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You Need To Know Recent IVF and Fertility Advancements

If you look at recent medical data, there is no denying the fact that infertility is increasing. Both males and females suffer with it, almost equally. A major cause of infertility is usually a genetic tendency. However, other reasons such as an irregular lifestyle and stress also play a significant role in this. There are many couples who are unable to conceive people reaching their 30 years of age. There has been great progress in the field of medicine with IVF taking further seats in methods of achieving fertility. New infertility clinics are opening each day and the way they achieve them is truly cutting-edge. Three recent advances in fertility and IVF are discussed in more detail below.

Decreased multiple pregnancies Multiple pregnancies are a traditional method of IVF that was previously practiced. Two or more embryos were established in the embryo with the hope that at least one would be fertilized effectively. However, this led to serious complications at birth. Some even ended up conceived twins. Now that the genetic screening process has become increasingly prevalent, only one embryo is implanted and it is ensured that the pregnancy is successful. Pre-implantation genetic screening


If you go to any of the best IVF center in India, this is the most followed method. In this, the genetic structure of the fetus is thoroughly tested to detect any abnormalities ahead of time. The idea is to detect any additional chromosomal or defective DNA before implanting it into the mother's womb. Typically, these abnormalities cause pregnancy failure. By using this method, total physical and mental problems can be effectively prevented. Three-parent embryo Mitochondrial diseases are most harmful to a fetus because the chances of its passing are maximum. All this becomes more relevant when the mother senses mitochondrial diseases. Problems can be solved by making three parent embryos using the genes of mothers, fathers, and individuals with healthy mitochondria. The chances of infertility are very low and using this method guarantees the baby to have a healthy birth. These three new ways have revolutionized fertility and IVF. Those who want to conceive badly, but for whatever reason, can check the best results for the Best Gynaecologist in Ahmedabad.


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You Need To Know Recent IVF and Fertility Advancements  

You Need To Know Recent IVF and Fertility Advancements