently on the web, and watched as the spiders jumped around above the stairs. “It’s gonna work!” she blurted out excitedly. Jamie crouched behind the door waiting for the moment to arrive. She heard the toilet flush and dad came out of the bathroom and headed towards the stairs. At the very same moment a woman in the same costume as her mother headed up the stairs. They spoke quietly to each other, and Jamie strained to hear their conversation in vain. They approached the trap. Now was her moment! She tugged hard on the web, closing her eyes. “Aaaaahhh!” The scream hit her eardrums. “Yes!” she whispered. But the scream turned to laughter. She peeked round the door. “No, No, NO! It didn’t work!” Jamie began to panic. “That woman is going to kiss dad. I must stop them!” she gasped. She turned round, searching for something, anything to use. She caught sight of a safety pin. “I’m sorry,” she whispered, “but this is an emergency.” She scratched the baby’s leg with the pin, a little too hard, drawing a trickle of blood. Instantly she felt a pain on her own thigh and then a second later a scream echoed through the house. She suddenly realised a fault in her plan. If dad comes in, I’m standing here with a pin! Her wardrobe was in the corner of the room and she dived towards it and pulled the door behind her. Dad arrived a second later. “What’s the matter, Pickle?” Dad picked up the baby. “Come on now, it can’t be that bad.” Dad rocked the baby in his arms and felt the blood. “How did that happen?” At that point mum arrived. “What’s going on?” “I don’t know. Jamie seems to have scratched her leg,” replied dad. Mum looked in the cot and found the pin. “Your mother hasn’t been trying to use old-fashioned nappies again, has she?” she asked accusingly. “And who was that woman on the stairs wearing the same costume as me?”

“What? I don’t know… Wasn’t that you I was talking to? Ooooh, what was in that punch?” “Well, at least Jamie seems to be calming down. Put her down on the mat and I’ll get the antiseptic cream.” Dad did as he was told. “Now, get a cup of coffee to sober up, then take this pin and find your mother!” “Yes, dear, sorry. I’ll have a word.” He kissed mum on the cheek and stroked Jamie’s tummy. “See you later, Pickle.” Hiding in the wardrobe, Jamie rubbed her leg. It really hurt! A small amount of blood had started to run down her skin but it was already drying. I don’t get this, she thought. I scratched the baby… and now I’m bleeding because…it’s me I scratched. The realisation hit her like lightning, thoughts crashing into her head one after the other. What happens now? Have I changed everything? There was no kiss, so... Are mum and dad still together? She wanted to jump out of the wardrobe and scream, to hug mum, find dad and explain everything. But... but… what now? She was here and so was the baby her. How would she get home, home to her own time? Mum left with the baby and once she heard her footsteps beginning to fade down the stairs, Jamie left the wardrobe. She made her way downstairs and out towards the back door, barely noticing anything or anyone she passed. She was in the garden. It was peaceful out here and she sat down in a chair where her den would be in later years… hopefully. She felt tears welling in her eyes. What am I going to do? she thought, her head in her hands. She felt utterly alone and utterly lost and barely noticed there was someone else in the garden. An old lady wandered over; it was Gran! “What’s the matter, dear?” enquired Gran. “Oh, nothing,” she replied. “I see… That’s a lot of tears for nothing. Why are you here by yourself?” She thought that in her own time Gran would have been able to help her. Gran always helped her and understood. “I was just thinking about stuff,” Jamie stated, as if to no one in particular.

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“Can I help?” Gran enquired. That was just like Gran, always trying to help everyone. “I don’t think so, but thanks for the offer,” Jamie said, feeling a little better. “I’ll just leave this, then. You never know, it may improve things. It was lovely to meet you, by the way.” “You too, Gran,” Jamie replied without thinking. She looked up and saw Gran smiling. “See you again sometime,” Gran said. And with that she went indoors. Jamie looked down, and on the seat next to her Gran had left… the locket! Jamie looked round. With her grandmother gone, the garden was silent. She held her breath and opened the locket. The windows were closed and she tried to ping one open with her nail… FLASH! She was surrounded by blue again and memories, thousands of memories flooding into her head. The day at the beach, building castles with dad. The three of them playing pick-up sticks in a caravan. The zoo, the circus, more and more her head filled with experiences she’d had, but had never had. The tears flowed quickly now, pouring down her cheeks. “Hey, what’s the matter, Pickle?” Dad was at her door. She flung herself at him, burying her head in his chest. “Oh, Dad! I love you so much!” “Hey, hey, what’s all this about? I was only coming up to tell you to brush your teeth.” Dad looked totally bewildered. The memories of her now normal life with both her parents were still crashing into Jamie’s brain. “Come on, brush your teeth and I’ll tuck you up.” Dad carried her to the bathroom. “You can be so soppy sometimes. Come on, let go and do your teeth.” Jamie wouldn’t release her dad and kept on hugging him. “Come on, bed time. This is silly, what has got into you?” Eventually her dad got Jamie into bed, but it took her ages to get to sleep. * * *

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Woah, that was the weirdest dream ever! was the first thought that entered Jamie’s mind as she woke in the morning. She slowly sat up and then saw the picture on the wall at the bottom of her bed. “Dad!” She screamed it at the top of her voice, jumped out of bed and felt a twinge in the top of her leg. There was the scab, how she loved that scab! “Are you alright?” The voice was her mother’s from downstairs. “Yeah, I’m fine, I’m more than fine. It wasn’t a dream!” replied Jamie. “What wasn’t a dream, Pickle?” called mum. “Don’t worry, Mum. I love you!” Jamie was shouting now as she tore down the stairs in her pyjamas. Mum and dad were both there and she flung her arms around both of them. “Isn’t it wonderful? I love you both soooo much!” “We love you too, Pickle. Are you sure you’re alright?” Dad rumpled her hair affectionately. “Yep, I’m fine, so fine. I’ve never been better,” Jamie replied. “Well, come on, let’s have breakfast together and then you’d better get ready for school,” said mum. Jamie had never been so happy. They were a family again. She remembered not having a dad and the locket but also having a dad at the same time, it was weird… But Wonderful! The doorbell rang. Ashley came rushing in as soon as mum opened the door. “Jamie!” shouted Ashley, at the top of her voice. “Come on, come on, we’ll be late!” They rushed out of the house, chatting all the way. Finally, as the bell sounded, they hurried into school, just in time. Quickly the girls put their things in the cloakroom and rushed into class. Jamie remembered the register being called, but after that maths, English, science all seemed to merge together in a blur. The next thing she could clearly recall was the bell for the end of day. She gathered her things and wandered into the cloakroom to pick up her bag and coat. Finally, home time, she thought to herself.

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“Hey, Jamie,” called Mr Johnson from along the corridor. “You left this in my classroom yesterday.” Mr Johnson handed Jamie a bright golden object… Her locket! “Thank you so much,” Jamie replied. “Personally, I can’t believe anyone would let anything so precious be out of their sight for a moment!” exclaimed Mr Johnson. She nodded in response. Jamie strolled along the corridor staring at the beautiful item in her hand. It looked somehow different from yesterday, more shiny and new.

Jamie whispered under her breath, “I think I already have.” “I know,” Gran answered with a knowing grin on her face. She winked at Jamie and they left for home together. It was Friday, the weekend… and that meant family time.

As she approached the school gate she looked up, as if her eyes had been pulled away from the locket. There waiting patiently, sitting on a bench just outside the school, was Gran. Jamie hurried towards her and hugged her tightly. “Jamie,” Gran whispered quietly in her ear. “Where is your lucky locket, darling? Why aren’t you wearing it today?” Jamie opened her tightly clenched fist, revealing the locket to Gran. She looked hard at it. “Do you want it back?” Jamie asked, hoping the answer would be no. “No thank you, darling,” Gran insisted. “That locket and I have been through our own adventures and now it’s time for you to have some fun of your own!”

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&Pencils C

ome on, everyone! You should at least be painting your bridge by now,” exclaimed Mr Gregory, flattening the creases in his pristine white shirt. “Arrghh! I’ve just started painting the pond and I haven’t even drawn the waterlilies or the bridge yet,” groaned Scarlet, quickly dipping her thin brush in the pale blue paint palette. Her emerald green eyes concentrated hard on her painting. As Scarlet glanced up to see all her previous paintings on the colourful display boards, the sun peered through the blinds, causing a golden ray of light to shine on her slightly tanned face. Along her button nose she had as many freckles as grains of sand on a beach. “Finally I have finished the pond!” whispered Scarlet happily to her friends as she flicked her plaited, chestnut brown hair over her shoulder to avoid getting it in the paint. Scarlet’s hair was so long that at first glance people might think she was Rapunzel. She had the most striking hair in the whole school.

Suddenly the bell rang, sending an ear-deafening noise through her head. “I hope Mr Gregory doesn’t get too stroppy just because I haven’t finished,” grumbled Scarlet to her friends. “It’s worse for me! We’re at the same stage but you’re a teacher’s pet. All the teachers love you,” teased her best friend Annie, making kissing noises.

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Out of all her friends, Annie was Scarlet’s favourite. They spent most of their time together. Scarlet was a happy girl who always had a smile. She was enthusiastic, full of energy and popular at school. She loved art so much and had a talent for drawing. Her friends were always amazed at her work. As Scarlet’s class was dismissed everyone charged out of the room, throwing their white aprons, crumpled and messy, in an untidy pile on the floor and leaving Scarlet behind. “Come on, Scarlet. You need to go out too,” encouraged Mr Gregory, pulling on his old-fashioned grey blazer. “Can’t I just finish the waterlilies?” asked Scarlet, fluttering her eyelashes cheekily. “Oh alright then,” sighed Mr Gregory. “But just ten more minutes because I need to eat too and I have an important phone call to make. I’ll be back in a few minutes to check on you.” “OK,” replied Scarlet, and she carried on painting using a variety of colours for the waterlilies. As Scarlet finished her last waterlily, she sighed contentedly. She lifted up her painting and

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looked at it proudly, even though it was not finished. Then she picked up her paintbrush to make a start on painting the famous green bridge, resting her head on a paint-covered hand. As Scarlet worked away she fiddled with her diamond earrings and tapped her black patent shoes on the floor. She could hear the shouting from the field where everyone was playing. Scarlet looked down at her picture, thinking it was just as good as the real Monet’s waterlily painting. Suddenly she started to feel a cool breeze against her face and through her glossy fringe. She shuddered and looked to see if the windows were open, but they were closed. “Where is this wind coming from?” thought Scarlet, looking around the classroom. She walked in the direction of the wind, but to her surprise as soon as she walked away from the painting she could not feel the cool breeze anymore. “How strange,” she thought as she sat down at her painting again. She picked up her brush and carried on working. After a while the wind started to get stronger and stronger and Scarlet struggled to hold her paintbrush still. All of a sudden it flew out of her hand, making a smudge on her work. Scarlet gasped. Suddenly the breeze stopped. “Did the breeze come from my painting?” wondered Scarlet as she reached over to pick up her paintbrush. Scarlet stared at her picture. To her surprise a waterlily bud she had only just painted slowly started to open. She blinked and rubbed her eyes. “Did that really happen?” she gulped. “Or was it my imagination?” All of a sudden the water in the painting started to move and ripples appeared on the surface. Before she knew it, the whole painting was coming to life. The waterlilies, which had now opened up, drifted down the pond. The trees were swaying from side to side. Everything Scarlet had painted was merging into one big blur! All she could see were green, yellow and blue swirls! Scarlet screamed, but she couldn’t hear herself over the noise of the rapid swirling. She could feel herself being swallowed into the painting. As she was slowly

whirling through this portal, she could hear the sound of water colliding against rocks in the distance. Scarlet felt like she was in a washing machine. She kept spinning round and round. She had never been this scared in all her life. Suddenly a bright light glared through the swirling colours. Scarlet squinted, trying to make out what was ahead of her. Then she hit something hard. The spinning had stopped and she was on the ground. Opening her eyes slowly and looking around, Scarlet saw that she wasn’t at school any more. Scarlet stood there beside the calm clear water of the pond, watching the clumps of floating pale green lily pads gently swaying from side to side in the midday breeze. Large white and light pink lily flowers dotted the lily pads. A broken green bridge stretched over the pond. It slowly dawned on Scarlet that the scene before her was exactly like the painting she had done in Mr Gregory’s art class. Scarlet was amazed. She thought it was unbelievable that she could be in her own painting. The sound of the water lapping against the bank calmed her and slowly she started to feel more relaxed in this tranquil place. The weeping willows dangled over the pond and its water reflected all of the different shades of green from the trees, which were swaying gently. By the water’s edge, dragonflies were gliding by, dodging the tall bulrushes that stood so proudly. “Wow!” Scarlet thought, getting down onto her knees. “This is something I don’t see everyday!” The lush green grass was neatly cut apart from around the edges of the pond, where it flopped into the water. Scarlet started to explore. She could feel the warm sun beating down on her back. She took off her black shiny shoes and claret socks. Then she dipped her toes into the refreshing water. She looked at the green bridge ahead of her. “I wonder what’s on the other side?” she thought. Scarlet sighed, got up and put her socks and shoes back on. Scarlet stepped tentatively onto the unsteady green bridge. It made a slight wobble and creaked loudly. “Is this bridge safe to go over?” wondered Scarlet,

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beginning to worry. “Will I make it to the other side?” She was so busy looking at the other end of the bridge that she did not notice it was breaking under her feet. She glanced down quickly, and to her horror she saw that the planks of wood were giving way under her. She clung to the rail of the bridge for dear life and panicking made a giant leap back onto land. “Splash!” The broken, rotting pieces of wood hit the bluey green waterlily pond. “Oh no! What’s happened?” asked Scarlet out loud. “I wonder if it’s because I hadn’t finished painting the bridge and that’s why it broke? What am I going to do now?” she gasped, scratching her head. “I need to get over there somehow. But how?” She thought and thought but nothing came to mind. Blinking through her hot tears, she saw in the distance a strange figure slowly trudging towards her. As this figure limped along, its jet black cloak drifted from side to side as the soft winds blew beneath it. Its face was hidden in its pointy hood. “Who is this mysterious person?” thought Scarlet, as the hairs stood up on the back of her neck. The figure took down its hood, revealing a man. This man had bright blue eyes that could light up a stormy day. His black, wiry hair looked like a bird’s nest that had fallen out of a tree. The smell that rose from his body was as though a skunk had sprayed him millions of times. His skin was wrinkled and dry like an old, shrivelled leather boot. His long twig-like nose twitched. With him he had a black leather briefcase. Scarlet was anxious, wondering what was inside it. She took a few steps back, frightened to death. Slowly the man opened the odd case and Scarlet peered in. She saw an unusual glow. What was this baffling light? The man took an amazing, glowing pencil out of the case and handed it to Scarlet silently. “Use it well,” he said in his deep voice. Then he strode into the darkness, his black cloak hovering in the air behind him.

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Puzzled, Scarlet stared at the pencil, which was all the colours of a rainbow and was thicker than a normal pencil. She didn’t know what it was but she was eager to find out what it did and immediately tried to figure it out. Waving the pencil manically around, she randomly decided to draw a butterfly in the air to see what would happen. There was a big flash and a beautiful golden butterfly unexpectedly appeared out of the blue! Staring at the fluttering butterfly, Scarlet was astonished. She felt thrilled with joy. She thought the pencil was so cool and she wanted to keep it forever! “I need to do something about this broken bridge,” murmured Scarlet. “What about the magic pencil? I could use it again!” she cried excitedly, pulling the pencil out of her dirty school skirt. Her beautiful eyes concentrated fully on her pencil as she drew the bridge exactly the way it was before it collapsed, but properly this time. It looked much more steady. She put the pencil back in her pocket, and holding her pocket closed to make sure the pencil didn’t fall out, she stepped nervously onto the bridge. She clutched the side tightly and carefully walked across. Each step she took she did cautiously. “Please don’t collapse again!” begged Scarlet, breathing heavily. “One more step!” she encouraged herself. For the last step she jumped off the bridge. “WOW!” gasped Scarlet. “This pencil can draw anything! It may come in handy for what might come my way in this unusual land.” Her shaking hand came away from the rails of the bridge.

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As she trudged through the gooey mud, Scarlet saw a movement in the bushes ahead of her. “Hello, is anyone there?” she whispered in a shaky voice, and ran to a tree to hide. When she peered from behind the colossal oak, she saw a magnificent golden wing. It curved through the air in a perfect arc. The creature looked like something out of an Ancient Roman myth. The beast had strong muscular horse’s legs with a human torso and hairy arms. Its shimmering wings glowed as it scratched its chest. The beast spun round and glared at Scarlet, its eyes bulging with hate and spite. Scarlet froze to the spot in pure horror. The beast hesitated for a second then lunged towards her, roaring. The noise was deafening. Scarlet dived out of the way to the safety of a nearby bush. With immense strength, the beast smashed down the tree, which made an enormous crash as it slumped to the ground. The monster’s gnawed nails grabbed Scarlet’s blazer. “Are you trying to get past?” yelled the beast, beating its hooves on the ground. “Um… uh…” gulped Scarlet, her heart pounding in her chest as if it were trying to burst free from her ribcage. “You are trespassing on my home!” screeched the creature, flapping its huge golden wings. The beast suddenly took off into the air and circled Scarlet’s head. Scarlet grabbed her magic pencil and started to draw the distinctive shape of a sword. She yanked it off the ground quickly and took a wild swing, but foolishly she hit a tree. She cursed to herself. As she struggled to pull out the sword, the creature came forwards, sensing an opportunity. Scarlet closed her eyes and mustered her strength to blindly beat it off. As the sword came free the creature made a vicious attack with its hooves but it hit a rock and smashed it in half. Scarlet stumbled over a tree stump and landed hard on her back. She thrashed the sword around madly, attempting to strike the monster down. There was blood spilling out of the creature. Scarlet gripped her sword and with one almighty breath she slashed her weapon and the creature dropped to the ground. Scarlet stood there as fear took over her body. She shuddered as she gazed around her unfamiliar surroundings in bewilderment. Her normally smiley face was pale and tired. She was not in the waterlily painting any more. She was in a picture that she didn’t know and certainly did not want to know.

She was in a forest, but there was something different about this forest. It seemed there was no life and all the colour had been sucked out of it. Tall, grey, bare trees surrounded her for miles and miles. They loomed over her, casting giant shadows on the ground. Charred branches drooped down and there were deep claw marks on some of the trunks. One tree had an actual claw lodged in its bark. Intrigued by what she saw, Scarlet yanked the claw out and examined it. It was long, thin and very sharp. Black blood was smeared on some of the rocks nearby and silvery grey ash was scattered over the ground. Huge bird footprints were etched in the ash. A charred smell lingered in the air. It seemed as though the forest had been on fire. Scarlet felt small and scared, vulnerable to whatever lay around in the forest. But still she trudged on. She kept looking behind her to check no one was there. “I know what I can do,” she whispered to herself, thinking that this was worse than her scariest nightmares. She took out her pencil and drew her teddy bear and a blanket and held them tightly. She was still frightened and did not know where to go. “Help, is anyone here? I’m lost. Help!” screamed Scarlet. For a moment she thought someone was replying to her cries but it was only the echo of her voice.

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Suddenly, the silence of the forest was broken by the ear-splitting screech of a phoenix. The massive bird landed, filling the air with the smell of burnt charcoal. The phoenix, in all its glory, had sun-gold flames sprouting from its back, head, wings and tail. It had red unblinking eyes that sparkled like rubies. Before Scarlet could react, the phoenix launched a massive fireball at her. Scarlet screamed as she jumped out of the way onto the wet grass. The fireball just missed, singeing her hair! Scarlet was absolutely petrified! Then the fiery bird tried to swipe her with its burning talons. The talons caught Scarlet’s school uniform and it started to burn. Quickly, Scarlet whisked out her magic pencil and drew a fire extinguisher, which she proceeded to spray all over herself and the phoenix. Scarlet realised this was a mistake as the foamy spray hit the phoenix in the face. The screech from this terrifying bird was so loud trees fell over. The phoenix blasted flames in all directions, creating a forest fire. Scarlet started spraying the fire and eventually put it out. But that gave the phoenix time to get back to full strength. Then Scarlet had an amazing idea. She drew a fire hose and aimed it at the phoenix. It screamed in shock and flew away, squawking in pain. Scarlet slowly stumbled off, relieved to have escaped the phoenix and to have survived the whole ordeal. But to Scarlet’s horror the phoenix came back for more. It launched a red hot streaming jet of fire at her. But Scarlet was prepared and launched more water at it. The spray hit the phoenix in the face and it slumped to the ground. Its eyes rolled, then closed. The mighty phoenix was dead! As Scarlet crept warily through the forest, jumping over fallen trees and dodging low-hanging branches, she gazed at the misty woodland ahead. She spotted an old run-down cottage at the end of the forest path. The cottage walls were a worn mess of peeling cream paint. A thatched roof, bare in places, clung onto the cottage. The door was hanging off its rusty hinges. But somehow it could still close and lock.

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A young, pretty woman wearing a red dress appeared from behind a bush, her blue eyes sparkling in the blazing sun. “Would you like to come into my cottage for a rest?” asked the woman with a smile. “Yes, please,” replied Scarlet, feeling that perhaps this was someone who could help her. The young woman led Scarlet into the cottage. The coolness of the interior hit her warm skin. Her eyes took a while to adjust to the dimness of the room and soon she was able to see the mismatched furniture. The woman went into the kitchen and opened a small cupboard. She got out some chipped china cups and put them on the table. “Just getting some firewood!” called the woman as she stepped outside. Scarlet heard a key turning in the lock of the door. She ran to the dusty window and saw a cloud of grey smoke gradually form around the lady. As it blew away Scarlet saw that the woman had turned into a witch! Gone was the pretty, smiley woman and in her place was a hunched old crone with frizzy grey hair that fell past her shoulders. “I will cook you in my house and eat you for dinner!” snarled the witch, a sly grin appearing on her warty, wrinkled face. As she laughed her long nose bounced up and down and her black eyes glinted evilly at Scarlet. “Cook her, cook her, big old house! Turn up the heat and watch her try and get out!” cackled the witch, waving her wand. Scarlet screamed and banged at the door. She looked all around the cottage to find a spare key. Then she spotted the back door. She ran over to it and tried to open it by pulling on the old wooden handle. It was

no use, the door was locked. She pulled out her magic pencil and started to draw. She drew a key that looked like a toothbrush with only two clumps of bristles. She tried it in the door, but the key wouldn’t budge. She drew another one, this time with three teeth. Scarlet tried this in the door but it still wouldn’t budge. After ten minutes Scarlet was beginning to feel as hot as if she was under the blazing heat of the desert sun. She had drawn tons of keys but none of them had worked. She glanced worriedly out of the window. The witch had vanished but had dropped something on the floor. As it glinted in the sunlight Scarlet realised what it was. “The key!” she exclaimed, jumping with joy. Scarlet started to think about how she could get the key. She whipped out her pencil and started to draw. “Done!” she said, staring proudly at her creation. Grabbing the nearest crooked chair, Scarlet swung it with all her might at the window, her heart pounding as the glass shattered into a million pieces. She picked up the fishing rod she had drawn earlier and cast the line through the broken window. “That fishing trip with dad really paid off,” she thought as she hooked up the key with precision first time. As she reeled it in, the witch stormed out from the trees. “Oi!” shouted the witch, angrily. She ran to get the key but it was too late. Hastily, Scarlet drew a magic wand. “Be gone!” she cried in a small voice. A puff of smoke filled the air and the witch disappeared with a flash. Scarlet darted to the front door and unlocked it. Everything looked normal. She was wandering back through the forest with a dozen thoughts in her head when suddenly something crossed her mind. “When would she get home?”

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Scarlet began to run. Suddenly she stumbled upon a hedge that was bigger than a double-decker bus. “Where am I?” shrieked Scarlet, peering up at the blunt triangular-shaped green leaves leaning over her. “Hello, is anybody here?” she whispered nervously, edging closer to the hedge, but there was no reply. Scarlet wanted to go back home to her warm cosy bedroom. Her eyes released a couple of tears, which rolled down her cheeks. She felt so lost and alone. But she was not going to give up. She was strong. So she tiptoed over to a gap in the hedge and walked through. Ahead of her was another opening in the hedge so

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she ran towards it. Then there was another opening and another until she stopped and looked around. It dawned on her that she was in a maze. She was frightened because the openings in the hedges had disappeared behind her so even if she wanted to stop she could not. She just had to keep going. “Wait!” she cried. “With my magic pencil perhaps I can rub out some of the hedges to get to the end!” She reached into her pocket and got out the pencil. Somehow the pencil made her feel better. She started to rub out the hedge but as soon as she had rubbed it out it would re-grow really quickly. It was impossible to penetrate, so she had to keep going through all the openings of the maze. Finally she reached the middle and found a ruby. It was quite heavy and very big and shiny. “Wow! This is the shiniest ruby I have ever seen,” gasped Scarlet. “I wonder what this is for?” she muttered, looking at the ruby closely. She carried on strolling around the hedges and looking round the corners until she was stopped in her tracks by a man. The man’s face was hidden by an indigo mask but Scarlet could see that he was old because of his wrinkled hands. “May I get past you, kind sir. I need to get home,” mumbled Scarlet, not quite sure what to make of the man. He did not answer. The only thing he did was put out his hand. Scarlet was a bit worried. She stepped back and hesitated and then she remembered that she had a ruby. She opened her hand, revealing the gem. But the man ran up and grabbed the ruby out of her hand and then let her go past him. “You may pass, Scarlet, but be careful. You have many dangers to look out for,” muttered the old man. Scarlet looked at him warily. “How do you know my…?” But before she could finish the old man had vanished, leaving a trail of gold dust. “Wow, this is a strange world!” exclaimed Scarlet. She thought hard. “Shall I follow the trail of the gold dust or not? It could be a trap,” she wondered. Then she decided. “I will take a risk and follow the gold dust.” So she kept following the gold dust and soon she was back in the forest.

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Scarlet tiptoed quietly through the forest, which now looked as if it was getting its colour back. She wondered what was going to happen next. She checked her pocket, feeling with her fingers for the outline of the pencil to make sure it was still there. Her amazing pencil meant everything to her and it had got her out of dangerous situations. She could hear the wind blowing against the trees and the birds calling to one another. It felt so peaceful, though she sensed that something was following her. Scarlet tensed up. She noticed the trees had an unusual-looking bark on their trunks. Suddenly she heard a mysterious noise and turned cautiously. She looked at the trees again and noticed parts of the glistening green and brown bark quivering then peeling off. Scarlet gazed around her at the rustling shapes that started to seem like over-sized butterflies emerging and beginning to fly towards her from all directions. Startled, she leapt back in fright. There was a flutter of fierce butterflies closing in on her so forcefully that she had to scramble to her feet and run as fast as she could away from them. There were hundreds of them following her through the forest all the way to a mound of dead leaves and mud. Scarlet leant back onto a soft, wet, comfortable bed, catching her breath. The huge butterflies hovered in mid-air above her. She had to think very quickly. The butterflies began to attack her with furiousity, jabbing where they could. Scarlet whipped out her amazing pencil and sketched an outline of a wooden door with a big knob, then opened it and ran though. She slammed the door and drew a key and locked it. She leant against the door, breathless. Her head hurt. When she opened her eyes, she saw that the bridge and the waterlily pond were ahead of her.

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Scarlet stumbled to the bridge in despair. “How am I going to get back home?” she wondered as she fiddled with the magic pencil. She sat on the dark green bridge and started to sketch her classroom, beginning with the tables and chairs, the children and the teacher. Then she started to draw the more detailed bits of the painting, such as the teacher’s mug and the bookshelves. She felt like Monet, sitting on the riverside painting a picture of the classroom. “Well,” she sighed. “I never expected this to happen in a million years. I hope it works.” Suddenly, the small picture began to glow and then it started to grow! The painted people inside the picture began to move. Swirls, spirals and colours were wibbling and wobbling and Scarlet could hear the voices of the children and the teachers.

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What happened next was astonishing. Scarlet was engulfed by a bright white light and she disappeared! Suddenly she was lying on the floor of the classroom in a heap. Everyone was completely dumbfounded that a little girl had fallen onto the classroom floor. Scarlet’s eyes were fuzzy from the bright light but all in all she was OK. People were murmuring as she picked herself up. “What happened? Are you OK? You were gone one minute, and back the next!” But Scarlet felt so happy to be back in the safety of the classroom, in the real world! She walked over to her painting and saw that her bridge was completed. But on the bridge was the magic pencil, its colours reflecting onto the pond. Scarlet smiled to herself as she remembered the pencil’s magic powers.

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Acknowledgements Class 3J

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Class 4W

Teacher: Judy Joyce

Teacher: Lisa Dines

Teacher: Vikki West

Lou-Lou Barnes Toby Bott Nicole Bruce Jacey Byrne Daisy Cove Nicole Dovey Samuel French Ciaran Hassall Charlotte Hawker Sam Jeanes George Kerr Mason Lee Fern Locks Kimberley Mileham Mia Morrison Joshua Norwood Bobbyjoe Porter Molly Saltmarsh George Sparrow Oscar Tune Alex Warren Jack Wheller Georgie Wind Ethan Wood Ryan Wood

George Adams Nisa Akyel Milly Bowman Shannon Braddick George Burgess Bobby Burgoyne Thomas Dacey Thomas Dodge Lily Dyer Harry Egglesden Oliver Everett Rhiannon Featherstone Jack Godfrey Charlotte Griffiths Riley Guy George Hawker David Hopkinson Jessica Jordan Tanya Lindfield Jack Martin Edward Redgrave Kimberley Riches Joe Rudd Isabella Smith Camelia zekri

Alex Alavoine Padraig Bailey-Sra Charlie Byrne Joshua Carr Sammy Cook Dominic Crew Saffy Devlin Molly Doyle Ella Duggan Charlie Fitzpatrick Bradley Fox Charlie Holland Eleanor Jarmy Sean John Nikola Koza Kieron Lerendu Riley Millard Madeleine Pickard Samuel Popham Lucy Pushman Jamie-Lee Saunders Samanta Saveikyte James Stamper James Wilks Toby Williams Sunnymede Junior School |

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Teacher: Nicky Hathaway

Teachers: Ann Swaysland and Gillian Hough

Teacher: Ben Varley

Jasmine Bissett-Jury Amelia Braby Grant Bradley-Case Ben Chown Aaron Cooper Sam Cornish Florence Crew Kay Davidson Chelsea Fullman Laurence Hervey Oliver Hunt Georgia Hurst Millie Johnson Ryan Kirby Louis Lamb Gracie McAuliffe Jayden Millard Samuel Morrison Mia Riches Erika Rogers Joshua Simkins Nathan Smith Cameron Southwood Will Stock Thomas Storey

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Lewis Attridge Archie Barker Joseph Boutel Macy Bradbrook Mia Breading Thomas Cantwell Chloe Castle Harrison Chapman Alexander Dowsett Hannah Ford Alfie Goldsworthy Eddy Gray George Hales Megan Hawker Amber Hedges Cara Houlton Jayden Kear Cayce Lamprell Heather Locks Paige Lowrie Conor Lyons Kelly-Louise Mathieson Elsie Moore Victoria Sparrow Emily Stevens Samuel Thompson Lauren Turner Jack Warr

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Jordan Andrews Shaun Austin Sam Berry Katie Burton Tyler Crawford Matthew Cruse Eleanor Dorman William Dovey Nicola Farndon Megan Fox Sidney Frankham Tyler Freeman Oliver Gleeson Jack Goldsworthy Jena Harkness Charlotte Hennessy Elliot Hervey Samuel Hume Bradley Mileham Matthew Norman Harvey Taylor Leanne Taylor Harry Vanson Jack Watson Tahlia Watts-Lewis Faye Willis

Hannah Badger Thomas Betts Jed Bowman Samuel Cappaert Keelan Carpenter Connie Davies Kieran Dyer Catherine Fashanu Megan Fitzgerald Anya Harris Chloe Jury Calum Lightfoot Amy Loss Bethany Logan Danielle McDonald Connie Morgan Hannah Morgan Lucy Nurcombe Amy Pavitt Ellie Rudd Aidan Sansom Loucas Savvides Joseph Simkins Rebecca Solomons Kai Warren Matthew Welsford

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Additional Teachers:


Carol King Jo Lyon Peter yaxley

Karen Cooke

Learning Support Assistants: Linda Brugioni Debbie Bryan Jackie Hatch Julie John June Martin Kerry Morris Wendie Stevens Alice Warner Wendy Whybrow

Office Team: Sue Farrow Jane Lyon Sarah Stock

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Out of this World | Sunnymede Junior School

Creative Practitioners: Rachel Anderson Ceri Davies Chris Hall Kat Hall Danya Miller Vicky Wilson

Creative Agents: Maureen Fell Maria Turley

About this book: Out of this World is the culmination of a collaboration between Sunnymede Junior School and Royal Opera House Education in Thurrock as part of the 2010–11 national Creative Partnerships programme. From January to April 2011 Sunnymede was buzzing with book-mania. Storyteller Danya Miller made regular visits to the school to inspire the children to write. Artists Rachel Anderson, Ceri Davies and Kat Hall led classes in bookbinding, paper and making. Editor and writer Vicky Wilson led workshops to help staff develop strategies for creating the class stories, as well as advising on the minutiae of publishing. Graphic designer Chris Hall held sessions to encourage an adventurous approach to illustration and design, as well as translating the final artwork into printable form. The project was coordinated by creative agents Maria Turley and Maureen Fell, working with headteacher Karen Cooke and deputy head Jacky Colgan. The visiting artists and writers undoubtedly provided inspiration and technical know-how, but all the words and pictures in the book, as well as the design of its pages, were created by the students, working with their teachers and LSAs. We wanted to motivate the children to improve their writing skills and, at the same time, provide an opportunity for staff to work as a team on a whole school creative project. We believe the finished product demonstrates phenomenal success on both counts.

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Out of this World What happens when Henry, Jake and Rosie are sucked through the nozzle of an abandoned hoover into Rosie’s painting of a snow-capped landscape haunted by a hideous snake-headed monster? Or when James, Jess, Victor and Holly fall through the stock-cupboard floor into the warring realms of the Sluffies and Zergoids? Or when a loose mosaic tile brings Will and Cleo face to face with the enigmatic Sphinx? Or when Jamie-Lee travels back in time to save her parents’ marriage?

Out of this World contains nine exciting adventure stories, each written and illustrated collectively by children from Sunnymede Junior School in Billericay, Essex. Read and enjoy them – and discover the secret worlds of the imagination that lie behind the walls of a school just like yours!


Out of this World – Sunnymede Junior School – 2011

Sunnymede Junior School

Out of this World Sunnymede Junior School