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No One Covers Tybee Like The Breeze

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No One Covers Tybee Like The Breeze

Tybee Breeze Established 2002

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The Tybee Breeze is a monthly publication that comes out on the 1st of each month and is available in racks & outdoor boxes throughout the island all month long. It is also available to view in its entirety to perspective visitors online, as well as, mailed out to subscribers all over the U.S. The deadline to advertise is by the 15th of the month prior. Our goal is to provide a fun & entertaining magazine for all ages. If you would like to contribute by writing a story, letter to the editor, suggesting a story, or advertising, contact us using the information above. By submitting photos to the Tybee Breeze, you are authorizing the Breeze to use, reproduce and display photographs. Some of the articles in the Tybee Breeze are fiction. Views expressed by writers are not necessarily those of the Tybee Breeze. The Tybee Breeze assumes no responsibility for typographical errors or omissions. All ads contained within the Tybee Breeze are the sole responsibility of the advertiser. The Tybee Breeze reserves the right to edit or refuse any articles or advertising submitted to this publication © 2013. All rights reserved. God Bless America & God Bless Our Troops!

Tybee singer/songwriter Thomas Oliver’s new CD “The Edge of America” dropped in September. It’s a solid rendering of the best of traditional country music, with a natural blend of folk and blues. After a lifetime in Atlanta, Thomas left his job in the city of his birth and settled four years ago on Tybee (becoming a fulltime resident after visiting regularly for 15 years.) Here, on the edge of America, he says he let the salt marsh, tidal creeks and ocean breezes do their magic. “The Edge of America” is the result – melodies in the tradition of real country music, with its natural mixture of folk and blues. Stories with timeless themes told simply and clearly. Nothing fancy here. “These songs are about the lost and found,” Thomas says, “the loves we had, the loves we threw away and the loves we’ve been given. It’s about home and family.” Finally, “The Edge of America” is about place,” Thomas says. “Places we’ve been, places we are in and places we miss.” The CD contains the island favorite “The Ballad of Tybee Island.” Sometimes it just takes a while That’s how Thomas Oliver describes his reincarnation as a singer songwriter after a long career in journalism. While working at Atlanta’s largest newspaper, Thomas wrote songs and performed them on the weekends. Eventually, he produced two CDs of stonecold country – honky-tonk blues and lovesick ballads. The Georgia Music Industry Association honored five of his songs from those two CDs as its Best of Country. “Finally Over Losing My Mind” and “The Life You Save Might be Your Own” are available on iTunes and most

No One Covers Tybee Like The Breeze

other Internet music sites. But all that was just a long prelude to a new life and a new sound. Fate and faith The long-declining newspaper industry was dealt a near fatal blow when the Great Recession of 2008 wiped out all but the strong, and even the major metro dailies were wounded. As a result, they offered buyouts. Thomas took one as a leap of faith and talked his long-time girlfriend, who also worked at the newspaper, into taking a buyout as well. They got married and moved to a tiny island off the coast of Georgia. On Tybee Island, Thomas became a fulltime performing singer/ songwriter. He brought his well-deserved reputation for a great show from Atlanta, where folks like Sean McPherson of the Smith’s Olde Bar says, “Thomas is one of my favorites to book because I know he will put on a great show that always leaves them wanting more.” Savannah Songwriters Series Since moving from Atlanta, Thomas has played many of the music venues on Tybee Island, from Doc’s Bar and Huc-aPoos, to North Beach Grill and Wild Wing’s in Savannah, As well as, Uncle Bubba’s on Wilmington Island and Driftaway Café in Sandfly. His shows are a blend of Americana, classic country and his originals. Although Thomas was told that most venues, since they cater to the tourist crowd, preferred covers to originals, he felt moved to play more and more of his own songs, and the crowd’s response encouraged him even further. His long-time fans couldn’t help but notice that Thomas’ songs were taking on more of a folk and blues mixture. Still Tybee Breeze


underscored with real country melodies and stories, but now layered with what folks call Americana: a little bit of country mixed with folk and blues. He soon became involved with the newly formed Savannah Songwriters Series, which showcases original music twice a month in a writers-in-the-round format. As SSS evolved and grew, Thomas became more involved and is now a producer and helps book the showcases.

2013 Pirate Fest Schedule October 10th, Thursday

Buccaneer’s Ball at the Crab Shack 6-10pm. Tickets $30 till Oct. 9th and $35 at the door.

October 11th, Friday

Festival Open from 5pm-11pm Tickets: Friday – $12 advance | $12 gate Sataurday – $15 advance | $15 gate Weekend Pass – $22 advance | $24 gate

God, Coke and UGA Born in Atlanta, Thomas is a graduate of UGA. A career in journalism included senior writing and management positions at the Atlanta JournalConstitution and the publication of the international best seller: “The Real Coke, the Real Story” (1986 Random House/ 1987 Penguin).

5pm-7pm – Bouncy Houses, Petting Zoo, Blackbeard’s Pirate Ship, Activities and Games & Ferris Wheel

Random House 1986 The son of a Sunday School teacher, Thomas once considered the ministry. Still his religious upbringing reveals itself in several songs he calls his spiritual blues, where he confronts the mystery of the misery suffered by both the just and the unjust. Thomas is married to Melissa Turner. Between them, they have four grown children.

Festival Open from 10am-11pm



5pm-6pm – Radio DJ Music 6pm–7pm – 2 Tone Fish 7pm–7:15 – Pirate Invasion Opening Ceremony 7:15-8:45pm – A1A (Jimmy Buffet Cover Band) 9pm – Fireworks 9:15pm–10:45pm – Departure

October 12th, Saturday


12:30pm–2pm – Gary Byrd and the Outlaws 2pm–3pm – Double Run 3pm-5pm Sound Check/ Parade Time 5pm–5:15pm Adult Costume Contests 5:15pm–6pm Domino Effect 6:15pm–7:15pm Damon and the Sh@t Kickers 7:30pm–8:45pm – Chuck Courtney Band 9pm – Fireworks 9:15pm – 10:45pm Shooter Jennings

Sunday, October 13th

Festival Open from 12-4pm - Free Day


11am–3pm TBA 3pm–4pm – Bottles N Cans The mountain pirates, also known as, “The K. Krew,” will invade Tybee Island once again. Capt. Chuck and the wench’s wife Sharon and sister Kim will be back again for another wonderful Pirate Fest on Tybee. We started this tradition in 2010, and we look forward to seeing all our pirate scallwag friends real soon. Drop by Huc-a-Poo’s and you will see our pictures on their wall. ~Arr Matey, Chuck Kribbs


Tybee Breeze

No One Covers Tybee Like The Breeze

No One Covers Tybee Like The Breeze

Tybee Breeze


Rising TYde Community Food Pantry has Second Anniversary Thank you Tybee for two years of helping Tybee people in need. It has been a fast two years in deed. The pantry is now well established and functioning like a well oiled machine. Having grown from just two clients our very first month, to 58 last November and December shows us all how the need truly still exists. We are happy to be able to help our neighbors in their personal struggle to make ends meet each month. This past year we sent out 425 grocery carts FULL of food. That is a monthly average of 35 families. Of the almost one thousand people we aided during the year, 40% were seniors and 15% were children under the age of 18. We have had an easy summer this year, as the season brings in more work for our clients. We serve mostly seniors during these months. But now, with the season over, our numbers will continually grow until the spring. We will see more families with children and single people that have had their hours cut. What does that mean in terms of the pantry stock? Well most of all it means we need a lot more canned fruit, individual fruit cups, 100% fruit juice, peanut butter and jelly, and canned meat. If you plan to donate, please drop off your items at the Y front office. It also means we will be planning our holiday distributions for both Thanksgiving and Christmas. Everyone likes to get something special to make their holiday a little brighter. Watch the Y marquee for a list of items we will need for the holidays. So the counting, stocking, planning, and distributing continues. Thank you to all our wonderful volunteers that help with every phase of this worthy cause. Without you and the very generous people of Tybee it could not and would not get done. Joey Burel, Chairman RTCFP


Tybee Breeze

No One Covers Tybee Like The Breeze

What makes Tybee a special place….which icons, memories, images come to mind…? Home, family, community, vacation, beach house, ocean, solitude, beach, flip flops, bikinis, Coppertone, lifeguards, sea shells, turtles, dunes, sea oats, palm trees, fishing pier, resorts, rivers, marshes, tides, boating, fishing, crabbing, lighthouses, Fort Screven, parties, beer, wine, tequila, bar-b-que, festivals, parades, tourists, traffic, parking, fund raisers, weddings….? My family moved here in the early 1950’s and no matter where I have been living, in the intervening sixty-plus years, Tybee was always home. So for me everything on the above list except for maybe the last two listed, call up great memories of living on Tybee, but it’s home, family and community that are seared into my soul. Now that Mike Hosti has officially declared the end of summer, with the posting of the “back to normal”

No One Covers Tybee Like The Breeze

sign, we can all relax a bit and become reacquainted with this diverse dysfunctional extended family we call Tybee. It’s not very likely that the “bubba’s” and the “tree-hugger’s” are going to reach across the aisle and settle their political differences, but the important thing is that they care enough about this three-mile by one-mile spit of sand to fight for their point of view. I did some research on Google, looking for a song or poem that might eloquently sum up what makes Tybee special. For a song I didn’t have much luck, but the music video, “toes in the water” by Zac Brown does capture some of the grittier beach spirit. The search for a poetic tribute was a bit more challenging, but I may have found a candidate for the Tybee Poet Laureate: a poem by: Leisa Artus A long stretch of highway takes you there… Miles of marsh and salt-kissed air. Around the bend the lighthouse stands… Green gray water and warm white sands. Little houses, tropical hues… Brightly splashed, they welcome you ! Long walks, flip flops, sand and sea… Tybee simply let’s you be ! Remember: “If you’re lucky enough to live on Tybee, you’re lucky enough…! If you have any comments please go to my blog, sign up or send me an email and leave your, comments, complaints, etc…! Tommy Thompson, a sales associate with Cora Bett Thomas Realty, a real estate development consultant and photographer, lives on Tybee Island. You can follow Tommy on his blog “the view from the beach” at: Email:

Tybee Breeze


Biggert Waters

to the cost of covering the full risk of flooding in 25% annual increments. The new rates for primary residences will also be increased in phases over 4 years, 25% each year. Your home may or may not be affected. You can try contacting your insurer to discuss this. The flood maps are also being redrawn as part of this legislation. As a result of the new mapping, we all might find out that, even though our newer homes were built according to code and even one foot above minimum flood elevation, now we are below flood elevation. Lots of questions remain to be answered, but the worst case I’ve read about so far, after having read many articles about this, is insurance premiums increasing from $500 to $700 per year to as much as $30,000. That’s per year too. Kinda takes your breath away, doesn’t it? $30,000 a year!!!! You may be able to retrofit your house, by means like raising it another few feet, to get it above the new flood elevation. This could prove to be less expensive than paying the new flood insurance rates. Two types of primary residence property owners, those who own homes built before the first flood maps were made and those that were grandfathered because either they met the flood guidelines when they were constructed or they have since been declared to lie in flood-prone areas, will be hit very hard when the insurance subsidies stop. There may be financial help available from FEMA on this. So live below your means, check into the upcoming flood insurance changes so you can be prepared, and have some fun along the way, if that’s possible in this case. Contact me at if you have any questions or need help with your decision-making, or just come on over for a visit if you want.

Say what? No. Say Waters, Biggert-Waters. It’s the other name of what is officially called the Flood Insurance Reform Act of 2012. Oookay, now what’s that? Well, if you’re not up on changes coming very soon to your flood insurance, get prepared for the possible sticker shock of a lifetime. This new piece of legislation was enacted before superstorm Sandy barreled into the New Jersey shore and many points north and west of there. This was done because the NFIP, or National Flood Insurance Program, had reached the point where it had cumulative losses of over $24 billion and had to be stabilized. So the feds decided that the 5.6 million property owners in flood-prone areas, which includes every property owner on Tybee of course, would have to start paying flood insurance premiums that better account for the full risk of flooding and FEMA, who administers the NFIP, which Tybee participates in, would get out of the business of subsidizing our flood insurance premiums.. Most likely, if you have a mortgage on your home, you’re required to have flood insurance. Unless something changes though, the first to feel the full impact of this new law will be vacation homes or second homes and possibly businesses. The insurance rates on these buildings will rise Rob Callahan, PFP


Tybee Breeze

No One Covers Tybee Like The Breeze

No One Covers Tybee Like The Breeze

Tybee Breeze


The World According to …ME!

Birds of a feather …all poop together. Look at my car. Losing weight is easy…so is finding it again. It’s the same with smoking and drinking. Quitting is easy. It’s the By Judy O’Neill staying quit that’s hard. When you take the road less traveled, make sure I can spout famous quotes and old sayings in two languages. That led me your cell phone is charged and your GPS is working. Measure twice. Call a carpenter. to wonder what I really think about some You can throw caution to the wind if you want to, but of these quotes and sayings and how they you better check which way the wind’s blowing first. relate to me and to some of us on Tybee. You get what you pay for. Think about that when you Quoth the Raven: What’s a S’more? I don’t know. get a little FREE advice. Can you believe I’ve never had a S’more? Time wounds all heels. I sure hope so. I get tired No good deed goes unpunished. And the idea of “Paying it Forward” is a little like a chain letter. It works best if of waiting for that promised what goes around comes around thing. everyone does it. I never metamorphosis I didn’t like. I have no clue According to one young philosopher I know, whose name I’m reluctant to mention because others may seek how that relates to any of this, but I like the way it sounds. Good things come in small packages? I think that his advice, for every action there is a totally unequal but sometimes opposite reaction. Exactly. (Go ask Ryan at the may depend on your definition of good, small, and package. Don’t rock the boat. Oh come on where’s the fun in Breakfast Club.) Sometimes you get the bear. Sometimes the bear that?! And, you know, some of the most well-known sayings gets you. I guess that’s the same as sometimes you’re the bug and sometimes you’re the windshield. That’s why we need just do NOT apply to Tybee folks. A penny saved is a penny earned. Where’s there’s smoke, there’s fire. Once scared, a car wash on Tybee. Good ole Ben Franklin said that fish and visitors stink twice shy. Be careful what you wish for. Too many cooks spoil the soup. Everything in moderation, nothing in excess. after three days. One day’s enough of both for me. WRONG. We like to spend our money. There’s not NORMAL is in the eye of the beholder, especially on always fire. If we stopped doing things that scared us a little, Tybee. Frankly, my dear, you’ll be hearing from my lawyers is life would be boring. I like wishing for things, especially when I get them. You can never have too many good cooks in one what Scarlet should have heard. Early to bed, early to rise can cause you to miss out place on Tybee. Moderation? What’s that? I say, eat, drink, be merry. Then go take a nap. on a lot of fun. Nothing good happens after midnight. Check back in Judy O’Neill has written for the Breeze for the past 11 years. She nine months with some folks to see about that. was named “Best Local Columnist” at the 2011, 2008 and 2006 Breezy Awards and “Best Local Real Estate Agent” at the 2005 Awards. Judy and her husband John have lived on Tybee since 1983 and have been Realtors since 1989. She can be reached for comment at


Tybee Breeze

No One Covers Tybee Like The Breeze

1913 Lovell’s Report #1 Before getting to Mayor Lovell’s report for FY 1913, I need to finish reporting on Mr. Izlar’s problems. I’m sure you will recall that we finished last month’s article with petitions presented by Mr. E.B. Izlar at the close of Council’s meeting of April 17, 1913. One of those petitions was to have Council reduce the amount of a Police Court fine imposed on him by the Mayor for an unspecified conviction. Council advised him that it did not have authority to grant such a request. Apparently this led to the next meeting of Council which was held four days later on April 21, 1913 to continue to deal with Mr. Izlar’s infraction. “Town Attorney A.P. Wright stated, that in an interview with Mr. McLaws, attorney for E.B. Izlar, the matter of the building on subdivision of Beach Lot 98, Ward 5, had been adjusted, by Mr. Izlar promising to purchase Subdivision #10 [?] from the present owner – Max Blumenthal, which would give the required 10 ft from boundary line in accordance with ordinance. [That sentence was very confusing and difficult to read, but you get the picture – Mr. Izlar built within the 10-foot property line setback and is now seeking to resolve the issue.] “In the matter of the building not being constructed on subdivision of Beach Lot 98, which work was stopped in accordance with ordinance by the Mayor, Attorney Wright suggested to Mr. Izlar, that he apply for an injunction against the Mayor and Councilmen from stopping the work on the building, which is now within the restricted distance between buildings and boundary lines per the ordinance.” I’ll be on the look to see if this matter resurfaces. Present day Izlar Avenue is located along the southern line of Lot #98, parallel and one block south of 16th Street. Return with me now to those thrilling days of yesteryear when Mayor Lovell submitted yet another exciting report of the Town’s accomplishments for the preceding fiscal year. This time for the year ending April 1, 1913 as presented at the meeting of August 14, 1913. “I beg now to submit for No One Covers Tybee Like The Breeze

your information the following account of work, etc done during the past year ending April 30th 1913. “The gravel walk north of 13th Street has been repaired in many places and considerable cypress curbing had been put down, replacing the decayed pine curbing.” [This and several other references to cypress trees that I’ve come across preparing these snippets lead me to believe that a goodly number of cypress trees grew on Tybee. I going to further speculate that they were growing naturally since planted trees would likely not have been used for curbing on walkways. It’s good to see the cypress trees that have been planted in JC Park and other places around the island. They appear to be quite happy in their new/old environment.] “The plank walk at Estill [train] Station and Tilton Avenue [used to run one block north of Hwy 80 at the big bend] to Beach and on Main Street north of 3rd St have all been repaired and placed in good condition. [Time for my regular reminder to myself and you readers that it will be another 10 years before cars arrive on Tybee. Walking, the train, horses, wheeled carts, and bicycles were in.] “The drift sand on 8th Street between the Athletic Club and J.J. McDonough’s cottage continue to give considerable trouble, and I recommend a good coating of gravel be spread over this space. “The Grand Walks from Main Street to Beach on 14th, 15th, and 16th streets are in bad order, having been used by teams in hauling building material during the winter and spring. They will have to be resurfaced. “The 3 plank walk on the beach side of 17th St being in bad shape, was rebuilt and made a 4 plank walk for about 500 feet. “A new 4 plank walk was built on 19th St from its intersection with Chatham Ave, to the beach, a distance of 752 ft, and a new 4 plank walk was also built on Main St from 18th st to 19th st 496 feet long. To be Continued . . . Bernie Goode has been writing for the Breeze for seven years. Readers with questions or comments are encouraged to write Bernie at Tybee Breeze


We want to thank every chapel bride, groom and family member who has chosen a wedding and reception at our Tybee Wedding Chapel. We especially extend our appreciation to the Tybee Island community for the support given to our beautiful Tybee Wedding Chapel. The chapel is poised to move forward to an exciting expansion of a large ballroom beginning Nov. 11th. The ballroom will be built connecting to the existing structure with an internal staircase, enlarged groom’s room. Construction will be completed in 90 days… just before the porcelain arts school returns for its 6th year! The chapel will use the original bell tower and steeple for its “grand entrance” into the ground level ballroom. When you first drive onto the property you will see the ballroom entrance on ground level. The room will be approximately 50 x 56 ft. (2,800 square feet). You will actually be able to look into the ballroom from the upstairs Sanctuary because the ceiling will attach to our existing roofline with high ceilings! After speaking with caterers, wedding planners and other experts in the wedding community it has become apparent that Tybee Island has missed weddings ranging from 180-225 because of inadequate

reception space. Unfortunately, when a bride toured our chapel we were never advised that she envisioned a larger reception than we could host. The bride and groom would simply continue to search for a venue that offered a larger ballroom. The addition of the ballroom will offer a significant positive financial impact to Tybee going forward island wide. Hotels, shops, restaurants, vacation rentals and other businesses thrive when weddings are being held on Tybee. Please look at the renderings of the chapel’s addition. It will retain its simple grace & “fairy tale charm” but large enough for the wedding party to go downstairs to the existing enclosed space for “meeting and greeting/ cocktail hour” and then move into the grand ballroom.

The City of Tybee has been very supportive of the addition. It changes our status to “mini convention” where we can now be able to host small municipal conventions, State Bar of Georgia conventions, etc. We may be able to host the Shiner’s convention this coming year! The occupancy for a convention is over 320 which will allow us to host small conventions. Please wish us luck! Lannie Jarrell and I are looking forward to the addition and are proud to work towards our vision of Tybee Island becoming a more established wedding destination. We have already been working with “the dream team” who helped us move and built the chapel: Anthony Sapone with Catskill Builders, Engineers Mark Boswell and Mark Cadman. We are all ready to begin construction! We want to thank Ray Anaya for his guidance and suggestions regarding this addition. Ray, Director of Events for Tybee Wedding Chapel, has done an outstanding job guiding this business. He and Carla Michael, his assistant, are well respected in the wedding community. Thank you guys for your hard work. More importantly, thank you for making the chapel bride’s dreams come true! We also wish to thank First Chatham Bank, the SBA & SBAC for believing in our project and funding it.


Tybee Breeze

No One Covers Tybee Like The Breeze

Tourism on Tybee Island has continued to remain strong in 2013, with annual bed tax revenue as of the end of July coming in at 3.89% above 2012. Thank you to all of our Tybee Island businesses and residents for helping to make our visitor’s feel welcome over the summer! We marked the close of the summer season with our 6th Annual Tybee Island Labor Day Beach Bash on Sun. Sept. 1st on the Tybee Pier & Pavilion. Thousands gathered on the beach and pier to dance to the classic sounds of the Swingin’ Medallions, and take in the spectacular fireworks display. This year we were again blessed with beautiful weather for the event, and fun was had by all! Media exposure for Tybee Island continues to grow, and we’ve welcomed many travel writers to the island this year to experience all that Tybee has to offer. Media visits have included travel writers from Atlanta Magazine, Go World Travel, Destinations Travel, Trekaroo, Gay Travelers Magazine, and the Tennessee Tribune. In the past few months, we have worked to grow our blog on in order to provide fresh, new content for our visitor’s and to increase traffic to our website. The blog is a great outlet to cover upcoming events, feature

No One Covers Tybee Like The Breeze

our Tybee Chamber member businesses, and release special interest stories to our visitors. If you haven’t visited our blog it can be found under the Events & News tab on All blogs are posted on the website and also pushed out through our social media channels. If you have a particular topic in mind that you would like to see covered on the blog or are interested in being a guest writer please contact us. We would welcome your feedback. By the time this article comes out the 9th Annual Tybee Island Pirate Fest will be right around the corner on October 10th-13th! This year’s Pirate Fest will feature live music and family-friendly activities at Tybee Island’s South Beach parking lot. The festivities will kick off with the coronation of the Pirate Fest King and Queen at the Buccaneer Ball at The Crab Shack on Thursday, October 10th. Festival highlights include The Pirate Victory Parade, Costume Contests, Little Matey’s Cove presented by Coke Zero, Thieves’ Market, and the Yuengling Light Pirate Pub with live music, and the addition of several new kids’ activities such as a petting zoo and Ferris Wheel. Visiting pirates may purchase tickets in advance at or at the gate. Have a great Tybee Day!

Lindsay Fruchtl - 912.644.6470 Marketing Director - Casey Slone - 912.644.6470 Special Events Manager - Kim Webster - 912.644.6470 Operations & Sales Manager -

Tybee Breeze


October is such a wonderful month on Tybee Island. Island wide activities throughout the month and wonderful weather! Plays to attend, art events to enjoy along with warm days and balmy nights make our island perfect! AAARGH! The Pirate’s are coming for the 8th year! Oceanfront welcomes back to board our pirate ship the original krewe who have been in attendance for the past 8 years including Jeffrey Green, Ann Pouch and other pirates such as “Bloody Sam” who love Tybee’s festival about as much as anyone we know. Oceanfront Cottage is proud to participate in this event and welcomes each of you from all over the country who support our wonderful Tybee Pirate’s Fest. Third Thursday on Oct. 17 at 5:30 at The Oaks on the North end of Tybee is always a special celebration. We welcome Roy Swindell (who we just love) who will


Tybee Breeze

be entertaining on this date at The Oaks. What could be more charming than Halloween on Tybee? Adults and children dressed for the stroll down Lewis Ave. and equally ghoulish pets! The decorations for the homes and lawns is something to behold. Tybee Island and its residents truly reflect the perfect small town celebration of “trick or treat” going all out on this street. What a wonderful surprise for children of all ages! I can still remember my first Halloween on Lewis. Lannie and I plan to slow down a bit and enjoy the month of October. Many of you know that we are going to have an extremely busy November (and several month afterwards) when the construction of the chapel’s ballroom begins. If you see us around wish us luck with the next project. We are looking forward to October knowing that afterwards the construction and busy holidays will hit hard. See you around the island! AAARGH to ya’ll! Stacye, Lannie and the Oceanfront Team

No One Covers Tybee Like The Breeze

Books to Check out this month at The Tybee Island Branch of Live Oak Public Libraries: Fiction “Christmas Bliss”, by Mary Kay Andrews “Bridget Jones: Mad about the Boy”, by Helen Fielding “Just One Evil Act”, by Elizabeth George “The Signature of All Things”, by Elizabeth Gilbert “Fifteen Minutes”, by Karen Kingsbury “Critical Mass”, by Sara Paretsky “Dark Witch”, by Nora Roberts “Storm Front”, by John Sandford “Accused”, by Lisa Scottoline “Winners”, by Danielle Steele “Identical”, by Scott Turow “Doing Hard Time”, by Stuart Woods Nonfiction “Johnny Carson”, by Henry Bushkin “One Summer”, by Bill Bryson “Focus”, by Daniel Coleman “The Death of Santini”, by Pat Conroy “Camelot’s Court”, by Robert Dallek “The Most of Nora Ephron” “The Four Doors”, by Richard Paul Evans “David and Goliath”, by Malcolm Gladwell “Break Out!”, by Joel Osteen “Practice to Deceive”, by Ann Rule “Autobiography of Mark Twain (Volume 2)” The Art of Simple Food”, by Alice Waters

What ’s Cookin’

with Chef Espy

Provencal Chicken Stew Sometimes comforting simple recipes like this are the best. A meal that you can start in the late afternoon and that will bubble away on your stove, fragrancing and warming your home until dinner time. This particular chicken stew is inspired by the flavors of Southeastern France. Generally associated with summer, tomatoes, fennel and herbs de Provence make a wonderful rustic stew you can enjoy in cooler more autumn-like months. Easy to make and very fulfilling. Serves 4 to 6 Ingredients:

1 tsp. fennel seeds ● 1 tsp. herbs de provence ● salt & freshly ground black pepper ● 6 chicken thighs (or more) ● 2 tbsp. olive oil ● 1/4 onion, diced ● 1 fennel bulb ● 1/2 cup white wine (chardonnay) ● 4 yukon gold potatoes, med. sized or 6 small red potatoes halved ● 1 28 oz. can San Marzano whole tomatoes, crushed by hand or chopped ● 3 cups water ● 1 cup low sodium chicken broth

Prepare: Use a mortar and pestle or coffee grinder, or bottom of a pan to crush the fennel seeds. Remove the skin from the chicken and sprinkle with the fennel, herbs de provence, and salt & pepper. Heat a large dutch oven, or large heavy pan with a lid over med.high heat. Add the olive oil and brown the thighs on both sides. While chicken is browning, cut the fennel in qts., remove the core and dice. Push chicken to sides of pan to form a hole and add the onion and fennel. Stir regularly until the onion softens slightly, add the wine, bring to a simmer, scraping up any bits left on the bottom of the pan. Scrub potatoes, slice into bite size pieces and add to the pan with remaining ingredients. Bring back to a simmer and cook for 45 mins. Skim off any scum that rises to the surface and discard. Remove the chicken thighs from the stew and shred using two forks, return chicken to pot and stir to combine. taste and correct seasoning. Serve hot in warmed bowls with crusty bread and butter or extra virgin olive oil with grated parmesan cheese. I’m going to double my recipe and serve at Halloween! Hope you enjoy! Hope you enjoy, Chef Espy Sighs or Moans ~

To check availability of any of these titles, visit our online catalog at Tybee Branch Library 405 Butler Avenue, Tybee Island Phone: 912-786-7733 Fax: 912-786-7734 Hours: Mon, Fri & Sat 2-6; Tue 10-8; Wed 10-6 Branch Manager: Laurel Beecher Powers

No One Covers Tybee Like The Breeze

Tybee Breeze


GREETINGS TYBEE! We are rapidly coming into the fall season with open arms welcoming the cooler (i. e. less humid) weather. I hope you enjoy Pirate Fest, Third Thursdays on Tybee, and your Halloween celebrations this month! Plus, remember Tybee for the Holidays is right around the corner too. It is wonderful that there is so much to enjoy and be thankful for throughout the year!! The fall series of Third Thursdays on Tybee continues this month in the Main Corridor. An Island favorite, Roy Swindelle, will be playing on Oct. 17 at the Lot at Tybee Oaks (1213 E. Highway 80). Swindelle started playing drums at age 7 and by age 12 he joined his first band and has never looked back. In


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the mid ‘70’s with his own bass guitar he became a bass player and has been playing in favorite local hotspots, performing at events – large and small, and helping with fundraisers ever since. Always prepared and armed with one of the most positive attitudes around, Swindelle has been a chosen Tybee Breezy Awards’ Best Musician recipient throughout the years and has been spotted at Savannah Songwriters gatherings. We are thrilled that he will showcase his Steel Drum talents for you during October’s Third Thursdays on Tybee. If rain prevails that evening, Eric and Heather at Huc-a-Poos will graciously accommodate everyone for Roy’s concert. Thank you to everyone that was part of the second annual Tybee Community Day last month. In true Community spirit, the day was a wonderful celebration of getting back to normal and reconnecting at the backyard picnic style party while spending time getting reacquainted among all the activities and music. Pictures are posted on the Tybee Community Day FB page. Enjoy! We’re looking forward to next year’s gathering already! As mentioned earlier, the holiday season will be here soon! The Main Street Promotions Committee has been prepping all year for Tybee for the Holidays. There will be a few additions this year to experiencing Tybee in a different light between Thanksgiving and New Year’s Day. One of the new additions will be Shop Small Saturday®. Various merchants will be participating in this special day between Black Friday and Cyber Monday. We encourage you to “Buy Local Tybee” even more this year than last. A second addition is Community of Caring. Every year, donations are collected for the Tybee’s food pantry, Toys for Tots and the animal shelter(s). This year, true to the giving spirit of the holiday and of Tybee, a listing of known drop off locations on Tybee will be available on the holiday website! and the Tybee for the Holidays FB page are being updated regularly with information. Please check them out and share them with your family, visitors, friends and even soon-to-be friends. For more info. about the Tybee Island Main Street Program, upcoming city approved special events, “Corri-Door to Door News”, Business Matters, and History Spotlights sign up for the monthly Main Street E-News by visiting the Main Street webpage BetterHometownProgram. The Tybee Island Main Street FB (fan) page is updated quite regularly as well with “news you can use”. We invite you to like it. No One Covers Tybee Like The Breeze

No One Covers Tybee Like The Breeze

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Sharing the Road A few weeks ago, before the tornado of Labor Day debauchery skittered across the island, a little girl had a near miss with disaster. This story comes second-hand from my better half, Tim, who bumped into the kindergartner and her family walking home from the beach. Anyone familiar with By Kelsey Bankert Tybee streets knows that sidewalks are not a common part of the scenery here. You could say it’s unsafe, but it’s also part of our charm. Fat tire beach cruisers drift easily along the widened blacktops of the numbered avenues, while silent couples walk their dogs, pulled ceaselessly into the grass by curious noses. It may be polite & safer to stay to one side or the other, but without sidewalks to keep things tidy, bikers, hikers, drivers, and drifters all magically navigate the gravel and tar of Tybee in a very communal way. In this vein, Tim, walking back from the ocean on one of our many sidewalk-free streets, found himself close behind a family of four. The mother and oldest daughter walked ahead, side-by-side, carrying beach supplies, talking. The father and his little girl, no older than six, tarried behind. She was close by his side, but furthest from the curb. The road was wide and empty; it was a quiet afternoon. Let me pause here for a seeming non-sequitar and remind you of a powerful sociological phenomenon that applies to our tale. It is that of in-group/out-group mentalities. One famous study that evidences this form of human behavior was conducted on bicyclists and motorists. Many of us, while driving, have become irrationally aggravated by a cyclist. Maybe, in our opinion, they are taking up too much of the road. Maybe, with our feet on a heavier pedal, we think they’re moving too slowly. Maybe we go so far as to think that “they” shouldn’t be sharing “our” road at all. But how many of us who recognize ourselves in the above scenario also ride a bicycle? Haven’t we once or twice felt aggressive towards motorists? Maybe we felt they were crowding us, were oblivious to us, even hostile to us. So this is both the


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in-group/out-group paradigm and paradox. One person, equal parts motorist and bicyclist, sees one group as “out” while the other as “in” depending on their own immediate personal stake in the situation. This is not a complex idea, but the complexity lies in its infinite iterations. The sociologists and I have used the words in and out, but we could easily substitute important and unimportant, valuable and useless, worthy and unworthy. As Tim walked behind that little girl and her family, he suddenly saw a truck careen into sight. It raced down the straightway towards the family ahead, driving in the center of the road and going well over the speed limit. And what happened next? The truck came within inches, inches, of that tiny little girl, walking so carefully next to her father, on her way home from a day in the sun. What Tim remembers most clearly was the father’s gaze turning to follow the tail of the truck screeching through the next intersection and blazing onward. His was the look of both the bicyclist and the motorist. It was the look of a man trying to understand how such an important little girl had been treated so unimportantly. This simple story, of a small child who was almost struck by a driver, is really a story of so much more. It’s the story of the in-group and the out-group. It’s the frightening story of anyone so consumed with their own, however brief, identity that they forget the power to hurt those that don’t share it. And these aren’t the near the misses I’m referencing. These are the times when the car careens around the corner and hits the little girl, who her father can’t protect, who the driver never intended to hurt, but who lost sight of those outside. I used the motorist/bicyclist study as scientific example above because of its benign nature and suitability to the story. But these same psychological models are most often used not to figure out why people can’t “share the road,” but to elucidate the sociological and historical motivations behind genocide. A scary thought that should remind us of this above all else: to forget others is to forget our own selves. It is then that we are all lost. So this is a parable of emotional safety. It is a reminder that when your group becomes the only group, even for a short moment, even for the split second it would take to hurt another person, you have lost sight of the path and you are driving blind. Look out your windows and check your mirrors, because the man on the bicycle drives when he’s not peddling, just as you pedal when you don’t drive. You are much the same in the end; remember to share the road.

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The Tybee community showed-up and showed out at Vivian’s Victory over Cancer Fundraiser. The American Legion hosted the event. There was a live and silent auction where many wonderful things were on display, music presented by Ron Denning, and a lot of goodies. Proceeds go to medical debts for Vivian Austin a beloved Tybee resident; she has battled cancer for two years. Vivian was there, although she had no teeth (a temporary condition), she looked beautiful with her trademark beetle haircut and healthy sense of humor. Everybody meet Joesy, she is the little sister to Gavin and daughter of Bonnie and Yan. She is being held by her proud Aunt Wanda. Donna was spotted at the Legion Bar with a cute upsweep hairstyle. Look who we enjoyed seeing at Vivian’s American Legion Fundraiser Nedra Hendrix, Phyllis Saunders and Terry Brown in his iconic rose colored glasses.

politically savvy clientele. Everyone is welcomed, but as with any country club, everyone is not accepted. It is important that city council candidates show up at the Legion and play some Bingo, Screw Your Neighbor or House Shoes. Like the great Tybee political philosopher James LaFavor says, “There are a lot of votes in this place.” Volunteerism is the backbone of Tybee. These are just some of the many selfless people that put on a successful fundraiser for Vivian Austin. Over 12,000 dollars was raised. Praise The Lord!! Well, summer is gone. All you missing Red Hat ladies are back in town. Sherri Simmons and Kathryn Williams were counted in the number of a record attendance of the Tybee Flashes Red Hats.

Sarah & Michael Elliott continue to court each other like they ain’t married. Tell them to stop sucking face in public. Makes it difficult on the rest of us. Enjoyed seeing the graciously beautiful J a n e Lindner at the Legion. The American Legion is the unofficial country club of Tybee with those dark hunter green walls and the

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Marlin Monroe’s staff deserves much respect with 27 ladies all with separate checks. This a public service announcement: Not all Red Hat ladies are old; just look at Karen Penick. Karen proves age is truly just a number, just a bigger number for some of us. Just Julia had one of her legendary “It’s 5 o’clock Some where” Parties. This was to honor the arrival of her “mum,” both are English. Savannah Steve and Debi Burk Scott provided enjoyable, festival entertainment. Just Julia had an uninvited guest show up at the party. A huge rat snake was found in her boathouse. Dave released it back into the marsh. Rock Star Dave and Snake, thinking of going on the road, but Snake just wanted to go home. Sara and Dean Cromer had a glorious wedding on a beautiful Saturday afternoon on September 7th on the Walter Parker Pier on Tybee. They were

surrounded by some family and plenty of friends. Sara is the daughter of Queen Wanda, Flower Poshposy and Beach Bum Queen 2012. The pier was decorated like a dream. Father Sam Adams, pastor of the Tybee Church, was the officiant and the whole south side of Tybee was present. Join me in wishing the newlyweds much happiness. Mother of the Bride and Karl. Lona Crask and Christina Anderson are mother and daughter. They were two of the many quests at the Cromer wedding. They are always fashionably attired for all occasions.

Joan Gara is a live wire. She is full of energy... go to Marlin Monroe’s on Sundays and party with her crew. Christy Alan & Martha Peltier Swindelle entertained a lively crowd at Marlin’s. Jenny Orr & Frances Clark were present to witness the fun. Tracy, owner of Coco’s Grill, let Mary Shepherd off the chain. Mary showed up with her crew Amy Vaughn, Deb Morrell, Michelle Nooney & Kathy Brown. Pretty Lady, Shiela Noon, is back on Tybee. She spent five weeks in New Jersey. Sheila is glad to be home, by the way she danced she really missed Tybee. We missed her too. Annette & Gene w e r e spotted out enjoying food and live music. Annette is recovering from recent surgery. She looks fabulous. You can’t keep a good girl down. Julia Pearce, Village Observer; Contributor to The Breeze since 2002. Available for weddings, blessings and readings. or 912-414-0809.


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“Expectations”, A Tybee Arts Association Show and Sale. It is almost time to kick off the holiday season, so do it right, and come out to the TAA Show and Sale, Nov. 1st – 3rd. The TAA is not only a supporter of the arts on Tybee and the Savannah area, but will, once again, have a giving tree decorated with presents from the artists with proceeds from the raffle going to a local children’s charity. The lucky winner of the raffle will take home a fully decorated Holiday tree for their very own. The tree will be raffled off on Sunday afternoon, Nov. 3rd. Among the artists participating in this Holiday season kick off show will be Co Chair for the event, Brad D. Hook, Watercolor Artist, Owner of “Strokes” by Hook and Managing Partner of “The Irritable Pelican” Art gallery on Tybee. Brad will display his detailed, fresh and unique style of Watercolor paintings along with some holiday décor for your home or gift giving. “These Art shows give our guests a chance to buy from local artists and to hear their stories on how the creations were made. Gifts from the heart”, Hook says. Dave Kartzman’s incredible woodturning is a sight to see. He takes, what an ordinary person would think of as a piece of wood, and turns it into a work of art. From Ikebana bowls for flower arranging, to wine bottle stoppers to seam rippers, Dave has great gift ideas. Other artists include, Robin Sterns from “Ardsley Art Glass”, Stained glass sculptures and Art glass jewelry, RL Brethauer from “Art by RL”, with his Driftwood Art, and Kala Peper from “Creations by Kala”. Dr. Alice Gerber, Bonnie Bishop, and Marianne Bramble are just a few more of the other wonderful artists in this show.

With only a few nest remaining on Tybee, we are winding down from yet another record season of sea turtle nesting. Tybee will finish the season with 21 loggerhead sea turtle nests. Although this is 3 less than last year, we still consider this a very successful nesting season. The average number of nests on Tybee is usually 7, but for the last 2 years we have averaged 22 nests! Statewide there are over 2,300 sea turtle nests along the coast. Of that total, an estimated 123,000 baby sea turtles have emerged and made their journey to the sea. Our state totals for the season makes 2 years in a row with nesting numbers over 2,000! Although loggerheads are the usual species of turtle nesting on our shoreline, the state has recorded 3 green sea turtle nests this season. Tybee has had 17 of 21 nests emerge and those nest inventories are complete. Approximately 1,400 baby loggerheads have emerged from nests on our island. Tybee will finish the season about the first week of Oct. Please help us keep the beaches dark, pick up trash left on the beach, smooth out sand castles and fill any holes dug on the beach. This will help the little baby turtles safely crawl towards the oceans under the disguise of night. More info about sea turtles can be found by visiting the TIMSC or

“Expectations” Show and Sale will be: Friday, November 1st from 6 – 9, Meet the Artist reception. Saturday, November 2nd from 10 – 6 and Sunday, November 3rd from 10 – 5. At the “Old Cafeteria” next to the YMCA Join us for some Holiday cheer. No One Covers Tybee Like The Breeze

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24th Annual Blue Collar Tournament Oct. 22nd 2013

talked at length about the sometime controversial Alabama rig, which is a group of swim baits usually 3-5 baits on what It’s that time of the year again when local looks like umbrella wire coming from your fishermen change their line and sharpen main line. James and I had talked about their hooks for a chance at bragging rights trying these ourselves pre-fishing but for a year among Tybee’s best anglers. never have. Well Chris picked up a three The date is set for Tue. Oct. 22nd, fishing bait Alabama rig as big Schools of reds from daylight until around 3pm. Weigh cruised toward us and WHAM first cast in will be at The Crab Shack, with a fish he hooked up and landed a 28” pig. And fry around 5pm. Boy’s from as far away that’s all I’m going to say about that! Chris as Wilmington Island are already talking Nick caught this 29 inch redfish ended a fun day on the water with a nice 17” smack, and Big Fish Bobbie is firing back, on his first cast! flounder to complete the inshore slam! threatening to get her broom out and sweep Mr. Tommy Aikens left his usual bunch at this hang. Some say George “hold my beer I got home and brought some business clients down a fish on” Rentiers will return to the field this year. for an all day trip. Kevin caught a 27” red on Big names likely to lay out of work and fish are his first cast, and that was the kiss of death for Mike “hole in the wall” Hobbs, Bert “ lighthouse” the big red fish, only one caught all day. Some Moore, Jamie “I ain’t lying” Keeran, Jimmy “stone big sharks entertained us for a while and Kevin crab” Bostwick, Kerry “get the net” Mills, T.O. landed a nice 5lb. black drum. We then turned “I got a fish with Jamie again” Wilson, Vinnie our attention to trout fishing or should I say “Bert’s on my drop” Dober, Jimmy “incoming tide” ladyfish catching. The ladyfish were everywhere Williams, J.T. “just got Married” Thomas, Doc and in a feeding frenzy. 752 ladyfish later the “I’m getting to old for this” O’Conner, Tommy “the boys managed to catch a nice mess of trout. reason Doc’s so old, Gator” Connelly, Little Ray Long time friends Matt & Jim from Illinois “Got to keep Brian calm” Rogers, Brian “ain’t no got back together for a fly fishing trip with us. F#&%*@, B$##@&^ going to keep me calm” Matt has some fly fishing shops out in Colorado Woelber, Jason “I caught um last week” Dorsey, and Jim runs a Barbeque joint in Charleston. Rosco “sunrise” Williams just to name a few of We had a beautiful day on the water, tide didn’t the local characters who will attend, and we get up as high as charts said so we started out hope you come join us for a fun day of friendly picking at some single reds cruising the grass, (Honest?) competition. Thanks in advance to seen 15 or so and had three eat a shrimp pattern Jack & Belinda and The Crab Shack Crew for Chris closed out the my friend Greg Davis had tied up for me, but they putting this tournament on every year. Slam with this nice all pulled off. We stuck with it and waited on the We had some really good trips in Sept; flounder, caught on tide to get low and found some big reds eating longtime customer Steve Smith usually brings a live shrimp under shrimp in the shallows. They came in waves of a Burnside Bopper along his good friend Jeff or business associates, 50 fish or so, four different schools. Matt had two Cork! but this trip it was all about family. Steve’s two more big fish pull off out of these 200 plus fish. young daughters, Allison & Sarah, and wife Erin joined He did land a 16” dink, but seeing all those fish just made him for a fun day on the water. The girls caught over 10 those boys day. So much so that I took a boat ride over to different species of fish, redfish, sea trout, flounder, sharks, HH a couple of days later to take Matt and his wife out for a whiting, jacks, croaker, blues, spots, lady fish, black drum short day on the S.C. side. They caught a few trout and both and others. Fantastic job Ladies, and Dad you did ok too. landed a big red, thank the Lord! Good luck and I’ll see ya Chris & Mary Ann Baggarly came down for their in the river, Captain Stan first inshore adventure from the Knoxville area. Chris has a About the Captain: Captain Stan Allen (alias Fred) owns background fishing the freshwater BFL Bass Tour and Mary and operates Marshland Inshore Fishing Adventures, a Ann loves to catfish. We started out with a few trout and local guide service that runs out of Chimney Creek Marina lady fish to get them warmed up, and then graduated them (The Crab Shack) on Tybee Island. Captain Stan has been a Tybee resident for over 30 years. Stan is a pro-staff member to some 23” reds. Mary Ann almost slept in, boy was she at Stan and his partner, Capt. James happy she got up and made the boat ride, this gal had a ball! Moore, fish the Low Country Redfish Cup and the IFA Well the tide saved the best for last as the big reds showed Redfish Tour and are sponsored by Hale Marine (www. up at low water and they both hooked up on a Carolina rig. Contact info: 912-786-5943. Chris and I had talked about how our reds will eat the same Website- artificial baits that the freshwater guys use on tour. We E-mail


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Bees and Wasps Bees in their nesting habits are similar to wasps. Bees are fed pollen and honey instead of animal tissue. Bees are most important in the cross pollination process that is vital to fruit orchard, berries, vegetables and flowers. Most bees are solitary nesters. The most prolific of the species for pollination are bumble bees and honey bees. They both nest in colonies. Most of the North American bee species are solitary nesters. It has been studies that most of the 3,300 bee species that inhabit North America are solitary nesters. Honey Bees - Honey bees were first introduced from Europe in the time of the colonial period and are most importantly insects that pollinate our flowers and fruit crops. They are a major group of bees that are most beneficial to our economical process of the food chain order in how we live. They can also distinguish the smell of any flower or plant by the scent of the nectar that is given off. They produce honey and make wax from their secretion and are not known to be aggressive but can sting if the colony is threatened. Honey bees unfortunately are in a decline and should not be disturbed unless absolutely necessary. Carpenter Bees - Carpenter bees are similar in appearance to bumble bees with the exception of the abdomen that is completely black. The larger of the species chew burrows out of wood for nesting with their eggs and then leave those areas after the process is completed. I’ve found that a good pesticide residual applied to the target places can detour them from coming back to their seasonal nesting areas as long as rain and other factors have not disturbed the application of pesticide. Horntail Wasps - Horntail wasps also known as wood wasps are related to the bee family. Females

have a tendency to have a long projection at the end of the abdomen and this is where the name horntail is derived. They can emerge from lumber used to build homes and deface many finished surfaces by their boring habits. They are normally harmless and do not usually re-infest when treated accordingly. Any and all fire wood should be stored outside of the home as a preventive measure for these types of insects. Mud Daubers - Mud daubers, also commonly called dirt daubers are a large species in the wasp family. They are solitary insects that build their nests of masonry out of dirt and moisture in porch areas, eves and any cornered structure of cavity. Hornets - Hornets are social wasps that are aggressive in their manner and from personal experience I can detest to that from many confrontations with them (ouch)! They can nest in or near building structures. They chew leaves and small bits of wood and fashion their nests to resemble a type of a paper coverall. Yellow Jackets - Yellow jackets mainly nest underground. They can have an entrance tunnel and an exit tunnel as well. When disturbing the nest or hovel they become very aggressive and quickly swarm from both sides of the tunnel. They have an intense sting as I have experienced also (double ouch)! When dealing with these types I incorporate our rig system an am able to use an extended jet stream application before actually penetrating the nest. This has worked greatly in the total treatment of the pests and reduces the eminent contact with the technician consumer.

Until next time, Johnny “the bugman” Herald Let’s work the bugs out!

Fun bug Facts:

Fact: The praying mantis is the only insect that has one ear and can turn its head. Fiction: Ants and termites live separately and never come together. Fact: Both species will harbor close by without conjoining each others nest or colonies.

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The Ladies Auxiliary American Legion UNIT 154 Tybee Island For God & Country Wanda Kindrick • President Hello Ladies, fall is finally here and I’m looking forward to some cooler weather (not cold)! With the arrival of fall, geese start migrating. They travel in formation because they can go 70% farther in a group than alone. Our auxiliary unit is like that. As we work together, we strengthen and help one another. We accomplish more together than alone. And we need your help! We are looking for members to renew their membership and women, who are eligible, to join us in making a difference in our community. Dues are $30 and part of your dues go toward our community service projects. A few examples of our involvement within our community: Soldier Boxes, Tybee Nursing Home, Tybee Food Pantry, Fresh Air Home, YMCA Scholarship Fund, Children’s Christmas Party, Easter Egg Hunt, and Children’s Fishing Tournament. Volunteers are essential in making sure all this is accomplished. This month we recognize Diane Sasser, Anita Woodard, Lillian Brown, Lynn Marsten, Kaye Dowell, Janice Elliott, Patsy Jones, and Mary Ann Stillings. They may not always be out in public view but they are working for our unit. With the emphasis in October on “Lets Make A Difference Day”, the auxiliary would like to offer our help to veterans and shut-ins. If you would like a home cooked meal, a ride to the grocers, doctors appt. or just a visit please let us know. Call the Legion and leave your name and number and we will contact you.


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Sons of the american legion American Legion Post 154 Tybee Island

Doug Grunwald, SAL Commander

The members of the Sons of the American Legion Post 154 associate us together for the purpose of supporting veterans, youth and our community. We are committed to promoting the principles of justice, freedom, and democracy....the very principles of our republic that veterans have fought to protect. If you are a male descendent of a United States veteran with an honorable discharge (natural born, step, or adopted), come join us. Simply contact the Legion for information or come to our monthly meeting held the third Monday of each month. October’s meeting is the 21st, beginning at 6pm for Dinner and Meeting at 7pm. FUNDRAISERS FOR OCTOBER:

Fish Dinner October 17th 5-7pm (Take outs available) Low Country Boil October 24th 5-7pm (Take outs also available) SAL College (training for SAL members and officers) at the Legion Post October 19th 8am to 4pm Funds that are raised go to community projects for children & building projects for our Legion Post 154.

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May 2012 2013 october A-J’s DOCKSIDE Are you looking for a great place to eat that’s on the water where you can enjoy some of the finest food on the island? A place where you can kickback, relax & enjoy your favorite beverage while watching the dolphins play in the back-river? A place where you can watch some of the best sunsets North of Mallory Square? Come to 1315 Chatham Ave. on the back-river. We’re just the place you’re looking for. Voted Best Outdoor Dining and Best Overall Restaurant 2012! Live music Fri., Sat & Sun. Nightly dinner & drink specials. Happy Hour Daily 5-7pm. 912-786-9533.

WHATs hOt on tybee . . . WHere to go . . . Great food & good fun! Beach, Boogie, Blues & Buffett music. Doc’s Bar is the oldest bar on Tybee, and still the center of the universe. Voted Best Local Musician Roy Swindelle 2011! Find us on Facebook. www.

FANNIE’S ON THE BEACH Celebrating 20 years of food, fun & spirits...Oceanfront! You can’t miss the pink roofed restaurant on Strand near 17th St. (3 stories high) 2 open-air decks in the sky for an incredible beachfront view. Voted Best Sunday Brunch & Bloody Mary 2011! And we boast the best frozen drinks on Tybee... you can bet your Fannie! We’re Benny’s Tavern open for lunch & dinner everyday. The Coldest Beer in America! 912-786-6109 for take-outs. Tue. open pool tables. Wed. pool tournament 7:30pm. Sat. pool HUC-A-POO’S tournament at 2:30pm w/Ms. “Where the Mind and Spirits Meet!” Molly. Karaoke Thur - Sun w/ Open daily for lunch & dinner 11am Footprint in the Sand. Come party until. Located off Hwy. 80 in the w/some of Tybee’s characters: shops at Tybee Oaks. Mon. nights, Tess, Linda, Joanne, Bobbie, we have trivia! Wed. nights is Ricki, Nicki, Bo & Flower Wanda. Cornhole Tournament. Live music Kim & Bob are in the Kitchen. Fri. & Sat. nights. Join us on Sat. Kitchen open Mon-Sat 10:30- & Sun. for our awesome Bloody 2:45am; Sun. 12:30pm - 2:45am. Marys! Voted Best Overall Bar Come check out our new menu: in 2011 and Best Pizza 2011 & Kickin’ Chicken & Bangin’ Steaks! 2012! 912-786-5900. Wi-Fi. Voted Coldest Beer 20082012 and Best Karoke 2011! It’s MACELWEE’S SEAFOOD a Tybee Thang! 1517 Butler Ave/ Looking for the place to watch Downtown Tybee 912-786-0121. ships sail? Join us at MacElwee’s where the freshest seafood is prepared to order. The view is great Breakfast Club Winner of 20 consecutive “Best from our porch & the entertainment Breakfast” awards. Free wireless is priceless. Local beer battered w/purchase. We are centrally shrimp & steaming buckets of located in the the commercial oysters are just the start of a fun packed visit. Children are always district at 15th & Butler. welcome & the Trout Treasures CoCo’s Sunset Grille (kid’s fish dinner) is the most Located at Lazaretto Creek requested item. If it’s steaks or Marina next to Captain Mike’s chicken the land lover in your group Dolphin Adventure. Open daily at craves we offer hand-cut rib-eyes, 11am. Rooftop dining overlooking filets & a grilled chicken breast or Lazaretto Creek-Fresh local better yet chicken fingers. Nothing seafood-Sunset toast every pre-battered or pre-cooked in our evening. Tues. Trivia; Fri. Live kitchen. Chef Greg offers a pasta Music; Sat. Game Day; Sun. special & local catch daily. We Bar Bingo. 912-786-7810 www. strive to provide the service you expect at the prices you can afford. No reservations needed. Voted DOC’S BAR Best Steak 2012. Visit www. Live music Fri. & Sat. 9pm - till, We look Sun. 6-10pm. Tue. $1.50 domestic forward to serving ya! beer. Sun. nights Shag contest.

No One Covers Tybee Like The Breeze

Marlin Monroe’s SURFSIDE Come dine in the dunes at our bar & grill. A hidden oasis on Tybee Island. Located at the Beachside Colony on Butler Ave. Beautiful ocean views. Serving steaks, seafood, burgers, great salads & more. Voted Best Margarita 2012! 912.786-GRIL. QUARTER SPORTS BAR & GRILL “Tybee’s little local dump with a really big attitude.” Locally owned & operated since 1990. THE place to be for sports, food, fun and “Licka Drinks” on Tybee. Dish Network Satellite for those hard to find games. Pool tables, dart boards... and have I mentioned FOOD? From burgers to snow crabs, we’ve got it. Get here early for our Happy Hour Specials like $5.75 wings 4-7pm Mon-Fri. Raw & Steamed oysters by the dz. Open Mon-Sat 4pm-3am; Sun 12:30pm-3am. That’s also the hours we cook, so early or late we’ve got you covered. See our menu in this magazine. Voted Best Burger 9 Years; Best Wings for 9 Years; Best Happy Hour for 3 Years; and Best Local Hangout 2 Years! Under 21 allowed until 9pm. For to-go orders call 912-786-8966. SPANKY’S BEACHSIDE Seafood, seafood and a lot more! You can’t imagine! Come in & check us out! Tybee’s Best Seafood (Shrimp, Grouper, Scallops & Mahi) fresh & local hand cut steaks, pasta, huge hand-pattied burgers & the biggest Chicken sandwich in Georgia! Call for prices on our party platters & all your catering needs. Our upstairs deck is open to rent for parties! Come & enjoy a great atmosphere with the best Tybee has to offer in food & the friendliest staff on the island. Voted Best Family Friendly Restaurant 2010 & 2011, and Best Chicken Fingers 2011 & 2012! 912-7865520. STING RAY’S SEAFOOD A local favorite! Tybee’s home for blue crabs, beach music & beer! Come join us, you’ll be happy you did, as the tradition continues with the Ray’s serving you with great pride their best & freshest award winning seafood. Voted Best

Seafood, Best Place to Watch Tybee Parades, and Best Place to Watch UGA Play 2012! Come sit down with us in a comfortable & relaxed atmosphere on our outdoor deck that is the perfect place to watch bands, parades, and to people watch on Tybee. Or join us in our indoor ding room for even more comfort & fun. Live music 7 nights a week. There are many favorites on our menu with a variety of seafood selections. Gift certificates make the perfect gift & are always available. Open 7 days a week 11am-until. 912-786-0209. TYBEE TIME Cool off at Tybee Time! Specializing in frozen cocktails. Voted Best Daiquiri 2004-2012! We have 10 different daiquiri machines. We have 13 TV’s! We are THE HEADQUARTERS for all current sporting events! Every hour is happy at Tybee Time! Open 7 days noon-3am. 912-786-7150. WINDROSE CAFE Are you hungry, thirsty and looking for a very laid-back atmosphere; not in that particular order? Come on down to the Wind Rose Café! Located down front in the middle of Tybrisa, Wind Rose is exactly what you are looking for. Celebrating 16 years in business and having the reputation for the best lunches on Tybee makes it the place to be. The classic home made daily lunch specials include shepherds pie, turkey & dressing, Southern fried chicken, livers, gizzards, soups, baked ham & several other yummy dishes. Not to mention the standard menu that includes an excellent seafood selection and the best cheeseburger on the entire planet! Happy Hour rocks with $1.50 draughts, $2 domestic bottles and $2 well drinks. Let us help you put your happy face on! Stop in and have a fantastic meal, wash it down with an excellent cocktail and be entertained by our fun loving kick ass bartenders and phenomenal cooks. Our kitchen closes at 7 pm during the weekday so if you want to rock the special, come early. Weekends our kitchen is open later! For daily specials or just plain ol’ info call 912-7866593. Voted Best Lunch 2012! Tybee Breeze


WHAT TO do . . . WHAT’s going on . . . island entertainment, Events events OCT 10th -13th - TYBEE ISLAND PIRATE FEST. Tybee Island Pirate Fest is your ultimate destination for Columbus Day weekend. Warming up for our Fri. & Sat. night headliners, bands will keep the crowd moving throughout the afternoons and early evenings. Daytime entertainment includes live music, pirate performers, street performers, magicians, puppeteers, weaponry demonstrations, and few surprises in between. Tybee Island Pirate Fest is fun for pirates of all ages. Our littlest pirates enjoy and entire area devoted to quality family entertainment. Activities include bounce houses, magicians, storytellers, puppets, live pirate demonstrations, face painting, and many more surprises. Children also enjoy participating in our costume contests and pirate parade. Oct. 4, 5, 6, 7 & 18, 19, 20, 21 - TAA presents Noel Coward’s “Blithe Spirit” directed by Renee’ DeRossett & Kim Trammell, TAA

Jim Ingham Black box Theatre, #7 Cedarwood, by the lighthouse. Fri., Sat. & Mon. at 7:30pm & Sun. at 3pm. Tickets are $18 ($15 for TAA members). Seating is limited & reservations are suggested. 912-786-5920 or www.tybeearts. org for tickets using Paypal. The story surrounds Charles Condomine (played by Howard Bowden), a suave, self-absorbed, witty novelist & Ruth (played by Jody Buelterman), his charming, strong-willed & rather pretentious wife. In order to conduct research for Charles’ latest book, the Condomines invite Madame Arcati (played by Renee’ DeRossett), a spirited medium of uncertain talent to their home to conduct a séance. The Condomines also invite their friends Dr. & Mrs. Bradman (played by Virgil Moore & Valerie Hartz) to the séance, where quite by accident, Madame Arcati summons up the ghost of Charles’ first wife, the mischievous and provocative Elvira (played by Kim Trammell). Mary Felchlin rounds out this extraordinary cast playing the delightful screwball, Edith the maid.

Oct. 19th - TYBEE ISLAND YARD SALE. The Tybee Post Theater and Fish Art Gallery will host the Fall Tybee Island Yard Sale. All Tybee Island businesses and residents are welcome to gather all of their unwanted items and wares and join in this island-wide event. A map will be distributed on the Island that will list yard sale locations. There is a $15 fee to be included on the map. And, since this is a community event, you may want to consider donating a portion of your sale proceeds to a Tybee Island nonprofit organization of your choice. Hours are 8am-2pm; however, you may designate your own start and/ or end time. If you would like to be put on the map contact the Fish Art Gallery at 1207 East US 80, email or call 912-663-1099.

bag for a $5/person donation at Canine Palace 612 Abercorn St. Follow the map to visit over 75 businesses and Treat or Treat with your canine companion. No Tricks or typos here. It’s all Treats-for both you and the dogs. Be sure to dress in costume and enter the Humane Society of Savannah’s prize winning costume contest for donation. There will be many fabulous raffle items so be sure to bring some extra $. ALL proceeds go to Humane Society of Savannah and other local rescue agencies. 912-234-3336 for more info.

Oct 26th 12-5pm Wago-ween 2013! This annual fundraising event is in it’s 8th year and promises to be fun for the whole family especially the furry members! The day of the event, pick up your maps and goodie

NOV 7th - 10th - ROCK-NROLL MARATHON SAVANNAH. Sat., Nov 9th - Race Day; Marathon Wave Start - 7am; 1/2 Marathon Wave Start - 7am; 1/2 Marathon Relay Wave Start - 7am. Sun., Nov. 10th - KiDS ROCK

upcoming events NOV 1st - 3rd - EXPECTATIONS ART SHOW AND SALE at Tybee YMCA Cafeteria – 5th St. and Butler. Fri. 6-9pm, Sat. 10-6pm, Sun. 10-5pm

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N 32º 02.0’ W 80º 54.1’

No One Covers Tybee Like The Breeze

churches announcements, classifieds, just for kids, and island churches Savannah- 2pm; Thurs. - Fri., Nov 7th & 8th - Health & Fitness Expo. Register at http://runrocknroll. NOV 11th - 17th - SAVANNAH FOOD & WINE FESTIVAL. Multiple Locations in Savannah. For more info - www. NOV 21st - JAN 2014 - TYBEE FOR THE HOLIDAYS. Make plans to join the Tybee Island Community for a month long celebration of the holiday season! Starting Thanksgiving Day through New Year’s Day this whimsical paradise will be full of events, activities and special occasions to be enjoyed by Island Locals and You! Holiday lights, a parade, special days to shop, and a jump in the ocean with the “Polar Bears.” Dec. 7th - The Enmark Savannah River Bridge Run. Register online at

announcements St. Michael’s pre-marathon spaghetti supper returns, this year on the eve of the Savannah Rock ‘n’ Roll Marathon. The church men’s club & youth group will host the dinner from 5-8pm on Fri., Nov. 8 in the Tybee Island Maritime Academy gym. Meals include spaghetti, salad, garlic bread, dessert & drink $8 for adults, $5 for children under age 12. Proceeds from this year’s event will go toward supporting the St. Michael’s Church youth programs. St. Michael’s Church and the TIMA are located at Butler Ave. & Eighth St. The gym is accessed via Lovell Ave., located one block west of Butler. Event chairman Tyler Marion can be reached by email at Wilmington Island Farmers’ Market - A community market that houses food & non-food vendors. Monthly Guest Chef. Weekly Special Guest, Story Time, Musical Acts and Non-Profit Events. Our community market will operate in two sessions: Fall: Sept. 7th- Dec. 21st; Spring: March 1st- June 28th. Saturday Mornings 8-1pm. Islands Community Church - 111 Waltour Road Wilmington Island.

No One Covers Tybee Like The Breeze

just for kids

our tybee givers

Live Oak Public Libraries Presents E l l e n O’Leary Acorns Storytime at the Tybee Library for children ages 0-4, Tue. 11am. 786-7733 for more info.

The Beach Bums Jack Boylston 912-786-5655

The American Legion Ladies Auxilliary Sons of the American Legion

The Burton 4-H Center Coastal Pet Rescue Tybee “DAC” Kids The E.S.A (Eastern Surfing Association)

FOR rent Room for rent on Tybee. Female, non-smoker only. Pet negotiable. For info email

seeking work Writer and former longtime editor of Public Relations Quarterly and contributor to The Tybee Breeze is available for writing jobs. Part-time or one-time. Contact Paul Swift at or 912-660-5206.

for sale 49CC Scooters - various colors. Call 912-257-9617 Homemade Cheesestraws 20dz. $30. Call Bill 912.655.6342

Help Wanted Trinity Chapel United Methodist Church seeks an experienced part-time choir director and accompanist to lead our chancel choir and congregation in traditional music worship. With 100+ attendees each Sunday and a choir of a dozen or so, our church is located on Tybee Island, Georgia. Please send resume to Trinity Chapel United Methodist Church P.O. Box 378 - Tybee Island, GA 31328 - (912) 786-4491

Friends of Cockspur Island Lighthouse - Harvey Ferrelle at Tybee Island Garden Club Meetings are held at 4pm on the 2nd Sun. of each month Sept. May. Location varies. Facebook Page: Tybee Island Garden Club The Tybee Island Historical Society 912-786-5801 or

Chapel by the Sea Baptist Church Reverend David Laughner Services: Sunday School 9:45am Sunday Morning Worship 11am Sunday Evening Worship 7pm Wednesday Bible Study 7pm Butler Avenue at 9th Street Tybee Island, GA 31328 912-786-4647 or “Never ashamed of the gospel” All Saints’ Episcopal Church *All Are Warmly Welcomed* The Rev. Helen S. White, Vicar Service Sunday at 10AM Coffee Hour at 11AM We are located at 804 Jones Ave, two blocks west of Butler Ave. Call 786-5845 for more info or email us at “Who ever you are, where ever you find yourself on your journey of faith, there is a place here for YOU! St. Michael Catholic Church Father Thomas J. Peyton Mass and Confessions Schedule: Saturday: Vigil - 6pm Sunday: 8am & 11am Daily: Mon-Fri 8am; Sat 9am Confessions: 5-5:45pm on Sat. or by appointment 801 Butler Ave. 912-786-4505

Trinity Chapel United Methodist Pastor Hank Perry Sunday school is at 9:45am Sunday Worship is at 11am The Marine Resue Squadron 911 Butler Ave. Joey Solomom at For more info contact the church office at (912) 786-4491 Tybee Islnd Optimist Club Special Worship Services: Helen Wilson 912-786-5890 Sunday closest to Memorial Day, The Optimists meet at the Sunrise July 4th & Labor Day at the pier restaurant the 1st & 3rd thursday at 8:30am. of each month at 7pm All are encouraged to attend!

The Tybee Island Sea Turtle Project 912-786-5917 or

TAPS - Tybee Arts Performing Society

Tybee Church “The Place Where Pirates Worship” Flip flops & smokers welcomed. Tybee Beautification Assoc. Every Sun. 10:00am at the 912-786-9688 or Benny’s Tavern - 912-433-1643 Encouragement, worship music & The YEEPIES (Youthful Energetic prayer. All included. Enthusiastic People Involved in Everything!) 912-786-9622 MEN BEHIND THE SCENE Tybee Island YMCA Men’s Inter-denominational Prayer 912-786-9622 Breakfast the 1st Sat. of each month at 9am. Call Jim Monaghan XI DELTA CHI 897-2666 for more info Diane Ring 912-786-4867 Tybee Breeze



I lie behind stars, and under hills, comes first, follows after, ends life kills laughter. What am I?

September Riddle & Answer The board and the pens are my best friend, You see my face from the morning till the afternoon’s end, I can be mean, I can be keen, Depends how I’m seen. Who am I?

Answer: A Teacher.


October Dates to remember 14-Columbus Day 29-Breezy Awards 31-Halloween

Drink Of The Month Black cat

Ingredients: 1 shot blue curacao 1 shot of vodka 3 shots of lemon lime soda 1 shot of cranberry juice 1/2 shot squeezed lime juice Instructions: 1) Shake together the curacao, vodka and lime juice, then add the soda. 2) Pour cranberry juice into the bottom of a tall glass and then pour the alcoholic mixture on top of it. Garnish with lime curl and black cocktail stirrer.


Tybee Breeze

No One Covers Tybee Like The Breeze

Down 1 Mary Kay Andrews new book? (9,5)

4 Her fundraiser was a success? (6) 7 New farmer’s market is where? (10) 8 What is Dave holding? (5)

Across 2 Unveiled as the Personal financial planner? (3) 3 Best place for Halloween? (5) 5 He has a new CD inspired by Tybee? (6) 6 They invade Tybee this month? (7)

9 Birds of a feather do what together? (4)

11 Big awards event coming up this month? (6) 12 Item needed at the food pantry? (5)

16 Thomas Oliver wrote a book on what? (4)

10 Back to what? (6) 13 Playing this months Third Thursday? (9)

17 This building is expanding? (6)

14 I’m all in is what kind of run? (5) 15 Drink of month? (5,3) The answer key will be published in the next edition.

*Did you know the answers to the Pirates Puzzle crossword can be found in the Tybee Breeze itself? So if you’re having trouble, look through the stories again!!

Pirates Puzzle Answer September

Rating Level - Medium No One Covers Tybee Like The Breeze

Tybee Breeze


StarFish Scopes October 2013

1-“Suitcase”; 2-Christopher “Catfish” Powell 3-Bryan Billotto, Alice Solomon, Shaun Simmons, Bob Shroyer & Katelyn Helmly; 4-David Jones, Alan Burn, Jackie Burn & Jasmine Morales; 5-Chris Moore & Melissa O’Brien; 6-Judy Thompson; 8-Lynda Stoller, Mary Helmly & Janice Shields; 10-Kevin Cook, Dave Cahill, Michael Gallagher, Daniel Turbeville, Blondie, Trenson Bennett, Tim Lancaster & Alisa Salaki; 11-Ava Gray, Thomas & Brian Counihan; 12-Ada Solomon Seyle; 13-Shannon Marino & Susannah Fryer; 14-Alice Green; 16-Susan Gorena; 17-Mike Taylor & Phillip Mejia; 19-Jimmy Bostwick & William Hamilton; 20-Robert J. Helmly II; 21-Stephanie Hogan & Bertram Whitley; 23-Alisa Dixon & Espy Geissler; 24-James Hackney & Sara Vet; 25-Dac Cowart; 26-Marilyn “Tooty” Tooten; 27-Ritabelle; 28-Josh O’Brien & Sonya Fettke; 30-Ian Doyle Jones; 31-Mike Futral

14-Shannon & Sundi Marino 14-David & Sonya Fettke 23-Greg & Carol Stoeffler

A BIG THANK YOU to Tybee and the best group of friends a person can have! The benefit was exciting, overwhelming and I went home exhausted and with a heart full of love. A special THANK YOU to the fundraiser committee, Capt. Mike, Crab Shack, American Legion and its SAL and auxiliary. A lot of people worked very hard to make this event successful ($12,600 and counting) and they hold a special place in my heart. THANK YOU to all the incredible people who made donations and to those that came to support the cause. Many had to park in the boonies and walk over. I hope I got to hug each and every one of you! Y’all are a special group of people and I love each and every one of you. THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU! ~ Vivian Austin

Jeanne’ Marie Love Sunrise - September 3, 1963 Sunset - August 31, 2013 30

Tybee Breeze

Libra (September 23 - October 22) You love & appreciate humor. You trly on your sense of humor to get thru some sticky situations, especially those in which you have to deliver some bad news... Scorpio (October 23 - November 21) Because of your secret agent lifestyle, you’re prone to come in contact with questionable opportunities. When you find yourself in a calmer state of mind you’ll realize that convenience doesn’t always equal the best option. Sagittarius (November 22 - December 21) It’s no secret that you’re a hard worker or maybe it is a secret. Success at a new role in your life will lead to a promotion or upgrade. Capricorn (December 22 - January 20) Because something seems difficult or even impossible, doesn’t mean its not worth pursuing. Pursuing that difficult project may be worth the effort. You never know what one accomplishment will ultimately lead to. Aquarius (January 21 - February 18) You always come to the aid of those in need, but be wary of those that are always in need. Your generous nature let’s people take advantage of you. Say no! Pisces (February 19 - March 20) You’re approaching a drastic lifestyle change. It could take the form of a new living situation, a new relationship, or a new career move. Whatever happens you’ll be paying yourself a little more attention than usual... Aries (March 21 - April 19) You’re on fire work wise! You can’t even blink your eye without someone offering you work. Taurus (April 20 - May 20) Your life is great right now, this is a time in your life that you’ll never forget. You also have a lot on your plate. Focus on planning so that your life runs more smoothly. Gemini (May 21 - June 20) You’ll reconnect with old friends, relatives, and strangers that you never knew that you knew. You have a lot of socializing to do. In the midst of all that socializing, it’s important to take time to relax. Cancer (June 21 - July 22) Focus on eating healthy, getting plenty of exercise and restoring balance in your body. Persistence is key to seeing results. Be patient during this healing process. Leo (July 23 - August 22) You get so social that you become very popular. On top of that your need to socialize can become overwhelming so much so that you may call people at random. Virgo (August 23 - September 22) You may be quiet in real life, but something happens when you get on the internet. You can’t be more vocal! No One Covers Tybee Like The Breeze

No One Covers Tybee Like The Breeze

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Tybee Breeze

No One Covers Tybee Like The Breeze

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