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Stage 1 Canbury to Robin Hood Gate


Dorich House

Guidelines for the Walk 1. The Canbury Code should be followed at all times. 2. You must keep to the path. 3. Try not to drop litter—If you do—please pick it up again. 4. Do not damage plants. 5. Respect the wildlife in the Park.

6. Remember the Highway Code—stop, look, listen Cross the road when your Teacher tells you to do so. 7. Be safe—not everyone is friendly! 8. Drink plenty of water. 9. If it is hot wear your hat and put on sun cream —Slip, Slap, Slop as they say in Australia. (The slop is wear a T-shirt that covers your shoulders.) 10. Look after your personal belongings

Stage 2 Robin Hood Gate to Richmond Park Golf Course


White Lodge - Ballet School

Can you not see me?

Raising Money for KCAH

Stage 3 Richmond Park Golf Course to Sheen Common (via Sheen Gate)



Can you not see me?

Raising Money for KCAH

Can you not see me?

Raising Money for KCAH

Stage 4 Sheen Common - Bog Gate - Richmond Gate

5 In the past Canbury students have raised considerable amounts of money for a wide range of charities - usually local. In 2005 the total raised was £2,233.26 for “Born Too Soon.” The following year we supported our very close neighbours on Kingston Hill - Warren Park and raised £1900. In 2007 with a massive Auction of Promises and the Sponsored Walk, plus all the fund raisers throughout the year Canbury raised a staggering £7,500 which is over £100 per student! In 2008 £2474,07 was raised for “Born Too Soon” In 2009 Kingston Churches Action on Homeless received just under two thousand pounds. 2010 was another Auction of Promises year - when The Children’s Trust Tadworth were given a cheque for £6,556.97. 2011 Small Steps - £2,369.90, 2012 £1403.97 to SPEAR. 2013 £2494.51 for Shooting Star Chase 2014 ...... Can you not see me?

Raising Money for KCAH

Stage 5 Richmond Gate to the Thames Path via Terraced Gardens

Marble Hill House

"Here let us sweep The boundless landscape; not the raptur’d eye, Exulting swift, to huge Augusta send, Now to the sister-hills that skirt her plain To lofty Harrow now, and then to where Majestic Windsor lifts his princely brow. In lovely contrast to this glorious view, Calmly magnificent." James Thomson 1727

why is this Alien a threat to the Thames? Chinese mitten crab...

Stage 6 Terrace Gardens to Ham House (lunch)


Can you not see me?

Raising Money for KCAH

Stage 7 Ham House to Ham Common



Anna Karenina is a 2012 British romantic drama film directed by Joe Wright and adapted by Tom Stoppard from Leo Tolstoy's 1877 novel & filmed at Ham House.

Stage 8 Ham Common to Ham Gate


Canbury School SPONSORED WALK Friday 23rd May Can you not see me?

10 miles


Kingston Churches Action on Homelessness (KCAH) aims to relieve the distress of homeless and potentially homeless people by the provision of service and resources.

Can you not see me?

Richmond Park - Ham House - back to Canbury

Raising Money for KCAH

Stage 9 - Why bother? Ham Gate to Kingston Gate - let’s walk but not raise money?

We are walking and having a “Day OFF” because we think that it is important to show that we care for our chosen charity KCAH. One of the things they do is called The Access Project TEMPORARY HOUSING KCAH runs a temporary housing project for single people. It is called the "Access Project". Single homeless people rarely have priority need for Council Housing, and this leaves them having to cope for themselves in finding new accommodation. Where there is no drug, alcohol or substance dependence and the client is capable of living independently, the Access Project may be able to help with accommodation. Our practice in the Access Project is to place people into shared houses. These each accommodate 4 to 6 people and each person has their own locked bedroom. The kitchen and the bathroom are shared with the other tenants and each client is responsible for keeping these areas and the common areas of the property clean and tidy. Occasionally, there will also be a common lounge and a garden. Most of our Access clients are men, which reflects the main group of people needing help. However, we do have one property assigned exclusively to women.

Can you not see me?

Raising Money for KCAH

Stage 10 Ham Gate to Kingston Gate

9 10

If we all raised £50 We would have raised £2500 on the sponsored walk this year... This is not an unrealistic target - but we must get out and get the sponsors signed up.... Last year we managed it - can we do better in 2014?

Let’s DO IT!

German School - if needed In case of bad weather for lunch 12 30 - 13 15

Certificate of Completion

This is to certify that ________________________ completed the

Canbury School Sponsored Walk on Friday 23rd May 2014

signed _______________

Sponsored walk maps 2014 do version 2  

maps and info for the canbury school sponsored walk 2014

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