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Step By Step Process Of Brazilian Hair Treatment

The big hype in the cosmetic world these days is that of keratin hair treatment. Everybody is talking or going for this treatment. The treatment works as a magic for all those who has a great desire of having straight and smooth hair. This hair therapy is quite expensive and thus you must know certain things before you plan for this.

Here, I am discussing the step by step process of keratin hair treatment, so that you do not miss out anything.

Choose the right products: the safety of these treatments was questioned lately in the news due to some dangerous and harmful chemicals present in some products. Therefore, it is essential for you to pick the right and safe product before starting the process. It is said that Brazilian hair care products are best for the treatment.

Proper washing: once you have chosen good quality keratin hair products, hair stylist will wash your hair properly to remove any kind of dust, dirt and other chemicals. Some stylists wash hair for three times to ensure a complete cleaning.

Applying the treatment: once washed, hair is towel dried. There are different kinds of Brazilian hair care solutions, some of which are applied on dry hair while others on

damp hair. For this, hair is divided into sections and keratin hair products are applied with extreme care and precaution. After application, a fine tooth comb is made to run through hair to ensure even spreading of treatment all over the hair.

Processing time: it totally depends upon the product applied. However, the normal time is 10-20 minutes. After processing, you need not wash your hair.

Blow dryer: following the above step, the solution is blow dried into your hair. The process may take some time as it dries the extra solution that got stuck with the hair.

Flat ironing: hair is parted into different sections and each section is straightened using a ceramic iron heated up to 450 degrees. This process completes your process of Brazilian keratin treatment. Now you can go home with soft, silky and smooth hair.

Finally some precautions: To experience the best results of the treatment, one needs to follow certain precautions

Avoid washing for three days after treatment


Avoid using clips, bands, hair bands as they can leave some dents on your hair.


After the three day period when you use shampoo and conditioner, make sure that they are of high quality and sulfate free. For best results, you can use Brazilian blowout conditioner.

Brazilian blowout hair straightening treatment is a proven method to make your dry, frizzy and unmanageable hair turns into soft and smooth strands. The treatment results can last up to 4-5 months. The best part is it does not take much of your time and can be used on any aged person with any type of hair.

You can go for this treatment month ahead of any special occasion or event of your life, so that you need not waste time in parlors while the others are enjoying.

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Step by step process of brazilian hair treatment