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JANUARY 15, 2012

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50 things you didn’t know about

Saira Rizwan

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inside this week January 15, 2012

08. Fashion

50 things you didn’t know about Saira Rizwan

18. Interview

A Different Agenda lands in Lahore and has a whole list stories to tell

24. Music

Review of Laal’s latest song ‘Inqilab’


Passionate about Pashmina 28. Interview

Shafaq Nasir Khan talks about beauty and how beauticians are gaining respect among the masses

34. Style

Wrap up those winter blues this season with lush Pashmina Shawls

Editor’s note We present to you another exciting issue of your very own Sunday Plus. This week we are in conversation with designer Saira Rizwan. You have a chance to learn 50 things you didn’t know about her. Read about Moin Khan the man who rode all the way from San Francisco to Lahore to show the world that Pakistanis are not different from other nations of the world. They are peaceful and fun loving. Laal band’s new song ‘Inquilab’ is creating ripples. Read interview of band’s lead vocalist Taimur Rehman. We are also in conversation with leading beautician Shafaq Nasir Khan. She talks about how to make yourself feel good and beautiful. Read special report on how education is being spread through social media. The winter is here. Winter is the perfect time to accessorise! Grab a luxuriously pashmina shawl. On our style pages see the antique shawl collection at Saleem Fabrics. And this week in our ‘Picks of the week’ section, we are again presenting a little something for our readers to quiz their mind with. Send us your comments and feedback at



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Interview Moin Khan’s ‘different agenda’

40. Society

Report on the happenings and events in your metropolis

54. Blog

Beauty tips on how to enhance ones skin tone and colour


56. right off the shelf

Review of latest books to hit the stores


Sunday plus Editor-in-Chief Majid Nizami

Interview Things you didn’t know about Saira Rizwan


Hollywood Interview of Robert Downing Jr whose movie Sherlock Holmes is doing well at box office

60. Movie


Review of the latest Hollywood flick to hit theatres this week

64. Picks of the week

Go through the smart wish-list for the best buys and best picks for everyone




08 interview

By Bishakha Kunwar

50 H

things you didn’t know about er love for sumptuous Pakistani fabrics, vibrant colours and traditional craftsmanship has slowly but steadily pushed her up the ranks of Pakistan’s emerging fashion pool. Her recent bridal collection was built on minimal design aesthetics and drew some fantastic Mughal inspirations with opulent jewel palettes. Evidently, traditional costumes are Saira’s niche, but she is not averse to using modern design inspirations in her pret. Her design sense is imbued with practicality, making her outfits perfect for today’s modern women. Not one to rest on her laurels, Saira is already set to launch her limited lawn collection with in-house printing in summer 2012. This grounded and modest designer sat for a candid conversation with Sunday Plus to talk about her design sensibilities, traditional stimuli and her unapologetic love for everything Pakistani.

Sunday Plus January 15, 2012

Saira Rizwan From dressing her dolls while growing up, to designing for Lollywood stars like Resham, to participating in the recently held Style 360 Bridal Couture Week 2011, Saira Rizwan has proven that she is no longer a newbie in the world of fashion. Saira never professionally studied design, but her eye for colours and forms is innate. She was determined to foray into the world of fashion and within a short time she has already set up her fashion line. She represents a new generation of ambitious and talented designers who successfully blend creative skills with marketing savvy.



What inspired you to start designing?

Saira: I think I just always had it in me, as a kid I

used to make clothes for my dolls on a toy sewing machine, which I still remember.


What is your design philosophy?

Saira: Simple and minimalistic. I design for the

women of today, who do not need 'chamak dhamak' in their outfits to get them noticed.


In early 2011, you launched a forest collection: what inspired it? Saira: Early 2011 brought with it a new twist in motif making, when designers started experimenting with shapes and animal motifs. My grandmother had this beautiful parrot broach which she gave me as a gift. I kept that in mind as an inspiration and started designing accordingly, hence bringing out the 'forest' collection.


You recently launched your bridal collection at Style 360 Bridal Couture Week (BCW) 2011 Lahore edition. Tell us about the inspiration behind this collection. Saira: The theme was inspired by a Mughal princess 'Jahanara' (daughter of Shahjehan), a very prominent figure in the history of Shah Jehan's rule. She was a very prominent figure in Shah Jehan's life after Queen Mumtaz's death. A fashionable figure as she was in her time, she wore nothing but pure fabrics and was in love with jewels just like her father.


What colours, textures and patterns did you use for your BCW collection? Saira: Since the theme was Mughal, we used all jewel colours and Mughal motifs. Fabric selection was a difficult part as we wanted to use very rich and unique fabrics. So we had it printed, keeping our Mughal theme in mind.


How was the experience participating in BCW? Saira: The show was really grand; I was highly impressed by the professionalism of the whole BCW team and the effort they put in, to create such beautiful set on the ramp.


You chose film actress Resham as your show stopper: do you feel she symbolizes glamour and fashion? Saira: Resham started her carrier as a model and I believe out of all our film actress, Resham actually knows how to walk the ramp. Resham has a glam value like no other actress and since she started her career as a model, she

January 15, 2012 Sunday Plus 09


knows how to walk the ramp.

plore here in our Eastern market first. Our craftsmanship goes way back in time. I feel we should explore our own market and traditions before entering into others.


You work in both pret and bridals. what do you enjoy doing more? Saira: Pret for sure! I feel a little restricted working on the bridals, there is not much room for experimenting; we have to follow the traditions and norms in bridals, whereas in pret, there is ample room for variations.


Have you always been fond of dressing up? Saira: Yes, dressing up every day for college was the priority number one on the list, even though I was in a business school.


You stock at a number of multibrand stores: what do you think about the large numbers of multibrand stores popping all over? Saira: I think it’s a very smart move towards the economics of the fashion business. The clients get a variety to choose from. Designers get to display their creations without thinking about a heavy budget of the store maintenance and other overhead costs.


What's the future of fashion retail in Pakistan? Saira: Fashion in Pakistan is growing and in every growing business there are opportunities. For once people are actually taking fashion seriously. It has become a proper business rather than the hobby of a bored housewife.


Do you feel the market is getting super saturated: is it becoming a case of too many designers and not enough customers? Saira: Partly it is true, but not completely. There are a lot of people out there calling themselves designers and making clothes, but it's not everyone’s cup of tea. Making good clothes is one thing, but selling them is totally another thing. It is a combination of both these things which makes a designer successful. A lot of people start making clothes as business but only a few make it to the main stream.


Ever thought of venturing into western wear? Saira: Not as yet, there is so much to ex-

10 Sunday Plus January 15, 2012


Do you think minimalism and fusion have been done to death or do you feel these aesthetics are still relevant? Saira: Some things in fashion just remain ever green. So yeah I guess it is still relevant.


Your favourite international designer? Saira: Alexander McQueen and Sabyasachi


Your favourite local designer?

Saira: Umer Syed, Bunto Kazmi and Kamir



Who is your muse?

Saira: My daughter


What is the best compliment you have ever received as a designer? Saira: The large numbers of clients I have are merely by recommendations from others. I think for a designer, that's the biggest compliment when one client brings in ten more just by the word of mouth.


Is it churidars or tights, now?

Saira: Definitely tights.


For bridals, is red still the eternal favourite? Saira: Yes, but we try and bring new trends in bridal wear. The majority of our customers still have a very old and classic approach towards the bridal. So yes, red I think will always be the brides favourite.


Who made your bridal outfit?

Saira: Rouge by Faraz Mannan.


Is it particularly stressful to design for family members? Saira: Oh don't even get there; with a family wedding coming up in my family, my stress level is at its peak at the moment. Clients are so much easier than family members.



Where do you see yourself expanding: like everyone else, are you also thinking of designing lawn? Saira: We won’t be designing lawn on a very big scale, but since our summer season requires lawn and lawn only, we will be coming up with a collection of lawn outfits with in house printing.


Tell us about your designing process. Does it begin with an idea or a sketch? Saira: It starts off with an inspiration. Be it a country, a piece of furniture, some human being or a time period. All my collections are theme based.


Who do you keep in mind when designing: yourself or another woman or no one? Saira: We target the market we are designing for and then design accordingly.


You are a part of the Karachi based fashion council but they don't seem to have their act together. What is your take? Saira: Honestly I've been feeling the same lately :)


Do you plan to expand Saira Rizwan abroad? Saira: We are already in the process. We stock at two different states in the US and are working on UK and Dubai.


You recently participated in a fashion show in London: tell us about that experience. Saira: The fashion show in London was not the kind of show I would have wanted to do. There were some management issues, but other than that I think it was a nice start as I got my shocks and awe out of the way on my first show and now i know exactly what to do the next time.


Ever thought of opening up your own outlets? Saira: Yes, in time.


How has the fashion industry changed in the last 5 years since you have been a part of it? Saira: I think it has become a lot more professional now.

12 Sunday Plus January 15, 2012


How do you see the industry evolving in the future? Saira: If it goes in the right direction, there is a lot of potential in this field.


Where do you see yourself in 5 years? Saira: Every year brings with it a new step towards success MashAllah. In 5 years hopefully I would want set up my business in a way where it has a routine and I can relax a bit and take out a little more time for myself.


The bridal industry is changing rapidly and at the recent bridal week, everything from jackets to boleros to diamond masks were seen on the ramp. Do you think today's bride is very daring? Saira: Only very few are daring. That entire act on the ramp was just a statement, but otherwise the majority of our brides are still very traditional and classic.


A picture of your daughter in a forest collection outfit was printed recently: are you thinking of designing for kids? Saira: Kids wear is on our 'to do' list of 2012. Let's see how far we get in that section.


Tell us about the one colour you feel looks good on everyone. What colour do you stay far away from? Saira: Black is an all-time hit with everyone. You can just not go wrong with black. Lilac, it's a very tricky color.


How do you compare the fashion industries in lahore and karachi? Saira: Well, fashion in Lahore is a little more bold and blingy, whereas Karachi fashion is very laid back and classic.


Do you prefer sleeveless or halters?

Saira: Sleeveless


Is it sequins or Swarovski?


What's the new black?

Saira: Swarovski

Saira: Aubergine


Stilletos, sandals or boots: what's the evening shoe you prefer? Saira: Stilletos


Whose sense of style do you like?

Saira: Sonam Kapoor .


Are you a believer in more is more or more is less? Saira: More is more and more the merrier.


What is the one trend that is ruling the trend-O-meter this season? Saira: Polka dots are back with a bang and are here to stay.


You are big on pleats: is this trend going to last? Saira: Pleats add volume to an outfit in a way that the outfit doesn't add extra 5 pounds to the client, so as long as volume in outfits is here so, are pleats.


What is your opinion of the demand of Pakistani fashion abroad? Saira: Pakistani fashion indeed has a lot of scope but the demand is meager as compared to our counterparts across the border. But again we cater to our market and the international demands vary.


Do you feel Pakistani fashion is many months behind international fashion? Saira: Somewhat but, it’s not actually our fault. Fashion changes so quickly aboard, by the time we educate our clients on a trend and make them comfortable with it, the fashion changes abroad, and then it's hard to hook them off that trend so quickly.


Most repeated labels in your closet… Massimo Dutti, Ralph Lauren and Saira Rizwan


3 must-haves in anyone’s closet … Juicy couture tracks, Tory Burch pumps and Tom Ford sunglasses

49. Recent purchases… Bottega Veneta clutch in fire opal colour 50. Fashion faux pas… Socks with slippers


2o12 Hopes for

In this exclusive feature, Sunday Plus asked designers, stylists and models across Pakistan what their hopes, aspirations and dreams for 2012 are. Here is what they said:

Sehyr Anis: This young upcoming Lahorebased designer has big plans for the New Year. Her hopes for 2012 are: “a stable Pakistan and personally more organization in my work.”

Madiha Ibrar: This Lahore based designer whose sense of style is grand and flamboyant wants 2012 to be the best year yet for her business, brand and herself personally. “I feel I’m more settled and organized in my work and I look forward to opening my first ever international outlet in 2012. I also look forward to expanding my work more nationally.”

Zainab ulMulk from Krizmah bags: Manufactured and produced in Chitral, Krizmah bags are stunning creations and well appreciated all over Pakistan. For 2012, the co-owners of Krizmah have big hopes. “We want to have Krizmah become an internationally recognizable brand.”

Saira Rizwan: A debutante at the recently conducted Bridal Couture Week, Saira Rizwan’s intricate and detailed formals and bridal collection was all the rage. For 2012, Saira Rizwan has a single yet ambitious focus. “To become one of the most well known and sought after bridal designers in Pakistan.”

Ayesha Khurram: The Lahore-based designer who has created a niche for herself due to her popart inspired chiffon shirts and Andy Warhol inspired embroidery is currently functioning out of outlets in Lahore, Faislabad. For 2012, Ayesha Khurram wants to take it a step further and launch an outlet in Karachi.

Tena Durrani: This Karachi-based designer whose appliqués and pastel combinations are a huge hit all over Pakistan has big plans for this year. “Positive political changes and stability in the country,” she said.

Uzma Hai: This Karachi-based designer who has recently launched herself at Ellemint Pret and is launching herself at other locations also believes 2012 will be a new beginning for her business. “I want to be stocking at multiple locations and want to make sure that the Uzma Hai brand becomes more recognizable and prominent,” she said. “I am also looking to do more cover shoots.”

Insia Sohail of Insam: This Karachi-based designer is big on reviving ajrak and working with naturally dyed fabrics. Her hopes for 2012: “I want Insam to become a huge brand and to increase its brand recognition. I am really looking forward to have 2012 become the year which redefines Insam,” she said.

Sunday Plus January 15, 2012

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Sunday Plus January 15, 2012






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18 interview By Navirah Zafar

The bride of the sea,Venice. Budapest,Hungary. New York City.



Travelled by motorcycle from San Francisco to Lahore to promote a positive image of Pakistan.

Sunday Plus January 15, 2012



Second accident, Romania.

Traveling across 21 countries, having injured two ribs, a scapula and a thumb, Moin Khan sits in Lahore where he was born and raised and cherishes the memories and friends has made in the past 6 months. Having graduated from San Francisco State University in 2005 and worked as a Manager at a swimming school, Moin Khan never knew he would be traveling halfway round the globe, just to work for a cause ...

The journey begins, San Francisco

First accident, Munich -Germany

January 15, 2012 Sunday Plus 19


this whole concept initiated because of the negative perception and news Pakistan has been synonymous in the past decade. It had Moin Khan agitated, wondering when things would get better. For him, doing just his part had was impotant. Unaware of what was brewing in his mind; he called his mother in Lahore and said, “Mom, I am coming, keep the parathas ready”. Humble, free spirited and grounded to his roots, Moin Khan talks to Sunday Plus and relives his journey which is known as the infamous ‘A Different Agenda’. S+: What inspired you to take this journey, what change did you want to see in society? Moin Khan: A year before I graduated, this motorcycle phenomenon started. For the past 18 months, I worked in different jobs and to everyone’s surprise, I had a diet of boiled rice and ketchup. The inspiration was Pakistan! Living there makes you realize what you love the most. For me, it was pretty simple the day I landed in America. I promised myself that I want to go back to Pakistan. All said and done, USA is a great place to live, but one’s own country and city cannot match up any luxury or facility any county has to offer. Lahore is my home and the day I graduated, I promised myself I would go back. I worked hard and saved money for this and having a dual passport (American and Pakistani), I knew this trip was possible. S+: Six months is a lot of time, how was the whole journey financed… did you have a budget chalked out? Moin Khan: I personally don’t know anyone who has taken such huge trips on a motorbike. The prominent expenses are living, food and gas. I didn’t have any GPS or route mapped out for myself. I was working 7 days a week, 12 hours a day and had no time to plan out the whole trip. The only outlet or information I had were different motorcycle forums, where I would sprout questions to different riders, and to my surprise I would get some really good replies. The few answers that I got quite blatantly would say the trip I am planning needs a hefty budget as nobody has planned a trip on the bike I was travelling a Honda CBR 600CC. Discussions on various forums concluded that the total budget for the trip rounded around $ 40,000 but I left my house with $9000.The positioning of the bike is not straight, one has to bend while

20 Sunday Plus January 15, 2012

riding. The love for riding and bikes had me excited the whole six months and I didn’t crib a single time. S+: The trip you planned was for three months, but it stretched out to a long six months, what was the delay in your trip? Moin Khan: As initially planned, this trip would have been completed in three months. But after 3 major accidents and 2 delayed shipments, the trip stretched out to six months. My first accident took place close to Munich; I slid into a metal guardrail, with an approximate weight of 500lbs of my bike and an added weight of my luggage on my back and legs. Terrified at the site, the police didn’t let me take off my helmet and iamidst this horror episode, I opened my jacket and told the police officer to take my picture and for me that picture is one of my most memorable pictures of the trip. And for my recovery, I stayed with Lisa and Akhim, complete strangers, for 5-6 days. I feel blessed! My second accident happened in Romania: 6 days in the hospital and a month and a half on the bed. The Romanian highways are one- lane highways, I was traveling behind a truck and tried to overtake on the on-ramp and coming from the opposite side a car behind the truck took the off ramp and smashed into me, I flew like superman (at that very moment it felt amazing).


But the repercussion had me hospitalized on complete bed rest for a month and half. In this episode, I broke two ribs, a scapula and my thumb (which the doctors could not diagnose until three week later). Third accident was in Turkey at night. The brick road was covered with ice, the tyres had zero grip and my bike slipped and slid; thankfully no major injuries occurred. S+: What countries did you cross and what were the hurdles and joys you faced during your travel? Moin Khan: I crossed 21 countries. The biggest problem I have is eating alone. Anybody who rides a bike knows he is going to crash and get hurt, hence that’s part of the deal. There were a lot of joys as it was a dream to ride the motorbike in Swiss, Italian and French Alps. And then the love for Pakistan! I made a point that I tell people I’m from Pakistan and the reaction I got was amazing. When I started this journey I thought I would get some raised eyebrows but the love I got from people from different sects was beyond. The coolest story for me was in Switzerland; 11 pm it was super cold, windy and dark! Every hotel I went had exorbitant rates. I put up my gear, sat on the bike knowing it’s going to be a long night. A random guy holding a helmet crossed me, he turned and we chatted for about 5 minutes and the next thing

I knew was sitting in the warm realms of his home and eating pasta with his family. S+: What were the activities that you initiated among different countrymen to change the image of Pakistan? Moin Khan: It was more or less sharing personal stories, just for them to understand our society is not conservative, our culture is vast and we are a peace-loving nation who are dramatically emotional about two things: cricket and the love for food. There were a lot of questions on women’s issues, I throughout my life have been taught and seen people respecting women, I felt great pride in telling them that the status of women in our society for the past decade or so has evolved and a woman holds a respectable position wherever she goes. S+: Moin Khan the person who left San Francisco and Moin Khan the person who reached Lahore, what change did you see in yourself in this whole journey? Moin Khan: The one thing I feel that has changed in me is acceptability. I take things as they are, I don’t panic. What ever happens, it happens for a reason, it may be heart wrenching for that moment or longer, but God has something greater and better in store for everyone. My faith in Allah has immensely increased. The whole journey with its intensity of craziness and heartaches, I feel my belief in God has increased and praying 5 times day now has become my top priority. S+: Where do you see the youth of Pakistan going? You yourself took a big step in standing up for the country’s image, what do you want the youth to do? Moin Khan: For me ‘A Different Agenda’ was inspired by a dream, before this I didn’t believe in dreams. Since a young age, I have been reading about motorbikes, different journeys and experiences of riders. Even in college, you would see me quoting and writing examples

related to motorbikes. I had this crazy love for motorbikes and I knew something great would come out of it. My sheer determination has me sitting in front of you sharing my experience. Do only what you love, don’t copy; greatness only evolves when something is heartfelt. S+: What was that one thing that took you by surprise in this journey? Moin Khan: The love from all the bikers! After my first two accidents, my motorbike was completely shattered; the suspension, the brakes, there was nothing repairable in the bike. I had parts donated to me from California, Bulgaria, Poland and Romania; I didn’t have to pay for a single part. People helping a Pakistani in this time and age had me surprised. From there, I knew passion has no religion, culture or cost. I have signatures and best regards on my motorbike from everybody, wanting me to complete this journey successfully and in one piece. What are your future plans, where do you see “A Different Agenda” going from here onwards? Moin Khan: My journey concluded on 31st December 2011: the day also dawned upon a new project and prospective for ‘A Different Agenda’. My 2012 goal is to see a group of girls’ riding motorbikes in Pakistan. My motivation is not to make money but to empower women and provide them a sense of freedom. Your next question will be ‘is it possible?’ Well, if we just delete the element of fear, anything is possible. I will choose 5 girls out of Lahore, at least 18 years old, who know how to drive a manual car. I will provide them motorbikes, proper biker wardrobe, fuel and everything else in this regard from my own pocket.

January 15, 2012 Sunday Plus 21

24 Music

by Sadaf Pervez

Inqilab: A change is underway

Music is being used as a popular tool to highlight the social issues and political dilemmas for awareness. Music in Pakistan has been effectively used to satire political suppressions, to show prevalent frustration amongst the masses. Whatever, the effect is, it certainly has helped to consolidate the emotions of its audience. But a society like ours entwined in the social predicaments that are equally grave, the woes of the common man also need to be given voice.

Sunday Plus January 15, 2012



iverting the wave of music inclination, Laal’s new song, Inqalab, underlining the plight of the bonded labourers- the issue that has lost in the hum of other so called important issues. “I want people to know and understand that millions of people are living lives that are akin to slavery,” Taimur Reman, the lead vocalist of the band, shared while talking about this issue. “There are one million bhatta workers that are indentured labourers. They do not have the right to choose their place or occupation. They are enslaved through a never ending debt cycle to the bhatta maliks. Every brick of every house we live in is filled with the pain and suffering of their enslavement,” he added. Accompanied by Ammar Aziz on vocals, who has been working with Laal for a long time now and has also made a great documentary on the peasant movement of Hashtnagar, came onscreen with this song. “His mother wrote this poem and he wrote the melody. He sang it to me one day and I fell in love with it. Inqalab was the result. In the near future, Laal will also bring forth much other collaboration with hitherto unknown artists in order to promote progressive voices in Pakistan,” Rehman told.

The video is very simple that depicts the difficult lives of bonded labourers. As is the case with most Laal videos, no professional actors are used. It was filmed on the outskirts of Lahore where labourers are working in the brick kilns in contrast to the green fields. “Going to a bhatta is like going back in time. These people inhabit a time zone that seems to be completely at variance with what we associate with “modernity”. Plus, I think, visually, it’s a welcome break from expensively clad and under dressed male and female glamour models that seem, to me, to be quite disconnected from the reality of the oppression and poverty that forms the underbelly of Pakistan,” Rehman elaborated. Raising the voice for those whose lives are in a tumult and cannot speak for themselves actually shows that Laal’s music is for a purpose. Taimur wants people to think of these issues as being

the real political issues facing the country: “We focus on the palace intrigues and counter-intrigues and consider that to be politics. These non-issues are given immense importance and hours and hours are wasted on analysing them. Whereas, little or no attention is paid to the simple fact that you cannot even begin to speak of real or meaningful democracy on the basis of slavery.” Their second album will be out this year. And they intend to make videos of all the songs on the album. Rehman told about his future plans “One issue that I am developing in my mind is on the question of women’s image in Pakistan. Another looks at our identity as a society. Of course our criticism of the ruling class will continue in other videos. These are some of the exciting new projects that we are developing.”

There are one million bhatta workers that are indentured labourers, enslaved through a never ending debt cycle to the bhatta maliks. Every brick of every house we live in is filled with the pain and suffering of their enslavement. January 15, 2012 Sunday Plus 25

26 education BY SYED ALI NAQVI

Education through social media

There is a hot debate in the country about how we can save it from the chaos it’s been dragged into. Some say corruption is the cause and some blame the system. Political forces are calling for a change, while the system seems to be inching towards a breakdown. What is the solution? We Pakistanis unfortunately look for shortcuts. As a matter of fact, there aren’t any.


he plight of Pakistan is not corruption or any other social ill for that matter, rather a lack of education. When the Mughals were constructing tombs and palaces in the subcontinent the English were building institutes like Oxford and Cambridge and the result is obvious. To move in the right direction we need to address education as the only solution for the country. A large number of children do not go to school and there are those who study but could not get pass because of the flawed system of education and lack


Sunday Plus January 15, 2012


sources. Waqar Karim was one such student. Here is a glimpse of his struggle with the faulty education system that we have. Waqar was a 2nd year pre-medical student who dreamt of being a doctor. Even with a humble background and limited resources his parents sent him to Lahore for MCAT (Pakistan’s Medical College Entry Examinations). Finally the day came when he appeared for the MCAT examination. He was all geared up to become a medical student. The hope with which he entered the examination hall fell to pieces in a jiffy. It was not what he had prepared for in the last two years. He was misguided.Who could be accounted for a hardworking student’s future thrown to the wolves? He felt miserable and could not believe his misfortune. As they say the night is the darkest before dawn Waqar Karim got a message, a glimmer of hope, from his friend Mehsim Abid Samir asking him to come to Model Town Library. When he reached there he saw a group of students studying and helping each other. Samir has been using his mobile to SMS MCQs to his friends. Waqar was delighted to see this. He decided to work with Samir in order to study and guide their fellow students in the right direction. Waqar and Samir interacted with students preparing MCAT, F. Sc. or any other examination they could help them with. It so happened that the number grew much higher than they imagined. The question was, how could all this be managed? Samir had an idea. He thought that social media could help in this regard. Facebook or other social networking websites could not be the option as they required internet which was not available to

majority of students. Samir wished for a social network that could be operated though mobile. Then somebody told him of Pring, a mobile social network. Pring is mobile social networking which functions as good through SMS as on web. Waqar and Samir joined Pring and created an account titled D-study. They invited their friends and students on Pring and the number kept on growing. Now Waqar and Samir are helping countless students with lectures and MCQs. Many teachers and professors have also joined Waqar and Samir’s team and they are helping students. More than 4000 students are following D-study including students of MCAT, ECAT, intermediate, A level etc. They have also created separate accounts for separate subjects like Dbiology and D-chemistry. Both Waqar and Samir have becomea source of inspiration for young students,to study hard and never lose hope. The credit goes to information technology and the revolution of social media.And Pring is an example how we can count on our own ideas and resources and contribute in the progress of the nation. Today we live in an era in which developments do not take more than a second to reach from one end of the world to the other. Information technology is all encompassing. Pakistan has not cashed in promises that IT offers. Just like Samir and Waqar made use of Pring as a launching pad for their ideas Pakistan should invest on social media and information technology to educate the people. Education if integrated with IT can work wonders. The world is changing fast and we have to change in order to survive.

28 interview by MADIHA SYEDAIN

in matters of Beauty… Although beauty might be in the eye of the beholder but the art of creating beauty solely lies in the hands of beautician who excels in the art of making you gorgeous that outshines your other attributes.


eauticians are in great demand nowadays and salons are considered to be one of the important businesses to earn a profitable business in Pakistan. These salons provide excellent services beginning from manicures, pedicures, relaxing massages, facial masques, skin treatments, nail care, spa procedures, hair styling, haircuts and colours, perms, waxing, laser hair removal,makeup and free consultation. ‘Shafaq’s Beauty Salon,’ is one such salon where you find all these services and are Shafaq’s Salon welcomed by a friendly staff and seated in a comfortable chair with a promise to pamper you lavishly, so that you leave feeling good about yourself. Based in DHA, Lahore the salon offers affordable rates, quality services and beauty treatments while in keeping consideration your health safety. Sunday Plus talks to MRS SHAFAQ NASIR of ‘Shafaq’s Beauty Saloon’ about providing hands on beauty treatments and services which are designed to pamper the person, as well her skin. S+: How and when did you

start? Mrs Shafaq Nasir Khan: We started five months ago and so far the response has been great. It was one of my childhood dreams to become a beautician and I used to assist my aunt in her parlour. My children are grown up now and I feel that I can devote much of my time to ‘Shafaq’s’ which aims to provide good quality services to our clientele. S+: Did you take any particular training in this regard? Mrs Shafaq Nasir Khan: I took training in hair dressing, makeup and skin aesthetics from Depilex Institute. After working from home for five years, my clientele increased and I felt that now was the right time to open, ‘Shafaq’s Salon’ and the venture has paid off gradually. S+:What were the challenges did you faced when you started? Mrs Shafaq Nasir Khan: I am lucky to have a family which supported me at every point. However, there was a time when I realised that I won’t be able to balance my personal and professional life, but things went out smoothly and we opened successfully. My husband has been very supportive in this regard. S+: Tell us about your services? Mrs Shafaq Nasir Khan: At-

Beuty professionals at Shafaq’s Sunday Plus January 15, 2012


Shafaq’s Salon, you’ll receive a warm welcome and a luxurious escape from your daily stresses. Our talented staff of salon professionals gives personalized attention to hairstyling, nails, massage, skin care, and make-up. S+: Tell us about your clientele and price range? Mrs Shafaq Nasir Khan: Shafaq Salon caters to clientele of all ages. It is a full-service beauty salon dedicated to consistently providing high customer satisfaction by rendering excellent service, quality products, and furnishing an enjoyable atmosphere at an acceptable price/value relationship. Housewives, working ladies and students visit our salon on regular basis for manicures, pedicures, relaxing massages, facial masques, skin treatment, hair styling, haircuts and colouring to makeup for all occasions. We have started afresh so our packages are very economical; they vary from person to person. Generally we chargeRupees 15000 for a Bridal Package which is very reasonable. S+:What kind of skin problems do Pakistani women face every day and what are the basic remedies? Mrs Shafaq Nasir Khan: Unfortunately, Pakistani women especially housewives and teenage girls do not take care of themselves. They

do have a healthy diet or follow a fitness regime. Every day we are confronted by ladies complaining ofacne, skin rashes and blemishes; asking for ‘overnight’ improvements, which are only possible through proper skincare and healthy diet over several weeks. Then we have women between 40s and 60s who go to bed without removing their makeupand want to look younger every day. In all these cases, I simply suggest them that you don’t have to spend a lot of money to fill up your medicine cabinet with shelves of products or visit a salon. Good skincare involves three basic steps: beginning from cleansing, moisturizing and using a good sunscreen every few hours. Also drink a lot of water. However, the spa facial treatments at Shafaq’s will give you glowing results, purify your skin and allow you to firm, tone and lift your skin immediately for a more youthful appearance. S+: Other than a salon, is Shafaq providing other facilities like yoga or exercises? Mrs Shafaq Nasir Khan: We have just started off, but hope to expand in other cities also. S+: Tell us about the hairstyle trends/hair colours/makeuptrends for 2012?

Mrs Shafaq Nasir Khan: All kind of layered hair styles are in,whereas bold, warm and vibrant shades are some of the prominent hair colours of 2012. Soft makeup is more in fashion. S+:What is the scope of beauty salons in Pakistan? Mrs Shafaq Nasir Khan: The prospects are bright! Women and men are becoming conscious about their appearances and health. Many good salons have opened in every town, housewives or girls with the proper training, can earn a reasonable income while sitting at home. S+:Why should people come to Shafaq’s? Mrs Shafaq Nasir Khan: Customer satisfaction is our first priority. We have top quality bridal and valima make-up packages, hair styling, colouring and haircuts, herbal facials, acrylic nails, massages, slimming treatments and most importantly friendly staff who will give pamper you. S+:Your future plans… Mrs Shafaq Nasir Khan: Toexpand and facilitate our clientele with better facilities. S+:Your advice… Mrs Shafaq Nasir Khan: Work hard andtrain yourself professionally before you think about opening any kind of business.

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34 style

Passionate about Pashmina

Winter is the perfect time to accessorise; grab a luxuriously pashmina shawl, layer up with antique knits or just throw an embroidered classic around your shoulders. With shawls this exquisite and lush, who cares if it’s cold?

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36 Sunday Plus

January 15, 2012


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January 15, 2012


Label: Antique Shawl Collection at Saleem Fabrics Jewels: WaseemJewellers Photography & Design: MohsinKhawar Models: Mahroosh& Sonia

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40 society


Harness your sPACE LAHORE: Harness - Premiere Lifestyle Furniture showroom was recently launched in DHA Y block. Event was managed by Bilal Mukhtar 2




1 Huma, Hira, Tahira & Hina 2 Ahmer & Imtisal 3 Munir Chawla 4 Khalid 5 Farhad & Bilal Mukhtar 6 Khawar & Sadaf 7 Khadija 8 Usman & Salman 9 Aisha & Bilal



40 Sunday Plus January 15, 2012



10 11


12 13

10 Faisal & Ahmed 11 Turab & Salma 12 Sabina & Fia 13 Asad & Anoushe 14 Humera & Sonia 15 Babloo & Tony 16 Khushbakht 17 Natty & Nabiha 18 Salman & Kuki 19 Hamza

14 15


17 18


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44 society


Exclusive screening LAHORE: Hanif Jewellers celebrated their 7th Year Anniversary in Pakistan with an exclusive screening of the blockbuster hit, Mission Impossible 4. The event was 2




1 Mariam, Wasif, najia & Rabel 2 Zarmina , Momina & Atia 3 Bilal Mukhtar & Mehreen Syed 4 Sadia Faisal 5 Hassil & Ahmed 6 Salma &Turab 7 Tahir & Maria B 8 Sana & Salman 9 Zeeshan & Hifsa 4


44 Sunday Plus January 15, 2012






10 Maheen Kardar & Saad 11 Saleem Sheikh & Nosheen 13


12 Hamza Tarar & Khalid Sulman 13 Umar Sayeed & Iffat Umar 14 Natty & Aminah Huq 15 Noor & Faria 16 Kamran Sheikh 17 Murad & Zara 18 Ahmar , Ikram & Imtisal






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46 society PFDC’s Bridal Galore Lahore:

Pakistan Fashion Design Council [PFDC] along with L’OréalParis,presented PFDC L’Oréal Paris Bridal Week - a platform that endeavoured to define and present contemporary and traditional Pakistani Bridal fashion, jewellery and make-up trends. 1






1 Iffat Omer, Umar Sayeed, Mahira Khan Askari 2 Aale Mowjee 3 Frieha Altaf 4 Moazzam Ali Khan, Musharaf Hai, Arshy Ahmad & Guest 5 Asifa and Nabeel 6 Nuscie Jamil, Ahmed Rashid and Rizwan Beyg Sunday Plus January 15, 2012








7 Amna Kardar 8 Natasha Hussain 9 Asmaa Mumtaz 10 Kamiar Rokni and Hassan Shehryar Yasin 11 Sabene Saigol & Naseem Saigol 12 Sabene Saigol & Naseem Saigol

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13 14






13 Mr. & Mrs. Faisal Farooqui 14 Nina & Nickie 15 Ammar Belal 16 Mr & Mrs. Moazzam Ali Khan 17 Maria B. and Tahir Saeed 18 Sehyr Saigol 19 Maria B. and Tahir Saeed 48 Sunday Plus January 15, 2012

50 society Business women get together KARACHI:

LADIESFUND速 just heralded the international launch of Commonwealth Business Women, an initiative spearheaded by Pakistan, Australia and the UK and formalized at the recent CHOGM Perth 2011 gathering of Commonwealth Business Leaders. A milestone gathering of Pakistani women CEOs, leaders and trailblazers gathered together at the residence of Tara UzraDawood, President and Founder of Dawood Global Foundation and LADIESFUND速. 1









1 Maliha Bhimjee 2 Muna Siddiqui Naila Naqvi & Sadia Khan 3 Nilofer Saeed 4 Humaira Fayyaz & Faiza 5 Anne Bennett & T U Dawood 6 Seema and Sobia Khan 7 Maheen Khan Raheel Tariq & Shanaz Ramzi 8 Nadia Munawer 9 Humaira Saleem & Sumeha Khaled Sunday Plus January 15, 2012

52 society Nadia`s aesthetic clinic KARACHI:

Renowned model Nadia Hussain has now come up with a new venture this year with her newly established aesthetic skin clinic “Radiance�. The launching ceremony hosted a number of TV artistes, models, fashion celebrities and people belonging to every aspect of life. 1






7 8

1 Maheen Khan and Maria Wasti 2 Ahsan & Nadia 3 Aysha Hashwani 4 Nazia Malik 5 Aminah Sheikh 6 Angie & Sumiha Malik 7 Shehroz, Anoushay, Aysha & Rana Khan 8 Tehmina, Iraj & Khurshad Hayder Sunday Plus January 15, 2012

54 blog ruby hasan

‘Probably Lahore’s Best Kept Beauty Secret of the city’s finest socialites and most glamorous personalities’, Ruby Hasan, is one of Pakistan’s most travelled and professionally trained skin, hair & beauty expert. She is the founder of SPLITENDS-well regarded as Lahore’s premier beauty destination. Since 1990, this globetrotting ambassador for the beauty industry of Pakistan has achieved phenomenal credentials including advanced qualifications & accreditations in hairdressing & coloring from TONI&GUY International, Vidal Sassoon, L’Oreal, Wella, & Schwarzkopf. From the globally acclaimed Morris School of Hairdressing to the prestigious Robert Fielding School of Hair Dressing in London, Ruby Hasan has trained under some of the most creatively renowned and imaginative industry professionals in the world. An expert in air-brush techniques, she has trained under the legendary Charles Fox in skin and make-up at London Esthetique. Ruby is also Pakistan’s only qualified technician & CACI patented therapist trained from the CACI Institute which keeps Hollywood stars such Jennifer Lopez looking young and gorgeous. Ruby has also professionally received the Oxygen facial training, which is the beauty regime of some of the world’s most famous celebrities, including the Queen of Pop, Madonna, who uses it like a prayer. So Now that the “Cat is out of the Bag”, Catch Ruby’s Weekly Buzz on everything that is keeping you and the rest of the female of the species looking ‘OMG’ beautiful.

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Mocktails for the Skin


t is said that “A thick skin is a gift from God”. The winter has us working hard on feeling less like leather and more like winter blossoms against a backdrop of haze and grey. So let’s not harp on about the usual winter dry skin issues and solutions and deal with some real issues that we have been experiencing at the salon; and been combating with great success. For the conscious younger individuals that fall in the teenage and early twenties bracket, Dermalogica has formulated a great product called “CLEAN START”. With so many medicated solutions available at the supermarket and far too much emphasis on whitening and spot reduction - I feel the youngsters

with their studies, poor sleeping routines, obsession with the “Edward-Belle-Jacob” Sagas, unguarded environmental assault, hormonal flux and irregular eating habits need something more doable, less intense and where the underlying intention is to make them learn to care for their skin for life as opposed to a haphazard, quick-fix regimes. So, Clean Start is a basic skin care regime with a wash, toner, exfoliator, and a night gel. The brilliant thing is that it is developed by dermatologists at the international dermal institute and it is available to you without a prescription! Splitends recently held a day-long workshop where students with acne and other skin issues were given free demonstrations and also encouraged to learn proper application techniques and determine their own skin care regime. I think it’s a great service to this generation. The Splitends Clean Start


Below are a few of the recommended products and treatments: l

day is coming again in January- so don’t miss it. (And by the way, Dermalogica is what keeps the Cast of The Twilight Saga, looking so fresh and so clean all the time, and was the official skin health and make up partner for the recent Chapter “Break Dawn Part 1”) At social events and at the salon, with and without make-up, my attention lately has been drawn to the neck, mouth and eyes. These areas seem to hold the secret to your age and your relationship with life. The eyes with issues like dark circles, puffiness, drooping lids and brows, crow’s feet are all a testament to how much stress you take, how well you sleep and how much water your body retains. The collages in the eye area display this information. I feel this information is unnecessary and doesn’t need to be carved out with a knife. It is time to befriend an eye cream, I recommend “Age Reversal Eye Complex” by Dermalogica, which guarantees fabulous results that are equivalent to an eye job - only that this one is natural. “Multivitamin Power Firm” by Dermalogica is again a topical formulation which is excellent for firming of the eyes and mouth - the vulnerable areas that you use most while smiling! For the neck, again, “Age Smart” by Dermalogica, needs to be acquired so that the area which holds all those flattering necklines and that gorgeous jewelry plays the part expected of it. Make sure the neck is duly treated as part of your facial and that you perform the yoga exercises which tone this area. Sensitivity due to dryness is a complaint nowadays and can lead to tonal differences or pigmentation. They occur due to the nature of the weather, vitamin deficiency and stronger sun intensity. For these very common issues which persist throughout this season, I recommend sticking to a facial treatment of your choice and by treatment I don’t mean 1 odd facial a month, I mean studying the progress of your customized treatment with facials fortnightly or every week depending on the need and effectiveness required. For this you must find a therapist you trust and who is also aware of your habits and preferably someone also takes care of your other treatments like polishing and hair removal.

For super quick hydration - CACI Hydra-tone is an amazing 15-minute treatment with a hydrating mask. A must try! l For super-quick hydration, glow and firmness there is Oxygen! l Age reversal eye complex by Dermalogica - latest product! l Thalgo anti-wrinkle revitalizing eye treatment l Ultra calming facial for sensitive/ dry/ allergy-prone skin l Thalgo extreme comfort Algomega facial for dry/ dehydrated skin l Skin brightening and rejuvenation treatment l Oxygenating anti-stress facial treatment l Age Smart by Dermalogica So teenagers, ladies and women - To blossom and glow, devote some time to your main asset – SKIN. It’s an investment that pays off over a lifetime and you are worth it! Go Forth, choose your beverage, and quench your skin’s thirst. Till The Next Buzz.

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56 right off the shelf

Revolution in the arab world...

Drawing conclusions about events in full flux risks being proved embarrassingly wrong. Nowhere is this truer than in the Arab world, which, following the self-immolation by fire of a Tunisian fruit and vegetable seller last December 2011, has been shaken to an extent not seen since the fall of the Ottoman Empire. The collapse of Muammar Gaddafi’s regime in Libya is just the latest in a series of momentous events.


ight months after Mohammad Bouazizi’s death, the situation remains chaotic. The kings of Jordan and Morocco are hoping to limit any diminution of their authority to minor constitutional changes. Having swept away their leaders, the people of Tunisia and Egypt are feeling their way towards a democratic system. Algeria and Iraq, torn apart respectively in the Nineties and following the allied invasion in 2003, are relatively quiet. It has required an armed rebellion, reinforced by Nato, to topple Gaddafi. Syria, whose government is backed by Iran, is not far short of civil war. Yemen has yet to find a successor to the old dictator Ali

Abdullah Saleh. Saudi Arabia is appalled by the turmoil and has helped neighbouring Bahrain crush Shia aspirations. And Arab monarchies, shaken by the advent of Nasser in the Fifties, have, paradoxically, proved more durable than their republican counterparts. Any talk of a uniform pattern or outcome is absurd. Into this maelstrom Jean-Pierre Filiu, a professor of Middle East studies at Sciences Po (Paris Institute of Political Sciences) has stepped. Recognising that far-reaching conclusions about the Arab revolution would be preposterous, he offers instead 10 lessons as a “modest contribution to the collective appraisal of this tremendous event”.

Title: The Arab Revolution: Ten Lessons from the Democratic Uprising Author: Jean Pierre Filiu | Pages: 256 | Price: Rs. 1,695 | Genre: History Sunday Plus January 15, 2012

right off the shelf The first is the fallacy that the Arab world was uniquely doomed to stagnate under immovable autocrats such as Muammar Gaddafi, who toppled King Idris in 1969, and Hosni Mubarak, who took over after Anwar Sadat was assassinated by Islamic Jihad in 1981. The second lesson introduces the most interesting theme of the book: that Islamist influence in the Arab world has been undermined by the secular, universalist nature of the uprising. Bouazizi’s self-sacrifice, like that of the Czech student Jan Palach in 1969, did not have a specifically religious motive. It was, rather, a cry for freedom, dignity and justice. Islamists, whether the Muslim Brotherhood or the al-Qaeda network, were caught flat-footed by the uprisings. Their legitimacy came from opposition to secular autocracy. Filiu compares the failure of al-Qaeda to topple governments by violence to the success of the peaceful mass demonstrations in Tunisia and Egypt. The network is “just a parenthesis, a most dispensable one in the history of Islam and the Arab world”, he writes. “Not a culmination but an aberration.” Other lessons to be drawn include the way that anger at corruption and extortion has empowered overwhelmingly young populations, and the use they have made of social networks such as Facebook and Twitter in organising dissent. Another phenomenon that complicates the shift to democratic rule has been the leaderless nature of the protests. Concern about the fate of the Palestinians remains a constant, and pressure on the Israelis to allow them a state will continue. But Fatah and Hamas are also indicted. Arab dictators under threat raise the spectre of chaos, usually of an extreme Islamic variety, which will follow their fall. But we have seen how the Islamists have played a minor role in the uprisings, and how chaos results from a leader clinging desperately to power, whether Gaddafi in Libya, Bashar al-Assad in Syria or Ali Abdullah Saleh in Yemen. Filiu’s sixth lesson, that the alternative to democracy is chaos, is pertinent. Finally, he warns against expectations of a domino effect. The Arab world is far more diverse than Eastern Europe was when the Soviet empire crumbled. Its “Berlin Wall” of fear has come down and the region will never be the same again. History is rapidly unfolding and Filiu’s bold attempt to capture the moment makes for a stimulating read.

Lady Gaga X Terry Richardson Author: Lady Gaga | Pages: 360 | Price: Rs. 2,395 | Genre: Biography Synopsis: The first official book by international superstar Lady Gaga. In this book of original, behind the scenes photographs, acclaimed photographer Terry Richardson follows superstar Lady Gaga during one year of her life, from Lollapalooza through the final show of her Monster Ball tour. During the time period he followed Gaga, Richardson took over 100,000 images and attended more than 30 Monster Ball dates around the world. From the 2010 MTV Video Music Awards to the Dont Ask, Dont Tell repeal rally in Portland, Maine, to the Thierry Mugler show at Maxime, Paris, Richardson captures Lady Gaga as you’ve never seen her before. A year long, global odyssey all access, nothing off limits this is the book Lady Gaga fans have been waiting for.

Modern Poetry of Pakistan, Contemporary American Poetry: An Anthology Authors: Iftikhar Arif, Zaman Fakhr | Genre: Poetry | Reviewed by: Dr Waseem Anwar Review: The ‘Modern Poetry of Pakistan’ and ‘Contemporary American Poetry: An Anthology’ can be interpreted as an intercultural journey between the poles apart, the United States of America and Pakistan. The translated and retranslated poems in these books offer what the editor Iftikhar Arif in his Preface to the Modern Poetry explains: “an appreciation of the poetic output … the remarkable range of poetic sentiments, thoughts, and themes.” These anthologized volumes carry us through the postmodern trans, making us realize that humanity’s heartthrob is accessible and translatable even in the ultra-lands of our imagination. Modern Poetry and Contemporary American Poetry share the philosophy of hearts and the philology of minds of peoples, who apart from living in newspaper clippings or media images, have the genuine right to converse through the pens of representative poets for giving voice to their reflective and peaceful silences.

Death: A Survival Guide Authors: Dr. Sarah Brewer | Pages: 320 | Price: Rs 950 | Genre: Self Help Review: ‘Death A Survival Guide.’ offers a unique insight into the biggest threats to life and limb in the industrialized world. Sarah Brewer’s comprehensive and thorough survey of the most likely ways to die in the industrialized world looks at 100 causes of death from the most common such as heart disease, smoking related deaths and domestic accidents to the unusual and downright bizarre lightning strikes and animal attacks. This fascinating and occasionally sideways - look at death and dying will help you understand the most common causes of death and how each one affects the human body. View at a glance statistics reveal who dies where, when and how often; lists of warning signs, symptoms and risk factors allow you to determine the chances of it happening to you; and finally case studies on prevention, treatment and cures describe the best steps you can take to avoid meeting your maker in this way.

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In Sherlock Holmes: A Game of Shadows, Robert Downey Jr. reprises his role as the world most famous detective, Sherlock Holmes. Accustomed to being the smartest man in the room, criminal mastermind Professor James Moriarty (Jared Harris) throws Holmes off of his game, with his capacity for evil and lack of a moral compass keeping him steps ahead. As Holmes’ investigation into Moriarty’s plot becomes more dangerous, it also puts his friend and colleague, Dr. Watson (Jude Law), at risk and threatens to alter the course of history.


obert Downey Jr. talks about the challenge of taking the character and story to another level for the sequel, always keeping Sir Arthur Conan Doyle in mind when playing the role, transforming into a woman this time around, and working with Jared Harris and developing the adversarial relationship between Holmes and Moriarty. Check out what he had to say after the jump. Q: WHAT WAS THE CHALLENGE, IN TAKING SHERLOCK HOLMES TO ANOTHER LEVEL FOR THE SEQUEL? ROBERT DOWNEY JR.: After the first one worked out pretty good, we were doing the press tour and talking about things that we would like to improve and other directions we could go. And then, there was the reality of doing it. We happened through it. There’s so much to learn and the greatest disguise was us disguising ourselves as consummate, by the numbers professionals, when in fact,

Sunday Plus January 15, 2012

we’re all incredibly eccentric. And, Warner Bros. has given us the opportunity to try to do something that’s complicated and needs to tick a bunch of boxes. The great thing was that, this time, we also had Noomi [Rapace] and Jared [Harris]. Q: WHAT ARE THE THINGS YOU KEEP IN MIND, AS YOU TRY TO STICK TO THE BASICS OF SHERLOCK, BUT ALSO MAKE IT DIFFERENT? DOWNEY: Well, you just keep Doyle in mind. I just respect the guy, more and more. Oftentimes what’s required, particularly if you’re in any central position, is that you just have to let go of the things that are darling to you. You have to take the focus off yourself and put it on the shape of the scene and the intention of what everyone else needs. You have to give people something to actually write music to, so that you’re not just running your mouth, all the time. It was a democracy, in

the truest, most frustrating and most rewarding sense of the word. Q: HOW WAS IT TO TRANSFORM INTO A WOMAN THIS TIME? DOWNEY: I just put on some make-up. I thought I looked like Arnold Schwarzenegger’s dwarf brother, or the lead singer of The Cure, Robert Smith. Q: Did you and Jude Law improvise a lot, during filming? DOWNEY: The goal is to make a wellwritten scene seem like it’s improvised, and come up with things that you find in the room, that you couldn’t have known until you get into the real situation. You just try to improve things, as you go along. Q: WHAT WAS IT LIKE DOING THE FIRST SCENE AS MORIARTY AND HOLMES? DID THE RELATIONSHIP BETWEEN YOU AND JARED HARRIS GROW, AS YOU HAD MORE SCENES

TOGETHER? DOWNEY: Jared would come in and we’d have a scene that we would be shooting in two days, and he’d be like, “Is this going to pretty much stay like this?” I was like, “Not a word of it.” He’s day, “Can I have something that I can study the night before?” I’d say, “I’m going to venture a no on the possibility of yes.” It would be like that. The stakes were so high, in every scene, and there were complicated camera shots. It’s pretty terrifying. What Jared kept pushing toward wasn’t personal. It wasn’t like, “I don’t want to be embarrassed. I want to do a good job. I want to come off great. I want great dialogue.” It kept going back to this archetype that he was trying to represent. Everything Jared Harris did, in the course of making this movie, was essentially thrown at him with very little time to prepare. It was shock and awe. I think what he brought with him was something that was just so

particularly him, while still being this character. It honestly is the main reason that the movie works, but it was also an exercise in trial by fire for him. He was really quite nice. Once in a while, he would say, “I really just beg of you, if I could even have a semblance of knowing what I might say, I guarantee you that I could do a better job with it because I wouldn’t be like you, for this long scene that you just wrote, wearing an earwig where someone’s telling you what to say, in the other room. I would actually know what I was going to say.” I’d be like, “Interesting. Yeah, everyone has their own process.” Guy told him that he wanted him to go home and come back singing a German aria, the next day. Nobody learns a German aria overnight, except Jared Harris. Q: HAVING DONE TWO OF THESE FILMS, DO YOU FEEL A SENSE OF OWNERSHIP TOWARDS SHERLOCK? DO YOU HAVE ANY INTEREST IN THE

OTHER PORTRAYALS? DOWNEY: Yeah, I like everybody. Whenever I watch someone doing something, even if it doesn’t turn out so great, I admire their intentions. I know that there are some quintessential performances that have happened. I’ve heard more about the series than I’ve seen, but I’m intrigued by it. I think it’s important that we’re all part of the same collective, honoring this great writer and his stories. Q: THERE WAS A RUMOR THAT YOU AND JUDE LAW WERE GOING TO DO SOME LIKE IT HOT, WITH GUY RITCHIE DIRECTING. IS THERE ANY TRUTH TO THAT? DOWNEY: That’s Act 2 of Sherlock : A Game of Shadows. No, the Mrs. (producer Susan Downey) referenced that a while ago because it’s what we reminded her of.

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Robert Downey Jr. reprises his role as the legendary fast-talking intellectual sleuth Sherlock Holmes in Guy Ritchie‘s sequel Sherlock Holmes: A Game of Shadows. Jude Law also returns as Holmes’s faithful best friend and sidekick Dr. Watson. This time, the two travel to exotic places like Paris and Switzerland with the sole purpose of taking down the villainous Professor Moriarty (Jared Harris), an influential scholar and close friend to the British prime minister. Joining them in their journey is Noomi Rapace, the Swedish actress who became an international success thanks to her portrayal of Lisbeth Salander in the original The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo; comedian Stephen Fry plays Holmes’s snobby older brother. Let’s see if this blockbuster is worth your jolly golly time this Holiday season. THE PLOT: Sherlock Holmes and his sidekick Dr. Watson take on a new criminal mastermind, Professor Moriarty. When the Crown Prince of Austria is found dead, the evidence points to suicide. But Sherlock Holmes concludes that the prince has been the victim of a murder designed to look like a suicide by Professor Moriarty. Holmes and the Doctor set out to expose Professor Moriarty for what he really is, but he proves to be a fierce adversary.

Sunday Plus January 15, 2012

THE GOOD: Robert Downey Jr. is a star: The true star of this movie is RDJ. With his charm and wit, RDJ’s Holmes keeps this movie alive. Whether he’s dressed in drag or covered in dirt, he is always entertaining to watch. The Sleuth and His Sidekick: RDJ and Jude Law have mastered their brother-like relationship on the screen. They know each other better than they know themselves. In this sequel, Holmes is sad – though he denies it – to see his best friend and partner in crime-

solving get hitched. RDJ may be the star, but behind every great detective, there’s a great sidekick. Jude Law brings out the best in RDJ. Noomi Rapace: Sherlock Holmes is Rapace’s first American movie. It’s endearing watching her play with two Hollywood big shots. Despite being a relatively newcomer, Rapace never allows herself to be overshadowed by RDJ or Jude Law. In part, this is thanks to Ritchie who didn’t cast Rapace as a replacement for Rachel McAdams, instead she plays a badass gypsy who needs no looking after. Here, she’s doing the saving.

MOVIE Professor Moriarty: Although Jared Harris isn’t as charming as our hero, he’s the perfect match – intelligent, arrogant and, he’s even got an evil grin. THE SO-SO: Clever Cinematography: Throughout the movie, there’s this recurring sequence where Holmes calculates the outcome of a certain fight seconds before it happens. While this is a unique way to play out a fighting scene, it could be a bit distracting and insulting. The big problem with this clever cinematography is that it’s not just showing us what is going to happen, but Holmes is describing his every move. THE BAD: They Forgot About The Story: Despite the great performances in the movie,

it’s sad to say that each character, with the exception of Holmes, is mostly used to move the plot forward. At a glance, Sherlock Holmes has some great topics both political and personal, but none of these are ever explored. It’s always about solving the murder and getting rid of the bad guy.

Sherlock Holmes: A Game of Shadows THE PLAYERS: Genre: Action | Adventure | Crime director: Guy Ritchie

OVERALL: Sherlock Holmes is a movie for the masses – there’s exotic locations, tons of action and a charming and witty hero. Though some of us may want more story than plot, let’s face it, 70% of the box office revenue will come from overseas audiences where plot is king. Does Sherlock Holmes: A Game of Shadows entertain? You bet it does.

Cinematography: Philippe Rousselot Actors: Robert Downey Jr., Jude Law, Jared Harris, and Noomi Rapace writers: Michele Mulroney, Kieran Mulroney, and Arthur Conan Doyle Music: Hans Zimmer

RATING: 7.5/10


Robert Downey Jr., Noomi Rapace &Jude Law

Jacqui Ainsley & Guy Ritchie

Eddie Marsan

Pharrell Williams

Jared Harris, Allegra Riggio

Amber Heard

Jodie Foster

Stephen Fry

Geraldine James

Max von Sydow

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2 Potatoes cubed Lemon juice 3 teaspoons Salt to taste Ginger, cut into thin strips 1 inch piece Oil to deep fry

1 Onion , chopped Chaat masala 1/2 teaspoon Red chilli powder 1/2 teaspoon Cumin powder 1/4 teaspoon Green chillies, chopped 2

Creamy Garlic Prawns


62 foodilious


110g uncooked rice (or 1 1/3 cups cooked rice)

30g (1 1/2 tablespoons) butter or 1 1/2 tablespoons oil 16 green prawns, peeled and deveined 4 large garlic cloves, peeled and crushed 250ml

or (1 cup) or (250g)

thickened cream (35 percent fat)

1 tablespoon finely shredded basil, firmly packed

METHOD: Cook rice according to the directions on the packet. Drain and keep warm.Heat butter or oil in a frying pan or large saucepan over medium-high heat. Add prawns and cook for a couple of minutes, until prawns have just changed colour but are not completely cooked through. Turn prawns once during cooking.Reduce heat to low, stir in garlic and cook for about 30 seconds, being careful not to brown garlic (it can develop a bitter flavour).Add cream and increase heat so that the mixture is simmering rapidly. While the sauce is reducing (keep an eye on the sauce to ensure it doesn’t reduce too much), spoon one quarter of the rice into a mould with about 1/3 cup capacity (we use a 1/3 cup measuring cup). Using the back of a spoon, firmly press the rice into the mould. Invert mould onto a serving plate, tap on mould to release rice and lift mould away. Alternatively, use a ring mould. Repeat with remaining rice.Simmer sauce until it has thickened to the desired consistency and prawns are cooked through. Stir in basil and remove from heat. Place 4 prawns on each plate. Drizzle prawns with sauce and serve immediately.

Fresh coriander leaves, chopped 3 tablespoons METHOD: Add one teaspoon lemon juice and a pinch of salt to the ginger strips and keep in the refrigerator till use. Heat sufficient oil in a kadai till medium hot. Add potato pieces and deep fry till crisp and golden. Drain and place on an absorbent paper. Transfer the potatoes into a big bowl. Add onions, salt, chaat masala, red chilli powder, cumin powder, green chilies, coriander leaves and the remaining lemon juice and mix well. To serve transfer the mixture into a serving bowl, garnish with ginger strips and serve immediately.

Sunday Plus January 15, 2012

40ml (2 tablespoons) oil 4 medium cloves garlic, peeled and crushed 1-2 teaspoons fresh thyme leaves, firmly packed

1-2 teaspoons fresh oregano leaves, firmly packed

8 Roma tomatoes

Generous pinch of sugar Salt Freshly ground black pepper

1 teaspoon white vinegar METHOD: Preheat oven to 160 degrees Celsius (140 degrees Celsius fan-forced).Line a large baking tray with baking paper.Combine oil, garlic, thyme and oregano in a small bowl.Cut tomatoes in half lengthways. Remove cores. Place tomato halves, cut side up, on lined tray. Spoon oil mixture evenly over tomato halves. Sprinkle tomatoes with sugar, salt and pepper.Bake for about 2 hours.Remove tomatoes from oven and sprinkle them with vinegar. Serve hot, or allow to cool on tray.Place cooled tomatoes in a container and pour over any juices. Cover and refrigerate.


Oven Roasted Tomatoes



Ingredients :

2 tbsp oil 3 cloves garlic, crushed 1 onion, chopped 8 baby corn, sliced 6-8 fresh mushrooms, sliced 1 tbsp fish sauce 1 tbsp oyster sauce 1 tbsp soya sauce 1 tbspcornflour, dissolved in 3 tbsp water 2 red chillies to garnish

Chopped coriander, to sprinkle

Method: Heat oil, add the garlic, onion, baby corn, mushrooms, fish sauce, soya sauce, oyster sauce, cornflour dissolved in water, garnish with coriander and red chillies.

January 15, 2012 Sunday Plus 63

64 picks of the week We at Sunday Plus are sharing our exclusive recommendations T, ES T T O H T, with all our readers. NEWEST… Read on for the best LATES buys, the trendiest brands and the most enticing eateries that you need to know about. We slog through the jungle to bring you the hippest happenings and must-have information, right here in your copy of Sunday Plus: your essential weekend luxury.

Shubinak Man Winter

MO’s Burgers

Master MO’s mission is to eliminate the word ‘hunger’ from all the languages of the world. After meditating for 273 years and experimenting for 22, Master MO finally cracked the perfect Burger making recipe. So brace yourselves for a burger that’ll fill you till you drop!HQ14 is the first station of Master MO’s revolutionary army which works relentlessly to eliminate any desire the citizens of Lahore have for some fresh homemade burgers made available at their doorsteps. Contact: 0321-GRABMOS (4722667)

DELI With hundreds of restaurants and every type of cuisine imaginable, The Deli now offers something for individual tastes with the best deals available! It specializes in high quality gourmet cuisine with a wide range of savory dishes including sandwiches, fresh salads and delicious pastas! Take your friend or a loved one out on all weekdays for lunch to get the second entrée at half price all day! The ‘All you can eat pasta’ deal is now available for all you pasta lovers out there!! And yes Deli is on Facebook so join now to not miss out on the great deals ahead!!

Brands Just Pret

Location: Shop No 2-6 Plot, No. 5-C, Lane one Zamzama Commercial DHA PH-V, Karachi

Do you want to be a responsible person in your sphere of life? Are you proud of your rich heritage and want to be honest and original? Products made by SHU are the perfect match for your conscientious personality. Wear them to work, take them out soul searching, treat them to coffee, walk with them on a protest, show off ‘the real you’ dressed in SHU to the world! Location: Shubinak, The Pavilion 101, next to the Mercedes Benz showroom on MM Alam Road, Lahore Sunday Plus January 15, 2012

Brands Just Pret, a high-end luxury prêt multi brand store, has opened its doors to eager shoppers. Located in the centrally situated new Dolmen City Mall in Clifton, Brands Just Pret is positioning itself as the most luxurious and but affordable option amongst the existing multi-brand stores. The range of products available at Brands Just Pret ranges from prêt wear, to shoes, jewelry, bags and clutches. Brands Just Pret currently stocks more than local 30 designers. Location: New Dolmen City Mall, Clifton, Karachi

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