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kansas quarter horse association Winner’s & Buyer’s Guide 2010-2011

Kansas Kounts on fun A Switch to Fast The Prairie Classic

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Quarter Horse Association Winner’s and Buyer’s Guide 2010-2011




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fter four years in Oklahoma, the

New Mexico, Oklahoma and Texas) rode for

2010 AQHA Regional Experience

the chance to win prizes, including four beauti-

for Region 8 headed north to the

ful Tex Tan saddles in amateur, novice amateur,

Kansas Coliseum in Wichita. An

youth and novice youth. AQHA and the Re-

outstanding venue for all Quarter Horse en-

gion Eight committee are committed to provid-

thusiasts regardless of style or discipline, the

ing a quality experience for regional exhibitors,

competition provided a relaxed, low key atmo-

and plans are underway for the 2011 experience

sphere focused on FUN! Exhibitors from the

in Wichita, Kansas. Check the KQHA web site

five states of Region Eight (Colorado, Kansas,

for details.

- Sandy Bryant-Parker

Winner’s & Buyer’s Guide 7/16/10 12:48 PM

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Contents 10 Something for everyone:

Kansas Kounts on Fun


14............. Decorating the Living Quarter Horse Trailer

Reining -

26............. Pony humor Never look a gift horse in the mouth

A Switch to Fast


30............. Small articles * AQHA AIM Goals 2010 * Jessica Naaykens sweeps AQHA National Equestrians with Disabilities Awards

The Prairie Classic Return to OKC in 2011

Cover Photo by

* KQHA Congratulates

48............. Hope in the heartland Photo collage

57............. KQHYA - getting ready to win! Youth activities for 2010/2011

In every issue

Wright Focus Photography

36............. KQHA Membership Benefits Edye Wright, CCP

42............. KQHA Membership Application Weddings, Portraits & Events Telephone: 316.641.6900 Brandi Vogel, Overland Park, KS, competes in the Region 8 AQHA Regional Championship.



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44............. KQHA Important Dates 46............. Open and Amateur Membership Roster 58............. Youth Membership Roster

Winner’s & Buyer’s Guide 7/16/10 12:48 PM

Managing Editor Diana Friend

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KQHA 2010-11

managing editor Diana Friend Feature Writers Diana Friend Peggy Pickford Carolyn Kaberline Jo Turner photographers Baxtrum Photography Marilyn Merrick Diana Friend K.C. Montgomery Carolyn Kaberline Edye Wright Graphic Designer Shelly Bryant Please Submit story and photo ideas for the KQHA Winner’s and Buyer’s Guide to: Diana Friend at

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something for everyone

Kansas Kounts on fun written and photographed by Carolyn Kaberline


onya Montgomery of Cummings sits astride her gray gelding Northern O Cody waiting for the KBHA class currently in the Lawrence 4-H arena to exit. Finally, the gate swings open so Montgomery and ten other riders in the All Breed 19 and over western pleasure class can enter. When the class is over, Montgomery has placed second under one judge and third under the other, earning points for both KBHA (Kansas Buckskin Horse Association) and Kansas Kounts year end awards.



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Shynia Peterman, Lyons, KS

7/16/10 12:50 PM

Shynia Peterman dresses up for the costume class at the Kansas State Fair.

Now in its fourth year, the Kansas Kounts program has given youth and amateurs a way to be involved in the Kansas Quarter Horse Association and earn points toward year end awards, even if they only show at local open shows and circuit shows or KBHA, KSHA (Kansas Saddle Horse Association), and KRHA (Kansas Reining Horse Association) events. “The Kansas Kounts program was started so that kids and amateurs would be able to get awards and attention from KQHA and to stimulate interest in both KQHA and AQHA,” says Jeff Mellott, former KQHA president and one of the creators of the program. “We’ve had some ups and downs as far as enrollment, but we’ve been getting 30 to 35 memberships each year that we wouldn’t have gotten otherwise.’ Mellott notes that there are a lot of people who could do well at Quarter Horse shows, but don’t want to start out at the big shows. “They want to make sure they can compete first,” he says. Past KQHA President Chuck Sperry of Topeka agrees. “This is a great opportunity for people who want recognition in the Quarter Horse industry. With this program, they can get it without going to Quarter Horse shows. However, we hope to get them to come to the Quarter Horse shows and see that they can compete at least as a novice.” One thing that Mellott wants to stress is that every breed can compete in the program, not just Quarter Horses. “The only requirements are that participants are KQHA members, turn in their points, and come to the banquet.”

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Points are awarded for class placings according to AQHA show points for any shows in Kansas; however, AQHA approved classes are not eligible for this program. Point accumulation begins April 1 and ends in November. Complete information, nomination forms, and point reporting forms are all available on the KQHA website www.kqha. com. All points are kept with the person in halter, showmanship at halter, western pleasure, western horsemanship, trail, reining, hunter under saddle, hunt seat equitation, walk-trot, lead-line (13 and under), equestrians with disabilities, barrels, poles, and dressage. After winning last year’s high point award in the 19 and over division, Montgomery would definitely recommend the program to others: “We do buckskin shows, KSHSC, palomino shows and Quarter Horse. “They gave beautiful belt buckle awards, and it was a lot of fun.” Montgomery’s husband Larry agrees. “I saw the program advertised in the magazine. We had been showing in a lot of little shows, and while it’s nice to be part of an organization, we don’t have time for the big shows.” He added that another consideration for showing at local and circuit shows was the cost. “We take at least three horses to the shows. I’m retired and want to do this for fun, but the fun goes out of it if I have to watch the checkbook.” For Shynia Peterman of Lyons, the high point 13 and under youth in Kansas Kounts for 2009, the program is a “really good way for youth to be more involved. You don’t have to jump right in. You can take it one step at a time.” She adds that the program was a lot of fun and there were “some neat prizes.”



7/16/10 12:50 PM

Libby Graber of McPherson, the 14-18 winner for 2009, also enjoyed the program. “I like being able to accumulate my points from different associations. It’s a great way to get cool prizes, and it’s a way to keep track of the points.” Lacey Kitsmiller of Lawrence believes the program gives youth a chance to have their own program while Elizabeth Calander of Topeka says that what she likes best is that she’s able to get points easier and doesn’t “have to step up into the big stuff when I’m not ready.”

“The Kansas Kounts program was started so that kids and amateurs would be able to get awards and attention from KQHA and to stimulate interest in both KQHA and AQHA.” - Jeff Mellott

Lacy Kitsmiller

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Calendar’s mother Susan Weeks says that “this is a smaller program that’s still something special. The people in this work just as hard as people at the big shows and can get recognition for it. That recognition means something to kids.” While all those participating like being able to get KQHA

7/16/10 12:50 PM

KQHA Kounts Sponsored by Red Rock Tack Highway 163 & Spring St., Monroe, IA 50170 email:

Sonja & Larry Montgomery

recognition for their efforts, some say they were first not sure about the paperwork, that is keeping track of their points. However, they found that wasn’t really a problem. “It’s easy to do,” says Larry Montgomery. “All the show secretaries we deal with are willing to do to do this.” Diane Harkness of Maple Hill agrees. “I really thought it would be a lot of work, but it wasn’t. The secretaries knew what to do and it didn’t take long at all.” In addition to more participants this year, Kansas Kounts is also welcoming a new sponsor. “Logan has been the ideal sponsor,” Mellott says. “We’ve given away jackets, belt buckles, tack. This year Logan’s requested to move their sponsorship to the Prairie Classic.” Mellott says Logan’s was very happy being sponsors of the program but wanted to go in a different direction this year. “We want to welcome Red Rock Tack as the new sponsor of Kansas Kounts.” Elizabeth Calander

This exciting new program is designed to offer incentive for those prospective KQHA and KQHYA members wanting to become familiar with our association. You may count points from your local open shows, circuit shows, KBHA, and KRHA events. Points will be kept for those individuals nominated to the KQHA Kounts programs when they show in Kansas. Double points will be offered for special classes held during KQHA run Quarter Horse shows. This program is open to all ages and all breeds! AQHA approved classes will not count in this program. Awards will be presented at the KQHA banquet held in January with high point awards given to each of the three age divisions: General Guidelines • $10 per person nomination fee • Points are kept with the person, not the horse • Must be a KQHA or KQHYA member to enroll • Point accumulation for 2010 starts April 1 and ends November 1 Points will be kept in the following class groups: • Halter, Showmanship At Halter, Western Pleasure, Horsemanship • Trail, Reining, Hunt Seat Equitation, Hunter Under Saddle • Walk-Trot, Lead Line, Equestrians With Disabilities, Barrels, Poles, Dressage Ten points are possible for a first place finish if ten or more entries are in your class with sixth place receiving five points. In a class of six, first place receives six points and sixth place receives 1 point. Three age groups will be offered within each of the class groups (age as of Jan 1, of current year)-13 & under, 14 – 18 and 19 & over.

Kansas Quarter Horse Association

Kansas Kounts Nomination Form

Your Name: Street Address: City:

To learn more about Kansas Kounts, visit

& Red Rock Tack, visit



Email: Are you a KQHA or KQHYA member? Kansas Kounts Membership is $10 KQHA/KAQHA $40 or KQHYA $20 Circle age division:

13 & under

14 – 18


Enclose a check for $10 made payable to KQHA and send to: Dotty Kester, Membership Secretary 14390 118th Rd. Hoyt, Kansas 66440 (785) 986-6344

David Mellott, Director 14815 Stefkes Wichita, Kansas 67230 (316) 706-2188

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Decorating the

Living Quarter Horse Trailer written by Jo Turner, Roy Frey Western Lifestyles photography by Carolyn Kaberline


iving in the trailer is a standard for the Quarter Horse showman. It’s easy to spruce up your trailer’s interior with a western look that you can be proud to show off to your friends. You might like it so well, that you will take your décor into your home! The Couch If you have a solid colored couch, choose pillows with patterns. Navajo prints and cowhide add texture, design and lots of color and will create interest. If your couch is patterned, do the reverse, and choose solid color pillow in leather or a contrasting texture. Using two matching pillows on either end of the couch helps to frame it, and using complimentary pillows with different fabrics, sizes or textures creates an invitation to sit and stay awhile. A neck roll pillow is handy for the quick power naps in between events. Afghans or throws made from a small cowhide draped on the back of the couch is a real touch of the west and adds wonderful interest to your Quarter Horse home. Nap anyone?



KQHA_2010.indd 14

Rugs A nice rug will welcome you and your friends as you first step in. It’s nice to have at least three rugs to add beauty and protect your home. Be sure to select one that is washable and has a non-slop backing. For that “alley-way” down the center, a 2-ft. by 8-ft. runner just fits most living quarters. Runners add color and texture and if not washable, they can be shaken out. Besides, you will have your partners trained to leave the muddy boots at the door! In fact, get an inexpensive boot tray to leave the wet, muddy boots on, because it can be easily washed off with a garden hose. The third rug can be in front of your shower—non-slip of course. The rugs in you trailer-home don’t have to match, but should compliment one another. Tables & Countertops When you are on the road it’s important to treat yourself to a fine dining experience. There are so many western-style dishes, glassware, silverware, placemats and accessories that are economical, functional and complete your western décor. Your table won’t be complete without western silverware, glassware, candles and centerpieces. The cowhide on the back of the couch can do double duty as a table covering—how fun is that! You can also make your own tablecloths out of bandanas or look for fun western-print material. Cowhide dollies as

Winner’s & Buyer’s Guide 7/16/10 12:51 PM

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7/16/10 12:51 PM

middle and small ones in the front. Don’t be afraid to mix colors, sizes and textures.

placemats for dinner and on the counter under decorations also add a western touch. Many different kitchen accessory pieces are now available in a multitude of western motifs and are perfect for setting the tone for the kitchen. Floral arrangements in your child’s old boot or candle sticks accented with spur rowels can add some giddy-up to a romantic dinner. Your favorite photos framed with a touch of western flair will keep you feeling at home while on the road.

Cabinet Hardware Changing the knobs or pulls on your cabinets is a simple and inexpensive way to give your interior a new look. The hardware can be an expression of your interests. The running horses and star patterns are my personal favorites.

Bedding I love having a cowhide bed spread in my living quarters horse trailer. The colors and texture are so luxurious! Plus it’s warm and surprisingly lightweight. But if that much cowhide is too much, consider a denim duvet cover or western-print comforter. The bed colors should harmonize with the couch, pillows, cabinets, countertops and floor colors to make a small space look bigger, warm and inviting. One can never have too many pillows on the bed. Arrange them so the largest pillows are in the back, stacked with medium size in the

Bathroom Great colors and wonderful portrayals of horses in action can be found on trash cans, tissue box covers, nightlights, toothbrush holders, shower curtains and soap dishes. Thick, fluffy towels with barbed wire and buckin’ broncs will wrap you in western style and look great on the towel bar. Your living Quarter Horse trailer is your home away from home. When you decorate it in with western style, it will reflect the life you love with your horse.



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Winner’s & Buyer’s Guide 7/16/10 12:51 PM

QUick ~ Athletic ~ versatility classes

Home of

Bad Peppy Lena

proven Bloodlines & Offspring

Producing: NCHA Money earners & performers Working Cow Horses Ranch Horses Barrels Foals have gone on to compete not only in the cutting ring, but have done well at Barrel Racing, Team Penning, Team Sorting, Ranch Horse Work, and More!

Gay (573) 521-0522 KQHA_2010.indd 17

Foals are available for sale Campbell, Missouri

John (573) 380-1531 7/16/10 12:51 PM

Photo by Baxtrum Photography



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Winner’s & Buyer’s Guide 7/16/10 12:51 PM

Reininga Switch to Fast written by Carolyn Kaberline


heryl Strathman doesn’t know exactly how her switch to reining came about, but she’s glad that it did. “I didn’t really go looking for a new sport or challenge,” Strathman of Topeka says. “A friend of mine offered to let me ride her older seasoned reiner, so I could learn something new. It quickly became addicting.” Strathman says that to some extent the change was a little unusual because although she won the KQHA Novice All-Around Award a couple of years ago, “I never liked being in front of a judge by myself—showmanship, equitation and horsemanship. I had to force myself to go into those events to get over my fear. So the thought of showing a reiner was really scary.” However, once she entered the arena, she found that her fears were unfounded: “Once I got into the pen, I didn’t have time to be nervous anymore. Of course, waiting to go in the pen was still nerve racking and a challenge I still deal with, but I’m trying to grow as a horseman and showman.” Barbara Scalet of Edgerton, who’s been reining for eight years, took a somewhat similar route to the reining pen by starting out in other events. “I’ve done a little bit of everything with horses from rodeo to jumping to combined driving to team sorting.”

Winner’s & Buyer’s Guide KQHA_2010.indd 19



7/16/10 12:52 PM

However, when she saw a reining class, she was hooked. “I was judging horses through 4-H, and we went down to one of the big shows to practice,” she remembers. “I was absolutely floored by how smooth and effortlessly the horses were flying through the most complex maneuvers I had ever seen. I wanted to ride a horse into a slide so bad I could taste it.” “I really didn’t know much about reining until I tried it,” Strathman explains. “I knew when they were in the warm up pen at AQHA shows, they went really, really fast while we were trying to go really, really slow. I didn’t get to watch them show because I was usually changing show outfits and switching gears from English to western to showmanship,” Strathman chuckles as she remembers how exhausting all those clothing changes could be. “It’s nice now to just have one outfit per day.” In addition to Strathman and Scalet many other KQHA members have made the switch to this fast-paced event. Their reasons for doing so? “Reining is more fun, and people like the scoring system,” says Leavenworth trainer Mark Gratny, past KQHA and KRHA (Kansas Reining Horse Association) president. “With the scoring system for reining, you can look at the score card and see if you need to work on spins or work on a back. The horses are also more natural moving.” He also notes that since there are different levels of competition, a person can begin on a lower level to get introduced to the sport, something not always possible in other types of equine competition. Gratny adds that more youth are becoming interested in reining because of the NCAA and possible college scholarships. “If they can qualify for the World for a couple of years, even if they don’t place there, it looks good on their resumes.” Jennie Schwabe Photo by Marilyn Merrick

KQHA_2010.indd 20

7/16/10 12:52 PM

KQHA_2010.indd 21

7/16/10 12:52 PM

error. I love the horses that are used in reining. A good reiner [horse] can turn around and be successful in any event.” “This sport is a challenge,” Strathman says. “I compare it to golf. Most of us will never get it exactly right, but if we get one good hole—spin or stop—it pumps us up enough to try again and again. These horses are so athletic it is such a thrill to ride them. It’s also fun to watch.” Fedrick agrees with both the fun and challenge aspects: “It makes you think about it more—how to set him up for maneuvers. Both you and your horse have to be able to do it.” “I love the people that I show with and the exhilaration I get when I show,” Schwabe notes. “I just love the atmosphere.” Strathman agrees with Schwabe when it comes to the people who show in reining. “I have found the Kansas reiners to be a very welcoming and helpful group of people,” she says. “My first class was at a KRHA fun show. I couldn’t believe how many people were whooping and hollering during my ride. They didn’t even know me, but they were supporting me. It was a great feeling.” That support is one of the things that make reining competition great, Strathman adds. “It’s part of the culture of reiners. Everybody wants to do well but they really want everybody else to do well too.”

“A friend of mine offered to let me ride her older seasoned reiner, so I could learn something new. It quickly become addicting.” - Sheryl Strathman

For those wanting to get into reining, Gratny recommends that they start by getting some help whether it be by watching at shows, going to clinics, or getting help from a trainer. “And buy the best horse you can afford,” Strathman suggests. “It should be well seasoned and brave in the show pen. His confidence will give you confidence. Find a trainer who fits your learning style and who rides the way you want to. Then get busy and have some fun!”

Top to Bottom: Barbara Scalet, Lauren Fedrick, Mark Gratny Photos by Marilyn Merrick

Youth member Lauren Fedrick, 13, of Lancaster, who just began competing in reining last year, agrees. “My goal is to go to the World, and I hope to make it to the finals. I hope it’ll help me get a scholarship for college.” “I really want to ride for Texas A&M in reining,” says 16 year-old Jennie Schwabe of St. Joseph, who also began her show career in all-around events. “I also want to show in the USEF National Young Riders Championship in Kentucky in 2011.” So what’s the absolute best part of reining? “I absolutely love the perfection that is required of this event,” Scalet says. “I love the fact that you have to go out there and do the absolute best that you can and push to be so accurate and exact. I love the fact that this is all done at a high speed and the maneuvers can be pretty extreme, but there’s little room for



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Sheryl Strathman Photo by Baxtrum Photography

Winner’s & Buyer’s Guide 7/16/10 12:52 PM

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7/16/10 12:52 PM

KQHA_2010.indd 24

7/16/10 12:52 PM

KQHA_2010.indd 25

7/16/10 12:52 PM

Pony HumorNever Look a Gift Horse in the Mouth written by Diana Friend

illustrations provided by Leigh Rubin


artoonist Leigh Rubin has never owned a horse, but you would never know it when you read his daily Rubes© cartoon. Not only does he have the heart of a cowboy, he also possesses the ability to read a horse’s mind. I had the good fortune to meet Leigh when he was on a national book tour that brought him to Topeka, Kansas, three years ago. He returned to Kansas this year to celebrate the release of The Wild and Twisted World of Rubes! ­— a collection of 25 years of chuckles using animal humor to tell his story. If you haven’t had the pleasure to read his cartoon in your daily newspaper, you are missing out. His single-paneled cartoon appears in more than 400 newspapers worldwide. You can also find Rubes in SkyWest’s United Express and American Traveler magazines. “Animal humor,” says Rubin, is a wonderful substitute for people—you can get away with more with them, like a cow’s udder with piercings; you can’t do that with humans for a family audience. I look for different takes on commonly known topics, and it doesn’t take a lot of understanding to get ‘the horrible truth behind whipped cream.’” Not a horse person in any way, Rubin admits to riding a horse a couple of times, but he prefers riding a merry-go-round, claiming it reduces his chance of injury. The secret to his keen insight into



KQHA_2010.indd 26

horses may be his sister’s career as a veterinarian for large, small and exotic animals. Horses are part of her landscape. “When I see a horse,” Rubin explains, “I imagine they are happy they aren’t part of the cavalry anymore. I’ll bet they would say ‘I didn’t sign-up for this’ when they were shot at in the war. Any use or un-aoristic use of animals, past and present—I like to screw it up. It’s what makes it funny and unexpected, so people will get it.” Rubin adds that many people think he was raised on a farm, because they think he writes from experience. “An author of a book called Cattle Drive which is about ranching in Baker, Oregon, asked me to write a forward for her book. I’ve never ranched in my life, so I wrote in the forward message that I like ranch dressing. “Horses are beautiful animals and are a big part of our history,” Rubin says. “I read a lot of history. Horses played a huge part in civilizations—they don’t have cows pulling chariots—they don’t run fast enough or look as good. They aren’t used for that anymore, kind-of like candles are a primary light source, but we still use it because it’s beautiful and romantic.” The “Big A Ranch” cartoon inspiration came to Leigh when he was driving Highway 101 that runs up and down the state of California. Observing that many of the ranch names are very common, like the “Lazy J,” but you don’t see the “Big A Ranch” very often.

Winner’s & Buyer’s Guide 7/16/10 12:52 PM

“My dad worked in advertising, and one of his accounts was a department store called the Big A, so maybe that influenced it,” adds the artist. “I love the names horse people give their horses, like ‘Hoofarted’.” His craft is a seven-day a week calling, in which the artist starts with a blank cartoon template. “I am really thankful that the week isn’t longer,” he says. “I try to work about two-weeks ahead, and vacations are limited.” Rubin explains that there is humor in everything, and if there isn’t, he helps it along. “Every industry has its humor, the inside group, and I try to translate it to universal appeal. You sometimes have to stare at it for awhile.” He began cartooning in 1978 by establishing his own greeting card company, Rubes Publications. His first cartoon collection, the popular Notable Quotes musical cartoons, was published in 1981. The Rubes syndicated cartoon began in 1984, and the paperback collection of Rubes® was published in late 1988. His most recent series of books include the award-winning Wild Life of Love and The Wild Life of Cats. Several of his other books include The Wild Life of Dogs, Pets, Cows, Farm Animals and Rubes® Then and Now.

To learn more about Leigh Rubin and his work, visit

KQHA_2010.indd 27

7/16/10 12:53 PM

KQHA_2010.indd 28

7/16/10 12:53 PM

KQHA_2010.indd 29

7/16/10 12:53 PM

KQHA congratulates AQHA World Champion/Reserve Champion - ‘09 Sr Western Pleasure 1st place - A Certain Vino, owned by Lee Reeve Sr Dally Team Roping - Heeling 2nd place - A Little Probability, owned by Amy Lund Amateur Working Hunter 1st Kae Dence owned by Whitney Fouts

AQHA Select World Champion/Reserve Champion - ‘09 Yearling Stallions 2nd – Special Ordered owned by John/Barbara Hoffer Performance Stallions 1st – Radical Tony Tiger owned by Ed Becker 2 Year Old Geldings 2nd – Imprintation owned by Mary Jo Livingston Aged Geldings 2nd – Esnip owned by Victoria Miller-Pence Dally Team Roping Heading 1st place - COLONEL SKIPA GINSAM owned by Phil/Sherri Tearney 2nd place - IVE GOT PROBABILITY owned by Sherri/Phil Tearney Jumping 2nd place - Truck A Buck owned by April Speyer Pleasure Driving 2nd place - Signature In Blue owned April Speyer

Jessica Naaykens

Sweeps AQHA National Equestrians with Disabilities Awards


his year Horses of Hope is extremely proud to announce that Jessie and Chip are the National AQHA award winners in all of the Equestrians with Disabilities (EWD) Walk/Trot Classes-Showmanship, Western Horsemanship, Hunt Seat Equitation and Trail. Jessie is the national winning rider in each class and Chip is the national winning horse in each class. They will be receiving their 2009 awards at the 2010 AQHA National Convention in Kissimmee, FL in early March. Congratulations, Jessie and Chip, on an outstanding job in 2009. This brings Horses of Hope’s AQHA national totals to nine national champion riders and ten national champion horse awards.

All American Quarter Horse Congress Champions - ‘09 Youth Trail 11 & Under 2nd place - Dam Im Hot owned & shown by Kaylee Mellott Novice Youth Trail 1st place - Dam Im Hot owned & shown by Kaylee Mellott Novice Youth Showmanship 13 & Under 1st place - Dam Im Hot owned & shown by Kaylee Mellott Youth Western Pleasure 11 & Under 2nd place - Vested In Sweet Talk owned and shown by Kaylee Mellott Youth Western Pleasure 15 to 18 1st place - A Certain Vino owned by Lee Reeve & shown by Darcy Reeve Youth Hunt Seat Equitation 11 & Under 2nd place - Sonnys Hot Valentine owned by Sherri/Phil Tearney & shown by Rachel Tearney Nov Youth Hunt Seat Equitation 14 - 18 2nd place - A Special Invite owned & shown by Sarah Schifferdecker Amateur Hunter Hack 2nd place – GI Jazz owned and shown by Nancy Moxley Jr Working Hunter 6th place – Kae Dence owned by Whitney Fouts and shown by Paula Pray Amateur Working Hunter 1st place – GI Jazz owned and shown by Nancy Moxley Senior Western Pleasure 1st place – A Certain Vino owned by Lee Reeve and shown by Karen Hornick Congress Non-pro Western Pleasure Maturity 2nd place – A Certain Vino owned by Lee Reeve and shown by Darcy Reeve Amateur Select Trail 10th place – Principle N Sonny owned & shown by Laurel Holladay



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AIM Goals 2010


QHA has identified these areas of concentration in support of growing the Quarter Horse industry in Kansas through the AQHA Affiliates in Motion (AIM) strategic plan. For the year KQHA has been awarded over $2500 to fulfill these goals.

Open show - Host Introductory show either in conjunction with a local open show group or hold one of our own including some core AQHA classes to attract first time AQHA exhibitors Stock/Ranch Horse - Continue recognition of QH in non -AQHA shows which specialize in the stock horse or ranch horse category Education - Host Showmanship/Horsemanship clinic for 4-H and open show participants to help them improve their show ring skills.

Winner’s & Buyer’s Guide 7/16/10 12:53 PM

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7/16/10 12:53 PM

KQHA_2010.indd 32

7/16/10 12:53 PM

KQHA_2010.indd 33

7/16/10 12:53 PM

KQHA_2010.indd 34

7/16/10 12:53 PM

KQHA_2010.indd 35

7/16/10 12:53 PM


Awards program Compete at KQHA shows and win prizes for your efforts. Points are earned and compiled for AQHA approved shows for youth, amateur and open competitors (amateur and open exhibitors pay a $10 nominating fee). High Point winners receive awards at the KQHA annual meeting and awards banquet, the third Saturday in January. Special awards include: • All Around Performance – Awarded to youth (13 & under and 14-18), amateur and open exhibitors • High Point Halter Horse – Presented in open and amateur divisions • KQHA Sportsmanship Award – Presented to a youth who is nominated by the KQHA Board of Directors and selected by his or her peers • Mike Flach Volunteer Award – Presented to an association member whose contributions help support the association. This award is in memory of Mike, who was a tireless volunteer for KQHA, 4-H, his community and church • Kansas Championship Ranch Rodeo Top AQHA Horse – As part of our AQHA Affiliate plan, KQHA sponsors a belt buckle for the top AQHA horse at the Kansas Championship Ranch Rodeo


Hall of Fame Honoring the great horses and horse people of KQHA!

Membership Benefits

Each year, KQHA accepts nominations for its Hall of Fame to recognize the contributions of a KQHAshown horse or of a KQHA member, who has made a contribution to the Kansas equine industry. Nominees may be living or deceased, but must have been permanent residents of Kansas for at least five years. Individuals must be or have been members in good standing. Horses must have been bred in Kansas or owned by a Kansas resident for at least five years. Horses nominated must not be currently showing, standing at stud, or taking remuneration of any kind. Nominations are accepted from the KQHA membership from January 1 – September 1 of each year. Mail nominations to Carolyn Kaberline, 2208 SW Hope Street, Topeka, KS 66614 or send them by email to

Photo by Wright Focus Photography



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Winner’s & Buyer’s Guide 7/16/10 12:53 PM

Showing in Kansas

Kansas is centrally located in the heart of the AQHA show circuit, hosting AQHA/KQHA shows, plus Novice AQHA/KQHA shows annually. The Prairie Classic held in Oklahoma City in February and Hope in the Heartland held in Wichita in September are major events for the horse industry. In addition, Hope in the Heartland is a fund-raising event that supports the Riders with Disabilities initiatives. Kansas Kounts is an annual awards program for KQHA members who show at open shows and other venues.

KQHA website

This is the official web site of the The Kansas Quarter Horse Association which provides the latest information about association activities. It provides the latest information and answer questions for potential new members. An up-to-date events calendar provides links to show bills for the AQHA/KQHA approved shows and other KQHA approved events. This site provides printable forms for KQHA KAQHA and KQHYA membership; association bylaws; nominating open and amateur horses for year end awards; and signing up for the KS Kounts program. It offers a great opportunity for advertisers at a very reasonable cost.

KQHA Newsletter A Bi-monthly Publication

The newsletter is published in print and posted on the KQHA web site; presents information about association news and events. It is a great opportunity for advertisers at a very reasonable cost.


Winners & Buyers Guide The premier publication of the Midwest, the KQHA Winners and Buyers Guide gives access to the leading showmen and women, trainers and vendors in Kansas and surrounding states. Special advertising opportunities are available for KQHA members. Published annually, the guide is delivered at the major exhibitions and events across the USA.

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7/16/10 12:53 PM


Prairie Classic Return to OKC in 2011 written by Peggy Pickford


he 2010 Prairie Classic AQHA shows held February 17 - 21 at the Oklahoma State Fairgrounds in Oklahoma City is a new venue that allows KQHA to provide Quarter Horse exhibitors with a first-class experience in a quality facility and launches the show season in the Midwest. The second annual Prairie Classic Circuit is scheduled for February 16-20, 2011, and promises to be another classic show experience. The weather was mostly clear, and mild temperatures held throughout the entire five days. Competition was strong with over 5,000 entries at four shows and a special event roping. Exhibitors were from Florida, California, Arizona, Oregon, Colorado, New Mexico, Idaho, Kansas, Nebraska, Oklahoma, Texas, Louisiana, Arkansas, Iowa, Illinois, Minnesota, Wisconsin and Indiana.



KQHA_2010.indd 38

Cathy Jackson, Elizabeth Jackson & Hope Grable Photo by Diana Friend

The youth classes were particularly strong with over 35 entries in showmanship and horsemanship. There were 4-point amateur working hunter classes in the over fences pen. Halter was a who’s who show with nationally known exhibitors Ted Turner, Denny Hassett, Tim Finkenbinder, Wayne Halvorsen, Jason Smith, Luke Castle, and Aaron Hall leading entries into the arena. The pleasure pen also was deep with lots of nice horses from the barns of Shane Dowdy, Rusty Green, Troy Compton, Cleve Wells, David Dellin and Cliff Hartman to name a few. The roping classes were large in both the open and amateur with entries from JD Yates, Brad Lund, Rick Chayer, Bobby Lewis, Ellsworth Harrison, and CR Bradley to name a few. KQHA appreciates all of the exhibitors who attended our first annual show in OKC. We are also thankful to the many volunteers from

Winner’s & Buyer’s Guide 7/16/10 12:54 PM

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7/16/10 12:54 PM

Prairie Classic sponsors

Arena Sponsors Sea Ridge Farms & Patty Vatterott Kansas Amateur Quarter Horse Association The Alfred Janssen Family in memory of Scott Janssen Red Rock Tack

Gold Sponsors Bits & Spurs by Bull - Bull & Sandy Parker Tim & Janet Meyer home of Mr Elusive & Cool Eternity Stallion Group Phil Tearney Eric Dunn CJ Quarter Horses Robin Frid Quarter Horses

Kansas and Oklahoma who assisted us in putting on the show. Running three arenas on the weekend was a huge challenge that ran smoothly thanks to all of the people who volunteered their time to make this event a success. The show managers were Don and Carol Moore. Invaluable assistance was provided by coordinator Jackie Krshka who navigated us through the process and KQHA and OQHA members who worked in the office. Judges for the circuit included: Cindy Hale, Jeff Allen, Gretchen Mathes, Gary Roberts and Jim Searles, (roping) Gary Wells Lindsey Martin, Jess Elrod, (hunters) Sarah Good and Dawn Casey. Many vendors supported the show in a trade show of neat equipment and clothing goods, including Logan Western Supply, Connie’s Customs, Red Rock Tack, Showtime Show Clothing, Showgirlz Show Clothing, Cowgirl Diva, Bits and Blankets and National Western Supply. A special thanks to the Kansas members who came down and worked the show, even though they were not exhibiting. Arena and office help included, but not limited to: the Craig and Ryan Cole crew, Chuck Sperry, Jessica Streit, Diana and Savanna Friend plus friend Joey Girard, Sue Nickel, Peggy Pickford, Jeff Mellott, The Grabers family, Leslie Woolley, John Rose. Sherri and Phil Tearney, and Allan, Shelly and Micah McColm were invaluable as they performed multiple duties throughout the entire show.

Four Star Properties - Saddleback Inn

Silver Sponsors Capital City QH Shows - Topeka, KS Kansas Quarter Horse Youth Association Murfin Ranch

Bronze Sponsors Jackie Krshka Evan Knapp Performance Horse Denny Hassett John & Barbara Hoffer Mark Gratny Quarter Horses Ellis Saddle Club

Halter competition was great and Showmanship classes were large. Photos by Diana Friend Photos by KC Montgomery

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Winner’s & Buyer’s Guide 7/16/10 12:54 PM

Libby Graber, Peg Graber & David Mellott Photo by Diana Friend

KQHA_2010.indd 41

7/16/10 12:55 PM

Join US! KQHA, KAQHA & KQHYA Membership & Point Tab form KQHA Members Benefits: voting privileges at annual meeting (1 vote per membership) • Accumulate points towards year-end awards (with paid tab fee in open/amateur) • Bi-monthly newsletter • Nationally distributed KQHA Winner’s & Buyer’s Guide Each year, and new membership application must be submitted to help keep our records current.

Please circle one:

Open | Amateur |Youth

Name : Address : City : Phone: (

State: )

Zip: Cell:

Email: (When you provide an email address, you will receive the latest KQHA news fast! We do not share this information with other companies.)

If Amateur or Youth, please provide Date of Birth Open/Amateur membership: One adult, ranch, partnership, corporation, or husband & wife _____ $40/year Open/Amateur Lifetime membership _____ $200 Youth membership: 18 years of age or younger on January 1 of current year _____ $20/year YES! Nominate my horse(s) for year end award Open point tabulations (see table) _____ $10/horse YES! Nominate my horse(s) for year end award Amateur point tabulations (see table) _____ $10/horse *NOTE: There is no charge to keep youth points but youth competing for open awards must nominate their horse in the open category.

Kansas Kounts Youth Membership (in addition to KQHYA membership dues) _____ $10/year Circle age division: 13 & under 14 – 18 Kansas Kounts Amateur Membership (in addition to KQHA membership dues) _____ $20/year Point Tabulation Information for Open and/or Amateurs (copy this form for each horse) Name of Horse:

AQHA Reg. No:

Name of Exhibitor:


Name of Owner: Horse Blanket Size:

Halter Size:

Exhibitor Clothing Size:

Mail this form and check to:

KQHA c/o Dotty Kester – 14390 118 th Rd – Hoyt, KS 66440 Email:

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7/16/10 12:55 PM

KQHA_2010.indd 43

7/16/10 12:55 PM

Photo by Wright Focus Photography

2010 July 30

2010-11 KQHA Winners Buyers & Guide available!

July 30 - August 7

AQHYA Ford World Championship Show, Oklahoma City, OK

August 6 - 15 August 2010

Reichert Celebration, Tulsa, Oklahoma 2011 AQHF Scholarship applications available; contact

August 22 - 23

AQHA/KQHA Novice Show, Kingman, KS

August 29 - September 4

Adequan Select World Championship Show, Amarillo, TX

September 8

Kansas State Fair, Hutchinson

September 3 - October 3

KQHA Hope In the Heartland Circuit, Wichita, KS

October 1 - 24

All American Quarter Horse Congress, Columbus, OH

October 17

All American Quarter Horse Congress NYATT classes

November 6 - 12 November 13 - 20

AQHA Bank of America Amateur World Championship Show AQHA FedEx Open World Championship Show, Oklahoma City, OK

December 31

Pay your 2011 KQHA Membership Dues and Sign Up for KQHA Awards


Important Dates

2011 January 15

KQHA Annual Meeting & Awards, Topeka

February 16 - 20 KQHA Prairie Classic Circuit, Oklahoma City, Oklahoma March 15

Bob Serrault/Paul Gorthy Memorial Scholarship and Heritage Scholarship applications due to KQHA office

April 1 - 3

KQHYA School’s Almost Out Circuit, Wichita

April 15 - 17 May 7 - 8

Capital City QHS, Topeka Salt City Circuit, Hutchinson

May 12 - 15

Celebrate Kansas, Wichita

June 16 - 19

Sizzlin’ Summer Circuit, Hutchinson

July 15 - 17 September 29, 30, October 1, 2

Salina Group Show, Salina Hope in the Heartland, Wichita

For the latest show schedule, visit

KQHA_2010.indd 44

7/16/10 12:55 PM

KQHA_2010.indd 45

7/16/10 12:55 PM


Levi Allison* 1458 K Road Lewis, KS 67552 620-338-6466 Dolly Anderson* 2818 Kelly Drive Manhattan, KS 66502 785-532-8801

Open & Amateur Membership Bold type indicates life member * Indicates Amateur


Dale & Dwight Bair 11900 S State Rd 17 Hutchinson, KS 67501-0700 Clyde & Joyce Baldwin 5448 California Topeka, KS 66605 785-862-2985 Donald W Ball PO Box 452 Wellsville, KS 66092-0452 785-883-2358 Nancy & Jim Barth HCR 1 Box 240 Ashland, KS 67831-9620 580-735-2685 Rex & Collette Baughman 1610 E Sunnydale Lakes Valley Center, KS 67147 316-755-2119 Ed Becker* PO Box 438 Leavenworth, KS 66048 913-244-5091 Leo Becker* 21307 W. 71st St Shawnee, KS 66218 913-207-7105 Taylor & Sheryl Bemis 898 W HWY 40 Hays, KS 67601 785-726-3304 Donald & Patricia Bender 312 W 3rd Ellsworth, KS 67439 785-472-3896 Angela Berens RR 1, Box 414 St Francis, KS 67754 785-332-2088



KQHA_2010.indd 46

Photo by Wright Focus Photography

Erika Bessey 8128 SE 101st Overbrook, KS 66524 785-554-2421 Byron G Bird Rt 1 Box 183 Liberal, KS 67901 620-624-5329 Rebecca Blaes* 522 N Maple Cherryvale, KS 67335 620-336-3700 Mrs. F.E. Bliss Box 198 Longton, KS 67352 620-642-6155 Jennifer Minick Bormann* 3971 McDowell Creek Rd Manhattan, KS 66502 785-410-3129 Susan Boulware 418 E Road 140 Scott City, KS 67871 620-872-5632 Toni Bowlin* 20938 SW Indianola Rd Douglass, KS 67039 316-747-3251 Beth L Boxwell* HC 2 Box 78-F Perryton, TX 79070-9629 Bob & Sharron Kay Boyd 8888 SW 110th Augusta, KS 67010 316-775-5278 Fred & Jean Branch Tantara Ranch 21581 SW Adams Rd Douglass, KS 67039 316-747-3293 Debby Brehm* 10400 Yankee Hill Rd Lincoln, NE 68526 402-489-9594

Winner’s & Buyer’s Guide 7/16/10 12:55 PM

KQHA_2010.indd 47

7/16/10 12:55 PM

Elmer/Shirley Brown* 1663 Aspen Rd Bennington, KS 67422 785-488-3952


Susan Weeks- Calander* 4739 SW 18th St Topeka, KS 66604 785-845-4726 Steve & Nancy Carr 1208 S. Lenox Drive Olathe, KS 66062-2239 913-782-4214 Kelli Case* 1188 E 1750 Rd Lawrence, KS 66046 785-312-9111 Judy Cates* 4537 Kentucky Rd Ottawa, KS 66067 785-255-4553

Tatjana Chace 1879 SW Andrew Rd Towanda, KS 67144 316-361-0676

Byron Cline Rt 2 Box 182-A Valley Center, KS 67147 316-744-0961

Ginger Champagne* 9300 South 7 HWY Lenexa, KS 66227 913-764-7811

Kendall Coad* 9827 W 79th Apt. 1003 Overland Park, KS 66204 316-371-9798

Mark & Marsha Chestnut Box 364 Whitsboro, TX 76273 903-564-6687

CA & Joan Cofer 7400 N Broadway Wichita, KS 67219 316-755-0733

Jay & Lisa Childs 8500 W 116th Terr Overland Park, KS 66210

Craig & Rosanne Cole 27042 AA Road Downs, KS 67437 785-454-6647

Gordan Christiansen RR 2 Box 4 Durham, KS 67438 316-732-3320 Phil Clark* 8871 SW Lost Lake Rd Andover, KS 67002

Ryan & LaRhea Cole* 26092 AA Rd. Downs, KS 67437 785-545-6088 Cassandra Collins* 12515 E 71st Street S Derby, KS 67037 316-776-2290

Larry & Judith Collins 12515 E 71st Street S Derby, KS 67037 316-776-2290 Kris Craig* 14815 Siefkes Wichita, KS 67230 316-258-9775 Tom & Gail Craun* 15119 Leavenworth Rd Basehor, KS 66007 913-724-2744 Irvin Crone 447 SW 40th Ave Great Bend, KS 67530 316-792-7768 Vicky Crosby RR 1 Box 272 Osage City, KS 66523-9610 913-528-4546

Hope Heartland Hope in the Heartland is a benefit for the organizations of Kansas who serve riders with disabilities. Congratulations to all the riders as well as our other winners!

in the



KQHA_2010.indd 48

photos by Wright Focus Photography

Winner’s & Buyer’s Guide 7/16/10 12:55 PM

Kim Cunningham* 14602 Granada Leawood, KS 66224 913-851-1502

Christine Dietz* 18960 Mitchell Rd Russell, KS 67665 785-483-7444

Julie Dishman* 3530 SW Hodges Topeka, KS 66614 913-360-4371


Tom & Joyce Davies* 27180 W 199th Gardner, KS 66030 913-709-4073 Scott Davis* 15608 S May Oklahoma City, OK 73170

Alia Ann Driscoll* 25805 South Rodier Road Freeman, MO 64746 816-758-6028

Lexi Nicole Demel* 1151 N Hwy 281 Hoisington, KS 67544 620-653-2698

Ronald Dymond PO Box 78 Goddard, KS 67052 316-721-2881

Pam Diehl 410 NE 11th Abilene, KS 67410 785-263-3558

Steve & Chris Edmonds 368 N. 1250 Rd Berryton, KS 66409 785-887-6938


Emily Elliott* 11465 HWY 39 Chanute, KS 67720 620-431-2284

Russel Fraser* 8215 N West Rd Hesston, KS 67062 620-327-4838

Tina Esfeld 314 SW 50 Ave Great Bend, KS 67530

John & Diana Friend 6431 122nd Street Ozawkie, KS 66070 785-554-5334


Warren Fair* 811 Lena Salina, KS 67401 785-832-7347 Lauren & Glenda Fedrick* 10316 294th Rd Lancaster, KS 66041 913-255-3181 Harlan & Karen Foraker 10415 S Willowlake Rd Burrton, KS 67020 316-796-0911 Nancy Olson Francis 2413 Dove Terr Great Bend, KS 67530 316-792-7280

Savanna Friend 12621 E Edgewood Dr Wichita, KS 67206 785-845-3545 Meredith Fry* 1125 Wayne Topeka, KS 66604 785-233-7307


Genna Gallaher* 22532 SW 1000th RD Welda, KS 66091 218-639-1972

Champions Winner’s & Buyer’s Guide KQHA_2010.indd 49



7/16/10 12:56 PM

Garth & Amanda Gardiner HC 1 Box 379 Ashland, KS 67831 620-635-2361 Greg Gardiner* HC 1 Box 288 Ashland, KS 67831 620-635-2932 Mark R. Gardiner RR 1 Box 379 Ashland, KS 67530 620-635-2760 Sarah Good Box 443 Belton, MO 64012 816-331-0310 Don & Nancy Goodwin 5773 N Berry Ave Kingman, KS 670166-8171 Dennis Graber RR 1 Box 150 Moundridge, KS 67107 620-345-8291 Kendall Graber 20712 S Valley Pride Rd Pretty Prairie, KS 67570 620-459-6894 Lila Graber* Box 43 Canton, KS 67428 620-628-4766 Mark & Linda Gratny 25616 183rd Street Leavenworth, KS 66048 913-351-1799 Kathy Green* 8324 E Levitt Dr Wichita, KS 67207 316-651-5043

Jane Gunn* 1300 NW 86th Topeka, KS 66618 785-246-3696

Louanna Hanes 43825 W 131st Street S Bristow, OK 74010 Kris Hanson PMB#242 1228 Westloop Manhattan, KS 66502 785-223-1005 Elaine Harder 6260 Skiddy Rd Junction City, KS 66441 785-238-2728 Diane Harkness* 12363 S Boundary Rd Maple Hill, KS 66507 785-256-6596 Denny & Dana Hassett PO Box 187 Auburn, KS 66402 316-726-5286 Dennis Hatch* 1220 Sunrise Superior, NE 68978-2324 402-879-4948 Patricia Hayes* 18513 I-70 Rd Russell, KS 67665 785-483-2043

2010 Executive Committee President Vice President Finance Past President



KQHA_2010.indd 50

Diana Friend Sherri Tearney Tom Davies Craig Cole


Jacque K Haner* 2200 W 95th St S Haysville, KS 67060 316-651-7424

Faye Heath 8120 W Lyons Creek Rd Junction City, KS 66441 Jerry Hedrick 120 Street of Dreams Loch Lloyd, MO 64012 816-322-6797 Robin Henderson* 712 E 8th Scott City, KS 67871 620-872-5466 Teri Hess* 9127 E Bellevue St Tucson, AZ 85715 520-991-2134 Kim & Nadine Hibdon* 14665 S. Constance Ct Olathe, KS 66062 913-484-1924 Dr. Preston Catherine Hickman* 15130 E 29th St N Wichita, KS 67228 316-258-3335 Frank Higgs 3921 E 109th St N Valley Center, KS 67147-8944 316-755-0521 Melinda Hinkson* 740 KS Hwy 177 Matfield Green, KS 66862 620-753-3498 Patricia Hissom 14158 X Rd Meade, KS 67864 620-873-2608

Denise Holiman* 199 Aud Rd 241 Centralia, MO 65240 573-682-1648 Laurel Holladay* 1201 E 1750 Rd Lawrence, KS 66046 785-843-3349 Patricia Holland* PO Box 5030 Carefree, AZ 85377 480-488-9545 Bill & Jennifer Horton 21955 H Ave Grundy Center, IA 50638 641-869-3733 Jerry & Jeanne Houghton* 5230 S Greenwich Derby, KS 67037 316-788-9330 Kathleen Huser* 2603 Emmeram Rd Victoria, KS 67671 785-735-2410


Cathy Jackson* 14135 W 54th St Shawnee, KS 66216 913-962-9509 Kathryn James* 4278 SW 100th St Augusta, KS 67010 316-775-0954

John & Barbara Hoffer* 4840 SW 69th St Auburn, KS 66402 785-862-3605

Directors Directors through ‘10 Jennifer Minick Bormann Cindy Sundgren Peggy Pickford

Directors through ‘11 Tom Davies Diana Friend Shelly McColm David Mellott

Directors through ‘12 Ryan Cole Paula Pray Jessica Streit Sherri Tearney

Winner’s & Buyer’s Guide 7/16/10 1:05 PM

Denny & Roberta Jaye* 2211 14th Ave Lindsborg, KS 67456 785-227-2905

Michelle Kowalsky 333 SE 110th Ave Ellinwood, KS 67526 620-564-2756

Diane Johnson* 23375 Guthrie Rd Linwood, KS 66052 785-542-2901


Carolyn Kaberline* 2208 SW Hope St Topeka, KS 66614 785-272-3340 Kansas State University Dept. of Animal Science Weber Hall Manhattan, KS 66506 785-532-6131 Dotty & Howard Kester* 14390 118th Road Hoyt, KS 66440 785-986-6344 Dr. Rosemary Kirby* 12731 Bradford Circle Wichita, KS 67206 316-686-8805 Marie Klimova* 17715 Michals Rd Leavenworth, KS 6648-7199 913-682-1648 Ruth Knapp* 24470 Chase Rd Chanute, KS 66720 620-433-7183


Cynthia Lohrey* RR 1 Box 98 McCracken, KS 67556 785-394-2475 Landon Lugar* 230 W 5th Fremont, NE 68026 Lisa Kay Lugar* 14111 Parallel Basehor, KS 66007 913-724-2281 Libby Lugar Michaud* 1260 County Road 17 Wahoo, NE 68066 402-472-9098 Kendra Lundgren* 561 S Lovers Lane Scott City, KS 67871 620-877-2832 Kristie Lundgren* 561 S Lovers Lane Scott City, KS 67871 620-877-2832 Sharon Lyon* PO Box 277 Baldwin City, KS 66006-0277 785-594-3138


Marcia Magana* 14728 N 3987 Dr Dewey, OK 74029 918-534-1781

Past Presidents/lifetime directors C.A. Cofer Craig Cole Lee Greathouse Jeff Mellott Carl Mills Chuck Sperry Billy Allen Howard Muncy Stan O’Neil Roberta Jaye J. Byron Roenbaugh Ron McKown Jim Baska Mark Gratny Duane Walker Harold Morrison Carole James

Winner’s & Buyer’s Guide KQHA_2010.indd 51

Mary Mages* 6814 Bell Rd Shawnee, KS 66217 913-485-2589 Steve & Nancy Martin* 4300 S Greenwich Rd Derby, KS 67037 316-687-2227 Jim & Rosemary Martin 1901 S Triple Crown St Wichita, KS 67230-7579 316-684-9457 Raymond Mason 803 Cloud Road Williamsburg, KS 66095 785-746-5594 Bob & Debbie Massey* RR 2 Box 58 Kingman, KS 67068 316-532-5545 Brad & Stephanie McAlexander 109 W 259th St Cleveland, MO 64734 913-302-0581 Allen & Shelly McColm 6968 SE 20th Street Baxter Springs, KS 66713 620-429-0390 Mycah McColm* 6968 SE 20th Street Baxter Springs, KS 66713 620-429-0390 LD & Cheryl McCormick* 1266 80th Rd Yates Center, KS 66783 620-625-2204

Susie McCreary* 8060 SE US Highway 169 St Joseph, MO 64507-7730 816-253-9494 Ed/Kristy McKechnie* 1124 N 250th St Arcadia, KS 66711-4112 620-638-4469 Ron McKown 1300 E 93rd North Valley Center, KS 67147 316-755-1077 David Mellott* 14815 Siefkes Wichita, KS 67230 316-706-2188 Jeff Mellott 153 Williamsburg Andover, KS 67002 316-734-0074 Marcia Meloy* 13005 Falmouth St Leawood, KS 66209 913-345-8416 Stephanie Meyer 8800 SW 45th Topeka, KS 66610 785-478-2727 Timothy & Janet Meyer PO Box 126 Sylvan Grove, KS 67481 785-526-7735 Mike Miller* 3950 SW Wanamaker Topeka, KS 66610 785-478-3043

KAQHA officers and Directors President Past President Debra Powers Leslie Woolley Vice President Roberta Jaye Secretary Kathy Green

Directors Levi Allison Chris Dietz Catherine Jackson Denny Jaye Sue Nickel Pam Wilson KQHA 


7/16/10 12:56 PM

Sharon Miller* 2005 SW 2nd St Topeka, KS 66606 785-357-6050

Betty Murfin 250 N Water Suite 300 Wichita, KS 67202 316-733-8855

Victoria Miller Pence* 15001 E Pawnee St Wichita, KS 67230 316-733-9869

John J. Murnane PO Box 566 Louisburg, KS 66053 913-557-4930 murnaneranch@

Cynthia Mills* 5003 N. Halstead St Hutchinson, KS 67502 620-669-0242 Aaron J Moeder* Box 184 Rose Hill, KS 67133 316-776-2452 Larry & Sonja Montgomery* 3216 Johnson Rd Cummings, KS 66016-9011 913-886-3277 Wm Morand 4420 N Halstead Hutchinson, KS 66504-1184 620-663-2567 Harold & Ernestine Morrison* 1605 N Ohio Salina, KS 67401 785-823-8565 Mindy Morton* 4420 22nd Road Udall, KS 67146 316-782-3319 Nancy Moxley* 15455 E. 13th Wichita, KS 67230 316-733-8855 Judith Muench* PO Box 16 Scott City, KS 67871 620-872-2268 Julie Muench* PO Box 16 Scott City, KS 67871 620-872-2268



KQHA_2010.indd 52

Max Murray 5 Tanglewood Ln Hutchinson, KS 67502 620-662-0417


Jessie Naaykens* 6968 SE 20th Street Baxter Springs, KS 66713 620-674-3458 Rochelle Nelson* 15338 S Jordan Rd Carbondale, KS 66414 785-836-7646 Sarina Nickel* PO Box 512 Scott City, KS 67871 620-872-2268 Tony Nigro 3320 Merriam Lane Kansas City, KS 66100 Braxton Nottingham* 1274 N 650 Rd Lawrence, KS 66046 785-841-0936 Jeanne Nottingham* 1274 N 650 Rd Lawrence, KS 66046 785-841-0936


Terry & Mary Lou Odle 4415 N Sandy Ave Salina, KS 67401 785-825-2894

Helen Olsen 370 P Avenue Council Grove, KS 66846 620-767-5822

Minnie Popp* RR 1 Box 36A Utica, KS 67584 785-391-2306

Libbie Olson 5105 Telstar Ln Great Bend, KS 67530 620-796-9555

Debra Powers* 4866 Willow Point Ct Bel Aire, KS 67220 316-744-3511

Martha & Larry Oltjen* 1858 Raccoon Rd Robinson, KS 66532 785-544-6554

Paula Pray 26095 Rockville Louisburg, KS 66053 913-837-4168

Stanton & Ann O’Neil* 271 S Simpson Rd Salina, KS 67401 785-827-7764

Duane & Marlene Putnam* 13467 142nd Rd Hoyt, KS 66440 785-966-2214

Shannon Opat* 5715 East 85th St North Valley Center, KS 67147 316-744-8174


Bull Parker* 6245 SE 101st Berryton, KS 66409 785-836-3299 Sandy Bryant- Parker* 6245 SE 101st Berryton, KS 66409 785-836-3299 Judy Parsons* 1343 Road CC Hugoton, KS 67951 620-428-5115 Duane & JoAnn Patterson 713 N 4th Hill City, KS 67642 Peggy Pickford* 6707 Aylesbury Rd Topeka, KS 66610 785-478-9014


Erin Rees* 7949 SW 85th Auburn, KS 66402 785-256-2123 Katie Rees* 7949 SW 85th Auburn, KS 66402 785-256-2123 Gina & Grant Richardson RR 2 Box 178 Rush Center, KS 67575 Jim & Nancy Richardson* 22025 W 183 Olathe, KS 66062 913-592-2010 Kale & Thorene Roberts 223 N Socora Wichita, KS 67212 Darol & Karen Rodrock* 11450 W 207th Bucyrus, KS 66013 913-533-9980 J. Byron Roenbaugh 1111 Moca Ln Kinsley, KS 67547 620-659-2440

Winner’s & Buyer’s Guide 7/16/10 12:56 PM

Dr Amin & Nancy Rofail 10036 W 239 St Bucyrus, KS 66013 913-533-4419 John Rose* RR 1 Box 126 Mullinville, KS 67109 620-548-2659 Michlynn Rose* 1400 Houston St Manhattan, KS 66502 620-255-5276

Shelby Scott* 5265 NW 20th Columbus, KS 66725 620-674-3370 Bill & Lynda Sharp* 2137 SW 60th St El Dorado, KS 67042 316-321-4018 SK Sipult 4446 N Arkansas Wichita, KS 67204 316-838-3244

Rita Rose* Rt 1 Box 43 Cawker City, KS 67430 785-786-3291

Ariel Smith* 515 E 3rd Avenue St. John, KS 67576 620-549-3395

Brian T. Rowley PO Box 246 Lebo, KS 66856 620-256-6732

Sarah Smittle* 410 S Kansas Apt. B Columbus, KS 66725 620-429-2120

Fred & Jean Rowley* PO Box 246 Lebo, KS 66856 620-256-6732

Chuck Sperry 6048 SE Adams St Topeka, KS 66609 785-862-7744

Roni Rytter* 25392 NW Meade Rd Garnett, KS 66032 785-448-3084


Brenda Salsbury* 8735 SW 45th Street Topeka, KS 66610 785-478-4279 Barbara Scalet* 36287 West 231st Edgerton, KS 66021 913-526-9226 Lee & Rose Marie Schmidt* 4421 NW 94th St Topeka, KS 66618 785-246-4500 Tina Schmitt* 1205 Court Street Scott City, KS 67871 620-872-5776

Winner’s & Buyer’s Guide KQHA_2010.indd 53

Steve & Jan Spiller 1134 Overland Rd McPherson, KS 67460 620-241-2980 Mark & Julie Stade 12416 S Haven Rd Haven, KS 67543 316-465-3657 Christine Standard* 18551 Rd 10 Kismet, KS 67859 620-563-7841 Laura Starks* 8309 Floyd Overland Park, KS 66212 913-642-2147 Melissa Stockwell 90483 SW 80th Coats, KS 67028 316-672-9339



7/16/10 12:56 PM

Sheryl Strathman* 4545 SW Indian Hills Rd Topeka, KS 66610 785-478-2829

Paul & Virginia Treadwell* 10101 E 47th St. So Derby, KS 67037 316-788-2683

Jessica Streit 6046 SE Adams Topeka, KS 66609 785-862-1317

Jo Turner 3262 54th St Meriden, KS 66512 785-484-3033


Robin Styles Styles* 9128 Westmoreland Westmoreland, KS 66549 913-422-5208

Jeff & Jackie VanPetten* 4861 Detlor Rd Meriden, KS 66512 785-484-2351


Kari Sue Vosburgh* 14210 SW 60th Andover, KS 67002 316-644-1521

Judy Taylor* 60462 SE 20th Street Pratt, KS 67124 620-672-6982 Sherri Tearney 19001 Nall Stillwell, KS 66085 913-897-6151


Forrest Terry* 154 NE 40th Ln Lamar, MO 64759 417-682-2090

Kurtis Wagner* 1879 Frontier Rd McPherson, KS 67460 620-241-6112

Gary G. Wade 12200 NW Skyview Kansas City, MO 64164 816-464-5666

Duane Walker 1422 27th Ave Canton, KS 67428 620-628-4301

Roger Thomas 2259 Comanche Rd Galva, KS 67443 316-345-8327

Violet Walker 1160 E 1550 Rd Lawrence, KS 66046-9271 785-843-5152

Bruce & Julie Tomlinson* RR 1 Box 25 Minneola, KS 67865 620-885-4713

Gary G. Walton 5729 East 1st St Newton, KS 67114 316-283-1387 James & Laura Warta 1565 Ave I Ellsworth, KS 67439 785-472-3389 Lauren & Glenda Watkins 2130 N Strassburg St #9 Marion, KS 66861 Bruce Wegener Rt 1 Box 118 Norton, KS 67654 785-877-2077 Brad & Sue Weller 901 Maple Garden City, KS 67846 620-276-2905 Leo & Peggy Wenger* 554 N 1800 Rd Lecompton, KS 66050-4108 785-887-6060 Paige Westfall 977 1600 Ave Abilene, KS 67410 785-479-5560

Alicia D. Wittwer* 64002 705 RD Dawson, NE 68337 402-239-2484 Leslie Woolley* PO Box 35371 Phoenix, AZ 85069 602-432-3444


Larry & Rosemary Yates 26905 West 82nd Ave Sterling, KS 67579 620-278-3580


Karen Zarda* 25601 W 73rd Shawnee, KS 66227 913-441-8826 Larry & Linda Zenor* 5008 W Red Rock Rd Hutchinson, KS 67501 620-662-4690 Gary & Sandy Zwick* RT 2, 2145 Ave S Sterling, KS 67579 620-422-3447

James & Nancy Whitaker* 10655 N Oliver Valley Center, KS 67147-9746 316-744-3154 John & Pam Wilson* 8964 W 250 Road Blue Mound, KS 66010 913-756-2665

kansas AQHA Directors


Denny Hassett PO Box 187 Auburn, KS 66402

Starlet Hunter 11452 SW US Hwy 77 Augusta, KS 67010

Sherri Tearney 19001 Nall Stilwell, KS 66085

Paul Treadwell 10101 E. 47th St. S Derby, KS 67037


KQHA_2010.indd 54

Director At Large Duane W. Walker 1422 27th Ave. Canton, KS 67428 Director Emeritus C.A. Cofer 7400 N. Broadway Wichita, KS 67219

Past AQHA Presidents Brad Tate P.O. Box 69, Lakin, KS 67860 Walt Fletcher P.O. Box C, Lakin, KS 67860 AQHYA Region 8 Director ‘09-’10 Paris Nottingham

Winner’s & Buyer’s Guide 7/16/10 12:56 PM

KQHA_2010.indd 55

7/16/10 12:56 PM

KQHA_2010.indd 56

7/16/10 12:56 PM

Photo collage from this year’s youth events

getting ready to win!

K Q H YA T e a m o pp o rt u n i t i e s Each year KQHYA members and their parents work to promote the American Quarter Horse through team activities. There are many activities that any KQHYA member can participate in beyond showing a horse. AQHYA World Championship & All American Quarter Horse Congress NYTTA Showing in Kansas can be your ticket to two of the biggest shows in the Quarter Horse industry. See the KQHA web site for qualifying rules. There are two ways to qualify for the AQHYA World Championship, held annually the first full week in August, in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma. 1. National qualification: youth competes and earns a predetermined set of points at any AQHA shows between May 1, 2010-Apr 30, 2011. 2.State qualification: four youth exhibitors in each event can compete at Kansas shows as determined by the KQHYA qualifying policy to represent the state at the show. All American Quarter Horse Congress National Youth Team Tournament, Columbus, Ohio Two exhibitors per class (showmanship, horsemanship, hunt seat and barrel racing). National and state qualifiers have first opportunity to compete, but team spots are also open to other interested KQHA members.

Winner’s & Buyer’s Guide KQHA_2010.indd 57

AQHYA World Championship Contests Horse Judging – Coached by Kansas State University Horse Judging Team members, participants learn tips and techniques for judging conformation and performance. Horse judgers are part of the KQHYA Team that travels to Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, as part of the Ford AQHYA World Championship competition. Horse Bowl – Four team members answer just about any question about the horse and its industry. Talent – On the Friday prior to the start of the AQHYA World Show, the Talent Show offers members the opportunity to present their talent by competing in vocal, instrumental, dance performance and potpourri performance. Group performances are limited to six members. Speech – Impromptu and Public Speaking competition – Are you organized, like talking in front of a group, and communicate your thoughts effectively? Then you are ready for the AQHYA Speech contest. Scholarships are given to first and second place winners in each division. Scrapbook – Each state is encouraged to enter a scrapbook documenting the history of the state organization. Books are judged on organization, content, layout and design, pictures and the team presentation at the AQHYA World Show. Photo Contest – If you like to take pictures, AQHYA has a contest just for you! All photos must be of American Quarter Horses. Savings Bonds are presented to first through third place winners. Entry deadline is 12/31/2010 for 2011 competition.



7/16/10 12:57 PM


Luke Barnhart 10127 N West Rd Hesston. KS 67062 620-327-2107

Erin Connell 2520 Chase Ave El Dorado. KS 67042 316-321-0627

Allie Dwyer 1340 Ave O Lyons. KS 67554 620-680-1414

Hope Grable 11218 Winchester Dr Kansas City. KS 66109 913-721-1517


Margaret Baughman 865 Prairieview Trail Garden City. KS 67846 620-276-7400

Abbi Demel 1151 N Hwy 281 Hoisington. KS 67544 620-653-2698

Ali Ezell 11202 S 70th E Ave Bixby. OK 74008 479-790-9961

Alison Harlow 9609 W 92nd Street Overland Park. KS 66212 913-888-9121

Kenna Bell 1501 E Pawnee St Wichita. KS 67230 316-733-9869

Chelsea Dietz 18960 Mitchell Rd Russell. KS 67665 785-483-7444


Kayla Herl 913 South 12th Street Sabetha. KS 66534 785-284-3555

Berre Bert 1207 M5 Road Larned. KS 67550 620-285-7777

Abigail Dishman 3530 SW Hodges Topeka. KS 66614 913-360-4371

Morgan Brehm 10400 Yankee Hill Rd Lincoln. NE 68526 402-805-2600

Allison Dishman 3530 SW Hodges Rd Topeka. KS 66614 785-360-4371

Sidney Doane RR 1 Box 42 Downs. KS 67437 785-454-6386


Elizabeth Calander 4739 SW 18th St Topeka. KS 66604 785-272-6451


Avery Fowles 8129 McDowell Cr Rd Manhattan. KS 66502 785-313-2307 Amy Fruits 19565 S Moonlight Rd Gardner. KS 66030 913-856-4360

G Libby Graber PO Box 1014 McPherson. KS 67460 620-241-0585


Kirk Huser 2603 Emmeram Rd Victoria. KS 67671 785-735-2410


Elizabeth Jackson 14135 W 54th St Shawnee. KS 66216 913-962-9509 Jamie Johnson 23375 Guthrie Rd Linwood. KS 66052 785-542-2901

Youth Membership Photo by Wright Focus Photography



KQHA_2010.indd 58

Winner’s & Buyer’s Guide 7/16/10 12:57 PM


Lacey Kitsmiller 1780 N. 1150 Road Lawrence. KS 66046 785-979-2637

M Josie McCreary 8060 SE US Highway 169 St. Joseph. MO 64507 816-253-9494 Austin McKechnie 1124 N 250th St Arcadia. KS 66711 620-638-4469 Jackson McKechnie 1124 N 250th St Arcadia. KS 66711 620-638-4469 Allison McKibban 3650 N Main St El Dorado. KS 67042 316-321-1996 Kaylee Mellott 153 Williamsburg Andover. KS 67002 316-734-0074

Winner’s & Buyer’s Guide KQHA_2010.indd 59

Megan Metz 8615 Ash Lane Shawnee Mission. KS 66207 913-649-8101 Emma Montgomery 2793 V Rd Sabetha. KS 66534 785-284-2043 Max Moxley 15455 E. 13th Wichita. KS 67230 316-733-8855

N Paris Nottingham 1274 N 650 Rd Lawrence. KS 660046 785-841-0936


Rachel Pendergraft 900 W Drake St Fayetteville. AR 72704 470-443-3301

Mariah Moxley 15455 E. 13th Wichita. KS 67230 316-733-8855

Sarah Anne Pendergraft 900 W Drake St Fayetteville. AR 72704 470-443-3301

Meghan Munday 13025 W Harvest Ct Wichita. KS 67235 316-721-9415

Shynia Peterman 408 South College Lyons. KS 67554 620-257-3966

Morgan Munday 13025 W Harvest Ct Wichita. KS 67235 316-721-9415

Bret Pilney, Jr 15509 Beverly Ct Overland Park. KS 66223 913-685-3026

Macy Putnam 12404 Q Rd Hoyt. KS 66440 785-986-6467

R Katherine Ralph 5003 N. Halstead St Hutchinson. KS 67502 620-669-0242 Darcy Reeve 2116 N Center St Garden City. KS 67846 620-275-9506 Jordan Rehagen 13650 S Sycamore Olathe. KS 66062 913-782-0034 Hannah Renken 27051 DD Road Downs. KS 67437 785-454-6377 Rachel Renken 27051 DD Road Downs. KS 67437 785-454-6377



7/16/10 12:57 PM

Tristen Richardson 22025 W 183 Olathe. KS 66062 913-592-2010 Erik Ryttr 25392 NW Meade Rd Garnett. KS 66032 785-448-3084

S Sara Schifferdecker 285 N 140th Girard. KS 66743 620-724-6892 Sydney Scheckel PO Box 264 Richmond. KS 66080 785-418-7413 Jennie Schwabe 5012 S Mission Dr St Joseph. MO 64505 816-279-2654 Hannah Spomer 8128 SE 101st Overbrook. KS 66524 785-555-2421

T Rachel Tearney 19001 Nall Stillwell. KS 66085 913-897-6151 Jessica Thompson 3901 Dunham Wichita. KS 67210 316-651-5043


Madison Vosburgh 14210 SW 60th Andover, KS 67002 316-766-1211


Chelsea Zillner 9737 Sunset Circle Lenexa, KS 66220

W Garrett Walker 1603 US Highway 50 Moscow, KS 67952 620-428-6369

Katie Valentine 234 N 6th Terr Louisburg. KS 66053 913-244-3237

Shanda Walker 1603 US Highway 50 Moscow, KS 67952 620-428-6369

Garrett VanArsdale Box 43 Lebo, KS 66856 620-256-6662

DeRay Welsh PO Box 74 Meade, KS 67864 620-873-8444

Whitney VanArsdale Box 43 Lebo, KS 66856 620-256-6662

Peyton Welsh PO Box 74 Meade, KS 67864 620-873-8444

Jarek VanPetten 4861 Detlor Rd Meriden, KS 66512 785-484-2351

Sarah Williams 10626 134 Road Offerle, KS 67563 620-659-3532





Ou inc 2010 KQHYA officers and Directors


President Paris Nottingham

Secretary Rachel Tearney

Vice President Erin Connel

Public Relations Madison Vosburgh


KQHA_2010.indd 60

Directors Libby Graber Kaylee Mellott Jessica Thompson Morgan Munday

Youth Director: Ruth Knapp

Winner’s & Buyer’s Guide 7/16/10 12:57 PM

Christopher L. Wilhite, DVM Karl E. Frees, DVM, MS, DACVS Jillian M. Clark, DVM Kerby C. Weaver, DVM

Our team is dedicated to the well being of the Equine Athlete.

Our services include:

• Wellness Care & Vaccinations

• Reproduction - Stallion collection, Artificial

• Lameness & Gait Evaluations

Insemination, Embryo Retrieval, Frozen Semen Storage

• Video Endoscopy & Gastroscopy

• Purchase Examinations & Consultations

• Digital Radiography

• Ophthalmology

• Dentistry

• Emergency Services - Available 24 hours a day,

• Surgery - Arthroscopy, Colic, Elective & Emergency

7 days a week

• Radiograph Consultations

• Shockwave Therapy

• Regenerative Medicine - IRAP & PRP

• Acupuncture

21215 S. Peculiar Dr. KQHA_2010.indd 61

Peculiar, Missouri

P: 816.779.0100

F: 816.779.0161 7/16/10 12:57 PM

KQHA_2010.indd 62

7/16/10 12:58 PM

KQHA_2010.indd 63

7/16/10 12:58 PM

KQHA_2010.indd 64

7/16/10 12:58 PM

Kansas Quarter Horse Association 2010-11  

Kansas Quarter Horse Association 2010-11kq

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