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What is a QR code

A Quick Responds code is a data matrix barcode that can easily be scanned by smartphones and directed to marketing materials for brands and business

They are also known as


Originally used as a method for tracking vehicle part inventory, the Quick Response code is an open source platform now used as a form of scanable barcode.

This is a QR code

New trend of QR codes

How can you use QR codes in marketing and advertising

QR codes offer a unique opportunity for brands and their agencies to interact with potential and existing customers. These two dimensional barcodes can be applied to almost any surface and the information contained within them can be leveraged to create incentives and drivers that lead consumers along the purchase path.

Beyond the purchase, marketers can use the technology to enhance customer service. For example, how-to instructions can be made easily accessible with the simple capture of a QR code & provide an exciting opportunity to interact with customers in ways not previously available to marketers.

How else can you use QR codes

Print—Magazines, posters, flyers, pamphlets, product packaging, and other printed media.

Electronic displays—Computer screens, TVs, Jumbo Trons, and other light-emitting media.

Apparel and other media—Screen-printed on clothing or composed of other materials, such as embroidery, a chocolate wafer, on a watch face, or printed on a bottle, to name a few possibilities.

Do people check social networks on their mobile phones ?

is this FACT or just another assumption

There are more than 200 million active users currently accessing facebook via mobile devices. People that engage facebook on their mobile phones are as twice as active than non-mobile users

Do people scan QR codes

QR code traffic is growing. According to statistics: the year 2010 saw a 16% increase in scans. In year 2011, 40% of Smartphone owners downloaded some form of a code reader on average.

Records show an average user scans 2 - 3 barcodes per month

Have you seen or heard of a QR code

Have you ever scanned a QR code before

it’s very simple

Please pull out your mobile devices

recommends i-nigma by 3Gvision as the best reader. Basic requirements is a camera and a working internet on your mobile device.

Take 1-2min to set up your mobile device to enable you engage a data matrix barcode

Try to capture this code

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These codes are not magical

Its pure advance technology


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