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Chairman of the Board Dear Friends, Welcome to The Friends of Chamber Music’s 2010-11 season. This season we celebrate The Friend’s 35th Anniversary. The theme for this milestone season is “Where the intimate voice becomes the conversation,” as we celebrate the committed, knowledgeable audience that has grown with us through the years, and highlight the many new supplemental programs enhancing our enjoyment of great music. In addition to presenting the world’s finest chamber music and musicians, The Friends also provides visual, intellectual and informational programs to enhance the concert-going experience, including the second season of the free FORTE Film Series at the Tivoli Cinemas where we’ll present four films – The Pianist, The Passion of Joan of Arc, Goya’s Ghosts, and Farinelli. Additionally, The Friends of Chamber Music continues to provide panel discussions, pre-concert lectures, and the free educational program, “What Makes It Great?”. One of the highlights of this unique anniversary concert season, for me, will be the presentation of one of the most exciting piano series The Friends has ever compiled. The extraordinary prestige of the upcoming pianists (the immortals Feltsman, Moravec, Lupu, Blechacz, and Ohlsson) reminds us of the impact The Friends has made on the Kansas City music landscape for 35 beautiful years: a commitment to our community that endures. I’m equally excited about breaking new ground with the presentation of Handel’s one-act opera Acis and Galatea. While The Friends of Chamber Music has presented early music for many years, including many scenes from Baroque Operas, this will be our first presentation of a complete Baroque Opera and the first presentation in Kansas City of a historically-informed Baroque Opera, fully costumed and partially staged. Finally, we are also proud to announce a new collaborative effort between The Friends of Chamber Music and The Universtiy of Missouri-Kansas City Conservatory of Music and Dance called Music Alliance. These two esteemed music organizations bring together their combined energies with an exciting new series that will enrich both the Kansas City community as well as faculty and students of the university. On a personal note, I am indebted to The Friends for having given me some of the most profound and intimate musical experiences of my life. I hope that you, too, can have your life enriched by the great music we bring you.

Very truly yours,

Jerome T. Wolf Chairman of the Board of Directors Board of Directors

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Jerome T. Wolf Chairman

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Friends of Chamber Music 2010-2011  

Friends of Chamber Music 2010-2011

Friends of Chamber Music 2010-2011  

Friends of Chamber Music 2010-2011