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How to plan a unique wedding celebration


Life cannot be lived alone. We all need a life partner who is there for everything and understand you more than that you do! As it has been said, marriage is the greatest gift of life and lucky are those who get a chance of getting married. Although the concept of marriage contradicts with a very few people’s personal opinion, but there are many in the other hand appreciate and give importance to it in their life.

Tell your courtship or proposal story


When it comes to celebrating a unique wedding celebration, this is your duty that you do not let people bored. Usually in wedding, guests have nothing to do except joining you with the bottle of champagne and the delicious food, which is quite boring. But to add charm to it, and of course, to make them excited about your marriage, you can always tell them your courtship or the proposal story, like, how you met, and how he/ she proposed etc.

Create fancy consumes


Of course, you would have thought something about your wedding dress. If it was that you are keen to wear a designer clothes, then I would suggest you to ignore it completely. Well, conventional weddings are those where couples supposed to do such things. But if you are really serious to make your wedding to be remembered by everyone, make sure you have designed something fresh, something that really look fancy.

Compose and sing a romantiC song


Nothing can be more romantic than a slow tempo song that really reflects your love toward your fiancĂŠ. You can always compose one and sing it on your wedding day, not only to impress your brideto-be but also her family and the guests as well.

Hire a Limousine


Along with doing everything, if you are not hiring a Marco Island Limosine, then of course, you have not been able to add that much spirit, the excitement to the whole wedding. So make sure, to your wedding more special, you have made earlier bookings to a Limo car!

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