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No One Covers Tybee Like The Breeze

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No One Covers Tybee Like The Breeze

Mardi Gras Tybee 2012

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The Tybee Breeze is a monthly publication that comes out on the 1st of each month and is available in racks & outdoor boxes throughout the island all month long. It is also available to view in its entirety to perspective visitors online, as well as, mailed out to subscribers all over the U.S. The deadline to advertise is by the 15th of the month prior. Our goal is to provide a fun & entertaining magazine for all ages. If you would like to contribute by writing a story, letter to the editor, suggesting a story, or advertising, contact us using the information above. By submitting photos to the Tybee Breeze, you are authorizing the Breeze to use, reproduce and display photographs. Some of the articles in the Tybee Breeze are fiction. Views expressed by writers are not necessarily those of the Tybee Breeze. The Tybee Breeze assumes no responsibility for typographical errors or omissions. All ads contained within the Tybee Breeze are the sole responsibility of the advertiser. The Tybee Breeze reserves the right to edit or refuse any articles or advertising submitted to this publication © 2011. All rights reserved. God Bless America & God Bless Our Troops!

There’s no need to travel to New Orleans for Mardi Gras when we’re having our own Mardi Gras celebration right here on Tybee Island! The 4th Annual Mardi Gras Tybee celebration will take place Friday, February 17th and Saturday, February 18th, 2012 featuring the Masquerade Ball, Mardi Gras Tybee Parade and Mardi Gras Street Party. Bring your Krewe and join in the merriment on Fri. February 17th at the Masquerade Ball. This event will kick-off the weekend festivities featuring live music from Dwight “Black Cat” Carrier, one of the top Zydeco bands to come out of Louisiana, at Fannies on the Beach from 8 to 11 p.m. This year’s MC will be none other than the famous Layla Fox! Be sure to be creative with your Mardi Gras costumes because you just might have a shot at winning in the King and Queen Costume Contest or the Krewe Cup Contest. Tickets to the Masquerade Ball are $20 in advance at mardigrastybee. com/masqurade-ball or $25 at the door. Saturday February 18th head down to the Mardi Gras Street Party from 12noon to 6 p.m. at the South end of the island by the Tybee Pier, located at Tybrisa Street and Strand Avenue. The party will feature live music by The Dawgs of Dixie, a traditional Dixieland jazz band, from 12noon to 3 p.m. and Dwight “Black Cat” Carrier from 3-6 p.m. The 2012 Mardi Gras Tybee Parade will be held on Sat. February 18th at 2 p.m. traveling down Butler Avenue to the end of Tybrisa Street. A big part of any Mardi Gras celebration is the music and this year we aim to please! Dwight “Black Cat” Carrier is one of the most highly acclaimed accordionists of his time. He comes from a family where Zydeco music is truly a

No One Covers Tybee Like The Breeze

way of life. His music embodies both tradition with his own unique twist incorporating blues and R&B into his music. Dwight grew up in Church Point, LA and in 1988 established his first band, Dwight Carrier and the Zydeco Rockers. When he was just 14, Dwight released his first album, “My Baby Left Me”. In 1991, he was invited to join the Creole Zydeco Snap Band, led by Creole and Blues musician Warren Ceasar. Dwight was the group’s accordionist and traveled around the world for many years and made multiple appearances at the New Orleans Jazz & Heritage Festival. Dwight later went on to pursue another career, but returned to his roots forming his own band “Black Cat and the Ro’ Doggs.” Dwight’s cousin is none other than Troy “Dikki Du” Carrier of Dikki Du and the Zydeco Crewe who have played at Mardi Gras Tybee before. Since 2008, Dwight “Black Cat” Carrier and the Ro’ Doggs have appeared on the east coast, in Denver, the San Francisco Bay Area, Los Angeles and San Diego, as well as his native Louisiana. Dwight’s debut CD entitled “It Ain’t My Fault” is currently available. Leading off the Mardi Gras Street Party this year will be The Dawgs of Dixie. This 6-piece traditional South Carolina-based Dixieland Jazz Band is a crowd pleaser with their high energy Dixieland sound! Dawgs of Dixie play every summer on the Myrtle Beach Boardwalk and other area venues. We’re excited to welcome both Dwight “Black Cat” Carrier and the Dawgs of Dixie to Mardi Gras Tybee 2012. So dust off your purple, gold and green, Mardi Gras masks and costumes and head down to Mardi Gras Tybee February 17th-18th. If you’re interested in participating in the Mardi Gras Tybee Parade, buying tickets to the Masquerade Ball at Fannie’s or need more info. visit us online at or on Facebook at Mardi-Gras Tybee. Tybee Breeze



Tybee Breeze

No One Covers Tybee Like The Breeze

No One Covers Tybee Like The Breeze

Tybee Breeze



Tybee Breeze

No One Covers Tybee Like The Breeze

No One Covers Tybee Like The Breeze

Tybee Breeze


Life in the Slow Lane By: John O’Neill

This month Ole Slo would like to salute a great American and good friend, D e a n Morrison. I could write volumes about Dean, and the impact he has had on the many thousands of people he has touched during his life. But, as they say (whoever “they” are) a picture is worth a thousand words.

Farewell my friend! 8

Tybee Breeze

No One Covers Tybee Like The Breeze

darlin’ dean… By: Michael D. Sullivan


Dean was all about that as he wielded his cruiser cart down 16th street on the way to his pier and pavilion empire. Not much escaped him. He told me one of his greatest wins was recruiting and signing top-shelf bands to play for free on the pier during Pirate Fest last year. When his competitive juices were stoked, no one topped Dean Morrison. He didn’t need city committees on tourism and a list of goals to achieve greatness. He was an entertainer and the pier was his Fantasia. Witness his presenting the Drifters, Tams, and Billy Joe Royal to name a few. He bet on his instincts and had the guts to get it done. Dean had that attraction thingy working fulltime… To him, being outrageous was a good thing. That ride down 16th was hard to measure in minutes. Dean powered down his cruiser to chat up anyone who waved or yelled his way. He was a magnet, manager, and a sentinel. He lived in perpetual motion, easily energized, succinct, and a natural. His word was his calling card. “Every time I saw him hurrying my way to the art gallery, I lit-up smiling wondering what scheme he was planning and just had to talk about,” Tybee’s Renie Sullivan reflected. Dean dispensed his Tybee survival theology in his outdoor office faster than a priest granting absolution in a confessional. He delivered the day’s musings ironically and quickly like he thought about them forever. “I never knew what would come out, “Renie remembers. Few did. He kept it all in his head. Dean Morrison was easily one of the smartest guys I’ve met along the way. He fully appreciated the human condition. And, the Savannah High grad knew business in his dealings on the pier and pavilion as well as with the Chatham County recycling centers. His businesses on Butler Avenue prosper as well as his concessions operation at Memorial Stadium. His loss is large. He kept the peace on the pier when the ugly, dirty bathroom smack down came to light. The county and the city pointed fingers. Visitors were beefing. Locals were muttering. Everything on the pier was certainly going to hell… Well, Dean picked up a mop and led by example. He was all about getting the deal…done. “A Tybee legacy is gone. He did everything,” said Ricky Lee Goodman. One could always find Dean huddled with Tybee legend Nicky Alexander as the men bonded on many business adventures. When you saw one of them, the other was No One Covers Tybee Like The Breeze

always nearby…tag-team moguls. Myrtice Morrison, his child bride of 46 years, admits to actually surprising him once with a new, red, pick-up truck delivered to the pier for his 60th birthday. He pranced around it like a tyke at Christmas in a full mouth grin. It was quite a sight to take in with Dean yapping and inspecting every inch of his bright sand sleigh. No pretense. It was pure Dean. In our talks over 16 years, I envisioned him as a living descendant of the Wild West transplanted here to make business sense of coastal Georgia. He quickly slipped into his two-fisted feisty role whenever the maverick in him surfaced. And, that could be just about any time. Politically, he was forever threatening to run for a council seat and telling me he was putting his candidate slate together. He would talk those names up and down 16th street. It would not have been the easiest venue for him to operate in and argue his points. Dean was about action and not filing position papers, motions, and votes. He would have found Butler Avenue democracy all too tame. Compromise would not deliver tourists and locals to his Tybee Island pier. Dean would. And he had a big heart. The month of January on Tybee was all about folks telling their personal thoughts of Dean Morrison. Les “Sarge” White said he knew Dean for many years. “He will be missed by all who knew him.” Buddy Sapp reflects that he never saw Dean Morrison not working. And, Wanda Parker at Doc’s bar remembers the drinking line they always used. “Dean you were exactly right. One is too many and a thousand is not enough.” Bob Edleman remembers Dean’s generosity and support of the Veterans Memorial. “Dean always provided special resources for veterans on the pier.” Charles “Bogie” Boghosian said, “What a hard working man. He Said Dean had the touch. “Seems everything he did turned to gold.” He was a man of the people and a respected voice. Even those disgruntled with him had to admit he was not going away in a policy tiff. As for futures without him, Myrtice Morrison says, “Business as usual.” There will be talk of Tybee taking over the pier from Chatham County. My sense of that happening is that the city has little interest and that a 3rd party manager works for both entities. Dean’s son Todd has been working with his father’s business interests for years. In a reflective moment, Dean told me he was all about the next thing to do, the next dream to ride, the next whatever he could reach. He spaced his thoughts, grew a grin, and became totally relaxed in himself. I will carry that moment. Carl Dean Morrison always gave ‘em a show… the darlin’ man. Tybee Breeze


REMEMBERING DEAN Twelve years ago, while working at a Savannah radio station, I needed to find a venue for a dance party to raise money to buy child ID kits as part of our public service for the year. I suggested that we approach the Tybee Pier and Pavilion, but the marketing people told me that wouldn’t fly as they didn’t think the manager of the facility would be interested in doing something that wasn’t profit driven. I soon discovered that they didn’t know Dean Morrison. I approached Dean about hosting the event and when he found out it was something that would help children he couldn’t say yes fast enough. That was the beginning of a friendship with one of the islands most colorful, entertaining and Tybee loving people I have ever known. Besides working with Dean on events, as the years passed, I had the pleasure of getting to know him through numerous conversations sitting on picnic tables at the Pavilion or standing beside one of his golf carts as he took a break from whisking around the area, working like a mad man. Through those encounters I came to know Dean as a passionate, dedicated and funny man who loved work, community and most of all his family. Dean was the human embodiment of the Energizer Bunny, always


Tybee Breeze

moving, constantly thinking of new business ideas and ways to make Tybee a better place. He was a man of strong opinions and made it clear where he stood on local politics and personalities. You knew where you stood with Dean and whether you agreed or not, it was extremely refreshing to know a man who said what he meant and meant what he said. Dean loved kids and if he noticed a child was on the pier that wanted an ice cream or hot dog but had parents that clearly couldn’t afford it, they did not go without. There’s no telling how many generous offerings he made, big and small, as he was not a man who sought attention or kudos for his kindness. He clearly got his reward from the act of giving. That’s not to say that he never got irritated. Just a mention of non-ending complaints about the bathrooms at the Pavilion (and the trashy people who abused them) could get his ire up! He would share tales about some disgusting visitors and their vile deeds that would have you howling with laughter. But he always knew how to handle those crazy tourists and others that got out of hand with his soft but firm voice and down to earth approach. Dean also had a most unusual point of pride. While on the Pavilion one day my sister and I sat on a picnic table chatting with him when we noticed what lovely feet he had. We commented about it and he quickly agreed. “Yes, I do have pretty feet,” Dean said admitting he had recently enjoyed a pedicure. Only real men can admit having pedicures. I happened to have my camera so I suggested taking a picture of them and he was quite keen on the idea. We were all laughing and cutting up about it as I snapped a shot of his perfectly groomed, tanned toes. I had a 5X7 print made of that picture, framed it, wrapped it in a gift bag and left it for him on the Pavilion. The next time I saw him, he ordered me behind the bar to see where he had proudly posted it. After hearing the terrible news that Dean had passed away, my sister and I took a walk to the Pavilion that night. It seemed so empty and sad. We agreed that without Dean’s nonstop energy, sense of fun and passion the Pavilion had lost its soul. Tybee will never be the same.

No One Covers Tybee Like The Breeze

In My Opinion By Judy O’Neill There’s a saying about opinions that most of you have heard, I’m sure. It ends with the words, “Everyone has one.” So, keeping that in mind, please don’t be offended if my opinion differs from your opinion. Among the several things I was taught as a southern girl who needed to mind her manners was the rule that you don’t discuss politics, religion, or money and that you keep your opinions to yourself. That means I’m going out on the proverbial limb here and “against my raising” to tell you what I REALLY think about some things. I think tin roofs should not be allowed on any houses located under oak trees. The sound of all those acorns falling on that tin must be a little like what gun shots in the ghetto sound like on a Saturday night. I think sushi is yucky. It’s that raw, gelatinous texture that just makes me gag. I found that out the hard way in a Miami Beach restaurant when the husband (who loves sushi and other strange things) decided I needed to try the stuff. What do you do in a fine dining establishment when you need to spit out IMMEDIATELY something that is just plain gross?? I want all fish parts dead, fried, and crispy. I think spiders know when I’m most vulnerable to their appearance. I really do NOT like the sneaky critters. Case in point: I’m driving along the Truman Speedway, minding my own business, thinking of all the things I needed to think about...and a few I didn’t, but that’s another story...when this BIG eight-legged monster appeared on the dash and, I swear, said “BOO!” and then disappeared. WHERE DID HE GO???? I still don’t know. I think all people should be required to have mirrors in their houses and guides posted next to them as to what is and what is not appropriate to wear. Going to the mall? Don’t wear clubbing clothes or stripper wear. Going to the beach? Try to make sure most of what shouldn’t be seen...and can’t be “unseen” once it’s covered. Going to a business meeting? Keep your cleavage, etc., controlled so that if the speaker is a man, he can actually speak without drooling. Going clubbing? No rules...have fun. I think young children should be seen and not heard. Especially in restaurants and on airplanes. I think parents who use the “time out” form of punishment are going to be really sorry one day. I think a little tap on the derriere is more effective. (I think I’m probably gonna get emails about this one. BUT, remember the earlier warning that these are MY opinions and that you don’t have to agree.) I think there should be a TV channel devoted entirely to politics and the upcoming Presidential debacle. If we can have a weather channel, a sports No One Covers Tybee Like The Breeze

channel, a movie channel, a music channel, why can’t we have a political channel? And all the other channels should be banned from having any political info, promos, stories, etc. I’m just not sure if I can go through however many months it will be of this campaign season. I’m not even over the last one yet! I think young guys with snooty attitudes (and who call me “sweetie”) should NOT be allowed behind the fine makeup counters in department stores. They can’t REALLY know about women’s makeup anyway... unless they wear it regularly. And that opens up a “whole nuther” train of thought on which I have opinions. I think friends are fattening. I can actually prove that theory. When I had my post holiday weigh-in, the scales practically groaned. Then, I considered how many times I’d shared food and libations and more food followed by more libations with friends throughout the past holiday season...and beyond. I’m going to call my new little rolls of fat “friendship rings.” I think that has a certain “je ne sais quoi.” The opinions expressed in this article are those of the writer. Don’t blame the BREEZE for any of the thoughts contained herein. And remember, opinions are a little like.... Everyone has one. Judy O’Neill has written for the Breeze for the past 11 years. She was named “Best Local Columnist” at the 2011, 2008 and 2006 Breezy Awards and “Best Local Real Estate Agent” at the 2005 Awards. Judy and her husband John have lived on Tybee since 1983 and own Tybee Island Realty. She can be reached for comment at

Tybee Breeze


April 15, 1910 Council Meeting Hotel Tybee Hotel Tybee, originally built in 1891, was destroyed by fire in 1908. On April 10, 1910, the President of Hotel Tybee presented a petition to Council to rebuild it. “Mr. F.B. Stubbs President of Hotel Tybee Corp. and his attorney R. Denmark, Esq. presented a petition to build a portion of strand in front of Hotel Tybee property between 14th and 15th Streets – as set forth in the following petition. “To the Mayor and Councilmen of the Town of Tybee, Gentlemen, The petition of Hotel Tybee, a corporation under the laws of the State of Georgia respectively shows, First – that it is proposed to build on its property on Tybee Island, in the Town of Tybee, a hotel and appurtenances to cost not less than One Hundred Thousand Dollars (($100,000.00), the construction of such hotel and appurtenances to begin at once, Second – That it desires for the convenience of its patrons to construct a pavilion and bath houses on a portion of the Strand between the Eastern property line of its said property and the Ocean, and within a few feet of the Northern line of Fifteenth Street in said Town as shown on a plat hereto attached, said pavilion and bath houses to cover a space of ground sixty feet by 100 feet (60 ft x 100 ft) and to be so located that a distance of sixty five feet five inches (65 ft 5”) will remain unobstructed between the Eastern line of said pavilion and bath houses and high water mark, Third – That it also desires to encroach upon the strand opposite its property and within a few feet of the Southern line of Fourteenth Street for the purpose of constructing and continuing a row of cottages to be located on a line parallel with said Fourteenth Street, leaving however the same or more space between the Eastern line of the last cottage and high water mark that is to be left between the Eastern line of said pavilion and bath houses and high water mark, Fourth – That petitioners will remove all such obstructions from the strand upon sixty days notice giver to wit by the authorities of the Town of Tybee, and will construct for the convenience of the public a board walk fifteen feet (15 ft) wide across the strand and between Fourteenth and Fifteenth Streets, to be located near to and parallel with the Eastern


Tybee Breeze

line of its property, and will maintain said walk so long as the above obstruction remains on the strand, [I’m guessing that these “obstructions” needing to be removed are sand dunes – not so different from a century later!] and Fifth – That the construction of said hotel and appurtenances will necessarily enhance the value of all property in the Town of Tybee, and that the pavilion, bath houses, and cottages proposed to be constructed will greatly add to the convenience of its pastime and the public generally who may desire to use the pavilion and bath houses.” “Therefore your petitioner prays that a proper resolution or ordinance be passed granting it the right and privilege of construction the pavilion, bath houses, and cottages on the portion of the strand herein above described, and with the right to remove the same there from, at any time as its property. Respectively Submitted Signed – Hotel Tybee by F.B. Stubbs, President” “On motion of Councilman Dixon Seconded by Councilman Palmer, the following resolution was read and passed. Resolved – that the petition of Hotel Tybee – signed by its President F.B. Stubbs, presented to this meeting be and the same is hereby granted, and permission is given the Hotel Tybee to encroach upon the strand in the manner stated in the petition, provided that the Hotel Tybee strictly and at all times comply with all of the conditions and terms mentioned in said petition. Resolved further that said petition be spread in full upon the official minutes of the Town of Tybee.” Building permits were apparently a bit easier and quicker to obtain a century ago! I would imagine that said petition from said petitioner would have been typed in 1910. Said typed version could have been “spread upon the official minutes” as presented and not rewritten in hand by Clerk of Council F. W. Storer. This would have saved him and especially me a lot of labor. Looking ahead in the old book, I see where typed documents will be physically included in the minutes. I look forward to reaching those typed documents; and, please forgive me, I also look forward to Mr. Storer’s demise at the end of 1914 - his replacement has a beautiful hand! Bernie Goode has been writing for the Breeze for four years. Readers with questions or comments are encouraged to write Bernie at

No One Covers Tybee Like The Breeze

Before getting into City business, I wanted to take a moment to reflect on the loss of Dean Morrison. As most of you know, Dean passed away in January. He ran the Pier and Pavilion for years starting back in 1996 when it first opened. He was a great guy who was friends to so many on Tybee. He always was willing to help support various volunteer-based groups on the Island. My last memory of Dean was a few months back when my wife had to set up an event as part of a service activity through her job. It was a beach clean-up with the Pavilion as the set-up point. She needed a few more chairs and tables than she expected and Dean didn’t hesitate to personally make sure she had everything she needed. He was a kind soul and he will be sorely missed by all who had the pleasure of getting to know him. Okay…back to business. At our City Council meeting on February 23, we will be considering a possible change to our residential waste services. We have received a great deal of feedback from many citizens about some ways we can improve upon our existing services. Some suggestions included side yard pick up such that the carts would be collected and returned to our side yards (or wherever you may choose to store your trash bin). This would allow for a much less cluttered appearance on the Island and would make it much more convenient. There also has been much feedback from people asking for larger recycling carts. Many also have requested that we have once a week trash pick-up instead of the current twice a week schedule. I encourage you to visit the City’s website to take a look at the various proposals for these potential changes. Pay special attention to the impact on the rates. We have many options to consider. One of them is to do nothing at all and maintain the existing service level and rate structure. Note that we continue to develop a mechanism for providing our commercial establishments with recycling services. This is a complex issue for many reasons including the substantial differences between the make-up of our beach business district relative to the corridor along Highway 80 between the Tybee Oaks area and the ocean. The proposals before us on February 23rd will not include commercial recycling. We

No One Covers Tybee Like The Breeze

hope to have some proposals for these services in the very near future. The Critz Tybee Run Fest will take place on February 3rd and 4th this year. The event has been expanded to include opportunities for runners of all levels to participate. I know for some this is an inconvenience. The event has been planned in such a way so as to keep disruptions to traffic to a minimum. Robert Espinoza continues to coordinate this event and has done a fantastic job of selecting routes and starting times that work for our little Island. The primary sponsor of the event has been very generous in the past by making sure the run supported St. Michaels School (before the school was closed) and the Tybee YMCA. Additionally, proceeds have provided scholarships for local students. We have a great partnership with the title sponsor and look forward to another successful event this year. Keep in mind that the St. Michael Catholic Church Spaghetti Dinner will be held from 6 p.m. to 8:30 p.m. on Friday, February 3. The meal costs $10 a plate ($5 for children under age 8). Our most recent audit came back in its final form recently. It can be viewed in its entirety on our website. We were able to add $111,398 to our cash reserve thanks to careful management of our funds. Special thanks to our City staff for their diligence in keeping expenses in line with the approved budget again this year. We will continue to work to get the City through the economic downturn we have experienced as a nation since 2008 without any drastic actions (tax increases, cuts in services) while at the same time doing what we can to add to our cash reserves. We have taken the first steps towards challenging the 2010 Census results. We are working with a local firm to prove that there are more dwellings on the Island than the Census Bureau claimed. Once this analysis is complete, we will send the data to the Census Bureau to make our challenge official. Garden City recently submitted its official challenge after conducting a similar analysis of their records relative to the findings of the census. We have been told that a response to the challenge can be expected from the federal government within six months of the official challenge being made. I continue to believe that we were undercounted due to the relatively unique postage system we have on the Island whereby most people receive their mail at post office boxes as opposed to their homes. Anecdotally, many residents have told us that they never did get counted. We’ll see what happens... Mayor’s Night In is being moved to the third Tuesday of February to avoid conflicting with Valentine’s Day. It will be on February 21 from 7 to 9 pm. Please contact Clerk of Council Jan Leviner at 786.4573 ext. 103 for an appointment. As always, feel free to contact me at buelterman@hotmail. com or on my cell at 844.8427. Have a great February! Please don’t ever hesitate to contact me should you have any questions or suggestions. I can be reached on my cell at 844.8427 or via e-mail at buelterman@ Tybee Breeze


“Peaceful Journey” Livin’ on Tybee Time They say “Times flies when you’re having fun.” Well I’ve got news for ya. Time flies even when you’re NOT having fun (except when you’re waiting to turn left at the stoplight next to Chu’s, across the street from the post office) Watching our oldest son ship off for Coast Guard Boot Camp on a dreary Northern Virginia day last winter suddenly made that very clear. 18 years were gone. It didn’t feel good. So began the journey that has found our family escaping the rat race and looking to start a new life on what I’ve taken to calling “The Island of Misfit Toys.” We haven’t felt this at home in a very long time. Don’t get me wrong, we’d done quite a bit in the old life, including having 5 amazing kids and running our own photography studio ( but after 18 years, at the end of the day, we weren’t happy. It didn’t help that the list of things we had dreamed of doing remained largely unfinished. Like many people, life had gotten in the way. Unlike many people, we decided that wasn’t gonna fly. So we grabbed a map and started looking for a place on the East coast, that wasn’t Florida, where winters were warm and the ocean was close. A 4 day trip to Savannah let us know this was the area and a day on Tybee made it obvious that this is what we were looking for. Little did we know how much more was waiting for us here. Since relocating here in December, we’ve spent more time hanging out with family and friends (we made friends the first NIGHT!) than we had in the previous year. We’ve found a church home that we adore and we laugh around the dinner table again. We’d be negligent if we didn’t drop a word of thanks to Josh and Mel, Dedra, Samuel, Michael & Sarah, Cheryl & Jodee, John and Judy and the many others who have welcomed us with open arms. Your friendship and love have given us life again and we will never be able to thank you enough (but we’re certainly gonna try) So, if you see a bald guy with crazy facial hair and big ol’ cigar in his mouth, walking down the street holding hands with a gorgeous blonde who takes amazing photographs, trailing an army of kids, give us a wave. We’ll wave back. We’re trying real hard to get on the fast track to life on Tybee Time.


-Sean “that bald guy” McNally Tybee Breeze

No One Covers Tybee Like The Breeze

2nd Annual Pajama Pub Crawl Results By Alaina Loughridge What a night! Whew Lordy! The Second Annual Pajama Pub Crawl was a resounding success! Beginning at Spanky’s, where everyone was relatively sober, and an excellent group photo was snapped: It was on. Mayhem, chaos, debauchery, oh my! Good times straight ahead. Party moved on to Tybee Times, Wind Rose, Rock House, Nickie’s and finally the Sand Bar. Everywhere was packed out. Well, the last couple of places people were falling (down) by the wayside. Hee Hee!

After speaking with several different people the next day and watching the plop plop fizz fizz of their hangover cures kicking, I got the scoop: The best contest to watch was the Speed Drinking Contest and that was won by Brain Corley (intentional typo there) held at Tybee Times. The man can drink an entire beer bong without spillage! That’s talent baby! The Best Costume went to Shannon Donahue and I completely agreed with that. Her assets were impressive Rachel Parnham won the 50/50 raffle, but I can’t tell you how much because she threatened to chase me down Izlar with a chainsaw if I did. Last Man Standing was won by several different people, but the most outstanding of those was two mature ladies from the south side (Savannah, darlings), who drank cabernet and MGD 64 all night, and were an absolute delight to hang out with. The Basket of Cheer, which was truly a beautiful thing to behold, was won by Tim Peterson, and thank God, because I am his friend and can partake of the beauty that was that Basket of Cheer. Rock on to Dina Bradley for putting that thing together. It would have taken me a week! All in all it was a great time! Take My Hand, our local charity, made some money from the Basket and the 50/50 raffle and that in turn will help one of our friends. Everyone had a great time and had no problems getting home. Thanks go out to Sea & Breeze Hotel for giving our jammy friend’s a great deal! Thanks also go out to all of the bars that donated their booze and swag for the Basket of Cheer! To Joy at the Wind Rose: You are a machine of fabulousness! Thank you sister! Your next shot is on me baby! Thanks to Monty Parks’ for playing at the Wind Rose during the PJ Pub Crawl. I Cannot wait until next January! I will see y’all there in your bedroom finest!

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Tybee Marine Rescue Mission Reports By Joey Solomon Public Information Officer

All Quiet: There were no called missions for the end of December and beginning of January. Well that was somewhat mis-leading. In January we installed our newly elected officers and this year was no different. Another AWESOME cover dish! Thanks to everyone who participated and attended. We did get a call out, but 5 minutes later the Coast Guard “canceled” us and we stood down almost as quick as we stood up. One of our own, Mr. David Ring, turned 60 and we were invited to party with him. It was a surprise party? Really? Tybee? The Squadron got a few volunteers to get some oysters, and Jack, Belinda and the whole Crab Shack Crew hosted one heck of an event. Pretty much everybody on the island donated something. David visited with friends he hasn’t seen in a long time, and you could just tell that there was a “Lotta Love” in that room. Sometimes things just don’t go as planned… they’re BETTER ! Folks from all over came to spend an evening with “The Big Un” A panel of “Roasters” had been selected, and perfected their favorite “Ring Stories;” I know I had mine. Many of life’s lessons can be learned in those stories… stuff like “If you’re gonna be dumb… you gotta be tough” (a classic). Still, I wonder how many of those “I want you to tell your momma that… Big Daddy Dave said nice work messages” were ever delivered??? Well there were so many people making so much noise it was impossible to “Roast” anyone. It was good to see some of the folks we met with the “Kiss-A-Pig” events Dave had worked so hard for. Tybee had come in second, for the previous 3 years and David was determined to WIN IT! And we DID!!! Mr. Baggett, the auctioneer, had me in stitches as soon as I saw him. If he would have roasted David it may have hurt a bunch of us. Tybee Breeze


Rising TYde Community Food Pantry Update Tybee’s food pantry opened in September 2011 and at the time of this printing has had four distributions. This is an update of those first months. A committee was formed through the Y Board and started organizing in June. The City Council allowed us the space and Cindy Cupp and Steve Layden donated and installed strong shelving. During the summer months, food drives were organized by the Trinity Chapel United Methodist Church and the YMCA skate nights. We received a sizable cash donation from the All Saints Episcopal Men’s group to get the bank account started. The Executive Board was trained by Second Harvest Food Bank. We were finally ready to open. To be eligible for the Pantry’s service, a person must prove Tybee residency. A Tybee resident is one living in the 31328 zip code that includes all neighborhoods on the island. They must show a valid photo ID and have either a recent bill from the city or a receipt from their landlord. We have even accepted a recently signed lease. Our first open distribution we served two people, an individual and a family of four (5 total). In October that rose to 16 served (40 total). November was a huge distribution of 52 served (124 total). In December 32 people were served (92 total). So what that really means is that 105 fully loaded grocery carts, serving 261 people, have gone out to Tybee people in need. Some of the Breeze readers might wonder what, exactly, is being given out. Here is the list: 3 cans of fruit, 4 cans of veggies, one can of beans (or a bag of dried), a box of


Tybee Breeze

pasta and a jar of pasta sauce, a jar of peanut butter (and jelly if available), a bag of rice (or a box of grits), 3 cans of meat (tuna, chicken, hash, chili, or Spam), 2 cans of soup, a box of cereal (or cereal bars), a box of crackers and a bag of cookies (if available), a quart of shelf milk (not powdered or canned) and 6 juice boxes to families with children, a loaf of bread. Sometimes we have collected enough extra items, such as Jell-O, to hand out as an extra item. We like to include some snack items (peanut butter crackers or small bags of cookies) for children, also. These items, priced out using Publix store brands, cost approximately $40 if purchased by an individual. Multiply that by 105 and you get a retail value of $4200!! Luckily, we get to purchase, as a food pantry, from Second Harvest Food Bank. At $.27 per pound we have found that 240 cans of vegetables cost $68 there. Vegetables are usually available as they are readily donated by school children not wanting to eat their veggies! Canned soups and beans seem to be standard donated staples, also. Canned fruit is another story. It seems that there is rarely fruit available to purchase at Second Harvest. In the retail list, fruit was the second most expensive item (meat was first). Bread is the only other food we can always find for purchase. Knowing that all foods are not on the Second Harvest shelves prompted All Saints Episcopal Church to come up with the idea to adopt “peanut butter and jelly” as their mission! Every month the parish will collect as many jars of each as they can to help stock the pantry. Hearing that, Trinity Chapel has chosen “pasta and pasta sauce” as their adopted community mission. The executive board thinks this is a great idea!! Any other church or civic group wishing to sponsor a particular food item (such as canned fruit or juice boxes) is encouraged to do so! Just check with a Pantry Board member as to what is available to adopt! In addition to the adoption of food items, Mermaid Cottages is now including a brown paper grocery bag with the other items they hand out to their renters. There is a message stapled to the bag to please donate any unopened food items to the Pantry. What a terrific idea! And a win-win for both the visitors to our island and Tybee people. Many thanks to Diane Kaufman for helping out, especially during Tybee’s busy season! A word or two about cash donations. Thank you and thank YOU again! Your donations and checks have made it possible for us to purchase needed food! After the Thanksgiving distribution the shelves were bare. All that remained was peanut butter and pasta. We had to really stock up! We received more food donations, but the cash donations allowed us to fill the pantry for December. To make sure that your donations are tax deductible, the Pantry Executive Board is in the process of obtaining a 501(c)3 designation. Please write your checks to Rising TYde Community Food Pantry (RTCF Pantry) for this deduction. If you have any questions about Tybee’s Pantry, please ask an Executive Board member. They are Joey Burel (director), Gina Casagrande (secretary), Carolyn Smith (treasurer), Roxy Hogan (pantry chief), Haley Hill, Hank Perry and Ritajane Eichelzer (voting members). For distribution times and dates please call the Tybee YMCA at 912-786-9622. The Panty Board would like to acknowledge those that have helped us get off the ground. In no particular order, and all equally important, they are: Gina Casagrande, Haley Hill, the City of Tybee Island, Mike Hosti, Cindy Cupp and Steve Layden, All Saints Episcopal and Trinity Chapel United Methodist churches, the Tybee YMCA, the Richmond Hill and Habersham YMCA, The Tybee Breeze magazine, Tybee’s Park of Giving, The Savannah Bank, our volunteers, and the people of Tybee. Thank you to all, Joey Burel, Chairman

No One Covers Tybee Like The Breeze

In Memory of My Friend Paul Morgan

and can truly say that some days the fish just don’t eat. However, I have also chartered multiple boats for large groups and thought it was just ‘’ one of those days’’ only to find out that another The Story below originally Captain had slayed the fish. ran in December of 2009 Some days it’s all about the and is about My Friend choices you make when Paul Morgan and what was you leave the dock, did a fishing trip of a lifetime. you find clear water, was Little did we know it would the wind working for you or be Paul’s last trip. Boy he was it the right time in the did it right, we caught over tide. If you work hard most 150 fish that day! of the time you will find Paul and Suzanne fish or have “one of those Morgan first came down to days.” Tybee about 7 years ago This fish tale begins and fell in love with our with two of my regulars little paradise. We in turn and now good friends Paul fell in love with them. Paul and Susie Morgan. One and I were the same age would never know they and we just hit it off like were straight out of the we had been Buds all our hills of N.C. except for the life. Every year he would gifts they bring each year, threaten to fire me if we capers, jelly and some didn’t catch more fish than type of flavored clear liquid the other boat, of course that , well, just makes you he never did and never feel good. They have been fish on any other boat but making the fall trip for some From left to right Brad, Paul, Stan and Rich mine. We just went back and forth years now and have selectively on the boat cutting each other added friends each year and to the bone, like brothers. I knew he must have liked me we now have three boats for three days every year. This because on our first trip all those years ago he and his is great for Tybee businesses, especially The Quarter Bar best friend Stanley only landed one redfish “one of those which they love. I sometimes think they come just to eat other days”. Not only did they continue to return each year and drink at The Quarter and just fish with me to have but they brought down several other Clans from the hills of something to do during the day? N.C. and they continue to fish with us every year. All have In the past it was always split up couples against become friends. Suzanne will be visiting us in the fall to couples, a little competition, this year they decided to do scatter Paul’s ashes in Paradise. things a little different fishing two boats for three days girls Here’s to you My Friend, may your tackle box against the guys. I thought this was a good idea, until I be full, the bait be plentiful and the fish bite strong from found out I had the guys? daylight till dusk. We miss ya Buddy! Capt. Brian Woelber got the call for the girls first day, while the boys mounted up with me. I knew Brian One of Those Days would be on his game after the Chimney Creek tournament If you have ever chartered a fishing boat chances are you just the week before. I told the boys we had to land all our have heard the old saying ‘‘they bit yesterday’’. I must say fish and stay sober, I mean focused. The wind blew and Brian got the girls tucked out that I have told this story many times after having a slow day, ‘’truthfully’’. I’ve found out over the years it goes over of it and on some good fish and I knew he was catching much better if you just simply say, it was just ‘’ one of those because he wasn’t moving; you can’t hide from Capt. Stan. days’’ as opposed to telling a client how many fish you I told the boys it was going to be ruff but we had to fish Cabbage Island in order to have a shot at most fish. So caught the day before. I’ve fished these waters for nearly 26 years now close, I think the girls had twenty one and we had twenty

No One Covers Tybee Like The Breeze

Tybee Breeze


five. New comer ‘’Bad Brad’’ pulled the boys through on this day. The girls actually caught more fish that day; we just managed to have a few more keepers. Days two and three would put the girls with Captain Greg Davis who headed to the clear waters of S.C. . Again the boys put pressure on me not to let the girls win. Well as I explained to them we are always going to do our best, but when you put Capt. against Capt., It’s on! Brian and Greg feel the same way as I do, we’re out to have a little better day than the other boat. We do share information throughout these trips; the slow boat may just get info about a hot bite, a little late. 15 or 25 fish late. But we all know that on any given day you can be the Hero or the Goat, and we have fun with it. The girls all had some big red fish on day two and were excited about their catch. When I offered to put them on my boat for day three, they wanted nothing to do with it; they had their Captain and were sticking with him. ‘’Raging Rich’’ showed up on day two to help out ‘’Bad Brad’’ while ‘’Powerful Paul’s’’ rod just could not find the hot bite. Girls 25 boys 33 and that’s my lucky number. Day three and I just knew I was due for ‘’one of those days’’ the boys had been talking too much smack and Greg would love nothing more than to make it a long ride home to N.C. Well did we have ‘’one of those days’’, one of those really, really good days. The kind of day when even Paul caught fish and lots of them. Trout, red fish and flounder one after the other, big fish, little fish, blue fish, and Dr. Seuss crazy fish. My writing can not do the story of this bite justice. One minute the drag was screaming with a 9 pound red fish and the other two guys had a trout on. Time


Tybee Breeze

and time again, at one point I was trying to take a picture of Brad with a nice red and I couldn’t because Paul and Rich kept catching trout. I was losing control over my own boat, STOP, STOP, STOP it I yelled, just stop fishing for a minute and let me take this dang picture! Of course they just laughed and kept right on fishing. This went on for 4 hours 150 fish later, dang it boy! The girl’s smoked’um also with Susie landing a 20 pound trophy red. I think they had over 40 fish and we kept 83. It was just ‘’one of those days’’. P.S. went back to the same drop two days later and caught 1 trout and 2 reds? We spent 4 hours there. I never told my client what had happened just two days earlier, I just said it was ‘’ one of those days’’? Hope you and yours have ‘’one of those great days’’ next trip out, and I’ll see ya in the river, Capt. Stan

About the Captain Captain Stan Allen (alias Fred) owns & operates Marshland Inshore Fishing Adventures, a local guide service that runs out of Chimney Creek Marina (The Crab Shack), on Tybee Island. Captain Stan has been a Tybee resident for over 28 years. Stan is a professional redfish angler for and a pro staff member at Contact info: 912-786-5943 ~ E-mail

No One Covers Tybee Like The Breeze

Experience Luxury, Oceanfront Style The New Year is looking bright for Tybee’s Wedding Chapel. We have brides coming to view our lovely facility and exploring our great island for their destination wedding. The families are looking at hotels, restaurants, shops and every nook and cranny of our fabulous island. We just love those wedding web sites that the bride and groom develop to show off our beautiful island and all of our businesses! Ray, our Director of Events, recently enrolled The Tybee Wedding Chapel in several wedding shows. Carla Michael, his assistant, and I attended the first show called “The Southern Girls Show”. That was fun! Ladies from Augusta, Macon and our areas surrounding Savannah attended in anticipation of picking us great ideas about the details of their wedding. Many were still trying to select the perfect place for that wonderful wedding and reception of their dreams. It was encouraging to meet the prospective grooms who seemed very interested in having some input into the destination for the wedding and reception. Now, the mothers... they have some real firm ideas as to what they want. The chapel seems to fit many of their “wish lists”. We had a wonderful birthday party complete with DJ for a very special 11 year old. How sweet is that? Lannie and I would like to thank the new City Council for the 2011 Planning Commission for approving our doors to be installed on the lower level of the Chapel. It seems that no one parks there unless you count all of the family members who sit downstairs until the wedding begins and returns to the lower area to wait for the real party to start after our wedding chapel is converted to the reception of the bride’s dreams. You will notice a lot of commotion around the chapel when the porcelain arts school returns. Most of their meals will be enjoyed at the chapel since they have now out grown the Old School House Cafeteria. FYI: I am still waiting on the first Sweet 16 party! Thank everyone on Tybee for your continued support. We look forward to many more events and need everyone on Tybee to help us become a wedding destination to work our way as a community out of this recession. Best wishes! Lannie and Stacye Jarrell No One Covers Tybee Like The Breeze

The last months of 2011 were wonderful for relaxing at home, visiting friends or enjoying Christmas parties. However, other than the beautiful holiday lights our island has been a little quiet. Good news! The bookings have begun for 2012 and they look good for early in the year. We are hopeful to have a great first quarter of 2012 and the spring and summer season looks very good year to date. Cornelia Stumpf, the publicist for The Critz Marathon, has done a wonderful job promoting our Tybee Marathon. It is going to be a big success! Oceanfront Cottage Rentals, LLC is one of several sponsors of this event and we are proud of the way that the promotions will make the first weekend of February busy for our local businesses. You had better watch out! Suzanne Painter, the director of Georgia Seminars by the Sea (International Porcelain Arts School... not Chinese china painters) is coming back to Tybee on February 23. We look forward to the return of this internationally famous school. These world masters of porcelain painting, hand building and more will be holding classes for advanced teachers to enhance and continue the study of porcelain arts continuing and enriching this wonderful art form. There is also a class for beginners available. Oceanfront Cottage is so proud to be the host of this very special group for the 5th year. Thank you, Suzanne, for having faith in us and our beautiful island. Lannie and I have been a little under the weather. My sweet husband had a cervical surgery and it has gone very well. If you haven’t seen us out and about it is because he has the good sense to stay home and make sure that he fully recuperates. Lannie’s surgery was the second week of the New Year and I know my best blessing is that everything has gone great for him after surgery. Wow! I never know how much he did around the house and at work. That boy didn’t look like he was always busy, but I can tell you that I really miss my Lannie in full action mode! Oceanfront Cottage Rentals, LLC has been blessed with wonderful employees and fabulous home owners and even better homes. Everyone on Tybee knows how vital the vacation rental market is to sustain our island’s economy. We at Oceanfront Cottage Rentals, LLC pledge once again to try to be good neighbors in our lovely neighborhoods and ask you should you have any problems in 2012 to call me personally to let me know so that Lannie, our staff and I can make our Tybee Island a wonderful place to live and work. Lannie and I look forward to seeing you around Tybee in full action mode! Stacye, Lannie and The Oceanfront Team Tybee Breeze


By Julia Pearce D e a r Family and Friends, Mallory and I are hosting a Tybee get-totogether for Sierra. We will gather Friday, February 17th, for a Late Lunch at 2pm at NBG. Someone liberated the 100 cup coffeepot from the Bar Church without permission. Debbie Cochran, aka Cupcake, is awaiting its return, no questions asked. Saint Valentine’s Day, is an annual commemoration held on February 14th celebrating love and affection between intimate couples. This year Valentine’s Day is on a Tuesday, so no long romantic weekend. But, no worries, Tybee’s restaurants, gift shops and dancing establishments are open and ready to receive all of us. The Breeze will share some of the iconic intimate couples on Tybee. There are so many of us love-birds! Sundae Cafe invites everyone to call for Valentine reservations for a romantic evening.


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No One Covers Tybee Like The Breeze

Dear Fran, I’m in love. It’s Valentine’s Day month. I want to give my new lady friend something really special so she’ll know how I feel. I can’t decide whether to shop at Victoria’s Secret or Joker’s Novelties. Any suggestions? Love is in the air, Don Wonton Dear Don, Dude! NO. NO. NO. Do not give a NEW lady friend anything from either of those places. You need romance. Give her candy, flowers, expensive perfume...not from Wal-Mart or Target...or a little piece of jewelry. Keep romance alive, Fran The story of Black History Month begins in 1915, half a century after the Thirteenth Amendment abolished slavery in the United States. That September, the Harvard-trained historian Carter G. Woodson and the prominent minister Jesse E. Moorland founded the Association for the Study of Negro Life and History (ASNLH), an organization dedicated to researching and promoting achievements by black Americans and other peoples of African descent. Known today as the Association for the Study of African American Life and History (ASALH), the group sponsored a national Negro History week in 1926, choosing the second week of February to coincide with the birthdays of Abraham Lincoln and Frederick Douglass. The event inspired schools and communities nationwide to organize local celebrations, establish history clubs and host performances and lectures. Today, Black history month is observed as a reminder of the profound contribution African Americans have made to the United States. Next month is Irish-American Heritage Month. Julia Pearce has written for the Tybee Breeze for six years. She is a spiritualist & Key Reader. She performs marriages, funerals & blessings (house, boat, office, car, etc.) You can contact her directly at Ms. Julia Spiritual consultations 912-414-0809.

Dear Fran, I’m new to Tybee and have been enjoying the local night life when I can. I’ve noticed that in all the Tybee hot spots, women are always dancing together while the men just stand around with goofy looks on their faces. My question is can I ask some of these women to dance or isn’t that allowed on the island. Got on my boogie shoes, Dancing Dan Dear Dancing Dan, You most certainly may ask the ladies to dance. Some will. Some won’t. Just a word of warning. Keep your eyes on those goofy guys when you’re dancing with whichever lady just to make sure you don’t need to make a quick exit. Keep on dancing, Fran No One Covers Tybee Like The Breeze

Dear Fran, Why do you peoples celebrate the Mardi Gras? You ain’t Cajuns and you don’t have Crawfish or Zydeco. You all need to stick with St. Patrick’s Day and leave the heavy partying and parading to us Cajun folk who know how to do it best. Mais, yeah, Pierre La Boeuf Dear Pierre, Mais, non. Tybee celebrates any possible choice. Laissez le bontemps roulez. Happy Mardi Gras! Fran Dear Fran, I rolled my trash can out, made sure it was turned in the appropriate way and was certain to have it within one foot of the street by 8 AM on the appointed day. There wasn’t any trash in it, but those were the directions I got from the city and my goal is to be a model citizen. Why is my wife upset? Always correct, Anal Retentive Dear A. R., I recently spoke with your wife. You are going to anal retentive yourself right into single status if you don’t lighten up a bit. Give it a rest! Take my advice, Fran Dear Fran, I saw the Castaway Classified ads in the Breeze. Will you kindly give this ad to the right person so it can be in the next issue: WANTED: Overly hot guy with no brain who likes overly hot women of a certain age. Must be willing to clean house, pool, fold laundry and do other various service oriented activities as I need them. Call COUGAR at 555-1212. Thanks, Kitty on the Prowl Dear Kitty, We can’t print that in the classifieds! You need to try one of those on line dating services. I’m embarrassed, Fran You can write me anytime you like at Tybee Breeze


News from The Tybee Arts Association Tybee Arts Association sets February art show, spring activities

The Anatomy of a Sea Turtle

The Tybee Arts Association will hold its first Art and Fine Crafts Show and Sale Feb. 3-5 at the Arts Center. A sea turtle is an amazing creature! Sea turtles have been Themed “From the Heart,” it will include a special exhibit around for millions of years. Throughout the years they reflecting the theme and offer the public an opportunity changed very little. There are five sea turtle species living off the Georgia coast; the loggerhead, the hawksbill, the to share with a special collection for the Rising TYde Kemp’s ridley, the leatherback and the green turtle. All five Community Food Bank on Tybee. Visitors who bring non-perishable food items species have very similar characteristics. The shell of a sea turtle contains two parts; a top will be entered in a special drawing for a piece of art layer called the carapace, and the bottom layer is referred to donated by artist Ting Blessington. The food pantry’s as the plastron. The carapace of most sea turtles is covered current need is posted on the marquee at the YMCA, with hard scales or scutes. The number and arrangements but there is an ongoing need for protein items, such as of these scutes help to identify each different species. The canned meats and peanut butter. leatherback is the only sea turtle that does not have scutes; “We know that after the holiday donations to instead, leatherbacks have rough layers of skin with seven food banks drop off,” said Vicki Smith Hammons, chair ridges along the length of the top shell. This is where the for the February show. “So we’d like to start off the New leatherback gets its name. Year with something to help the community, as well as Sea turtles lack teeth, but have powerful jaws. a great opportunity to see and buy local art. These modified jaws allow the turtle to crush or tear their “We’re excited to be starting the year back in food. Different species of sea turtles have different diets. Sea our building, and to welcome visitors participating in turtles do not have ears that protrude from each side of their the Critz Tybee Run Fest to our community and our head. Instead they have eardrums that are covered with a layer of skin. All species have an excellent sense of smell show.” Other activities in February include the launch and eyesight. Although their eyesight is amazing underwater, of a series of art classes offered by member artists. they become nearsighted when on land. Females are known to release fluids from their eyes to prevent drying out while Classes begin with a mosaics basics class, scheduled laying her eggs. Some say the mother is crying for your for Feb. 11 and 15, taught by mosaic artist Annie Burke. unborn young. Class participants will learn the basics of glass mosaic All five species of sea turtles have four limbs; two art and have a finished 8x10 mosaic at the end of the fore flippers and two hind flippers. Some species have one or class. two claws on each fore flipper. The front flippers are used to Work will also begin in February on the TAA’s propel the turtles through the water. The rear flippers provide next performance, the Neil Simon play, “Laughter From direction and stability as they act like rudders. Females also the 23rd Floor,” to be presented at the end of March. use their rear flippers when digging the nest cavity during The Association will host six art shows during nesting season. the year, offering residents and visitors the opportunity Both male and female sea turtles have tails. The tail of a male sea turtle is usually longer than the carapace and to see and buy art by Tybee area artists. The shows, which were started in 2011, are sticks out beyond the rear flippers. The female’s tail does not scheduled to coincide with other special events on extend beyond much past the bottom of the carapace. This differentiation of tail lengths is a physical characteristic used Tybee Island. The shows will feature local artists working in to help determine the sex of a turtle. In case you did not know sea turtles breathe air a variety of media, including oil, acrylic and watercolor just like you and I do! Although most of their time is spent painting, glass art, jewelry, mosaics, fiber art, submerged under water, the sea turtle must come to the photography, art quilts, prints and note cards. Shows surface for a quick breath. Most species can dive for about will also include entertainment, demonstrations by five minutes before coming to the surface. When sleeping or the artists and may include hands-on art activities for resting, turtles can remain under water for several hours. visitors. As you can see, sea turtles are truly fascinating creatures The Feb. show will be held at the Tybee Arts that have changed very little over the past millions of years! Assoc. building, 7 Cedarwood, near the Lighthouse. Sea turtles are endangered in the state of Georgia and also Show will open Fri., Feb. 3 with a reception from 6-9pm protected by the Federal Endangered Species Act of 1973. & continue Sat. 10am-6 pm & Sun. 10am-5pm. For more info on sea turtles or the Tybee Island Sea Turtle Future shows will be held April 13-15, May 4-6, Project please visit the Tybee Island Marine Science Center! July 6-8, Aug. 31-Sept. 2, and Nov. 2-4. Most shows will The center is located at 1510 Strand Avenue. If you wish to be held at the Tybee Arts Association building. donate, please call (912)786-5917, or visit www. If you are interested in volunteering with the Sea Turtle Project, See the website at for please contact the Center or send me an email at details and updates on all TAA activities. Tammy@TybeeMarine


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No One Covers Tybee Like The Breeze

WHAT’S NEW AT THE Burton 4-H Center By Paul Coote Greetings from the Burton 4-H Center! Another year has begun and we are starting our year by finishing the renovation project in Dorm 6/7. We worked on it through most of the month of December and we still have about 10 days worth of work left to do. We have brand new floors throughout the building along with new paint and some other cosmetic improvements that we think our guests will greatly appreciate. Aside from laying the new floor tile all the work has been done by 4-H Center staff members, from Jim our maintenance man to Kristin our secretary. Kristin is pleasant and friendly on the phone and a pretty good painter too! David and his environmental education instructors have also helped with painting and other jobs to get the dorms ready for guests. Today is MLK Day and we just said goodbye to our first group of customers for the 2012 year. We hosted a group of about 70 people from the organization Hemophilia of Georgia. Hemophilia is often used as a generalized term for disorders that affect the blood of people. Many of the symptoms of the disorder can be subtle and easily over-looked while others can have very serious impacts on people’s health. The condition can be passed down from parents to child, (the Czars of Russia is the famous example), or it can result from simple genetic mutation. Either way it can be a very challenging condition to grow up with. The group showed up on Saturday afternoon with about 50 young people ages 13-18 from all over Georgia, along with about 10 or 12 adults/volunteers. They took part in some of our outdoor education programming on Saturday and Sunday, did a service project Sunday afternoon, and then spent their Sunday evening walking River Street and eating out along the river. The goal of the weekend was to connect these young people with their peers that are dealing with the same issue as well as educate them about living a full life with hemophilia. By all accounts they enjoyed their time with us and we look forward to serving them again in the future. We will be back into full swing with our outdoor education programming starting February 1 so watch for our buses to be cruising to North or South Beach, and the marsh at Lazaretto Creek soon. We have a very full calendar this spring so we expect a couple thousand people to pass through the 4-H Center between February and the end of May. And we go straight from our education programming to our summer camp program which ought to bring another 1,000 or so guests to the island. And after the residential summer camp program we will host a week of day camp activities for local youth. Due to the generosity of one of our local service clubs we will have a limited number of scholarships available but we don’t have the details worked out just yet. Stay tuned for more info.

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Aphids or plant lice The life cycle of aphids can be complex with the involvement of many generations of the female and male species that mate. Their eggs can be laid in the bark crevices of trees and near the buds of any plant. They can also attack a great number of plants causing enormous damage. They can carry many diseases. One of the more positive aspects about these insects is that many are eaten by birds. Mealy bugs and scale insects The early nymph stage of a scale insect is very active and has both legs and antennae. Most of this species have appendages that are shed in the next molt and do not move again. They can feed on plant life where they rest. The male in the adult stage emerges with a single pair of wings and looks like a gnat. Scale insects come in a variety of forms. There are a great number of scale insects that are a problem to orchards and many common trees. Lacewigs In appearance lacewings are green veined with long antennae and have gold colored eyes. Their habitat includes shrubs, trees, and can feed on a large amount of small invertebrates. Upon contact they can give off a strong odor. They also feed on aphids and can be beneficial in the control of these insects and other plant eating insects. Another description of these insects is that they display cocoons that are attached on the underside of most leaves. Antlions Adult antlions can resemble grey damselflies that are distinguished by their clubbed antennae. They are seen at night and are attracted to houselights. Damselflies in contrast are most active in daylight hours. The larvae of these insects are known as the lions. Antlions are very wide spread throughout our states but mainly in the SE states. Thrips These are small insects that are usually 1/6” long and slim and can vary between pale to black in color. They have narrow fringed wings with long hairs that are sometimes absent. They are most known to gardeners and farmers that deal with cultivated plants. They can damage many plants by extracting juices from plants and can transmit a variety of plant diseases. It is known that some of these species prey on mites, other insects and several invertebrates. Thrips are prey to ladybirds, occasional insects & lacewings larvae. Until next time, Let’s work the bugs out! Johnny “the bugman” Herald, Cox Pest Control

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Most of us have recovered from our “Polar Plunge” into the ocean on New Year’s Day. The weather was great and the Guinness World Record for the number of people wearing bathing caps in a designated location was broken. Another plus for Tybee Island. Our Sons of the American Legion Squadron is once again planning a great “Super Bowl Sunday,” Feb. 5th. The party is planned and we look forward to having as much fun as we did last year. There will be a big screen television, to go with the small ones, and a lot of good food. The Post will open at 4pm. Come and be with us. We have started renovating the post kitchen and to help this along we will have a “Fish Fry” on the 3rd Thursday of each month (Feb. 16th) from 5-7pm. Our SAL has once again stepped forward helping to improve Post 154. Proceeds from the dinners go directly to the renovation

project. Bingo is on Fridays at 8pm. Cards go on sale at 7:15pm and the public is welcome. The “Big Game” is for $500. Saturday night horseshoes will start back the middle of March. Keep in touch for the time and date. We continue to look for new members. If you’re interested in the Legion, Ladies Auxiliary or Sons of the Legion call the Post (912-786-5356) for information. The Legion and Auxiliary meet on the second Monday of the month, with social hour (and food) starting at 6pm and the meeting at 7pm. The Sons of the Legion meet on the third Monday at 6pm to eat and 7pm to meet. As always, Linda or Patti will have the canteen open at 5pm every day except Sunday. We close on Sundays unless there is a special event.

Well it look like we are back on “Tybee Time” which is fine with me!!! We are going to continue our third Sunday, February 19th covered dish social. It starts around 6:00ish and we eat at 6:30 so come and join in. Don’t forget your “Sweet Heart” on the 14th. If you do, you might end up in the “Dawg House.” If you have not paid your Dues please see Debie Motes, 2nd Vice President. We will be sending more Soldier

packages. If you would like to donate, there is a box in the Canteen. Again, you can work off those extra pounds “Dancing” with Lillian Brown, Wednesday 7pm. If you want some “very good eats” come to the S.A.L. monthly “fish fry” YUM!! Look for the signs on the Tybee Hwy. The funds are going to upgrade our kitchen.

St. Michael’s Spaghetti Dinner returns on marathon weekend The Tybee marathon run – be you a road racer or not – always starts with a sprint to the St. Michael’s Spaghetti Dinner. Tybee’s Catholic parish will once again host a pasta party on marathon eve. Runners looking to fuel up for Saturday races as well as locals hankering for a homemade meal without the mess will find it Friday, Feb. 3, from 6 p.m. to 8:30 p.m. at the St. Michael’s parish gym. Hours have been extended this year to accommodate those running in the Critz Tybee Run Festival’s latest event, a Friday night 5K. Participants can tour the north end of the island and still make it to St. Michael’s at the corner of Butler Avenue and 8th Street in time to gobble pasta, salad and garlic bread. The spaghetti dinner is a fundraiser for parish programs, including the youth group, which serves the island community throughout the year. For the second straight year, Tybee’s Frank Kelly will share a family secret and make his tasty pasta sauce. Diners will also enjoy homemade desserts prepared by the women of St. Michael’s parish. The cost is $10 a plate – it is all you can eat – and $5 for children under age 8. Takeout orders are available.


Tybee Breeze

No One Covers Tybee Like The Breeze

What’s Cookin With Chef Espy Lamb Meatballs Stuffed with Chevre (goat cheese) These are the best freakin’ meatballs ever, so flavorful, juicy and then melty tangy goat cheese. These little darlings are packed with flavor and perfectly accompanied by my quick spicy marinara with a sprinkle of Romano cheese and some fresh basil. What a mistake not to make and enjoy these as a memorable appetizer or entree. Ingredients: For the meatballs: 3 Tbsp. extra virgin olive oil 1 Small onion, finely chopped (about 1/2 cup) 1 Clove garlic, finely minced 1/2 Tsp. ground coriander seed 1 Tsp. ground fennel seed 1 Tbsp. fresh rosemary, finely minced 1/3 Cup fresh goat cheese (Tybee IGA) 1/2 Lb. or 2 links hot Italian sausage, casings removed 1 Lb. ground lamb (Publix hwy 80) 1/2 Cup dried breadcrumbs (I use panko) 2 Eggs 1/2 Tsp. salt For the sauce: 1/4 Cup extra virgin olive oil 1 Med. onion, diced (about 1/2 cup) 1 28 oz. can San Marzano tomatoes with juice, (Publix hwy.80) 1/4 Tsp. red pepper flakes 1/2 Tsp. salt 1/2 Tsp. sugar 1/2 Tsp. dried oregano 1/4 Cup breadcrumbs (panko) 1/4 Cup grated Romano pecorino cheese

Heat the olive oil over medium high heat. Add the onion and cook until it starts to soften, about 1 minute. Crush the tomatoes in a bowl with your hand. Add them to the pot, and then add the tomato juice, red pepper flakes, salt, sugar, and oregano. Stir to combine. Cook over medium high heat for about 10 minutes, until flavors combine and sauce is slightly reduced. Test for taste, I usually add a couple of tablespoons of fresh orange juice to kick up the acidity (optional). Add the meatballs to the sauce in a single layer, being careful not to break them. Reduce the heat to low, so the sauce is at a very low simmer, and cover. It is very important that the sauce not come to a boil. You want as slow a simmer as possible so the flavors really come together, the cheese melts, and the meat becomes rich and tender. Cook for 5 minutes, until the meat is cooked, and the sauce takes on some of the flavor of the meatballs. Some goat cheese may leak, not to worry, taste will be great. For the crumbs to sprinkle: In a sauté pan heat 2 tbsp. evoo over medium high heat and toast 1 cup of panko breadcrumbs, 1/4 tsp. salt and 1/4 tsp. pepper until golden brown. Spread on a plate to cool. (You can keep for a couple of days in the fridge or forever in the freeze). To finish the dish, ladle the meatballs and some sauce over your favorite pasta or polenta. Sprinkle with some crumbs, pecorino and fresh basil. Hope you enjoy! Could be a great super-bowl appetizer.

Hope you enjoy, Chef Espy Sighs or Moans ~

How to: Meatballs: Heat the olive oil in a large sauté pan over medium heat. Add the onion and sweat until soft about 3 minutes. Add the garlic and stir constantly, for 1 minute. Add the coriander, fennel, and rosemary. Cook together for 1 minute until you smell the herbs and spices. Remove to a bowl and place in the fridge to cool, so that you’re not combining the hot onions with the cold meat. Meanwhile, roll the goat cheese between your palms to form 1/2 inch balls, place on a plate and save. When the onion mixture is cool, combine it in a large bowl with the sausage, lamb, breadcrumbs, eggs, and salt. Mix well with your hands. Form the meatballs: for each meatball, scoop up about 2 tablespoons (measure 2 oz. if you can) and roll it into an oval shape between your palms. Use your thumb to create a goatcheese-ball size dent in the middle, and drop a goat-cheese ball inside. Pinch the lamb mixture up around the goat cheese to close the hole, and roll the meatball between your hands until it’s smooth and round. Use up all of the lamb and cheese. For the sauce: No One Covers Tybee Like The Breeze

Tybee Breeze


FebruarY 2012 A-J’s DOCKSIDE Are you looking for a great place to eat that’s on the water where you can enjoy some of the finest food on the island? A place where you can kickback, relax & enjoy your favorite beverage while watching the dolphins play in the back-river? A place where you can watch some of the best sunsets North of Mallory Square? Come to 1315 Chatham Ave. on the back-river. We’re just the place you’re looking for. Voted Best Outdoor Dining 2011! Live music Fri., Sat & Sun. Nightly dinner & drink specials. Happy Hour Daily 5-7pm. 912-786-9533.

Burton’s by the Beach Burton’s Burrito’s are THE BEST!!! Free Wi-Fi. Hand Dipped Ice Cream, Milkshakes, Malts, Floats, Sundaes, Fresh Squeezed Lemonade, and Children’s Menu. Check out our Website! www. Open 7 days a week 11am-10pm. 1605 Inlet Ave. 912-786-9655

CoCo’s Sunset Grille Located at Lazaretto Creek Marina next to Captain Mike’s Dolphin Adventure. Open daily at 11:00 AM. Rooftop dining overlooking Lazaretto Creek-Fresh local seafood-Sunset toast every evening. Tuesday Trivia; Friday BERNIE’S OYSTER HOUSE Live Music; Saturday Game Day; We offer a variety of food: Sunday Bar Bingo. 912-786-7810 sandwiches, chowders & seafood. We have a full service bar. Come join us & try one of our famous DOC’S BAR Mason Jar Bloody Mary’s. Join Live music Fri. & Sat. 9pm - till, Sun. us on our outdoor patio. We 6-10pm. Tue. $1.50 domestic beer. have T-shirts, koozies & shot Sun. nights Shag contest. Great glasses. Thur-Sat 6-10pm live food & good fun! Beach, Boogie, music. Happy Hour Mon-Thur Blues & Buffett music. Doc’s Bar 4-7pm, 50¢ oysters (raw only) & is the oldest bar on Tybee, and still 12oz. draft beer for $2. We have the center of the universe. Voted a great staff that is always ready Best Local Musician Roy to please. Samuel Adams Band Swindelle 2011! Find us on every Fri. & Sat. Call 912-786- Facebook. 5100 for take-out & more info. If you are in Historic Savannah, stop FANNIE’S ON THE BEACH & visit our other Bernie's at 115 E. Celebrating 18 years of food, fun River St. & spirits...Oceanfront! You can’t miss the pink roofed restaurant Benny’s Tavern on Strand near 17th St. (3 stories The Coldest Beer in America! high) 2 open-air decks in the sky Tue. open pool tables. Wed. pool for an incredible beachfront view. tournament 7:30pm. Sat. pool Voted Best Sunday Brunch & tournament at 2:30pm w/Ms. Bloody Mary 2011! And we boast Molly. Tue & Thur locals night the best frozen drinks on Tybee... happy hour 8-10pm. Karaoke you can bet your Fannie! Live Thur - Sun w/CWL Entertainment. music is Thur. 7-10pm with Randy Bo & Nikki are in the kitchen- “Hatman” Smith. We’re open for call for specials! Come party w/ lunch & dinner everyday. 912-786some of Tybee’s characters: Tess, 6109 for take-outs. Linda, Joanne & Bobbie. Wi-Fi. Voted Coldest Beer 2008-2011 HUC-A-POO’S and Best Karoke 2011! It’s a “Where the Mind & Spirits Meet!” Tybee Thang! 1517 Butler Ave/ Open daily for lunch & dinner Downtown Tybee 912-786-0121. 10:30am-until. Located off Hwy. 80 in the shops at Tybee Oaks. Mon. Breakfast Club nights we have darts! Join us Wed. Winner of 20 consecutive “Best nights for corn-hole tournaments, Breakfast” awards. Free wireless/ sign-up 7-7:30pm. Live Music Fri. purchase. We are centrally located & Sat. nights (depending on who’s in the heart of the commercial here). Voted Best Pizza & Best district at 15th & Butler. Overall Bar 2011! 786-5900.


Tybee Breeze

MACELWEE’S SEAFOOD Looking for the place to watch ships sail? Join us at MacElwee’s where the freshest seafood is prepared to order. The view is great from our porch & the entertainment is priceless. Local beer battered shrimp & steaming buckets of oysters are just the start of a fun packed visit. Children are always welcome & the Trout Treasures (kid’s fish dinner) is the most requested item. If it’s steaks or chicken the land lover in your group craves we offer hand-cut rib-eyes, filets & a grilled chicken breast or better yet chicken fingers. Nothing pre-battered or pre-cooked in our kitchen. Chef Greg offers a pasta special & local catch daily. We strive to provide the service you expect at the prices you can afford. No reservations needed. Voted Best Steak 2011. Visit www. We look forward to serving ya! Marlin Monroe’s SURFSIDE Come dine in the dunes at our bar & grill. A hidden oasis on Tybee Island. Located at the Beachside Colony on Butler Ave. Beautiful ocean views. Serving steaks, seafood, burgers, great salads & more. Voted Best Margarita 2011! 912.786-GRIL. QUARTER SPORTS BAR & GRILL “Tybee’s little local dump with a really big attitude.” Locally owned & operated since 1990. THE place to be for sports, food, fun and “Licka Drinks” on Tybee. Dish Network Satellite for those hard to find games. Pool tables, dart boards... and have I mentioned FOOD? From burgers to snow crabs, we’ve got it. Get here early for our Happy Hour Specials like $4 wings 4-7pm Mon-Fri. Raw & Steamed oysters by the dz. Open Mon-Sat 4pm-3am. That’s also the hours we cook, so early or late we’ve got you covered. See our menu in this magazine. Voted Best Burger 8 Years; Best Wings for 8 Years; Best Happy Hour for 3 Years in a row, and Best Local Hangout 2011! Under 21 allowed until 9pm. For to-go orders call 912-786-8966.

SPANKY’S BEACHSIDE Seafood, seafood and a lot more! You can’t imagine! Come in & check us out! Tybee’s Best Seafood (Shrimp, Grouper, Scallops & Mahi) fresh & local hand cut steaks, pasta, huge hand-pattied burgers & the biggest Chicken sandwich in Georgia! Call for prices on our party platters & all your catering needs. Our upstairs deck is open to rent for parties! Come & enjoy a great atmosphere with the best Tybee has to offer in food & the friendliest staff on the island. Voted Best Family Friendly Restaurant 2010 & 2011, and Best Chicken Fingers 2011! 912-786-5520. STING RAY’S SEAFOOD A local favorite! Tybee’s home for blue crabs, beach music & beer! Come join us, you’ll be happy you did, as the tradition continues with the Ray’s serving you with great pride their best & freshest award winning seafood. Voted Best Seafood, Best Place to Watch Tybee Parades, Best Place to Watch UGA Play, and Best J-ello Shots 2011! Come sit down with us in a comfortable & relaxed atmosphere on our outdoor deck that is the perfect place to watch bands, parades, and to people watch on Tybee. Or join us in our indoor ding room for even more comfort & fun. Live music 7 nights a week. There are many favorites on our menu with a variety of seafood selections. Gift certificates make the perfect gift & are always available. Open 7 days a week 11am-until. 912-786-0209. TYBEE TIME Cool off at Tybee Time! Specializing in frozen cocktails. Voted Best Daiquiri 2004-2011! We have 10 different daiquiri machines. We have 13 TV’s! We are THE HEADQUARTERS for all current sporting events! Every hour is happy at Tybee Time! Open 7 days noon-3am. 912-786-7150.

No One Covers Tybee Like The Breeze

WINDROSE CAFE Celebrating 15 years! Thanks to all of our loyal customers, friends, and employees who have stuck with us all these years! We wouldn’t be here without you! Voted Best Lunch 2011! Weekday Southern -Style lunches featuring: Mon-Chicken fried chicken or meatloaf; Tue-Turkey & dressing or Salisbury steak; Wed-Pot Roast or fried pork chop; Thur-Southern fried chicken, liver, gizzards, or baked ham; Fri-BBQ pork plate; Sat & Sun homemade soups. We also have our regular menu everyday including killer hamburgers, crab cakes, and much, much more! Kitchen opened Sundays till midnight. Happy hour Mon-Fri 4-7pm $1.50 draft beer, $2 domestic longnecks & $2.50 well drinks. Sam Adams & friends play every Sun. 6pmtill. Come have a great meal and a great time with our funloving, kick-ass bartenders and awesome cooks! 786-6593.

events Feb. 3rd - 4th - Critz Tybee Run Fest. 5K Fri. night at the Lighthouse. 10K Sat. morning at 7am; Half Marathon Sat. morning at 8:30am; 2.8 Mile Beach Run Sat. afternoon at 1pm & 1 Mile Run Sat. afternoon at 2:30pm. You can do 1, 2, 3, 4, or all 5 events - whichever you choose. If you participate in all 5 events, the distances add up to 26.2 miles - a full marathon. We are very excited about bringing this event to you and hope you will be excited about taking on the challenge! For info: Feb. 3rd, 6-8:30 p.m. – St. Michael’s Spaghetti Dinner. The annual dinner is as much a marathon weekend tradition as the race itself. Highlighted by “Frank’s famous sauce” and homemade desserts, the all-you-can-eat dinner costs $10 a plate ($5 for children under 8) all proceeds benefiting parish programs. Perfect for those looking to fuel up for Saturday’s races or for locals hankering for a homemade meal without the mess. Feb 11th, Sat. 9:30am-3pmTybee Water & Energy Fair at Tybee Gym. Sponsored by the City of Tybee Island & the

No One Covers Tybee Like The Breeze

$5 donation for adults and $3 for children under 12. All proceeds will go towards one of All Saints’ local outreach missions. Join us for food, fun, fellowship, and dixieland music on this festive day of celebration. For questions: allsaintstybee@att. Feb. 11th 7pm - The Dolphin net or by phone to (912) 786- 5845. Project invites you to DOLPHINS & DESSERTS at Stewart Hall, 520 Feb. 25th, Saturday 7am - 1st Washington Ave., Public invited. City Wide Yard Sale. Be apart of Join us for a delicious evening with this event by having a yard sale at guest speaker, Kris Williams of your home or business. Locations Wassaw Island’s Caretta Research also available on Hwy 80 & Butler Project. Kris will update us on Ave. The idea is to bring people to the status of the loggerhead sea Tybee, have fun, get rid of stuff & turtle population in the low country. make money! For info call Ralph The latest in dolphin research Douglas Jones at 912-755-5643 and news about our residential dolphins will also be presented. Toddler Tuesday is designed for $5 donation at the door. RSVP to Toddlers and their adults. The Dolores at doloresdysinengle@att. program targets children 6 months net or 912-236-2790. Directions – 4 years. Older children are at The welcome with the understanding Dolphin Project is an all-volunteer, the program may be a little non-profit research & education beneath their learning, though they org., WILL have fun! Program times are 727-3177 or thedolphinproject@ 10am & 11am. Some programs we will be walking the trail so please be prepared with stroller, Feb. 17th - 18th - 4th Annual wagon, comfortable walking Mardi Gras Tybee. Join in the shoes, bug spray etc. $5 per child, fun for the 4th Annual Mardi Gras $5 per adult. Oatland Members Tybee! Festivities include the $5 per child up to 2 adults FREE. Masquerade Ball, a Parade & a Registration is required call 912Mardi Gras Street Party with free 395-1500 to reserve your space live entertainment & more! Visit today. Participants can walk the trails (on their own) after the program. Bringing a snack for later Feb. 16th 7pm Thur. - The is recommended. Feb. 7th Miles of Coastal Ecology Lecture Series Smiles - Join us as we learn about presents; Kris Williams. She teeth and celebrate Dental Health will talk about the Caretta Sea Month. We will explore the types Turtle project, “Why The Sea of teeth Oatland Island Animals Turtle Population is Dwindling” have and meet one of Oatland’s at the Dolphin Reef Oceanfront more toothy animals. Feb. 14th Restaurant at the Ocean Plaza Zoo Valentines - Chocolates are Hotel. Lecture is free. RSVP (912) nice, and roses are too, but why not show your love for those at 786-7777. the Zoo? Come to Oatland and Feb. 21st - Annual Shrove help the animals “feel the love” as Tuesday Pancake & Gumbo we celebrate the love of animals Supper & Mardi - Gras and Valentines Day. We will read Celebration. All Saints’ Episcopal a book and deliver Valentine Church will hold its annual shrove treats to some of Oatland’s Tuesday pancake & gumbo supper animal friends. Feb. 21st Animal 5-7:30pm. The entire island is Parade - Celebrate Mardi Gras invited to take part in this fun day by making masks and following a of celebration (also known as “Fat parade route to visit Oatland’s “Kit Tuesday”), as we cleanse our Krewe”-the Red Foxes. Be sure to bodies in preparation for lent. The bring your strollers and wagons menu will include your choice of decorated for the event. Feb. 28th pancakes, sausage, and apples, or Let’s Leap!- Celebrate Leap Year gumbo on rice, we will once again by learning about those jumping be featuring Betsy Hollis playing fools, frogs. We will meet Oatland’s piano & singing all your favorite resident frog, sing songs and make “dixieland” songs. The cost is a a frog themed craft. Community Resource Committee. Learn how you can lower your water & energy bills. Workshops, demonstrations, exhibitors, events & contests for kids, door prizes, free admission.

upcoming events March 10th, 3pm - Tybee Island’s fun, family-friendly parade to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day. Dress in green & join in the fun at 3pm on Saturday. Parade starts at City Hall and proceeds down Butler Avenue to Tybrisa Street.

announcements Rising Tyde Community Food Pantry is open every third Tuesday. Times are 10am-11am and 6pm-7pm at Tybee’s Old School Cafeteria. ID and proof of residency 31328 required. Food drop-off is at the YMCA. If you would like to make a monetary donation please make checks out to: Rising Tyde Community Food Pantry (tax deductible).The next RTCF Pantry date is Feb. 21st. We need canned tuna and chicken, canned peaches, pears, fruit cocktail, fruit juice, corn, green beans, peas, potatoes, soup, spaghetti sauce, boxes of grits and cereal. We do not need items like PB and rice and pasta.... we have 100 of those on the shelves, enough for 3 months of handouts. God put us here to give back. If we do not give back, we have not fulfilled our mission in life. ~Robert E. “Bob” LaBlanc. In the celebration of the girl scouts 100th anniversary, we are developing a museum exhibit for our many many girl scouts that visit the light station. We are seeking patches, pictures, equipment, etc. from back in the day of our Troop 16 (Tybee based troop, 1933-1939. If you could lend us what you have it will be exhibited behind glass and safe. Please call Beth Hodges at the Tybee Light Station, 912 786 5801. Any information or material is greatly appreciated. Missing! 100 Cup Stainless Steel Coffee Pot - To the person who borrowed the coffee pot from church at Bennie’s on New Years Day: Please, please return it. No questions asked. We really need it. If you did it unwittingly, we have no problem with that. If you did it with bad intentions, just know, God does not approve and neither do we. He will get you. Do not make Him come down here. Tybee Breeze


churches announcements, classifieds, just for kids, and island churches save the date Tybee Wine Festival April 13-15, 2011. Tickets on sale soon.

just for kids Live Oak Public Libraries Presents Ellen O’Leary Acorns Storytime at the Tybee Library for children ages 0-4, Tue. 11am. 786-7733 for more info.

Chapel by the Sea Baptist Church Reverend David Laughner Services: Sunday School 9:45am Sunday Morning Worship 11am Sunday Evening Worship 7pm Wednesday Bible Study 7pm Butler Avenue at 9th Street Tybee Island, GA 31328

912-786-4647 or

God About’s Senior Ministry is on the 3rd Tue. of each month.

help wanted

for sale

A GRANT seeker and writer to assist the Tybee Pool Committee in obtaining money for the year-round pool. In a recent survey, the majority of Tybee residents indicated they want a pool to be built on Tybee. Please contact V. Worden 912-786-4965 or D. Lightsey: 912-786-0388.

Quail Run Lodge - We have: 3 Cushioned Sleeper Sofas in excellent condition $100 each. 3 ft. Electric Stove with Ceramic Top in excellent condition $100. 30 inch Dishwasher $75. 2 Cushioned Wicker Chairs $35 each. Call Mr. Dan 912-964-1421.

space available

Office space for rent $500/ Part-time kitchen help needed. month at 1010 Highway 80 East. On Tybee Island. Breakfast, Call 912.786.5853. lunch, and dinner shifts available; meal prep, serving, tutoring and clean-up in cafeteria Tutoring & CRCT Prep by setting. Must be able to pass Certified teacher w/MEd. criminal background check. Tybee resident. $10/hr. $7.50 an hour. 786-5534. Call 404-583-0429 The Tybee Light Station and wanted to buy Museum need happy, smiling faces to greet our guests and Coleman packhorse one wheel share our history with visitors orange plastic utility trailer. from around the world. Please Please call 540-890-3824. call Lorraine, 786-5801.

CERTIFIED NURSES ASSISTANTS * CNA or equivalent experience with 1 year min. experience * 1 year verifiable work history * Have reliable insured vehicle Apply @ www.comfortkeepers. com or call 912-356-0111. Be a part of our Tybee Vacation Rentals Team. Now hiring a Vacation Planner and Executive Housekeeper, Seasonal Housekeepers and Inspectors. Apply at 1010 Highway 80 East or to info@ Please no phone calls.


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Homemade Cheesestraws 20dz. $30. Call Bill 912.655.6342 50cc fully automatic VIP New and used, Scooters for sale. different colors available. 912-257-9617

All Saints’ Episcopal Church *All Are Warmly Welcomed* The Rev. Helen S. White, Vicar Service Sunday at 10AM Coffee Hour at 11AM We are located at 804 Jones Ave, two blocks west of Butler Ave. Call 786-5845 for more info or email us at “Who ever you are, where ever you find yourself on your journey of faith, there is a place here for YOU! St. Michael Catholic Church Father Thomas J. Peyton Mass and Confessions Schedule: Saturday: Vigil - 6pm Sunday: 8am & 11am Daily: Mon-Fri 8am; Sat 9am Confessions: 5-5:45pm on Sat. or by appointment 801 Butler Ave. 912-786-4505 Trinity Chapel United Methodist Pastor Hank Perry Sunday school is at 9:45am Sunday Worship is at 11am 911 Butler Ave. For more info contact the church office at (912) 786-4491 Special Worship Services: Sunday closet to Memorial Day, July 4th & Labor Day at the pier at 8:30am. All are encouraged to attend!

room for rent

Tybee Church “The Place Where Pirates Worship” Flip flops & smokers welcomed. Every Sun. 10:30am at the Benny’s Tavern - 912-433-1643 Encouragement, worship music & prayer. All included.

Looking for female 50-65 to rent room on Tybee, private vanity area, shared common areas, smokers ok. $600(ish). Call 912-257-0720.

MEN BEHIND THE SCENE Men’s Inter-denominational Prayer Breakfast the 1st Sat. of each month at 9am. Call Jim Monaghan 897-2666 for more info

for rent 2 bed, 2 bath on water w/dock. Call Ann 404-509-0170

No One Covers Tybee Like The Breeze

- On average, the warmest month is July, and the coolest month is January. - Highest temperature on record is 107°F in July 1986. - Lowest temperature on record is 4°F in January 1985. - Maximum average precipitation occurs in August. February

February is Black History month & Cancer Prevention month. Also Arts, Ethics, Caffeine, Nutrition, Parenting, Poison and Seagrass Awareness Month and National Peanut Month.


- Average high is 61° ~ Record high is 85° - Average low is 39° ~ Record low is 15° - Average water temperature is 52°F

Tides For Tybee Light

No One Covers Tybee Like The Breeze

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Sand Box

I am with you every time, yet no one sees me. I make you hold grudges, and give you a reason to be happy. As you get older I start to disappear. What I am?

January Riddle & Answer



DATES TO REMEMBER 2-Groundhog Day 14-Valentine’s Day 20-President’s Day 21-Fat Tuesday 29-Leap Day

I am a fat child, All I do is sit there, I am not scared by the north wind, But I am scared of the sun. What Am I? Answer: A snowman.


Tybee Breeze

No One Covers Tybee Like The Breeze

Down 1 He had pretty feet? (4)

2 Sean refers to Tybee as the island of what toys? (6)

Across 3 He celebrated his 60th? (5,4) 6 Goat cheese? (6) 8 St. Michael’s is having what kind of dinner? (9) 9 Dwight Carrier is also known as? (5,3) 11 What night is BINGO? (6)

4 The city is challenging the results of what? (6)

5 Tybee set Guinness World Record for most people wearing swim what? (4) 6 Seminar for what painters is coming back? (5)

7 New restaurant opening on Tybee? (6)

10 Marathon run this month? (5)

12 YMCA has new classes; one is chair what? (5)

*Did you know the answers to the Pirates Puzzle crossword can be found in the Tybee Breeze itself? So if you’re having trouble, look through the stories again!!

Pirates Puzzle Answer January 2012

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StarFish Scopes January 2012 1-George Rentiers, William Mosley & Cory Lauber 5-Scott Efird & Lisa Scarbrough 6-Mark “Fat Boy” Robinson, Ray Rogers Jr. “LiL Ray” & Aaron Grantham; 7-Kenn Wade & Karen Fischer; 8-Peggy Coffey & Hannah Piper; 9-Katie Mothersbaugh; 10-Charlene Barrett; 11-Donna Strictland; 12-Tyler Anne Palmer & Scott Meredith; 13-Nancy Meredith; 14-Kathy Brown; 13-Eamon Sheehan & Matthew Ristuccia; 17-Susan Hill & Jimmy Carter; 18-Julie Hafer, Kathy “Booty” Kaiser & Madison Taylor; 20-Kimmie Soberick; 24-Dori Herbs; 25-Mary Ellen Butler; 26-Ramsey Rogers; 27-Amelia Anderson & Phyllis George; 29-Larry Barber

10-Steve & Jan Fox; 11-Caoach & Betty Miller 16-Ray & Carleen DeLoach 18-John & Sara Thomas; Tom & Lucy Groover; Mike & Renie Sullivan


Beth and her sister Swauze (Suzanne) just bought Holly’s Collectibles next to Bernies on Tybrisa. The new name is Beach Bum Boutique!

Aquarius (January 21 - February 18) It’s time for a nice, heady dose of romance. You’re ready to forget about family, friends and work -- and there’s someone out there who’ll be only too happy to help. Pisces (February 19 - March 20) Just because you’re in the mood to let a certain person slide for an unintentional offense doesn’t mean you’re a sucker. Make that point clear; just so there’s no mistake. Aries (March 21 - April 19) Hard work is absolutely mandatory for you, but only during daylight hours. Once you’re done, you can set about the serious business of indulging yourself in something love. Taurus (April 20 - May 20) You’ll be quite choosy about companions now, and you have every right to be. Don’t settle for just anyone. Spend every minute with someone you really want to be with. Gemini (May 21 - June 20) An invitation will arrive soon, the kind you won’t be able to refuse. This may involve travel, or at the very least, a longdistance guest. Ready or not, it’s time to catch up. Cancer (June 21 - July 22) You’ve never been known for being shy, and you’re not about to start now. You may, however, be a bit more subtle than you usually are, which will take some doing. Leo (July 23 - August 22) If any sign absolutely owns the concept of sex appeal, it’s yours. Hands down. So if you’re not interested, don’t flirt -- not even a little bit. You’re more potent than you realize. Virgo (August 23 - September 22) Here’s one more day of your thoughts, feelings & most especially your words being amusingly blunt. Don’t fight it. Enjoy it. You can say that you took a dose of truth serum. Libra (September 23 - October 22) You know how good you’re feeling now about just being you? Spread some of that around by passing out some big warm hugs, which have always been your specialty. Scorpio (October 23 - November 21) Your best friend in the world will take a starring role in your life, much to your delight and theirs as well. Cancel all your appointments. Spend your time with those dearest to you.

Carl “Dean” Morrison Sunrise - July 14, 1945 Sunset - Jan. 3, 2012

Phillip Eugene James Sunrise - Sept 14, 1949 Sunset - Jan 15, 2012

The Piper Family would like to thank everyone for their Prayers and Support and kindness during this difficult time. 32

Tybee Breeze

Sagittarius (November 22 - December 21) Your usual hardworking self will get a double dose of charm right now thanks to the stars. Use it for a good cause -whether it’s planning a romantic outing or getting a raise at work. Capricorn (December 22 - January 20) It’s a given that you’ll be on the receiving end of some lovely and very extravagant attention. Your admirer won’t just be after a peck on the cheek -- but then, neither will you. Enjoy!

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All indications are that the New Year’s weekend was very successful for businesses island wide! With the spectacular New Year’s Eve fireworks, the huge turnout for the Tybee Polar Plunge combined with the wonderful weather it was a recipe for success! Congrats to the Tybee Polar Plunge and the Tybee Post Theater for making their goal! All attendees were so excited to rock their swim caps for that cool dip into the Atlantic! The Tybee Island Tourism Council has already been very busy in 2012. In January, the Savannah Chamber of Commerce hosted the Annual Economic Outlook Luncheon. This luncheon gives the economic outlook for the State of Georgia and Savannah’s local economy. Tourism will again be one of Georgia’s and Savannah’s strongest revenue producing industries! January also brought us lots of planning for the upcoming tourism season. Lindsay and Vicky will travel to Atlanta for Tourism Day at the Georgia State Capital where the Georgia tourism industry presents a check to the Governor representing the state tax revenue generated from tourism-related expenditures. Tourism is Georgia’s second largest industry! That same week Lindsay along with the public relations team at Visit Savannah will visit key Atlanta media to discuss story ideas and 2012 happenings to help secure editorial coverage for Savannah and Tybee Island in one of our largest near drive markets. With a good January coming to a close we’re now in February which brings to Tybee The Critz Tybee Run Fest, Mardi Gras Tybee Celebration over President’s Day weekend, and don’t forget to celebrate Valentine’s Day with your favorite person! How about dining at one of Tybee Island’s great restaurants?

be The North Beach Bar and Grill 5K Run starting and ending at the Tybee Lighthouse, starting at 6PM for the Kiddie Run and 6:15 PM for the 5K. After the Friday night run there will be stew, drinks and entertainment by “The Train Wrecks”! Saturday will be the Sundae Cafe 10K Run at 7AM, the Critz Half Marathon at 8:30 AM, The Lighthouse Pizza 2.8 Mile Beach Run at NOON and the YMCA 1 Mile Fun Run at 1:00 PM! This all equals 26.2 miles and you can “run one, run them all”! The Final Overall Awards Ceremony will be Saturday at 1:30 PM at the Post Race Party on Tybrisa. There will be lots of fun activities going on, so come out for the fun! For packet pick-up and information go to;! Vicky Buck: vbuck@tybeevisit. com & Lindsay Fruchtl:

February 3-4 will be The Critz Tybee Run Fest. The Fleet Feet Expo will be Friday from 9AM to 7PM at the Tybee Island YMCA. Friday night will No One Covers Tybee Like The Breeze

Tybee Breeze


GA Seminars by the Sea Porcelain Arts School. returns to Tybee for its FIFTH year!

The God Abouts Senior Adult Ministry

The God Abouts Senior Adult Ministry of Chapel by the Sea Baptist Church, Tybee Island, GA held their meeting January 17th at noon in the beautifully decorated Fellowship Hall. The theme of the Since hosting our first “china painting” seminars in 2008 meeting was “Hawaiian we have spread our student base to over 38 states and Luau” and many of the 5 international countries. The natural beauty of Tybee attendees wore their Island and the warm recption of the community have festive, tropical best. made this a “destination” school for porcelain artists It was a covered dish worldwide. lunch with entree, bread, and beverages provided by the Our meeting facility for first two years was the ministry. Billy Meeks and Milton Johnson presented an lovely Guard House. As student numbers grew we entertaining program of beautiful tropical songs and led the moved to the Old School House Cafeteria and enjoyed group in singing along with many of them. getting to know the great people from the Family Y... Stephen Lee, who now we have once again outgrown our meeting place has served as Program so we are so very excited about using the Tybee Island Director and worked with Wedding Chapel for all our “get-togethers” over the the Decorating Committee twelve days of art classes from Feb. 23 through Mar. 4. since the group began 7 One of our teachers Jane Bowen conceived her years ago, was honored. “Mugs of Hope” idea while recovering from breast Leader of The God Abouts, cancer. Her porcelain Mugs of Hope project is now Jurell Davis, presented Stephen with a plaque worldwide as porcelain artists gather together and inscribed “With deep paint porcelain mugs to give to cancer patients and appreciation of Love and Unselfish Service to The God survivors. “When I was recovering from breast cancer Abouts and Senior Citizens.” He was also presented a CD surgery they came to see me and brought me a care case with 72 discs of thousands of pictures from meetings package with information and a soft hand made pillow. and trips taken by The God Abouts over the past 7 years. Jurell and Betty Davis It was so kind and thoughtful that it inspired me to try have decided to retire as to think what I could do to help. That is where this idea leaders of The God Abouts came from. , I am a breast cancer survivor (so far). Am and asked that we pray for the just fine now! But I want to give something back to the Lord to send another couple people who have been so good to me and of course from Chapel by the Sea to I want all of you to get a mammogram! I painted a lead this ministry. Jurell said mug with the pink ribbons and little roses, and had a that the great success of the postcard made with the picture and a short message. ministry is due to the countless The message on the back of the postcard tells other people who have volunteered china painters about my project. their time and talents. The Yes, you are right there is no way one person group has grown from 22 at can paint all the mugs and give them to patients the first meeting to over 100 at diagnosed with breast cancer. But, I can do some and each meeting. so can my students and my painting friends all over Chapel by the Sea the world. We do not have to do the same mug or same pastor, Dr David Laughner, thanked Jurell and Betty for design, just make sure that we put the pink ribbon their dedicated service to The God Abouts. He said that symbols on the mugs and give them away.” youtube the past 7 years have been ‘a season of blessing’ that has breast cancer presentation shown itself through The God Abouts. He said that whatever comes next will be built upon what The God Abouts have watch?v=gQ1H4cdfiQ8 We would love to have anyone from the done. He said that it has been a blessing to work with all community who wants to join in our free “paint-ins” to the volunteers who work with The God Abouts.

stop be the Tybee Wedding Chapel and we will teach you a quick course in china painting as we prepare to share our “Mugs of Hope.”


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The God Abouts meet at Chapel by the Sea on the 3rd Tuesday at 12pm of each month. Be a Friend . . . Make a Friend . . . Bring a Friend For more info., contact Betty or Jurell Davis 912-897-2364.

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Tybee Branch Library 405 Butler Avenue, Tybee Island Phone: 912-786-7733 Fax: 912-786-7734 Hours: Mondays, Fridays & Saturdays 2-6; Tuesdays 10-8; Wednesdays 10-6 Branch Manager: Laurel Beecher Powers Check out the new arrivals at your Tybee Branch of Live Oak Public Libraries: This January was by far a lot warmer than last January and our guests are enjoying the warmer side. Since we didn’t add comments from our guests in our last article we thought we would include their comments from our New Years weekend guests. Two of the couples were guests returning to once again enjoy the relaxed inn environment and the other was a mother and grown daughter that needed a break from their hectic lives in the Atlanta area. Here are their comments. Comments: Dear Stuart & Susie – Thank You again for a wonderful experience. We equate the Inn with home truly. Its serenity is something we treasure and deeply appreciate. We look forward to another visit as a part of the tradition of travel to Tybee that you have helped to create for and with us. Have a wonderful New Year. Be blessed until next visit. ~ Love from Jeff and Nina, McDonough, GA A wonderful get away for us – a respite from our stressful lives! Your open hearts and the great camaraderie of your guests made our New Year bright. Thank You! ~ Marsha, Marietta, GA Thank you for your companionship this was a pleasant place to stay. I had a great time getting to know ya’ll very much. I hope to see you soon. ~ Kate, traveling with Marsha, Marietta, GA Susie and Stuart, when we walked in the door, Susie proclaimed “Welcome Home!” That little phrase comcupsulate the special feeling we get when we come here – and just our 2nd time. Your warm hospitality, sociability and keen wit and humor and Stuart’s great biscuits, truly make this a very memorable experience on the “quiet” Tybee. Had a blast at the fireworks on the beach last night and now to see the “Polar Bears.” Cheers. ~ Ken and Jean, Peppermill, MA

Thank you all, Susie & Stuart Lighthouse Inn, 786-0901

No One Covers Tybee Like The Breeze

Fiction “All I Did Was Shoot My Man,” by Walter Mosley “Catch Me,” by Lisa Gardner “Copper Beach,” by Jayne Ann Krentz “Death of Kings,” by Bernard Cornwell “The Fear Index,” by Robert Harris “Home Front,” by Kristin Hannah “The Jaguar,” by T. Jefferson Parker “Left for Dead,” by J.A. Jance “The Look of Love,” by Mary Jane Clark “Raylan,” by Elmore Leonard “The Rope,” by Nevada Barr “Shadows in Flight,” by Orson Scott Card “What It Was,” by George Pelecanos Nonfiction “Ali in Wonderland,” by Ali Wentworth “All In: The Education of General David Petraeus,” by Paula Broadwell “All There Is: Love Stories from Storycorps,” by Dave Isay “Ameritopia: the Unmaking of America,” by David R. Levin “Da Vinci’s Ghost,” by Toby Lester “The End Game,” by Michael R. Gordon & Bernard E. Trainor “Hilarity Ensues,” by Tucker Max “Paranormal,” by Raymond Moody “The Science of Yoga,” by William J. Broad “Show Dog,” by Josh Dean “Sundays Will Never Be the Same,” by Darrell Waltrip & Nate Larkin To check availability of any of these titles, visit our online catalog at

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The Fifth Annual Toure’ de Lights Another fabulous fun filled night was experienced by all the friends of the 5th Annual Toure’ de Lights held on 16 December 2011. This year we had 48 of our closest friends and family join us on our traditional bicycle ride to view the Tybee Christmas lights. The winners of the bike decorating contest were: Dorothy Huffstetler - First Place, Alan Burn – Second Place, Anne Miller – Third February is continuing to be a busy month at the Tybee Place and Bill Garbett – Fourth Place. Each bike was YMCA. The craze of the New Year and resolutions for a creatively decorated with enough lights to guide our healthier lifestyle is still going strong at our YMCA. We way. have added some new equipment to keep encouraging members and guests to reach their personal wellness goals. We have also scheduled several new classes, with special attention to our seniors. Monday through Friday at 11 a.m. we offer classes such as; Chair Yoga, Senior Chair, Chair Pilates, and Chair Zumba. Come pull up a chair and try one or all of these fun and fit classes. We are also organizing a field trip for our seniors through AARP resources. They are offering a defensive driving course Wednesday, February 8 from 9a.m.-3 p.m. that allows you to save %10 on your automobile insurance. The cost of the class is $12 for AARP members and $14 for non members. You must call 352-4405 to register for In addition to our bike contest, huge thanks to the class. The Tybee YMCA is organizing transportation all of our participants for their generosity in donating to this class for those interested. Please notify the Tybee $742 to the Tybee Food Bank – The Rising Tide. I’m YMCA once you have registered for this class and if you so proud of all those that donated to our cause to are in need of transportation. help feed those on Tybee in need. A special thanks The Tybee YMCA is also offering a FREE to Shelley Ainsworth and Tina Gann –“The LovesCLASS starting February 24-March 30 every Friday Loves” for their generosity. Also a great thanks to Alan titled “Living Well”. This class will educate you on ways and Jackie Burn – AJ’s Dockside, Pete and Caroline to better cope and manage your health by setting Huffstetler – Treasures of Bali, Judy and Frank Ouzts – realistic goals, finding support and solutions, making Pappa’s B Q, and Cecil and Elizabeth Johnson – Tybee daily tasks easier, relaxing and managing stress. After Island Charters for their continued support of the Toure’ attend this workshop you will feel more prepared to cope de Lights and all that they do to help in the success. with feelings of sadness, deal with pain and extreme Our Toure’ actually started about 20 years ago tiredness, eat for better health, manage medications when each Christmas we took our children and Aunt and to relax and enjoy life! This class is being taught Jane Water, who had MS, to view the Christmas lights. by Coastal Regional Commission which is an agency After Jane’s death, a small group of about 12 of us on aging. You will also receive a free book, CD and decided to carry on our tradition but to ride the lights on certificate of completion. Feel free to bring or invite a our bikes. That first year we passed out playing cards, family member, friend or caregiver. Register by calling clothes pins, and balloons to pin to our wheels just to the TYBEE YMCA (786-9622). make a little noise on our ride. We decided to start at Along with our dedication to our mission, it AJ’s for adult beverages and snacks, ride through the is equally important to help better all of our Tybee neighborhoods to Huc a Poo’s and back to Kokomo for community to also provide financial assistance for those a bon fire and desert. Each year we added a few more that are in need because we never turn anyone away friends and friends of friends until someone started from the YMCA due to inability to pay. That is why our adding lights to their bike and a donation was collected Priceless Gifts campaign is so important every year. In for the food bank. Last year we grew to 32 friends who 2011 the Tybee YMCA awarded over 767 scholarships rode on a cold and rainy night. We held a somewhat and over $60,000 in financial assistance to Tybee organized bike contest with Alan Burn winning first residents. Our goal this year is to raise $28,000 for our prize and raising the bar for decorations. In addition we campaign which began January 23rd and runs until donated over $400 to the food bank. March 19th. If you would like to sponsor a Tybee child for The 2011 Toure’ was one of our best so far with surf camp or experience summer camp please stop by magnificent weather, many, many friends and family; our facility. Or if you feel moved to sponsor a senior for amazing decorations and we brought our whole parade a membership for not only physical fitness but for social to Chip Zulliger’s 60th birthday party and serenaded interaction please donate. We thank all of our donors him. It was quite a site and one we’ll continue to from the 2011 campaign and with your help we can improve upon for 2012. Thank you again for everyone’s raise enough to help even more on OUR Island. For any participation and good cheer. questions about donating please call our Tybee YMCA. 36 Tybee Breeze No One Covers Tybee Like The Breeze

“Guinness World Record Challenge”

So I am suggesting right here and now in the Tybee Breeze that a committee (two or more people meeting at a bar) be formed to discuss the concept of making Tybee the Guinness World Record capital of the world….! To jump start this venture I did a little research into some types of “beach-centric” activities that we could organize our challenges around, some existing and some we could create.


Existing Guinness World Records to be challenged:

Along with a little over two-thousand of my best friends, I participated in the 2012 Tybee Polar Plunge / “Largest gathering of people wearing swim caps” – Guinness World Record Challenge, on New Years Day. In past years I had taken photographs, instead of Polar Plunging, but this year I decided to join in the fun. At first I thought that the “swim cap” thing was a little hokey. However, after participating in the swim cap count, the plunge and ordering my second black & tan Guinness at Doc’s, I realized that this Guinness World Record concept was pure genius…! Here we had over two thousand people on the Island, before noon, to take place in a record making event that took less than an hour of actual event time. That’s not meant to discount the many hours I assume were spent by volunteers in planning and producing the event, only to point out that the possible negative impacts of traffic, parking and etc. were very short in duration. However, the ratio of the benefits of positive exposure for Tybee per volunteer hour, police monitoring, etc. vs. the other big events of the year must have been hugely disproportionate. Other benefits of this type of event are; it was fun the entire family could join in, you could wear a tuxedo or a g-string, cross-dress, dye your hair purple, bring a friend on a leash or in other words do your part to keep Tybee a fun and funky place..! No One Covers Tybee Like The Breeze

“Largest Tambourine ensemble” – 9,902 participants set the record in Taipei, Taiwan 1/1/2008 (we could call it the Miss Sylvia Philharmonic Concert) “Sunglasses in the dark” – 454 participants set the record in Arlington, TX on 6/21/2011 “Longest parade of convertibles” – 114 participants set the record in Gelsenkirchen, Germany on 7/10/2007 “Hot dog eating contest” – 3,189 participants set the record in Valencia, Spain on 3/12/2011 “Largest group of people playing Kazoos” – 5,190 London, UK 3/14/2011

New Guinness World Records to be set: “Largest group of bicycles on a beach” – no record “Largest group of beach bums wearing plastic Groucho Marx eyeglasses w/mustaches on the beach” – no record “Largest group of picnics on red & white checkered tablecloths on the beach” – no record “Largest group of people playing harmonicas on the beach” – no record “Largest group of people wearing flip flops in February” – no record “Largest group of people on the beach waving American flags on 9/11/2012” – no record And the list goes on and on…! So let’s put our heads together and get this Guinness train rolling. We could have a new event every month and market Tybee as the record-setting fun destination beach of the south…? Please go to my blog (listed below), sign up and leave your suggestions, comments, complaints, etc…! Remember: “If you’re lucky enough to live on Tybee, you’re lucky enough…! Tommy Thompson, a licensed real estate salesman in GA, a real estate development consultant and photographer, lives on Tybee Island. You can follow Tommy on his blog “the view from the beach” at: http://thompsonatlantic.blogspot. com. Email: Tybee Breeze


By Carolyn Jurick

Our next Governing Board meeting is on Wednesday, Feb. 1st, 7pm at City Hall. We have much to do at the meeting and need the input and involvement of everyone! If you are interested in serving on the Governing Board, helping in any way, or want to receive updates, please send an email to We had to send in our letter of intent again to the Savannah-Chatham County Schools and to the State. It had to be by Feb. 1st. There is much to do to complete the petition for the charter. We have met with many people and have learned lots. The State has changed the process for submitting a Charter petition and also they have changed the format. The format isn’t ready yet, but the process is posted on their website. We will share the changes, etc. at the meeting. We will be selling hot dogs and drinks at the Water and Energy Fair on Sat., Feb. 11th. We will be just outside the old school cafeteria. Come by and join us. The MRS has graciously volunteered to do a cook-out for us on Sat., March 3rd. We have reserved Memorial Park and the old school cafeteria for this event. We will discuss this and get your thoughts and input at the Feb. 1st meeting. As always, Governing Board meetings are open to everyone. We look forward to seeing you there. Thank you all for your support of TICS.

"haiku" By Danny Scarwid Was I born again? Once amonk or a monkey... now hermit now fool. Could I be just goo? oh how bably goo can go goo be good to me. Dad gone twenty years high above water he lies fishing in the sun. 38

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No One Covers Tybee Like The Breeze

In early 2009, the City Council set thenCouncilman Charlie Brewer the task of implementing his suggestion of a Leadership Tybee program. His original suggestion was inspired by other leadership programs such as Leadership Savannah. A Leadership Tybee Steering Committee was formed to set up a program to work with the Tybee community to enhance our future leadership potential. The committee applied for and received a grant from the Fanning Institute under its Community Leadership Initiative at the University of Georgia.

T h e primary goal for Leadership Tybee is to create a positive economic force on the island and to encourage and develop an engaged and well-informed community. The goals for class participants are to learn strong leadership skills and to have a better knowledge of the community and its major challenges. The class provides training in applied leadership skills and sets the goal to generate projects that have an immediate measurable community impact and which demonstrate student commitment to making the island a better place to live and work. Subjects and practices covered include: styles of leadership, successful goal setting, time management, team building, assessments of personality and management styles, collaboration, challenges in economic development, diversity, working with government, ethics, and effective listening for better communication. A police ride-along is also part of each member’s experience. Classes meet for three hours once each month for a total of 13 class sessions during which teams are formed, lectures and exercises delivered, students coordinate their project work, and report on their current progress. Outside the classroom, participants work with others in the community on their selected projects. Previous projects have included: • “The Silent Sport Project”, which explored ways to improve o u t d o o r s p o r t i n g activities on Tybee such as cycling, kayaking, swimming, and hiking. This was No One Covers Tybee Like The Breeze

a team effort with Dale Williams, Fawn Smiley, and Kim Wilson. • The high profile “Casting for Stars”, which promoted fund-raising throughout the community on behalf of the restoration efforts for the historic Tybee Post Theater. Amy Gaster, Greg Stoeffler, and Sadie Gaster provided the leadership impetus for this project. • In a single-member project, David McNaughton explored some of the avenues available to members of the community to help reduce billboard and signage clutter and improve the visual landscape for residents and visitors. • Robert Bryson, Tybee Island Police Chief, organized a police ride-along program for the Leadership participants, which has grown to include the Community Police Academy for outreach to the entire community. The ride-along has been included as a permanent part of the program. Tybee Mayor Jason Buelterman has said, “Leadership Tybee has had a very positive impact on our little community, and I strongly encourage interested citizens to apply to be part of this exciting program.”

Members of the Leadership Tybee Steering Committee include: Perb Fortner, with over 35 years in executive management, as chair; Becky Setliff who is an expert in organizational development and a professor at Savannah State University; City Manager Diane Schleicher who has been in city management for over 15 years; and Michael Bodine with over 20 years experience in technical management. Participants have to meet high expectations as they continue with their day-to-day business, work on class material, and cooperate with others to complete their class project and report on their results. Applicants for Leadership Tybee must complete an application form, including a project proposal, for acceptance. In addition, there will be a $125 fee for participation, which can be made by the participants, by a sponsor such as their employer, or by a full or partial scholarship. Information about the Leadership Tybee program, including previous presentations by the class members and application forms for the next session, can be found online at LeadershipTybee.aspx. Tybee Breeze


Ship’s Log

February 2012

SBRC would like to thank the TIPD for their efforts in trying to solve the mystery of our poisoned cats. Just your presence on site gave the owners confidence in your attempts to get to the bottom of the cruel treatment of our beloved animals, most of whom had been with us for years and were considered pets by many. Many thanks to Shirley Sessions, Sandy McCloud and Marie Rodriguez for their assistance in resolving this matter. We would also like to thank Don Logano of WTOC and Meredith Ley of WSAV for their interest in this matter and bringing it to the the public’s attention.

Residential Christmas Light5 Winners

By the Tybee Beautification Association

Our judging was on December 14th from 6-8:00 pm. We met at the post office and Rachel Perkins drove 15 of our members around Tybee on the Oglethorpe Trolley. Everyone brought holiday treats to share with everyone on this fun event. The nine winners received a poinsettia. R. Chatham - Robinson Avenue Marianne Karam - 28 Captains View Tina Gann & Shelly Ainsworth - 117 Eagles Nest Phyllis Spencer & Molly Hannas - 212 Eagles Nest Jules & Dorthea Cantin & Brad Hook - 5-5th Ave. Steve & Jennifer Palmer - 501 6th Street Eddie & Lisa Dean - 202 12th Street Betty Jo Smeltzer - 114 Lewis Avenue Bubba & Megan Edgerly - 115 Lewis Avenue 40

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Mr. Kleen at a Glance By Brandon Follis

For people who come to Tybee, tourist and locals alike, rarely do you ever hear of this place not leaving a lasting impression on all who stay. This is true for Keith and Casey Follis who fell in love with Tybee their first visit two years ago. “It’s a true breath of fresh air to be somewhere that you love and doing what you love as well.” says Keith Follis who owns and operates Mr. Kleen Carpet Cleaning, Chimney Cleaning, and 24/7 Emergency Water Restoration Company. “Doing what we love, where we love really fits the island persona, we believe in small community with tight-knit community members is the true step to succeeding here at Tybee. Small entrepreneurs such as the ones that Tybee accommodates are the true back bone to American society today, not these big time corporations.” Our career choice isn’t a burden to us because it truly is what we love to do and it’s what we do very very well. Our work speaks for itself and we have a fully functional website that includes all details of our work and experience at www. You can also read what locals have to say for our work ethic and service. Remember this: If you want it to Gleam, Call Mr. Kleen. Your local Carpet Cleaning Team!

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No One Covers Tybee Like The Breeze

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Do you like to plan?

want to discuss when faced with decisions that could impact their financial well-being...possibly even for their lifetime? Yes, of course, it can. But how many of you have ever sat down and mulled over the various aspects of your financial life and developed a plan to get you through to the end? I hope you enjoy what you’re reading, and I want you to know that I will go into more detail on many topics related to personal finance if that’s what the readers of the Tybee Breeze want, so contact Sundi and let her know what you’d like to read more about. To complete this first article, though, let me list the parts of a financial plan. There are six of them: your budget, insurance, savings, investments, retirement (what I prefer to call financial independence), and taxes. I like to think of these as parts of an apple tree. Say what? Your budget is the soil in which your apple tree is planted. The roots are your insurance. The trunk is your savings. The branches are your investments. The apples are your financial independence. And the little guy running over the hill is the tax man, with a basket full of your apples. He doesn’t even care that he’s dropping some of them as he runs away. I’ll explain these more in future articles. So live below your means, plan for your future, and have some fun along the way. Thanks for reading this. Hope you liked it. Please let me know.

It seems some people do but many others do everything spur of the moment and then get upset when they run into unanticipated obstacles. Personally I find a well-executed plan to be a thing of beauty. Yes, I know I’m sick, but it doesn’t matter to me whether it’s a vacation plan, a football game plan, or a plan to go to the bath room. (My wife says I’m so hung up on planning that I even have to do that.) Maybe she’s right, but I’ve got it in my genes, I think, because I was born to plan. But she also recognizes that making a plan forces you to think things through, organizes your thoughts, and creates a basic path for what you want to accomplish, which allows you the flexibility to adjust as conditions change and still reach your goal. So let’s talk about the process of planning. What’s first? That’s easy: define where you want to be and when - in other words, state your goal. Second, determine where you’re at right now. Next, lay out a path to get from where you’re at to where you want to be in the time frame you’ve chosen. Then all that’s left is to take action, monitor your progress, and correct course if you veer off the path. Can this generic process apply to planning for anything? I believe so. Can it apply to your personal finances, something many people don’t By “PFP” (personal financial planner)

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Tybee Breeze

No One Covers Tybee Like The Breeze

No One Covers Tybee Like The Breeze

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February 2012 Tybee Breeze  

February 2012 Tybee Breeze

February 2012 Tybee Breeze  

February 2012 Tybee Breeze