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At Sundance® Spas, we are delighted to help families reconnect, recover the body, and restore the spirit. Through our Good Cause Spas™ movement, we’re dedicated to partnering with worthy organizations that are helping our neighbors, heroes, and humanitarians experience the healing power of hydrotherapy. We believe in giving back to those who have given so much to their community and their country, and we’re proud to show our appreciation for their selfless service and spirit of giving.



Ian Chapman


Mischke Family


Hilton Family


Feel Good Moments When of our dealers, Mike Wiege of Spa Palace, began supporting WISH for OUR HEROES (W4OH) granting wishes with Sundance® spas, our overwhelming desire to help support the cause was a natural next step. We are proud to share that, to date, 15 dealers have become part of our exclusive “100 Tubs Club,” and 20 veterans and their families—100 people in all—have been given the life-changing gift of a spa.





Sundance® Spas takes pride on being a brand that is built on community and commitment. For decades, Sundance® dealers have built and maintained an excellent reputation that has shaped Sundance® Spas into what it is today. That’s why supporting WISH for OUR HEROES is the perfect fit for Sundance® Spas, helping generations of families come together after serving our country. Sundance® Spas donates a spa to WISH for OUR HEROES for every 100 Sundance® spas sold at each participating dealer location in a single calendar year. Sundance® Spas dealers have worked to meet their goal in order to give back to their local community and make a difference in a very deserving veteran’s life. We would like to celebrate and thank the dealers that helped contribute to this worthy cause and give back to those who give so much.



Pain Relief

Ian Chapman

Ian Chapman served as a fort observer for the Army which is classified as one of the most physically demanding positions to hold in the military. Routinely carrying equipment of up to 150 pounds, debilitating pain and injury became persistent. So, a regimen of medication and hospital visits was part of Ian Chapman’s weekly routine. But now with daily use of a Sundance® spa – sometimes multiple times per day – he has not only reduced his medication and eliminated frequent trips to the hospital, but has also improved his quality of life.

When he has flare-ups in his back, his muscles contract. He realized when he starts to have that contraction and the nerves start to flare up, if he goes and sits in hot water then he can


With the convenience of it at our house I am able to just go outside and sit in it. I can sit it in

maintain some mobility. With the spa I don’t think we’ve been to the hospital because we’ve

as long as I need to and it helps relieve the muscle spasms and strains in my back and body.

been able to stay proactive.

- Ian Chapman

- Sarah Stein 7

Family Time

Mischke Family

Darren Mischke not only battles the physical aftermath of two tours in Iraq on a daily basis, but also values the much-missed family together time with his wife and children. Several months of soaking in a Sundance® spa after deployment has greatly improved Mischke’s disposition while helping reduce his pain levels.


“It’ll help my back out and my legs. The spa feels good on a busy day or when you’re

“The spa has brought us closer together because the kids are choosing to hang out in the

tense it will help me with my muscles,”

spa versus play video games so that’s a huge benefit to us,”

- Darren Mischke

- Teresa Mischke 9

Connection and Renewal Hinton Family

With 21 years of military wear and tear on his body, daily morning body aches was Fred Hinton’s way of life. A Sundance® spa not only has helped this veteran renew his body, but also helps strengthen the Hinton family’s bond.

Being in the military for 21 years, your body takes a beating. You wear a lot of gear—sometimes it’s double your body weight. The spa has allowed me to take a little bit of the pressure off. My back feels good! - Fred Hinton 10


GOOD CAUSE ™ SPAS For more information on how you can help, visit

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Good Cause Spas™  

See how we give back to those who have given so much to their community and their country.

Good Cause Spas™  

See how we give back to those who have given so much to their community and their country.