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Unique Cabinet Design Appreciations The cabinet is the most common and indispensable furniture in our house. The unique cabinet design is not just a piece of furniture which offers us storage space, but an interesting decoration to add fun to our life. Creative designers have brought us some attractive cabinets. Just have a look at these amazing cabinet designs.

The first is a white classification cabinet for children. Children will be imperceptible to absorb some adult language and behavior in the process of growing. So the education for kids should begin from the childhood. The classification cabinet is designed to let kids form the good habit. The design of the cabinet is very interesting. It has four drawers and every drawer can store one kind of clothes. In order to improve kid’s participation, the designer has visualized drawers. For example, the drawer for storing the socks, its appearance and shape is like the sock.

The second cabinet is a transformative cabinet named “wooden heap”. It was designed by the Sweden designer - Boris Dennler. It just as its name implies: the cabinet is just like a pile of well-organized woods. The cabinet design adopts the modular design and composed by 6 same size drawers. The modular design ensures the user can accord the space size and their wills to put the drawers. The inspiration of this cabinet comes from the chest of drawers in 18th century. But the designer has blended more modern elements in the design. “Wooden heap” is now on permanent display at the V&A museum in London.

The third cabinet design is a “naughty” cabinet called Fjaril. It is a cabinet with 14 drawers. It

looks quite common. In fact, when you pull out the drawers, it will bring you quite different experience. The conventional drawer is nothing more than straightly pulling out and pushing in. The special design of Fjaril is its drawer design. You not only can pull the drawer out directly at the normal lines, but also can pull it out from left and right. The unique design ensures you can use the drawer any locations. The upper three cabinet designs not only looks attractive, but also be functional. Cabinet are always the helpful storage. So if you are going to add storage to your house, why not choose the creative cabinets to enjoy more fun and interests from the unique cabinet designs?

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