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Find Unique Apparel for Men Based on Latest Fashion Trends @ Sunil Mehra As seen on the runaway of glamorous & glorious fashion shows, our collections were identified as a new genre of fashion clothing wherein creativity & spirituality is used in such combination that style is beautifully converted into real art. However, it should be noted that not everything from the ramp is applicable to real life tastes. Whilst some shades create immense aesthetic appeal on the runway, may not get translated into talk of the town when it comes to practical dressing. Thanks to creative thinking and experience of our designers. We have been successful in inspiring the very selective man of today in creating a room for brighter hues in their wardrobe. This concept wasn’t picked in a day. The idea to launch a new line of colourful fashion dress followed a long and enduring selection process. During this process important fact related to use of color in everyday wearing, fashion and society had been taken into consideration. Blue is going to be the basic color trend in our menswear! There are many reasons for this, with the most important being that it’s the color of the ever- charismatic Lord, Krishna. We Indians believe that, it’s a color of nirvana, the color of eternal happiness, the color of love, style & passion! Moreover, this shade when blended with other brighter hues and today’s fashion trends, make a strong statement in men’s casual wear as well formal wear domain. At Sunil Mehra, we call it a genuine effort to enliven spirituality through color and to sculpt a style statement that transcends beyond spring and summer collections in to fall and winter range successfully. A quick browsing through our Spring/Summer collections 2013 Menswear will help you develop a better understanding of what we attempt to offer. Whether it’s about day-today wear or sending models down the ramp in fashion week, BLUE has already made its presence felt!

Find unique apparel for men based on latest fashion trends @ sunil mehra