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ABCs of Edgerton

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Chamber Listing

26 people, places and things that make Edgerton awesome

Meet some of the awardwinning teachers of USD 231

A membership index, membership spotlight and annual event guide


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Dear Readers, Something so precious about the Gardner Edgerton community is how there is always something unique to do and someone friendly to help you do it. As the communities grow to accommodate the booming business landscape (and residents that come with a healthy economy), more exciting leisure activities begin to appear. This issue shines a light on some of the exciting nooks and crannies of Edgerton to explore, learn and grow, including the new Big Bull Creek Park. We also spend time with business owners who share their craft – from Marcy Holthaus of MADE KC and her crafting classes, to Nate Boyer of Kultured Customs and his car renovation services. We also share some of the award-winning educators of USD 231. These teachers are keystone residents who inspire students to achieve in all disciplines, from chemistry to drama. With that, we at GE Magazine encourage you to get out in the community, learn a new skill or find a new favorite spot.

Happy reading! Kelly, editor

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Jenni Leiste

GARDNER EDGERTON CHAMBER OF COMMERCE 109 E. Main St | PO Box 402 Gardner, KS 66030 info@gardneredgerton.org | 913.856.6464 www.gardneredgerton.org

President | CEO

Jason E Camis

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Weddings, Weddings, WinesWines Vines & Weddings, Wines&& Vin

13875 S. S. Gardner road | 913.484.6251 | kcwineco.com | kc 13875 Gardner road | 913.484.6251

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13875 S. Gardner road | 913.484.6251 | kcwinec




ABCs of Edgerton

Hey Teach!

Chamber Listing

26 people, places and things that make Edgerton awesome

Meet some of the awardwinning teachers of USD 231

A membership index, membership spotlight and annual event guide

2018 2019

on the cover Kultured Customs owner Nate Boyer talks shop in our profile story on page 12. Photo by Aaron Leimkuehler.

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Getting crafty with Marcy Holthaus

Get to know this growing community, one space and face at a time

A greeting from Gardner Edgerton Chamber of Commerce








FAIR SHARE Meet the people who work tirelessly behind the scenes to produce the Johnson County Fair

The “Gear Dogs” of Kultured Customs


Pups-N-Suds, Turner Barn, Warren Place Event Center




A guide to businesses and services





Meet some of the award-winning teachers of USD 231

All about Gardner Edgerton


CALENDAR OF EVENTS Find out what’s happening in your community



5 GE MAGAZINE | sunflowerpub.com

lifestyl Marcy Holthaus, crafter and owner of MADE, offers tips for residents interested in learning the art of DIY.

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Local Girl MADE Good Getting crafty with Marcy Holthaus Interview Conducted by Jackie Hostetler Photography by Taylor Marrs


t seems the “do-it-yourself trend” is everywhere you look these days. One Gardner resident, Marcy Holthaus, had the market cornered well before the rest of the world caught on. Holthaus has been running MADE, a home décor business offering DIY classes, for the past eight years. What began as a clever and economical solution to a packed wedding season has evolved into a lucrative career, an inventive business model, and an opportunity to give back to the community.

GE: Can you tell us about your business and your classes? MH: I teach about five to seven classes a week. You can design and create your own sign. Most of my classes are custom classes. These are private events where the hostess invites her friends and she’s able to earn rewards. I decided a long time ago that if Mary Kay and Avon can have hostess rewards, then why couldn’t I? I created a hostess rewards program and, honestly, that’s kind of what built my business. Right now, my demand outweighs what I’m able to do in a day’s work. I used to sell at a couple stores, but I just recently pulled back from those. I decided I couldn’t do that and make sure my classes are well taken care of. My main focus is my classes.

7 GE MAGAZINE | sunflowerpub.com

lifestyl I was looking for a town that felt like my hometown. –Marcy Holthaus GE: Prior to the classes, what was your business focus? MH: I got started around 2009 because I had 18 weddings to attend in one year. I couldn’t afford to buy everyone a nice gift, and I decided I was going to make some of their gifts. People kept asking ‘Where did you get that? How do I order one?’ and I told them ‘I don’t know, you are just going to have to figure out how to make it.’ They started asking me to make it for them and wanting to know how much to pay me. It started as something I did on the side just for fun and to make a little extra money.

GE: What brought you to the Gardner area? MH: I moved to the area about ten years ago to pursue a career in the dental field, and when I looked at actually purchasing a home, I was looking for a town that felt like my hometown. I found that with Gardner. GE: What business advantages have you found living in the Gardner area? MH: I feel like the people in the area want to support that smalltown business. There is just that small-town camaraderie. They want you to succeed because you are trying to do something different and bring people into Gardner. A student at a MADE class learns to hand-paint a decorative sign.

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Serving the Kansas City area for 30 years


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840 E. Main St. Gardner, KS


GE: Personal advantages? MH: I’m content and happy here versus the craziness of the city. GE: What would you consider unique about your local Gardner-Edgerton clientele? MH: They are just so happy to help you, and spread your name and help you grow. All of my customers do that, but the local ones are even more supportive. I did just recently start working with the Gardner-Edgerton schools in the Gardner-Edgerton Youth Community Program. About once a month we get together and do activities for the community. A portion of what we raise goes towards students, scholarships, and sports camps. GE: How far outside of the area have you traveled or will you travel for your business? MH: I travel back to my hometown of Marysville, Kansas, a lot for classes. I’m doing a class in Wamego soon, and all over the metro area, as far as Liberty and Platte City. I actually recently went to Canada to learn more about how to successfully run a business course. I’m working on pulling that all together because I would love to teach other women, other people, how to do what I do. Maybe it’s not signs, but using the gifts that God has given you towards supporting your family. I’m hoping to have my class up and running by the first of the year. GE: Do you work out of your home or do you have a business space in Gardner? MH: I now have a workspace just outside of town. I do my classes out of my shop, but before that I was doing them out of my home. The workshop is awesome! It gives us so much more space and it just has a better feel, a better atmosphere.

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You Take Care of Your Home. We’ll Take Care of Your House. You may not think about insurance until something goes wrong, but getting the right coverage can make all the difference when it comes to protecting your hard-earned dreams. And I can help.

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Timothy Miller, Agent 213 E Main St Gardner, KS 66030 Bus: (913) 856-6177

GE: Advice for the small town “do-it-yourself-er” who doesn’t want to travel to the city to gather materials for a project? MH: Honestly, I find stuff at Wal-Mart. I use random stuff I find all over the place, all the time. There are so many resources online. If you can’t get out of town, order it. Whatever your vision is, I say—go for it! GE: What are some of the most interesting materials you’ve used in a project? MH: I’m very sentimental, so my most unique materials are things that are meaningful to me. I have a chicken coop that was my grandpa’s chicken coop. We used to collect the eggs when we were kids. I’m hopefully going to be able to use that at some point. GE: Where might we spot you in Gardner when you’re not teaching a class? MH: Groundhouse. I love their chai. GE: What is your favorite thing about the area? MH: Just knowing that whenever I am ready to start my family, it’s a safe town, a nice town.

for more info


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Life in the Limelight The “Gear Dogs” of Kultured Customs Story by Rachel C. Murphy Photography by Aaron Leimkuehler

Kultured Customs

851 E. Warren St. 913.856.8136 Gardner, KS 66030 KulturedCustoms.com

13 GE MAGAZINE | sunflowerpub.com


here are times when you dread taking your car to the shop— generally, it means bad news. Not so if your destination is Kultured Customs. This locally owned hot rod and restoration garage is like Santa’s workshop for car lovers across the nation. Owned by Nate Boyer, Kultured Customs is based in Gardner—but Gardner isn’t the only city privy to Boyer’s amazing work. The Discovery Channel contacted Kultured Customs, and now they have one season of their own reality show, Gear Dogs, under their belts. The show follows projects in the now-defunct Dog House, a community garage where car aficionados could rent space and tools to complete projects on their own, as well as some of the custom builds that the Kultured Customs crew was working on. Boyer’s fascination with all things automotive started when he was 8 years old and earned his first $6 for mowing the neighbor’s yard. He saved his money, and by the time he was 12, he had amassed the $1,000 needed to buy a 1959 Volkswagen Beetle. He restored it with the help of friends and neighbors and cemented his path in life—restoring the past to present beauty. Fast forward: Nate is now the owner of Kultured Customs. Because the lower cost of living in rural Kansas translates to lower overall costs and because Boyer’s team provides consistent high-quality work, Kultured Customs draws clients from around the nation, including as far away as Alaska and Hawaii. And yes, that other famous car guy, Jay Leno, has sent a car to Kultured Customs for restorations as well.

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We customize designs with you in mind Flowers, Gifts and Home Decor 325 E. Main St, Suite D Gardner, KS 66030 (913) 800-1850 www.infullbloom-gardner.com

“The nice thing is that it really brought us to the attention of the people who are into what we are doing,” Boyer says. “The people watching home and garden television aren’t really watching car shows, but it’s really brought us out into the forefront of the car scene and gained us a little notoriety there.” The media exposure isn’t going to their heads though. While shooting the show was a new experience, the 10-hour days of shooting left the father of three tired, and he and his crew still had to work on their custom projects before filming started each day. So, what does Boyer drive? A rusted out 2005 F250. “I really love the truck,” Boyer says. “It’s dependable, and I pull a lot. I do like hot rods, and I’d like to own one, but it’s a case of the cobbler’s kids never have shoes. After putting in 10-hour days here, the last thing I want to do is go work on my own car.” His dream car, he says, is a 1950 Mercury, one of the original hot rods. He even has it tattooed on his forearm. Until the day that the Mercury appears, the F250 will do for Boyer. Watch all of the episodes of season one of Gear Dogs, available through the Discovery Go app and on DiscoveryChannel.com with a cable sign-in. You can also learn more at KulturedCustoms.com.

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Make A Pet's Life! ADOPT!

Prairie Paws Animal Shelter 3173 HWY K 68 Ottawa, KS 66067 785.242.2967 PRAIRIEPAWS.ORG


Teaching Moments

Meet some of the awardwinning teachers of USD 231 Story by Kari Williams Photos by Carter Gaskins

Education is a key to a successful community. Meet a few of the teachers in USD 231, recently honored in their field for excellence in education, and learn what drives them to give their all to the students of Gardner and Edgerton.

16 GE MAGAZINE | sunflowerpub.com


Rhonda Wedel

Walt Cochran

Inspired by her elementary and junior high school teachers, Rhonda Wedel has wanted to be a teacher since childhood. “They kind of ignited that spark in me to want to be an educator,” says Wedel, a Pioneer Ridge Middle School math teacher. But it wasn’t just her former teachers’ enthusiasm that resonated with Wedel—it was their ability to emphasize character and leadership and make learning fun. While Wedel says there are many things she considers rewarding about teaching, it’s the “small successes,” whether that’s a student volunteering in class or turning in an assignment on time, that she praises. “Just celebrating when that light bulb goes off and they get that ‘ah-ha’ moment,” Wedel says. For her efforts in the classroom, Wedel received the 2018 USD 231 Teacher of the Year award. “It’s very exciting to be recognized, especially for my commitment for providing a positive learning environment for my students,” Wedel says. “I’m just very fortunate to be able to share my love of learning with the young people in Gardner.” She joined the Pioneer Ridge faculty in 2017 after a former colleague encouraged her to apply. “I had this idea that I would go back to a smaller town,” Wedel says. “I grew up in a small town in Kansas … [so I] always envisioned teaching in smaller community.” Wedel said it’s important to develop relationships with students to “really, truly get to know them.” This also allows her to tailor lessons to keep the content relevant and exciting for her students. “Math is in everything we do,” Wedel said. “I try to keep the energy that I have for my love of learning and try to pass that on to the kiddos in the classroom.”

Walt Cochran, who was named a 2018 “Teacher Who Inspires” by MidAmerica Nazarene College, never thought his career would take this path. “When I was in college, I thought I was going to be, believe it or not, a youth pastor or park ranger … I became an RA [resident adviser] in college to a freshman hallway and kind of questioned my major and really enjoyed hanging out with these guys right out of high school,” Cochran says. “[So I] switched into education classes.” The MidAmerica Nazarene College alumnus said to receive the recognition from his alma mater was “pretty special.” “The person who nominated me for it was a former student [of mine] who is now teaching in our building,” Cochran says. “He was my student teacher, and I had no idea he was nominating me for the award. Now, he’s my colleague.” Cochran previously taught at Pioneer Trail Junior High School in Olathe, and in 1995, moved to Spring Hill High School. After one year of teaching at Spring Hill, Cochran enrolled in law school at the University of Kansas. During his second semester of law school, he withdrew and “jumped into a master of arts in U.S. history,” subsequently returning to Spring Hill. After a stint at Shawnee Mission High School, Cochran transitioned to his current home in Gardner, where he began his 17th year in education this school year. “[It’s fulfilling] walking with kids through adversity, the good times and bad times and just seeing them grow,” Cochran says. “There’s one high school, and it’s a large high school in a small town. You kind of get that hometown feeling, but you get a lot of the benefits of being in a large high school.” And for Cochran, it’s just a place he loves to be. “I love it here,” Cochran says. “I love the people, I love the community. I love the Trailblazers. I bleed blue.”

Pioneer Ridge Middle School Math Teacher, 2018 USD 231 Teacher of the Year

Gardner Edgerton High School Social Studies Teacher, MidAmerica Nazarene College’s 2018 “Teacher Who Inspires”

17 GE MAGAZINE | sunflowerpub.com

Jeff Lady

Kent Muyskens

Gardner Edgerton High School Theater Program Director, Kansas Thespians Region II Teacher of the Year

Gardner Edgerton High School Chemistry Teacher, STEM Innovator Certification

Jeff Lady’s high school choir teacher inspired him to become a teacher, but his journey to education came later in life. Lady spent many years in southern California before settling in the Midwest and setting up shop in a classroom. “I just felt like I had had a lot of experiences out there that were pretty amazing, but it was time to shift gears and give something back,” says Lady, who has spent his eight years of teaching at Gardner Edgerton High School. He has been the school’s theater director since 2011. Lady said his students drive him as a teacher—along with giving them a “real world perspective to go along with the excitement of theater.” “They’re amazing,” Lady said. “We have amazing kids. They’re so dedicated. They’re so passionate.” And it’s most rewarding for Lady when he sees growth in one of his students. “I see kids on day one who are scared to death to even open their mouths and speak in the classroom … [and by the] end of the class, they’ve starred in two shows.” While it can appear to some like those changes occurred overnight, Lady sees the in-between moments. “I see on a daily basis that little bit of growth, and that’s what makes me want to go back,” Lady says. “I just keep smiling about seeing the breakthroughs.” Lady also was named Kansas Thespians Region II Teacher of the Year in 2018 and has watched the school’s theater program flourish. “We went from a program that was nearly nonexistent to one of the biggest programs in the state now,” Lady says. “I think, for me, it was so cool to be there and see the reaction of the kids and for them to feel like Gardner means something to the people here.” And what he loves most about living in Edgerton are the children and the growing school district. “It’s still a pretty close-knit feel like family,” Lady said. “We’re just enough separated from the rest of the Kansas City area to have our own identity, and I think it really shows in the kids.”

Kent Muyskens’ parents were teachers, along with several other relatives. So the Gardner Edgerton High School chemistry teacher is happy to be part of a family legacy of teachers. In addition to completing the STEM Innovator professional development program, which is based out of the University of Iowa and allows students an opportunity to solve real-world issues in a group setting, he received the 2016 Iowa STEM teacher of the year award for the northwest portion of the state. Muyskens also was nominated for the 2018 Teacher of the Year award at Gardner Edgerton High School. Earning the STEM certification was a continuation of a grant he had started while in Iowa. “My big push has been STEM stuff,” says Muyskens, who has taught various subjects in the science, technology, engineering and mathematics fields. Muyskens is happy to take the concepts from other science- and math-based fields that he learned through the certification and apply them to the chemistry lessons he teaches at GEHS. “I still use those concepts, and anytime I can find something that adds to it, I like that,” Muyskens says. “I like real-world things that I can put in my class because the kids go, ‘Oh, this makes sense.’” He is driven by his desire to see students succeed when they move on to college. The rewards, however, come from watching when something “just clicks and makes sense … those big ‘ah-ha’ moments” for his students. Muyskens is in his 34th year of teaching—a career that began at Panora-Linden High School in Iowa. He retired from teaching in Iowa last year but wasn’t fully ready to leave school behind. He moved to the area to be closer to a daughter in Olathe and to his two other children, who attend Central Missouri State University.

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Santa Fe Self Storage


1060 E Santa Fe Gardner, KS 66030 (913) 856-5757 Mon-Fri 9:30a-6:00p | Sat 9:30a-4:00p santafe51@msn.com

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Hours: Monday and Friday: 7:00 AM– 5:30 PM Tuesday-Thursday: 7:00 AM—6:00 PM Saturday: 8:00 AM—1:00 PM Sunday (Lodging Pick up ONLY): 4:00 PM—6:00PM

Phone: 913.856.6255 ● Fax: 913-856-5835

Emergency Veterinary Services




ABCs of Edgerton Get to know this growing community, one space and face at a time. Story by Jackie Hostetler Photos by Sarah Reeves

20 GE MAGAZINE | sunflowerpub.com

A Almost Famous

Edgerton might not be the first place associated with Hollywood, but it has some serious Tinseltown connections. In 1967, Edgerton hosted Robert Blake and John Forsythe while they shot the critically acclaimed film In Cold Blood, the film adaption of the novel by Truman Capote.



Every third Wednesday the Community Hall hosts a potluck meal for citizens 55 and over, followed by a rousing game of bingo.


Dig in the Dirt

Travel down 199th Street, just west of I-35, and you’ll meet rolling prairies, native grasses, and a 15-foot-tall metal chicken. This huge bird, known locally as Chick Norris, changes accessories with the seasons and encourages donations to support veterans.

Stop by Narrow Tree Nursery just off of Edgerton Road for a chance to enjoy 150 acres of fruit trees, evergreens, shrubs, and other foliage favorites, open weekends throughout the spring.

21 GE MAGAZINE | sunflowerpub.com

F Family Fun at the Farmers Market

Equine Energy Classic Tango Stables offers indoor and outdoor horse arenas, pasture boarding, tack rooms, and grooming areas for area horse lovers.

22 GE MAGAZINE | sunflowerpub.com

You want peaches? Or maybe you prefer blackberries and blueberries? Or maybe sweet corn? They have them all at Gieringer’s Orchard and Berry Farm, a u-pick farm offering fine seasonal produce, a seasonal market and family-friendly activities.


Going to the Chapel Mildale Farms is the ideal country wedding venue. This breathtaking venue sits on 22 lush acres, with accommodations and lodging to host family and friends for several days. The space is also the perfect setting for family reunions, corporate retreats and other big events.

H Heroes on Call

Edgerton may be a pictureperfect small town, but it still needs its fair share of super heroes. Johnson County Fire District #1 headquarters is located right downtown. Fire District #1 is a consolidation of the Edgerton Community Fire Department, the Gardner Rural Fire Department, and Johnson County Fire and Rescue. Fire District #1 encompasses 100 square miles, including Edgerton and outlying rural areas. Rest easy, citizens of Edgerton, you are in good hands.

Inner Artists Wanted

If you are feeling creative, check out the Edgerton Parks and Recreation youth art classes. Autumn mixed media, clay polymer pots, and pumpkin painting are just a few of the exciting sessions offered through this program. Classes are held on Monday evenings for kids ages 4–17.

Jkl Jailhouse Blues

Keep On Trucking

Little Learners

The streets of Edgerton are currently protected by the dedicated men and women of the Johnson County Sheriff ’s Department. But visitors can experience justice of the past by visiting a mysterious steel cage located along the banks of Gardner Lake. This “Original City Jail” was purchased by the town in 1902, and its steel lattice frame measures five feet by six feet.

Logistics Park, located just outside town, sits on more than 1,000 acres with 17 million square feet of business space. The intermodal business park is a bustling hub of transportation, with trains and trucks transporting goods internationally 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

The marquee outside Edgerton Elementary just off 56 Highway invites all who pass to “Discover the Power of Learning.” And that is just what the students inside the picturesque brick school are doing. Edgerton Elementary is one of seven elementary schools within USD 231.

23 GE MAGAZINE | sunflowerpub.com


The Edgerton City Council is a busy group of people. They have been instrumental in the business boom of recent years, including the ever-expanding intermodal. Edgerton’s governing body consists of a mayor and five city council members, all elected at-large. The city council meets twice a month, and meetings are open to the public.

N Natural Beauty

Got a free afternoon? Why not spend it exploring the parks of Edgerton? Edgerton is home to Big Bull Creek Park, the largest park in Johnson County. Spanning 2,060 acres, the park includes a natural playground, paved trails, picnic shelters, and a prairie restoration area. Big Bull Creek also connects to Edgerton’s Martin Creek Park, where you’ll find baseball and soccer fields, as well as tennis courts, horseshoe pits, and a playground.

Bruce Funeral Home A Traditional Full-Service Funeral Home • Cremation • Pre-Arrangements • Monuments 106 S. Center, Gardner, KS 66030 (913) 856-7111 712 S. Webster, Spring Hill, KS 66083 (913) 592-2244 De Soto (913) 585-1346

Shirley Bruce Brown - VanArsdale Shane Bruce Brown & Scott Douglas Brown www.brucefuneralhome.com

Johnson County’s Oldest Continuously Owned Business

24 GE MAGAZINE | sunflowerpub.com


Online Oasis


Pass the Popcorn



Sunday Best Edgerton is home to at least seven churches of various denominations. Stop by New City for a contemporary experience, or Assumption Catholic Church for a traditional Catholic Mass. No matter what your faith, love abounds in Edgerton.

Never fear, Amazon is near! Log on to Amazon.com and have your order fulfilled locally from the Amazon Distribution Center located in Logistics Park. The local center employs more than 1,000 people and is always hiring.

In 2018, Edgerton hosted monthly movie nights in the downtown green space, inviting residents to bring chairs and blankets and enjoy a movie under the stars. Games and concessions were also provided.


Quiet Time

You might look twice when you pass the quaint brick building downtown proudly boasting the phrase “Bank of Knowledge” above the front entrance. What this structure holds is far more valuable than what any bank can offer: books! The Edgerton Library building was originally The Edgerton State Bank before a fire destroyed it in 1906. The building was restored as the library in 2000.

Rock Out! Help with that next home improvement project is just a stone’s throw away for many Edgerton residents. Mid-State Materials operates a number of rock quarries throughout northeast Kansas, including one in Edgerton. MidState delivers a full line of crushed and processed aggregate for civil, commercial, residential and industrial construction projects.

25 GE MAGAZINE | sunflowerpub.com

Turn Back Time

What was life like before cellphones and laptops? Visit historic Lanesfield Schoolhouse to find out. Lanesfield Schoolhouse, the last remaining structure from the former town of Lanesfield, operated as a school from 1869–1963. Now visitors can tour the schoolhouse.

V Veggies for All

Unwind with a Line Edgerton Lake is one of the town’s most popular leisure spots. The lake provides opportunities for fishing and small craft boating, as well as picnic and trail areas.

Pumpkins and Pines is a family-owned farm that grows produce for local farmers markets. Tomatoes, cantaloupes, zucchini, yellow squash, cucumbers, eggplants and beets are just a sample of the farm’s homegrown treats, regularly available at the Overland Park Farmers Market.

W Wine Time White Tail Run Winery is the perfect place for an afternoon learning about Kansas wines in the tasting room, or wine pairings on the patio. White Tail Run has caught national attention with top honors at the Jefferson Cup Invitational Wine Competition.

26 GE MAGAZINE | sunflowerpub.com

Edgerton is doing its part to make sure food is available to all. Edgerton United Methodist Church, in conjunction with the WhyHunger Campaign, provides a food pantry for all Edgerton residents in need. The Edgerton Food Pantry is open on the third Saturday and the fourth Wednesday of every month.

Y Yucca It Up

If it can be grown, Enright Gardens probably has it. Countless flowers, fruits, vegetables, and other plants are waiting for you in their 18 greenhouses. In operation since 1976, Enright Gardens is also available to host events on its beautifully landscaped grounds or in its Brooklyn Hall reception area.


X Out Hunger




WWW. gardner


913-856-6360 |

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Zip Code Zone The Edgerton Post Office serves 2,612 city and rural residents, with an estimated 4,169 packages passing through the location annually. It’s Johnson County’s best-kept secret when looking to avoid those long post office lines!

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fair share Meet the people who work tirelessly behind the scenes to produce the Johnson County Fair Story by Katy Schamberger

Photos by Kevin Anderson

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he Johnson County Fair is in Tony Allen’s blood. “Our family’s been involved since way back in the beginning of the fair,” he says.

After spending much of his life attending or volunteering at the fair, Allen joined the Johnson County Fair Board of Directors around nine years ago. He served as president of the fair’s executive board for the 2018 season, making him a thirdgeneration executive board member.

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Allyssa King, Johnson County Fair secretary, and Tony Allen, Johnson County Fair president, work tirelessly behind the scenes throughout the year to make sure the Johnson County Fair continues to delight visitors and residents each year.

“My grandpa and uncles have all been board members,” he says. It’s undoubtedly an honor for Allen to oversee the fair’s executive board, but the role isn’t all corn dogs and funnel cake. His responsibilities include preparing monthly meeting agendas, helping to appoint committees to handle specific events or duties and working on sponsorships—and that’s just in the months leading up to each fair. That work—as well as that of the rest of the board and committee members—underscores an important point, that the fair is a year-round process. “That’s something I think people don’t see—we start working on next year’s fair at the current fair,” says Allyssa King, who served as the executive board’s 2018 secretary. The board gathers for a meeting to kick off fair week, which begins the last Sunday in July. Once the fair concludes, the board holds a recap to identify what went well, to review any challenges that arose and to start the planning for next year’s fair. That planning includes programming for events, performances and a perennially popular fair event: the carnival. It also includes identifying maintenance needs and capital improvements. “One big thing we voted on at our last meeting is upgrading the stage in the Memorial Building,” Allen says. “Hopefully those improvements will help people enjoy the area even more.” Repairs and maintenance are typically a big focus in the off-season. The Johnson County Fair is a nonprofit organization that receives part of its budget from the county. Allen said the majority of the group’s funding comes from three sources: donations, equipment and facility rentals throughout the year, and two primary fair events—the demolition derby and the carnival. As a result, both board and committee members juggle fulfilling short-term needs with

creating a long-term vision. One upcoming priority, according to Allen, is developing “a feasibility plan to become one of the best fairs in the state, especially since we’re in one of the most populated counties.” And to support that feasibility plan, Allen said the board is working toward having larger events that will help boost fundraising efforts.

It Takes a Village The old saying “it takes a village” certainly applies to the Johnson County Fair. Allen estimated that more than 400 volunteers helped make the 2018 fair happen, including those who work on-site and throughout the year on various committees. Allen said there’s one group in particular that’s integral to the fair’s success. “Without 4H and the FFA kids, there wouldn’t be a fair—it wouldn’t exist,” he says. “I think we had around 4,500 entries from 4H and FFA members this year, everything from woodworking and food to crafts and electronics.” King knows firsthand just how instrumental 4H is to the Johnson County Fair. Like Allen, King’s family has been longtime fair participants and attendees. “The big event of the year was always going to the fair and getting to see all of your friends that you do activities with throughout the year—you get to cheer them on,” King says. “I have fond memories of showing livestock and encouraging friends.” And on Saturday nights during fair season, you could typically find King and her friends near the sheep barn, playing spoons. “Those memories will stick with me forever, and that’s why we’re so involved,” she says. “We want to give back to something that’s been so important to us.” King has served on the executive board for three years. Her mom, Denise King, also served on the executive board as the 2018 vicepresident.

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Get Involved with the Fair! Interested in helping with the 2019 Johnson County Fair? Now’s your chance! Volunteers are always welcome. Because there are so many roles and responsibilities, volunteers can typically work in an area that matches their skillset, including advertising, data entry/ admin, maintenance and community partnerships. Reach out to the fair office at (913) 856-8860 or send a note through the website at www.jocokansasfair.com.

The Faces of the Fair Meet the 2018 Johnson County Fair team! Executive Board Tony Allen, president Denise King, vice-president Sandy McCarty, treasurer Allyssa King, secretary Donna Goetzmann, assistant secretary/treasurer Justin Pattimore, livestock superintendent Jeff Bingman, building superintendent Board Matt Meek Clarence Linsey Shelly Harrison Darci Hamilton Charlie Brunker Toney Doles Devin Hamilton Ed Reschke Note: Some board positions, along with fair officers, are elected each year, usually in late fall. Five new board members are elected each year and executive board members serve three-year terms (officers can run for reelection after their one-year terms are complete).

“That’s the great thing about us both being on the executive board,” King says. “We get to go to meetings together, then we jump on subcommittees together—lots of quality time.” Not only does King have a long-running history as a fair participant and attendee, she also relies on her expertise as livestock manager for the American Royal to help make the fair an even better experience. “If there’s something going on with the fair that I need to ask someone on our operations team about, it’s great to have that avenue to reach out and get a different perspective,” she says. Both King and Allen—along with many other board members and fair volunteers—juggle full-time careers with their fair responsibilities and credit their employers for supporting their fair involvement. “My company [Heartland Plumbing] is very supportive of me being on the fair board, so I have a lot of leeway to take care of things,” Allen says. “The American Royal has been great and supports us being involved with the fair. Everyone here gets how much you need volunteers.”

Helping Hands That sort of support and camaraderie is, in essence, what the fair is all about. And it’s forming those relationships—and seeing the joy that the fair brings to so many people—that keep the hard-working board members and volunteers motivated to deliver an exemplary experience. “For me, the big reward is getting to see all of the people who come and enjoy the fair—the smiles on the kids’ faces and knowing that all of the hard work and stressful days and nights and long hours during the week of the fair—it all comes down to the kids,” Allen says. “To see the joy on their faces of getting to show off what they’ve worked so hard for—the hard work that we put in is miniscule compared to the work that the kids do.” The fair is also a time for the Gardner community—as well as the larger Johnson County population—to collaborate on a beloved annual event. Take the fair’s parade, for example, which is planned and executed by the Gardner Edgerton Chamber of Commerce. It all comes back to that old saying, “It takes a village.” And in the case of the Johnson County Fair, it’s more than a village. “It takes a community to get it all to come together,” Allen says.

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Located 30 miles southwest of downtown Kansas City, Gardner has become Located 30 miles southwest of downtown Kansas City, Gardner has become Located 30fastest miles growing southwest of downtown Kansas City,and Gardner has become one of the cities in Kansas. Our vibrant progressive city is one of the fastest growing cities in Kansas. Our vibrant and progressive city is oneideal of the fastestfor growing cities in Kansas. Our progressive city of is an location business development, duevibrant in partand to our high quality an ideal location for business development, due in part to our high quality of an location for business development, in access part toto our highrail quality of life,ideal affordable homes, excellent schools, anddue easy road, and air life, affordable homes, excellent schools, and easy access to road, rail and air life, affordable systems. homes, excellent and us easy access to road, rail and air transportation We inviteschools, you to join in our enterprising journey to transportation systems. We invite you to join us in our enterprising journey to transportation systems. We transforming invite you to Gardner join us ininto ourone enterprising journey to sustainable, quality growth, of the most thriving sustainable, quality growth, transforming Gardner into one of the most thriving sustainable, quality growth, transforming Gardner into one of the most thriving and prosperous cities in Johnson County. Come “Blaze New Trails” with us! and prosperous cities in Johnson County. Come “Blaze New Trails” with us! and prosperous cities in Johnson County. Come “Blaze New Trails” with us!

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240 N Moonlight Rd, Gardner, KS 66030 Your Feet Shouldn’t Hurt! Have Them Treated By A Specialist


Public Water Supplier serving Western Johnson County and northWest MiaMi County

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230-C East Main St. Gardner, KS 66030


20 Years Experience Most Insurances Accepted www.FootPainCenterofKC.com Ap p o i n t men t s Sch e d u le d With o u t D E L AY

230 East Main St. Gardner, KS 302 S. Main St. Ottawa, KS 10925 Antioch Rd. Suite 101 Overland Park, KS

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Once again we’re excited to share the stories of some of the businesses and individuals that make up the great community that we call Gardner Edgerton. As you have surely noticed, business continues to flourish in SW Johnson County. From new restaurants (Planet Sub & Billy Sims BBQ) to retail establishments (In Full Bloom Too & CVS) to major employers (UPS & Hopkins Manufacturing), we are on the verge of unprecedented growth, which creates opportunities in so many ways. In this year’s 2nd annual edition of GE Magazine, we highlight local entrepreneurs making an impact on a regional and national stage. But we know that would not be possible if it weren’t for some innovative educators providing our youth with unique opportunities within our celebrated school system. And while we all know the impact that Logistics Park Kansas City is having on our region. The feature article, Edgerton A to Z, shines a light on many of the hidden gems and unknown aspects in the community. It’s great to be a national powerhouse in shipping and logistics, but it’s even better to have an amazing community of residents that contribute to the success of LPKC. Thank you once again for supporting the Gardner Edgerton Chamber of Commerce and the businesses we represent. On behalf of the board of directors, we hope you continue to enjoy your magazine and share the good news of Gardner Edgerton with the world. Mary Nelson, Chairman Gardner Edgerton Chamber of Commerce

Jason E Camis, President/CEO Gardner Edgerton Chamber of Commerce

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109 E. Main St | PO Box 402 Gardner, KS 66030 913.856.6464 info@gardneredgerton.org www.gardneredgerton.org

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Pups -NSuds

Turner Barn 19805 Moonlight Rd., Gardner, KS Built in 1898, the Turner Barn has been owned by the Turner family and serves as a landmark in the county. The two-level barn, built by Arthur J. Clinton, is made of Louisiana Red Cypress and housed livestock, grain and hay continuously until 1990. Today, visitors can pick out their own homegrown pumpkins in the fall or tomatoes in the summer. The recently restored barn also hosts events and weddings.

108 South Elm Street, Gardner, KS 66030 Treat your fur babies to a full spa day at Pups-N-Suds in Gardner. Owner Kim has been operating the veterinary business for more than 10 years. Passionate about animals, Kim has been a professional pet sitter, managed veterinary hospitals and cares for three of her own pets, Bindi, Rue and Gigi. Pups-N-Suds works for a strong community, hosting petrelated events and fundraisers for Prairie Paws Animal Shelter.

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BANKING THAT FITS YOUR NEEDS Whether it’s a checking account today, a home loan tomorrow or retirement planning for your distant future, Arvest Bank has the products and services to fit your needs. We provide the features of a large bank with the personal service of a community banker. Open an account with us today.

(913) 261-2265 306 E Main St, Gardner

Member FDIC

Warren Place Event Center www.warrenplaceevents.com, raelee@ warrenplaceevents.com This brand-new event space in downtown Gardner hopes to open in 2020, offering a muchneeded space for weddings and events. Longtime residents Connie and Raelee Wright are currently renovating three properties within a city block, which had been sitting empty for years. To Raelee and Connie, refurbishing the beautiful spaces is a way to give back to the city and continue to add life to downtown Gardner. While the duo will begin by just offering event space rental, they hope to grow their services to coordination in the future.

enroll now and receive one week free! • Full time care for children ages 4 weeks to 1 year • Full and part time care for children ages 1 year to 12 years • Preschool program every morning Monday-Thursday • Fun loving environment • Established since 2005


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www.kiddiecornerinc.com Like us on facebook @kiddiecornergardner

936 E. Santa fe st, gardner, KS 66030

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Airport Johnson County Airport Commission

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Apartments Aspen Place Apartments (913) 856-8185 www.tiehengroup.com

Horizon Trails Apartments (913) 605-1060 www.horizontrails.com

Nottingham Village Apartments


Patriots Bank

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Stockton & Stern, Attorneys at Law

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Bret’s Autoworks

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EN-TIRE Car Care Center (913) 856-7500 www.en-tire.com

Marriott Garage & Tow

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Automobile Dealer Used cars Bill George’s Car City (913) 884-3430 www.carcityoutlet.com

Bakery/Coffee Shops Betty’s Pies & Cobblers

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Capitol Federal

Central National Bank

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Winters Chiropractic & Acupuncture (913) 856-8135 www.doctodd.com

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First Baptist Church

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New Life Community Church (913) 856-5683 www.newlifegardner.com

Restoration Church

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City Offices City of Edgerton

City of Gardner

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Johnson County Election Office

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The Reserve at Moonlight

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Elite Cuisine, LLC

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Central Bank of the Midwest

Willow Chase - Twin Homes

ACA Catering

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Gardner Lions Club

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Kiwanis Club of Gardner (913) 963-3126

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Custom Woodworking Duggan Woodworks

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Spectrum Brands

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The Coleman Company, Inc. (913) 856-1110 www.coleman.com


(913) 541-3740 www.ups.com/us/en/Home.page

Doctor Offices Care Express

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Foot Pain Center of Kansas City (913) 856-8150 www.footpaincenterofkc.com

Gardner Family Care

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Dog Grooming Pups-N-Suds

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Employment/Staffing Services Express Employment Professionals (913) 829-4200 www.expresspros.com

Humans Being Resources

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Florist In Full Bloom Too

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Funeral Home Bruce Funeral Home, Inc.

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One Source Staffing & Labor (913) 764-5333 www.onesourcelabor.com


Casey’s General Store, Inc. Gardner Road (913) 856-6288 www.caseys.com


(913) 492-0400 www.gbateam.com

Casey’s General Store, Inc. Moonlight (913) 884-6102 www.caseys.com

Entertainment & Attractions InstaFunKC Photobooth LLC (913) 439-5066 www.instafunkc.com

D’s Mini Mart/D’s Liquors (913) 568-7213


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Golf Course Great Life Golf

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The Turner Barn

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Warren Place Event Center

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Financial Services Edward Jones Investments- J.P. Davies (913) 856-8846 www.edwardjones.com

Grocery Store Cosentinos Price Chopper #117 (913) 856-8380 www.mypricechopper.com

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Fireworks Retailer Pyro Papas Fireworks (913) 787-2219 www.pyropapas.com

Hardware Store Trails West Ace Hardware (913) 856-4536 www.trailswestace.com

Health & Wellness CBD American Shaman Gardner (785) 248-4394 http://cbdamericanshaman.com/ ljohnston

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Spinning Earth Gallery & Sacred Spaces Yoga and Pilates Studio @ Dolphin Song (913) 592-3915 www.spinningearthpottery.net

Heating and Cooling Hickman Heating & Air Conditioning, Inc. (913) 856-7730

Santa Fe Air Conditioning (913) 856-5801 www.santafeair.com

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Hotels Best Western Olathe Hotel & Suites

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Candlewood Suites Hotel

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Gardner Super 8 (913) 856-8887 www.super8.com

Hampton Inn & Conference Center

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Insurance Agencies Allstate

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American Family Insurance Tim Miller (913) 856-6177 www.timmilleragency.com

membership listings Farm Bureau Financial Services (913) 856-2197 www.fbfs.com

Farmers Insurance - Robert K Kelly Insurance Agency, Inc (913) 856-3816 agents.farmers.com/ks/gardner/ robert-kelly

Joe Oldham’s State Farm Agency (913) 856-6124 www.joeoldhamagency.com

MJH Insurance & Financial Services (913) 856-0002 www.mjhins.com

Interior Design InterStyle Designs LLC

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Internet Service Provider CenturyLink

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Lawn and Garden Supplies Curby’s Lawn and Garden (913) 764-6159 www.curbyslawn.com

Lawn Care Maximum Lawn Care LLC

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Minden Lawns (913) 856-6900

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Trade Net Publishing, Inc. (800) 884-7301 www.tradenetonline.com

Triumph Aerospace Structures Kansas City (913) 882-7200 www.triumphgroup.com

Marketing MARKit Branding Solutions (913) 579-2304 www.markitbranding.com


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Lanesfield Historic Site (913) 893-6645 www.jocomuseum.org

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The Rehab Place of Gardner

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The Gardner News

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SERC Physical Therapy (913) 856-7927 www.serctherapy.com



Dragons Soccer Club, Inc. (913) 223-2051 dragonssoccer.club

Heartland Plumbing Inc.

Johnson County Fair Association (913) 856-8860 www.jocokansasfair.com

Prairie Paws Animal Shelter (785) 242-2967 www.prairiepaws.org

(913) 856-5846 www.heartlandplumbing.com

Pools & Spas Continental Pools Inc

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United Office Products

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Shawnee Copy Center (913) 268-4343 www.sccink.com

The UPS Store

Gardner Vision Care

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(913) 856-4501 www.theupsstorelocal.com/5784

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Real Estate Crown Realty

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A Great Place Weld Real Estate LLC

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Keller Williams Realty Partners / Doreen Wisdom (913) 787-2987 www.DoreenWisdomHomes.com

Keller Williams Realty Partners / John Tramble Jr. (913) 653-8640 www.john-tramblejr.kw.com

Midwest Heritage Homes, Keller Williams Platinum Partners (913) 893-1113 www,midwestheritagehomes.com

Reece & Nichols O’Connor & Associates

(913) 856-6671 www.reeceandnichols.com/gardner

Sue Bates - Keller Williams Diamond Partner Inc. (913) 706-7284 www.suebates.kw.com

Susan J. Lowe, Keller Williams (913) 927-3416 www.slowe.kwrealty.com

Townley Homes Team - Keller Williams Realty Diamond Partners (913) 322-8301 www.suzietownleyhomes.com

Recycling MARCK Industries of Kansas City, LLC (913) 738-7487 www.marck.net

Rehabilitation Hospital Meadowbrook Rehabilitation Hospital (913) 856-8747 www.meadowbrookrehab.com

Rental Properties Master Management (913) 856-3888

Start your season off right with SERC Physical Therapy SERC Physical Therapy offers:

• Appointments within 24-48 hours • A Certiied Hand Therapist (CHT) • An Orthopedic Clinical Specialist (OCS) • Dry needling available • Complimentary injury screens available

225 N. Moonlight Rd. Gardner, KS 66030 (913) 856-7927


Jan 25–27 Kauffman Center Feb 12 Lied Center of Kansas 913-701-SHOW (Kansas City) 888-316-SHOW (Lawrence)


“Absolutely the No.1 show in the world.” —Kenn Wells, former lead dancer of the English National Ballet

“There is a massive power in this that can embrace the world. It brings great hope… It is truly a touch of heaven.” —Daniel Herman, former Minister of Culture of the Czech Republic

“This is the highest and the best of what humans can produce.” —Olevia Brown-Klahn, singer and musician

membership listings W.D. Gay Rentals

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Restaurants Billy Sims Barbecue

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Fronteras Mexican Restaurant

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Mr. Goodcents

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Nice Ice Baby!

(913) 208-2254 www.tropicalsno.com/locations/ gardner-ks

Perkins Restaurant

(913) 884-4700 stores.perkinsrestaurants.com/us/ ks/gardner/2000-e--santa-fe.html

Pizza Hut of Gardner, KS (913) 884-6116 www.pizzahut.com

Planet Sub

(913) 605-1068 www.planetsub.com

Smoke N Babes BBQ

(913) 568-7813 www.kccateringcakes.com

Sonic Drive-In of Gardner, KS (913) 856-5111 www.sonicdrivein.com

Tumbleweed Saloon Bar & Grill (913) 856-4510 www.tumbleweedgardner.com

Retail Costco Wholesale (913) 227-3700 www.costco.com

Orscheln Farm & Home

(913) 884-6767 www.orschelnfarmhome.com

Roofing & Construction Cordray Construction and Roofing (913) 856-7663 www.kcroofing.com


H&H Roofing and Restoration LLC

Southwest Multi Service Center

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RV Sales


Olathe Ford RV Center

Santa Fe Storage

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T-Shirt Design and Printers

First Student

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USD #231

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Security Systems & Training

Taxi Services

SafeDefend, LLC.

G-Town Errands

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Tile Installation

Senior Living

Shaw Stone and Tile

Bethel Estates of Gardner

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Title Company Security 1st Title

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Trash Removal Service

Vintage Park at Gardner

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Gardner Disposal Service

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FedEx Ground

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Five Star Trucking, LLC

Sign Shop and Design Sign Here, Inc.

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Skilled Nursing Care Medicalodges of Gardner (913) 856-6520 www.medicalodges.com

Social Services Johnson County Developmental Supports

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Kansas Gas Service

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Water District #7, Johnson County (913) 856-7375 www.water7.com

Veterinarians Gardner Animal Hospital (913) 856-6255 www.gardnerah.com/home

Oakbrook Animal Hospital

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ABCs of Edgerton

Hey Teach!

Chamber Listing

26 people, places and things that make Edgerton awesome

Meet some of the awardwinning teachers of USD 231

A membership index, membership spotlight and annual event guide

2018 Member Directory

2018 Spring/ Summer



a community guide.

Train Equip


As the city grows, the mission and needs of its firefighter and medical emergency teams expand




2018 2019



Spend some time in Baldwin’s community garden.


KEEPING BEES How residents are helping save the planet one bee at a time.

The Lions Club


Potato Farms in Eudora

From Class Act to Art Class

Listing of Events & Attractions

The Chamber, Lawrence, Kansas 718 New Hampshire St. Lawrence, KS 66044 (785) 865-4411 lawrencechamber.com

excels at providing editorial, design, production, and advertising sales services for any project. We publish community magazines, association directories, performance arts programs, community guides and other specialty publications.

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byLiving the numbers Gardner Edgerton 1,671 21,583 1.3% population of Edgerton

population of Gardner


population growth rate in Gardner

years old median age




Taking Care of Business 11 million




4th place

square feet added at Logistics Park KC

new jobs since opening Logistics Park KC

employees at the New Century AirCenter and its resident businesses

Number of local employees working at approx. 1,000 businesses

fastest growing city in Kansas (Gardner)

Top 5 reasons residents choose Gardner Edgerton* *according to ETC Institute DirectionFinder survey of current residents in 2018


Quality of Life


Low crime rate


Affordability of housing

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Quality of housing


Access to highways

Investment in Infrastructure and Community • 50% of residential streets received 2-inch asphalt overlay. • 14,500 linear feet of concrete poured for new sidewalks. • 706 new radio-read water meters installed. • 207th Street Grade Separation: The City plans to construct a grade separation over BNSF’s transcontinental railroad near Co-op Road.

Upgraded infrastructure, plans for a re-imagined Downtown and public engagement process for citizens to help shape the design of a new community center, are paving the way for a bright future in Edgerton.

• Nelson Street/4th Street: Construction has started to expand and resurface the intersection and surrounding amenities. • A lower mill levy means that residents pay $238 less in Edgerton taxes than in 2009.

Upgraded Parks • Big Bull Creek Park – spanning over 2,000 acres, this brand new park features playgrounds, trails, picnic shelters, a disc golf course, camping and more. • Martin Creek Park – this 20-acre park features updated ball fields and a newly renovated trail system which provides connectivity to Big Bull Creek Park and the Johnson County Trail System.

• Manor Park is a small neighborhood park located right in the heart of the city. This park was renovated spring of 2016 and features a shelter, playground equipment, and a half-court basketball court. • Glendell Acres Park is a 3-acre pocket park tucked in the Glendell Acres Subdivision. Patrons enjoy the open grass for numerous activities. Other amenities include playground equipment and skating equipment.

Logistics Park Kansas City (LPKC)

Growing Edgerton

• Nearly 11 million square feet built at LPKC.

• Dollar General – Edgerton’s first retail project in 40 years

• 3,900 new jobs since 2013.

Economic Impact: Companies

• New small businesses open around town

2013 BNSF Railway DeLong Grain

We’re Development Ready


Demdaco Flexsteel Industries Smart Warehousing


Kubota Excel Industries Jet.com Kubota Expansion


Amazon Fulfillment Center Triumph Group XPO Logistics ColdPoint Logistics Excel Industries Expansion Jet.com Expansion Smart Warehousing Expansion

Spectrum Brands 2017 Horizon Global UPS Hopkins Manufacturing 2018 Kubota New Land Purchase for New North American Distribution Center ColdPoint Logistics Expansion

Sign Up for Notify JoCo To receive real-time alerts and notifications on City or Parks and Recreation activities via phone call, text message and email, register at www.notifyjoco.org.

404 East Nelson · Edgerton, KS 66021 913.893.6231 · EdgertonKS.org

913.882.2500 ElevateEdgerton.com ElevateEdgerton! is a public-private partnership between the City of Edgerton and private business, to attract new investment of commercial and residential development in the community. Planning for the Future 575

Approximately 575 acres were annexed near Homestead Lane and 207th Street just south of Interstate 35 growing the city limits. Kansas City Area Transit Authority (KCATA) and Johnson County have partnered together to bring expanded bus service to Edgerton at Logistics Park Kansas City (LPKC). Employees can now ride mass transit to work from several areas of the metro including downtown Kansas City, Missouri, downtown Kansas City, Kansas and southeastern Kansas City, Missouri.

calendar of events


Festival on the

All Day Saturday | North Elm Street Free | All Ages

Festival on the Trails is a celebration for residents and an opportunity to showcase Gardner to the rest of the Kansas City metro. Each year over 12,000 people attend FREE concerts by nationallyknown bands, including Restless Heart, Ricochet, Mark Chesnutt and Night Ranger. The festival also includes activities for children, crafts, a car show, a Color Run 5K, beer garden and more. Check the website for more details.

July Celebration 4th of

& Edgerton Community


Entertainment at 6 p.m. Firework Show at 10 p.m. Martin Creek Park 20200 Sunflower Rd, Edgerton

Join the tradition on July 3, 2019! Celebrate out nation’s independence at Edgerton’s annual Community Picnic and Fireworks Show! Guests will enjoy a free picnic, music, kids’ activities, yard games and a fabulous fireworks show to cap off the night. Picnic and family entertainment begin at 6 p.m. and the fireworks show begins at dark.


28- 3 AUGUST



3 8Trails


Fair&Parade Johnson County

July 28-August 3 | Johnson County Fairgrounds Free | All Ages

Join in the time-honored tradition of the Johnson County Fair, a weeklong event featuring a demolition derby, carnival rides, fair food and celebration of the agricultural heritage of Johnson County. Plus, you won’t want to miss the parade on Saturday, Aug. 3 at 10 a.m. Fun for all!



Grind Adventure Race

Days Frontier

Friday evening and all day Saturday Downtown Edgerton | Free | All Ages

The community of Edgerton celebrates its heritage with its annual Frontier Days. Since 1971 this celebration has brought the town together with a carnival, crafts, sports, music and a parade.



Join us in early July at Celebration Park in Gardner as the Gardner Parks and Recreation department brings you one of the best July 4th celebrations in the region. Enjoy live music, food trucks, bounce houses, kids’ activities, interactive entertainment and one of the best fireworks displays in the area.

Do you have what it takes to complete the Gardner Grind? Each August Gardner Parks and Recreation hosts an adventure race at Celebration Park. On the trail around the west side of the park there will be obstacles, water challenges and mud! Expect to get dirty and have a great time! The race is one mile long and there will be 14-15 challenges along the way. In addition to the race, there will be music and snacks available to all. Each participant will receive a T-shirt as well as other items. The first heats begin at 8 a.m., with additional heats at 9 a.m. and 10 a.m.

www.gardnerkansas.gov/government/ departments-and-divisions-/ parks-andrecreation/special-events/july-4th-celebration

www.gardnerkansas.gov/government/ departments-and-divisions-/parks-andrecreation/special-events/gardner-grindadventure-race-1537




Races begin at 8, 9, and 10 a.m. Celebration Park | all ages welcome

July 4th Celebration

Entertainment at 5 p.m. | Celebration Park

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Boo 24






Craft Beer

&Wine Fest

6-8 p.m. | Celebration Park | $3 for 2–12 years old

Gardner Parks and Recreation will host the 22nd Annual Halloween Boo Bash at Celebration Park on Thursday, October 24th from 6-8pm. Come for an evening of games, Spooktacular activities, lots of candy, a hayrack ride along the park trails and much more. This is sure to be one of the biggest and best parties of the year! Free soda and popcorn are available while supplies last. Concessions are also open for purchase of other goodies. Wristbands will be sold in advance at Gardner City Hall for $3 for 2-12 year-olds (this provides unlimited access to all activities).

7-10 p.m. | Celebration Park All ages. However, 21 and over will be provided a wristband

Get ready beer and wine enthusiasts! Mark your calendars for the Third Annual Grand Slam Craft Beer and Wine Festival hosted by Gardner Parks and Recreation and Celebration Park. Sample wares from regional breweries, wineries, distilleries and other local purveyors. This is a ticketed event, limited to the first 1,000 people and has completely sold out it’s first two years. Tickets include a commemorative sample glass, program description of all beer, wines and spirits, unlimited samples, free appetizers and live entertainment.

www.gardnerkansas.gov/government/ departments-and-divisions-/parks-andrecreation/halloween-boo-bash



Smoke on the Trails





www.gardnerkansas.gov/government/departments-and-divisions-/ parks-and-recreation/special-events/grand-slam-beer-wine-festival


Breakfast in Business

Festivities begin at 4 p.m. | Celebration Park

New to Gardner in 2017, the sold-out Smoke on the Trails BBQ Competition takes place annually each fall. This Kansas City Barbecue Society sanctioned event will takes place at Celebration Park. The 2017 competition is a qualifier for the 2018 national events. Friday evening, the general public is welcome to come out and hang with their friends and families. Live bands will be on site to keep the party moving, and a kid zone will be provided for the youngsters. A beer garden will be provided for the adults to enjoy responsibly. Formal BBQ judging will begin on Saturday, and a total purse of $10,000 will be on the line for teams participating in the categories of chicken, ribs, pork and brisket. www.gardnerkansas.gov/government/departments-anddivisions-/parks-and-recreation/special-events/smoke-on-thetrails-bbq-competition

Friday morning | JCCC: Olathe Health Education Center | $15

Celebrate National Women’s Small Business Month with the Gardner Edgerton and Spring Hill Chambers of Commerce. On Friday, October 11th join scores of business leaders as we recognize and learn from some of the best women in business at this third annual breakfast. Networking and a hearty breakfast precede a panel discussion featuring women business leaders from around the region. And don’t miss out on an opportunity to interact and mentor students from three local high schools. All times, dates and details are subject to change. Please check the event websites for updates.

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#GEMag Here’s a peek at a few community events celebrating heritage and happenings around Gardner, Edgerton and New Century. We’d love to see how you celebrate your community! Send us your photos for a chance to be featured in an upcoming issue. (Photos courtesy the Gardner Chamber of Commerce)

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Calling All Writers & Photographers! Want to be a part of GE Magazine? We’re seeking freelance writers and photographers to help us tell the stories of Gardner, Edgerton and New Century. Email kgibson@sunflowerpub.com with story ideas.

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Why Choose Bret’s Autoworks?

= Amazing 3 Year / 36,000 Mile Nationwide Warranty = FREE Shuttle Service = Family Friendly Environment = AAA Approved Auto Repair Facility = Bret’s Autoworks is proud to be a member of the Gardner Edgerton Chamber of Commerce.

Bret’s Autoworks is a full-service auto repair facility using the latest technology to bring you peace of mind. Now when you bring your vehicle in for a repair, you will receive a video inspection via email or text. This new cutting-edge service provides an upclose look of your vehicles repair needs through the eyes of your qualified technician. You will be able to view the video so you can make an informed



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522 W. Main Street, Gardner, KS 66030


Monday-Friday: 7:30am-5:30pm

Profile for Sunflower Publishing

GE Magazine | 2019  

The 2019 issue of GE Magazine -- serving the communities of Gardner, Edgerton and New Century, Kansas.

GE Magazine | 2019  

The 2019 issue of GE Magazine -- serving the communities of Gardner, Edgerton and New Century, Kansas.