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BUSINESS PROPOSAL Tour 115 - Entrepreneurship and Enterprise Development in Tourism

Espress-O Way Company Mission We are committed to serve the needs of our market by providing quality products and service towards continuous improvement, working in unison to ensure total customer satisfaction.

Objectives 1) To address the need of our target market. 2) To support local produce of coffee and cocoa. 3) To provide affordable, quality products. 4) To be a competitive coffee shop amidst the growing entrants in this industry. 5) To secure customer loyalty.

Company Strengths: a) The shop’s conceptualization is very market-oriented. It is believed that market-oriented strategic planning helps create marketers the excellent marketing strategy. Coffee shop industry, or most industry for that matter, is consumer dependent. Therefore, it is essential to put to careful consideration the voice of the market. b) There are no existing direct competitors (coffee shop) within the shop’s location. c) There is an evident need for a coffee shop in the shop’s area. Based on the market analysis conducted, students, who are the target market, look for cozy places to hangout and study. Basically, they themselves, especially dormers, would like to have a “coffee shop” be built in their area.

Value Propositions: • Student-friendly and student-oriented • Keeping local coffee and cocoa culture alive – SOCIAL SUSTAINABILITY • Personalized level of customer service

Benefits to the: Owner/ Investor The owner will get to earn profit. In a maximum span of 5 years have the returns from his investment, and gets to have a share in this profiting industry and hopefully establish his brand to secure his place in this competitive venture. Money saved is used for investment thus making money grow. Employees They are given the chance for a part-time or full-time employment. Hopefully aiding them for a better economic welfare by the salary they earn from rendering service to the business. Customers Customer needs are addressed by providing affordable, quality products, such that their money is given value. Customer care is delivered with utmost consideration with their total satisfaction.

Products and Pricing Strategies

*For more information please refer to our Album: Espress-O Way’s Menu

Plausible Market:

Anglo residents and other student-residents in nearby dormitories. Students from nearby schools


Marketing and Sales Strategies 1) Availability of Wi-Fi 2) One-sized drink, 12 oz for dine-ins, while 16 oz for take-outs to be sold at

the same price. The 12 oz container to be used is a ceramic ware for hot drinks, and glassware for cold drinks because the presentation of the drinks would add to the aesthetic value. This is wiser for dine-in, to reduce plastic cup usage, contributing ecologically. Meanwhile, 16 oz plastic cup will be used for take-outs. Through this we also give customer value to those who do take-outs, a strategy to suggest to some to just do take-outs so as to free up some space for other customers to seat in. Discount for a refill. To encourage a long-staying dine-in customer to buy another drink. For example, if the price of a chocolate drink and a coffee drink is P88 and P77 respectively, a refill would only cost P68 and P57. Available only for Hot Drinks.

3) “Treat a Friend” Promo

A market introduction and penetration promo. 2 free coupons worth P100 each will be given out to 130 lucky student-resident of Anglo. The first coupon will be for the student-resident, and the other coupon will be solely for his/her friend that he/she will bring along in the shop. This will start spreading the word about the shop, making the shop’s existence visible in the target market’s minds. 4) Flyers 5) Giveaway Pen

Pens with the coffee shop’s name/logo will be given away to firsttime customers. 150 – 250 pens will be given away until the supply runs out. Since students or any other people for that matter use pen, it is the best tangible promotional tool we could hand over. 6) Discussion Wall

Here latest issues in the country are discussed. Students are practiced to voice out their opinion, keeping them updated with current events. 7) Loyalty Cards

As early as the shop’s opening, customers must feel that their purchase are given value, thus encouraging repeat purchase and more importantly, customer loyalty. A cup of hot or cold coffee or chocolate drink of their choice will be given for free on their 5th purchase of a drink (meaning their 5th purchase is

for free), 10th purchase (starting the count back to one after they have availed of their free 5th purchase), 15th purchase (again, starting the count back to one after the free 10th purchase), and then the count begins back for the free 5th purchase of a drink, 10th, 15th then back to 5th again and so on. Just cyclical. 8) Limited Offers like “Drink of the Month” and “Treat of the Day” Purpose of the “Drink of the Month” is to present variety. It could be some variation on the mixes of the drinks currently offered, or a completely new fix. If the specific drink clicks, then it will be added on the menu list. “Treat of the Day”, for the customer side is a promo; to the shop’s side a way to supply management. Products that are rarely bought consequently have ingredients that are rarely used. Ingredients may spoil and be not fresh anymore. To avoid waste of ingredients and spoilage, goods that may fall under this description will be carefully picked, and will be sold half its regular price or just the cost of the ingredients used to make the good. 9) Feedback Sheets from customers 10)


Free deliveries for dormitories and residences within the location’s 50 m radius; other than that no delivery service. This way, the space that could have been taken by dropping by the shop could be given up to other possible customers.

Operations For all months except April and May (vacation months) Days Open: Mondays – Sundays Weekdays Operating Hours: 8am – 2am (18 hours) Weekends Operating Hours: 10am – 12am (14 hours) For the months of April and May Days Open: Mondays – Sundays Weekdays Operating Hours: 10am – 11pm (13 hours) Weekends Operating Hours: 12pm – 11pm (11 hours)

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