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2008 - 2009

Sunlight Development Trust Sunlight Social Enterprises

“In the longer term, public services need to be built around people – their aspirations and their needs – not around existing services or institutional structures. As the Varney report pointed out, ‘citizens who need various services are left to join up the various islands’. This has to change.” Jamie Bartlett, Demos Getting More for Less 2009

Sunlight Development Trust uses community development to tackle long standing health and social inequalities. We do this in partnership with local agencies, local business and most importantly people and their communities. Sunlight Social Enterprises manages a diverse business portfolio which offers training and jobs for local people while delivering a trading surplus to support the ongoing work of Sunlight Development Trust.

For more information and additional copies: Sunlight Richmond Road Gillingham Kent ME7 1LX 01634 338600

Café Sunlight 5

Our activities have been grouped into 6 themes for the purposes of this report. Some projects will appear in more than one theme, because of the natural overlaps in our wider approach to tackling multiple disadvantage and long standing health and social inequalities.


Social impact Approach Community Health Arts and Culture Environment Economy Learning Local Area Agreement History Awards and recognition

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Sunlight Community Garden

Our social impact is creating sustainable long term solutions to health and social inequalities. We work with people and their communities to achieve this.

Social impact is about the social gain for the individuals and communities who use Sunlight services and facilities. This social gain is the difference that our work has made to people’s lives and the changes that individuals and groups make for themselves and each other. These changes tend to be complex and sometimes very modest, but each small step is often part of a longer journey that can often transform lives, neighbourhoods and whole communities for good. This report provides anecdotal evidence of what change has meant for a few of those people and details the number of participants across Sunlight’s diverse portfolio of projects, services and enterprises. 9

Sunlight’s Alzheimer’s and Dementia Family Support

“Depression caused by problems at home and feeling lonely was holding me back. Someone from Sunlight suggested volunteering to get me out of the house and back into a routine. Once I started volunteering I found my confidence levels soared, people actually trusted me to do the jobs I was asked to do! Over the next few months I did more and more and when a job came up I was given help to apply. My life has changed so much with help from Sunlight. I was able to sort out housing issues and get counselling to help me with problems I had since I was a kid.” Marion is now working in retail and keeps in touch with Sunlight through community groups and the café. She says she is getting on better with her family, feeling more confident and able to cope with life.


Radio Sunlight

Our way of working is founded on trust, empowerment, community development and enterprise. It is only achieved by the hard work of 70 staff, 230 volunteers and 26 trainees. Throughout this report, we make reference to our Local Area Agreement, the ‘Medway Local Area Agreement 2008/11’. The Medway local area agreement is a three year agreement that sets out the priorities for a local area which is agreed between Government, Medway Council and other key partners such as NHS Medway through a Local Strategic Partnership. Where our work links to these frameworks, it is indicated in brackets. These brackets link to the index on page 53. Example: Shout Out (A,I,J,R) This report covers the periods June 2007 to June 2008 and June 2008 to June 2009. Personal testimonials have been anonymised throughout. 13

The wider determinants of health, after Dahlgren and Whiteread

For Sunlight, health isn’t about responding to sickness. We take a broad definition of health which is concerned with the wider determinants; low income, poverty, lack of skills, unemployment and low educational attainment.


Sunlight is based in North Gillingham, an area typically characterised by high unemployment, poor health, poor housing, family breakdown, and high crime; all factors associated with the operational definition of social exclusion. The colocation of services, strong partnerships, community development principles, the ability to embrace risk because of unrestricted income from trading and a strong organisational culture of ‘doing with’ instead of ‘doing to’ work together to tackle these complex, interrelated issues. Throughout this report we demonstrate the impact that our work has in tackling the negative effects these broader social, environmental and economic issues have on the health and lives of the people and communities we work alongside. 15

“I have been coming to Sunlight for about two years. I first came to volunteer in the café, but while I’ve been here I’ve started doing more things. I go to the Medway African Caribbean Association meetings. I now go to Shout Out, a self-advocacy group for adults with a learning disability, which has helped me be more confident. I have got my own radio show and been going to literacy classes. I’m getting on better and can now read a magazine. I am happier now because I have built confidence, I have made loads of new friends and I now feel confident to go out at night with my new friends as well. I’ve got a paid job now, so I can do things on my own, I meet new people and I can meet new friends to do things together which makes me happy.” Claudia is on the committee for Shout Out and is part of a group of members who deliver training to public sector organisations; changing attitudes and promoting equality for adults with a learning disability.

African Caribbean Elders Association 17

Parentis Baby Massage

Sunlight’s values are embedded in the culture of the people who work, volunteer and deliver services there. A belief that people can learn from each other has seen individuals and community groups being involved in every level of the organisation. We work with our community to achieve shared goals and meet common needs. 70 per cent of the activities and services at Sunlight are run by the community. Working within the National Occupational Standards for Community Development more than 30 new groups were set up in 2008 - 2009 joining 105 existing groups. Community development is key to achieving our primary objectives and the most effective way to tackle long standing health issues and social inequalities. Shout Out self advocacy group for adults with a learning disability has grown from 5 to 55 members. Nine young people with multiple disadvantage travelled on a week long holiday to Orkney – a life changing experience for many of them. 19

Community projects and activities in 2008 - 2009

Letters in brackets relate to page 52 Shout Out (A,I,J,R) A self advocacy group for adults with a learning disability. Increasing participation, changing attitudes, promoting equality and human rights. 55 members in 2008 - 2009 Housing legal drop-in (A,I,J) Housing issues can cause severe anxiety and damage health; this free service provides not only advice but takes action to resolve problems. Often housing issues are just one of the problems that people face and the solicitor can access other advice as needed. 231 people Anger Management Groups (A,J,L,M) Reduces anti social behaviour, helps reduce family conflict, increases self esteem and confidence. 8 x 12 week courses for young people aged 13 – 25

Domestic abuse forum and one stop shop (A,B,I,O) Attending a place where all agencies can be accessed quickly in one place can reduce delays and confusion over the issues and resolve a situation more quickly. No one knows why the person is at Sunlight, reducing danger of violent partners ‘suspecting’ anything. 54 women, 63 children Providing ease of access to decision makers and key strategic agencies (J) Police Community Liaison, Councillors, MPs and Health Visitors hold regular ‘surgeries’ at Sunlight. A safe place to raise any issues of concern without formal approaches. 20 people Sunlight Youth (A,D,J,L,R) Two youth clubs a week held in Gillingham. Social skills, a safe place to go and have fun. Access to sexual health clinic for young people. 140 registered members

Community diversity and placements (A,J) Week long placements for new police officers. Insight in community issues, raising awareness of support services offered by Sunlight that they can access when working, deconstructing traditional stereotypes. 15 placements

Bridge Church (A,I,J) Community baptist church. Reducing social isolation, providing sense of community. Supporting youth projects and provision of emergency relief for those made suddenly homeless. 28 regular attendees Open door wellness clinic (A,F,J) Reducing stress and pain and problems of a varied nature. An alternative to medication and drug dependency. 80 people received 6 free sessions of complementary therapy 28 people accessed bereavement counselling

Diversity training (A,I,Q,R) Run by Shout Out the first self advocacy group for people with learning disability in Medway. Gives members of Shout Out the opportunity to influence and challenge services that are provided to them. The opportunity to challenge stereotyping amongst professionals, police, health and social services. Enables people with learning disability to fulfil their potential and achieve parity in labour market opportunities. 60+ participants

One to one advocacy (A,J,O,L) Self referrals and support on a huge range of issues. Not sign posting, real practical help in resolving issues – finding a way forward if not a final solution. Increasing sense of community and reducing social exclusion. A place to go where people will listen. 227 people

Family Matters (A,B,J,L) Inter-family mediation/counselling. 32 families 21

Excluded young people and young offenders (A,D,J,L,M,R) RROAR work placements and support. Reduces re-offending, increases confidence, raises aspirations. 35 people Orkney Trip (A,J,L,R) 6 day activity holiday for challenging young people most of whom had never left Medway. Raises aspirations, challenges perception, wider life perspective. 9 young people Probation support (A,D,J,L,M,R) Work placements, training in catering services, reducing re-offending, raising aspirations, increasing confidence, self esteem and social skills. 15 placements Building Relationships in Communities Provides mediation and support for, and between, families in conflict. 20 families

MACA Medway African Caribbean Association. A range of social and cultural activities, particularly aimed at older African Caribbean men, but open to all. Increasing community cohesion, reducing isolation, supporting health and increasing wellbeing among this vulnerable group. 70 participants Parentis Young parents forum (A,B,CJ) Increasing parenting skills, sharing peer support, increasing children’s life chances. 50 members K Ying Chinese Elderly Group (I,J) Alongside regular informal meetings which develop a sense of community and provide a support network for vulnerable adults, this group also provides access to English classes to reduce social isolation, exercise classes and Tai Chi to increase well-being, and a regular programme of cultural activities. 140 participants over 2008 - 2009

Volunteer awards and recognition in 2008 - 2009

Sunnytots (A,B,J,R) Parent and Toddler group established by local residents. Reducing social isolation. Particularly created to support parents who may feel excluded from other groups. Integrating health care with Health Visitors readily available, alongside access to primary care and a wider range of holistic health care interventions. 76 families attended in 2008 - 2009

Bob Smith Kent Volunteers Award for Voluntary Excellence. Winner, Award for the Protection and Enjoyment of the Wild, Semi-natural and Built Environment Anton Smith Kent Volunteers Award for Voluntary Excellence. Highly Commended, Award for Community Support and Development

Friendship Group (A,I,J) Regular meetings for the over 50s. Visits, speakers and a programme of activities. Reducing social isolation, developing community, sharing skills and increasing well-being among vulnerable adults. 54 members in 2008 - 2009

Dean King High Sheriff of Kent’s Award for Crime Prevention Win Gibbons Daniel Jones Thelma Smith Medway Pensioners Forum, recognition of valuable contribution to the community of Medway

Community groups Sunlight has supported an additional 60 groups to access high quality community spaces at subsidised rates and develop inclusive, community led projects. 23

Mark in Sunlight Studios

“I am currently on placement from Rochester Young Offenders Institute. I’ve had nothing but great help and support which had made certain things a lot easier to get my head around. I am a volunteer and although I don’t get paid and work quite hard, it put things into perspective, being at the Sunlight has offered me a second chance, which has made me feel accepted and not labelled. An area of the centre which had really affected me in a positive way is Shout Out, a self advocacy group for adults with a learning disability. Before I came here if I’m honest, I would of shown no notice, not in a bad way, but just wouldn’t be bothered. I’ve learnt not to stereotype, and see them for their individual personalities and because of this I’ve met some really great people. It’s really overwhelming and has been an eye opener and helped me realise what I can achieve.” Michael is now in full time employment and living independently, after further training, upon release. 25


Sunlight houses direct primary care services; a thriving GP practice with over 5 000 registered patients. We provide health prevention services under contract to the primary care trust and support access to complementary therapies. In this section we identify some of the more direct health prevention services that run across the Sunlight network. This includes promoting physical activity, for example through the Cardiac Health Exercise Class which sees 36 active participants each week and providing access to a range of advisory, support, self-help and mentoring services. In 2008 - 2009 these services included the Alzheimer’s and Dementia Family Support group, smoking cessation, a young peoples sexual health drop in, the Living Your Life forum for people affected by cancer, the Chinese Elderly Tai Chi group, a breast feeding support group and free baby massage classes for parents and carers. 27

Health projects and activities 2008-2009 GP Practice (A,D,E,F,G,H,J) Accessible primary health care in an area of multiple deprivation 5 000 registered patients 1 500 additional accessing phlebotomy, blood pressure monitoring and additional services Alzheimer’s and Dementia Family Support (A,I,J) Advocacy, support in own homes and through groups, advice, information, respite activities, outings and monthly newsletter. Relieving stress for vulnerable people and their carers. Diagnosis of Alzheimer’s and dementia, power of attorney, development of wills, emotional support slowing the onset of the disease. Only active support group for carers in Medway. 300 families supported each month 70 people attend bi-monthly support groups 40 phone calls per day 10 outreach visits per month

Chinese Elderly Tai Chi (G,J) Increasing active life and exercise, improving cultural understanding, improving quality of life. 28 participants Living Your Life (A,G) Forum for people affected by cancer. Supporting recovery, increasing confidence, supporting vulnerable groups. 17 members Baby massage classes (A,B,J) Improving relationships between parents and children, improving children’s health, confidence, knowledge and support with parenting 216 babies and their families JJ Twirlers (A,B,E) Young persons baton twirling group addressing the obesity agenda 32 participants Tribal Banshees belly dancing (E,J) 24 participants

C Card (A,D) Distribution of condoms and sexual health advice to young people 170 participants

Over 50s group (G,I) Programmes of activity and events and a social network 26 participants

Sunlight Football Clubs (A,B,E,J,L) Three teams sponsored and supported by Sunlight Trust and meet between 1-3 times a week football club for 6–19 year old young people. 73 participants

Healthy eating (A,E,G,J) Promoted through café network, cookery demonstrations for young people. 1500 customers per week benefit from healthy fresh food provided through five café outlets

SpeakEasy (D) Course to enable parents to talk to young people with confidence about sex and sexual health related issues 72 beneficiaries

Cardiac Health Exercise Class (G) Rehabilitative exercise for people diagnosed with coronary heart disease 228 participants in 2008 - 2009

Young people’s sexual health drop in (D) Informal peer to peer support for young people to address sexual health problems and access professional advice where necessary. 423 beneficiaries

Playball football (A,B,L) Football training and coaching activities 140 participants in 2008 Smoking cessation groups (H) Regular meetings hosted at Sunlight. Improving health and reducing smoking rates among adults.

Alcoholics Anonymous (F) Host 3 meetings per week 64 regular attendees 29

Anton in Sunlight Community Garden

“After a long period of anxiety, depression and unemployment I was desperate for a break. A friend recommended Sunlight, where he had been using the recording studio, and I found out they also had opportunities for volunteering. I drummed up enough courage to make an appointment for a visit and a chat. I started a day later volunteering in the café. Within a few months my confidence began to flourish and I felt integrated into a diverse community where I was becoming more empowered. Only a few months later I was offered a job at Café Sunlight in Rainham. I continued to feel more confident and able to participate in my local community. Both staff and volunteers created a very special sense of belonging and solidarity.” Claude now manages the Café Sunlight network of local cafés and has established community groups for people affected by cancer and for mental health service users. He has recently joined the steering committee of a national mental health charity. 31

Sunlight Studios

Sunlight works to increase participation and access to a diverse range of arts and cultural activities, that many people would not experience otherwise. Sunlight gives access to high quality facilities and training, increases opportunities and raises aspirations. Radio Sunlight and Sunlight Studios provide access to industry standard facilities and the chance to gain practical knowledge and experience of broadcasting, radio programme development, video editing, sound recording, cutting and mixing tracks, DJ and emceeing, sometimes creating life changing moments. Sunlight also provides more traditional forms of expression, through art groups, music workshops, gallery space within Sunlight and the development of networks and opportunities enabling progression. We also support community festivals and art events that also encourage social cohesion and assist cross-cultural understanding. 33

Arts and culture projects and activities 2008 Sunlight Studios (A,B,J,L,R) 7 schools, 5 Youth clubs, 3 mental health projects and 173 local bands have accessed the studio at subsidised rates over the last 12 months. In addition, the studio has been used to consult with 11 focus groups covering diverse areas such as drugs and alcohol and available services for disabled children. Sunlight Studios increase engagement and confidence, raise aspirations and create opportunity for new talent to emerge. Medway Create (A,B,J,L,R) Summer youth arts and media project 8 weeks providing purposeful activities for young people including graffiti, CD making, sculpture, art from recycled waste workshops. Reducing anti-social behaviour, keeping children safe, learning new skills, raising aspirations. 47 people

Radio Sunlight (A,I,J,L,R) Providing unknown bands and musicians with the opportunity for public recognition and the chance to develop broadcasting skills. Free training is provided to all participants to a recognised industry standard. Training and confidence building, learning new skills, raising aspirations, engaging with disadvantaged people many of whom may not have worked before, creating volunteering opportunities, promoting new talent, providing opportunity, developing a platform for discussion of local issues and providing a voice to under represented groups. 120 people trained as DJs and broadcasters 50 new volunteers working in broadcasting 60 local bands given new opportunity to be heard on live radio Rainham Poetry Group (A,J,R) Produced monthly radio broadcasts, poetry recitals and publication of local talent 20 people

Art groups (A,J) Including the over 50s art group, youth projects and Medway Mermaids – a creative group for women. These projects reduces social isolation, improves community cohesion and provides purposeful activities for vulnerable adults, young people and socially excluded elders 163 participants

Harmony Jam (A,F,I,J,Q,R) This group has grown into an important local resource facilitating access to Sunlight Studios, reducing social isolation, providing positive activities, generating a sense of community, improving well-being and creating opportunities for talent to emerge. Many people at this group have previously been engaged with, or still access, mental health services locally and others do not. Creating music together enables skill sharing, opportunities to create links with the wider community and access professional mentoring. Many members of the group have gone on to set up their own bands who are now recording and performing their own material. 47 members in 2008 - 2009

Serpentina Creations (A,J,R) Community participation in art projects - improving cultural knowledge, learning new skills, raising confidence and aspirations. 103 people Community festivals (J) Providing sponsorship, fundraising advice, staff, volunteers, equipment and development support for local community festivals including Love Music Hate Racism Medway and Hillyfest. 9600 people attended 3 community festivals in 2008 - 2009

Sunlight Youth (A,B,J,L,M,R) Theatre and dance pieces planned and choreographed by young people. Exploring contemporary urban issues through the arts. 64 participants 35

“I used to live in Richmond Road until I was 11. I remember living next to a newsagents where people were always trying to mug him, the factory further down the road always had fire engines outside it, drunk people used to knock on our door frequently. Even now I can sleep through the sound of a police siren. I am now 24 and have recently moved back to the area. Sunlight has become a real focal point, has brightened the area, accommodating a cocktail of people with great potential and has opened people’s eyes to new opportunities. Its amazing what it’s done.” Effie wrote this unsolicited email after visiting Sunlight in 2008. When she last visited, thirteen years ago, Sunlight was a derelict industrial laundry attracting vandalism, arsonists and rats.

Sunlight Community Event at Hillyfields Park 37

Environment projects and activities 2008-2009 Free bike loans for staff (E,G,T,W) Full interest-free loan on cost of bike. Improving health, reducing pollution, reducing carbon footprint. 5 staff Energy saving light bulbs (A,W) Distribution of light bulbs to people on low incomes. Over 3000 light bulbs distributed to 800 households High Hopes Gardeners (A,J,R,W) Reclamation of derelict spaces synonymous with fly tipping and anti social behaviour. Developing community gardens, green spaces and space for growing fruit and vegetables. 52 people Recycling (W,X) New systems have been put in place for recycling glass, paper, board, some plastics and cans across the Sunlight network.

Centralising production and delivery route for CafĂŠ Sunlight network (W) With the development of a central kitchen at Gun Wharf we have cut the number of journeys made by van; reducing emissions and cutting waste. General promotion of environmental issues (A,J,R,W) In 2008-2009 much of this work of this activity supported local residents to form an action group to fight the proposed development of a coal-fired power station at Kingsnorth. Sunlight also worked alongside various friends groups of local parks and green spaces and also supported the work of the Medway Urban Green Spaces Forum. Biodegradable disposables (W,X) Introduced in 2008-2009 all cafĂŠ packaging can now be composted or recycled. We have also eliminated bottled water from our commercial catering operations by commencing filtration of water on site.

2008 - 2009 saw Sunlight increasing our commitment to reducing the wider environmental impact our activities and businesses create. We introduced ways of working that support these values and make a real contribution to this change. We have increased recycling, started composting food waste and introduced biodegradable disposables throughout our entire cafÊ network. We have supported the development of friends groups to protect our urban green spaces and promoted wider environmental causes by supporting campaign groups with resources, expertise and access to our wider partnerships. Across the network, identifying ethical sources is established practice. We are proud of our local supply chain and source the things we can close to home and the things we can’t with care. Building stronger relationships with suppliers from the social enterprise movement enables us to support and encourage those businesses that share our ideals. 39

“I left my home town to get out of trouble, but things didn’t go quite to plan and I ended up homeless in Medway. Someone on the high street suggested Sunlight. I went down and was amazed to find they had a radio station. Within two weeks not only had they sorted me out with a deposit on a flat and helped me claim my benefits, I was also doing some amazing new stuff. My radio show kept me out of clubs and as a result out of trouble. I met a whole new group of people that were doing good stuff and people who liked me for what I was able to bring. I think it’s the first time people ever really listened to me and believed that I could succeed. Everyone always used to think that I’d fuck everything up” Matt is now employed full-time at Sunlight and taking an NVQ level 2 in Customer Service. He is also a member of the radio committee which is steering the future direction of Radio Sunlight.

Ram Ray’s Breakfast Show on Radio Sunlight 41

Economy projects and activities 2008-2009 Work placements (A,Q,R) Helping with the transition from benefit dependency to work. Raising aspirations of people who may have experienced barriers to mainstream employment. 35 placements in 2008 Development of businesses and creation of new jobs (A,I,Q,R,S) New jobs created through catering caretaking and maintenance, market research, health trainers and management posts through governance restructure. 70 new posts Creation of new organisations (A,J,R,S) New organisations which have received advice and/or been supported to establish include High Hopes Community Gardeners, Nubia Magazine, Esteam CIC, Together CIC, Afrik and Shout Out. 17 new organisations

New community champions (A,J,R) Working to empower and inspire individuals so that they can lead transformation within their own community. 18 people Machine Shop 8 Cultural Learning Consortium (A,J,S,R) Partnership working to create new cultural learning centre. Working with strategic partners to effect long term infrastructure regeneration which benefits communities locally and regionally. 6 organisations have joined the partnership External funding In 2008 - 2009 funding was attracted from Big Lottery Fund, Future Builders, Kent Community Foundation, Awards for All, Department for Communities and Local Government, Department for Children, Schools and Families and independent grant-making trusts.

In 2008-2009 Sunlight Development Trust and Sunlight Social Enterprises had a combined turnover of £1.3m. We supported the delivery of over £2m worth of external funding to the area and our business activities created 24 new jobs. These jobs have been created by embracing the social enterprise model. Many of the people we employ come directly from vocational placements, training and learning opportunities embedded firmly in our business model. 70 per cent of the staff that work with sunlight began as volunteers and over 80 per cent of our staff live within one mile of Sunlight itself. External funding attracted into the area, has often been for projects directed by volunteers. In 2008 - 2009 we were proud that local volunteer, Bob, conceived and delivered projects that brought in over £100 000 of funding. Our social enterprise businesses grew their trading activity from £250 000 income to £600 000. Winning an open commercial contract contributed to this success. 43

“I have been coming to Sunlight for about three years. The staff at Sunlight have given me and my family support and because of the support given to me and my family now, I’m getting involved in different community groups, helping and volunteering and meeting people. I feel able to give back the support and help I have had to now help other people. This makes me feel great. I feel like Sunlight has been a lifeline and gave me the confidence to carry on and helping me to have goals to carry on supporting my family.� Jamie has been a regular visitor to Sunlight for a number of years and alongside regular programmes and community groups, James has also been able to benefit from informal support networks provided by the team and by networks that have developed from the groups he has been attending. In 2008, James began work towards setting up a user led support group for the over fifties.

Stefan in Sunlight Community Garden 45

Adult literacy

Not all learning needs a formal structure and many people benefit from a more personal, practical and work-based approach that Sunlight can offer. This often leads to greater confidence, increased esteem and self-belief. Over 2000 people have been supported through learning opportunities at Sunlight. Many through our enterprises including CafĂŠ Sunlight, Parentis parenting academy, Radio Sunlight and Sunlight Studios and others within the many groups and activities that are run at Sunlight. We are able to support people while they take a journey which allows them to work at their own pace and set their own goals often through peer-led programmes. Volunteering is often the first step for people who may be excluded from the labour market. This frequently builds confidence and enables people to enjoy training and development leading to qualifications and ongoing employment and progression. 47

Learning projects and activities in 2008-2009 NVQ level 1 catering (I,J,R,Y) Free, supported training in a real work environment. Boosting confidence and increasing esteem. Promoting opportunities for further learning and development through partnerships with local colleges. Addressing the skills gap in a projected growth area. 12 people Basic Introduction to IT (R,Y) Increasing skills and confidence. Improving employability. 22 people RROAR (A,J,M,N,Q,R) More than 20 young offenders have worked and trained with us through day release from Rochester Young Offenders Institute. Radio Sunlight (A,I,J,L,M,R,Y) 120 people trained as DJs and broadcasters. See Arts and Culture section for more information.

Literacy Training NVQ level 1 (I,R,Y) Supported training. Increasing confidence and skills. 16 people Vocational work placements for school children (A,J,L,M,R,Y) 30 people Work experience in recording studio (A,J,L,M,R,Y) 12 people In house vocational training (I,J,Q,R,Y) Caretaking or maintenance in house scheme, customer service NVQ1 accredited training, business administration, CV writing workshops 68 people Skills development (A,I,R,Y) Independent travel, cooking, personal hygiene, budgeting, making a complaint, reporting a crime, dealing with council departments, managing meetings, presentation skills 76 people

Working in partnership with New Brompton College local secondary school (A,J,L,M,R,Y) Delivery of community educational activities for children and families including dance workshops, social enterprise business skills, Parentis parenting courses 25 people

Music workshops for people with a learning disability, people with mental health issues and community groups (A,J,L,R,Y) 186 people Parentis parenting courses (A,B,L,M,R) Parenting courses across Medway, drawing on the expertise of local parents and multi-agency staff. The only dedicated parenting programme agency in Medway. Course facilitators, including parents who have completed courses, are trained in-house. Parentis has gained OCN Recognised Centre status and facilitator training is accredited. Levels of vulnerability: 1.8% in tier 4, 20.9% in tier 3, 28.3% in tier 2, 49% in tier 1 1 500 attendees.

Supporting young people back to school (A,B,J,L,M,R,Y) Family mediation, goal setting, incentive schemes, multi-agency brokering and counselling 7 people Courses, consultancy, conferences and wider dissemination (R) Through delivery of courses around community development, social enterprise, action research, participation and engagement, Sunlight has increased the knowledge and awareness of its working model to organisations across the UK and overseas. This work also generates valuable trading income.

Visits programme (J,R) Influencing social care students, health promotion students, graduate psychologists and other visitors from the third, public and private sectors. 49

Stanley at MACA

“Sunlight was the only place that would listen to me when I was really in trouble. I started volunteering for them, just a few days a week at first, in the café. Now I work for them full time on reception and with events. Being at Sunlight has helped me make friends with loads of people. I have also been on courses to gain extra skills for example, fire marshall, C-Card and child protection training. I have also done my English exam which Sunlight supported me through. Working here means I can support myself and my family and am now living away from my parents for the first time and really getting on with my life.” Dan, a local resident, first visited Sunlight when he was made redundant from a local tug firm in 2007. Dan is also supporting the sunlight community garden volunteers.


Children and Families A: Improve outcomes for vulnerable groups including children with a disability; children with special educational needs; children with mental health needs; young people at risk of exclusion or disengagement; young people not in education, employment or training; children in care; young offenders. B: Keeping Medway’s most vulnerable children safe. C: Reducing teenage conception rates. D: Improving access to sexual health services and reducing sexually transmitted diseases. Health, Well-Being & Older People E: Tackling obesity in adults and children and young people. F: Reducing substance misuse, including alcohol. G: Increasing life expectancy. H: Improving smoking cessation rates. I: Promote/support independent living with a focus on vulnerable groups. Safe and Strong Medway. J: Improving community cohesion.

K: Reducing serious violence. L: Reducing anti-social behaviour. M: Preventing youth offending. N: Reducing number and offending by prolific offenders. O: Reducing domestic violence. P: Reducing killed/seriously injured crashes. Economic Development, Transport & Skills Q: Reduce the number of ‘out of work’ benefits. R: Improve skills development. S: Increase the numbers of jobs. T: Responding to the travel demands resulting from regeneration by seeking to limit the growth of traffic. Regeneration, Environment and Culture U: Deliver the target for new homes, supported by the appropriate infrastructure. V: Increase the number of affordable and student homes. W: Reduce the ‘carbon footprint’ in Medway. X: Reduction in waste to landfill. DCFS Statutory Indicators Y: Improving educational attainment.

Medway Local Area Agreement 2008/11

The LAA in Medway is structured around a series of broad headline themes which are then divided into ‘priorities’ that are linked to the Single Set of National Indicators. Where we feel our work addresses these priorities, it has been referenced to this index. The full Medway Local Agreement 2008/20011 can be viewed online at



From disused industrial laundry to thriving community network Sunlight Development Trust, formerly Project Sunlight, was born from a lottery funded Healthy Living Centre project in 1999. This partnership between Council for Voluntary Service Medway, Medway Council, Medway Primary Care Trust and the local community became independent in 2006. In 2007, Sunlight Development Trust established Sunlight Social Enterprises, which is now responsible for all trading activity including CafĂŠ Sunlight, Sunlight Studios, Sunlight Free Range People, Sunlight Media Hub and Parentis parenting academy. Sunlight Social Enterprises has a constituted requirement to pass all trading surpluses back to Sunlight Development Trust which delivers community development, networking and support throughout Medway and beyond. 55


“I think it’s one of the best community organisations that I’ve come across in the UK. It’s setting a standard that’s inspiring people right across the country.”

awards and recognition

Steve Wyler Director, Development Trusts Association

Chief Constables Certificate for Outstanding contribution 2008

Regeneration and Renewal Awards 2008 Leadership in Regeneration Peter Holbrook

Enterprising Solutions Awards 2008 Best New Social Enterprise Sunlight Social Enterprises CIC

The Centre for Social Justice Awards 2007 Highly Recommended Sunlight Development Trust


Market Rasen Development Trust

The Development Trusts Association (DTA) has been instrumental in supporting Sunlight’s organisational development and growth. We are particularly grateful for their continuing support.


The DTA is the leading network of community enterprise practitioners, we help people set up development trusts and help existing trusts to learn from each other and work effectively. We also influence government and others, at national and local level, to build support and investment for the movement. Development trusts are community organisations using self-help, enterprise, and asset ownership, to find local solutions and transform their communities for good. There are now over 450 development trusts in DTA membership, in both urban and rural areas with a combined turnover of ÂŁ263m and over ÂŁ490m of assets in community ownership. The DTA is aiming for a successful development trust in every community. 59

With great thanks to the generous support from our partners, funders and friends in 2008-2009.


“You are to become a creator, not a competitor; you are going to get what you want, but in such a way that when you get it every other man will have more than he has now.� Wallace D Wattles 1910

Photography Pages 5, 10-11, 12, 16-17, 18, 24-25, 26, 32, 46, 50-51 by Kristian Buus Pages 8, 30-31, 36-37, 40-41, 41-45, 54, 56 by Sunlight Page 60 by Market Rasen Development Trust Design and typeset Sunlight Printed on cyclus offset, a recycled paper made entirely from post consumer waste, using vegetable oil based inks and low alcohol printing technology.

“People can learn from the experience of the team behind Sunlight... they have set the standard, and are a vital resource� Secretary of State for Communities and Local Government 2009

Sunlight Social Impact 2008 - 2009  

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