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A parent cooperative setting Oak Grove School (OGS) is a parent-run, notfor-profit organization formed in 1991 by a few parents. The preschool provides a creative and individualized learning environment for children ages 3 to 6. According to Lakshmi Ramaswamy, director of OGS, the school is run by a board of directors, which consists of parents of the preschoolers. As part of the cooperative school, all parents volunteer for 10 hours a year with school tasks, such as doing laundry, shopping, making healthy snacks, cleaning or painting. “At OGS, parental involvement is highly valued and considered as an integral part of education and school management,” Ramaswamy says. “We believe that it helps to create a more comfortable learning environment that is an extension of each child’s home, rather than an isolated learning institution.” The school operates out of a former residence and has a large fenced-in outdoor area with play equipment, an organic garden and a tricycle path around a sunflowers. Because the school is next to CiCo Park, the children have easy access to

“Some of these parents are single parents who are working two to three jobs plus going to school. We try to make the parents feel good. We care about family and are here for the parents.”

TOP Lakshmi Ramaswamy works as director of Oak Grove School. BOTTOM Kids enjoy the playground at Oak Grove School.

– Sally Frick


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Manhattan Magazine Winter 2009-2010  

Manhattan Magazine Winter 2009-2010

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