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Find the sunglasses featured in this issue’s adverts a bit easier. Search Page 2: Ray-Ban Wayfarer 2140 1047 Page 5: Dior Bagatelle Bagatelle 807 Pages 6-7: Oakley Dispatch OO9090-02 Pages 12-13: Versace 3128B and 4179 Page 17: Police 8362 Page 20: Ray-Ban Carbon Lite 8305 Page 21: Prada

10MS 7S36S1 Page 37: Bvlgari 8057B Page 49: Burberry 4080 and Burberry 4083 Page 59: Prada Sport 06LS Page 71: Serengeti Vaiso 7373 Page 81: D&G 6069 Page 83: Ray-Ban Wayfarer 2151 Back Cover: Dolce & Gabbana Madonna 4097

utside Sunglasses Shop just the other day, we noticed two safetyconscious boys wearing swimming goggles playing conkers out-ofseason. A pitying member of staff ran over and handed each a pair of Oakley, so they could look cool and still protect their eyes (Oakley are good enough for Marines and are good enough to fend off a stray chestnut fragment). After securing a promise to tell all their friends about us, it was back to business. Ah, such is the Sunglasses Shop service. But with this traditional sight, and the lines of hog-roast red day-trippers on our doorstep, we realised summer is here. It seems like a long time coming, but what a star-studded summer it looks. In collaboration with designers Dolce and Gabbana we find Madonna’s first foray into the world of sunglasses design with the muchawaited MDG collection. Retro-popular Carrera sunglasses have become superstars in music videos by some of the world’s top artists, and we’ve been backstage at the Isle of Wight with the festival’s famous. But also, in what could be the greatest cast ever, the cream of Hollywood’s hired guns lock and load for summer blockbuster, The Expendables, using Police sunglasses to keep their cool even before the flames die down. The winter of discontent is behind us; it’s a time for holidays and a time for fun. Everything’s better in good weather and you want sunglasses to match your mood. The sun shines and so do our sunglasses, especially those studded with Swarovski. And boys, please bring back our Oakleys.



Our choice of stylish frames The eyewear news Madonna, Dolce and Gabbana were never just beautiful strangers Our guide to those travel essentials Dazzle without Diamonds 42 Look sharp at work, rest and play What the celebs are wearing Ray-Ban’s Rare Prints Collection


Fresh frames for the modern man Carrera and the music video The aviator and the relaunch of the world’s best selling frame

60 52

Ten celebrity favourites Stylish shades for Autumn What’s hot at the Isle of Wight Festival 48 Sheldrake Vs Wayfarer. You decide Catch up with the touring nueu skaters Keep them safe in the sun Sunglasses Q&A


Fancy, funky and fresh. Sunglasses Shop recommendations to help your focus

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Photography: Tara Lee, assisted by Frances Emery


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Use the frame code to search for any of the featured shades. Visit


Hugh Routledge / Rex Features

Stay focused on the green with the Retego – the new golf frame by adidas eyewear. Developed with British golf pro Justin Rose, these slick new sunglasses bridge the gap between performance and fashion, delivering a confident look and crystal-clear vision.

s ida ad tego ite e R l Wh 6 ar Pe A37


According to Oakley, sunglasses such as Radar, M Frame, Flak Jacket and Enduring were real winners at the Vancouver Olympics with athletes that rely on Oakley technology winning 65 medals. Sunglasses Shop can’t guarantee you an Olympic medal but we can help you look like a champion.

Sipa Press / Rex Features

A U.S Marine on his first tour of Afghanistan recently said that his Oakley M-Frame sunglasses saved his sight after a 40lb improvised explosive went off nearby. His platoon was unloading a vehicle that had already been struck by a first device and the Marine described how a chunk of shrapnel from the explosion hit the sunglasses but his sight was saved by the Oakley lenses. No-one else was injured. Matt Damon recently also wore the Oakley M-Frame in film Green Zone and this tough frame is available at Sunglasses Shop.

Vivienne Westwood – a fascinating combination of tradition and innovation. Her title of punk creator is echoed throughout the sunglasses collection. Vivienne Westwood also helps promote awareness of some of world’s most crucial issues as well as raising awareness of climate change so for the advertising campaign the designer teams up with fellow green activist, Pamela Anderson.

y kle s Oa ggle hite Go un W ure a at Sh ign -845 S 1 0

It’s hot, it’s new, it’s here. Sunglasses Shop brings you the latest from the world of eyewear.

Chloé Myrte – the celebrity favourite is back at Sunglasses Shop and now also available with a snakeskin twist. Watch out for this feminine frame, the best-selling in the Chloé collection.

loe Ch rte My ht Lig ana v 5 Ha 19 0 21

News continues on page 16...

Masatoshi Okauchi / Rex Features

A man has been challenged for wearing sunglasses whilst waiting on the platform of a tube station on London’s underground. It seems the driver, who was behind the outburst over the train’s public address system, believed the shaded commuter’s use of sunglasses had caused him to stray too far over the yellow safety line and into possible danger. The commuter was then reminded that he was 65ft underground so didn’t need sunglasses and was told to take them off. Perhaps the driver hasn’t seen the new 2140 Ray-Ban-Wayfarers with a street map design inside. an y-B Ra 140 er 2 ar yf 33 Wa 0 10 4 21

Vintage collections are a constant source of inspiration for new trends. At Dolce & Gabbana a fifties’ look cat’s eye frame takes on a personality of its own with a double frame in contrast colour. At Miu Miu the fifties’ are again a source of inspiration, with a cat’s eye shape reworked with a Cadillac pink acetate brow bar.

iu uM Mi 1LS 1 nk Pi der w Po

At the other end of the spectrum Lady Gaga inspired visors are big news. This fresh, futuristic look gives a sporty glam edge. Stella McCartney presents a slick visor with slim metal arms, whilst Dolce & Gabbana adds a colourful twist with a red and tortoiseshell visor with cut out lens detail.


The Galliano spirit has been captured with the launch of John Galliano’s Icon Collection, the legendary designer’s first line of sunglasses. Sunglasses Shop was the first online retailer approached to hn Jo iano stock these frames ll 1 a G 00 and is one of just 0 a handful of shops worldwide to sell this exclusive collection. The Icon Collection is an array of eighteen new sunhn glasses to turn heads and Jo ano y re lli enhance the icon theme Rat Pack, Galliano says Ga ry G ste vana that captures the designer’s the sunglasses conceal the y M Ha 20J 8 spirit of innovation and romance. sparkle in those macho eyes, just as 1 00 For the Icon Collection Galliano wanted the tinted windows would roll up and to create the ultimate sunglasses collection, shield the stars from their screaming fans. to fuse function with high-fashion, and for “Sunglasses are the ultimate accessory the everyday and the extraordinary. as well as the ultimate alibi,” said Galliano. For women Galliano goes back to his “They are the status symbol that conceals roots, his Spanish heritage and the Flathe private gaze, and exposes only the menco to create ‘Les Biches’, the signature glossy image you want to project. I wanted piece in the women’s collection. Galliano to blend old school glamour with high-tech said he dreamt of the doe-eyed girls that romance so we looked at innovations in inspired the phrase, ‘oeil de biche’, and what plastics and pushed new lens techniques to glasses the beauty would wear. He created tell our story.” a sultry oversize dark wrap shade, inspired The Dior designer had previously attemptby the Spanish Peinetas and Les Biches is a ed a sunglasses line in 2003 with the Airess favourite of Sunglasses Shop celebrity icon brand, but this proved unsuccessful. Now a Cheryl Cole. new vision has arrived, so mind your eyes. The men’s collection is reminiscent of the News continues on page 18... sixties’ Hollywood rebels, and the infamous


The sky certainly is the limit for Cebe sponsored mountaineer be Ce ite Edurne Pasaban, who earlier K this summer conquered her fourteenth peak of more than 8,000 metres tall. The Spanish athlete became the second woman ever to achieve such great heights when she hit the summit of Tibet’s Shisha Pangma mountainous and she has now racked up well over 100,000 metres up on the highest peaks the world has to offer. Obviously under such conditions the athlete’s sunglasses were vital and Cebe sunglasses focus on providing high altitude performance with many being perfect for mountaineering and other extreme sports. Pasaban’s first mountain was the mighty Everest back in 2000. It’s a long way down; imagine if she dropped her sunglasses…

To mark the anniversary of classic film La Dolce Vita, Persol presents two l new styles which truly rso Pe 77 capture the spirit the sil9 2 ver screen. The two new models, 2977 and 2978, stunningly recall the style of La Dolce Vita and feature the iconic supreme silver arrow on the temple that adds a touch of star quality. Persol is a legend in the history of film and its sunglasses have several times starred in best known films. Off screen its sunglasses are the fashionable ware of some of the greatest acting talent in Hollywood.


The new eyewear collections reflect the catwalk obsession with everything eighties. D&G’s “Gym” collection evokes the eighties’ sportswear trend, whilst Versace channels the glamorous side of the eighties. The influence can be seen across the collections at Chanel, Stella McCartney and Dolce & Gabbana.

an y-B er Ra yfar Wa 157K 2

The Dolce & Gabbana Precious Stones collection features heavily adorned oversized styles, whilst the best selling aviator has been reproduced in an 18 carat gold plated metal. At Ray-Ban, the iconic Wayfarer model has been produced in limited numbers with 18 carat plated gold inserted on the temple tips. Moreover, at Tiffany & Co, the company’s famous ‘charms’ have been incorporated into a sunglasses style which allows for interchangeable charms to be fitted into the arm.

Expendable? Stallone in flight, Eric Roberts and Stone Cold Steve Austin jump for it and Jason Statham hangs tough.

c.Lions Gate/Everett / Rex Features

As the world waits for The Expendables, an action film that could end all action films, Police sunglasses have announced that their 8362 model will be among the top stars in the film’s greatest-ever-actionhero-all-star-cast. Starring, directed and co-written by Hollywood hardman Sylvester Stallone, The Expendables follows a group of mercenaries as they try to overthrow a ruthless South American dictator. And so the film is armed and ready with a tough guy line-up including Jet Li, Dolph Lundgren, Jason Statham, Mickey Rourke, Arnold Schwarzenegger, and Bruce Willis too. With Hollywood’s greatest hired guns assembled it should be an easy task. But

e lic Po 62 l 83 eta nm Gu

obviously no, and the rest is a trap of deadly deception. Just like the stars of this summer blockbuster the 8362 is a special edition, part of the Police SS2010 collection. Only a limited number of these frames have been made. With these sunglasses you get custom packaging featuring the Police Expendables logo, a choice of six colours and for those die-hard fans the frame is available in a special edition box set containing sunglasses and a wallet, plus a metal limited edition declaration tag. The Expendables is scheduled for release at the end of August.


THE GOOD Grand coutourists Dolce and Gabbana say their current collaboration is a dream come true, so who’s that girl? By Cassandra Hilling


he biggest date on our calendar for some time sees the launch of a line of sunglasses created by fashion house Dolce and Gabbana and music megastar Madonna. But make no mistake, these sunglasses aren’t just a ray of light for adoring fans, they will win you over with their class and subtle edge. You will be hung up on the sharp retro romance of these sunglasses. MDG gives you luxuriant, classic style executed with hot twists in both palette and design setting you apart in the chicest manner. Naturally, Madonna is the face of MDG and also currently the face of the D&G women’s wear campaign and the combination is a cinematic delight inspired by the sensuality and intrigue of the film noir. Photographed by legendary snapper Steven Klein, here old world Italy meets old Hollywood; the voyeuristic shots contrast the diva and the domestic and explore the relationship between


a nn do e & a c M ol ana D bb Ga 4096

food and sex. The influence of Italian film, of which the three share a common love, including the aptly named La Dolce Vita (‘the good life’ in Italian) resulted in the pictures being shot using a film camera, and giving the appearance of beautiful black and white film stills. The sunglasses pictures show a shaded Madonna being seduced by a beautiful stranger, reminiscent of a fifties’ Hollywood film set. Madonna has always been a lucky star for the duo. She was photographed demonstrating the D&G brand to perfection at the height of her Blonde Ambition Tour in the early nineties. Costumes for that controversial tour, including those piercing conical bras, were designed by John Paul Gaultier and, already huge fans, Dolce and Gabbana arranged a meeting with their idol and a friendship blossomed. The following Girlie Show Tour costumes were to be designed by new found

a nn do e & a M olc ana D bb Ga 2087

a nn do & Ma olce ana D bb Ga 2089

a nn do e & a c M ol ana D bb Ga 6060

Sipa Press / Rex Features

fashion friends Dolce and Gabbana, who later added Madonna’s Drowned World and Sticky & Sweet tours to their fashionography. Other tour designers have included Tom Ford, Donatello Versace, Karl Lagerfeld, Stella McCartney, Roberto Cavalli among many and showing that when it comes to material, the girl has high standards. Madonna was, of course, more than just the face of the venture. The Italian designers said that Madonna’s creative contribution and unique point of view was key, even when designing the logo. All frames in the sunglasses collection bear the MDG logo – the single M that Madonna has adopted throughout her career is added to the illustrious Dolce & Gabbana logo. The frames are literally star-studded too for the M is formed by tiny raised stars.

Madonna is a singer, songwriter, dancer, music producer, pop visionary, film producer and director, style icon, humanitarian, author, actress not to mention multi-Grammy Award winner and Rock and Roll Hall of Fame inductee. For nearly thirty years her songs and style have provided the wardrobe and soundtrack to millions worldwide. Madonna has also recently added fashion design to her astonishing CV working alongside her daughter Lourdes on junior fashion line, Material Girl. Fashion has always been a strong part of Madonna’s expression off and on duty. She has been muse and model and now takes it to the next level. Domenico Dolce (right) and Stefano Gabbana (left) comprise one of the most famous designer brands. They epitomise the concept of designer label in our cultural consciousness. The inimitable fashion house already has a superb selection of sunglasses to their names. Throwing the legend herself into the mix ups the ante like never before in sunglasses design. For more visit


Pull off a great late summer festival or beach look in seconds with a pair of funky big round red glasses, D&G 3058 169114, and a slick of L’Oreal Glam Shine Reflexion in Sheer Grenadine, for a sheer pop of colour on the lips. Clear brights (hot red, fluorescent orange or pink) enhance a tan or make pale skin appear perfect, and gloss form is easier to wear (and apply) than full-on lipstick for a relaxed yet dressed up fashion-y feel.

G D& 58 30 nge a Or


Whether you’re catching some summer sun, going away for work or taking a trip abroad, make sure you pack these jet set essentials in your handbag, suitcase or beach tote. Catherine Turner, Beauty & Health Director, Easy Living

Most of us wear sunscreen on holiday, but it’s the incidental daily UV exposure (driving round town, walking to work) which really accelerates the ageing process. Every day from now into autumn, protect your face and decolletage with Shiseido Urban Environment UV Protection Cream SPF30. High protection and superlight – it won’t look chalky white and you can use it instead of your normal moisturiser and is discreet enough to get him wearing it too. Don’t forget, an oversized pair of sunglasses not only look stylish, they’ll also stop you frowning, squinting and exacerbating wrinkles in the sunlight. Oliver Peoples Skyla in Topaz with Amber Bronze 5059 4139, manage to strike a balance between upscale glamour and vintage cool. Ideal for work or r a ive yl Ol s Sk th smart weekend e i l op z w nze lunches. Pe opa Bro T er 9 b 5 Am 50

Use the frame code to search for any of the featured shades. Visit


an y-B Ra 4148 ean b rib t Ca Ligh na va Ha

l rso Pe 49 06 ana v Ha

One whiff of Garnier Ambre Solaire golden protect will take you back to lazy, hazy holidays. Originally launched in the 1940s, this classic sun oil has taken us through all the decades and has now been updated with modern day sunscreens to protect skin as well as give it that sexy sheen and summery, salty, warm scent which we all love (including men). And whether you’re into the 40s, 50s, 60s, 70s or 80s get into retro style with your sunglasses too. Long time favourite of the LA crowd, suddenly the preppy looking Persol classic 0714 are in again. Geeks note: they fold up so easily fit into your pocket. And, you can’t go wrong with a pair of Ray-Bans - if they’re a little clunky for you, go a bit neater and girlier 4148 710 in Caribbean Light Havana.

My job can find me on a shoot in the tropical beach in January, or visiting Chanel’s head office in Paris on a hot July day, so I need a wardrobe of sunglasses which are both practical and add a bit of va va voom to an outfit. These are the ones I’ve got my eye on...


Chanel 5169 Large yet delicate, these are great to hide behind on early journeys to the station or airport. I’d get them in calming blue.

Cute and good for you, Bi Mat Cay is a series of 4 holistic balms containing traditional Vietnamese herbs known for their healing properties and available in tiny pots to throw into your bag wherever you’re going. The Miracle Balm (a bit like Tiger Balm), is a tingly, soothing concoction with menthol, clove, pine and cinnamon for headaches, muscle pains, or insect bites; Skin Balm contains soothing green tea extract, vitamin E and juniper oil - use it as a moisturiser to soften skin at night, or to heal minor irritations such as sunburn; Lip Balm is a classic with cocoa butter, beeswax, camphor and menthol to keep lips smooth; Hand Balm is reassuringly medicinal with camphor, eucalyptus, menthol and lavender to heal cracked hands and feet. From Space NK

Maison Francis Kurkdjian APOM Incense Papers are luxurious little scented papers, created by the world class Parisian perfumer, Francis Kurkdjian. They’re perforated so you can use one tiny tab to fragrance your car, bag, suitcase or drawers at home. Or, light one whole strip with the matches included, blow out the flame and let it burn as incense to fill a stale hotel room with a wonderful aroma. They’re available in 3 different scents: APOM (‘A Piece of Me’) is wonderfully soft and summery with orange blossom, cedarwood, and ylang-ylang flower. From Liberty.

Marc by Marc Jacobs 155 M9A

Gucci 3119

I like the kooky quirkiness of these for offsetting a plain, t-shirt, jeans and pumps for weekends.

I love the slightly eighties’ bookish look and these are perfect for that – classic, understated and grown-up for work.


Bvlgari eyewear is known for its alluring style and the 6038B is no exception. Elegant and sophisticated with sumptuous Swarovski temples, these sunglasses will add a luxurious touch to your everyday wear.

In My Lady Dior, Dior has created yet another premium pair of sunglasses. With the fine lines and vintage traits, and a Swarovski encrusted arm detail, these beautiful frames will seduce any who discover them.


Swarovski crystals add a mesmerising and unique sparkle to any accessory. Diamonds may be a girl’s best friend, but for beautiful, eye-catching brilliance these Swarovski crystal-covered sunglasses are hard to outshine. Andie White Photography: Tara Lee, assisted by Frances Emery

With the superb styling of Bvlgari design, and temples adorned with Swarovski crystals and enamel this is a pair of truly luxurious sunglasses. Wonderful.

Use the frame code to search for any of the featured shades. Visit

Sheathed in Swarovski crystals the Gucci 3107 is a classic with an exquisite stone detail. An extraordinary pair of sunglasses for an extraordinary look.


Photography: Natalie J Watts Styling and make up: Sarah Nice sarahnice@ Models: Lize at Zone Joe Moreline at Select Hair: Claire Squires-Cox Assistant: Tara Lee

Sometimes one just isn’t enough. Three looks for three occasions. It’s freestyle. 30

an y-B Ra 140 4 0 71

hn Jo iano ll 24f a G 06 00

Sunglasses: John Galliano 0006 24F Embellished dress: ASOS Blazer: Grey silk, ZARA Sunglasses: Ray Ban 4140 710 Over coat: ASOS Shirt: Purple striped Ted Baker


a ad Pr MS 1 1 1A1 7 GI


el an Ch 182 4 33P 3 C4 Sunglasses: Chanel 4182 C4333P Leather jacket: ASOS Body: American Apparel Silk lipstick scarf: H&M Sunglasses: Prada 11MS GI71A1 Red polo: Lacoste Knitted tank top: Tommy Hilfiger Bow tie: Beyond Retro


Sunglasses: Marc Jacobs 298 DJN Camel coloured dress: ASOS Sunglasses: Carrera Forever Mine B5B Grey hooded reverse jacket: American Apparel White vest: Topman


rc Ma obs c JN a J 8D 29

ra rre r Ca reve B Fo e B5 n Mi


Rainbows, Russians and mellow amber, there’s lots happening at Maui Jim. Let’s talk...

Russia’s No 1 tennis player Elena Dementieva has recently joined forces with Maui Jim, who say that she is the ideal ambassador because her style and personality on and off court fits perfectly with Maui Jim’s humble attitude. “What really grabbed my attention is their concern for sunlight protection,” said Dementieva. “As a professional tennis player, many of my events are outside so protection from the sun is critical.” So far this year has been a positive one for ui the 28-year-old, ranked fifth in the world, who beat world No Ma Big ck a Jim h Bl d 1 Serena Williams in the final at the Medibank International in ac arise 2 e B ol 8-0 Sydney in January. P 51 HT

Overcast skies? Maui Jim’s new High Transmission lens, an attractive mellow amber tone, works brilliantly in changing light conditions and doesn’t struggle when the sun does. It also boosts colour, contrast and depth of field. With MJ PolarisedPlus2 technology to combat bright glare and in SuperThin glass or polycarbonate you can experience the beauty of crystal clear vision.


ui Ma m Ji -05 25 R2

Look out for Rainbow Falls, one of Maui Jim’s latest frames, and one which sees the brand enter into a new era for sunglasses. The frame is among the first designed for Maui Jim by Richard Walker, the man behind the sunglasses worn by Keanu Reeves and Laurence Fishburne in Hollywood blockbuster The Matrix. Walker worked exclusively with Maui Jim to create Rainbow Falls and his unique sense of style shows throughout this exquisite model, which, with Maui Jim’s superior lens technology, easily unites fashion and function.

The Gorillaz and Blur front man sports a classic alternative to the best-selling aviator style. With countless celebrities again relying on this top trend the aviator proves it is not just for summer, it’s for life.


Aviator sunglasses are becoming more sophisticated as time goes on. Take these suave Emporio Armani for example, a smooth blend of sophistication and city slick. A unique interpretation on a classic.

A hybrid of two already classic Ray-Ban styles, the 4140 is for those wanting to standout from the Wayfarer and Clubmaster crowd.

See what the current trendsetters are wearing with our celebrity sunglasses spotter. Andie White

She is too young to remember its heyday, but singer Pixie Lott appears to be looking backwards with a pair of sixties’ style sunglasses. Ray-Ban 4141 sunglasses, a sheer top, black skirt and stockings – an outfit that will spark multiple high street trends.

For Oscar-nominated actress Carey Mulligan the fifties’ Hollywood inspired Dior Bagatelle is only frame worth considering as she strolls through Cannes. Taken from the new Statement collection, Dior’s alluring assortment of butterfly shapes, this frame is the perfect summer vintage.

Elegant and chic, day or night. With its gorgeous lines and curves the 4080 defines luxurious design and is emblematic of Italian craftsmanship.

Rotello/MCP/Rex Features

Nobody is better qualified than Tom Cruise to prove the timelessness and originality of the Craft Caravan. He immortalised Ray-Ban classics the aviator in Top Gun and the Wayfarer in Risky Business. This special edition of the original Caravan model features genuine deer leather for a stylish, sumptuous fit. Nothing compares to the luxuriousness of the Ray-Ban Ultra Caravan and only limited numbers of this golden icon have been made. The titanium frame is plated with 18-carat yellow gold.

Use the frame code to search for any of the featured shades. Visit



op art and culture collide with the latest designs in Ray-Ban’s cool and collectable new Rare Prints special edition series. Experience the supreme style of the iconic Wayfarer and Clubmaster with the latest frame prints featuring the New York metro, flowers and the Ray-Ban logo. The previously released comics, button pins and stripe prints are just as bold and vibrant. Watch out for the posters inspired by these colourful patterns too.

Line up! G up, line et to on th w Ray- e latest lo ork Ban’s ok w ith cand This Club cool edit y stripes. ion o mast f er is altern a refr the ative e shing t o bla an the sha pe is ck, and y-B 6 a R 01 to we so easy 3 14 ar. 10

Push ght all the ri is inwith th buttons me design. fra triguing r girl guides, fo t Not jus ins have bep n o tt bu ssory n acce come a eir own within th right.


an y-B Ra 140 2 49 10

Representing over seventy years of style, the new Rare Prints collection is a bold showing of everything that makes Ray-Ban original. By Andie White

rk’s New Yo the is y a w sub ation of inspir farer. source Way e printed r the tru on this fo r al wea nting to ti n e s s E eller wa city dw eir mark on an -B y e mak th ion map. Ra 140 2 33 h the fas 10

an y-B Ra 140 2 2 13 2 10

The ow arer n Wayf ressed in sd atcome y floral p d a t t e a r an d ap you c summer o s n of ter touch ardrobe. nice w r u nt. to yo ing brillia m o Blo

The facto Kerpow inch r. Look e ! or wo the wond very m e comic an in the r man se su print per sung Every las c an need rime-figh ses. s the y-B t Ra 140 ir cov er 2 47 er. 10


eu 0 nu a 3. o r n y Co Ivor

Photographer: Andrew Leo Stylist: Gemma Hayward Model: Scott Simpson at Nevs Hair and Grooming: Claire Rothstein


yRa 4150 n Ba ellow a Y van Ha

ra rre Ca rena Ca ilver S

A MODERN Six pages of stylish frames for the fashion conscious gentleman


e lic Po 402 r 8 lve Si

an y-B Ra 8041 or iat m Av aniu Tit



G D& 70 al 60 met n Gu


r ive s Ol ple ct o i Pe ned Be Gold

m To Ace rd ck o F Bla 02A 52 01


l rso Pe 649 2 0 /3 3 85


ra rre ce Ca uran stal d ry n E 9 C ck J0 Bla

Top of the popstars. Chart-topping Carrera focuses on the music video. Monique Bruce he world’s most famous singers always reach for the stars but of more recent times they are also reaching for a pair of Carrera sunglasses. The popular sports brand is currently one of the most fashionable sunglasses brands in which to be seen and with Christina Aguilera, Alicia Keys and Lady Gaga among those celebrity fans, the proof is that not just top sports stars can find soul in a pair of Carrera frames. This favouritism for Carrera’s fashion has been immortalised by some of the world’s biggest singing sensations who regularly choose the brand’s sunglasses as co-stars in their music videos. Jamie Foxx and Lady Gaga both chose the colourful Carrera Champion, Carrera’s signature collection, for their videos ‘Digital Girl’ and ‘Bad Romance’, while Alicia Keys decided the Panamerika 1 was the frame for her.


Part of Carrera’s Vintage line, the bold and stylish Champion enhanced the performance – for Foxx they showed a music video-matching futuristic and abstract statement, and for Gaga adding to her fearless and confident performance. Alicia Keys was the first to steer away from the Champion look, appearing in ‘Try Sleeping with a Broken Heart’ in a pair of Carrera Panamerika 1 (also from the Carrera Vintage line). But ahead in the music video must-have chart is the Carrera Endurance which has helped Usher, Rihanna and most recently Christina Aguilera continue to set fashion trends. Carrera’s Endurance appears in Rihanna’s ‘Rude Boy’, Usher’s ‘Hey Daddy (Daddy’s Home)’ and Christina Aguilera’s ‘Not Myself Tonight’. With iconic retro detailing and an array of colours, Carrera models have achieved cult status and make a bold fashion statement. Follow one of this season’s hottest trends, they come highly recommended.


hen it came to celebrating the relaunch of the world’s best-selling frame it was natural that Ray-Ban would prove its rock ‘n’ roll credentials with a little live music. Seven bands, two clubs and six new frame editions brought the celebrations of the iconic teardrop lens to two of the world’s most lively cities in London and New York City. London’s Scala club was transformed with a Ray-Ban red interior. Guitar amps were souped up with sunglass cabinets, each showcasing the six new aviator editions. In London old hands, the New York Dolls, showed the kids how it’s done while the rock and roll of the seventies, the iconic era for the aviator, was saluted. Iggy and the Stooges remained stateside, headlining the NYC bash at the Music Hall of Williamsburg. Iconic imagery depicting the aviator’s stellar history was featured throughout and in keeping with the aviator’s association with expression and creativity, the bands also customised their own sunglasses just for the buzz. Visiting stars included Peaches Geldof and Kevin Spacey while Primal Scream’s Bobby Gillespie provided a DJ set. And of course Sunglasses Shop was there too. Six new styles to accompany the classic frame were unveiled at the events; the Metal Glide, the Titanium, the Tech, the limited edition Ultra Gold, the Road Spirit and the Craft.


For one night only… and more than seventy years… Ray-Ban re-presents: the aviator

Chloe Sevigny and Kate Bosworth at Williamsburg check out Iggy Pop as Ray-Ban rocks in New York...

... ‘n’ rolls in London. The Big Pink entertain the crowd before headliners The New York Dolls. Stars including Mathew Horne, Little Boots, Kevin Spacey, Jaime Winstone and Pam Hogg enjoy the VIP treatment.

he aviator has survived the best part of seventy years for a number of reasons. Its shaping accentuates the cheekbones and jaw-line, granting a hefty dose of sex appeal to the wearer. The style is ultra comfortable and easy to wear, it excels in a casual or smart context…and you just feel really cool in a pair. But Ray-Ban and the aviator came as a result of a military need. In 1937, Ray-Ban (then owned by Bausch and Lomb) created the aviator to answer air force pilots’ need to eliminate glare and, unlike eyewear of the time, the new design had curved lenses three times the area of the eye socket to prevent as much light entering as possible. The aviator was born. WW2 images showing American General MacArthur sporting aviators in action soon gave the frame its macho status and so began the popularity of the world’s best-selling frame. Sunglasses’ power as a style statement didn’t come until the fifties, when Hollywood exploded. This was the era of the plastic frame, particularly the feline flicks of the cat eye designs. In the sixties it was musicians that popularised the frame. John Lennon, famous for little round frames, was also partial to an aviator as was charismatic rocker Jim Morrison. Its blend of style and practicality had finally won it mass appeal. And the aviator became a seventies’ rock star staple. Elvis Presley,


among others, was famous for his, many of which were personalised. In Hollywood Robert Redford was the definitive stylish male in mirrored aviators. Sports specialist Carrera got its style stripes and became a highly popular brand in this era too. The eighties was the golden age of the aviator. Its solid reputation along with product placement in movies like Top Gun made the aviator the sunglasses choice of the decade. But as the end of an era came fast the glut of aviators in the eighties had caused one too many abuses by rock stars that had lost the plot. Thus for the best part of the nineties they were avoided but style like that doesn’t stay in the shade for long. In the late nineties Brad Pitt saw fit to don the aviator recalling a young Mr Redford. With its impact lost for almost ten years to the over indulgence of the eighties, a primed and rejuvenated aviator has again reclaimed its style status as top gun. This time around more ladies are getting a piece of that which was solely the realm of the male. The aviator is super sexy on the lady, giving her a powerful edge. The inherent masculinity of the frame serves to accentuate femininity in the wearer. Avid aviator fans, Cheryl Cole, Megan Fox and Victoria Beckham among others have it covered. CH


Take an y-B Ra 025 ilver 3 S d or iat ise Av olar P

No-one can deny the power of the Ray-Ban aviator. The world’s best-loved frame has been issued and reissued in all the colours under the sun.

r ive s Ol ple er o Pe ummilver r St ht S 3777 Lig004 1

The Oliver Peoples Strummer is an immensely popular frame that has enjoyed a real staying power. Combining a semi-rimless soft edge with a superfine metal frame it’s everything you want from an aviator but with a softer look.

The aviator is the world’s best-selling frame and we have become accustomed to its dramatic tear-drop shape. But these days you are spoilt for choice by new and exciting angles on this iconic frame. So choose carefully, writes Cassandra Hilling

er nd xa en Ale Que Mc 4129 e Blu

The Alexander McQueen 4129 is by far the most original take on the aviator. With an angular shape and killer wooden plaques over the brow and temple, this is a style trump card that can’t be beaten.

ra rre Ca afari d S y Re in Sh FRO

The plastic fantastic Carrera Safari gives you all the original retro romance you can handle. With Carrera’s distinctive bridge detail and flashy stripes, Safari shows unique flair. Available in colours galore.

lce a Do bban a 3K G & 207 ial ec Sp ition Ed

The Dolce & Gabbana 2073K Special Gold Edition. In the ultimate tribute to lavish and expensive style, this aviator has a heavyweight 18K gold frame, engraved gold plaques on each temple and comes with polarized lenses. You really don’t want to sit on these...

rd Fo m r To ete r P ve Sil 18V 42 01

The glamorous Tom Ford Peter bears a unique criss-cross frame at the bridge and a smart cut-away lens. Sleek tubular arms add sharp modernity and dressiness to the edgy, grittiness of a much-loved style.


For today’s celebrity sunglasses are a rite of passage that are exploited to the full. Sunglasses Shop brings you the top ten celebrity choices countdown

10 The sheer shameless decadence of Dolce & Gabbana’s aviator makes it a must for this chart. You need big bucks to secure this precious piece of kit and you have to be a star to trump up for its stellar price tag. Worn by: Brad Pitt and Charlize Theron


Especially celebrified, this was designed in collaboration with actual Hollywood starlet Zooey Deschanel. Her kiss appears on the heat sensitive lens, this coupled with the cocktail napkin lens wipe make this a really special interpretation of the classic fifties’ sunshade. Worn by: Rihanna, Emily Blunt and Jessica Alba

8 This is the OP aviator and is a shorter version than its inspiration. It is a fine, lightweight frame that just looks great. It has staying power and keeps popping up on the celeb style agenda. Worn by: Angelina Jolie and Cindy Crawford


Where there is limelight, there is Tom

ver Oli ples o Pe oey Zo

lce Do d an ana bb Ga 073K 2


ver Oli ples o er e P mm u Str m To d r Fo rles a Ch

r Dio y 1 ss o l G

Ford. The designer makes the aviator his own with this smooth take on the classic style. It is another TF frame that refuses to loose exposure. Worn by: Giselle Bundchen, Heidi Klum and Sarah Harding.


Celebs just can’t keep their hands off the certain glamour of this flattering frame. It’s distinctive, soft angular line and slightly curved lenses make it instantly recognisable (the large Dior signature on the temple helps too). Worn by: Kate Hudson, Tyra Banks and Kate Moss


Large and luxuriant, the Whitney is still highly prevalent. The classy tubular frame has a crossover bridge and cutaways at the temple. The sleek metal temple detail adds further contemporary dash to the Whitney’s classic essence. Worn by: Naomi Watts and Janet Jackson


Paris Hilton is the biggest advocate of Prada’s butterfly frame which she owns in its entire gorgeous colour palette. She made an impression and many celebrities wrote ‘get


This iconic frame was championed by Steve McQueen in the sixties and seventies and due to popular demand it is available once again. The nifty folding frame has that distinctive key-hole style and is so damned handy it really is a class act. Worn by: Beyonce Knowles, Elle McPherson and Orlando Bloom


The invincible aviator swoops in at number two. It has provided supreme tough guy sex appeal from day one. Its power was harnessed by the lady later on in its career. Worn by: Megan Fox and Wentworth Miller


At the top spot it is of course the ultimate in old school and the crowning glory of cool, the Ray-Ban Wayfarer. Ray-Ban’s roll call for the Wayfarer is the most star studded. With a reputation that reaches all the way back to old Hollywood it can’t be beaten. Worn by: Stella McCartney, Demi Lovato, Katy Perry and Mark Ronson. CH

Pr 18 ada IS

For more visit

l rso Pe 14 7 0

an y-B Ra iator Av 25 30

an y-B r Ra yfare a W 140 2


m To d r Fo ney it Wh

bent Paris shades’ on their shopping lists. Worn by: Gwen Stefani and Paris Hilton

What a year it’s been so far for our best-loved fashion icon Cheryl Cole. A divorce, a chart-topping solo career amid rumours of a relationship with BlackEyed-Pea But where would the former WAG be without sunglasses to hide the private gaze from public life. It is no surprise then that Cheryl loves the oversized Galliano Les Biches.

The name refers to the Doe-eyed Spanish girls that influenced the design. An oversized, dark-wrap shade with a honeycomb temple, reminiscent of fiery flamenco.

Big, bold and anything but discreet, these fab frames are everything you would expect from a brand as daring and dynamic as Dsquared2

For gorgeousness and glamour choose this latest Gucci style, which features the famous double G logo on the temple for added wow factor.


Photography: Natalie J Watts Styling and make up: Sarah Nice Model: Amber Anderson at Tess Hair: Claire Squires-Cox Assistant: Frances Emery

Sunglasses: Prada 59MS ZVA6S1 Fur coat: Vintage T-shirt: Nike vintage Denim cut-offs: Zara Clogs: ASH


a ad Pr MS 9 5 6S1 A ZV


u Mi 6LS u 1 3MI i M B IA

Sunglasses: Miu Miu 16LS IAB3MI Sparkly dress: Vintage Grey hoody: Switch Skate Store Shoes: ASOS


Sunglasses: Prada 18MS G0D5I1 Blue biker jacket: H&M Leggings: Stylists own Bra: Silent Noise at Urban Outfitters High tops: Alexander McQueen for Puma

a ad Pr MS 18 5I1 D G0


Sunglasses: Chanel 5185 C714/3G Blue jumpsuit: ASOS Clogs: ASOS Socks: Topshop

el an Ch 185 5 /3G 14 C7


&G MD 87 20 /3D 9 47 Sunglasses: MD&G 2087 479/3D Maxi dress: ASOS Grey long line hoody: Zoe’s Tee’s Cloggs: ASOS Socks: Topshop Bag: People Tree


Queen of Noize DJ Tabitha Denholm, in classic Wayfarer Azure, hugs an effortlessly cool-looking Kate Moss in the new Ray-Ban 4141

With the promise of another explosive start to the summer, the Isle of Wight Festival never fails to draw in the crowds. Sunglasses Shop went backstage to see the festival’s most stylish.


ood times were the order for the 40th anniversary of the Isle of Wight festival and this year didn’t disappoint with blistering headline performances from Jay-Z, The Strokes and the legendary Paul McCartney. The sun was out too and so were the sunglasses. Ray-Ban is a rock ‘n’ roll icon so no surprise that revellers and stars alike flocked to the two Ray-Ban Rooms on offer, one in the festival’s Strawberry Fields area, while the stars added to their festival fun, relaxing in a second room, backstage. And throughout the weekend nearly every band called in backstage, also Kate Moss, who came by with her cool crowd, including Kills’ guitarist boyfriend Jamie Hince, best friend Sadie Frost, Radio 1 presenter Nick Grimshaw, Pixie Geldof, singer Remi Nicole and Alexa Chung. Debbie Harry, Marina – without the diamonds – and Florence minus the machine also found time to visit, relaxing to the live acoustic performances on offer backstage from some of the festival’s top performers – all wearing Ray-Ban. A star-studded event it was, but we know you’re really only interested in their sunglasses...honest. LA


Rare Print: Mr Hudson rockin’ Ray-Ban Wayfarer Comics 2140 1047

Rocker Juliette Lewis goes for the all over blue look including hair and Wayfarer Blue on Subway 2140 1030

Shady Character? Keith Lemon loves a Ray-Ban classic Aviator 3025

Florence tops off her colourful look with matching red Aviators 3025. Cool even without the machine

Backstage Mel C sports a classic Wayfarer 2140

Pixie Geldof relaxes in a pair of trendy Ray-Ban 4141

Nick Grimshaw and Sadie Frost get close Ray-Ban Wayfarer 2140

Another club classic. Remi Nicole in the Ray-Ban Clubmaster 3016 La Roux singer Eleanor Jackson’s muchcoveted style includes Ray-Ban Signet 3429


Monique Model

Prada 18IS

Photography: Tara Lee, assisted by Frances Emery

The word on the street is... sunglasses. What are you wearing? 68

Julie Model

Ray-Ban 3429





Oakley Flak Jacket 03-881

Chanel 5169 10893C





Ray-Ban 3025

nueu Corona 3 nu-22-01




Music Retailer

Marketing Director


nueu Taurus 3

Gucci 2861

Gucci 2861 SJR







Ray-Ban 4125

Prada 25LS

Carrera Jocker Cyclamen





Marketing Manager

Tattoo Artist

Ray-Ban 3026 L2846

Ray-Ban 3429

Emporio Armani 9605









Ray-Ban 2151 902

Ray-Ban 4118

Ray-Ban 2140

Sweet Cake






nueu Corona 3 nu22-03

Ray-Ban 2140 1028

Tom Ford Peter 0142 28F







Dolce & Gabbana 6036

Persol 0649

D&G 8075 16968H

Sunglasses Shop tried and tested. Style over protection or protection over style? Why not have both. or a cyclist, being on two wheels offers a unique road experience, which is not just the wonderful taste of flies in your mouth. But to enjoy this and to stay in complete control you need to see properly. There are countless frames around, but before choosing consider a few things that separate cycling sunglasses from standard ones.


Oakley /

You want the sunglasses close to your face, allowing less space for flies and other debris to get in and giving you better overall coverage. You will also want them to fit nicely around any headgear. If you’re spending hours pedalling, the weight of everything you’re using becomes hugely important. Think lightweight. You may be riding through varying weather conditions so you will want your lenses to adapt to the changing light. Many cycling sunglasses come with interchangeable or photochromic lenses, which can accommodate these differing conditions. They will also reduce the eyes’ tiredness – strain-free visual clarity is essential. Cycling is physical so choose sunglasses that are built to last and prepared for the odd knock or, dare we say, a fall.

y kle Oa dar a R ath p

Performance, technology and fashion is the Oakley way, and has resulted in some of the best sports eyewear on the planet. Their cycling range is no different, but here we focus on the wonderfully designed Split Jacket, the younger relative of the groundbreaking Jawbone. Switchlock technology makes changing between any of the superb Oakley lenses easier than falling off a bike. The frame is made of lightweight

Another top piece of cycling kit, this frame comes with Impact X photochromic lenses, guaranteed unbreakable for life, and a quick change interchangeable lens system making short work of any light condition issues. The temples are adjustable and feature hidden hinges for greater comfort and side protection. The locking nosepiece and non-slip material means you won’t run your sunglasses over should you hit an unexpected pothole. The Rydon II also offers a smaller shaped eyesocket, with a reduced geometric wrap making it perfect for those with sleeker, smaller faces. Made up from a combination of chemical elements, including titanium and carbon, this frame is super-lightweight and flexible.

dy Ru ject o on r P yd n R rbo X Ca pact Im

and stress-resistant Oakley O MATTER while UNOBTAINIUM stems and nose pads y increase grip when you kle Oa plit t S ke sweat. A three-point fit means c d Ja rare great comfort and lenses that are Inf kept in precise optical alignment. Take a close look at how the lenses contour at the sides, maximising protection against sun, wind and side impact.

eu nu rus Cirlack ed B ris la Po

This is the easy rider of the bunch. A lightweight sports wrap with the added benefit of polarised lenses for glarebeating protection. With nueu’s Cirrus as your eyewear choice all you need is to do is start pedalling. The impressively curved lenses mean the sunglasses offer great coverage, while keeping out the elements and the polarised lenses will deal with the brightest of sunshine. Constructed from impact resistant polycarbonate lenses and with a flexible and lightweight TR-90 frame, Cirrus is comfortable and great for almost any sport. Tough, durable optics that provide impeccable definition and relaxed, strain-free vision for hours on the road.


Brand: Oliver Peoples lly Lens: OP say: “technica ses len ss gla sun advanced istics” (with) unique character acetate d Frame: Hand-sculpte n Ico es Status: Sunglass d. Style: Andy Warhol inspire an h wit and ate orn ’, Sixties feel. authentic retro look and m 47m ns Vital Stats: Le (Category 3) Arm 145mm Released: 2008 Seen on: Johnny Depp t: Sunglasses Shop Verdic to For people who want m the separate themselves fro e an hav o wh crowd and those tichen aut for tion apprecia ns. looking vintage fashio


The young challenger or the established icon? Choose which frame is your champion with this tale of the tape

y kle ll Oa l Ce P e Fu toG Mo eries S

Brand: Ray-Ba n Lens: Ray-Ba n’s G15 Frame: Acetat e Status: New Re lease Style: Collision of Ray-Ban’s Clubmaster an d Wayfarer. In dividual and trendy with a cat-like angl e. Vital Stats: Lens 51mm (C ategory 3) Arm 150mm Released: 2010 Seen on: Kylie Minogue Sunglasses Sh op Verdict: If you want to make an alter-Wayfare r trendy fashio n statement then this is the fram Fans of Ray-B e. an will love it.

The thrill of the MotoGP has been captured in four new Oakley frames. Sunglasses Shop takes a look at the grid. he danger, the excitement, the style and now the team colours of the MotoGP riders have been captured in four Special Edition Oakley frames. Speed fiends Loris Capirossi, Jorge Lorenzo, Ben Spies and Andrea Dovizioso have each lent their team colours to new versions of successful Oakley sunglasses, creating four thrilling frames in the Oakley MotoGP Signature Series. Lorenzo and the Despatch, Dovizioso and the Jupiter, Capirossi and the Antix and finally Spies and the Fuel Cell mark the teaming of the y world’s premier motorbike world kle Oa ntix racing championship and the A oGP t Mo eries engineers of some of the world’s S greatest sunglasses. These sunglasses maintain all the racing characteristics of precision and accuracy, sleek and aggressive style and the thrill and the fun of the MotoGP – the official logo also decorates the inside of the stem. Of course all the usual Oakley technology is there in frame and lens too. The frames, the riders, the spirit. Available now at Sunglasses Shop.

Use the frame code to search for any of the featured shades. Visit


Top: Carl Wilson Middle: Paul-Luc Ronchetti Main and Bottom: Dave Crook


As the latest nueu skate tour rolls to a close, Lewis Anderson explores the triumphs, the tricks and the talent behind the team who wear the sunglasses. ueu sunglasses are fast becom- Showing bags of potential at a young age and ing known for their unique gaining recognition for his gravity-defyurban aesthetics. ing ability, he spends his days trainIn line with their ing in sun-bleached skateparks underground appeal, their in preparation for the oncomstreet philosophy extends ing competition season. from mere sunglasses out to Despite his increasing fame the sidewalk and the world of and envious lifestyle he skateboarding. remains associated with Drawing from both profesnueu, recognising how popular sional and amateur skateboard they are in the skate community. talent, each year the team emA veteran of skate videos and rt pe Ru toine eu bark on a journey across England, a photo shoots, Carl Wilson is another An rs nu red a ro tour of duty known as ‘Ride With Us’. regular on the competition circuit. Afwe Mir tor 01 via r 6 A lve Skateparks are host to explosive demter breaking his leg during last year’s Si onstrations of nueu’s raw skating talent, Mini Ramp Championships he’s slowly inspiring the fans and spreading returning to skating. Despite the the word of nueu to a younger setbacks, he only ever needs generation. one thing to make him happy – The nueu skate team “good weather”. continue the tradition with Rupert Antoine started ridthe Ride With Us Tour 2010. ing for the team at the tender Covering over a thousand age of fifteen. Juggling colmiles between locations in lege and filming for skate vidthe south of England, the tour’s eos, he’s another bright young climax at July’s Relentless Nass English talent and says, “nueu c Festival in Shepton Mallet also coinsunglasses are pretty useful for lookLu ul- tti Pa nche ueu t ing cool, and impressing the ladies in cides with the skateboarding world cup. Ro rs n 0 Fa . a In this international event, skateboardwe rus 3 den the sunshine.” You can’t argue with that. E u Ta unk ers from across the world descended With nueu always looking to engage P on Shepton Mallet to compete for glory, with urban culture in any way possible, making it an event unmissable for any self- you can be sure that there’s a lot more to respecting skater. come from nueu and the skate team. Although now smaller in size than it was Use the frame code to search for any of the initially, the six-man nueu team still brims with featured shades. Visit talent. One such talent is Paul-Luc Ronchetti.


Your children have very precious peepers. Protect them in style this season with the Sunglasses Shop collection of frames from our kids’ corner. Monique Bruce


llé Bo y n Po 91 0 11

Bolle Pony comes with an adjustable strap to fit the smallest of heads so there’s no way they can go astray – the sunglasses that is.

Photo: Carrieanne Peters

ids love playing in the sun and while many parents will happily use caps and lotions, few consider sunglasses as necessary protection from the sun’s harmful rays. Children’s eyes are less developed and extra sensitive to UV light, and those with blue eyes are at particular risk, so the best way to protect those delicate young eyes is with a pair of sunglasses. The World Health Organisation says that 80 percent of UV exposure occurs before the age of 18, so it’s essential that children are protected from the youngest age possible. Sunglasses can help prevent cataracts and age-related macular degeneration, which is a leading cause of blindness, making them a musthave investment for future health. And just because such shades are mini adaptations doesn’t mean quality should be sacrificed. When buying sunglasses for children you should check for a CE mark and UV400 assurance to ensure they offer sufficient protection. A dark lens causes the eye to open to take in more light and if the sunglasses are not of sufficient quality more harmful light will enter your child’s eyes. Keep your little ones safe and stylish in the sun with Sunglasses Shop.

an y-B 06S Ra r 95 53 nio Ju 213/

The popular Ray-Ban aviators and wayfarers are available in junior versions enabling youngsters to look just like their favourite celebrity.

an y-B 35S Ra r 90 o i 11 n Ju 165/

o rin rre Ca FVO 2

Fashion isn’t always important to children, but colour is guaranteed to impress. Carrera are hotter than ever before but your child will be ice cool and well protected in a pair of Carrerinos. o rin rre Ca FS0 5

For those who love fashion, the colourful and style conscious MAX & Co 35 his creative and feminine frame impresses with its oversized wrap style. X A MAX & Co. MA o 35 r C & be logo is etched into each stem Am 2N6 5 3 for authenticity and nose pads provide around the clock comfort. Although large, these sunglasses are surprisingly light in weight. Chunky temples are aligned with a gorgeous metal bow motif, over which diamantes are scattered for added style. It’s the talking point of the frame and draws attention to your face wherever you go. And the exciting colours include amber with a brown lens and brown with a violet lens. The brown model is great because it fades to violet at the bottom and makes them all the more appealing. One of the best things about these sunglasses is that you can wear them on all occasions. They are ideal for adding glamour to casual outfits and look equally hot when you’re dressed up. MB Use the frame code to search for any of the featured shades. Visit


Nothing to wear? Our guest style expert Gemma Hayward is here to help. I am hitting the festival circuit this summer and praying for sunshine. Can you suggest a couple of frame options that will keep me ahead in the festival fashion stakes? Suzie, Essex More than likely the trend setting celebrities will be taking their inspiration from the catwalk where things have turned retro in the sunglasses world. Prada have taken the lead with their 21LS lilac shimmer round frames which will give you a suitably hippy look, perfect for festival frolics. If you want a more versatile pair, Dior Diorzeli black shades have a wayfarer style, but the upturned edges adds a quirky fifties’ edge. GH I’m about to buy a pair of sunglasses for my husband, but he has a very wide head and after years of casual browsing he has finally found a pair that fits him-Ray-Ban 4120. Do you know of any other sunglasses that fit a wide head? Sarah, Exeter


Ray-Ban are excellent at catering for a variety of head shapes as they offer three different size lenses in most of their models. For a designer option Prada Sport has a stylish aviator frame 52LS with a large lens size of 65mm which should be accommodating for a wider head. Choose the shiny blue grey version for a bright outlook. What’s the difference between D&G and Dolce & Gabbana? Amy, Leeds D&G is owned by Dolce & Gabbana and is run as the Italian luxury giants’ diffusion line. Aimed at a slightly younger audience, D&G has a quirkier edge offering fun designs like the striped D&G 8058. The more mature Dolce is seriously sophisticated, for instant glamour try these Dolce & Gabbana 4053 tortoise shell frames.

Director Daniel Puddick

Operations Director Andrew Puddick

Marketing Director Dagmara Barcz

ou may think choosing from the blinding array of sunglasses on the market can be difficult. Here at Sunglasses Shop we believe there is a frame to suit every face and fit each and every personal style. We therefore bring you the widest range of frames, an easy to use and secure website, the latest trends and excellent customer service.

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Sunglasses Shop Magazine Issue 2  

Sunglasses Shop Magazine Issue 2. Covering all things designer sunglasses related. Fashion and style, celebrity sunglasses. Special features...

Sunglasses Shop Magazine Issue 2  

Sunglasses Shop Magazine Issue 2. Covering all things designer sunglasses related. Fashion and style, celebrity sunglasses. Special features...