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A Classical & Comfy Line of Couture Handmade Clothes Finding the right form of trendy clothes to feel comfortable as well as stylish can be a challenge. To be at par with your personality and comfort needs, it is not enough to pick merely visually appealing attires. You need to be careful in using your instinct and sense of style for beatifying your look while you play in the arms of perfect comfort.

Handmade clothes make a reliable option that can help you dress rightly while taking comfort

into consideration. This season, promising men’s handmade luxury clothing made by talented artisans awaits you at Sunil Mehra.

We are aware that everything in the fashion fraternity is super fast. A trend setting design of yesterday may be totally out of vogue today, everything is knocked off quickly. That’s why our handmade luxury dresses are devoted to conquer the ravages of time and are worth every penny. We take great pride in bringing you exclusive luxury handmade fashion attires that are classical, timeless and first of their kind.

Although there are few other brands that deal in spiritual fashion apparel, we are really the first to cover the various dimensions of Lord Krishna’s personality in Trousers, Blazers, Shirts, Formals, Jackets, Kurtas, Sherwanis and more. We believe that our collections are a good way to communicate the charismatic aspects of your inner self to the world outside your doorstep.

Thankfully, our latest collection has now arrived in all its brightly coloured avatars, Krishnainspired glory, high-shine fabrics and eye-catching prints. Don’t forget to go for an exclusive first look, our luxury handmade dresses are indeed one of the hottest trends in menswear. After all, in a world where everything is short-lived, and fashion is knock-off in the wink of an eye, anything lovely crafted by skilled hands is hot and adorable!

A classical & comfy line of couture handmade clothes