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Read special report on the Occupy Movement sweeping across the developed world


Bin Qullander, an artist who is a master in Arabic 22 Tahir Calligraphy talks about his inspiration

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AHAN a handcraft project fights to control & eliminate poverty


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the intricacies that make Khirki 26 Discover Masjid a unique structure


a look at Quiz latest Winter 32 Take Collection 2011

Editor’s note We are back with another exciting issue of your very own Sunday Plus. This week we are in conversation with fashion designer Tena Durrani. Her designs have shot her straight to the forefront of fashion. There is no doubt she has taken the fashion world by storm. Learn about her life and style. Protest movements have started in many countries that focus on social and economic inequality. Read special report on the Occupy Movement that has spread from USA to UK and many other countries. In the art section read interview of calligrapher Tahir Bin Qalandar Qalandar whose work depicts the beauty of modern and traditional impressions of Arabic calligraphy. In our heritage section learn about the history and architecture of the famous Khirki Mosque. On our style pages see the latest fashionable clothes that international brand Quiz has to offer this season. And this week in our ‘Picks of the week’ section, we are again presenting a little something for our readers to quiz their mind with.


of a new cuisine opening its 54 Review door for the people of Faisalabad

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talks about how many takes he often 58 DiCaprio had to do in his scenes in the film ‘J. Edgar’


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By Bishakha Kunwar

Tena with her daughter and husband Taimour


These days, Tena is busy, busy, busy. Her designs have shot her straight to the fashion forefront and have taken the fashion world by storm. Her latest collection shows us her ability to mix and match colors and embroidery patterns to a whole new level. The colors are stunning, vivid and perfectly apt for that stunning evening affair. er inspiration is mainly a derivative from Mughal art and architecture fused with ancient patterns into contemporary fashion. It would not be wrong to say that her kameezs are like “architecture for the body�. Besides the obvious Mughal influence, Tena has played the rules and inserted her sartorial sense into her label. Starting her eponymous line in 2005, this lissome Karachi based designer is a fine example of what real working life is like for the young and ambitious fashion professional. Slow but steadily she has managed to make her mark on the fashion circuit with her exquisite taste and her signature style. With

08 Sunday Plus November 27, 2011

many collections such as Oasis (casual wear), Lotus (semi-formal wear), Myrrh (formal wear), Marquis (wedding wear) and bridals under her sleeves, she is a busy designer with her collections worn by many fashion luminaries of Pakistan. Each of her collections is unique and produced in limited quantities to ensure individuality and exclusivity. Her designs are sampled extensively before being used in any design. Tena is a complete range of collections, from casual wear up to wedding wear and bridals. Tena has her finger firmly on the fashion pulse. In an exclusive rendezvous with the Sunday Plus, Tena spills some candid secrets.

A living legend


Your design philosophy? Tena: Elegance and style that tran-

scends age and time.


How do you create a different identity or niche for your customers? Tena:My clients have to be confident,


understated women who still like to have all eyes on them at an event. My creations aim to give that effect.

What are you most comfortable designing; pret/formal or bridal? Tena:I love designing all types, which is

why our label caters to all segments of the market.


4. What should we expect in your latest collection and your inspirations for it? Tena: The latest collection was based

on my discovery of colours. It was the first time I had such a wide range of vibrant colours throughout the collection.


How did your journey as a designer start? Do you have a degree in fashion designing or are you self-taught? Tena: A series of accidents led to it,

one of them being brilliant. Self-taught through 6 years of experience.


Can you name some reigning trends for this season and 2012, as far as what’s hot in colour, fabrics and cuts we should be looking out for? Tena: Yellows, oranges and blues seem

to be doing very well right now. I use a lot of cotton net which always does well. As for cuts, everything is in at the moment as long as it’s not a short fitted shirt.


What is your take on the surge of younger designers in the recent years? Tena: Keeps things interesting.


What is one change that our fashion industry needs? Tena: Accepting our culture & under-

standing the relevance of fashion to our country.


As a fashion designer yourself, do you find it harder to buy clothes designed by other people? Tena: Yes, which is why I never do. November 27, 2011 Sunday Plus 09


10 11

Is there one trend that is really big right now that you cannot stand? Tena: Harem pants How do you deal with criticism when you find yourself at the receiving end? Tena: I don’t really find myself at the

receiving end of criticism too often. If I do, I just shrug it off.


Is fashion today more than just clothes? Tena: No, it’s a lifestyle and a way of



What does prêt and couture mean to you? When will couture come to mean more than just bridal in Pakistan? Tena: Pret is anything you can wear

on a daily basis and couture is higher end wear that is mostly bespoke. I think it already does. But again, we can’t become the West. It is our culture & we should embrace it.

14 15 16 17

What does vintage have fashion has that contemporary fashion never will have? Tena: The glamour and mystery. What does easy chic mean to you? Tena: Not looking like you are trying

too hard. What does success mean to you? Tena: Being able to do the things I

want to do. Most classic piece that you have created? Tena: Black Net Jacket

10 Sunday Plus November 27, 2011

18 19 20

Who is your favourite designer (Local and International)? Tena: Bunto Kazmi and Elie Saab Your day starts with…. Sending my

little one off to school. You are addicted to…

Food shows (Master Chef etc.)

21 22

An unknown fact about yourself… I am deceptively tall.

One thing you would like to change about yourself… If I could just be less

emotional about everything…


23 24 25 26 27 28

Style statement…

Understated and unfettered

Style icons (locally and internationally)… Queen Rania and Nabila

Celebrities you would love to dress… Queen Rania Your favourite muse…

Currently, Kate Middleton. Who do you think is the most over-rated designer? Tena: Can’t really comment. Your first fashion creation… Tena: Can’t even remember it was so

long ago.


Personal weaknesses a nd personal strengths… Tena: W: I have no will power.

S: I’m lazy but I can work fast.


37 38 39 40 41 42

Summer fashion list for you…

Most beautiful childhood memory… Tena: I had a snowball fight with my

family in Murree.

31 32 33 34 35 36


A person who inspires you the most… Coco Chanel Dream destination and why…

Prague, I like the way it sounds. A crazy holiday memory… I don’t

think you can print it!

Lots and lots of Chikan Kurtas, all in sorbet colours and a dove grey snakeskin bag

must haves in anyone’s closet …

Jeans, tank top and pale gold sandals

Recent purchases…

My glasses.

Favourite items in your closet…

My Swarovski studded gold heels and my teal chamois jumpsuit top.

Current obsession…

The best thing about being a Pakistani… Belonging, having rights &

being a first class citizen One thing I would change about Pakistan is… Our manic desire to copy

the West. Your journey so-far after a decade of excellence… Continues to get better


12 Sunday Plus November 27, 2011

The Qing Dynasty Oldest items in your closet:

My mother’s Charles Jourdan open toed stilettos

43 44 45 46 47 48 49 50

Your favourite gadget…

iPod Brands you buy…

Tag, Chloe, Ferragamo Your favourite colours…

Mint green, pink Chablis & white Your favourite books…

The Art of War by Sun Tzu Your favourite movie…

The ‘Die Hard’ Series Your favourite perfume…

Guilty Your comfort food…

Desserts Your farewell line is…

See you soon.



Amina Sibtain





Amna Babar

caught e nv o g u e

ities our local celebr otted some of cy: an af e th Sunday Plus sp e top of outfits that ar notch designer Amina wearing Nickie Nina


Amna Babar wearing Sehyr Anis

2 3

Anum a spotted with LV Vernis


Neini Rafi in d Yahsir Wahee

5 6


sporting top


Neini Rafi

Hina Butt sporting her own iya Saniya Maskt the spotted withMcQueen Skull clutch Alexander

14 Sunday Plus November 27, 2011




‘ Fearless’

Taylor Swift


p country and po n a ic er m A n a is Taylor Swift reer as a n her musical ca a eg b e h S r. ge n si w’ was ngle ‘Tim McGra si t u eb d er h d n 6. teenager a released in 200

Taylor Swift was born in Wyomissing, Pennsylvania and now lives in Hendersonville, Tennessee. Taylor’s grandmother was a trained opera singer and Taylor cites her grandmother as one of her primary influences, along with LeAnn Rimes and Dolly Parton. Taylor Swift began performing locally and writing her own material around the age of 10. She sang in karaoke contests, at festivals and fairs. When she was 11, Swift handed copies of her demo tape to all of the receptionists on Music Row in Nashville. She faced a lot of rejection, both from record labels and her peers. She channelled those feelings of rejection into one of her early songs, ‘The Outside.’ On her return from Nashville, Swift was invited to sing the national anthem at the US Open tennis tournament. The Swift family eventually moved to a suburb of Nashville in order to aid their daughter’s burgeoning career. When Taylor performed at the Bluebird Café, she caught the eye of Scott Borchetta. Borchetta promptly signed Taylor to his label, Big Machine Records. Swift’s debut single was entitled ‘Tim McGraw’ and was released in 2006. Later that year, she released her eponymous debut album. The album debuted at number 19 in the Billboard 200 album chart, selling over 60,000 copies in the first week of release. It also topped the Billboards Top Country Albums chart and has sold over 3 million copies across the globe. In May 2007, Swift performed ‘Tim McGraw’ at the Academy of Country Music Awards. Tim McGraw himself was in the audience at the time. Since that performance, Taylor Swift has been an opening act for both Tim McGraw and Faith Hill on the Soul2Soul 2007 tour. The second song to be released from the Taylor Swift album was ‘Teardrops on My Guitar’. The track reached number two in the Billboard Country Chart. In October 2007, Taylor Swift became the youngest artist ever to win the Nashville Songwriters Association’s Songwriter / Artist of the year. Taylor’s third single, ‘Our Song’ spent six weeks at number one on the Country charts. In October 2007, Swift released Sounds of the Season: The Taylor Swift Holiday Collection. The album featured covers of Christmas classics, as well as self-penned tracks. Swift was nominated for a Best New Artist Grammy but lost out to Amy Winehouse in 2008. Later in 2008, Taylor Swift released a Wal-Mart exclusive EP named Beautiful Eyes. Taylor Swift’s second studio album proper was released in November 2008. Entitled Fearless, the album debuted at number one on the main Billboard 200 album chart. The lead single from the album was ‘Love Story’ and was accompanied by a music video that was based on the story of Romeo and Juliet. Taylor took home three awards at American Music Awards(2011) in Los Angeles including Favourite Female Country Artist, Favourite Country Album and the biggest award of the night, Artist of the Year!

Taylor took home three awards at American Music Awards(2011)

16 Sunday Plus November 27, 2011



By Emanuel Sarfraz

r i e h t t o n It’s

ercome, me, we shall ov We shall overco me someday; We shall overco ve, heart, I do belie Oh, deep in my . ay me somed We shall overco victory, ory, We’re on to We’re on to vict ory someday; We’re on to vict ve, heart, I do belie Oh, deep in my . ay ory somed , We’re on to vict k hand in hand hand, we’ll wal in nd ha k al w We’ll ay; in hand somed We’ll walk hand ve, heart, I do belie Oh, deep in my ay. ed m in hand so We’ll walk hand raid, af t id, we are no We are not afra id today; We are not afra ve, heart, I do belie Oh, deep in my id today. ake us free, We are not afra e truth shall m th , ee fr us e ak m The truth shall meday; make us free so l al sh h The trut ve, heart, I do belie Oh, deep in my meday. make us free so l al sh h ut tr e Th e in peace, ace, we shall liv pe in e liv l al sh We ; peace someday We shall live in ve, heart, I do belie Oh, deep in my nce song) . (Popular resista peace someday We shall live in

18 Sunday Plus November 27, 2011


November 27, 2011 Sunday Plus 19

Today the movement has spread to over 1000 cities in many countries. Now the protests are not limited to private places and have become a permanent feature. The world has changed a lot since World War II. The financial institutions and the financial systems imposed after the war is no longer relevant in the 21st century. There is a need to change the financial systems especially the banking sector so that economic benefits can trickle down to the lowest level. Also the wars being led by USA are taking a toll on the world economy leading to recession in the west. Protest movements have started in many countries that focus on social and economic inequality, high unemployment, corruption and the governments’ financial policies. It all began on September 17, 2011, in New York City’s Zuccotti Park in the Wall Street financial district. It was the beginning of series of demonstrations called Occupy Wall Street. The Canadian activist group Adbusters initiated the protests. The protesters slogan ‘We are the 99 percent’ is to highlight the growing difference in wealth between the 1 percent and

20 Sunday Plus November 27, 2011

the rest of the population. The protest was held at Zuccotti Park since it was a private property and police could not legally force the protesters to leave. Today the movement has spread to over 1000 cities in many countries. Now the protests are not limited to private places and have become a permanent feature. They are being organised in the city centres. In UK the protests are on-going in front of London Stock Exchange, London Finsbury Square, Bath, Birmingham, Bournemouth, Bradford, Brighton, Bristol, Cardiff, Edinburgh, Glasgow, Leeds, Newcastle, Norwich, Nottingham, Plymouth and Sheffield. Occupy Nottingham is a permanent on-going peaceful protest. The scribe attended the protest on October 17 and talked with the protesters. There were around 40 to 50 protesters who have encamped near Nottingham Market Square in central Nottingham. One month after the meeting, it is still fresh in my mind. They all said “We stand for change!” Is it not the same slogan that is resonating all over Pakistan? They had all come together to express their frustrations, to share their stories and to talk about how change can be brought about in UK and the world in general. They first started expressing solidarity with the Pakistani people and started speaking against the occupation of Afghanistan and Iraq. What they said were the same that we hear everyday in Pakistan, “War against terror is not our war”, “War in Afghanistan is not our war” and “It is America’s war and Britain should not suffer for it.” “This is a new movement. It is a democratic awakening. The movement is gaining strength every passing day. The day is not far when the right will prevail. We want more jobs, equal distribution of income and bank reforms. We will continue to adopt the policy of adopting nonviolence and this will be our source of strength. Our numbers are continuously growing,” an activist Ray said. A school teacher Samantha (Samy


99 percent of the Pakistanis are fed up with the policies of government. There is a dire need to wake up from the slumber. The nightmare cannot go on forever. for short), who had been teaching English in Ankara, Turkey, explained how the movement was gaining strength. She had returned back home just three years ago and had lost her job a month ago. “The people here are all Notts. They have turned up from all the towns and from across the city. Some have lost their jobs while others have come to express solidarity. “Most of us are demonstrating for the first time. We are frustrated the way government is handling the financial sector. The protest is all a team effort. It started with a dozen people and now you see the number of protesters have increased. During this permanent protest that we hope to continue till Christmas, we will be holding special vigils in which we expect hundreds of people to participate. “We are using social networks to spread

the message. We are on Facebook and Twitter. The response of the general public has been tremendous. People are donating to ensure that our stay in the encampment is comfortable. They donate tea, food, tents, air beds, sleeping bags and cooking utensils. Anything that can facilitate us in continuing the protest is welcome,” Samy explained. The scribe was following the protesters on Twitter and Facebook. Interestingly everyday there are fresh messages. The other day on the donation wish list the items asked for included urgently needed blankets, sleeping bags and roll matts. Other items on the wish list included pots, rope, tarps, handcrank flashlights, 12 V car batteries and a generator. There was a message to the people not to send coffee and tea as they had enough stock for one

month. The local council and police were not and still not interfering with the protest. They have respected their right to protest but have told them to comply with their request that they would not disrupt the planned events in the square. The protesters have complied with the request and there has been no untoward incident. The hands-off approach of the authorities has worked. Could the same have happened in Pakistan? I often wonder about our own rulers and why the people are silent. It is bad to say anything against them since majority of the Pakistanis do not go to cast their votes. This is the reason same old faces keep on winning the elections and coming into power again and again. The protesters in Nottingham were not from one class of people. There were socialists, liberals, conservatives, environmentalists, students and teachers. On the religious side, I heard that the protests in other cities had attracted people of all religions. In Nottingham the protesters were Christians and some anarchists. There are lessons to be learnt from the Occupation Movement sweeping many western cities. We too have to register our protest against haywire policies of the government. 99 percent of the Pakistanis are fed up with the policies of government. There is a dire need to wake up from the slumber. The nightmare cannot go on forever.

November 27, 2011 Sunday Plus 21



Sadequain is considered one of the finest painters and calligraphers of all times. His work has inspired a generation of artists and young artists. Young artist Tahir Bin Qalandar ‘s work inspired by him depicts the beauty of modern and traditional impressions of Arabic calligraphy.


alif Allah…

ecently, his calligraphic exhibition titled ‘aliff’ was held at Ejaz Gallery in Lahore which attracted the attention of media personnel and artist lovers from various strata of society. Barristar Aitzaz Ahsan, especially flew from Islamabad to attend the exhibition and appreciated the works of the artist.

22 Sunday Plus November 27, 2011

Bin Qullandar has used the styles of Iranian Khat-eShiksta and Khat-e-Diwani for his work. Red and black hues seems to dominate his paintings, coupled with a more neutral shade such as fawn, white or cream, which depict the spirituality of the human being transporting from the consciousness to the unconsciousness or the other way round. He particularly highlights the names of God; Allah, Qayyum, Muzammil to name a few, wherever they appear in the text. A designer by profession and painter by temperament, young Bin Qullander has gained what others achieve in thirty years. While talking to Sunday Plus, the young artist pointed out, “everything happened accidently, I never thought that I would be an artist but deep down I knew that I wanted to do something creative….and one day while working at a registrar office, one of my colleague introduced me to Mian Javed Iqbal who later became my teacher at Alhamra and encouraged me

art According to the art critic Shamim Akhtar, “Bin Qullander’s calligraphic paintings, are a landmark in the genre of calligraphy and art in Pakistan. They are an aesthetic blend of traditional and modern thought.”

Bin Qullandar

Size: 8’-0 x 16’-0 Mixed Medium on Canvas

Size: 36”x36” Mixed Medium on Canvas

to complete a two year diploma in Fine Arts from Lahore Arts Council.” Then he went on to do a professional diploma in graphic designing from College of Art & Design (Punjab University) and later graduated in Miniature Painting from NCA. Finally, after studying so many mediums, he was able to find his niche in calligraphy and did another diploma in classical calligraphy from NCA under the guidance of famous calligrapher Khurshid Gohar Qalam from whom he learnt the techniques and styles of calligraphy. He further stated that his work can be found on many calendars and diaries. As far the inspiration is concerned, Tahir Bin Qullander goes to his Murshid Tahir Hasnain, who is the son of Syed Ali Husaini for guidance. “I go there in search of Allah and find great peace of mind there.” While talking about the concept of spirituality and meditation Bin Qullander stated, “I am a religious person and whenever I paint, I feel as if God is guiding me at every point. There is decorum in every discipline and I consider it important to follow that. God’s name has to stand out here. When you get stuck in a composition it is hard to come out of it. That happens only with the help of God. Breaking that barrier is a great moment in itself.” Proudly known as Bin Qullander, Tahir stated that his father has sworn allegiance on Qalandari silsila and wears ghungru and malas most of the time. “I remember once my father said, he would be very happy, if I could put his name on my artworks and so I started signing my works with his name, after that there has been no

looking back and this has brought me much luck and fame from art lovers.” According to Tahir, the scope of calligraphy in Pakistan is not very bright, “we have established artists who have put the art of calligraphy under the umbrella of ‘craft’ instead of ‘art.’ Students with little know how and limited experience wants to become an artist overnight whereas the established ones look for high profits and don’t value the customer’s opinions.” So far four of his solo shows have been held in Lahore and Karachi whereas some of his paintings have been a part of group shows held in America, Oman, England and Malaysia. In order to become a great calligrapher, one has to be passionate and dedicated towards his work whereas today’s youth is sluggish and ambitious than ever. “There is so much I want to do for Pakistani calligraphers. I want to make this residency which will invite Islamic artists from all over the world and promote calligraphy as an art and not as a craft.” According to the art critic Shamim Akhtar, “Bin Qullander’s calligraphic paintings, are a landmark in the genre of calligraphy and art in Pakistan. They are an aesthetic blend of traditional and modern thought.” His rhythmic and logical works make a clear picture of design, colour sensibility and flow of line. They are musicals on the beat of the dervish. He creates this atmosphere with Iranian Khat-e Shiksta and Khat-e Diwani. His flowing strokes go up and down like Beethoven’s notes. Each canvas presents a scene of orchestra where every instrument plays its own role creating a symphony which touches the heart and soul of the viewer. There is nothing superfluous, nor does it lack in anything. His works indicate hard work and a gift of creativity bestowed upon him by the Almighty Creator. His designing ability and the holy script fuse into each other and the outcome is an aesthetic pleasure for the viewer.

November 27, 2011 Sunday Plus 23


By Amina Sibtain


the talented Since its foundation in 2006, AHAN (Aik Hunar Aik Nagar), a development project under the Small and Medium Enterprise Development Authority has proven to be a powerful asset towards empowering the poor and providing them with the resources and skills needed to create a livelihood and use their talents to benefit not only their lives but also the Pakistani economy. AHAN functions upon the basis of its simple mission statement: To create an enabling environment for the targeted poor producer groups in nonfarm sector, particularly women, landless and wage earners in rural and semi urban areas, enabling themselves become vibrant and competitive entities in the economic growth to Pakistan.

24 SuNday Plus November 27, 2011


HAN aims to achieve one of the most crucial elements, which will allow developing countries to progress. The project fights to control and eliminate poverty through not simple aid and donations, but through skill development of the low-income classes. In order to achieve its goal AHAN focuses on tapping into the main areas of intervention that will allow them to help empower lowincome entrepreneurs. These include product development, quality assurance, marketing and enterprise development, technological upgrades, and linkages with microfinance institutions. Focusing on these aspects allows AHAN to have an overall positive effect on the livelihood of the low-income population of Pakistan. AHAN is a national project with 23 projects in Sindh, 19 in Punjab, 19 in KPK and 18 in Balochistan. Additionally, during 2010-2011 AHAN had scheduled to implement 40 additional projects nationwide, which have a total approximate cost of PKR 55 million. One of the AHAN’s biggest investments is in the sector of hand crafted products from the rural and semi urban areas of Pakistan. The project uses this sector to empower the people in the sector and hopefully lead to the economic uplift of the rural artisans and crafts people, and ultimately the Pakistani economy. By focusing on this aspect of the economy, and training the peoples’ skills and talents, AHAN allows a significant part of society to become an active and positive part of the Pakistan Economy. Since its foundation AHAN has shown remarkable success and has expanded nationwide with its various projects. There are a few stories that truly standout when it comes to AHAN’s achievements: Saima


Kakar of Balochistan, Bibi Shazroo of Balochistan, Sayda Ghulam Batool Bukhari of Punjab, and Yasmeen Soomro of Sindh. Saima, a resident of a very remote village in Balochistan, deceived the norms of her deeply conservative family and through the help and training of AHAN learnt from the renowned Pakistani Fashion Designer: Amir Adnan. Her Training sessions not only helped her improve her skills but also allowed her to cultivate the talents of multiple women in her village during her periodic visits back home from Karachi. The other women have similar success stories with Bibi Sharzoo being able to cultivate a livelihood through Kilm making. AHAN allowed her to expand her business and travel to other parts of the country to display, promote and sell her work. In addition to helping numerous women like the ones mentioned above, AHAN has achieved several other commendable milestones since it’s foundation. The project allows its members and participants to promote and display their works at numerous festivals like the Indus Valley School Mela, the FEXPO Islamabad and FEXPO Lahore. Additionally, in December 2010 AHAN collaborated with SITCO to participate in the DAWN lifestyle Exhibition at the Expo center in Lahore.

Promotion of the project at these various events and exhibitions provides the project and its members with the exposure necessary for training, expansion and success of invaluable entrepreneurs of Pakistan. Furthermore, AHAN’s most prestigious accomplishments include its participation at the 3rd PFDC Fashion Week and the opening of AHAN’s store named ‘HANDMADE by AHAN’ at the Xinhua Mall in Lahore. The opening of the outlet commemorates AHAN’s achievement in providing entrepreneurs from the rural and semi urban areas of Pakistan with a respected platform to promote and market their products and skills. AHAN is a shining example of the hidden talents and treasures available in Pakistan. It proves that if provided with the necessary skills, training, and guidance the low-income people of Pakistan can have improved livelihood and be essential contributors to the Pakistani economy. There is a need for Pakistan to focus on training and preserving the numerous talents of the Pakistani people in sectors other than the handmade crafts sector as well. AHAN is a project that proves the strength and importance of cultivating the nation’s skills and talents.


November 27, 2011 SuNday Plus 25


Dr. Shaukat Mahmood

Khirki Masjid: unique mosque, now derelict


Khan Junan Shah Telangani was in the service of Tughlaq rulers. When Muhammad Shah’s cousin Firoz Shah Tughlaq came to the throne in 1351 A.D., he elevated Telangani to the position of wazir. Junan Shah proved an enthusiastic builder of mosques. His position provided him the means to translate his dreams into stone, and he is believed to have built seven large and small mosques in Delhi alone. n the 17 years that he was Firoz Shah's wazir he became a renowned mosque builder of the Tughlaq dynasty. The last of these great mosques was the Kalan Masjid, meaning large mosque, was completed in June, 1387. Unfortunately, today these mosques are in very bad shape though a couple of them are still visited by the faithful and other by the lovers of history and tourism. A mosque is a place of worship for

26 Sunday Plus November 27, 2011

followers of Islam. The word entered the English language most likely through French mosquée, from Portuguese mesquita, from Spanish mezquita, and from Berber tamezgida. Arabic word for mosque is masjid. The word masjid literally means a place of prostration although there is a distinction in Arabic between the smaller masjid dedicated for the daily five prayers and the larger masjid jāmi’ where the daily five prayers and the Friday congregation sermons are held with a

high volume of attendance. Khirki Masjid is famous for its unique structure. The most extraordinary part of the mosque is that it has not one but four courts the rest of the area is covered entirely by a roof. The Masjid is a fine example of Islamic architecture in India and vanguard of architectural achievements of Tughlaq dynasty. This mosque is perhaps the most vibrant one out of the seven mosques Junan Shah Telangani built during his tenure.


The mosque derived its name from the distinctive windows fitted with grilles (jails) known as latticed windows. These windows are all around on the upper level of the mosque and are clearly visible from a distance. Another theory says that the mosque is located in an area called Khirki hence the name of the mosque. This notion could be vice-versa. The area once comprised the city of Jahanpanah, which was the fourth city of Delhi founded by Muhammad bin Tughlaq (1321-1351). The latticed windows were carved out of single stone sheets and then placed in position. The exact location of the mosque according to ASI is, “The Khirki Mosque is situated on the Saket Chiragh Dilli Road, not too far away from the Satpula of Muhammad bin Tughlq.” Of the seven mosques Junan Shah Telangani is reputed to have built two were built in the City of Firozeabad, one near the shrine of Shah Turkman Bayabani and the other within the new palace complex. Four out of the remaining five, were built in the older settlements spread across what is now South Delhi. These four mosques were located in areas know as Nizam al-Din, Khirki, Begumpur and Kalu Sarai while the last of these mosques was built outside the city limits of Firozeabad between the Lahori and Kabuli Darwazas of the walled city. Khirki Masjid is an excellent example of Indo- Islamic architecture in India. This particular style started with the arrival of Muizz al-Din Ghuri in 1191 when he conquered Delhi and laid the foundation of the Quwwat al-Islam (the Might of Islam) Mosque. This style continued rigorously till the arrival of the Mughals in 1526 AD. Till the arrival of

the Mughals the Indo Islamic architecture remained a fine blend of traditional Hindu elements and Islamic architectural features. Khirki Masjid was also built on the same principles, which is a fusion and adaptation of Hindu and Islamic architecture. Open court covered with chambers or colonnades were the unique in Hindu style whereas ornamentation was typical to Islamic style. The mosque has a square plan and is built on a three metres high platform technically called the kursi of the mosque, occupying an area of 87 square meters. Masjid has four open courtyards that provide light and ventilation to the internal prayer spaces. The plan is divided into quarters; each quarter has its own inner courtyard. Internally, arcades running north-south divide the mosque space into aisles. These arcades are formed by 180 square structural columns and 60 pilasters. The main entrance to the prayer hall is through the southern entrance: one climbs a flight of stairs to a gateway flanked by tapering turrets. The turrets flanking the southern and northern gates are circular in shape; the articulation on these gives them a three storied appearance. Inside the southern portal there is a small vestibule, square in plan, which extends out from the main southern exterior wall. Larger round tapering bastions appear at each of the four corners of mosque's exterior walls. The southern entrance doorway shows a mixture of arch and beam construction: within a decorative rectilinear frame, a blind ogee arch contains the door opening. Mihrab is placed in the western or qibla wall. The roof of the Khirki Masjid is divided into 25 squares equal in size. Group of 9

small domes together alternate with flat roofs (and the four open courts) to cover the roof. Thus there are 81 segmental domes and 12 flat roofs. The exterior of the mosque is plastered with no decorative feature. The interior is without any calligraphy. There are no geometrical or floral motifs either. Monolithic grilles fixed in the windows are the only notable feature. No regular blocks have been used for building the structure. Instead rubble is employed that is ultimately plastered. This internal layout of the mosque provides an enchanting view to the visitors. The four corners of the mosque are adorned with attached bastions that also serve as buttresses. The mosque has three protruding gateways, one in the middle of each side except the Qibla side. The southern gate, with imposing steps at the main entrance, exhibits a combination of arch and pillar and beam construction. It has an ornamental rectilinear frame. On the Qibla side the mirab protrudes outside, a common feature of mosques. All around the mosque, the main structure above the kursi is punctuated with windows set at regular intervals. The approach to the roof of the mosque is from the east gate, and the view from the roof leaves a lasting impression of the geometrical design of the Mosque. The mosque designed based on axial symmetry is considered as one of “the finest architectural compositions of the Sultanate history. It was considered Firuz Shah’s architectural benefaction. The importance of the Khirki Masjid's architectural elegance has been considered a precursor to the intensely metaphorical Mughal architecture (1526-1857), with the Lodhi period's (1451–1526) architecture – the Delhi Sultanate's last dynasty – marking the transition.” A tourist with antiquarian pursuits recalls his visit in these words, “I visited the Khirki mosque for the first time on a cold January morning in 1993. I could not have entered if I had not covered my face with my scarf. The stench coming off the huge pile of bat droppings would have driven away a camel. Once inside, I found two donkeys, several small fires with motley crowds of vagabonds huddled together chasing smack from cigarette pack foil. The air was awash with the sickening smell of donkey shit, bat droppings and damp.”

November 27, 2011 Sunday Plus 27

up & rising


How long have you been in the industry? Hina: It’s just been a year. In one year I am stocking at 10 places in total including Fashion Pakistan lounge, Tehxeeb, Fashion district Lahore, Labels, Portfolio, L’atalier Islamabad, Elliment Pret Karachi, Collage and Designers Lounge in Dubia and Tehxeeb Abu Dhabi. Plus I also export to Manchester and USA also.


Did you always know this is what you wanted to do? Hina: I just did my MBA from LUMS last year I was always interested in setting up my own business. On

Hina Butt: Fashion’snewface the other hand, I was also always interested in fashion. People always complemented my design sense and what I wore, so I started this on a trial basis but it clicked from day one. How easy/hard has it been breaking into the industry? Hina: For me it was easy, thanks to the wave of multi brand stores opening up. They promote new upcoming designers and media also gives great coverage and my networking with friends also made it easy.



What are some of the problems/hurdles you’ve faced? Hina: None actually. I’ve always used the problems I face as a learning opportunity to guide me towards improvement.




Do you have a particular style or do you prefer experimenting with everything? Hina: I love to experiment with lots of western cuts and designs and also traditional style I don’t follow one particular theme.




Do you feel the industry welcome’s new comers? Hina: Totally. Multi brand store act as a platform to promote new designers. Exhibition such as the Women Lifestyle exhibition opens new avenue for young designers. If your product is good and sensibly priced it sells. What inspired you to take the leap and join the industry? Hina: Just a spontaneous decision. Had gone for coffee at OPM and visited the multi brand store platform next to it. They were opening up a new branch in Gulberg in a week and they said they had a rack. I got the collection made in a week’s time and launched there. It was great successes so have continued since then.

7. 28 SuNday Plus November 27, 2011

Hina: Stocking at multi brand stores have a lot of potential if your product is good and reasonably priced meaning if the customers feel they are getting the right value for money u hit their sugar spot u can get great sales.

What advice would you give to others trying to break into the industry?

What styles/themes do you work most with? Hina: I always keep my customers in mind while designing if I was buying what would I buy and at what price. I always keep in mind what will sell in the market.

Who do you look up to in the industry? Hina: I look up to all those who have worked their way hard and established themselves in the industry each in their own accord and specialty. Looking back, do you wish you’d done anything different when it comes to your career? Hina: Not at all. I enjoy my work it gives me self-satisfaction. I love facing everyday challenges and working my way through them. I can always add more to it fashion is a vast field it has no limits.


What comes next? Hina: I have no limits defined I will work my way till the top.



J. EDGAR: AN INTRIGUING ‘PORTRAIT’ Clint Eastwood has been working so hard and so much, it’s easy to be bowled over that an 81-year-old has churned out nearly a film a year for over two decades (generally if he takes a year off it’s because he directed two the year previous). For his latest he’s assembled Leonardo DiCaprio, Naomi Watts, and Armie Hammer for a portrait of one of the most important and powerful men of the 20th Century: J. Edgar Hoover, who developed the Federal Bureau of Investigations into the complicated and powerful organization it is now. But J. Edgar is sadly undercooked, with all the juicy tales of Hoover and none congealing.

J. Edgar

RATING: 5/10

THE PLAYERS: Genre: Biography & Drama director: Clint Eastwood Actors: Leonardo DiCaprio, Naomi Watts, Armie Hammer &Judi Dench Cinematography: Tom Stern writers: Dustin Lance Black

30 SuNday Plus November 27, 2011


Through the framework of J. Edgar Hoover (DiCaprio) dictating his autobiography, the film moves from Hoover’s childhood and interest in the protection of people from communism, to his glory years where he developed the Bureau of Investigation into a powerhouse – especially after the Lindbergh baby kidnapping case – and then his later years, where he butted heads with the Kennedys over organized crime, and thought Martin Luther King was a communist. The most important people in his life seem to be his mother (Dench), his secretary Helen Gandy (Watts) and Clyde Tolson (Hammer), his second in command and rumored lover.


On Time and Under Budget: Credit to James Rocchi for that saying, but when it comes to a Clint Eastwood film, that seems to be one of the things that is likeable about it. And Eastwood has a great craft, and there’s no faulting the design or quality of the film itself. It’s handsomely put together, and everyone seems to know what they’re doing.


The Script: It may seem dangerous to come to a thesis when making a film like this, but with so many details of interest in Hoover’s story, you wait for the film to at least make you feel you have an understanding of Hoover, and not just a collection of his greatest hits. The film mentions that in the 1960′s,

movie dressing are laughable, but more damningly don’t really connect to the film at hand. You could snip the two biggest dramatic scenes that relate to those allegations and the film wouldn’t be changed. The Direction: Again, this is undercooked and that’s got to lay at the feet of Eastwood. Though some blanch at the use of the phrase “Oscar Bait,” this team was more assembled and project has the air of “this is a good topic.” I think everyone wanted to work together, but the end results suggest the sort of film that’s not a passion project – comparing this to Bird or White Hunter, Black Heart, and J. Edgar looks undernourished and confused. And though Eastwood’s work has declined in some ways over the years (there are few cheerleaders for Invictus or Hereafter), this appears to be his sloppiest in a long, long time – if those films are less good, with moments of Eastwood’s gift, little here has any charm or resonance. The material doesn’t grip him, and though Eastwood’s got a sure hand, he doesn’t have a three act structure to fall back

on so it’s mostly a collage of scenes. Great art often expects you to meet it half way, but films like this expect audiences to do all the heavy lifting. There’s a difference. Mommy: I wish the character Judi Dench plays had weight, but perhaps it’s because Eastwood doesn’t excel at camp. That’s a strongpoint when navigating tricky material, but when you eventually put Hoover in a dress for one scene, you could see how that might work if the film was done in the spirit of Mommy Dearest. Here, you just cringe for everyone involved.


Bad movies aren’t always the ones that are incompetent, sometimes the worst films are the ones that frustrate. There is so much potential for the material in J. Edgar, but the film that was made feels rushed and pointless. Sometimes great people don’t make for great films, but this film is beneath everyone involved.

At The Premiere:

Hoover thought organized crime didn’t exist, and was more worried about the threat of communism. That’s fascinating and could serve for a great chapter on the man’s life, and yet it’s a sentence in the film. And there are too many sentences and moments that should resonate stronger. Hoover ultimately became dangerous through his organization, but what he did that was bad in the 60′s and 70′s – other than spying on Presidents to keep his job – is backgrounded and the film doesn’t seem to implicate him in the deaths of any of the famous figures at the time. It does a better job of showing him as petty, but never really showcases what made him terrible. Perhaps the film expects us to realize he’s evil, but as a generation has been raised on CSI, that Hoover used scientists and fingerprints to find criminals is appealing. Does the film want to be a balanced portrait of Hoover’s legacy, or is that just what happens when you make a film that is more assemblage of facts than narrative? And the way the film deals with the allegations of homosexuality and cross

Lea Thompson

Kristoffer Polaha & Julianne Morris

Alison Eastwood & Scott Eastwood

Naomi Watts

Brian Grazer & Brett Ratner

Josh Lucas & friend

Ed Westwick

Jennifer Love Hewitt & Jarod Einsohn

Clint Eastwood

Stephen Root

Nigel Lythgoe

Jeffrey Donovan & friend

Tharita Cesaroni & Dermot Mulroney

Francesca Fisher-Eastwood

Leonardo DiCaprio

Armie Hammer & Elizabeth Chambers

Rachael Kemery & Michael Rady

November 27, 2011 SuNday Plus 31


GET QUIZZICAL THIS SEASON! With the climate taking a chilly turn, hot coffee and cosy woollies is all you can wish for. To heat up the temperature by a few degrees Quiz offers some amazing collection of fur coats, cardigans and sweaters to die for, tunics, high boots, accessories and a whole lot more

32 Sunday Plus November 27, 2011


November 27, 2011 Sunday Plus 33


34 Sunday Plus November 20, 2011


November 27, 2011 Sunday Plus 35


36 Sunday Plus November 27, 2011

style Brand:

QUIZ Clothing UK (logo) Campaign:

Autumn Winter 2011 Photography:

John Ross & Sabrina Rehman (Quiz UK) Coordination:

Asad & Aftab (Quiz Pakistan)

November October 27, 02,2011 2011 Sunday Plus 37 20


Musical show

ISLAMABAD: Recently Red Bull operations in Pakistan presented a night with Adil Omar and TalalQureshi live at Marriot Hotel terrace called Red Bull Rebels. Pakistan’s electro-genius TalalQureshi played a live set to get the crowd moving, which was followed by Pakistan’s biggest rap star Adil Omar who did rare performance including unrealeased material from his upcoming debut album. The night ended with Adil and Talal performing surprise covers with a live band and special guests, which include local rapper Osama Com Laude, SuhanaBaloch of the CHEAPMUNKS an d others.

38 Sunday Plus November 27, 2011



Flagship Store

FAISALABAD: Ayesha Khurram, Lahore’s favorite designer, recently launched her flagship outlet in Faislabad, becoming one of the few designers from Lahore to do so. The event’s media and PR was managed by Voila PR.







Nageen, Naureen, Ayesha & Mehreen


Mehreen, Sadia, Rukhsana & Mavish


Hina Shoaib


Uzma Nadeem


Jannat & Shakila


Sharmeen & Mehreen


Khurram & Faiq


Mehreen, Hassan, Nadya, Mavish & Sadia



November 27, 2011 Sunday Plus 39





LAHORE: ARTDECO, Germany’s number one make-up brand , which offers the unique possibility to not only cover all areas of decorative cosmetics and nail care, but also gives a life to your skin cells . This global skin cosmetic brand (cosmetics and skincare) has launched their skincare line now in Pakistan after the success of color cosmetics.




1 Maria B & Sarfraz 2 Mashal 3 Beenish 4 Bilal Mukhtar & friend 5 Mehreen & Ammara 6 Rabiya, Maram & Sara ali 40 Sunday Plus November 27, 2011







7 Zarmeena 8 Ayesha Omer 9 JB 10 Fizza Aslam & Summaira 11 Saaniya, Namra with friend November 27, 2011 Sunday Plus 41


Shammeal now at Emporio Tanaeez


KARACHI: Shammeal Ansari recently showcased her collection at EmporioTanaeez.


1 Nadiya Mistry & Nazneen Tariq

2 Shammeal Ansari 3 Mrs. Sharmeen Asim 4 Areeba Habib 5 Angie Marshal 4

6 Bakhtawar




42 Sunday Plus November 27, 2011



White Musk Libertine


KARACHI: Following the success of the legendary White Musk which celebrates its 30th anniversary this year, The Body Shop launched a new and contemporary evolution of the fragrance, The White Musk Libertine!








Yasmin, Frieha, Nashmia & Jimmy Engineer


Ayyan & Rana Khan


Sana Khan & Saima Azhar


Nadia Husain, Fatima Amir & Feeha


Ayesha Omer


Huma Tahir


Maham & Saima


Sana Safaraz & Arij Fatima


Amna Ilyas, Schaz Khan & Saima Mahmood



November 20, 2011 Sunday Plus 43


Indoorwater features “Running water captivates our senses. The sound of water speaks to the elemental needs of the human spirit, for life peace and harmony. With the movement of water the stress of the day and anxieties of the spirit are carried away� so says Ken Lombard from Fibre Features. An indoor water fountain can be a soothing, elegant addition to any decorating scheme. A water feature may be used as a focal point in a entrance or entertainment are, or as a small accent tabletop feature in an office or living room.

44 Sunday Plus November 27, 2011


Different types of indoor water features Tabletop fountains: This type of water fountain is small and can be used as a decorative element or centrepiece on tables, shelves or even on a desk in the office. It can easily be moved around from one room to another or if you wish to change the focal point of a room. This type of fountain is usually manufactured from glass, porcelain or ceramic. Besides being highly decorative and soothing, tabletop fountains are often used in bedrooms or dry areas to improve the quality of the air as it acts as a humidifier. This will improve the condition of your skin and help clear a dry throat or stuffy nose. It is actually the ideal item to have in your home during winter or spring when allergies and colds are at the order of the day.

Fog fountains: We would not recommend this type of fountain for everyday use as it poses as a bit of a distraction, but it is a great item to use during functions or as an interesting focal point at the office. This type of fountain produces fog and adds a tranquil, yet romantic, feel to any room. It also acts as humidifier in dry areas.

Wall-hanging fountains: This type of fountain is normally used as a permanent feature in offices, entrance halls or indoor gardens. It is normally interesting and impressive and incorporated as a principal focal point or centrepiece in the area it is placed in. Wall-hanging fountains are available in various sizes, so where you will be placing it, will determine what size you will pick. The noise level an indoor water fountain makes grows with the relative size, which can be a problem if watching television or wishing a quiet conversation. Smaller trickling fountains are the best suited in such rooms as they make the correct level of background sound.

November 27, 2011 Sunday Plus 45

Decor Floor-standing fountains: Floor fountains provide an easy opportunity to add the beautiful sound and décor of an indoor waterfall to your home or business. Unlike wall fountains, floor fountains do not require any instillation or hanging. With indoor floor fountains, all you need to do to set them up is to remove your fountain from the box, follow the easy stepby-step assembly instructions, add water and plug. Floor fountains can be incorporated into a room in a variety of ways. Some of our indoor floor fountains are designed to stand flush against a wall while others act as a dynamic room divider.

According to Lombard the most popular fountains at the moment are wall-hanging fountains and floor-standing water features. “These have a selection of backdrops for example mirrors, slate, sandstone, brick or glass. The water features are self-contained and a submersible pump is used to circulate the water. Many of these features are available with a selection of coloured lights which enhance the feature to make it a spectacular focal point.” What to keep in mind when shopping for indoor water features Choosing the style of indoor water fountain will require a bit of consideration on how an individual room is detailed and the decorating style and furniture which is already in place.According to Ken Lombard, these are the factors you have to consider if you want to add an indoor water feature to your home: Absolutely no splashing: Because this fountain will be used inside, you would want to choose something that will not cause you more trouble than pleasure. You do not want to be cleaning all the time and you also do not want your fountain to cause an electrical short. So choose wise when you consider the style and functionality of an indoor fountain for your home. Child and pet safety: Do not choose fountains with sharp edges, which require lots of chemicals or have lots of loose parts when you have children or animals living in your home. Regular circulation: It is important that

46 Sunday Plus November 27, 2011

the fountain you choose regulates water constantly as you do not want the unpleasant smell of dirty, rotting water hanging in your home. Sound effect: The larger the fountain, the louder noise it makes. For some, a larger fountain can be more annoying than relaxing. Larger fountains are more suitable for outdoor areas, whilst smaller fountains are ideal for indoor areas where a soothing effect is required. How to keep the noise level down The amount of water noise created by a fountain may be cut back by arranging river rock in the basin. This may in addition assist cut back any splashing problems should they occur. If a pump is creating excess noise, then it likely isn’t fully sunken, so be certain it is completely under water so there is no air moving in it. A pump should always be kept fully submerged in order to prolong its use and not burn it out. Maintenance Indoor water features often come with instructions on how it should be main-

Any indoor water fountain will need to be wiped clean at times and water added in order to keep the water level correct. Water will evaporate by naturally so you will have to refill fountain water levels according to the evaporation rate of a particular climate. There are also some chemicals and scents that can be added to maintain en refresh indoor fountain water.


Chocolate Peanut Butter Balls Peanut balls ingredient:

2 cups peanut butter (creamy or crunchy depends on your mood) 1/4 cup unsalted butter(room temp) 1/4 tsp salt 1/2 tsp vanilla essence 2 1/2 cups or as needed icing sugar/ powdered sugar/confectioners’ sugar (SIFTED) (or more depending on the texture of the dough)


In the microwave warm up peanut butter, butter and salt, till soft. Now add vanilla essence to your softened peanut butter and then icing sugar. You need to very carefully measure your ingredients. What you should do is put all the icing sugar except for the last cup. Mix it all together and slowly add the last cup of icing sugar if needed. This will ensure that you get the perfect rollable texture each and every time. Now make nice smooth small, medium or large balls (your choice) out of them. Line a tray with wax paper and place the peanut balls on it now chill them in the fridge for a couple of hours. 2 tablespoons of shortening (for glossy effect) - Optional Directions: On a double broiler, melt choc chips and shortening. Line your dish with wax paper. Now dip the chilled peanut balls in the melted choc and place it on the prepared dish. Once all are coated, place them back in the fridge till chocolate coating is hard.Enjoy it! 1 packet Hershey’s semi-sweet chocolate chips or milk chocolate

Chocolate coating ingredients:

48 Sunday Plus November 27, 2011



500 g grated carrot 250 ml veg oil 250 g firmly packed brown sugar 3 eggs 120 gr chopped cashew nuts or walnuts 375 g self-raising flour (sift)* 1/2 tsp bicarbonate of soda (sift) 2 tsps mixed spices

1 tsp vanilla essence Directions: Preheat oven. Beat oil, sugar and eggs in a small bowl with electric mixer until thick and creamy. Transfer mixture to a large bowl, stir in carrots and nuts, then sifted dry ingredients. Pour mixture into prepared pan, bake in


Pastry Recipe:

Cream puffs 70 grams unsalted butter (plus extra for greasing) 200 ml Water 100 grams Plain Flour 3 Eggs (beaten)

Directions: Preheat oven to 200 C or 400 F degrees. Grease a large baking sheet. To make the pastry, place the butter and water in a saucepan and bring to boil. Meanwhile; sift the flour into a bowl. Turn off the heat and beat in the flour until smooth. Cool for 5minutes. Beat in enough of the eggs to give the mixture a soft dropping consistency. Transfer to a piping bag. Pipe small balls onto the prepared baking sheet. Bake in the preheated oven for 25 minutes. Remove from the Oven. Pierce each ball with a skewer to let the steam escape. Cream filling Recipe: 300 ml Double Cream 3 Tbsp Caster Sugar 1 tsp Vanilla Extract Directions: To make the filling, whip the cream, sugar and vanilla extract together. Cut the pastry balls across the center, then fill with cream. Chocolate Sauce / Ganache: 1 1/2 cups semi-sweet chocolate chips 1 cup heavy or Thick Cream 1 tsp Corn Syrup (optional)

moderate oven about 1 1/4 hrs. Or till cake test is done. Cover cake loosely with foil halfway through cooking. Cream Cheese Frosting 1/6 ounce package cream cheese 2 teaspoons vanilla 1/2 cup unsalted softened butter 4 cups powdered sugar (sifted)

Directions for the Ganache: In a small saucepan over high heat, bring cream to a boil. Place chocolate in a medium sized bowl. When boiled, pour cream over chocolate, let stand 2 mins and whisk until smooth. Add the corn syrup for shine. FINAL DIRECTIONS: Pile the profiteroles into individual serving dishes, pour sauce and serve.

Directions: Beat together cream cheese, vanilla, and butter until fluffy. Slowly add powdered sugar 1/2 cup at a time until the frosting is the right thickness to spread on cupcakes. Keep in the refrigerator until serving. Spread cream cheese frosting over cold cupcakes.

November 27, 2011 Sunday Plus 49


d e d u a l pp a s g n i t n i a p i n a t s Paki laysia

a M o p x E t r A t a 2011 ding i artists, inclu n ta is k a P d celebrate d Chitra rawn by nine d s g n ti Qullander an in in a B p , n d ze su o a d M e t of a Nearly thre a 2011 as one hid Jalal, Rah si a y h S la , a sh M q o a p N x , Jamil n e 5th Art E Ismail Gulgee ade Exhibitio tr i gallery at th a n M ta e is k th a g P in e rs throng made th ds of art love Pritam, have n sa u o th r fo fter corners the sought a mpur. e in Kuala Lu tr n e C ce n re and Confe Led by Lahore’s famous Ejaz Galleries and represented among others by M. Ramzan, Chief Executive of Ejaz Galleries and Principal College of Art& Design, University of the Punjab, Prof Dr. Rahat Naveed Masud, whose own artworks are also included in the 30 Pakistani art pieces displayed at the six-day exhibition, the

50 Sunday Plus November 27, 2011

Pakistani gallery has been visited by a large number of interested visitors and prospective buyers so far. The AEM 2011 which was officially opened by Malaysia’s Tourism Minister Datuk Seri Dr. Ng Yen Yen is represented this year by over 2,000 works of 400 local and foreign artists,

renowned for their strokes in traditional, modern, contemporary and new-age art. The Expo also features pieces by leading international artists, including Pakistan’s Ismail Gulgee, Pablo Picasso, Joan Miro, Salvador Dali and Antoni Tapies.



The works of these renowned artists showcased a diversity and colours of life in Pakistan. Dr. Rahat Masud’s, art work presented a feeling of serenity and calm about them. She is mainly a figurative painter who, through her paintings, imparts a spiritual symbolism. The lyrical substance evident in her work is based upon her deeper understanding of the tradition of music and poetry in our region, and in her belief that art can be a means to liberate man from his surroundings. Shahid Jalal, is one of Lahore’s most reclusive yet well known painters. His muse is nature and the Lawrence Gardens, also known as the Bagh-eJinnah, has been a source of inspiration for him for the past three decades and were the main highlights of the exhibition. Bin Qullander, is a young man who is

an experienced graphic designer and a graduate from the National College of Arts, Lahore, having studied Miniature. His work reflectsed his self-assurance with his pen ... the ‘Reed Kalam.’ His has flair for colour and design and his dexterity with the brush are all visible in his work. Chitra Pritam’s art works include a wide variety of subject matter: calligraphy, landscapes, seascapes, abstract and a special Buddha series. His paintings have rhythm, freshness, beauty and a, dynamism about them. He has a close attachment to the soil and rural life and his landscapes are a play of changing light and shade. His vibrant intensity of colour and his well composed paintings capture the imagination. The eminent artist, Ismail Gulgee, received recognition very early on in his career. For five decades he enjoyed

Art Expo Malaysia 2011 is under the esteemed royal patronage of Crown Prince and Crown Princess of Perlis, DYTM Tuanku Syed Faizuddin Putra ibni Tuanku Syed Sirajuddin Jamalullail, and DYTM Tuanku Hajjah Lailatul Shahreen Akashah Khalil.

celebrity and appreciation in Pakistan and around the world. He initially had trained to be an engineer but his passion for art led him down another path in life. His interest in the design elements of early Muslim architecture, palaces and mosques encouraged him to induct marble and then the beautiful blues of lapis lazuli in his mosaics and portraits. Waseem Ahmed, is one of the neominiature artists who examine traditional styles and techniques and offer contemporary views. His works fuse miniature traditions whether Mughal, Rajasthani or Pahari-Bashli and he plays subtly with colours and texture using tea stains, silver and gold leaf. His lines seem to glide into form and pattern with lightness and buoyancy. Saeed Akhtar, is one of Pakistan’s most distinguished artists who has made great contribution to the development of art in Pakistan both as an educationist and as an artist. He is a renowned portrait painter with magnificent portraits of tribesmen wrapped in their turbans, slim, graceful female figures dressed in flowing garments and series with horses; Pegasus, the flying horse, being the most famous amongst them. Jamil Naqsh, is the best known contemporary artist from Pakistan who

November 27, 2011 Sunday Plus 51


is famous in his own country and well established in the international market. He paints the people he loves, intimate thoughts and convictions. He is best known for his paintings of pigeons or women and pigeons combined. He is Pakistan’s modern master and though entirely modern in his idiom, he pays reference to the discipline of miniature painting never abandoning his roots in the classic traditions of the east. The water colours of Ali Abbas reflected the tribal way of life of the people settled in rural Sindh. It shows their acceptance of a way of life carried on generation after generation; their joys and their sorrows. Nature’s vastness, chiaroscuro lighting and tonal quality give a dramatic effect to his paintings. The High Commissioner for Pakistan in Malaysia, Mr. Masood Khalid who also attended the exhibition on invitation from the Royal Patron Raja Muda Perlis Tuanku Syed Faisuddin Putra ibni Tuanku Syed Sirajuddin Jamalullail, appreciated the Pakistani artworks and paintings demonstrating the skills of Pakistani artists and their “exuberant style, colour, design and dexterity with the brush”. According to him, the artists like Ismail Gulgee, Jamil Naqsh, Shahid Jalal, Rahat Masud, Bin Qullander and Chitra Pritam and their world-renowned paintings had brought laurels for the country

52 Sunday Plus November 27, 2011

from all over the globe. He also appreciated the gallery for playing a major role in enhancing the contemporary art scene in Pakistan by representing Pakistani artists abroad and by presenting distinctive shows of local and international artists. Art Expo Malaysia 2011 is under the esteemed royal patronage of Crown Prince and Crown Princess of Perlis, DYTM Tuanku Syed Faizuddin Putra ibni Tuanku Syed Sirajuddin Jamalullail, and DYTM Tuanku Hajjah Lailatul Shahreen Akashah Khalil.

The Expo also features pieces by leading international artists, including Pakistan’s Ismail Gulgee, Pablo Picasso, Joan Miro, Salvador Dali and Antoni Tapies.



Title: The World in 2050: Four Forces Shaping Civilization’s Northern Future Author: Laurence C. Smith | Pages: 336 Price: Rs. 1995 | Genre: Science Fiction


As worldwide population increases by 40 percent over the next 40 years, sparsely populated Canada, Scandinavia, Russia and the northern United States will become formidable economic powers and migration magnets, Laurence C. Smith writes in “The World in 2050: Four Forces Shaping Civilization’s Northern Future.”

54 SuNday Plus November 27, 2011

hile wreaking havoc on the environment, global warming will liberate a treasure trove of oil, gas, water and other natural resources previously locked in the frozen north, enriching residents and attracting newcomers, according to Smith. And these resources will pour from northern rim countries — or NORCs, as Smith calls them — precisely at a time when natural resources elsewhere are becoming critically depleted, making them all the more valuable. Other tantalizing predictions: 1. New shipping lanes will open during the summer in the Arctic, allowing Europe to realize its 500-year-old dream of direct trade between the Atlantic and the Far East, and resulting in new access to and economic development in the north. 2. Oil resources in Canada will be second only to those in Saudi Arabia, and the country’s population will swell by more than 30 percent, a growth rate rivaling India’s and six times faster than China’s. 3. NORCs will be among the few place on Earth where crop production will likely increase due to climate change. 4. NORCs collectively will constitute the fourth largest economy in the world, behind the BRIC countries (Brazil, Russia, India and China), the European Union and the United States. 5. NORCs will become the envy of the world for their reserves of fresh water, which may be sold and transported to other regions. An Arctic scientist who has consistently sounded alarms about the approach of global warming, Smith is best known for determining the role of climate change in the disappearance of more than a thousand Arctic lakes over the last quarter of the 20th century. The geographer also has conducted research on the role of greenhouse gases in precipitating the end of the last Ice Age some 9,000 years ago. Armed with a fellowship from the Guggenheim Foundation, Smith set out in 2006 on a 15-month tour to assess the toll of global warming on the northern rim, especially among such indigenous peoples as Canada’s Inuit and Scandinavia’s Sami. He interviewed seal hunters, reindeer herders, fishermen, miners, farmers, oil company executives, biologists, climatologists, oceanographers, indigenous elders, restaurant operators, small-town mayors and big-time federal officials. But the scientist uncovered more than he expected. “I kept badgering people for stories about climate change,” Smith said. “They’d sigh and oblige me, but then say, ‘There’s

RIGHT OFF THE SHELF also this oil plant going up behind me’ or ‘All these Filipino immigrants are pouring in.’ Within about two months, I realized there is a lot more going on up there besides climate change. Climate change is a critical threat to many people, but it isn’t the sole development in their lives.” In fact, climate change is only one of four “global forces” Smith analyzes in the book. He also addresses the anticipated toll worldwide of a growing and aging population, dwindling natural resources at a time of mounting demand, and increasing globalism and economic integration. “I went up there to write a book about climate change,” Smith said. “I came out of it writing about the world and the big pressures it faces.” Not surprisingly, Smith predicts that China will replace the U.S. as the country with the strongest economy by 2050. According to Smith, in the best-case scenario, climate change can be expected to raise temperatures an average of 4.5 degrees Fahrenheit by century’s end, a large number greater than the difference between a record cold and a record hot year in New York. At worst, temperatures will rise, twice as much. And don’t expect relief from wind, solar and

hydrogen technologies, he warns. By 2050, they still won’t satisfy global energy needs. Smith paints a picture of wet regions of the globe getting wetter, parched regions becoming drier, and increasingly erratic and dangerous weather events. As a result of these and other threats, wildlife will suffer the greatest rate of extinction since the disappearance of the dinosaurs 65 million years ago, he writes. Climate change will push wildlife that manage to survive northward and into higher elevations, with increasing hybridization between northern and southern species. Hardest hit by the changes, Smith predicts, will be megacities in the developing world, which are already struggling to accommodate an influx of rural migrants, “despite being hell on earth.” But not so in the New North and new prosperity awaits communities that lie north of the 45th parallel as global warming diminishes winter’s severity and the world’s energy appetite increasingly turns to natural gas and unconventional oil, he writes. “In many ways, the stresses that will be very apparent in other parts of the world by 2050 — like coastal inundation, water scarcity, heat waves and violent cities — will be easing or unapparent in northern places,”

Smith said. “The cities that are rising in these NORC countries are amazingly globalized, livable and peaceful.” Cities expected to increase in size and prominence over the next 40 years include Toronto, Montreal, Vancouver, Seattle, Calgary, Edmonton, Minneapolis-St. Paul, Ottawa, Reykjavik, Copenhagen, Oslo, Stockholm, Helsinki, St. Petersburg and Moscow, he writes. Of the 10 “ports of the future” cited by Smith, only three — Alaska’s Prudhoe Bay, Canada’s Churchill and Iceland’s Reykjavik — will sound familiar. Future beneficiaries of increased Arctic traffic will also include Nuuk in Greenland; Hammerfest, Kirkenes and Tromsø in Norway; and Archangelsk, Dudinka and Murmansk in Russia. Although they will be facing severe threats to their traditional culture, northern indigenous communities can be expected to share in the wealth, Smith predicts. In the northern U.S., Canada and Greenland, these societies are expected to trade harpoons for briefcases, as increasingly common self-determination agreements allow them to exploit natural resources just as climate change is making them more accessible.


Learned Optimism: How to Change Your Mind and Your Life Author: Martin Seligman | Pages: 336 | Price: Rs. 1095 | Genre: Self Help Synopsis: Known as the father of the new science of positive psychology, Martin E.P. Seligman draws on more than twenty years of clinical research to demonstrate how optimism enhances the quality of life, and how anyone can learn to practice it. Offering many simple techniques, Dr. Seligman explains how to break an “I give up” habit, develop a more constructive explanatory style for interpreting your behavior, and experience the benefits of a more positive interior dialogue. These skills can help break up depression, boost your immune system, better develop your potential, and make you happier…With generous additional advice on how to encourage optimistic behavior at school, at work and in children, ‘Learned Optimism’ is both profound and practical–and valuable for every phase of life.

Columbus: The Four Voyages Author: Laurence Bergreen | Pages: 448 | Price: Rs. 2595 | Genre: Memoirs Synopsis: Christopher Columbus’s 1492 voyage across the Atlantic Ocean in search of a trading route to China, and his unexpected landfall in the Americas, is a watershed event in world history. Yet Columbus made three more voyages within the span of only a decade, each designed to demonstrate that he could sail to China within a matter of weeks and convert those he found there to Christianity. These later voyages were even more adventurous, violent, and ambiguous, but they revealed Columbus’s uncanny sense of the sea, his mingled brilliance and delusion, and his superb navigational skills. In all these exploits he almost never lost a sailor. By their conclusion, however, Columbus was broken in body and spirit. If the first voyage illustrates the rewards of exploration, the latter voyages illustrate the tragic costs- political, moral, and economic. In rich detail Laurence Bergreen re-creates each of these adventures as well as the historical background of Columbus’s celebrated, controversial career. Written from the participants’ vivid perspectives, this breathtakingly dramatic account will be embraced by readers of Bergreen’s previous biographies of Marco Polo and Magellan and by fans of Nathaniel Philbrick, Simon Winchester, and Tony Horwitz. November 27, 2011 SuNday Plus 55


his year’s Universal Children’s Day was observed on November 20. This year’s theme is “Make Every Child Count”, spreading the message that birth registration is the first right of every child born in Pakistan.

are responsible for maintaining education, health and other social services for the community. Sometimes there may be a deliberate element to a lack of birth registration, with particular groups being excluded due to discriminatory policies intended to minimize the size of ethnic minorities for political reasons or avoid the provision of assistance to immigrants. Particularly in remote areas, parents often do not see the benefits of their own citizenship, let alone the benefits that birth registration would confer on their children. Where registration facilities are difficult to access or have costs attached, parents may be reluctant to register their children. A lack of parental enthusiasm for birth registration can undermine ef-

Makingevery childcount


Birth registration levels remain very low in Pakistan as only 27 percent of total births in last ten years [2000 —2009] were registered. Among the registered births, 32 percent were registered in urban areas and 24 percent in rural areas.

Assembly adopted the Declaration of the Rights of the Child in 1959. The Convention on the Rights of the Child (Pakistan has been a signatory for more than 20 years) was then signed on the same day in 1989. In 2000 alone, some 50 million births went unregistered – over 40 per cent of all estimated births worldwide that year. These unregistered children are almost always from poor, marginalized or displaced families or from countries where systems of registration are not in place or functional. Globally, South Asia has the largest number of unregistered children, with approximately 22.5 million, or over 40 per cent of the world’s unregistered births in 2000. In sub-Saharan Africa, 70 per cent of all births went unregistered in 2000. In South Asia, the figure was 63 per cent. Apart from being the first legal acknowledgement of a child’s existence, the registration of births is fundamental to the realisation of a number of rights and practical needs. In addition to issues relating to protection, a functioning system of birth and civil registration ensures that the country has an up-to-date and reliable database for planning. This is as useful for national level planning as it is for local government bodies that

forts to improve birth registration systems. The first requirement is that birth registration be universal and free. In some countries a fee is levied. Birth registration also requires trained staff with the necessary equipment to provide registration where people need it. Families and communities need to be made aware of the importance of birth registration, and registration should be compulsory. Local registration facilities need to have adequate capacity to meet needs. They need to be decentralized and accessible to communities. Where registration facilities are remote there are often low levels of birth registration. UNICEF sees birth registration as a fundamental right of every child that is provided at birth. UNICEF seeks free birth registration, and a free birth certificate, for every child in every country. It calls for effective registration systems that are compulsory, universal, permanent and continuous, and that guarantee the confidentiality of personal data. UNICEF works with a range of partners, particularly NGOs, in the promotion of birth registration. It looks for opportunities to advance birth registration through other areas of its work.

56 Sunday Plus November 27, 2011

Universal Children’s Day was established by the United Nations General Assembly in 1954 to encourage all countries to institute a day, firstly to promote mutual exchange and understanding among children and secondly to initiate action to benefit and promote the welfare of the world’s children. It was also chosen as the day to celebrate childhood. November 20 is also the anniversary of the day when the UN General


By Hussain Gulzar

Is the change coming?

From university cafeterias to public restaurants and from Shopping Malls to chopals, wherever you go these days you would overhear one word again and again and that is “change”. Everybody, specially the youth wants change in the society. People are fed up with the reoccurring of the same old corrupt system. They want fresh air- an air completely free of corruption. In the present times it is hard luck for Pakistan that it got a society where educational system promotes class consciousness. The fashionable schools are unaffordable for a middle-class student. The gap is increasing between the elite and middle class day by day.


e celebrate 14th August, raise slogans for the prosperity of our beloved country but even after 64 years, we couldn’t touch the dream of 50 percent literacy rate. In these unfortunate years, we got a corrupt leadership which had no other objective except a heavy bank balance and to become filthy rich overnight. In this grim scenario, Imran Khan appears with the slogan of “change”. He has become the symbol of change but the important question is what change will Mr. Khan bring? He claims that there will be a just society. Every citizen will get equal opportunities to the national resources. He says that there will be no child of school going age without education and he also gives a happy news to the sad young generation of Pakistan and that is equal education for the children at all Pakistanis. Imran Khan wants to bring a great socio-economic change through the prevailing electoral and political system. He is quite wishful to win many seats in the forthcoming election. The socio-economic change in the country can only be brought by getting rid of feudalism, corruption and exploitation of a free society which will take years to revolutionise. We believe that Imran Khan is an honest leader. His determination has already been refolded in form of Shaukat Khanam Hospital, Lahore. This hospital provides cancer patients with treatment of international slandered. Imran Khan also claims that there would

only one mode of national education and every child would receive it on equal basis. No leader in Pakistan is ready to change and review his personality or his views but Imran Khan did change. He had the reputation of a play boy in his youth but then he converted himself to a devoted, sincere and seasoned politician. There are certain personalities who are destined to bring revolution and achieve miraculous tasks for their nations. Mr. Khan is the man who ever brought cricket world cup to Pakistan. He was a dignified captain who attained absolute obedience and cooperation from every member of his team. He inculcated the values of honesty and hard work among his fellow team members

and with the same devotion and dedication; he is managing and supervising “Shaukat Khanam”. He is a daring and a motivated leader and we hope that with the same passion, honesty courage and perseverance will lead Pakistanis. If Imran Khan gets a chance to win the electoral process, he should be conscious of the fact that people won’t get disillusioned like Americans who after 3 years are singing a song Dear Mr. President we honour you today. We paid our dues, where’s our change? We’ll vote for you in 2012, yes that’s true

November 27, 2011 SuNday Plus 57


By Emanuel Sarfraz

Leonardo DiCaprio:

“Hoover Never Looked Better” Leonardo DiCaprio has come a long way from his days as a beloved teen idol who also wowed audiences with his performances in What’s Eating Gilbert Grape, The Basketball Diaries, Marvin’s Room, and Titanic. Since then, he has managed to fill the shoes of real-life, larger-than-life characters Frank Abagnale in Catch Me If You Can and Howard Hughes in The Aviator.

58 Sunday Plus November 27, 2011

Now the 36 year-old fills the shoes of his most complex real-life character yet, as the Federal Bureau of Investigation’s first director J. Edgar Hoover in the Clint Eastwood film J. Edgar. DiCaprio talks about how many takes he often had to do in his scenes. “We actually did a lot of takes on this movie,” he says, “I never left the set wanting more, that’s for sure. I don’t know. This was a very, very difficult character for me and a lot of the other actors, and at times we went and did eight or nine or ten takes on a single day. Clint is very adaptable and has his process, and what he does is expect you to plant your feet and speak the truth, like James Cagney says.” “That’s what we tried to do our best on this movie,” Leo adds, “He was very understanding about the different time periods that we had to shift back and forth from in this movie, all this sort of complex politics and character development, and he gave us everything we could possibly ask for as actors.” Leo talks about what he learned about Hoover that altered his perception of him.“I think the screenplay that Clint and I initially responded to by Mr. Dustin Lance Black was a very fascinating portrait of this man,” DiCaprio believes, “And I think all of us as actors were very fascinated with these characters that had devoted their life to government service and that meant not having any kind of personal life whatsoever.” “They were the representation of the FBI,” he continues, “That wastheir church. And it’s a hard concept for me to wrap my head around, to completely sacrifice any sort of love in your life, to never experience that on a personal level. And all three of these characters lived a life of service to their country.”


November 20, 2011 Sunday Plus 59


As DiCaprio went on, he talked about the infamous and often-controversial aspects of the FBI director’s long career.“What I was fascinated by was his take on entering J. Edgar Hoover’s career during a time of almost a terrorist invasion by communists,” Leo says, “The Red Scare, that sort of paranoia that was infused in our country, and the lawlessness of these bank robbers that were going from state to state and becoming free men when they crossed state lines, and how J. Edgar Hoover really transformed the police system in America and created this Federal Bureau that to this day is one of the most feared, respected and revered police forces in the entire world. Of course, this story goes on to his later years where he became, in essence, a political dinosaur who didn’t adapt to the changing of our country. It’s very much about the Kennedy years and the Civil Rights movement and Martin Luther King.” “The one thing that was prevalent throughout his entire career was his staunch belief that communism was an evil thing,” he adds, “He wanted to retain the fundamental principles of democracy in our country, but when the Civil Rights movement came along, he saw that as an uprising of the people. He didn’t adapt or change to our country, and he stayed in power way too long and he didn’t listen to his own critics. He was a staunch believer in his moral beliefs and his beliefs about what was right for our country, and therefore his career ended on a failed note in my opinion. So his portrait of this man was a very complex one and a very interesting one, andI just loved the research that he did and the take that he had on J. Edgar Hoover’s life, because you can’t deny that he wasn’t a patriot but at the same time his tactics were pretty deplorable.” In the film, DiCaprio plays Hoover as he ages in the film from 24 to his death at 77. He talked about how managed to effectively portray himself as an old man onscreen.“Thankfully, Clint set that up for the last two weeks of filming, so we got to prepare for that and we got to get our footing in our characters and then come to set,” Leo says, “And the last few weeks, we sat

his using the organization to spy on political enemies, often through illegal means. Leo talks about what he learned about the issue of privacy and the long-term impact Hoover had on it in America. “It’s interesting in this day and age to do a film about political espionage and wiretapping,” he says, “I don’t think that those kinds of secrets that J. Edgar Hoover was ableto obtain and keep for such a long period of time would be possible in today’s world, with the Internet, Wikileaks. It doesn’t seem like those kinds of secrets can be kept for that long period of time. This is a different day and age, and there were huge, catastrophic events that were going to happen if we didn’t have a federal police system like that investigating a lot of activities that were going on in our country.” DiCaprio was asked what draws him to the history of people like Frank Abagnale in Catch Me If You Can, Howard Hughes in The Aviator and now J. Edgar Hoover. “Lance says it best. ‘Look, if we can better understand these people and their motivations and how this event manifested itself to their

in the makeup chair for five or six or seven hours sometimes, and I think a lot of us had our own research on how to do that, but there was a lot of prep time for that.” “The challenge for me was not just the prosthetic work and how to move like an older man, but more so how to have fifty years of experience in the workplace and talk to a young Robert F. Kennedy as if he was some political upstart that didn’t know what the hell he was talking about,” he continues, “That was the big challenge for all of us, I think, as actors. But, thankfully, Clint creates an environment for all of us to really focus on the acting and the drama and the interaction with the characters.” One of the most infamous aspects of J. Edgar Hoover’s long career in the FBI was

J. Edgar is Leo’s first film with Hollywood legend Clint Eastwood. He talks about how the 81 year-old’s years of experience in Hollywood as an actor and director proved immensely valuable in the shaping of his performanceJ. Edgar. 60 Sunday Plus November 27, 2011


DiCaprio was asked what draws him to the history of people like Frank Abagnale in Catch Me If You Can, Howard Hughes in The Aviator and now J. Edgar Hoover. politics, we can learn from them. We can learn from history,’” Leo believes, “To me, you couldn’t write a character like J. Edgar Hoover and have it be believable. I mean, he was a crock-pot of eccentricities. We couldn’t even fit all his eccentricities into this movie. We could go on and on. The fact that this man was, like he said, if not the most powerful man in the last century, one of the most in our country and he lived with his mother until he was 40 years old. He listened to his mother for political advice. The more I dugdeep, you understand the history of the child and what motivated these people at a very early age. She wanted the Hoover name to rise to great glory in Washington. He was this incredibly ambitious young genius that really transformed our country and created this federal bureau that to this day is revered and feared, yet he was a mama’s boy.” “He was incredibly repressed emotionally, he continues, “His only outlet was his job. He wasn’t allowed to have any kind of personal relationships, or he felt that. And no matter what his sexual orientation was, he was devoted to his job and power was paramount to him and holding onto that power at all costs was the most important

thing in his life. He should’ve retired much sooner than he did and many presidents tried to oust him later on in his career, as depicted with Nixon as well. That was everything to him and he didn’t adapt or change to our country, and that is one of the most important things a political leader can do. For me as an actor, I just loved researching this stuff. We got to take a trip to Washington and I got to meet people who knew him and really understand and capture this guy to the best of my abilities. That’s half the fun of making a movie for me.” Leo was asked if playing J. Edgar Hoover was an educational experience for him. “Yeah, it is,” DiCaprio replies, “It’s an incredible education. It was like I did a college course on J. Edgar Hoover. But not knowing and understanding the history and reading the books, but understanding what motivated this man was the most fascinating part of the research.” DiCaprio says however that he has no qualms about playing Hoover, who was often an unsympathetic figure.“I don’t have to sympathize or empathize with a human being in order to be able to portray them,” Leo says, “I mean, someof the greatest roles

that actors have been able to play haven’t been the most endearing on screen.” J. Edgar is Leo’s first film with Hollywood legend Clint Eastwood. He talks about how the 81 year-old’s years of experience in Hollywood as an actor and director proved immensely valuable in the shaping of his performanceJ. Edgar. “[His best years] happen to be right now,” he says, “From an outsider’s perspective; it’s amazing what he does. If he’s not directing a film, he’s acting in it, or rather he’s composing the music for that film. His commitment to what he does is astounding, for all of us to witness. It’s inspiring, actually.” “His style of directing, it’s so catered to for actors because he has almost like this splinter cell unit of people on set, the bare minimum,” DiCaprio adds, “It’s like an elite squadron of Marines that are there and they sort of fade away, and then that third wall sort of disappears and you start to feel like you’re actually submerged in reality and you’re really there. For doing difficult stuff like that, it’s incredibly helpful as an actor to feel like you’re immersed in that environment.”

November 27, 2011 Sunday Plus 61


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November 27, 2011 Sunday Plus 53



We at Sunday Plus are sharing our exclusive recommendations with all our readers. Read on for the best buys, the trendiest brands and the most enticing eateries that you need to know about. We slog through the jungle to bring you the hippest happenings and must-have information, right here in your copy of Sunday Plus: your essential weekend luxury.

Latte Lounge

Latte Lounge provides an inviting and cozy space to relax and enjoy a good meal or dessert with a traditional sheesha. The cafe is comprised of various seating areas to cater to the lounging preferences of each guest. The cafe was designed and decorated to create a “lounge in a house” space where one could escape from the bustling city and enjoy some quite time with friends. Latte Lounge remains the place to be for the young social crowd. It is in this lounge where the most memorable moments of ‘togetherness’ reside. Location: C 3-C, Nishat Commercial Area Phase 6, D.H.A. Karachi, Pakistan.

Sarmad Live @ Avari

Pakistan’s leading expert on script writing, son of famous television and film actor Irfan Khoosat, known for his direction and film making, Sarmad Khoosat is having a one on one workshop on ‘The Business of Cinema in Pakistan’ covering the vast array it entails regarding future, trends and techniques. Taking place on Saturday, Dec 10, 2011 from 3.30 to 6 pm, don’t miss Sarmad’s live appearance, so reserve your place today to avoid any disappointment. Location: Avari Hotel, Lahore.

Colour Your Lips


This year’s Taaza Tareen will for the first time take place in Lahore under the direction of artists Haider Ali Jan and Asad Hayee, and in collaboration with Rohtas Gallery. Haider Ali Jan, after completing a Taaza Tareen residency in Karachi in 2009, remained in the city for another six months working for Vasl and teaching at the Indus Valley School of Art and Architecture. On this basis he is starting a sister organization to Vasl in Lahore, which will be kick-started with this five-week residency to be held between 24th October to 30th November, 2011.

64 SuNday Plus November 27, 2011

Now launching an exclusive collection of high performance vitamin infused lipsticks, made with Sugars and Vegetal extracts. A high performing lipstick which also has beneficial properties: lips are smoothened, cushiony and perfected and your pout is bright and supple as never before. It will burst of pure gleaming colour and immediately looks as enticing as ever! A Sugar Derivative confers long wear and enhances shine just as Purified Vegetal Esters provide a light and creamy film and the pleasant sensation of extreme comfort. A simple gesture for a superior result: apply Colour Rush and with its instant full colour release and creamy texture, your lips will be shiny and perfectly defined with an excellent wear. Available in 18 Shades in leading stores

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