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4 Marriage Phases that make or break your Relationship Marriage is like an entrepreneur ship venture, An entrepreneur starts only with a vision in his mind and all the rest flows with the help, from different layers in the society, similarly any young couples start their life with a vision in their mind and help form their friends and relatives from the society. The entrepreneur has to play multiple roles during the formation of his company, He plays the role of manger, marketer and watchman of his company, like any new employee joining the organization He has to start his career and go through different phases of apprenticeship to reach his vision. A parallel analogy is drawn between different phases of organizational ownership and family ownership for easy understanding propose .(note the word he is not gender specific, this refers to either genders) According to the research carried out at , clinic with over 300 couples. The problems the couples undergo during their troubled relationship period can be classified into four phases 1 Marriage Apprenticeship phase (MAP) 2 Marriage probationary phase (MPP) 3 Marriage Employee phase (MEP) 4 Marriage ownership Phase (MOP) 1 MAP

(Marriage Apprenticeship phase)

MAP Marriage Apprentice /crazy hormones

Any qualified person with a technical skill can enter an organization as an apprentice. In other word he is a temporary employee of the organization .Similarly the couples get attracted to each other because they are qualified with "sex hormones " playing crazy with them.. The couple experience more a body relationship. Each person wants to have his major share of his hormone release. This period is more used for exploring the surface of each other. They are couples only for physical relationship .As an apprentice is blind about his future in the organization. Similarly the couples are blind about their future

in an institution called "Marriage" They are blind beyond a point. The couples are temporary employees working together for a salary called " hormone pleasure'. They may have enjoyed sex like any other animal. They might have be given birth to children, but still they are an island by themselves looking and working with selfish motives as their end Their only motto is take the maximum out of the other partner

MPP /if u cant why should I ?

2 (MPP) Marriage Probationary Phase The couples live beyond their sexual chemistry. They take responsibility, sharing and caring for each other. They always expect the other person to do the same. when the other partner doesn't reciprocate they withdraw. The relationship becomes purely transactional. An employee during probation period has enough time to decide to become a part of the organization culture or not. The focus of the couple is give and take but still it is conditional. Nay issue flares up the automatic thinking is “if you don’t do why should I do it?”

MEP/The more i give ,the more i get

3. MEPMarriageEmployeephase) During this period an employee gets an organization identity where he is declared as a permanent employee of the organization. His actives become more lovely. He also gets a status in the society. He start giving more for the organization to prove himself. Similarly the couple start giving more and more for each other, without any condition.. for various reasons they start owning the roles and start working for common goals of their family. They start believing in twin philosophy of understanding each other“ The More I give the more I get”

4 MOP(Marriage Ownership phase) By virtue of his

familiarity of the roles the employee becomes almost the watch man of the organization irrespective of the designation. Similarity the couples loving . giving and sharing’s becomes purely a primary nature of the couples. This period is highly unconditional without looking for any external reward. They have mastered all the above phases of transition. They look for inner satisfaction; they transform themselves as role model for the society .All the young couples who undergo pre marriage education at our place are taught this concepts which are clearly referred at the main focus is to move the couple’s relationship form transactional to transformational relationship (The author Dr P T sunderam is the leading online relationship psychologist of India helping the youth of the society for the past 10 years, he can be contacted on email )

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