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The Question How can I sell a home in today’s market?

Sample Agent Info & Short Bio! I enjoy helping my clients achieve great success in real estate. I help my buyers and seller get the best value for their dollar. And as a very active contributor to the society of the Bay Area and have lived here the majority of my life, I offer my clients valuable insights about the peninsula’s area. I believe my strongest asset is my ability to go above and beyond the call of duty. When it comes to your real estate goals, you deserve an agent who not only has an extensive background in real estate, but who believes that a healthy balance of knowledge, networking, persistence and work, you can achieve anything you desire. If you or your friends are looking to buy or sell property on the Peninsula, call me today. And even if you have real estate needs out of the area, let me help find the experts in that area to best serve you.

Sample Mission Statement! Our client’s needs always come first. We will strive to always provide value far in excess of our client’s expectations. Our constant goal is mutual respect, and long term relationships that are beneficial to all parties.

I would appreciate it if you would please take a few minutes to contact two or more of the references I listed below. The truth is I can fill lots of pages with great information about me, my team, and why I am so different from other real estate agents. But I find it is best if you hear some of this from my clients and trade references. So I invite you to please call or email some of the people on this list.

Mrs Seema Chaudhary 408-674-2075 Mrs Judy Harts 409-221-3475 Mr Roy 408-202-8769

A Real Estate Team Committed To You! TEAMS are built one member at a time and with the team of professionals that come with the services of Sunita Merchia you can expect nothing but precision decision making as well as an unwavering commitment to your best interests. I will ensure that all the expectations you have in the process of selling your home will be fulfilled.

I am Committed To You! For providing the *Smooth journey throughout the process. *Answer all your Questions. *Provide professional experience with Respect, Professionalism and Commitment.

Sample Points of Differentiation! • 

We understand the market stats and trends to guide you accordingly


A Home feedback and market feedback system to get you valuable info quickly and directly to how agents and buyers are reacting to your home


Use of a 800 call capture number for immediate response time and tracking, giving buyers info quickly and the way they want it


I make 50 contacts a day proactively talking to buyers and sellers about the inventory I carry


I will door knock 250 homes per week around your neighborhood to expose it to the people that love the neighborhood the most and know people that want to live here

Now, please ask yourself: Do I want my home to sell during its listing period instead of expiring like 13% of homes in our area? Do I want to sell my home 18 days faster than average? Do I want to sell my home for 2.4% more than average? If you answered YES to the above three questions. . .


About ! Intero Real Estate Services!

Vision Statement! “Guided by principles of trust, respect and integrity, we empower people to achieve their dreams.�

The Intero Foundation! Our Mission is to create awareness in the community by demonstrating good corporate citizenship. To positively impact the growth and well being of children by supporting organizations focused on assisting children, their education and personal development.

Intero Foundation Video

Selling Process Overview

Intero Marketing Plan! As a leader of Silicon Valley real estate, Intero is extremely focused on consumer market trends, service expectations, and new and ever changes channels of which to expose our clients properties to today’s buyers.

Intero Marketing Plan! Based on a survey by the National Association of Realtors, over 80% of all real estate information gathered by buyers and sellers is done via the internet. In Silicon Valley, the technology hub of the world, the percentage is probably closer to 95%

Internet Vs. Traditional Buyers!

Internet CMAs

Intero Marketing Plan! Internet marketing that highlights the value of our clients properties is goal #1 at Intero Through strategic relationships with key real estate websites, Intero has developed enhanced marketing channels that exposes our clients properties to an estimated 19 million consumers per month.

Who is Intero Omitting all direct orwith? organic traffic… working your listing still has the potential to be viewed by more than

14.5 Million Unique “Real Estate” Visitors Per Month Our Top 5 Referring Sites – 3 million unique visitors per month – 4.3 Million – 6.8 Million – 161,000 – 322,000

Sites where you can find Intero Real Estate listings via ‘Listing Syndication’

YOUR HOME’S PRESENCE ON THE INTERNET IS NOW MORE IMPORTANT! A survey of home buyers who recently moved asked: “Do you think the Internet is becoming more important than print advertising to market a home?”

YES – 94.3% NO – 4.7%

Source: Conducted by DME, Inc. for® Findings, April 2008

Online Marketing Plan Objectives! •

Reach the widest audience of potential buyers

Produce activity to attract the best buyer willing to meet your terms, price and desired closing date

Monitor traffic that results from our online marketing plan

Study the results and adjust accordingly and get your home SOLD!

Referrals and Relocation! Significant portions of our buyers come from outside the local area. These are often job transfers, corporate relocations and lifestyle moves. As a member of several relocation and referral networks, I get the information on these buyers before anyone else. This provides more potential buyers for your home, since we always try to show our own listings first to these qualified buyers.

5 Essential Ingredients for ! a Successful Sale! Condition! Location! Market! Terms! Price!

Condition! The pricing of your home must accurately reflect its condition. The general upkeep and presentation of your home is critical to obtaining the highest value for your home. Nature of the roof, plumbing, carpets, and paint all relate to condition.

Location! The pricing of your home must reflect its location. The better the location, the higher the acceptable price. School districts, high or low traffic, and highway accessibility, all need to be considered in determining the value of your home’s location. We cannot control the location.

Market! Recession, inflation, interest rates, mortgage availability, competition, and the public’s perception of the general economy all make up the market. It may be a buyer’s market or a seller’s market. The pricing of your home must reflect the current nature of the market because we cannot influence the market. We can, however, take advantage of the market.

Terms! The more financing terms and options you accept, the more potential buyers there will be for your property. The pricing of your home must reflect the terms available. The easier the terms, the more valuable your property becomes. (And this is where my team of professional Affiliates really shine – by offering a broad, full-spectrum of mortgage products and options to both you and all potential buyers!)

Price is the #1 ! most Important Factor ! in the Sale of your Home!

Price Overcomes All Objections

Pricing Guidelines! • What you paid for your property does not effect its value. • The amount of money you need to get out of the sale of your property does not effect its value. • What you think it should be worth has no effect on value. • What another real estate agent says your property is worth does not affect its value. • A bank or refinance appraisal does not indicate market value. It could be too low or too high.

The value of your property is determined by what a ready, willing and able buyer will pay for it in the open market, which will be based upon the value of other recent closed sales.

BUYERS DETERMINE VALUE!!! DO NOT list with the agent who simply gives you the highest price. Consumer Reports stated. . . “Expect the agent to suggest a price range, but don’t let that frame you in. Some agents will suggest an attractive price simply to obtain your listing.”

Contract & Negotiation! When an offer is presented on your home, you will have three basic choices in deciding how to respond.

1.  Accept the offer 2.  Reject the offer 3.  Make a counter offer

Contract & Negotiation! Together we will thoroughly analyze the offer, and discuss its strengths and weaknesses. After studying the entire contract, I will give you my recommendation, and then you will decide how to respond. This is where a competent agent can be worth their weight in gold, because having the right wording or contingency clause in the contract can mean the difference between a smooth transaction and a messy court battle. Being intricately familiar with real estate contracts, I know how to protect your best interests. My vast experience in contracts and negotiation will benefit you!

Pre-Approval vs. Pre-Qualification! As a seller, you want to be sure the buyers who are making an offer on your home can complete the transaction. A PreApproval is the most powerful tool a buyer can use to prove their ability to purchase. A buyer with a Pre-Approval means less surprises or problems! Anyone who wants to buy a home today should first review their financial situation with a lender. The understanding of how much can be borrowed reduces the possibility of problems later. There is a big difference between a letter of pre-qualification and a letter of pre-approval, and it is important that you understand this difference before we receive an offer.

The Definition of a “Pre-Qualification”! When a lender grants a buyer a “Pre-Qualification”, it means the lender has reviewed the buyer’s finances and has done a basic calculation to determine how much that buyer may be able to borrow. While pre-qualification can reduce the processing time for home loans, it does not guarantee that a loan will be made by a lender.

The Definition of a “Pre-Approval”! When a lender grants a buyer a “Pre-Approval”, it means the lender has actually approved the loan with only two additional requirements. First, that the buyer chooses a home to purchase, and second, the home the buyer chooses appraises at or above the sales price. The “Pre-Approval” letter represents an actual commitment on the part of the lender. In order to secure such a letter it is necessary to complete a formal loan application and pay the associated fees. Credit, salary and bank funds will be checked, and if the loan is a good investment, the lender will issue a pre-approved letter that provides a commitment for a period of time, subject to a satisfactory property appraisal and title search.

Can you see how important it is for your real estate agent to be informed about such matters? Sharing information like this is only one of the ways I protect you when representing you in the sale of your home.

Tips on Improving the Value of Your Home !

Tips on Improving the Value of Your Home !

Tips on Improving the Value of Your Home ! Furnishings • Replace worn or dated furniture and keep traffic areas clear. Too much furniture will visually reduce the size of the room. Too many pictures on the wall will do the same. • Keep bookshelves neat and organized. Try to eliminate clutter. Don’t hesitate to box up excess magazines, videotapes, CD’s, albums, personal collections, etc. • Visit model homes, designer showcases, and furniture showrooms for more ideas. • Upgrade old or worn curtains with new. Mini-blinds and vertical blinds are preferable to heavy drapes. • Display fresh flowers from the garden, florist, or supermarket in several rooms. Avoid strong potpourri and other air fresheners.

Kitchen • Professionally clean all appliances, counters, backsplashes, cabinets, and floors. • Replace broken, worn or outdated knobs and hinges on cabinets. • Make sure all cabinets close properly and all drawers operate smoothly. • Replace or reface if practical; stovetops, ovens, fan hoods, and other appliances that are avocado, pink, blue, yellow, or brown. White, almond, or beige are the preferable colors. • Keep counters clean and clear. Anything not used daily in the kitchen should be stored out of sight. The more space you have available on the counter, the larger and more inviting the kitchen appears. • If linoleum is cut, pitted, worn, or a loud and a busy pattern; consider replacing it with a neutral and subtle-patterned sheet. Do not install linoleum squares. • Consider upgrading linoleum to new parquet, random plank, Pergo, etc.

Tips on Improving the Value of Your Home ! Bathrooms • Always keep counters clear. Put away bath toys, shampoo bottles, etc. Keep daily toiletries in a basket that can be stored underneath the sink or in a cabinet. • Strip out and replace old grouting and caulking at the slightest hint of discoloration. • Make sure faucets don’t leak and replace any fixtures that have lost their finish. • Strip old wallpaper and paint. Three-dimensional or foil wallpaper must go. • Keep bathrooms spotless and smelling slightly of cleaning products. Tilex, Lysol, Bathroom Duck, etc., work great. • Consider replacing tiling around tubs and showers if the colors are dated. • Consider replacing old shower enclosures, curtains, etc.

Bedrooms • Keep curtains open to let in more light (unless they face a busy street, freeway, etc.) • Keep extra furniture to a minimum. • Limit pictures, paintings, photographs, and wall hangings to a minimum. • Fill the closets with toys, clothes, and anything else that might be left out. Anything extra reduces the size of the room.

Tips on Improving the Value of Your Home ! Garage • Keep as many items as possible neatly stored in rafters, cabinets, or boxes. • Try to make the garage - one, two, or three car - appear to accommodate that many vehicles, even if it’s full of stored items and boxes. • Remove unwanted or seldom used items often through garage sales and donations.

Miscellaneous • Keep fireplaces clean. Replace old grates and screens that are worn or unattractive. • Make sure window screens and vent screens are in good repair. If screens are not necessary for certain windows, remove and store them in the garage. • Make sure doorknobs aren’t loose and all doors latch properly. • Replace yellowed, worn, cracked, broken, or missing faceplates for switches and outlets. • Patch and paint settlement cracks on a regular basis. • Repair lifted or severely cracked walkways and driveways. • Don’t use the front yard, side yard, or backyard to store cars, boats, and other large items. Get a storage unit for this and anything else that affects the visual impression of the property. • Have pets out of the way as much as possible. Even iguanas, parakeets, and aquariums distract a buyer from focusing on the house. Also keep in mind that many buyers may have allergies to your pets. Try to keep the property as hypoallergenic as possible (i.e. remove excess cat hair, dog hair regularly, visible cat boxes and pet bedding, should be placed discretely during the sale, etc.)

Comparative Market Analysis! Utilizing this report will help us analyze the current market conditions based on active, pending, and sold properties within a given proximity of your home.

CMA Report

How does staging help ?!

Staged Homes Stats!

Staged Homes Stats!

Interview Questions! The following list of questions should be used to interview each real estate agent you are considering for the job of representing you and marketing your property. 1.  2.  3.  4.  5.  6.  7.  8. 

Are you a full-time real estate agent? How many homes have you sold in the past 6 months? In the past year? How many potential buyers do you talk with in a week? A month? In what ways will you encourage other real estate agents to show and sell my home? What can you tell me about the real estate market in this area? In the county? What is the “average days on the market” for your personal listings? What is your “list to sales price ratio”? How many of your listings have expired over the last 12 months? Why?

9.  10.  11.  12.  13.  14.  15. 

16.  17.  18.  19. 

What kind of marketing do you do? May I see some samples? How do you attract buyers from outside the local area? Will you prepare an informative feature sheet for my property? May I see a sample? Do you have a system to follow-up with other agents and brokers so that we get valuable feedback after every showing? May I see it please? Do you have a system for offer presentation, offer evaluation, and negotiation of the offer? May I see it please? Do you have a transaction checklist to ensure the transaction has the best chance of staying together? May I see it please? Do you have a marketing plan designed to sell my property? How does it go beyond placing a sign in my yard, an ad in the paper, and notifying the Multiple Listing Service? Do you have an Internet Listing Syndication Program? Do you have references that I may call? Do you have trade references that I may call? How often, and in what way will I be kept informed?

Common Real Estate Myths! Myth: A “discount” broker can do just as well and save me money.

Truth: Successfully marketing a property in our competitive marketplace takes skill and resources. All of the promotional costs such as photos, brochures, printing, signs, MLS fees, direct mail, etc. are paid for by Sunita Merchia. How will a discount broker offer such a complete marketing campaign? Does the discount broker have a team to personally tend to your specific needs? Do they have a proven track record of success, or are they just using the lower commission to try to win your business? Do they have the expertise to guide you through the problems that often develop during the closing process? Remember that you only actually pay a brokerage fee if and when your property sells. Many sellers have found that their commission with a discount broker was really zero, because their property never sold! It is interesting to note that a discount broker does not have a dominate market share in any major city in the country.

Common Real Estate Myths! Myth: I should select the agent that suggests the highest list price.

Truth: This is the oldest scam in real estate sales: Tell the seller what they want to hear, compliment the home, and agree to list it at an unrealistically high price just to get the listing. Then, after you have the listing for a few weeks, start telling the seller that they need to reduce the price. Sunita Merchia doesn’t play any games. Sunita Merchia provides a well researched computerized market analysis to determine the true realistic price that your home will bear in today’s marketplace. The decisions of which agent to list with and what price to ask are two completely separate


Common Real Estate Myths! Myth: Property condition is not that important to buyers.

Truth: WRONG! A property in superior condition will sell faster and for a higher price than a home in average condition. Buyers purchase properties that are most appealing, and a home in great condition with a reasonable asking price always tops the list. Sellers that invest in necessary repairs and keep their home clean and fresh always reap the rewards!

Common Real Estate Myths! Myth: Pricing a home for sale is a mysterious process.

Truth: Your home will sell for what the market will bear. To determine the range of value for your home, it takes a solid knowledge of the market. And because every home is unique, your home will sell more near the high or low end of the range depending on its specific attributes like location and condition. Sunita Merchia utilizes a computer database along with years of experience to help you decide where to set the price. It is not simple, but it isn’t mysterious either.

Presentation Summary! • 

Clear Understanding of Goals


Dedicated professional with a Team that produces results


Contract knowledge and negotiating strengths.


Ability to market on the highest level and in the most impactful arena.

My Contact Information! Sunita Merchia 408-916-6135 10275 N.De Anza Blvd

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• Thank You for the opportunity. • Always there when you need. Sunita Merchia Have a nice Day.

Sunita Merchia .......Realtor.  

The name you can trust your investment with.

Sunita Merchia .......Realtor.  

The name you can trust your investment with.