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38 HOME LIFE The Potter home

Treva is fond of blue and white dinnerware, which matches the color themes in her rooms and, perhaps not surprisingly, the wispyclouded skies outside her windows.

top Treva converted a bedroom into this spacious walk-in closet and added a chandelier for an extra touch of glamour. bottom By turning the new bedroom from the second apartment into a master closet, the Potters were able to remove the master bedroom’s original closet and expand the already spacious room.

“I talk to people who had their proms and dance club here,” says Treva. Now, the ballroom is a comfortable, spacious home. Through the entry into the apartment sit the living and dining rooms as well as the kitchen. All these areas are eclectically designed with collections from the Potters’ travels. Treva is fond of blue and white dinnerware, and her collections of Asian-influenced ceramics, vases and serving pieces echo this color theme. The bedrooms and baths in the apartment are reached through a narrow, winding hall that is covered with drawings and sketches depicting places Treva and Eliot have traveled. “Everywhere we go, we try to get a picture of that place,” says Treva. Off the hallway also sits Eliot’s office, decorated with military memorabilia from his years in the Air Force. The black carpet with abstract yellow stars was taken from the officers club at Forbes Air Force Base when it closed. The walls are lined with maps and books that both he and Treva cherish.



Two years ago the Potters extended their living space by renting the adjacent apartment and connecting the space through a wide closet in the master bedroom. It now transitions to a short hallway that opens to Treva’s walk-in closet, previously a bedroom. Besides housing Treva’s wardrobe, it holds a collection of retro memorabilia. In the center of the room hangs a crystal chandelier—an 80th birthday present for Treva. With the expansion, the Potters also gained a media room with a corner fireplace and kitchen set up for entertaining. “We’ve found we use the extra space a lot,” says Treva. The Potters have no plans to move from their penthouse in the sky. It has convenient amenities for apartment dwellers. And, above all, it has what just might be the best view of the Topeka skyline. “Eliot says we pay rent for the view,” laughs Treva. “The clouds, the rainstorms and the sunsets are fabulous.”

Topeka Magazine Spring 2009  

Topeka Magazine Spring 2009