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What’s the Latest Buzz? Volume 4

november 2019

Whitney Key Club CNH District | Region 3 | D30S

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editor’s note editor's note Hey, bedazzling bees. Happy 1st of December! November marked the end of college apps for many seniors, so I wish all Key Club seniors the best of luck! It was surely a busy month for me, so I feel quite regretful that I didn’t have as much time for service as I would like. Nonetheless, I’m glad the turkey month is over as I am ready to welcome in December and the series of wonderful festivities that come along with it. During the holiday season, I hope everyone remembers its the season of giving and to give back to your home, school, and community during this month. After Thanksgiving break, now is the final stretch until December, so let’s keep working hard and serve the community until then! With December, we welcome in some of the most iconic Whitney High School Key Club events such as Rose Float Parade and Lock-In, so make sure to be on the lookout for more details on those events! P.S. Remember to donate to Operation Christmas for the 8 families in desperate need of our help! Shining with Service,

- S$yana Chan -




Happy Holidays Whitney Key Club! With the Thanksgiving/Christmas in full swing I hope you are all having fun with your friends and family. In the past month, Whitney’s been busy!! In November, Division 30 South won our 2nd Spirit stick in a row and we’ve also raised $15,600+ for the Pediatric Trauma Program!!! Whitney was able to raise $2,000 of that total so thank you all for your hard work at bake sales, food nights, and school drives. We also held our very first Service week where we made sun plushies, made peanut butter jelly sandwiches for the Long Beach Rescue Mission and more! Look out for some of the most exciting events of the term in December. Our biggest drive of the year, Operation Christmas is almost here, and Lock-in and Key Club elections are also coming up fast. I know that while this is the most wonderful time of the year, it can also be the most stressful. I hope that while you are busy studying for tests, volunteering at service events, and keeping up with all your extracurriculars, you find time for yourself. Give yourself a break, spend some time with your loved ones, and make the most of the season.

- Josie Nieh -



SERVICE Every month, the CNH Spotlight on Service Program focuses on a specific theme to encourage active participation with organizations and initiatives, promoting a variety of service projects.

— december’s theme —

PROVIDING BASIC NEEDS December is the month of giving gifts and giving back to your home, school, and community. The CNS District believes that Key Clubbers can unite together and make a difference for those who may not be as fortunate as us. This December, Key Club wishes to emphasize the importance of helping to provide families with the basic needs to survive in the midst of the chilly weather. As a result, Whitney High School Key Club hosts their annual “Operation Christmas Drive”, which intends to tackle this month’s SOSP. Whitney High School Key Club encourages everyone to donate to help provide these families and their children the basic needs. With your monetary and food donations, we will be able to provide these families with a full stomach, warm clothes for chillier months, and the gifts they desire the most. However, it doesn’t only end there! Please extend the theme beyond the drive and instill in into your lives.


PROGRESS TRACKER since the term started…

fundraising $3,703.30

service hours 685 5127.4


service week service week Emily Thang | Director of Activities

Building our homes, schools, and communities. Caring for all, no matter who they are. Giving time to support special events. Donating to meaningful causes. Sounds great, right? Of course, all of this can be summed up in one word: service. And, what better than a week full of service to celebrate and give back to our community? (Nothing!) Behold, the glorious Service Week—something that Whitney Key Club has never done before in its many years of service! Service Week took place from Monday, November 18th to Thursday, November 21st. This was a series of after-school service activities in which volunteers could easily engage in service without having to travel far, right in the comfort of our own school! Each service activity corresponded to a specific “theme,” as denoted by their special names. We kicked off Service Week with Mission Monday, then Tidy Up Tuesday, followed by Work-It Wednesday and Thankful Thursday. Let’s take a glimpse into what each day was all about:


Did someone say sandwiches? That’s right: SANDWICHES! On Monday after-school in the MPR, we hosted a peanut butter and jelly sandwichmaking extravaganza, in which the sandwiches made would be donated to the Long Beach Rescue Mission, an organization dedicated to helping individuals overcome homelessness by providing food and other much-needed resources. Armed with our gloves, plastic knives, jars of peanut butter and jelly, and bread slices, we were all ready to assemble sandwiches and fulfill our mission of feeding the less fortunate. In the end, we were able to make a grand total of over 140 sandwiches to donate to the Long Beach Rescue Mission— what a great accomplishment! On Monday, Whitney Key Club was able to make a small dent in the big problem of hunger, thanks to YOU; even so, service doesn’t stop there… onto Tidy Up Tuesday!



Park? Cleaned. Environment? Benefited. Trash? Don’t know her—taking 
 place after-school at the neighboring Cerritos Park East, volunteers were able to tidy up this beloved park and clear the grounds of any litter! Objects ranging from cigarette buds to plastic bottles to wrappers were properly disposed of using our trusty gloves and giant trash bags. After virtually all trash that could be found in the park was discarded, we proceeded to head back to Whitney to help pick up trash. After all, with all that the custodians constantly do for our school to keep it clean and spotless each and every day, it’s time for us to repay them for their service and help them out! We ended up collecting at least 7 full bags of trash at the conclusion of the event: a success!


Suns, fun, and glue guns… what could it possibly be? Perhaps the most exciting service activity of the week, Work-It Wednesday was a sun plushie-making event, in which all plushies made would be sold for $4 each to fundraise for our annual, upcoming Operation Christmas drive. Volunteers were able to bond with fellow Key Clubbers and watch Disney’s Tangled while crafting these adorable plushies, as well as customize their suns by drawing unique facial expressions. All in all, this activity was definitely fun (and a little addicting) for everyone, yet still rewarding as we were working it by fundraising for a meaningful cause.

THANKFUL THURSDAY In light of Thanksgiving and turkey season, you know we can’t have Thanksgiving without “thanks” or “giving”! At this activity, volunteers congregated around Senior Square to make posters and fold origami as gifts for the La Palma Kiwanis! The Kiwanis, an essential branch of our Key Club family, often provide funds, chaperones, advice, and scholarships for our Key Clubbers. In other words, the Kiwanis allow us to thrive as a club and aid us in our goal to build our home, school, and community, and to serve our nation and the world. Thus, to show our deep appreciation of their hard work, Whitney Key Club gave posters and origami to the Kiwanis members at Kiwanis-giving. The volunteers, using their collaborative efforts and admirable artistic skills, were all able to create stunning posters and equally amazing origami. How thankful we are for our Kiwanis!



Emma Phungraksakiat | Historian/Tech Editor

Cerritos Chinese School Carnival On November 16th, the Cerritos Chinese School held its annual carnival at Carmenita Middle School. This event was longer than others being 9AM to 3PM., but Whitney Key Club had many volunteers attend! There were also Gahr Key Clubbers and Cerritos Key Clubbers; it served as an amazing opportunity to get to know other wildcats and Key Clubbers in our school district! The event organizers separated everyone into duos to help run the individual games. Volunteers helped set up the games and the carnival, in general. My partner and I managed the ball in bowl game, in which a player had to throw the ping pong balls into small plastic bowls. The parents and kids were all very encouraging and kind to the volunteers, and when playing this game, they all stayed optimistic and cheerful. Volunteers had a great time getting to know each other while enjoying the carnival from the sidelines as small children danced and parents sang. One of the managers of the event told us that without help from volunteers, this event could not have ran as smoothly and successfully as it did. That very statement is representative of the Key Club organization as a whole. The impact of volunteers have on the community is worth more than what a number on a record. Caring—Our Way of Life is the honored Key Club motto, and it serves as the statement that dedicated Key Clubbers live by. In order to actually create an impact on another person or organization, one must simply care enough to ensure that the event goes well for the organization. Being volunteers, we always do the tasks that are easy and fun to do, but we do so to allow the event’s coordinators to focus on other important aspects. This event, among numerous others, was close and helping out at this event was another way to give back to our community that has given wildcats so much.

Emma Phungraksakiat | Historian/Tech Editor

november dcm dcm november 

November 2nd was an absolutely beautiful day and the date that November DCM took place! It was also a week before Fall Rally South 2019; therefore, to prepare for one of the biggest events of the term, DCM led on to Spirit Night #3. In the beginning, our sunny LTG Ali AlSaleem gave the division updates, and Whitney Key Club earned 2nd Shining Club of the Month and our division and home Spirit Coordinator, Elu Loquias, earned Division Leadership Team Officer of the Month! Thank you so much Whitney Key Club for all your service and to Elu for putting in so much dedication and time into making sure that Fall Rally South went amazingly this year!! Now, this DCM was also a Spirit Night. This Spirit Night was to prepare us for the 3rd Round, which is the last and has the top three best divisions. At this event, everyone was split up by school, and a small Spirit Committee group would help with learning the cheers. Because this DCM was from 3 pm to 6 pm, as Historian/Tech Editors, my co Michelle and I got some amazingly cute pictures of all the wildcats who attended. From the sunset casting a beautifully orange golden hour to Key Clubbers having fun, I hope that everyone who went had a great time, and I can’t wait to see who’s going to December DCM!



Megan Hur| Vice-President

bake sales

An easy way you can fundraise is through a successful bake sale!: 1. FIND A GOOD LOCATION. Finding a location to do your bake sales at is difficult, as some stores and plazas don’t allow soliciting in front of businesses. Call grocery stores and home goods stores and ask to speak with the manager or meet them in person. Make sure to take note of what their name is to clear up any confusion you may have later on. 2. BE PREPARED WITH SUPPLIES AND BAKED GOODS. Remember to be prepared with all the supplies you need to serve customers. Essentials are paper plates, some small and some regular-sized, napkins, tongs, and gloves. Don’t forget the homemade baked goods! It’s preferable to bake treats at home the night before the bake sale to have time to cool down before. 3. LOOK PRESENTABLE. Make your table attractive by decorating it with a festive and appropriate tablecloth and add decorations that matches the theme and the cause of the bake sale. Use posters to attract customers who want to know more about what it's about. Listing the name and possible allergy ingredients on them is a nice touch! 4. KNOW WHAT YOU’RE RAISING MONEY FOR. This may sound silly at first, but it’s super important! Make sure you know in great detail what cause or charity you’re raising money for. Be prepared and know the answers to possible questions on it. 5. BE HAPPY AND SMILE. Don’t forget to smile! It may be a hot, cold, or long day, but people don't want to hear from someone who is tired or sad. Be passionate about the cause you’re raising money for and be polite. If you get turned down, make sure to say, “Thank you, have a good day!”


Rawnie Singh| Director of Kiwanis/Member Relations Being on break, I’ve had a chance to relax my mind for the first time since school started and just reflect on everything. These past couple of months, I’ve learned and grown so much. During the school year, everyone is so busy and for so many of us, it just feels like a routine, as if time is passing by. I’m the same way. There have been times when after just thinking about the list of things I had to do and clubs I have to juggle along with school work, I felt so discouraged because it seemed and felt impossible. Now that it’s break and I’ve had time to just let go for a little bit and think about everything, I’ve realized it’s the people who’ve kept me going. The people who are always there to brighten my day. The people who listen to me and are there for a hug. The people who are compassionate and open minded. The people who remind me that there's a silver lining to everything, no matter how bad it may seem at first. The people who support me and stand by my side no matter what, and are never afraid to be honest for a reality check. The people who taught me to appreciate the small things. The people who taught me to embrace change. The people who taught me how to stay humble and level headed while still staying true to myself my self worth. Being in a competitive environment like Whitney’s every day clouds our minds in a negative way. But, I’ve also found so many new, real people in the midst of the chaos that is Whitney, as well as learning to love people who’ve been in my life for a while — even more than I did before. The few sweet grapes I found in a bunch of sour grapes are proof that there is always going to be negative in order for there to be positive. If we want the positive, we have to deal with the negatives. I appreciate the people who have been there every time I struggled, but always reminded me to look at things from the bright side. There will always be a few diamonds in a pile of trash. Those diamonds make sorting through that trash worth it. Every break is a good time to reflect. Let’s be grateful for everything and everyone and ALWAYS stay humble.



Susie Toscano | Spirit Coordinator

FALL fall RALLY rally SOUTH south We pop out with service, I’m with the suns!!! What’s up Whitney Key Club, it’s your Fall Rally South Task Coordinator with the recap on this years FRS. First of all, I’d like to thank everyone who decided to take the time out of their day to attend the spirit nights. Sitting/ standing for two hours while chanting the same repetitive cheers was not easy, but we managed to get through it. At our last spirit night, I got the chance to really see how far we’ve come in such a short amount of time. On the way to six flags, I was able to reflect on all the wonderful things our division has been able to accomplish. It’s amazing to think that 250+ members came out to support the Pediatric Trauma Program. Having been announced as the first group to commence the spirit session, I was nervous. After round one, having to wait through opposing divisions cheers and comparing them to our own began to make me sweat. What helped me through it was hearing all the support and spirit we had when buying board members, including our own District Governor! Making it through round one was amazing and although round two was admittedly a little rough, we surpassed and to make it into the final round. This time against the otters and the dragons. This time, we were to go last. This meant having the responsibility to end off the spirit session with a bang. As 30 South finished our final cheer, I knew I was content with our performance regardless of the place achieved. As they were announcing the winners of the spirit stick for spirit session 3, I sat down with eyes closed and sweaty palms. The moment division 30 South was announced, my heart was filled with so much love. How lucky it was that I was blessed to be gifted with such a talented division, and home club, one that raised over $15,500 for the Pediatric Trauma Program. FRS was definitely an unforgettable experience and it was truly an honor serving at the FRS task coordinator for this term and I know that next year Division 30 South will come back for a three heat.

Ayaan Ekram | Treasurer 14

WE WON THAT SPIRIT STICK! EH WE WON THAT SPIRIT STICK! It feels like just the other day I was going to the first spirit night of this year. I remember feeling excited for another Fall Rally South and, simultaneously, anxious to find out if our division was still spirited enough to win a spirit stick at Fall Rally for the second year in a row. I was anything but disappointed.
 On November 10th, Key Clubbers from all around Southern California, came together at Six Flags Magic Mountain for Fall Rally South, one of the most exciting Key Club events of the year. This event helps support the Pediatric Trauma Program, a program created to help fund communities and hospitals around California, Nevada, and Hawaii so they could prevent trauma—accidental injuries such as biking injuries—in children of 14 years or younger. Since May, schools all around California, Nevada, and Hawaii have been raising money to fund this amazing program. Fall Rally South marks a checkpoint where the District takes a count of all the money raised for PTP while raising more money by donating a portion of the ticket price to the Pediatric Trauma Program. Therefore, this event is an amazing way to both have fun with friends all around the state and also aid children. One of the most exciting parts of Fall Rally is the Spirit Session. Different divisions compete to win a spirit stick, and all the glory that comes along with it. This stick was what Division 30 South was prepared to win after our 4 Spirit Nights. Honestly, during the spirit session, the volume of the other divisions made us all nervous, but in the end our unity, enthusiasm, and amazing spirit brought us to the top. Division 30 South won the Spirit Stick for a second year in a row. Fall Rally South was again my favorite event of the my Key Club experience. I can’t wait until the next Fall Rally as this year I was able to grow closer to my friends, make new friends, and meet friends I haven’t seen in years. I encourage everyone to go to Fall Rally next year. For all you seniors who won’t be able to go again, sign up for District Convention, as DCON is also an amazing experience you will never forget. Look out for more information on DCON or feel free to speak to anyone on Key Club cabinet about it. To all of you who attended Fall Rally, congratulations on winning the spirit stick. Say it one last time: WE WON THAT SPIRIT STICK! EH WE WON THAT SPIRIT STICK! 


Keep the Key Club Spirit Ally Chung | Director of Fundraising

Within the time period of barely two months, we experienced and are preparing ourselves to experience three very important events. One was, obviously, Fall Rally South (taking place on November 9) where our Division 30 South made history by taking home the spirit stick for the second consecutive year in a row. Following right after is now Thanksgiving break where we get to rest and spend time with our families while also hosting or attending a Friendsgiving here and there. And lastly, all of us our counting down the days until winter break and from there, then counting down till that wonderful day of the year, Christmas. However, once we return from winter break, it’ll already be 2020, a new decade. And as is customary for us high schoolers, we’ll already have our long list of New Year’s resolutions done and for many of us, there will be one item dedicated to a resolution along the lines of, “I will participate in Key Club.” However, why can’t we make this a reality before we even go on winter break? As a member that struggled quite a bit as well in maintaining the Key Club spirit, here are some tips to keep the Key Club spirit (especially after Fall Rally):


1. Don’t neglect the emails sent out by our cabinet! I know that it seems like your inbox is always so full of emails from Key Club every week, and they all seem to be about the same thing, but I assure you that each and every single one of them has a purpose so you should try your best to skim through them at the very least! 2. Try to browse through the Activities Spreadsheet sent out by the Directors of Activities once or twice every two weeks. There are events for every single weekend so you can always find something for you. 3. Read the beautiful newsletter put together by our Bulletin Editor (a goddess who spends her time to make a visually appealing newsletter that accurately represents Key Club)!! The newsletter is an aesthetic recap of everything that occurred in the month so if you ever need some extra motivation, make sure to read through it! 4. Make a Key Club friend who’ll help keep you accountable. Within my own personal experience, there were countless times where I didn’t sign up for an event because I noticed that all the other sign-ups were strangers or even worse, seniors (I love the seniors now). This is no longer the case as I made friends with other Key Clubbers who shared the same drive for volunteering and would always go to events with me. At the end of the day, it’s okay to not know anyone. You’ll never know how great of friends you could be unless you go. 


Candidate Training Conference Elu Loquias | Spirit Coordinator Just one week after our victory at Fall Rally South, November 16, 2019, was Region 3 and 8’s annual Candidate Training Conference (CTC)! CTC is to prepare those who are interested in running for Lieutenant Governor in the near future or those who are curious to know the duties and responsibilities of a Lieutenant Governor. Among the Whitney attendees were Maya, Michelle, Ethan, and yours truly. At CTC, we learned a variety of skills that Lieutenant Governors practice often during their term. We learned about the deadlines they have to make, as well as the other committees in the district they are a part of. We learned about their set responsibilities, what their role as Lieutenant Governor means, and the difficulties and benefits they experience. All of Region 3 and 8’s Lieutenant Governors were present to host their own workshops to educate the potential candidates. After every few workshops, groups made up of five to six key clubbers would be paired with one Lieutenant Governor in order to ask questions about anything they may have. The Lieutenant Governor would answer all of our questions to his/her best ability in order to provide us further insight as to what they, as a Lieutenant Governor, had to deal with before and throughout their term. Towards the end of the training conference, details about running for Lieutenant Governor, such as important deadlines and requirements, were disclosed. The Lieutenant Governors also went over the process of conclave, the day where the next Lieutenant Governor is determined. Literatures from Lieutenant Governors were passed out so that we could all look at examples on how a literature is supposed to look like, and what to include in your speech and literature was also disclosed. This would prepare the candidates for conclave, which is on December 14, 2019 this year for Region 3. Overall, CTC was an educational experience where I learned a lot about the responsibilities of all the other Lieutenant Governors. I met several people from both Region 3 and 8 and also had an amazing time bonding with them, especially with Division 30 South.



Michelle Kim| Historian/Tech Editor

Giving Thanks To the


With the Thanksgiving season just around, Whitney Key Club came together with John F. Kennedy Key Club to thank our La Palma Kiwanis Branch on Monday, November 25th. The Kiwanis provide so much for our club and on this day, we got to shower them with love and appreciation for all they do. Members who attended had the chance to paint pots to be donated, play bingo and feast with the Kiwanis, and have a great time bonding together.



spreading the SPREADING THE chrimas spirit CHRISTMAS SPIRIT Saadhvi Narayanan | Director of Fundraising

On Christmas Day, thousands of children in the United States run down the stairs and to the chimney. First to the stockings filled with candies and other delights; then they see the emptied tray of cookies and milk, mysteriously disappearing overnight. They see the Christmas tree, decked with presents of all sizes. The children exclaim at this sight, thankful for the gifts the world has given them. Yet what of the children and families who run down the stairs and to the chimney that find no delights in their stockings? And find the cookies and milk stale from their wait over midnight? Or see a bare Christmas tree, which always fails to have presents beneath it? It is for these families that Whitney Key Club works hard to fundraise for. For several of the past years, Whitney Key Club has participated in a drive called Operation Christmas. Through this drive, Whitney Key Club partners with the Salvation Army in order to help designated families receive gifts, food, clothing, and other necessities to bring to them the Christmas spirit.

How do we fundraise for these families? Within the past month, Whitney Key Club has raised over $400 in cash for Operation Christmas through bake sales, food sales, plushie sales, and other means. The most recent bake sale occurred on November 16th at the Lowes on Norwalk. Through this bake sale, roughly $300 was collected and donated toward the drive. In the future, Whitney plans to reach out to students within its school to encourage donations towards these families in need by assigning classrooms to certain families in need that are given to Whitney by the Salvation Army. After, each class will try to raise money and donate canned goods to the drive as best as they can.



What can you do as a Whitney Key Club member to help fundraise? Participating in Whitney Key Club’s bake sales by volunteering or baking goods is greatly appreciated. Having support in running the fundraisers will allow for a greater donation to be given o the families in need. To add, a member can donate through the class donation boxes that are placed during the drive. One may also encourage others in his or her neighborhood and collect nonperishable items and monetary donations to gift to the families.

What can you do as a non-member? Although not a member, one may still donate through his or her school for the drive. Furthermore, one may collect food and monetary donations from friends, family, and other local neighbors to collect more gifts for the families in need. Last, but not least, it is important to spread the word. Many tend to assume, in the joyous Christmas spirit, that all celebrate a happy Christmas. Yet by notifying others that people suffer during these times, more people will be inclined to donate to this great cause. In the end, Whitney Key Club hopes to see full stockings, empty plates, and a plethora of presents under every family’s Christmas tree. They wish a Merry Christmas, a Happy New Year, and new tidings to all these families who will have the Christmas of their lifetime with the aid they can receive from the society around them. To end, it is evident that we spread the Christmas spirit every day, but let us spread it to those who wish for it as well.


operation christmas Megan Hur| Vice-President

In the month of December, Whitney Key Club hosts one of its biggest drives of the school year: Operation Christmas. For Operation Christmas, Key Club partners with the Salvation Army to provide about eight local families in need with food, gifts, and money donations to make their holiday season a little merrier. Many of these families have a special circumstance that had gotten them in the place they are today. For example, a family’s child may have been hospitalized and the family is burdened with medical bills or an adult may have lost their job recently. The children in the families depend on free or reduced lunch services at school for a meal, but with school being on winter break leaves families struggling with how they’ll get food on the table. Additionally, holiday shopping and festivities add even more expenses for the families This is why It’s super important that we donate as much as we can to these families because we, as a school and group of homerooms, are sponsoring these families. Since they are in this program, they aren’t allowed and are ineligible to accept any donations from other organizations, making it vital for us to give all the food, clothing, and necessities that they need. For a couple weeks, we will be accepting money, food, and gift donations for the families. It’s encouraged for each individual to donate at least three to five dollars. This small donation is very easy and only requires a couple choices: instead of going for boba or Starbucks or buying a snack at a vending machine, donate that money to your OPXMAS family. This is a meaningful contribution that will directly help your family!


LOCK-IN Josie Nieh| President

300 sandwiches for Long Beach Rescue Mission. 40 Pediatric Trauma Program dolls and encouragement posters for Children’s Hospital of Orange County. Two large boxes of canned foods and six garbage bags of clothes collected for HOPE food bank. 30+ blankets made for Long Beach Animal Shelter. Countless letters written to soldiers in the 1st Combat Engineering Battalion. Easter/ Valentine’s Day decorations for Buena Park Nursing Home. You can be apart of this. All of this is done in one day. 9 hours to be exact. At our annual, Lock-in, members will get to participate in countless service activities while bonding with the rest of the club. In the past, members got to decorate socks with puffy paint for hospital patients. We also hold a food and clothing drive where volunteers walk around the neighborhood to collect donations. We have even helped our Eco-club with the South entrance garden! This is a great way to get some service hours in during break and hang out with your friends. This is personally one of my favorite events of the year because of how big of an impact we are able to make in such a short period of time. It really goes to show how much influence and change we are really capable of when we put in the work. Lookout for more information about Lock-in 2020 and I hope to see you there!


december events 12/01: Pico Rivera Holiday Festival @ Pico Rivera


City Hall (6501 Passons Blvd, Pico Rivera, CA 90660) (4 PM-9 PM) Volunteers will help setup and cleanup the event, and have a variety of duties, including supervision of the snow play area, assisting children with craft projects, and distributing cookies, coffee and hot chocolate to guests in attendance.

Chica Land Trust @ 3842 Warner Ave, Huntington Beach (9 AM-NOON) Volunteers will help preserve a unique archaeological site and the Bolsa Chica wetlands habitat. Volunteers will plant and water native plants, remove non-native plants, pick up trash and other maintenance tasks. Volunteers should wear long pants and closed toe shoes.

12/01: Wreath Decorating @ Los Alamitos Youth Center (10909 Oak St, Los Alamitos, CA 90720) (3 PM-6 PM) Volunteers will help decorate and plant wreaths to be provided to families in need and to sell at the Youth Center’s annual tree lot.

12/06: Nixon Academy Holiday Fun @ Nixon Academy (19600 Jacob Ave, Cerritos, CA 90703) (6 PM-8 PM) Volunteers will be assisting kids with holiday-themed crafts.

12/13: Pico Rivera Christmas Baskets Distribution @ Pico Park (9528 Beverly Blvd, Pico Rivera, CA 90660) (8 AM-2 PM) Volunteers will help sort food into boxes, assist with program participant registration and check-in, load and distribute food boxes and toys, and help manage crowd control.

12/16: Seasons at La Palma (7061 Walker St, La Palma, CA 90623) (4 PM-6 PM) Volunteers will be caroling to the senior citizens at this senior home to spread the holiday cheer!

EVERY SATURDAY: Cerritos Farmers Market @ 12700 Center Court Drive, Cerritos, CA 90703 (8 AM-12 PM) Volunteers will help set up the market, sign people up on the forms, and help with booths! In addition, some volunteers will help run a craft booth.

FIRST & THIRD SATURDAY: HOPE Food Bank @ St. Irenaeus Catholic Church (7 AM-10 AM) Volunteers will be doing multiple tasks from setting up the food bank itself to organizing the different types of food/items located at the food bank to hand out food to the families in need. Our sister Key Clubs, Oxford & Kennedy, (plus volunteers from Bronco High) will also be in attendance so you will definitely be able to bond with them!

EVERY MONDAY: Technior @ Maple Room in Cerritos Senior Center (2 PM-3 PM) Technior is a class where students are able to assist the elderly with any questions that they might have regarding the technological devices that they bring that day.



CONTACT US social media whitneyhigh_keyclub Whitney Key Club! whitney_keyclub

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What's the Latest Buzz? | November 2019  

Whitney High School Key Club | D30S | November 2019 Newsletter

What's the Latest Buzz? | November 2019  

Whitney High School Key Club | D30S | November 2019 Newsletter

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