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Dear Beloved in Christ greetings in the wonderful name of our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ. It our great pleasure for us to share the excitements which Lord is doing in and through us. Last quarter God used us in many different ways to minister to the young people and we praise and thank God for your love and support for the ministry.




Praise be to the Lord God Almighty for the successful mission trip we had in KODAIKKANAL from 1 to 4 of June 2012. We three students and a staff started from Shimoga and joined 14 students and 5 more staffs at KODAIKKANAL. The day one started with introduction of students with each other and sessions which will help and encourage them in ministering in the next 3 days. That evening we sat with one another and prayed for the outreach program and preparation of the hearts of people to receive Christ and the Gospel without opposing. Second day we went to Indra Nagar a nearby area, we went to a picnic spot called silver falls there we sang a Tamil gospel song and as the people were gathering our students distributed tracts to many and there were some shopkeepers who joyfully joined us and offered our students some snacks and encouraged us for the job students did. Though language was a barrier for many of our students still they went ahead and shared the gospel with the help of their friends who knew Tamil. It was a great encouragement for our students; people were taking the tracts so positively and there was not much opposition. I was sharing gospel with a person, I told him that Jesus Christ is coming soon so do believe in Him, man asked me where exactly He is when will he come, so I said believe in Christ He will come today in your heart when you accept Him as your personal savior. That person accepted my words and took the tract with joy (a comment by Shiva Kumar, Shimoga). Even on the other hand the devotions which were taken by the staff were very much encouraging they taught us God’s missionary heart, how to overcome temptation and how to walk in the spirit, this sessions were helpful to us in going and doing the ministry ( Shreyas, Mysore). Our third day was much more challenging we went to village which was 20 K.M from Kodaikkanal, we all of us went in a pickup vehicle to the village patti, where we all went house to house and distributed the tracts and shared the gospel to many, we stood in the streets sung songs where people use to come and listen Christ is the savior of this world and of every individual. We went around to 3 villages and shared the love of Christ, one staff spoke to a man (MANU) and encouraged to leave the bad habits and live for Christ that person took every one of us to his house and our staffs prayed for him and his family.

This day was really encouraging to me and my friends, I spoke to a lady about Christ, she was happy and shared she is also a Christian and took us to their house and asked me to pray for them, I was a little scared thinking I m still a young person can I do this but God gave me courage to pray for them and after the prayer the women said next time when you come here you will see us as people who are winning souls for Christ (Shakin, Mysore). On the final day of the camp we all spent our time in praying for Karnataka and for the labors should be raised and all the students took a challenge of praying for Karnataka everyday without fail, our time here in KODAIKKANAL was a blessed one,

Karnataka fasting and prayer was held in Mysore from 29th June to 1st July 2012.

Karnataka fasting and prayer

Staffs from Mangalore, Hubli, Shimoga and Mysore Joined together for three days fasting and prayer. It was a time of humbling before God and refresh and to renew the spirit. Time were spent for praise and worship, messages, meditation and prayer for different aspect of ministry and personal life especially for new academic year ministry. ( Continued to next page)..

-2Friendship day celebration

Friendship day celebration

One day Conference- Belur

Throughout one thing was clear that ‘Be focused’. God’s conviction was very much on us to be focused on the ministry, personal life and walk with the Lord. On the first day, Mr. K.K.Chacko shared about to be desperate in seeking God (Gospel of Mark Chapter 5). He talked about Jaairus, and the lady with bleeding who trusted God and experienced the transformation in life. Gladston talked about the faithfulness of God (psalms 37, 72, Proverbs 30). How God is faithful in pardoning our sin, providing our needs & protecting. Mr. Abraham Wilson shared about the faith of Abraham who demonstrated extreme faith in God (Genius 11:8-11). And Mr. Alex shared about depend not on your own resources Pro 3:5, Determine to do God’s work, Decide to allow God to meet the peoples need through you as you minister that person (Luke 9:13).And last day Mr. Siby Paul very clearly explained about the Psalm 73, how Psalmist saw, felt, did and concluded when he saw and compared with the prosperity, pride and popularity of wicked people. All the messages were very blessed to all of us we felt presence of the Lord and interceded for our state and nation especially building spiritual movement everywhere. Praise God for this tremendous opportunity please pray that this year we are focusing more on discipleship process and strong prayer movement in our region God will honor us and encourage us to glorify His name. On 5th August 2012 we had friendship day celebration with our student’s disciples. We challenged our disciples to bring their classmates for this program so they have invited many of their friends all of them were from non Christian background and we got opportunity of presenting the Gospel. Altogether 50 students participated out of that 25 students were from Hindu background. We had games for them and explained what relay friendship is and how Jesus use be to friend of His disciples and He wants be friends of yours would like to give place for Him? We presented gospel in this way and many were so happy they became very close friends to each other even to Jesus Christ. Praise God for this opportunity and please pray for follow up of this meeting in your daily prayer.

th One day Conference- Belur On 18 August 2012 we had one day student’s conference at Belur (Chickmagalur)

LTI Training Camp - Chickmagalur

LTI Training Camp - Chickmagalur

it was very blessed time with the students. We could not imagine the work of the Lord we expected 100 students but 250 students were turned up on that day. One month before I discussed with Pastor C.S Joseph to have One day Conference with the Students he was agreed and we started to work. In the beginning it was very difficult to get the students because same time some other spiritual events were happening. We have met with several Christian leaders and challenged them to send their students for the meeting even we challenged some of the key disciples to bring their college friends. It went on well we have delegated the responsibilities according to that we could finish our work and waiting for the day. When it came to on 18th August morning little rain started we thought our food is going to be waste but God honored our prayer and brought the 250 students on time. Mr. Abraham Wilson from Mysore was the guest speaker for the Conference Many Students blessed by His massages it was very tremendous time to enjoy the fellowship with the Lord. When Speaker challenged audience to Receive Christ more than 50 Students from non Christian background stood up for the prayer. And other students felt God is asking them restore their fellowship with Him. Along with that we had four Choreographies, games, Special Songs etc... It was very blessed time praise God for this opportunity and continue to pray for the follow up I will be taking Bible study in the following month. Pray that God will give me grace and more knowledge to minister these young people.

Challenges we faced during the Conference; We were above to start our program by that time electricity went off all the musical instruments were just dump. Music team was practiced so well to perform their talents but no electricity to play then some of us went to hire the generator it was late and one and half hour program was delayed. We felt so confused didn’t know what to do at that time but God helped us to continue the meeting. ( Continued to next page)


LTI Training Camp - Chickmagalur

And in the afternoon time we arranged food for all of them outside the church hall we just took all the chairs outside and just above to start the lunch by that time very heavy rain was started we could not bring chairs inside the hall either we could stand outside the hall it was very tough time we had to manage the crowd somehow we started having lunch inside the church hall on the ground floor because all the chairs were wet. And in the afternoon session all the students were sitting on the ground floor and attended the program and we could finish our conference one hour late because we started late. For every challenge we praise God for He was with us. Over all Conference went on very well praise God because He is in control of everything. When we approached some of the students after the conference they have shared with us some of the comments... “I have already received Christ but when I was listening the word of God I was grieved in my heart and feeling like invite Christ once more time but I confessed my sins and restore fellowship with the Lord” Madhu D.M- B.E Mechanical 3rd Year

“This is the first time I was attending the Student meeting, like this I have not attended before and during the message time God was speaking to me and prayed and received Christ”- Lavanya D.P: I.T.I Electrician 2nd Year

LTI Training Camp - Chickmagalur Magdalena Premier Show - Jog Falls

Magdalena Premier Show - Jog Falls

On 26th August 2012 we had Magdalena premier show at Jog (110 K.M from Shimoga). It was blessed time with women’s community at Pastor Premkumar’s Bethesda Church. One month before I had talk with the pastor and explain everything about the Mission Magdalene project. Pastor was so happy and expressed the desire to be part of this project and permitted to screen the film with his church ladies and challenge them for this project. On particular day we went with lots of difficulties because heavy rain started and screened the film with women. It was very blessed time we had because God brought some non Christian ladies on that day and who all are watched that movie they all are blessed especially 10 ladies they raised their hand to receive Christ. There were all together more than 100 ladies participated and at the end of the film we challenged some of the Christian ladies to be part of this project. And pastor provided afternoon lunch for all of them praise God for this opportunity Pleas pray that God will start revival among the ladies community in Shimoga through this project.

News From Home;

Magdalena Premier Show - Jog Falls

Due to wheather change both of children are not keeping well often facing the cold and cough and always having nose running. And Still Sarah’s school fees did not paid waiting for the Lord to provide. Only I paid Rs. 6500 and balance is Rs.10,000 still remaining. Please pray for their good health and needed finance. My parents are fine but I have to take them for the cataract eye surgery for both of them. If God willing planning for my Mom & Dad’s eye surgery in the month of October end it included lot of financial matters please pray that God will provide all the needs. Jensy’s younger sister is carrying pray for the good health & strength.

Prayer Requests; 4. Pray for God will anoint us use us mightily 1. Pray for all our financial needs to meet by the Lord 5. Pray for more opportunities for the ministry 2. Pray for Car loan will be cleared without any hindrance 3. Pray for the my Younger bro Sudharshan’s marriage will 6. Pray for My parents good health and protection 7. Pray for our disciples will grow in the Lord take place as soon as possible


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