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No One Covers Tybee Like The Breeze

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Tybee Breeze

No One Covers Tybee Like The Breeze

The King and Queen of Lazaretto Creek

Tybee Breeze Established 2002

By: Casey Slone

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The Tybee Breeze is a monthly publication that comes out on the 1st of each month and is available in racks & outdoor boxes throughout the island all month long. It is also available to view in its entirety to perspective visitors online, as well as, mailed out to subscribers all over the U.S. The deadline to advertise is by the 15th of the month prior. Our goal is to provide a fun & entertaining magazine for all ages. If you would like to contribute by writing a story, letter to the editor, suggesting a story, or advertising, contact us using the information above. By submitting photos to the Tybee Breeze, you are authorizing the Breeze to use, reproduce and display photographs. Some of the articles in the Tybee Breeze are fiction. Views expressed by writers are not necessarily those of the Tybee Breeze. The Tybee Breeze assumes no responsibility for typographical errors or omissions. All ads contained within the Tybee Breeze are the sole responsibility of the advertiser. The Tybee Breeze reserves the right to edit or refuse any articles or advertising submitted to this publication © 2012. All rights reserved. God Bless America & God Bless Our Troops!

Pull up a stool next to Captain Mike and Iris Scarborough and it quickly becomes clear why they have been elected the 2012 Pirate Fest royal couple. From their perch at Coco’s cozy bar, Mike and Iris greet friends, neighbors, and restaurant staff with their warm, familiar style. Their romance began thirty-seven Novembers ago on a blind date set up by a mutual friend. The two married and began a life together that would eventually lead them to Tybee Island. After years of traveling to and from Atlanta every weekend, the island call was finally too much to bear. Our beloved King and Queen headed south and set up shop on Lazaretto Creek. Three years following their arrival, the pair purchased the first of what would grow into a fleet of dolphin viewing boats, the SS Dolphin. Captain Mike’s Dolphin Adventures has grown into a Tybee Island institution and Mike and Iris have become active members of the community. Captain Mike reminisces fondly of the early days of TybeeFest and the beginnings of Pirate Fest. Their involvement in early days included the planning of a party to greet Harley riders as they ended a cross-county ride, the planning of boat races down the Tybee shore, and, of course, Pirate Fest. The festival began as a “labor of love.” The pair even traveled as far as New Orleans for a little pirate research. They are proud of what TybeeFest accomplished and detailed the remarkable increase in off-season visitors. Captain Mike credits its success to the TybeeFest crew. This year, as the King and Queen of Pirate Fest, Captain Mike and Iris will enjoy the festivities from a completely new and pampered

No One Covers Tybee Like The Breeze

prospective. Starting with their coronation at the Buccaneer Ball hosted by the Crab Shack, the pair will reign over their loyal subjects throughout the weekend. Look for them high atop the Tybee Pearl in the parade and perched comfortably in the VIP section during our Friday and Saturday concerts. There is no question why Captain Mike and Iris Scarborough are the 2012 Tybee Island Pirate Fest King and Queen. When asked to name their favorite thing about Tybee, they answer without hesitation. The people. Everyone does everything for everybody here. The island waters called them here, but the people made them stay. Captain Mike and Iris extend their royal invitation to join them in a pre-coronation celebration. Come and greet our new King and Queen at the first ever Happy Arrrr at Coco’s Sunset Grille on Wednesday, October 3rd from 5pm to 7pm. Loyal subjects may enjoy complimentary appetizers and grog specials.

Tybee Island Pirate Fest Event Schedule

Thursday, October 4th Buccaneer’s Ball Time: 7pm-11pm Location: Crab Shack Tickets On Sale Now!

Friday, October 5th Thieves Market 5pm-11pm Headline Act: A1A

Saturday, October 6th 10am-11pm Parade – 3pm-4pm Headline Act: Vince Neil

Sunday, October 7th 11am-4pm Tybee Breeze


It’s Time for the Tybee Island Spelling Bee! Calling all spellers! September 19th, 6:30pm in the Y gym, is the day of the annual Spelling Bee on Tybee! Once again, teams from across our island will compete for the glory of Best Spellers. This year all the proceeds will benefit the future Tybee Island Maritime Academy. That is such a natural fit and a return to the roots of the Bee, helping out a school! Next year the Academy PTA will host the event as a major fundraiser. And what a fundraiser it is! Not only does everyone have a nerve-racking good time, but more than $7500 has been raised each year. That puts the grand total of money raised at approximately $23,000! Don’t miss your dinner, have it at the Bee! Our first ever “Bee-Stro” will be serving up yummy supper snacks. Menu items will include sandwiches and Roger Wood hot dogs. Costs will range from fifty cents to two dollars per item. We are offering an inexpensive way to have an evening! The “Bee-Stro” will open early, at 5:45pm for your dining pleasure. 100% of the proceeds will add to the grand total for the Academy. Check the power point for the menu and order up! You know it will bee delicious! Get your Split-the-Pot Raffle tickets! Along with the Bee sponsors (thank you Fannies and Marlins for four years of Gold sponsorship!), teams raising money for a “spell-a-gain”, admission (we had a record crowd last year-over 100 people attended and cheered) there is the Split-the Pot raffle. This raffle has raised $2500 for the cause. That means that $2500 has been given away! Last years winner received $650 and screamed when she won! She had JUST bought her ticket at the door and gave an extra dollar for it as a donation. Good things happen to good people, I always say. Raffle tickets are on sale now, $5 each or 5 for $20. You can buy them in front of the Tybee Market (thanks Mike!) on Saturday mornings, from a committee member, or buy them at the Bee! You do not need to be present to win, but it is more fun if you are! So here we are in the fourth year. Come have an old-fashioned good time and cheer for your favorite team! Or participate on a team or sponsor one. It is for a community cause, getting a school back on Tybee. All teams start getting ready! Have you practiced spelling “hullabaloo?” Joey Burel


Tybee Breeze

No One Covers Tybee Like The Breeze

The Brethren of Caroline “Any Ocassion for a Pirate return for the 2012 Tybee Invasion,” we always say! Island Pirate Fest! We’ve been called upon The Brethren of Caroline for charity events by the is a Pirates Guild. Jeff Gordon Childrens Hailing from Port Hospital and even hired to Charlotte, we are the make appearances for Walt largest Pirate League in Disney Pictures. the Carolinas...North and Our enertainers are well South! renowned, We wear tailor Only two years old, our made period clothing and ship carries nearly one are true to the Pirates hundred members and the code in every way. Family grows stronger by We serve our Brethren Court with Honor and Pride the tide. (and a wee-drab ‘o rum). Founded by the Notorious So if it’s Pirate’s that you seek...look no further, Rogue & Rapscallion We bring Merryment to any event and sail with the Tide... Barnacle Bill Bedlam “Mark My Word!” and his Beautiful QuarterMaster Lady Scarlett DeVille, Keep a Weather Eye on the Horizon, our Brethren Court is Well-Known throughout the eastern Sea-Board for Barnacle Bill Bedlam their Plunderings. Captain of the Black We Entertain at Pirate Fests, Renn Faires, Parades and Events Far & Wide and we leave quite a wake. Main Website:

No One Covers Tybee Like The Breeze

Tybee Breeze


Is it just me or did this summer fly by? Seems like only yesterday it was late February and it was starting to warm up. I still enjoy watching the huge crowds show up on the first warm weekend of the new year. At any rate it looks like our businesses had a banner season and it ain’t over yet! When we moved down here “full time” thirty years ago, there were only a handful of places open during the off season and very little to do. You could shoot a cannon off down the center line of Butler Avenue and not hit a thing. There were no traffic lights on the island and folks seemed to get around just fine without them. Now, it seems like we are a year round beach town except for the latter part of January and maybe the first week or so in February. This, of course, is due to the fact that people have received their credit card bills from Christmas and have discovered that there is just too much month left at the end of the money. And back then, when the electricity went out for whatever reason, Renny was on the scene quickly and power was restored in a flash. Now we have to call an 800 number and press “one” for English. I always chuckle when I hear the recording from Georgia Power telling us, “for quicker service visit our website.” Don’t they understand that if we had power for our computers we wouldn’t be calling them in the first place? And, thirty years ago when you picked up your telephone and dialed zero, a voice came on the line and said, “operator.” Our little sandbar has changed over the last three decades, and, I must say, for the better. (Even though we have an overabundance of Yankees here now who insist on telling us how they “did it up there.”) Until next month…LMAO! You can reach Ole Slo at


Tybee Breeze

No One Covers Tybee Like The Breeze

All Quiet: There were no called missions since last month. July 31st - around noon several hundred non registered marine vessels were launched to form this year’s second flotilla, colorful and non conventional as these were… déjà-vu? Yes there were 2 flotillas in the same month. Again thanks to all the volunteers who helped. Commercial Assistance… Our Board of Directors were recently asked to study our Standard Operating Guidelines, specifically how we respond to Kayaks. We are still waiting… but a little background seems in order here. We have searched for and found people who then refused any help and asked to be left alone. (Evidently someone on the hill got worried when a loved one would not answer a phone.) Then there was a call from some one who didn’t have water to paddle back and was tired of being eaten by bugs. (Hint: if your Yak wont float…neither will my boat.) Our guys are a back up to local authorities, and volunteer our personal equipment and local knowledge for Search and Rescue. We don’t bring gas or bug spray, or provide folks a ride home when they are inconvenienced. Basically we have had a rash of “cry wolf” calls. Our skipper is becoming concerned that when we are REALLY needed nobody will show up. We may have to develop a list of commercial captains who may WANT to take some of these type calls.

Drink Of The Month

Pirate’s Punch Ingredients: 6 Ice Cubes 1 oz. A

1 1/2 oz Spiced rum (Captain Morgan’s) 8 oz Hawaiian Punch


Combine over ice in a highball glass and stir. No One Covers Tybee Like The Breeze

Tybee Breeze



Tybee Breeze

No One Covers Tybee Like The Breeze

A special “thank you” to Jack & Belinda Flanigan & The Crab Shack Crew for making it possible for the family to be together and with Jack every minute of every day for the last weeks of Jack’s life. And, to all Jack’s friends, and ours, everywhere, know that we value your friendship and appreciate your support. We love you all, Virginia Ward, Jackie Ward Klein, Mark Klein, Max Ward Klein, Debbie, Al and Dalton Ellisor Mayor Jason Buelterman, Tybee Island City Council, and the City of Tybee Island will host a Fall Festival on Saturday, November 17, 2012 from noon until 6:00PM at American Legion Post 154 to benefit the Georgia Regional Hospital in conjunction with the 2012 Mayors’ Christmas Motorcade. The City of Tybee Island has been a supporter of the Mayors’ Motorcade for many years and is excited this year to host the Fall Festival Fundraiser so that residents of the hospital will have their “Christmas Wish List” filled. Led by Chief Bryson, Tybee Island Police Department and Chief Sasser, Tybee Island Fire Department, there will be challenges between the two departments. These challenges will include horseshoes, corn-hole, tug-of-war and arm wrestling. There will also be events for the children along with the fire engine and police cars. There are plans for a silent auction, bake sale, and 50/50 raffle just to mention a few. Hot dogs, hamburgers, and drinks will be available for purchase. Tickets for each event will be available for purchase at the gate. For further information please contact Jan LeViner, Clerk of Council, 912.472.5080. No One Covers Tybee Like The Breeze

Tybee Breeze


Books to Check out this month at The Tybee Island Branch of Live Oak Public Libraries: With summer slowly coming to an end, the Tybee Island YMCA is gearing up for the fall! We are in full swing with programming and events that is sure to give everyone in the Tybee community a fit. Let’s kick things off with youth sports and fall soccer. We offer soccer to the follow age groups: U4 (3 yrs), U6 (4, 5 yrs), U8 (6, 7 yrs), U10 (8, 9 yrs), U12 (10, 11 yrs) and U14 (12, 13 yrs). Registration is open and practices will begin the week of September 10th. If you are interested in volunteer opportunities in coaching, don’t hesitate to ask any of our staff. Don’t miss out on all the goal kicking action! The Tybee YMCA is excited to announce and introduce our “Tybee Trotters”. This is FREE and open to EVERYONE! This is a very informal running group open to all distances and a variety of paces. If you are interested in meeting new people, staying motivated, learning from other runners, sharing your knowledge with others of training for your next race this group is for you! Days and times are set so people can meet and know there will be others running, so invite your friends & join us as we run beautiful Tybee Island! Tybee Trotters meet at the YMCA: Tuesdays-6:30 pm, Wednesday-9:00 am, Thursdays-5:30 am, Saturdays-7:30 am. Questions or Ideas? Contact Leah Sparks The Tybee YMCA would like to also start up a “Stroller Striders” group for moms and dad’s that have little ones that can join in on fitness and cruise along in their strollers as the parents walk, jog or run. We would like to get input and see if you are interested in joining this FREE group as well. If you are interested please contact Gina B. Casagrande Let’s remember to take a small time out for ourselves as parents for our own wellness and enjoy the company of each other and our precious little ones. Last, but certainly never least, we have a lot in store for our beloved active and ageless seniors. September 7th in the Gymnasium we will have a movie at 12:30. The cost of admission is $3 and this includes popcorn, drink and good company. September 13th at 10 am in Room 6 of the old school annex, Author Marcia Smith will be speaking on her life, books and travels. Don’t forget to join the card players every Monday from 1-4 pm in Room 6 also. Also, if you have never checked out our offerings for Senior Fitness, please come join us. These classes are FREE to all Tybee Island senior citizens. Come join us! Don’t forget the Rising TYde Community Food Pantry is always in need of donations to help feed our fellow Tybee neighbor. The pantry needs: Shelf Milk, canned meat, crackers, cookies, rice, grits, mac’n’cheese, juice, canned fruit, jelly, and peanut butter.

Fiction “Bones are Forever,” by Kathy Reichs “Delusion in Death,” by J. D. Robb “Gone,” by Randy Wayne White “The Inn at Rose Harbor,” by Debbie Macomber “The Kingmaker’s Daughter,” by Philippa Gregory “Last to Die,” by Tess Gerritsen “The St. Zita Society,” by Ruth Rendell “A Sunless Sea,” by Anne Perry “Telegraph Avenue,” by Michael Chabon “The Time Keeper,” by Mitch Albom “The Tombs,” by Clive Cussler “The Vanishing Point,” by Val McDermid “A Wanted Man,” by Lee Child “Zoo,” by James Patterson Nonfiction “Change Your Words, Change Your Life,” by Joyce Meyer “Christmas with Southern Living 2012” “A Father First: How My Life Became Bigger Than Basketball,” by Dwayne Wade “The $5 Dinner Mom One-dish Dinners Cookbook,” by Erin Chase “Happier at Home,” by Gretchen Rubin “Interventions: A Life in War and Peace,” by Kofi Annan & Nader Mousavizadeh “Obama’s America,” by Dinesh D’Souza “The Power of the Prophetic Blessing,” by John Hagee “The Price of Politics,” by Bob Woodward “The Sweet Magnolias Cookbook: More Than 100 Favorite Southern Recipes,” by Sherryl Woods “A Wilderness of Error: The Trials of Jeffrey MacDonald,” by Errol Morris To check availability of any of these titles, visit our online catalog at

Tybee Branch Library 405 Butler Avenue, Tybee Island Phone: 912-786-7733 Fax: 912-786-7734 Hours: Mondays, Fridays & Saturdays 2-6; Tuesdays 10-8; Wednesdays 10-6 Branch Manager: Laurel Beecher Powers

“Without a sense of caring, there can be no sense of community”-Anthony J. D’Angelo


Tybee Breeze

No One Covers Tybee Like The Breeze

True Confessions

early birds every morning. Some wave, some say good morning, some honk the horn. Kenny gives me a whistle. Whitley sometimes is awake enough to nod. Terry and Paul are always up surveying the kingdom. Dr. Miller runs circles around everyone. The guys at the BC just kinda stare and some will manage a wave. The Rev will stop and we’ll discuss current events as By Judy O’Neill they affect Tybee. That takes about forty-five seconds and he’s gone because we don’t let current events At one point this past summer, I was bragging about affect us if we can help it. my southern-ness and how proud I was to embrace my southern girl ways and traditions. Well! Bless I confess that what’s great about early morning street my heart, I have just realized that I –yes, I, southern walking is the quiet and sometimes you can feel like girl extraordinaire—have been found lacking. There you’re the only person around and that you have are things I don’t do, haven’t done, and probably will all the time in the world. Plus, exercise pays! I’ve nevah do that most southern girls have done, should managed to collect a whopping sixty-seven cents in “street change” this summer. (or shouldn’t) do, or will do. Confession is good for the soul. I’m feeling better I have never cooked a pot of grits. already. I may even try to cook grits sometime soon. I have never cleaned or fried fish. I’ve only fried chicken once. I’ve never made biscuits. I haven’t made sweet tea in over twenty years. I’ve never been on a tire swing. Judy O’Neill has written for the Breeze for the past 11 years. She I’ve never been mud bogging (That really shouldn’t was named “Best Local Columnist” at the 2011, 2008 and 2006 surprise you.) Breezy Awards and “Best Local Real Estate Agent” at the 2005 Awards. Judy and her husband John have lived on Tybee since I’ve never been to the Okefenokee Swamp. 1983 and have been Realtors with Tybee Island Realty since 1989. I’ve never been camping. She can be reached for comment at I don’t drink beer. I’ve never been hunting. (But I can shoot.) I don’t wear cut off blue jeans (aka “Daisy Dukes”). I can take or leave football but I love rugby. Earlier I also mentioned that I am a daily “Street Walker” and shared some of my adventures. Now that the tourist season is winding down, I’d like to share some observations and tell you some of the questions an early morning Butler Avenue street walker can be asked by folks who aren’t “from around here.” Here are a few of my favorite questions from the summer. How do I get to the beach? Is it close? Do you know where the Lighthouse is? Is there a good place to eat breakfast around here? (This one came just as I walked past the Breakfast Club.) What time does Tybee Market open? (I was asked this one about twice a week.) What time does 7-11 open? (Uh...let me think...7??) Do we have to pay to park? Do you know where we pay to park? Do you know much it costs to park? And a few observations from the street. I’ve found that the DPW guys (and girl) are some of the hardest working folks on the island. I see them everyday. I like being greeted by many of the same No One Covers Tybee Like The Breeze

Tybee Breeze


Mayor Lovell’s FY 1910 Report Continued “On April 25th 1910 at 12:30 a.m. the South End Lockup was destroyed by fire – and a prisoner H.H. Biggins of the Hospital Corps at Fort Screven was burned to death. He had been arrested, for disorderly conduct, the afternoon previous, properly searched by the arresting officer, and locked up pending trial next morning. It was reported he frisked from some passersby, matches, and probably set fire to the building, and was incinerated before he could be released. “The police work has been carried on generally in a satisfactory manner [other than allowing a prisoner to incinerate himself and his holding facility, I suppose!] – extra men being employed when necessary. During the year 70 arrests were made – disorderly conduct – 36 white – 34 colored, disposed of as follows – fined 40 – dismissed 26 – made to leave Town – 1 – Warrants from Magistrates – 3. “The following building permits were issued – One story Homes – 21, Two story Homes – 2, Bath Houses – 3, Raised Roof – 1, Rebuild house – 1, Alteration – 1, Piazzas [what we would call today a porch I do believe] – 6. “During the school term, the board of education of Chatham County has maintained a Public School in the Town Hall. “The year has been one particularly free from Mosquitoes - kerosene oil etc being freely used. “The fires we have had during the year show the necessity of some kind of fire protection and I would again recommend the purchase of three 50 gallon Chemical Fire Extinguishers on wheels to be located – one at Post Office, one at Egan or Tybee Station, and a third at Inlet Station. “The need for a sewer from Tilton Ave South to 3rd St is imperative, and I trust another year will see it put in. “On April 19th 1909, the County Commissioners established a Camp opposite Egan Station, sending a force of 20 convicts. The work done by them was general and of a lasting nature – opening streets, laying gravel walks, filling in low places, opening up ditches and drains, and underbrushing. They remained until Oct. 20th 1909. “The Treasurers report will show our expenses have been kept


Tybee Breeze

within our income – but the loss of taxes by Hotel Tybee being destroyed by fire and the rebuilding of a new lockup at So End, will probably take some of our reserve funds.” Mayor Lovell’s report for FY 1909 concluded with the annual financial statement from the Town Treasurer which I will spare you of. But the council meeting of July 18, 1910 continued with: “On motion of Councilman Dixon, seconded be Councilman Ehrlish, it was ordered that the Mayor make the best possible arrangement with the Telephone company to install a Telephone in the Town Hall. [Apparently it was okay in those days for Council to order the Mayor around.] “Councilman Kehoe called attention to the necessity of constructing a sewer through Main Street from Tilton Ave to 3rd Street. After a general discussion, it was ordered [that] the Mayor process, estimate, plan, and submit same as soon as convenient. [At least this time Council’s order to the Mayor considered his convenience.] “On motion of Councilman Dixon, seconded by Councilman Stillwell, the Mayor was instructed to open up 16th Street with convict labor and lay a Gravel Walk through same. Work to be done as soon as convenient.” [More instructions to the Mayor!] “The Mayor was instructed to construct a side walk from Ft Screven Station for use of inhabitants of south side of railroad. [These inhabitants would have lived in the row of houses on the south side of Solomon Avenue between North Campbell and 6th Avenue. To this untrained eye most of these lovely Tybee cottages are still there today but no sign of a sidewalk did I see. Maybe the Mayor failed to comply with his instructions!] In case present City Council is seeing ways to get things done by ordering the present Mayor around, I need to state here my belief that the jargon used in the proceedings of a century ago actually meant that Council voted to give the Mayor the authority to order them and Town staff to do the work. You’re welcome Jason! We’ll finish the minutes of the July 18, 1910 meeting next month.

Bernie Goode has been writing for the Breeze for four years. Readers with questions or comments are encouraged to write Bernie at No One Covers Tybee Like The Breeze

No One Covers Tybee Like The Breeze

Tybee Breeze


The month of September brings the creaks and moans of pirate ships ever nearer. As the isle of Tybee prepares with costumes, floats, and festivities, the Tybee Island Tourism Council is hard at work preparing every detail of our pirate party. From family entertainment, to sword dancers, parades, contests, and live music this festival has something for everyone. The festival kicks off in grand style with the Buccaneer’s Ball at The Crab Shack. In the ultimate setting, The Crab Shack hosts the coronation of our king and queen and an unforgettable feast in unique Tybee style. Get your tickets early at Buccaneersball. com. Inside the festival gates, we have an array of entrainment. Thieves’ Market will be bustling as always and our new Mugs of Mutiny Tavern will have you singing along with some of your favorite sea shanties. This year, visiting artists include The Brigands, Sophia Fairsword, Faire Wynds Circus, A1A, Vince Neil, and more. You won’t want to miss a second this October 4-7. Early bird tickets are available at This festival is not possible without the

generosity of our volunteers. We are currently seeking volunteers to assist us in welcoming our visiting pirates. With your help, we can show Tybee’s hospitality in its best light. If you are interested in volunteering, please contact our Special Events Manager. George Anne Inglis retired after 10 years of service at the Tybee Visitor Information Center. Mayor Jason Buelterman presented her with a key to the City. Thank you George Anne for inspiring so many visitors to spend time on the Tybee and making everyone feel at home in our beautiful setting. We would like to welcome Liz Hood as your new Tybee Island Visitor Center Supervisor. She brings a wealth of knowledge to the position. She managed the Cartersville Welcome Center at the Depot and the Cartersville Main Street program. She has been vacationing on Tybee since she was a child. Her daughter, son in law, and grandson currently reside in Pooler. She is very excited about living and working on Tybee and meeting all the visitors and residents alike. On August 15th, The Tybee Island Tourism Council and the City of Tybee hosted “The Future of Tybee’s Beach: A Discussion about Beach Renourishment and Shore Protection.” The purpose of this special event was to enjoy an evening on Tybee Island with Mayor Jason Buelterman, Georgia State and community leaders and to learn about the vital benefits of beach renourishment and shore protection. Thank you to all who attended. We hope to have more of these talks in the future. We are in the midst of putting together the 2013 Tybee Island Vacation Planner. This is the main fulfillment brochure for the island. The Vacation Planner is sent out across the State and regionally to Visitor Centers and vacation planners. We encourage all Chamber members to send in your updated information so you will be listed in the brochure. Members have the opportunity to purchase enhanced listings for their businesses in the Vacation Planner as well as banner advertising and/or enhanced listings on Have a great Tybee day!


Tybee Breeze

No One Covers Tybee Like The Breeze

Greetings from the Tybee Post Theater! Construction in the theater is moving along quickly! Soon we will have bathrooms, a concession area and HVAC in the lobby of the theater, as well as the installation of a dividing wall between the lobby and the main auditorium. Phase 2, where HVAC and an electrical upgrade will be installed in the auditorium will soon follow. Thank you to the City of Tybee for helping with the impact fee, tapping

No One Covers Tybee Like The Breeze

the water line and installing a water meter! We are getting closer to announcing our first Tybee Beach Brew Fest which will take place in November. This two-day event will be feature samplings of fine craft beer, local fare, Bluegrass and more! Please be sure to check the October issue of the Tybee Breeze and our website for details about this and other upcoming events. Don’t forget - our website - is available 24/7! There you can buy or renew your membership, purchase an engraved brick or star, sign up to be a volunteer or join our mailing list to receive information about what’s going on with the theater. Your support is always appreciated! Thanks so much and we look forward to seeing you at our next Tybee Post Theater event! Amy M. Kagan, Director of Operations

Tybee Breeze



Tybee Breeze

No One Covers Tybee Like The Breeze

year and will continue to improve through the fall as these fish gorge on shrimp, minnows and mullet. My Our European ancestors looked favorite artificial bait for flounder is into the night sky and mapped out the bass assassin, rigged on a jig constellations. They saw the likes head or weed less hook. of bears, bulls, dogs and others. Bonnet head sharks have The brightest of the stars in Canis been plentiful again this summer, Major (the big dog) is Sirius, which lots in the 30 to 45 inch range also happens to be the brightest weighing over 15 pounds. If you star in the night sky (most months). have never tried this on light tackle In the summer, however, Sirius, you are missing out on some big the ‘’Dog Star’’, rises and sets with fun and the kids just love it. While the sun. The ancients believed cut bait will catch these small that during this time period (Julycomposite sharks, remember they August) the star added to the suns In Memory of my friend Jack Ward, are crab and shrimp eaters heat, the dog days of summer. Fish on Jack! and these baits work best. What does all that Tarpon are here in good have to do with fishing………… numbers along the beach front and nothing……….. Other than it’s just can be seen crashing pogies in the hot and I heard someone say that sound daily. Tripletail is another we were in the dog days of summer seasonal fish that are inside now. at the marina the other day and We have landed tripletail in Wassaw could not remember where the sound, south Channel and in front heck it came from, so I looked it up, of Turtle Island. Live shrimp and again. Special catch and release day with Jack’s son-in-law and grandson, mud minnows work for me. Trout fishing continues to be Mark and Max double up! Looks like the white shrimp strong, just not very big yet. Look for these fish to size out in the fall and early winter. are in good shape; plenty can be caught now with These fish have been eating a variety of baits that a 3/8 mesh casting net or Joey’s Bait House at include live shrimp and finger mullet. Artificial baits Hogan’s Marina has all you want. See ya in the river, working are DOA shrimp under a popping cork and Capt. Stan Bass Assassins trolled or pitched on light jig heads. The redfish bite has come on cut baits such as mullet, pogies and ladyfish. Wogs, finger mullet and shrimp get it done on the live bait side. The About the Captain: Captain Stan Allen (alias Fred) owns new Gulp Ghost Shrimp has proven to be killer & operates Marshland Inshore Fishing Adventures, a local redfish bait. The body of a small shrimp and two guide service that runs out of Chimney Creek Marina (The Crab Shack), on Tybee Island. Captain Stan has been a claws that dangle off the front, look just like a mud Tybee resident for over 28 years. Stan is a professional crabs tools. Also check out Bass Assassins new 5” redfish angler for and a die dapper Bang Lures, hard to find in stores but a pro staff member at Contact info: great large profile bait. 912-786-5943 ~ E-mail Flounder fishing has been very good this Dog Days of Summer

No One Covers Tybee Like The Breeze

Tybee Breeze


Dear Fran, I hate my boyfriend. All he wants to do is sit on the sofa and watch football. I want to get out and have some fun on the weekend. Do you think we should break up? No longer smitten, Nita Newman Dear Nita, I really need more info to help you make this decision. But my answer at this point is “YES”! Break up with the guy now because it will only get worse. Once a football addict, always a football addict. Sincerely, Fran

             

Dear Fran, I think I have a problem. I’m in love with my neighbor. I’ve never really had a conversation with her but I watch her come and go on a regular basis. Sometimes at night, I can see in her windows. She’s beautiful. So far, I’ve been too nervous to introduce myself to her. What should I do? Help me! Andre Voyeur Dear Andre, You’re border line stalker-creepy, dude. By all means, introduce yourself to her and tell her exactly where you live. I hope she reads my column because I think she REALLY

needs to know about you. Get a grip, Fran

             

Dear Fran, Two years ago, I wrote to you about an application to join the Breakfast Club. You told me to send a check for $1000 made out to Helen or Jodee and request an application. I still haven’t gotten the application. I did get a thank you note signed by somebody called “Rev” who said he was membership chairman. Do you think I should write and ask for a refund or just wait a while longer? Thank you, Biff Bacon Dear Biff, I remember your letter. Just wait a while longer. You may not have been fully vetted yet. Things often move slowly on Tybee. Yours truly, Fran

             

Dear Fran, We think the bike route should be for bikes ONLY. In the near future a group of us will petition the city to ban cars from that street so that we bikers can have the right away and complete control over that particular street. Do you think it will matter if most of our group is from out of town? Bikers unite! Redd Schwinn Dear Redd, Hell, yes, it matters! What are the property owners on that street supposed to do when they need to get to their houses? Walk? Bike? You practically rule the street now anyway. Keep your petition to yourself. When you start paying taxes here, we MIGHT listen to your stupid opinions. Are you kidding me? Fran

             

Dear Fran, I was on the nude beach last week and this older woman came up to me and told me I was an embarrassment to mankind. Don’t you think that was rude and uncalled for? After all I was just strolling along enjoying the feel of the breeze, walking little Nudette, my dog, and minding my own business. I just turned the other cheek and kept walking but I really felt like telling her what I thought. Let freedom ring, Naked and liking it Dear Naked, Huh? The nude beach on Tybee is as elusive as the dog beach on Tybee. I was there myself last week but didn’t see anything embarrassing in the least. Did the lady you described drive off in a golf cart or use an air horn to get your attention? If so, she had just escaped from her place on the sidewalk in front of Fannies. Don’t pay her any attention. A little naked goes a long way, Fran


Tybee Breeze

No One Covers Tybee Like The Breeze

“Tybee Architectural Icons American legion Post 154”

you want to donate a new roof, I’m sure the Legion would be happy to talk to you. But even if you can’t spring for the roof, the next time you see a sign for; bingo, a fish fry, chicken or The building that houses the steak dinner at the Legion….come American legion Post 154, on on down….! All proceeds go to Tybee, may appear to be just promoting and supporting Veteran another nondescript wood frame programs, community activities building to most people. However, and maintaining the building. it is a well preserved example of However, a more important military buildings built to support contribution needed is the passion Fort Screven. from the younger generations of In addition to its Veterans and their families to carry architectural heritage, it’s a social Icon to many of us guys that grew up here in the on the traditions of the American Legion’s service to God and Country and maintain our community mid-twentieth century. “1960....Hey, there’s a pickup hoops game center....! at the Legion tomorrow morning, before the Remember: “If you’re lucky enough to live on Tybee, afternoon session at in...? A big you’re lucky enough…! hell yeah would have answered the boys from Fort If you have any comments please go to my blog (listed below), Screven to 18th Street...!” sign up or send me an email and leave your, comments, Ronnie Tatum (2012 Legionnaire of the complaints, etc…! Tommy Thompson, a sales associate with Cora year) is one of a few guys I know, left on Tybee, Bett Thomas Realty, a real estate development consultant and photographer, lives on Tybee Island. You can follow Tommy on that would remember a challenge like that...! Fast forward to 2012, the Legion is still the center of the Tybee universe, for the locals and those that live on Tybee by choice. However, few people enjoying the; bingo, fish, chicken or steak dinners, Breezy Awards, wedding receptions, community fund raisers, etc., know that fifty years (or more) ago, we Tybee kids used to play basketball in the Legion’s main hall. Next time you’re at the Legion for a function, look up at the roof trusses. You will see two areas at each end of the main hall where sections of the bottom chords of the trusses have been removed. This was done to accommodate back-boards and nets for the basketball court and allow for freethrows and field goals without hitting the trusses. The American Legion building was built for Fort Screven after the turn of the century and like us grey-haired-old-men that used to play hoops there, has aged a little bit...! This historic, cultural, architectural Tybee Icon needs continuous attention and the Legion has done a great job of maintaining and upgrading the building over the years, but it will need all of our help to survive for future generations. Most important, to the integrity of the structure, according to Ronnie, is a new roof. So if 19 Tybee Breeze No One Covers Tybee Like The Breeze

I’ve gotta say it again…Telephone, Telegraph, TELL A TYBEENIAN! You can’t make up some of the stories that happen around here, most of which I can’t repeat! One day, I’m going to write a Tybee tell-all book, with the names changed to protect the guilty!!! Keep it coming, Night Lifers, because we all LOVE a good story. You can say what you want, but Stephen “Simple Like That” is a Tybee icon. He is a riot! This is what I call “Giving the Dog a Bone”…a pizza bone, that is! ET made this lady and her dog a special treat. That’s REAL customer appreciation! I love me some Franklin and friends from

the Breakfast Club! This is what Roger looks like on all fours! Seriously, dude, get well soon! Those “Tybee Tattoos” hurt! For those of you who don’t know what a Tybee Tattoo is, please refer to the phrase “liquor dents”. Sam had a jamming birthday party at Bernie’s, with help from Johnny O. on drums and Jodee on harmonica.

Jill and Erik celebrated their birthdays at Nicki’s. Please send good vibes Jill’s way as she fights her personal battle against cancer. Girl, you look beautiful! Candy and Jimmy were out celebrating her birthday. What a good looking couple!

Doug O. celebrated his birthday with a “70’s Porn” theme. Please refer to the “We’ll Make


Tybee Breeze

No One Covers Tybee Like The Breeze

You Famous” section for his photos. Nell exhibits her special “Bone Sucking Sauce”… hmmmmmm……I tried it, and it’s delicious! Go by the Wind Rose for their award winning lunches! You never know where you may see the awesome Georgia Kyle. He was speaking on the Friday night. Go check power of forgiveness out Smokey and the gang for cocktails and recently at the Tybee good food. Smokey, Church, which meets from Smokey…is that YOU? 10-11 am on Sundays at This sign is Bennie’s. funny, and may lead to I think Huc A indecent exposure at Poo’s couch might win the “Best Place to Stay” in the Breeze Awards this year. Erok was taking a little nappie after a hard night at the office! You don’t have to be crazy to be on the Quarter’s dart teams, but it helps…

Joey of “Breezy Rider” gets the “Thank You for Putting Up With My Drunk A**” award of the month! Dude, you have an extraordinary sense of humor. I caught Tracy and Crew from Co Co’s playing with their monkey on a

some point. Thank you, Doc’s Bar for a good laugh. Troup “TNT” Thomas was caught sleeping on the job at Huc A Poo’s. That’s a first. Continued page 22

Also, stop by and play “Cards Against Humanity” with us on Thursday nights! Travis and Lisa have a baby on the way! I hope Noah gets a little sister. Congrats to Ellen for her new job at the camp ground, otherwise known as “Fun Town.” She was out helping Traci and Tyler celebrate their 22nd anniversary. W o o d y , pictured here with

his girl Patti at the Legion, is known as the “Mayor” of said town. Special thanks to No One Covers Tybee Like The Breeze

Tybee Breeze


B e n t l e y ’ s looking for the Mushroom Stage! son, Sansonn, Our guys at their PT competition! came to Tybee on a visit. This kid was AWESOME, and put on a Wanneelike light show in the POO parking lot. I was almost Last, but not least, Donald Wayne (Cousin It) finally got his hair cut for Locks of Love. What a great cause that is! If you would like to get your picture in for this, please let me know! I would like to send a special thanks to my Statesboro readers for your distribution efforts in Bulloch County. Also, I would like to thank Dr. Dre and Vodka for helping me get this article written. Y’all have a great month, and make some news!


Tybee Breeze

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a cross between a tiny shrimp and a large flea. They are reddish in color and can be found near ditches and low lying areas with standing water. They are basically controlled with a proper pesticide application with residual properties. I’ve not found them to be common in our area, but just the same, they do exist. Maintenance and control Flea control consists of a regimented program that includes a thorough inspection of the premises both inside and out for a proper evaluation. The most important factor is customer assistance. It is wise to incorporate rodent and flea control simultaneously. A spot treatment is also recommended inside of the home as well as a perimeter outside treatment. Pets should be treated accordingly by your personal veterinarian. It is most helpful for the homeowner to vacuum all areas and remove the bag to an outside garbage facility. Sanitation is most important in the control of these insects and a good carpet cleaning is also recommended before any treatment. We in the industry incorporate a flea egg growth regulator which can inhibit the young flea egg stage from the emergence Dog and cat fleas Dog and cat fleas are common in the same vicinity and of new fleas. This has proven to be most helpful in the these, as most types, rest within their cocoon stage until control of these insects. any vibration causes them to emerge. They can prey on Until next time, these hosts and many other animals. There is a similar Johnny “the bugman” Herald type called “Squirrel Flea.” These creatures that we so Let’s work the bugs out! often think of as an enhancement to our surrounding, lilt and bounce around our trees and landscape areas as do many of our outside friends in the wild and can deposit many fleas and flea eggs for us and our domestic pets to be exposed to. Fleas Fleas have a tendency to occur in early spring and throughout the warmer months of the year. Their size can be about 3/16 of an inch long. They are known to jump many times their length. Some other characteristics of these insects include living and nesting in carpets, furniture, and in-between wooden floor cracks and are considered to be blood sucking parasites. They have been known to feed on birds and other mammals. There are several diseases that can be transmitted from them, some of which are typhus and bubonic plague. They also carry tape worms from rodents, cats, dogs, and can transmit them to humans.

Oriental Rat Flea An original rat flea differs from dog and cat fleas. They are most common with the Norway rat and can be found on this rat and many other species, including cotton rabbits and ground squirrels. They can also transmit diseases to humans and many other animals. They are also jumpers. Shrimp Fleas Several years ago I was called to service one of my clients that had described their problem as strange unidentifiable insects. Upon my investigation I was a bit perplexed as these were new to me. I brought samples of these insects into the office and by chance there was an entomology friend of the company visiting and diagnosed them as Shrimp Fleas. They do look like

No One Covers Tybee Like The Breeze

Tybee Breeze


Thanks go out to all who came to our first chicken dinner! Remember that the chicken dinners will be held the first Thursday of each month, 5pm-7pm, cost is $8. Here we are 11 years after September 11 and, for some, the pain is just as strong today as the day it happened. We all remember! Two mighty pillars symbolizing Americanism were destroyed, along with the lives of countless people. There is some comfort in knowing that American soldiers removed the leader of the terrorist group responsible for such a heinous act from this earth. Perhaps spending time in thought, prayer and fellowship with family, friends, and veterans…. remembering… will help us all, especially on September 11. We will all take a moment to say a prayer, say “we do remember.” The American Legion will be hosting a memorial ceremony for September 11 on that day at 7PM, Post 154. Afterwards, a potluck dinner will be held. So bring your favorite dish and enjoy the fellowship. Someone sent an email to me about 4 or 5 years ago about wearing red on Friday to show support for the troops fighting all over the world. Join me in showing support for our troops. Wear RED on Fridays!! Here is a little information about the

organization: The mission of is to show support for our servicemen and women. They do not care whether or not one supports or does not support the war. They care only about making our support of our servicemen and women known to our fellow Americans and the world. We need to let our servicemen and women know we support their sacrifice and we will not forget them and we will do this by wearing red on every Friday. Bingo is on Fridays at 8:00pm. Cards go on sale at 7:15pm. Horseshoes are on Saturday evenings at 7:00, sign-in at 6:30pm. Both events are open to the public. Everyone is invited to participate!! The Legion and Auxiliary meet on the second Monday of each month, with social hour (and food) starting at 6:00pm. The meeting is at 7:00pm. The Sons of the American Legion meet the third Monday of each month at 7:00pm, social hour at 6:00pm. Don’t forget the SAL fish fry that is held the third Thursday of each month, 5pm-7pm, cost is $7.00. As always Linda and Patty will have the canteen open at 5:00pm every day except Sunday. We close on Sundays unless there is a special event.

Hello Breeze Readers and Members Boy do we have a lot of FUN stuff going on. First, I want to let you all know that we have a team for the Spelling Bee, Wanda Kendrick, Anne Downer, and Sharon Shaver will be representing the Auxiliary September 19th!! Join the crowd and support our spellers. The proceeds will help with the new Charter School!!!! Secondly, 911 Patriots Days Remembrance is going to be at the Legion. It will start 7:00 p.m. please bring your favorite COVERED DISH!! Thirdly, mark your CALENDERS!!!! The Auxiliary is going to have a FALL FUND RAISER: 24

Tybee Breeze

Frankenstein Boogie Night (Dance), Band, Food, Costume Contest and lots, lots more!!! This is going to be a BLAST!! Tickets are on sale for $10.00 per person. The first Thursday of each month The Legion is having a Chicken Dinner Fund Raiser. The third Thursday of each month the S.A.L. is having a Fish Dinner Fund Raiser. Treat mom to a night out with good eats!!! Always, looking for some new faces to come and enjoy a good time!! Look forward to seeing you at “Club-L”. No One Covers Tybee Like The Breeze

Late summer and early fall are a challenge for the home gardener. The thrill of fresh peppers and eggplants has long since waned, and the tomatoes are spent. Field peas may still be producing, and the sweet potatoes are robust, but mostly this is a transitional time. The hot weather of August that produced so much lethargy has slowly given way to somewhat cooler and drier conditions of September, and now is a good time to dig and get the beds ready for fall planting. Excellent fall vegetables include any of the crucifers, so names for the “cross” of petals when they are allowed to flower. These include turnips, cauliflower, broccoli, brussel sprouts, radishes, kale and collards. They may be planted in mid-fall from plants or seed (start now), and can produce until spring if they are kept picked. Radishes, also a crucifer, may be sown throughout the fall, winter and spring, as can the lettuces. If you do not intend to garden again until spring, this is a great time to test your soil for fertility and acidity. Calcium carbonate – garden lime – is quite insoluble, so it must be applied well in advance of spring for maximum effectiveness. Test now, and plan on liming in December. Decreasing soil acidity, or raising the pH to 5.5 and above, is optimum for our usual array of vegetables. The good folks at a local hardware store will be glad to assist you with sampling kits and sampling techniques. Visit us on our Facebook page! Herb Vinegar Ingredients: White vinegar Fresh herbs Peeled garlic cloves (opt.) Hot peppers (opt.) Equipment: Bottles and tops – wine, vinegar, salad dressing Funnel to fit in bottle necks Large pot

I wish to remain teachable and embrace the path of others as we gather to put our toes in the sand and ease with the breeze. Seek with our hearts and peace will follow our steps - Here’s a view I see! Samuel Adams, Psalmist

Can you feel the presence of change coming in the salt air and sea? This is my favorite time of year as the heat of summer fades in the evenings and that cool Tybee breeze renews my soul. All of us live as seasons of change. Events that happen with us since we began. Do you remember when? Memory can be a funny thing. I seem to remember more traumatic events in my life than I do the good ones. Don’t know why that is but I walk on memory lane way too much. My mind seems to always go back to that place of ‘I can’t do that, ever been there? I am sure you have never been there! It is in staying there that can keep us from our presence today. I watch the tides come in and go out, come in and go out, come in and go out... (ok you got that scene), they never just say in one place always changing and rearranging the sand’s beneath them. This too is with our seasons of living. Don’t give up that dream you have always had. We have so much power yet we give up way too easy. Nothing is impossible for you to become if you can dream it. The dreaming is the hard part take a moment today and put your feet in the sand and feel the power of the tides at your feet. Look out into the ocean and believe the dream! Let this season be your time to dream.

Directions: Wash bottle and tops well. For each bottle add a handful or two of fresh herbs of your choice – tarragon and basil are particularly good. Be sure the herbs are well washed and inspected for bad spots. Add 1 or two garlic cloves and a hot pepper to each bottle, if desired. Boil the vinegar, then pour it into each bottle, almost to the top. Cap the bottles, and allow to sit for a few weeks in a cool and dark place to allow flavors to develop. These make wonderful holiday gifts! No One Covers Tybee Like The Breeze

Tybee Breeze


Laurie and TJ will celebrate 13 years of marriage in October. TJ is a US Coast Guard 200 Ton Master Captain. Regardless of your political leanings-now is the time to request your inauguration seating-contact the office of your congressman Jack Kingston for your January 2013 inauguration tickets. Tourists are gone, no more tourist watching. No need for boredom -On Tuesdays evening come to Coco’s for Trivia night; join a team or start your own. The night I attended “The Sandy Bottoms” won by a landslide. Everyone in the placed had fun. Tracy and her staff provide a great time. Tybee has a Veterinarian Dr. Lyler. We wish his practice well and hope the animal doctor fares better than Tybee’s human doctors. When you find yourself downtown Tybee stop by the Beach Bum. Sisters Beth and Suzanne own the business located next to Bernie’s across the street from Doc’s. Do you recognize this man? He is Dr. Kennedy Okere, MD, founder of H.I.M.M. Horizon International Medical Mission an organization that serves communities in Africa 26

Tybee Breeze

and The Caribbean. Over the years Tybee residents have heavily contributed to H.I.M.M. Missions in Africa. Providing eyeglasses, medications, medical supplies, money and personnel. Question- If H.I.M.M. offered a free one day medical clinic on Tybee would you attend? Why? or Why not? Let me know, I will pass along the results. Contact me at ebonyhag@ or Julia Pearce on Facebook. Lisa McKenzie has been in baby heaven with the summer visit of her granddaughter Fiona. Lisa’s friends fear they will lose her to the Pittsburgh area were Fiona lives. We hope that does not happen-but it is understandable, Fiona is precious. Before the rain came, we partied at North Beach Grill with Sandi and Dave. The Girlfriends were performing. Have you met this young man? Sam works at Marlin Monroe’s; he is a funny, kind fellow. I witnessed Sam keep his cool with a rude customer. Sam its posttourist season; enjoy it.

Freda, me, Sandy and Shirley sending Gloria

Bennett off in style at Fannie’s On The No One Covers Tybee Like The Breeze

Beach. Gloria has moved to Atlanta to be closer to family. Call me for her number she would love to hear a Tybee voice. My Three Daughters-The woman in front is 80 years young; followed by her three lovely daughters. They were visiting Tybee to celebrate Mom’s 80th.Birthday. They all look fabulous posing outside Spanky’s on the Tybee strip. I lost the paper with their names written on it (awaf). Internationally renowned beauty Abby Burke has returned from Russia. She is happy to be back on Tybee. Someone is especially happy that Abby is home; love blooms eternal. Talking about women taking care of themselves, Julia Timmons and Sherri Simmons attended the fall quarterly I s l a n d Women’s P r a y e r Breakfast at Tybee’s Episcopal Church. Katherine Garlington was the guest speaker she shared international volunteer opportunities. Go to globalvolunteers. org. Please mark your calendars for Winter / Holiday Quarterly Women’s Prayer Breakfast - Saturday, November 10, 2012 at 9:00am at Chapel By The Sea. cost $3. The food will be wonderful and the company is always awesome. This is an open non-denominational gathering. ALL women are welcomed; barefooted/atheists/ agnostics included. See you there. Tybee Ladies you can thank me later for this information. This is author Trish Shelton. She moved to our little island in April to complete her book, Lifting The Veil- Secrets Of The Sensuous Woman. The book is finished and she is thankful to the Universe for TybeeNo One Covers Tybee Like The Breeze

In celebration Trish is hosting a W o m e n ’ s only EveningS e n s u a l Readings at her lovely Tybee home. Excellent inspiring evening of food, wine and discussion-married, widows, divorcées and mature women. Read e-book on (available this month) and visit the website If you are interested (and you should be) e-mail or call Trish for Readings, dates and times. info@ or 704-953-4033. Julia Pearce, Village Observer; Contributor to The Breeze since 1998. Available for weddings, blessings and readings. 912-414-0809

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Bloody Mary Tomatoes Anyone who imbibes in a cocktail occasionally has probably had a Bloody Mary, or had to have a Bloody Mary the next morning. This is one of my favorite drinks. So I was trying to somehow, incorporate my tomato chutney into this drink. The chutney is just too concentrated and the slight sweetness just doesn’t lend itself to a morning after drink. But thinking back to my original inspiration for the chutney, the before mentioned drink, I realized that I had started out experimenting with roasted tomatoes and different herbs, spices and flavors. So the obvious is to sprinkle Bloody Maryinspired seasonings over halved plum tomatoes before gently roasting them. The tomatoes emerge from the oven shriveled and stunning, a great way to use the last of this great tomato growing season we had this year. This recipe is simple and to the point, but can be used in a lot of different ways, here are a couple of suggestions; with soft scrambled eggs, salad or a super BLT. Ingredients: 1 tablespoon finely grated fresh horseradish (Publix or sometimes Tybee Mkt.) 1 teaspoon finely grated lemon zest 1/2 teaspoon celery salt 1/2 teaspoon cayenne pepper 2 tablespoons granulated sugar Grape seed or canola oil 10 plum tomatoes, halved lengthwise 2 teaspoons Worcestershire sauce 1/2 teaspoon kosher salt 1/2 teaspoon freshly ground or crushed black pepper Directions: Preheat the oven to 325 degrees. In a medium bowl, use your fingers to rub the horseradish, lemon zest, celery salt and cayenne pepper into the sugar. Add the tomatoes and Worcestershire and toss to coat. Lightly grease a rimmed baking sheet with oil and place the tomatoes, cut side up, in the pan. Season with salt and pepper. Roast until the tomatoes are tender and shriveled, about one hour, and 15 minutes. Cool to room temperature and serve right away or refrigerate for up to about 5 days. Vodka shooter is optional! Let me know what you come up with to accompany.

Hope you enjoy, Chef Espy Sighs or Moans ~ 28

Tybee Breeze

No One Covers Tybee Like The Breeze

Here at the inn, we have a few standard procedures with which we greet our guests upon arrival. After showing them to their rooms, we explain how to get to the beach and the lighthouse, give them information on our breakfast and provide them with a Where to Eat at the Beach guide. Invariably, one of their next questions is something along the lines of “What’s the deal with all the cats around here?” or “Wow! You sure have a lot of cats hanging around!” It’s true, while most of us locals are accustomed to the Tybee cats, visitors to Tybee are surprised to see our thriving cat communities. We always explain that only two, Little Bit and Mama, actually belong to us, the others just laze around our front porch and in our trees. Around the inn, we have a community of tuxedo cats, so without close inspection, it is often hard to tell one from another. One guest recently commented, after seeing Little Bit lounging on a sofa, “He sure gets around! I saw him on the roof, in the tree, and on the porch last night!” Despite their seeming abundance, we clarify that most of the cats are actually spayed or neutered, as is evidenced by the notch in their ear. Our guests are also pleased to hear about the many local residents who dedicate their own time and money to make sure that the Tybee cats are fed and cared for. The Tybee cats are yet another unique aspect of our island that we locals often take for granted.

a lovely rest before our little one arrives in August. We hope to be back soon. Chris and Monique, Decatur, GA Dear Susie and Stuart, Thank you for another wonderful visit in your home. We absolutely loved our time here. We are leaving today with our batteries recharged, our bellies full and fond memories. We will call you for this time next year for our 4th visit and 3rd anniversary. Beverly and Donny, Kennesaw, GA

Thank you all, Susie & Stuart Lighthouse Inn, 912 786-0901

Comments: Susie and Stuart, after walking by your Lighthouse Inn many times (on pervious visits), and saying “We need to stay there”! I must say that our expectations were exceeded! What a cozy, comfortable stay …and we LOVED sharing cocktails and long chats with you on the porch. We will definitely be back, and will also tell all our friends. Thank you both so much, and we’ll see you soon. Jeff and Scott, Atlanta, GA Thank you for your hospitality. We enjoyed our stay with you very much. Also enjoyed our morning conversations at breakfast. Charles and Donna, Huntsville, AL What a treasure and oasis!! Thank you so much for your hospitality and opening up your heart and home to us. We will be back. Jennifer and Tyler, Kennesaw, GA Thank you so much for a wonderful weekend! It was No One Covers Tybee Like The Breeze

Tybee Breeze


TAP DANCIN’ WITH THE TAX MAN Taxes!!! I know this is everybody’s favorite subject. I’m talking income taxes, by the way, not all those other taxes you pay. I’ve prepared my own tax returns for so long now that I can almost do them in my sleep. My record year for a federal tax return was 26 pages, and I’m talking about doing this manually without tax software. Stupid, huh? That’s what my wife calls me. But I do it this way for several reasons: (1) It forces me to keep up with the changes, which occur regularly, in the tax laws that apply to our situation; (2) it helps me understand the whys and the wherefores of different provisions of the tax code; and (3) it saves me money. Being the cheapskate that I am, notoriously so, that’s important to me. I’ve learned many things along the way. I think income tax returns are far more difficult to prepare than they have to be. I believe that many things in the tax code either incentivize or dis-incentivize a particular type of financial or personal behavior. I think preparing a tax return should be simple enough that a person of at least average IQ should be able to prepare his or her own if they


Tybee Breeze

want to. And I believe that if it looks like a deduction, after reading the applicable IRS instructions and pubs on any issue, then, by Jiminy, it is a deduction. Now I can’t tell you it’s okay to cheat, because it’s not, but the government needs to be reasonable about this. Have I ever blown it and triggered an audit? Yes, several times. But the vast majority of audits are nothing more than receiving a letter, correcting whatever is necessary, and sending the corrected form(s) back to the taxing authorities. If memory serves, I’ve been audited 3 times, once by the feds and twice by the state of Georgia. Both times with the state, I had to point out where they had made an error and my return, in fact, was correct, but I did have to pay a little more to the feds. My point is that an audit is normally no big deal. Furthermore, the probability of most people ever being audited is less than 1%. But please, please, please pay your taxes. The IRS is not an agency you want to get on the wrong side of. There are things you can do to reduce your income taxes, but most middle income earners don’t have a lot of choices anymore. One of the more significant ones is being a rental property owner. For at least the first five years in most rental property situations, a person can generate positive cash flow but negative income, which can be used to offset other income. The same is true with investment losses, up to $3,000 a year anyway. Of course you don’t want investment losses, but sometimes taking a loss is the correct strategic thing to do. So live below your means, pay your taxes as you should, and have some fun along the way. Contact me at if you have any questions.

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by future employees. The “soft skills” include good work ethic involving punctuality, work completion, and ability to work in Well, September begins with much preparation for the Tybee group situations. TIMA teachers will develop curriculum in Island Maritime Academy Eight of us met with the State teaching career building “soft skills” that can be shared with Department of Georgia and answered and clarified any other educators in the Savannah Chatham County School questions or concerns they had about the charter petition. We District. will hear from the State Board of Education in December as to SCIENCE - TIMA will implement all components of the if the charter is approved. Then the real work will begin to open CCGPS for all grades. At TIMA, science is considered to be the Tybee Island Maritime Academy in August, 2013. process of actively exploring and discovering the world around The Sons of the American Legion are sponsoring a us. A child’s understanding of a scientific concept requires pancake breakfast for the school on Saturday, September 15, direct experience. Children come to understand concepts best 2012, at the Legion. Please come out and support the school when they have “discovered” ideas for themselves through a and enjoy a wonderful pancake breakfast. project based approach to teaching. TIRPOA will once again sponsor the Tybee Island In addition to Maritime Logistics Education Taskforce Spelling Bee. This year the proceeds will go to the Tybee Island (MLET), the following educational programs and Community Maritime Academy. Please get a team together or just come out organizations have been identified and expressed interest and enjoy this fun event. It begins at 6:30pm at the Tybee Gym. in working with the TIMA to develop and implement a Please come out and support the school and enjoy a great science curriculum that explores Tybee Island’s biological evening of laughs! and environmental landscape: Marine Activities, Resources Below is an overview of the curriculum for the Tybee and Education (MARE), Coastal Georgia Adopt-A-Wetland Island Maritime Academy: Program, Marine Education Center and Aquarium, Skidaway Tybee Island Maritime Academy (TIMA) will be the Institute of Oceanography, and Gray’s Reef National Marine first and only elementary school in the state of Georgia with Sanctuary, The Propeller Club, and The Navy League. an educational program focused on helping students develop READING–In addition to implementing all components career skills with emphasis on maritime education integrated of the CCGPS for each grade level, TIMA will follow the with the Common Core Georgia Performance Standards guidelines established by the National Reading Panel Report Continued page 32 (CCGPS). TIMA will implement all components of the CCGPS for all subjects in each grade. In the fall of 2012, the state of Georgia’s Career Pathways program will require all students to select one of 17 broad career pathways during their freshman year of high school. Chatham County’s Groves High School will include maritime studies as one pathway. Nationally recognized maritime education authority, Arthur H. Sulzer, states that K-5th grade is where education problems take root and it is often too late to fix problems in high school. One goal for TIMA will be to prevent possible educational problems before they start. TIMA will be the second maritime focused elementary school in the U.S. The academic program of TIMA will be modeled after the original and highly successful public charter school, Palm Beach Maritime Academy (PBMA) located in Palm Beach, Florida. PBMA is an A rated Florida public chartered kindergarten through eighth grade school founded in 1999. PBMA was recognized as an A rated school by Arthur H. Sulzer in testimony before the U.S. House of Representatives committee on Coast Guard and Maritime Transportation on October 17, 2007. In addition to an integrated approach to maritime studies, TIMA’s curriculum will focus on the Project Approach. The Project Approach, a constructivist-based theoretical framework, evolved from a desire to help students participate in and contribute to a democratic society. Studies indicate that democratic societies are more likely to flourish when citizens seek an in-depth understanding of the complex issues they must address and about which they must make choices and decisions. Maritime Logistics Education Taskforce (MLET) and the Georgia Ports Authority are just two of the many local business groups that have agreed to partner with TIMA. MLET leaders spoke with TIMA concerning the “soft skills” needed

By Carolyn Jurick

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Tybee Breeze


(National Institute of Child Health and Human Development [NICHD], 2000) which summarize several decades of scientific research that clearly shows effective reading instruction addresses five critical areas: Phonemic awareness, phonics, fluency, vocabulary and comprehension. These five critical areas will be taught using systematic and explicit instruction. Explicit instruction means the teacher states clearly what is being taught and models effectively how it is used by a skilled reader. The reading program at TIMA will utilize valid and reliable assessments that help teachers know what skills students have acquired, which students are experiencing difficulty, and how much progress students have made. This is accomplished through the use of screening, diagnosing, progress monitoring, and outcome assessments. Kindergarten and first grade students will be assessed individually every four weeks. Differentiated Instruction in Reading -TIMA Staff will implement the following differentiated strategies, programs, and or models to meet individual student needs: Systematic and explicit instruction, direct teaching, tutoring, curriculum integration across academic disciplines, flexible grouping, lower pupil teacher ratio, appropriate materials/texts, looping classes, one-hour weekly whole faculty study groups, cross curricular and grade level collaboration, collaborative scoring of student work, balanced literacy, performance based instruction, inclusion, and co-teaching. WRITING -TIMA will implement all components of the CCGPS for all subjects in each grade. TIMA staff will implement the following differentiated strategies, programs, and models to meet individual student needs: Power Writing, journaling (reading, math, etc.), 6 + 1 Traits of Writing, research, projects, portfolios, technology applications, Whole Faculty Study Groups (Professional development that directly impacts student learning), cross curricular and grade level collaboration and


Tybee Breeze

student led conferences. MATH -TIMA will implement all components of the CCGPS for all subjects in each grade. The emphasis will be on developing an understanding of mathematical concepts through use of manipulative materials and on problem solving in realistic situations. Math is seen as a tool with which children can sort, measure, compare, quantify, and calculate anything with which they are working. SOCIAL STUDIES -TIMA will implement all components of the CCGPS in each grade. The Georgia Performance Standards for Social Studies were designed to develop informed Georgia citizens who understand the history of the United States and our place in an ever-increasing interconnected world. It is essential that students understand their past and how that past influences the present day and the future. TIMA will follow all CCGPS in social studies. Children will undertake many cooperative projects and have frequent interactions with peers. These situations provide opportunities to practice group problem-solving, democratic decision-making, consensus building, conflict resolution, and respect for others. Emphasis is placed on building understanding and appreciation of diverse ideas and backgrounds. One unique educational program identified for TIMA will focus on the Tybee Lighthouse and forts that are within twenty miles of Tybee Island. These historical forts include Fort Screven, Fort Pulaski and Fort Jackson. TIMA will also use curriculum developed by the U.S. Lighthouse Society. This curriculum was written to furnish teachers with basic information about lighthouses, their purpose, history, operation and technology in a form presentable to young students. The Governing Board reserves the right to incorporate another curriculum, into the CCGPS at a later date if the curriculum meets the needs of the students, adds rigor to the instructional program, and is aligned with statewide accountability expectations.

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Karma: Is She or Isn’t She? “As the Director of the Tybee Wedding Chapel, I have had the privilege to share in some amazing and memorable moments. Each and every Bride, Groom, and family are experiencing one of the biggest days in their lives and allow us to be a part of that! Over the past year and 4 months we have hosted many events, each one different from the last. As I think back on some of the highlights of the past weddings, I really cannot put my finger on one moment in particular! Working “behind the scenes” on these events allow me to see many moments that all of the guests do not get to see. I think my favorite part of almost every wedding, is when the Bride and Groom exit out of the front Chapel doors after their ceremony! This is when no one is watching and you can just feel the love between these two people!” Ray Anaya, Director of Events “Working as the Assistant Director of the Chapel, I have been fortunate enough to be involved in some of the most beautiful, creative and unique weddings. Even the littlest details can make a wedding memorable. One of my favorite weddings was with a Delorean as the get-a-way car, and the rock-n-sock-em-robots for a groom’s cake. There were many unique aspects to this wedding that made it fun and un-forgetful. I also love it when the wedding party exits the chapel in full dance mode, everyone wearing a smile. We have been blessed to have some amazing weddings, each hold a memorable place in our hearts of the Tybee Chapel Staff.” Carla Michael, Assistant Director of Events

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By Alaina Loughridge We have all heard the line that “karma is a bitch”. Well, is she now? The thing is that karma is not a bitch unless you have done something to full on deserve it: 1) that explains why karma is a ‘she’ and 2) it explains why she will wait until you least expect it or pounce on you immediately. Ah, good times ladies! She ain’t a bitch unless you have asked for it. The problem though is that if she waits for years, it’s hard to remember what it was exactly that you did do (unless you behaved like a real ass and recognize it immediately - I say this from real ass behaving experience) and if you are going to believe the truly hard core, karma remembers past lives. I sincerely hope not because I am totally screwed if that is the case … as are the rest of y’all … and it really confirms that fact that karma is female. The jist of karma (as I see it) is that if you do bad, you are going to pay tenfold. If you do good, right back atcha. Even if you accidently behave badly, you are going to accidently pay for it. Karma can be fun: When Jimbo caught Smiling Billy off his guard in a playful boy fight, Billy ended up with a broken leg. One week later, Jimbo went to kick his door open not knowing the dead bolt was engaged and broke his own leg! Woohoo! Gotta love that! When Chappy and J.T. got into a playful boy fight, Chappy broke his foot. J.T. is still awaiting his comeuppance. That oughta be fun to watch. Better watch where you step J.T. I am a firm believer. It is all in how you behave. Do you treat people well? Do you treat yourself well? Do you use your turn signal? Diablo Dug pointed out another good karmic sitch. A woman came in looking for him as she had such a great time ten years ago. “Oh, Dug will be here at 7.” Yeah. No. I’m awaiting my karmic return on that one. Dug is gonna send me a toothless wonder and probably tell him I love him. Ooopsy. Although … is that karma or revenge Dug? I do love me some instant karma. I say this as I watch my last table try to start their car to no avail. They tipped me nada. Hee Hee. I know I should have felt sympathetic, but they really should have tipped me. I guess I could have called Freddy’s Garage for them, but meh … I’ve been around long enough to know that some people got what’s coming to them. I’m not saying that people deserve cancer, terminal illness, tragedy and heartbreak, but some people truly do deserve to get hit by a bus … and you know exactly whom I speak of. Yeppers. Karma is a mofo. The moral? Be good and use your turn signal. Be nice to the elderly, your mom and your neighbor (even if they are an ass). It will come right back atcha ten fold. I promise. Oh did I mention use your turn signal?

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The nesting part of the 2012 sea turtle season is winding down. By the time this is published, nesting females will have returned to the sea. Looks like Tybee will finish the season with 23 loggerhead sea turtle nests surpassing our 1996 record of 14 nests. The hatching part of the season began in late July and will continue through the end of October. The statistics on the 23 nests deposited on Tybee are amazing. There were 57 crawls on Tybee this season. Thirty four crawls were known as a “false crawl” or a “dry run”. Divided among the 23 nests were 2,213 eggs. At the time of this writing, eight nests have hatched with about 700 babies making their way to the Atlantic. We had a surprise nest emerge in late July. A nest was spotted hatching at 18th Street. This nest was not known about and we were quite surprised. I am amazed that the nest survived two major holiday events

in that location, Memorial Day and the 4th of July. It is astonishing that an umbrella was not stuck in the nest cavity. So far the volunteers with the Tybee Sea Turtle Project have conducted eight nest excavations. These excavations, or nest inventories, occur five nights after a nest has hatched. The nest is dug up to find out exactly how many eggs hatched or didn’t hatch. Of course the excavations are little more exciting when we find live babies in the nest cavity. Those babies are released at dark. We use the nest excavations as an educational outreach component to the Tybee Island Marine Science Center’s sea turtle conservation work. The number of folks who have turned out for an excavation has been wonderful. Everyone walks away with a little better understanding of our beloved sea turtles. So far we have educated about 800 folks face to face and many more at our Facebook page. The genetic study, conducted by Dr. Brian Shamblin of UGA, has shown some interesting results. As part of the genetic study, we take one egg sample from each nest. The DNA is extracted and the identification process begins. So far, we have learned that the female who laid Nest 1 and Nest 12 on Tybee also nested on Little Tybee, Sapelo Island and Sea Island. We also learned that the eggs in Nest 7 and Nest 9 were deposited by the same mom. Finally, the female who laid nest five also nested on Sea Island. The study also shows that the interval between nests is about 13 days per female. More data is being analyzed and I will provide more information next month. As we continue with the hatching part of the season, it is important to remember to keep the beach dark. Please make sure to close all blinds and drapes, turn off outside lighting and porch lights, only use a red filtered flashlight on the beach if necessary and don’t use flash photography on the beach at night. Artificial lighting causes baby sea turtles to become disoriented and head toward the light rather than the ocean. If your light casts a shadow on the beach, it will disturb a sea turtle. Remember, SEA TURTLES DIG THE DARK! For more info on sea turtles or the Tybee Island Sea Turtle Project please visit the Tybee Island Marine Science Center! The center is located at 1510 Strand Avenue. If you wish to donate, please call (912)786-5917, or visit www. If you are interested in volunteering with the Sea Turtle Project, please contact the Center or send me an email at Tammy@TybeeMarine


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Tybee resident spins tale of murder, political intrigue and committing journalism They tell you in school to write about what you know. Tybee Island resident Larry Peterson has taken that to heart. His second novel, Last Days of the Coastal Empire, is a tale about newspapering, politics, Savannah, and Tybee. His protagonist, political reporter Mike Taylor has been there, done that. He likes to take names and kick ass. He’s won awards, but his favorite trophies are the scalps of crooked or just plain stupid politicians. Starting a new job at the Clarion in Savannah, Taylor hopes to keep his head down and just do his job. But his job always seems to draw him into the eye of a storm. Moreover, despite its scenic charm, Savannah’s no exception. Taylor joins other reporters investigating a decapitation murder. The victim turns out to have abetted a devious scheme to prop up the newspaper’s readership figures. Then Taylor learns that Congressman Bill Hatfield has pulled strings to get the FBI to take over the case. But rather than attempting to expedite the inquiry, Hatfield wants to stall it. Taylor and his colleagues play hide-andseek with thugs hired to stop them. They endure burglaries, a mugging, vandalism and a harrowing chase. Tension mounts – and so does the body count – as they scramble for the truth. Much of the action takes place on Tybee. Among the plot venues: the lighthouse, Doc’s Bar, the Quarter, MacElwee’s restaurant, the defunct but much- beloved Tango cafe, Officers Row, and of course, the beach. “A warning for those who need their eight hours of sleep

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a night,” said Dick Pettys, former Georgia capitol correspondent for The Associated Press. “Once you get into this book, you won’t want to put it down.” Peterson is currently a politics writer and columnist for the Savannah Morning News. His resume includes four decades of experience as a reporter, columnist, supervising editor and freelance writer. The California native has covered six national political-party conventions and numerous candidates for president, governor and Congress. He has been a city or a metro editor at three daily newspapers. Peterson’s freelance work has appeared in The Wall Street Journal, Financial Times of Canada and the California Journal. He and his wife, former Los Angeles Times reporter Lanie Lippincott Peterson have lived on Tybee most of the time since 1992. He swims in the ocean almost daily during the summer and surfs when the waves are big enough to ride and small enough not to break his brittle old bones. Peterson has been honored statewide and regionally for his writing and for projects he directed and edited. He attended the University of Southern California and California State University, Long Beach, where he earned a bachelor’s degree in political science. Published by Indianapolis-based Dog Ear Publishing, Last Days of the Coastal Empire is the sequel to Peterson’s first novel, City Editor. Contact: Larry Peterson, (912) 7860498,

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Summertime on Tybee was delightful and the beautiful fall season is approaching! Much will be happening as we enter into “Tybee Time” this month with events such as Labor Day Beach Bash, the 2nd Annual Coastal Empire Surfers for Autism, and Savannah Ocean Exchange’s International Beach Party. Two clean ups are also taking place this month…Adopt-a-Highway will be September 8 and a Beach Sweep, in conjunction with the Beach Party event, will be September 16! Thanks for helping “pick up and pitch in” to Keep Tybee Tidy! Plus, mark your calendar for the beginning of the fall series of Third Thursdays on Tybee! Jan Spillane will kick off the fall series September 20 from 5:30pm – 7:00pm downtown at the Tybrisa / Strand Roundabout (rain location


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= Spanky’s Beachside). She is looking forward to sharing with you her award winning bluesy, country style during this free, family friendly musical delight! Bring a chair, stroll the shops, or grab a bite for dinner as you enjoy the music in the Main Corridor. Donations are accepted and greatly appreciated during the Third Thursday on Tybee performances to assist the BHT Program’s efforts to host community based activities throughout the corridor. A SPECIAL MESSAGE FROM THE BETTER HOMETOWN PROGRAM CHAIR, MONTY PARKS… “On Sunday, October 21, Tybee Island will have its first Community Day in Memorial Park. This event marks the end of the busy, busy, rush, rush summer season and kicks off our true Tybee Time. Activities will start at 12 noon and will run until 5pm. This is a time for all of us to get together in Memorial Park, have a picnic, listen to some live music, let the kids get face painted and get to know each other again. There will be sack races, a community art project, a variety of adult games and other children’s activities. Community Day is a special day for the community to come together and celebrate with a big “Tybee Island backyard picnic”! We are counting on you to spread the word Tybee-style. One of the main games on the 21st is Tug O’ War. We already have teams getting ready to participate in this fun event, including City Officials, the police department, and restaurants. Be sure to sign up your group and put a challenge out to your (friendly) rivals. Who knows, there may be a big pool of chocolate pudding to pull them into! Another activity throughout the day will be learning about Island Organizations and Services (i.e. WastePro) at their tables in Memorial Park. This will be a great time to learn more about the services available in our community and the people who provide them. It is also a great time to tell these folks just how much you appreciate their efforts. Community Day is sponsored by the Better Hometown Board of Directors. For more information on the children’s events, the music, the Tug O’ War, the food, or how to get your group involved in the fun, contact Chantel Morton, Better Hometown Coordinator. She can be reached at 912-472-5071. Come on out on the 21st and mark end of the busy season (AKA “Back to No’r’mal”) by getting together for our big Tybee Island backyard picnic.” Until next month, enjoy “Tybee Time” and the nostalgic essence of Tybee. Along with the well rounded commerce available on Tybee, there is always someone to talk to, something to do and to experience in our community! See you around this hometown! Chantel 912.472-5071 (

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TYde is Rising on Tybee’s Food Pantry

By Joey Burel, Chairman

Rising TYde Community Food Pantry Open for One Year! It started as a vision by a few Tybee Island residents to bring groceries to the elderly. It changed into a larger idea of helping Tybee people in need. When it officially opened in September 2011, that first month three clients came for help. Now the RTCFPantry sees an average of 26 clients, monthly, serving approximately 58 people in need. The grand total is now 289 clients and the pantry has served a total of 637 people on Tybee, in the first eleven months. That means 289 full grocery carts have gone out the pantry door. We will easily top 300 after our August distribution. The pantry has had its share of growing pains as we weathered the different seasons on the island. Winter months brought in some new clients as the island tourist trade slowed way down. A few clients got jobs in the spring and happily told us about it as they said this trip was their last. July was a record month; we served more children and seniors than any other month so far. With our unsure economy, no one knows what our client list will be each month. So we try to plan for more than we think will come. We are continuing to adjust our grocery list as well. Everyone that comes in can get milk now (we call it shelf milk) and a big box of cereal. We try to always have jelly to go with the peanut butter and to give out snacks and cookies, too. The pantry board is so appreciative of the many donations, large and small, that have been given to the pantry. With that money we can be sure to have items not readily available at the Second Harvest Food Bank. Our clients like grits. Now we can have them available for those that ask for them. We have enough money to assure us being able to give special holiday foods. This month we also are starting to give out a dozen eggs to each family. The Executive Board would like to thank Mike Hosti for helping with this. And of course, none of this would be possible without the generosity of the people of Tybee. The pantry is lucky to have had some churches and civic groups to adopt specific foods to collect. We are very thankful to those organizations that have done so and encourage you to keep up the good work! You really help us stock our regular items every month. Any civic group interested in No One Covers Tybee Like The Breeze

food adoption can let a Rising TYde Executive Board member know and we will gratefully help you get started. For those of you that are wondering what items we need, we have a standard list. These are the items rarely available for us at the Second Harvest. They are milk, jelly, grits, rice, canned fruit, canned chicken, and other canned meats such as tuna and ham. When applicable, use BOGO (buy one get one). However, the pantry readily accepts all non-perishable food items. Those that we do not stock become the items for our open table. We make them available for client choice.

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Adventures of Steve & Jan Fox Hi everyone, Our last stop in New York was for six days at Metcalf Acres adjacent to Schroon Lake, which is in the Lake George area where we stayed previously. This is an old, wooded campground with a large number of permanently parked RVs whose owners drop by on weekends. This is the first place we have ever seen travel trailers with sliding glass doors. It rained a bit while there, so we mostly hung around and drove the area. From there, we traveled to an RV park in Shelburne, VT for four days of intermittent rain. We visited Shelburne Farms, which was converted from a 3,800 acre working farm to a quite interesting, nonprofit business. There are eight miles of walking trails and a petting zoo and classrooms for kids. They are self-sustaining and grow limited plants to feed their livestock and guests at their inn. The livestock mostly consists of cows plus a few chickens, goats, and animals for the petting zoo. Milk from the cows (twice each day) is trucked to a building with the equipment needed to create cheddar cheese. They pump the milk into a large vat early in the morning, add bacteria and chemicals at various times, stir a lot, and pack the resulting mix into cheese, which is then stored in 40 pound blocks. Visitors can watch the process as it occurs. They age the cheese from 6 months to 3 years (the longer, the more expensive to purchase), then sell it at the farm and other locations. The whey left over from cheese making is mixed with manure as fertilizer. There is more information at We also visited the incredible Shelburne Museum. It consists of a vintage 1920s working carousel, one lighthouse, one covered bridge, one boat, several gardens, and 39 buildings, 20 of which are historic and were relocated to the museum, all spread out over 40 acres. Many of the exhibits are unique, including: The semi-circular Circus Building which houses old wooden carousel animals, a circus “parade� consisting of hand carved vehicles and 4,000 animals and figures that run the length of the building, all in a 1 inch = 1 foot scale; about 500 circus posters from 1870 to 1940; a miniature three ring circus made up of more than 3,500 figures, and an operating 1920s carousel. These three ring circus was built by hand over a 40 year


Tybee Breeze

period by Edward Kirk of the Kirk Brothers Circus, using only a treadle jigsaw and a pen knife. Simply amazing. Other exhibits include: The Round Barn with a revolving exhibition. The current pieces include sleighs and sleds from the 1800s to the 1970s. Railroad Station with old Alco and Baldwin steam locomotives from the early 1910s, a vintage Pullman passenger car, and a bicycle for riding the tracks. Lighthouse built 1871 and relocated from Lake Champlain. Also a picture of a Fresnel lens like they have on Tybee. Two lane Covered Bridge built in 1845 and relocated from Cambridge, VT. Horseshoe Barns with carriages, farm and trade wagons, stage coaches, a Conestoga wagon (the real thing), and other specialty vehicles. Can you imagine going cross country in one of these? The extensively rebuild, 220 foot steamship Ticonderoga, which was built in Shelburne in 1906 as a daytime steamer on Lake Champlain. Other exhibits include art, blacksmith and apothecary shops, general store, jail, water wheel powered sawmill, historic houses, print shop with presses from the 1820s to the 1950s, old robots (remember when we were kids?), old toys, and much more. Visit if you want to learn more. If you drive up to VT this is well worth your time but beware, VT does a poor job of maintaining their roads. We next traveled to a KOA in Twin Mountain, NH. The weather was great and we stayed a relaxing ten days. We explored the mountains and valleys (they call them notches) and hiked a bit, including on the Appalachian Trail. The area is very scenic and there is a lot to see. We took the cog railway up to the top of Mount Washington. The building of the railway began in 1866. It starts at 2,700 feet, ends at 6,288 feet, is very steep in places, and takes about an hour each way. A small, old steam locomotive runs once in the morning and small biodiesel locomotives run the rest of the day. Note in the photo that the boiler on No One Covers Tybee Like The Breeze

the steam locomotive is angled. The reason is that it is relatively level when climbing the mountain. There is one car for passengers and the car is not connected to the locomotive. It pushes the car up and the car rests against it down the mountain – not a trip for the squeamish. There are two gears (cogs) on the bottom of the locomotive that turns along a track between the rails. Once there were old inns located at the summit. Now there is a NOAA weather station, a restaurant, and the inevitable gift shop. The day we went we saw maybe 50 hikers climbing up to or down from the summit. The Appalachian Trail passes about 2/3 of the way up. There is more information and pictures at We also visited Lost River Gorge, which includes waterfalls, potholes (a water feature), and several small caves. They say there are 1,000 steps on the path, but it seemed like a lot more than that. You will find information and pictures at www. We also spotted some

No One Covers Tybee Like The Breeze

interesting things on the road, including a sign for a transmission shop (note the mechanic crawling in the transmission), and lots of beware of moose signs. We currently are staying at the Capecamp Resort in Falmouth, MA on Cape Cod for seven days. The weather has been great and we have taken several day trips, including to Provincetown (the last town on the tip of the cape), and the Woods Hole Oceanographic Institute, which is located adjacent to Falmouth. This is a very interesting place and we learned about their submersible vehicles, contributions to the Deep Water Horizon investigation, and other cool stuff. You can learn about the institute at We are leaving on Monday for Old Orchard Beach, ME. Take care, Steve and Jan

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Many thanks to all of our Ocean Rescue and Beach Patrol staff on another great summer. As you know, we had very busy summer but due to the hard work and diligence of our Guards and Patrol, it has been uneventful from the perspective of public safety which is always a good thing. I received many emails from people who visited Tybee from out of town complimenting the staff for rescues that took place, lost children who were located, the overall cleanliness of the beach and the City and many other services provided by our employees. We always will have areas where we can do a better job, especially when it comes to keeping the beach litter free, but we always strive for continuous improvement. The plans for a new public safety building continue to move forward. We recently had a city council workshop that was devoted solely to this project. We are carefully shepherding this project step-by-step as to avoid cost overruns and to ensure that public dollars are expended in a responsible, reasonable and beneficial manner. We also want to construct a building that will last and serve its function for a long, long time. The public safety building was one of the projects that was listed on the voter-approved Special Purpose Local Option Sales Tax several years ago. The funds collected from this revenue stream (which is the 6th cent of the 7 cent sales tax that we pay for most goods in Chatham County) may only be used for projects that were listed on the ballot. The tax is a county-wide tax. Before it went to the voters, the municipalities in the County and the County agreed upon a distribution formula. Although the funds from this tax have been collected for several years, we were delayed in receiving funds from the County due to way the distribution formula was formatted. It was agreed to by the municipalities and County that before any funds were to be distributed to the Cities that sufficient funds would first be collected for the new Detention Center. This delay is the primary reason that the City of Tybee has not yet constructed the promised new public safety facility. We simply did not want to spend money that we had not yet received especially for something that will not be a revenue-generator. We also have been hindered by the decrease in the County’s estimates of the total amount that they expected to collect. The estimates were made prior to the recession that began in 2008. Despite these challenges we are now moving forward with this project. Why? First, it is something that needs to do. The existing building is outdated and we have outgrown it. Second, we committed to the voters to do it. We can’t ask voters to approve a self-imposed tax and then not follow through on doing what we said we were going to do with those funds. The City is currently negotiating the distribution formula


Tybee Breeze

for another portion of the sales tax: the Local Option Sales Tax which incidentally in my view is the worst possible acronym for a tax (LOST). In any event, the LOST is a 10 year long tax and is the 5th cent of the sales tax we pay. It is designed to help maintain the millage rate. Note that the first 4 cents of the 7 cents pay for most goods is the state sales tax. The 5th is the LOST. The 6th is the aforementioned SPLOST and the 7th is the E-SPLOST or Education Special Purpose Local Option Sales Tax. Recently, the state legislature provided a mechanism for a regional transportation sales tax or TSPLOST which was rejected in our region. The LOST is a tax that is not approved by voters. It is a 10 year tax. Every 10 years, the distribution method is supposed to be renegotiated by the cities and counties statewide. This is done to coincide with the nationwide Census that takes place every 10 years, so that changes in population can be taken into account through the distribution methodology. Not to get bogged down in the details, but the way this tax revenue is dispersed is a very big deal for Tybee. If the County gets what it wants, its share of the tax “pie” will go up substantially, which means that the share received by the various municipalities in the County would go down just as substantially. As a City that serves as the playground for the entire County, I do not believe it is fair for the City of Tybee to receive less than we currently receive. The issue will probably wind up in front of a judge at some point. The cities and the County are currently at an impasse over this issue and I will keep you apprised of the status of this ongoing discussion. Finally, I have submitted a formal letter to the Director of the county’s transportation planning department asking how we prioritize the bridges to Tybee and the needed improvements to the causeway in light of the failure of the TSPLOST referendum. There is about $4 million dollars being spent right now on the design and engineering of new bridge at Bull River and Lazaretto Creek. We worked very hard to get construction funds on the TSPLOST list. Now that these funds are not forthcoming, we will continue to aggressively advocate for funds from the traditional sources of revenue for roads and bridges. Mayor’s Night In will be on September 18 this month. Please contact Jan Leviner for an appointment at 786.4573. Or feel free to contact me at any time on my cell at 844.8427 or at Have a great September! Please don’t ever hesitate to contact me should you have any questions or suggestions. I can be reached on my cell at 844.8427 or via e-mail at

No One Covers Tybee Like The Breeze

May 2012 september 2012 A-J’s DOCKSIDE Are you looking for a great place to eat that’s on the water where you can enjoy some of the finest food on the island? A place where you can kickback, relax & enjoy your favorite beverage while watching the dolphins play in the back-river? A place where you can watch some of the best sunsets North of Mallory Square? Come to 1315 Chatham Ave. on the back-river. We’re just the place you’re looking for. Voted Best Outdoor Dining 2011! Live music Fri., Sat & Sun. Nightly dinner & drink specials. Happy Hour Daily 5-7pm. 912-786-9533. BERNIE’S OYSTER HOUSE We offer a variety of food: sandwiches, chowders & seafood. We have a full service bar. Come join us & try one of our famous Mason Jar Bloody Mary’s. Join us on our outdoor patio. We have T-shirts, koozies & shot glasses. Thur-Sat 6-10pm live music. Happy Hour Mon-Thur 4-7pm, 50¢ oysters (raw only) & 12oz. draft beer for $2. We have a great staff that is always ready to please. Samuel Adams Band every Fri. & Sat. Call 912-7865100 for take-out & more info. If you are in Historic Savannah, stop & visit our other Bernie's at 115 E. River St. Benny’s Tavern The Coldest Beer in America! Tue. open pool tables. Wed. pool tournament 7:30pm. Sat. pool tournament at 2:30pm w/Ms. Molly. Karaoke Thur - Sun w/Footprint in the Sand. Come party w/some of Tybee’s characters: Tess, Linda, Joanne, Bobbie, Ricki, Nicki, Bo & Flower Wanda. Kim & Bob are in the Kitchen. K & B Kitchen Now Open! Mon-Sat 10:30-2:45am; Sun. 12:30pm - 2:45am. Come check out our new menu: Kickin’ Chicken & Bangin’ Steaks! Wi-Fi. Voted Coldest Beer 2008-2011 and Best Karoke 2011! It’s a Tybee Thang! 1517 Butler Ave/ Downtown Tybee 912-786-0121. Breakfast Club Winner of 20 consecutive “Best Breakfast” awards. Free wireless/

No One Covers Tybee Like The Breeze

WHATs hOt on tybee . . . WHere to go . . . purchase. We are centrally located oysters are just the start of a fun in the heart of the commercial packed visit. Children are always district at 15th & Butler. welcome & the Trout Treasures (kid’s fish dinner) is the most CoCo’s Sunset Grille requested item. If it’s steaks or Located at Lazaretto Creek Marina chicken the land lover in your group next to Captain Mike’s Dolphin craves we offer hand-cut rib-eyes, Adventure. Open daily at 11:00 filets & a grilled chicken breast or AM. Rooftop dining overlooking better yet chicken fingers. Nothing Lazaretto Creek-Fresh local pre-battered or pre-cooked in our seafood-Sunset toast every kitchen. Chef Greg offers a pasta evening. Tuesday Trivia; Friday special & local catch daily. We Live Music; Saturday Game Day; strive to provide the service you Sunday Bar Bingo. 912-786-7810 expect at the prices you can afford. No reservations needed. Voted Best Steak 2011. Visit www. DOC’S BAR We look Live music Fri. & Sat. 9pm - till, Sun. forward to serving ya! 6-10pm. Tue. $1.50 domestic beer. Sun. nights Shag contest. Great Marlin Monroe’s SURFSIDE food & good fun! Beach, Boogie, Come dine in the dunes at our bar Blues & Buffett music. Doc’s Bar & grill. A hidden oasis on Tybee is the oldest bar on Tybee, and still Island. Located at the Beachside the center of the universe. Voted Colony on Butler Ave. Beautiful Best Local Musician Roy ocean views. Serving steaks, Swindelle 2011! Find us on seafood, burgers, great salads & Facebook. more. Voted Best Margarita 2011! 912.786-GRIL. FANNIE’S ON THE BEACH Celebrating 20 years of food, fun Nickie’s 1971 Bar & Grill & spirits...Oceanfront! You can’t Located in the midst of fun on the miss the pink roofed restaurant south end, Nickie’s 1971 has an on Strand near 17th St. (3 stories impressive menu that includes high) 2 open-air decks in the sky deli subs, panini’s, stromboli’s, for an incredible beachfront view. burgers and pizza. Eat in the 50’s Voted Best Sunday Brunch & style diner or relax in the lounge Bloody Mary 2011! And we boast situated behind the diner. Nickie’s the best frozen drinks on Tybee... lounge offers a fully stocked you can bet your Fannie! We’re bar with plenty of seating and open for lunch & dinner everyday. exudes a comfortable atmosphere for socializing. Join the most 912-786-6109 for take-outs. entertaining staff on the island for excellent food, primo cocktails and HUC-A-POO’S “Where the Mind & Spirits Meet!” good times. Open late 7 days a Open daily for lunch & dinner week. Get a virtual tour and more 10:30am-until. Located off Hwy. 80 details at in the shops at Tybee Oaks. Mon. nights we have darts! Join us Wed. QUARTER SPORTS BAR & GRILL nights for corn-hole tournaments, “Tybee’s little local dump with a sign-up 7-7:30pm. Live Music Fri. really big attitude.” Locally owned & Sat. nights (depending on who’s & operated since 1990. THE here). Voted Best Pizza & Best place to be for sports, food, fun Overall Bar 2011! 786-5900. and “Licka Drinks” on Tybee. Dish Network Satellite for those hard MACELWEE’S SEAFOOD to find games. Pool tables, dart Looking for the place to watch boards... and have I mentioned ships sail? Join us at MacElwee’s FOOD? From burgers to snow where the freshest seafood is crabs, we’ve got it. Get here early prepared to order. The view is great for our Happy Hour Specials like from our porch & the entertainment $5.75 wings 4-7pm Mon-Fri. Raw & is priceless. Local beer battered Steamed oysters by the dz. Open shrimp & steaming buckets of Mon-Sat 4pm-3am; Sun 12:30pm-

3am. That’s also the hours we cook, so early or late we’ve got you covered. See our menu in this magazine. Voted Best Burger 8 Years; Best Wings for 8 Years; Best Happy Hour for 3 Years in a row, and Best Local Hangout 2011! Under 21 allowed until 9pm. For to-go orders call 912-7868966. SPANKY’S BEACHSIDE Seafood, seafood and a lot more! You can’t imagine! Come in & check us out! Tybee’s Best Seafood (Shrimp, Grouper, Scallops & Mahi) fresh & local hand cut steaks, pasta, huge hand-pattied burgers & the biggest Chicken sandwich in Georgia! Call for prices on our party platters & all your catering needs. Our upstairs deck is open to rent for parties! Come & enjoy a great atmosphere with the best Tybee has to offer in food & the friendliest staff on the island. Voted Best Family Friendly Restaurant 2010 & 2011, and Best Chicken Fingers 2011! 912-786-5520. STING RAY’S SEAFOOD A local favorite! Tybee’s home for blue crabs, beach music & beer! Come join us, you’ll be happy you did, as the tradition continues with the Ray’s serving you with great pride their best & freshest award winning seafood. Voted Best Seafood, Best Place to Watch Tybee Parades, Best Place to Watch UGA Play, and Best J-ello Shots 2011! Come sit down with us in a comfortable & relaxed atmosphere on our outdoor deck that is the perfect place to watch bands, parades, and to people watch on Tybee. Or join us in our indoor ding room for even more comfort & fun. Live music 7 nights a week. There are many favorites on our menu with a variety of seafood selections. Gift certificates make the perfect gift & are always available. Open 7 days a week 11am-until. 912-786-0209. TYBEE TIME Cool off at Tybee Time! Specializing in frozen cocktails. Voted Best Daiquiri 2004-2011! Tybee Breeze


WHAT TO do . . . WHAT’s going on . . . island entertainment, Events have a fantastic meal, wash it down with an excellent cocktail and be entertained by our fun loving kick ass bartenders and phenomenal cooks. Our kitchen closes at 7 p.m. during the weekday so if you want to rock the special, come early. Weekends our kitchen is open WINDROSE CAFE Are you hungry, thirsty and looking later! For daily special info or just for a very laid-back atmosphere; plain ol’ info call 912-786-6593. not in that particular order? Come events on down to the Wind Rose Café! Located down front in the middle of Sept. 2nd - Labor Day Beach Tybrisa, Wind Rose is exactly what Bash. Enjoy the ocean breezes, you are looking for. Celebrating while live music fills the air from 16 years in business and having the Tybee Island Pier & Pavilion. the reputation for the best lunches Come to the 4th Annual Labor on Tybee makes it the place to Day Beach Bash featuring be. The classic home made daily free live entertainment by the lunch specials include shepherds Swingin’ Medallions & fireworks pie, turkey & dressing, Southern oceanfront! fried chicken, livers, gizzards, soups, baked ham & several other September 8th 9am - 4pm - 2nd yummy dishes. Not to mention the Annual Coastal Empire Surfers standard menu that includes an For Autism. Beach area south excellent seafood selection and side of Walter W. Parker Pier & the best cheeseburger on the Pavilion. Fun and educational for entire planet! Happy Hour rocks special needs children and their down front with $1.50 draughts, families. $2.00 domestic bottles and $2.00 well drinks. Let us help you put Sept. 15th & 16th - The 1st your happy face on! Stop in and Annual Let it Shine Found Art We have 10 different daiquiri machines. We have 13 TV’s! We are THE HEADQUARTERS for all current sporting events! Every hour is happy at Tybee Time! Open 7 days noon-3am. 912-786-7150.

Competition and Art Exhibit to benefit the restoration and preservation of the Cockspur Island Lighthouse will take place September 15th & 16th at the Fort Pulaski National Monument. Featuring three great exhibits: Finalists from the Cockspur Found Art Competition, Found Art thru the Eyes of Children and The Way We Knew It- Cockspur and Environs by local artists.This event is brought to you by the Friends of Cockspur Lighthouse. Sept. 15th 6pm The 2012 Savannah Ocean Exchange kicks off with a free concert by “American Idol” winner Ruben Studdard on Tybee Island’s North Beach. For details on the week’s environmental events and activities visit Sept. 15th - 14th Tybee Island Sea Kayak Races. Benefitting the Tybee Island Marine Science Center. This date coincides with a major Savannah event, Ocean Exchange, which is a celebration of oceans and includes a consortium sponsoring solutions to ocean

problems. Check it out at www. Sept 20th 5:30pm - 7:00pm - Third Thursday On Tybee. Tybrisa / Strand Roundabout Jan Spillane will kick off the Fall Series with her musical talents during this outdoor family-friendly free music concert. Sept. 16th 7:30am -10:00am - Tybee BeachSweep. Be a part of the International Coastal Cleanup on Sunday, September 16th. The Tybee Beautification Association is partnering with the Georgia Conservancy, City of Tybee, Hands On Savannah, Savannah Ocean Exchange, and NOAA - Gray’s Reef to clean up unwanted trash on Tybee’s beautiful beaches. Volunteers should meet at the North Beach Bar & Grill for registration and materials. Gloves, bags, grabbers, data cards, pencils, water, and light refreshments will be provided. Free parking is available for all volunteers. Students are reminded to bring their community service forms.

Tides For Tybee Light


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No One Covers Tybee Like The Breeze

churches announcements, classifieds, just for kids, and island churches For additional information, please contact Georgia Conservancy Coastal Director Clay Mobley at 912.447.5910 or CMobley@ or Tybee Beautification BeachSweep Coordinator Kathryn Williams at Sept. 20th 5:30pm - 7pm - Third Thursday On Tybee. Tybrisa / Strand Roundabout Jan Spillane will kick off the fall series with her musical talents during this outdoor family-friendly free music concert.

upcoming events Oct. 4-7th - 8th Annual Tybee Island Pirate Festival. Swashbucklers of all ages will be converging on Tybee Island to participate in the 8th Annual Tybee Island Pirate Fest! Featuring a Pirate Victory Parade, Live Entertainment, Costume Contests, Children’s Activities and the Thieves Market filled with treasures, grog and grub! www. Oct. 18th 5:30pm - 7:00pm Third Thursday on Tybee. The Lot at Tybee Oaks Performer and songwriter, Jeff Beasley will delight all ages with his “One Man Band” musical talents during this month’s outdoor family-friendly free music concert. Oct. 27th - Puttin on the Ritz. Tybee Island Historical Society and Lighthouse invites you to our 1st Annual Lighthouse Gala and a night of 1930s glamour on theTybee Island Pier. After enjoying an assortment delicious food, provided by Sundae Café, Ocean Plaza, Papas and North Beach Grill, dance the night away in 1930s costume. The 1930s was a time when Tybee Island was at its most popular. Big bands such as Glenn Miller and Tommy Dorsey would have played at Tybee Island’s pier and pavilion during this era. Come and relive this history by dancing under the stars to the sounds of the JEREMY DAVIS AND THE FABULOUS EQUINOX ORCHESTRA. All of the proceeds from this lavish and elegant costume party will go towards the repainting of the Tybee Lighthouse one of Tybee Island’s most important landmarks. Tickets are limited and expected to go quickly

No One Covers Tybee Like The Breeze

for this 1930s themed costume party so please purchase them soon and we hope to see you there.

announcements Join us for DOLPHINS & DESSERTS on Saturday, September 15th at 7:00pm, sponsored by The Dolphin Project. The keynote speaker for the evening will be Dr. Bill Savidge who will talk about the importance of our incredible marsh which protects us from storms and is the nursery for coastal birds, amphibians and marine life including our local Bottlenose dolphins. Scrumptious desserts and refreshing beverages will be served. Cost: $5.00. Everyone invited! Stewart Hall, First Presbyterian Church, 520 Washington Ave, Savannah. To RSVP: dolphinsanddesserts@ or 912-657-3927 www.

The Beach Bums Jack Boylston 912-786-5655

Chapel by the Sea Baptist Church Reverend David Laughner Services: Sunday School 9:45am Sunday Morning Worship 11am Sunday Evening Worship 7pm Wednesday Bible Study 7pm Butler Avenue at 9th Street Tybee Island, GA 31328 912-786-4647 or

The Burton 4-H Center

God About’s Senior Ministry is on the 3rd Tue. of each month.

Coastal Pet Rescue

All Saints’ Episcopal Church *All Are Warmly Welcomed* The Rev. Helen S. White, Vicar Service Sunday at 10AM Coffee Hour at 11AM We are located at 804 Jones Ave, two blocks west of Butler Ave. Call 786-5845 for more info or email us at “Who ever you are, where ever you find yourself on your journey of faith, there is a place here for YOU!

our tybee givers The American Legion Ladies Auxilliary Sons of the American Legion

Tybee “DAC” Kids The E.S.A (Eastern Surfing Association) Friends of Cockspur Island Lighthouse - Harvey Ferrelle at Tybee Island Garden Club Meetings are held on the 3rd Wed. of each month Sept. - May

POOL TOURNAMENT FOR LITERACY IS NOW RECRUITING PLAYERS. Royce Learning Center is recruiting amateur The Tybee Island Historical and experienced pool players to Society 912-786-5801 or take part in the 1st Annual Pool Tournament for Literacy. This charity event is raising funds and The Tybee Island Sea Turtle awareness about adult literacy. Project 912-786-5917 or Teams consist of 2 players. Team registration fee is $30. There will be a maximum number of 40 The Marine Resue Squadron to teams to play. Register early Joey Solomom at at http://roycelearningcenter. The event is a Tybee Islnd Optimist Club scotch doubles, round-robin Helen Wilson 912-786-5890 format and includes a grand prize drawing and award to the The Optimists meet at the Sunrise winning team. The event is open restaurant the 1st & 3rd thursday of each month at 7pm to the public and will be held at the Southside Billiard Club on Saturday, September 29th from TAPS - Tybee Arts Performing Society 6:30pm to 10:00pm. All funds raised benefit the Adult Literacy Tybee Beautification Program at Royce Learning Association Center. For more information, 912-786-9688 or contact Maggie Keenan at (912) 354-4047.

just for kids Live Oak Public Libraries Presents Ellen O’Leary Acorns Storytime at the Tybee Library for children ages 0-4, Tue. 11am. 786-7733 for more info.

St. Michael Catholic Church Father Thomas J. Peyton Mass and Confessions Schedule: Saturday: Vigil - 6pm Sunday: 8am & 11am Daily: Mon-Fri 8am; Sat 9am Confessions: 5-5:45pm on Sat. or by appointment 801 Butler Ave. 912-786-4505 Trinity Chapel United Methodist Pastor Hank Perry Sunday school is at 9:45am Sunday Worship is at 11am 911 Butler Ave. For more info contact the church office at (912) 786-4491 Special Worship Services: Sunday closest to Memorial Day, July 4th & Labor Day at the pier at 8:30am. All are encouraged to attend!

Tybee Church “The Place Where Pirates Worship” Flip flops & smokers welcomed. Every Sun. 10:30am at the Benny’s Tavern - 912-433-1643 The YEEPIES (Youthful Energetic Encouragement, worship music & Enthusiastic People Involved in prayer. All included. Everything!) 912-786-9622 Tybee Island YMCA MEN BEHIND THE SCENE 912-786-9622 Men’s Inter-denominational Prayer

XI DELTA CHI Diane Ring 912-786-4867

Breakfast the 1st Sat. of each month at 9am. Call Jim Monaghan 897-2666 for more info Tybee Breeze



When I’m gone, I never come back, I can go slow, Or fast What am I?

AUGUST Riddle & Answer I am black, dark and cold but I have billions of burning lights. What am I? Answer: Space.

September Dates to remember

Aster 44

Tybee Breeze

3-Labor DaY 9-Grand Parents daY 11-patrioY daY 22-first daY of aUtUmn No One Covers Tybee Like The Breeze

Down 1 Michael Moody’s new album? (12)

Across 2 Sea turtles did the what? (4)

5 The Brethren of what will be at pirate fest? (8)

6 Ole Slo says we live on a what? (4,3) 8 This bee is here this month? (8)

3 She is a bitch? (5)

4 Judy has never cooked a pot of what? (5) 7 Vote for what awards this month? (6)

9 September 19th is talk like a what day? (6)

10 Tourists are gone, it is now what time? (5)

11 She retired after 10 years of service at the Tybee Visitor Information Center? (6,4) 12 The king and queen are from what creek? (9) *Did you know the answers to the Pirates Puzzle crossword can be found in the Tybee Breeze itself? So if you’re having trouble, look through the stories again!! The answer key will be published in the next edition.

Pirates Puzzle Answer August

Rating Level - Hard No One Covers Tybee Like The Breeze

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StarFish Scopes September 2012

1-Debbie Crawford, Lynn Powell & Barney Cannady; 2-Lynn Marston, Johnny Anderson & Keegan Ball McGettigan; 3-Benji Selph; 4-Alejandro Barrios; 5-Bobby Pebbles 6-Mable Edgerly; 7-Christopher Gibson; 8-Pete Kuntz & Anna Edenfield; 10-Johnny Hosti 11-Kevin Coursey & Turner Wilson; 13-Renie’ Smith; 15-Boogie, Vivian Woods, Gerald Wells, Michael Sullivan, Jamy Shearouse, Jonathan Thomas, Neal Wagner & Buddy Meyer; 16-Billy Pye; 17-David Cole, Robert Dickey & Jimmy Shearouse; 18-Robert Flanders; 19-Sundi Marino, Alfie Waite, Debi Burke-Scott & Craig Holt; 20-Ben Burnsed & Paul Weber; 21-Don Doyle; 22-Jimmy Brown & Paul Sereni; 23-Shannon Brown 25-“Nolan/Catfish” Wilson; 26-Capt. Stan Allen, Jonathan Salter & Michelle Gillikin; 28-Trey Piper; 29-Joel Parks; 30-Judd West

13-Don & Anna Hamilton 23-Jeff & Tara Mosley 27-Mac & Margie McLellan 27-Mark & Debbie Robinson

Virgo (August 23 - September 22) Your primary goal is well within your reach, and closer than it ever has been. Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to take the one final step to ensure your success. Libra (September 23 - October 22) If you’re attached, your sweetie is about to do something that will make you so proud. If you’re not attached, someone who admires you will try to change that. Are you game? Scorpio (October 23 - November 21) Whether it’s a jukebox, a Porsche or your brand new grilling machine, if you own it and you’re proud of it, you’ll have an irrepressible urge to polish it up and show it off to the world. Sagittarius (November 22 - December 21) Feel like showing off? Don’t worry. It’s not permanent and you won’t ruin your intensely private reputation. We’re all allowed the luxury of strutting our stuff every now and then. Capricorn (December 22 - January 20) Someone close is about to mention their feelings about you to a mutual friend. The best news is that you’ll hear all about it surreptitiously. What can you do to return the favor? Aquarius (January 21 - February 18) Times running out to strut your stuff, show off and let the world know just exactly how good you are at what you do. Find an audience. Practice being modest and appreciative. Pisces (February 19 - March 20) Could your natural charm possibly become any more devastating? Yes. Be careful where you point it. It’s going to be a whole lot easier to turn it on than to turn it off. Aries (March 21 - April 19) On the subject of travel, which is your favorite: You’ve never needed a travel partner, but you’re dying to bring one along -- the right one. Call them before you book.

Michael Moody is releasing a 13 song album. If you go to and type in Moodylicous, you can hear 4 preview songs.

Vivian Manucy Maxey Sunrise - May 31, 1941 Sunset - July 24, 2012


Tybee Breeze

Taurus (April 20 - May 20) You’ve never been short on ways to express your feelings for a loved one. Your mission is to let your words go and say everything that’s in your heart. Gemini (May 21 - June 20) Much as you want to, you still can’t decide whether or not to talk about a certain situation. So you’ve been keeping quiet. Tough as it is, that’s definitely the best plan of action. Cancer (June 21 - July 22) It’s not that you’re uncomfortable with emotional intimacy. You just don’t like to see people treat it lightly, and you prefer to only give private information about yourself to those who earn it -- as someone soon will. Leo (July 23 - August 22) Your gift of gab has never been anything to sneeze at, but the universe just made it even more charmingly lethal. If you’re not really interested, being too flirtatious might not be a good idea.

No One Covers Tybee Like The Breeze

No One Covers Tybee Like The Breeze

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Tybee Breeze

No One Covers Tybee Like The Breeze

September Tybee Breeze 2012  

September Tybee Breeze 2012