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"In Helix Investment, there is only one way.

p res erv a t io n a n d s ecu rit y Every client deserve the best quality of life and a choice to live a lfestyle as they deem fit. Whether it is setting up your charity or laying the foundation for your legacy, we take care of the financial aspects of your endeavours. At Helix we offer bespoke portfolio consultancy for our best clients and have vast experience in managing portfolio with a focus in capital preservation.

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The ASTUTE way"

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Helix Investment Group, 230 Victoria Street, Suite 11-08/09, Bugis Junction Towers, Singapore 188024, ,+65 64326255,

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Dakota infrastructure program

y o u r a s t u t e p a rt n er f o r s u cces s

your personal consultant will get to know you and recommend investment alternatives that are right for you based on your own objectives.

Helix has suceeded tremendously from day one when we identified our blockbuster structured investment program and have since play a leading role in securing a 200 million per annum new funds in for our originators.

At Helix, we bring together the decades of expertise our management team has garnered over the course of their careers.

The expolsive growth of shale gas as an alternative in world energy supply, fuel the massive opportunity in supporting infrastructure. Major private equity players are already fueling a building boom. Helix is partnering stateside private equity funds to offer first mover advantage to our clients. Speak to your consultants for more details.

Today we have evolved to more than just a specialized broker of investments. Vertically integrated, we offer our clients the full suite of services to rival the best boutique private bank. Our clients range from retail , HNWs, corporate and institutional. Check with your consultant on the additional suite of services that we offer to our best clients. In the meantime, do review our current offerings. All investments can be customized and scalable

Urban Developments Programs

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Helix have in place memorandum with developers on providing structured financing and collateral backed notes to facilitate our investors access to certain bespoke developments. Current subscriptions are availble for Brazil and Hong Kong for prequalified investors. Do chat with your consultants to know more.

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ge r m a ny s t r uc t ur e d inv e s t m e nt A two year close end structured deal which place investor at the re-development stage of historical buildings in Germany. Alpa driven returns that beats the benchmark of its asset class hands down.

having an in depth understanding of your needs and goals is a fundamental process to the way we work with you.

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