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Election thoughts Once again it’s time to consider who to vote for, to rule for another term. Many say the Church should not be involved with politics, but the truth is the Kings and Queens at one time approached the Church for sound advice. Sadly, this is not the case anymore; and now we find ourselves fighting an immoral governing body. It’s easy to become disillusioned, with the way many important referendums were totally ignored, but justice did prevail briefly when Labour lost because of this. We are told to pray for our govern-

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ment and support what is correct, but not remain silent when it is not. But done in the right manner, remember the prayer of agreement can change governments more than angry protests. The unsaved world has a different perspective than a true believer, a change of heart is more important than arguments. Sometimes it comes down to voting for the best we have at the moment, and then praying that God will guide the decisions they make so our nation can prosper in every way. Carefully select where your vote goes; it will be very important this time. Pastor Rod Collins, Living Word Faith Church


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Loneliness: a silent plague Loneliness has become a hot topic. Britain has been called the loneliness capital of Europe. Loneliness is of critical concern in New Zealand, especially among young people and the elderly. It is hard to believe that among the connected generation who have 50-plus friends on

Facebook, that loneliness is so prevalent. Social media can be great when it encourages face- to – face contact, but too often it leads instead to fear and isolation. A study of social media by the University of Michigan found that over-use of Facebook actually reduced life satisfaction. There is a close connection between loneliness and mental health issues. Loneliness sometimes

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leads to increased stress, depression, anxiety, paranoia, addiction and sadly even suicide. We need to realise social media is no substitute for face to face contact. There are two types of loneliness. Social Loneliness – a lack of caring friendships. The solution to this is to belong to a youth club, caring group or church fellowship. Then there is Soul loneliness. This is a deeper loneliness, what the great sociologist Durkheim called Anomie. It is like a cosmic loneliness. Since we are made to enjoy a relationship with a Loving God. This loneliness results from the fact that we are alienated from God. We are out of tune with God at the deepest level of our being. The solution to this is to know the joy of a relationship with Jesus. He said in John 10:10. “I have come that you may have life and have it to the full.” Let’s never under estimate the value of being a friend and having friends. Friends of Jesus and one another. By Rev Jim Wallace, St. Enoch’s Presbyterian Church

The Weekend Sun 12 Sept 2014  

The Weekend Sun 12 September 2014

The Weekend Sun 12 Sept 2014  

The Weekend Sun 12 September 2014