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A. Please 1. Why is the film called "Please"? The main character seems to really like to use the word, or to hear other people use it. He pleads to a photo (of his wife?), to a person in the streets and his former family. 2. What is the main conflict in the story? The main character is a failed writer and is grieving his break-up from the family. He really, really, wants to be published. (He also carries a gun and often points it to his head). It turns out that the publicist likes his novel. 3. Who is the main character? What is he like? What do you think of him He is a unsuccessful writer, it seems at first, and is very probably suffers from some kind of a mental disease, (calls himself mad and acts that way). 3. Did you like the film? Why?Why not? It’s seems alright, sort of a inside the mind of a mental patience thing. I liked My Name Is Lisa better. 4. Is there a moral to the story? What is it? What does the gun signify? I don’t known, maybe get psychiatric help if you need it or don’t carry a loaded gun with you. Maybe not let unstable people take care of a child. The gun maybe represent his unstable condition. B. My Name Is Lisa 1. Who is Lisa? What is she like?’ She is a teenage girl. Seems kind of quirky, likes to read. Her mom forgets a lot of things. Lisa is realistic about the way of the world. Her mom probably has Alzheimer’s. 2. What is the main plot of the story? Lisa is trying to in courage kids to read, but her mom always intervenes and ruins her video. 3. What is the message of the story? How to interact with people with mental illnesses or care for them.

4. Did you like the film? Why? Why not? Yes, although it paints a very negative picture of mental illnesses, it possibly helps people that know little about them. Specially those that have a family member or friend that suffers from them. I also like the fact that the film doesn’t address the main problem head-on, sort of hides the mom’s illness behind Lisa’s project. Later it is very clear what the movie is about. C. Short story - alternative ending - chose either Please or My Name Is Lisa to work with. 1. Write an alternative ending for the film - and explain why you chose to end it differently. My Name Is Lisa, alternative ending: Lisa posts her video project online and gets a lot of comments about her mom. After receiving over twenty emails to her personal account, she takes the video down. She knows that something is wrong with her mom, and she is only getting worse. Soon the neighbors will notice. Lisa has to do something, but she is afraid. She is afraid of losing her mom and afraid of what will happen to herself. The morning after, at six o’clock, Lisa takes the video down she gets a phone call. She answers with a raspy voice. Her mom has been in an accident. She found the keys in the flower pot, Lisa hid them there, and drove into a light post. She is okay, but the hospital has diagnosed her with Alzheimer’s. A few weeks later Lisa visits her mom at the care home. It turns out to be one of the happy visits, where Lisa’s mom remembers her. They eat at the cafeteria and talk for hours. Even about Lisa’s new foster family, which is normally a touchy subject. Later Lisa heads home, her home is in walking distance but she has to hurry to be home for supper. After the move she finally had time for herself and made some friends and got better grades. OR 2. Write a short story, using one of the films as your starting point.

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