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Open 2 seater vehicle, ideal for weekend racing To create a vehicle that has low ground clearance, which is light weight,quick and agile at corners. It has a short wheelbase, rear mounted engine and low ride height, more rubber, more roll stiffness, more chassis rigidity, more excitement.

S.U.V- Smart Utility Vehicle 2010. A small 2- seater vehicle that has the suspensions, high ground clearance, transmission of a SUV. The small size make it easy to maneuver and a good alternative to be used in the busy city streets also.


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Truck drivers, drive the truck for days together. It is the second home to many lives. The idea here is to isolate the driver cabin from the engine vibrations and noise as far as possible. The result is thus improved human performance and better working conditions.

Barracuda b600_Formula Student Germany ‘07

Design and fabrication of a formula style race car chassis The design process involved driver ergonomics, drafting of the entire chassis model on CATIA, strength calculations using ANSYS, fabrication of dummy chassis, final assembly and testing.

This project gave us hands-on experience on building up a formula style race car. Skills gained include arc welding, lathe operations, jigs and fixture building etc. Moreover it was an insight to what goes on in the industry, how to design practically, what skill goes into manufacturing such designs and how a team works.

sunil kharat |

Transportation and Automobile Designer, NID, India.

Email: | Mobile: +91 9898 28 0376 | Education:

2009 Currently pursuing Diploma Project sponsored by Hyundai. 2008 Politecnico di Milano, 4 months Industrial Design collaboration with Italian Ministry. 2007 Bachelor in Mechanical Engineering, Mumbai University.

Achievements: 2009

Outstanding Design Award_ Michelin Challenge Design 2009 | Concept exhibited at NAIAS 2010, Detroit, Michigan & Rochester Auto Show 2010. Special Mention_Detroit Motors design competition. (Local Motors) 2nd Prize >> Supercar for India sponsored by Special Mention_Helmet design organised by Maini group.

2008 4 month scholarship for an Industrial Design Collaboration with the Italian Ministry at the Politecnico di Milano. 2007 -Chassis/ body design- team member at Orion Racing | Formula Student Germany 2007. -Special mention for Air flow design in a helmet designed for women organised by Maini Group. Major Projects: 2009 Mumbai Local trains as a Systems level project. 2008 Completed the following projects in conjunction with the DIMI program, Politecnico di Milano. -Scooter design for DADO Motors, Italy. -Shoes for Stone Island, Italy. 2007 Designed and fabricated a race car chassis/ body for Barracuda b150, Barracuda b600 which competed in the Formula Student Germany ‘07 event. Skills: Traditional and digital sketching. ALIAS Autostudio 2010 + Bunkspeed Hypershot, Sketchbook pro, Photoshop, CATIA V5, ANSYS etc. Materials: Industrial clay, FRP, MDF, Polyurethane Foam,Lathe operations, Arc welding. Personal Details : Passion:

Born: 20th April 1985, Indian Languages known: English, Hindi, Marathi, French (basic). Live model Sculpting, human sketching, self- practicing Acoustic Guitar since 3 years.

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