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C e l eb r a t i ng H u t ch i ns o n ’ s r i ch c o mm u n i t y a r t

St or y by Pa t s y Ter rel l / P h o t o g r a p h y b y K r i s t e n G a r l o w P i p e r

Some might say that Avenue A Park kicked off Hutchinson’s thriving art scene when it was created in 2001. It changed the way locals and visitors view the city, and demonstrated the community’s willingness to invest in beauty. “I believe wholeheartedly it was the catalyst for all the good things that have come since then,” says Jim Seitnater, Hutchinson downtown development manager, of Avenue A Park. The various forms in which public art adorns the community leave residents with a shared sense of local pride and excitement for the city’s widespread creativity. Kath Helfrich, owner of downtown’s Fashionista, will vouch for its impact. “I’ve talked to customers who have explicitly come to downtown Hutchinson just to see the sculptures and the murals,” Helfrich says. “Hutchinson is slowly gaining respect as a vibrant cultural community.”


Hutchinson Magazine Winter 2014  

Exploring the role of public art in our lives as we take a look at the beautiful works of art throughout the community.