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New You How to Stay Motivated to Work Out

Genius Ideas to Fit in Mini Workouts (No Matter How Busy You Are)

5 Healthy Treats That Will Change the Way You Look at Snacking


Work Out Working up the motivation to exercise can be a challenge when you’re not in the fitness groove. But even on your least motivated days, you can still stick to your exercise routine. Here are seven tips on how to stay motivated to work out so you can lead a healthy lifestyle.


Find Your Tribe It’s easy to stay on the couch when no one is counting on you to get moving. But when you sign up for a group fitness class, you get a builtin support system. Look for groups that charge by the month, not by the class, so you’ll be less likely to skip a session. Some classes also host Facebook groups so members can encourage each other to stick to the routine. Life—and fitness—is better in community.

Go Shopping Don’t let the fact that you didn’t do laundry keep you from working out. Instead, take yourself on a mini shopping spree to make sure you have enough athletic wear to keep you outfitted for a few days. If you have a spare workout outfit ready in your car at all times, you won’t have an excuse to head home or stay home. 3

Dress for Success On those days when you don’t feel like exercising, put on your workout clothes anyway. Sometimes, just looking the part can motivate you to act the part. When you’re wearing your exercise “uniform,” you’ll be in the mindset for goal crushing.

Inspire Yourself It’s one thing for other people to tell you how great you’ll feel after exercising; it’s another for you to tell yourself. So after each workout, write down how good you feel; better yet, start a vlog so you have no excuse even when you can’t find the time… or a pencil. Then, when you’re feeling unmotivated, read or watch your postexercise journal. You’ll be clamoring for that endorphin high in a hurry.

Engage in Friendly Competition There’s nothing like a little friendly competition to boost your motivation to exercise. Start fitness challenges with co-workers and friends to get everyone moving together. Whether it’s a step challenge, a “Biggest Loser”-style contest, or any other competition, you’d be amazed how quickly you’ll get off the couch when bragging rights (and possibly even a prize) are on the line. 4

Taste the Sweet Rewards Getting fit doesn’t mean you can never enjoy sweet treats again. In fact, a post-workout mini-treat can serve as excellent motivation to get moving in the first place. And if you only give yourself that particular treat after a workout, you’ll be even more inspired to stick to your fitness plan so you can enjoy your reward afterward.

Do What You Love If exercise is boring, you won’t do it. Instead, incorporate fitness into activities you actually enjoy. If you love photography, go hiking and take pictures at rest points. If you’re into Pokémon GO, set a goal for the number of miles you will walk or run while playing the game. Or you might find a sport you like so much—think rock climbing, parkour, or kickboxing—that it doesn’t even feel like work.

If your lifestyle is more sedentary than you’d like, take advantage of moving whenever you can. Take the stairs, do leg raises at your desk, or even pump out some isometric bicep contractions on your steering wheel while at a red light. Even simple exercises like stretching, sit-ups, and basic yoga can work wonders. Every little bit counts on the road to healthy living.



(No Matter How Busy You Are)

A walk on the beach. Tennis with a buddy. Even planting fresh flowers in the sun. We all know that exercise makes us healthier—and it makes us feel happier, too. When you’re consumed with the daily juggle of family and work home life—not to mention trying to grab a little alone time— sometimes even the minimum recommended exercise of 30 minutes, five days a week, can seem daunting.

But here’s the great news: A study from Arizona State University finds that squeezing in short 10-minute “mini workouts” throughout your day can be even more effective than a solid 30-minute sweat session. Check out these six mix-and-match ways you can fit exercise into your day, no matter how busy you are. 6

Start the Day with a Mood Booster Stop‌don’t hit that snooze button. Instead, try a short circuit workout that will get your blood pumping and those endorphins firing. Stretch it out for three minutes, then do a six-minute circuit of exercises that will tone you from head to toe. Put on a favorite playlist and do one minute each of three moves: running in place, jumping jacks, and squats, taking a 10-second rest between. Burn a few extra calories by singing along, then hit the shower.

Ditch Your Desk at Lunch A study from the Journal of Occupational Health Psychology found that taking a walk during your lunch break can help you feel more awake and even boost your concentration so you can power through those afternoon meetings. Finding a buddy that will walk and talk with you will increase your likelihood of sticking with your mini workout plan.


Score Your Own Fitness Goals During Sports Practices For the afterschool parent taxi, it can feel like you got a workout just from all the driving you’ve been doing. While that doesn’t count, you can put your waiting time to good use. While the kiddos are running up and down the field, you can pace the sideline and even jump for joy when your favorite player scores a goal. 8

Give More Than Your Remote a Workout Keep up with your favorite shows and your workout when you use commercial breaks to bust out short circuits of lunges, pushups, and sit-ups for full-body toning. Better yet, jump on your recumbent bicycle or your treadmill and binge watch your favorite shows guilt-free.

Make it a Sunday-Funday

Work Out the Kinks Before Bed No matter how busy the day, a mini yoga session can help you get your body and mind in a state of calm so you can drift off to dreamland. For even more relaxation, take a short soak as part of your “me time” to let the stress of the day drain away.

You don’t have to stick with traditional fitness routines to maintain a healthy lifestyle. Weekends are the perfect time for enjoying a longer workout session that feels more like play than work. Make plans to head to the park for a pick-up game of basketball. Tackle that local hiking trail you haven’t had time to explore. Take your four legged friend for an extra long walk. It’s also a great excuse to soak up some Vitamin D in the process. Whatever your busy week and weekend brings, remember that it only takes some motivation—and a few minutes—to maintain a healthy lifestyle.



Healthy Treats THAT WILL CHANGE THE WAY YOU LOOK AT SNACKING Think Beyond Avocado Toast

Are you looking to eat healthier and have more energy? Small lifestyle changes—and changes to your plate—can make a big difference when it comes to eating healthier. Here are some ideas for swapping out your favorite salty or sweet snacks with healthy, protein-packed alternatives that can keep you full longer and contribute to overall good health.


For many, avocado toast has become the breakfast of choice because it is said to balance healthy fats with whole grain carbohydrates for lasting energy. Of course, there are other ways to satisfy your hunger when you’re in a hurry, such as frozen blueberries mixed with salted almonds. Sunflower butter spread on rice cakes is another tasty treat, or try spreading any soft cheese over cucumbers, green pepper slices, or whole grain crackers. Keeping plenty of healthy, easy-to-prep snacks onhand can help curb cravings, so you won’t find yourself reaching for those potato chips so quickly.


Create Perfect Popcorn

For another sweet and crunchy flavor combination, consider sprinkling cocoa powder over air-popped popcorn. Create a savory taste sensation by using parmesan cheese instead, or spice up your popcorn with chili powder. You can also replicate the unique taste of salt and vinegar potato chips by sprinkling airpopped corn with vinegar powder and sea salt. Other healthy and flavorful popcorn add-ons include truffle oil, melted goat cheese, or flavored olive oil.


Bake Green Beans for a Crunchy Snack


If you’re tired of kale chips, give another green veggie a chance in your oven. Rinse a batch of fresh green beans, snap off the ends, dip them in egg wash, then coat with your favorite seasoning, like parmesan cheese, sea salt, black ground pepper, garlic powder, even paprika. Bake at 400 degrees until crunchy.

Swap Out Ice Cream for a Healthier Sweet Treat


When you’re craving something cool and creamy, your mind may immediately go to ice cream or frozen yogurt. Instead, try layering Greek yogurt, flaxseed, and your favorite fruit in a mason jar to create a treat that’s even suitable to eat on the go. If the fruit doesn’t provide enough sweetness, add cinnamon, honey, or a touch of all-natural maple syrup. The flavor combinations are nearly endless.

Satisfy Both Salty and Sweet Cravings Cravings having you longing for a sweet and salty combo? Satisfy both with a fresh watermelon and feta salad. A cup of diced watermelon and two ounces of feta cheese drizzled with balsamic glaze and chopped basil contains vitamins, minerals and protein in a salty-sweet mix.


You don’t have to skip the snacks when you reach for a healthy option that will curb your cravings and leave you feeling satisfied. Try these five healthy treats that will change the way you look at snacking next time you feel the munchies coming on; you’d be surprised how small changes in habitual food choices can make a big difference. 11

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New Year, New You  

How to Stay Motivated to Work Out Genius Ideas to Fit in Mini Workouts 5 Healthy Treats That Will Change the Way You Look at Snacking

New Year, New You  

How to Stay Motivated to Work Out Genius Ideas to Fit in Mini Workouts 5 Healthy Treats That Will Change the Way You Look at Snacking