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SUN CITY NEWS Thursday 27 March 2014

OUCH! Earlier this month, local surfer, 15 year old, Jake Pitcher was surfing at ‘locals’ with friends after school and while running along the beach to get his surfboard he tripped on something in the sand.

To his amazement, a length of 6mm galvanised rod had gone straight through the top of his foot and out the bottom, protruding approx 100mm. Bolt cutters were required to be able to get Jake in the car to hospital. Jake’s father, John, believes the metal rod came from a nearby dune rehabilitation area, where they are used to secure the matting to the ground and have a razor sharp edge. Somehow, some of these spikes have ended up on the beach, posing a significant safety risk. “My son spent the night in the hospital and required surgery. Luckily no tendons or nerves were damaged,” said Mr Pitcher. “I am bringing this to the attention of the local community, so no one else is hurt in this way, or worse. While walking my dog on Sunday morning I found two more of these objects in the same area.” The City of Wanneroo has been contacted for comment, but had not yet responded to a Sun City News media enquiry.


Cheeky On Tuesday 18 March, Australia Post advertised in two newspapers, that are not distributed in the Yanchep region, that they were proposing to decommission the street post box in the Yanchep National Park.

The region’s most popular newspaper The Sun City News is a newspaper that has served the local communities in the northern portion of the City of Wanneroo and across the Shire of Gingin since 1997. Our mission is to help build a better community through editorial leadership and to entertain and inform our readers. We are the only locally owned and operated independent newspaper in Yanchep. We are dedicated to the belief that a strong community newspaper is essential for a strong growing community. We exist to serve residents, local community groups and businesses, and ask for their support in return.

The ad states that Australia Post was undertaking a 30 days consultation process with the local community. The Sun City News was informed on Thursday 20 March that the post box was already gone.

The Sun City News is published every second Thursday, and live 24/7 online. By advertising in the Sun City News you are buying into an envied relationship we have within the business community and our readers.

From 31 March, Australia Post is putting up the cost of stamps by about 18 per cent.

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Fr o m t h e e d i t o r ’ s d e s k It is obvious the current West Australian planning process is deeply flawed - Residential estates are planned, approved and constructed with vital community infrastructure missing causing problems for new residents with local councils and state governments trying to catch up. Just about daily we hear that basic essential local community infrastructure has not been planned into new residential developments. Be it sporting facilities, a library, community centre, public transport, schools or child care

facilities, these facilities are five, ten or fifteen years behind the community moving in. State governments and local councils are continually playing catch up - The system has to be changed! New communities should expect to find basic community facilities included in the first stages of every new development and being constructed the same time as the first homes. It is my view, residential developers get off the hook too easily. They make many promises about ‘proposed facilities’, when in fact, they

should be compelled to provide these facilities from day one.

continue to make promises that rarely get delivered.

With developers compelled by law to provide these facilities, it takes the politics out of the issue, local communities have a true heart to start growing its community.

It’s time for change, but then where are the people to make these changes?

Take a look at the number of new residential estates that have sprung up over the past five years, then look at their community facilities - It is a disgrace! The State Government says it’s up to the local councils; councils complain they have to work within a budget, while developers

We need the politicians and councils to stand up to these developers and demand delivery of these facilities. Is it possible? I doubt it, too many politicians and councillors are receiving donations for their election campaigns from the same developers - There is the problem!

Durrs track blocked beach which have children playing. Just a bit of respect to the people who live nearby and deflate and inflate your tyres in the designated area or drive to the shops carpark.

Last Friday morning, without any notice, the Dewars ‘Durrs’ Beach access track was closed off. A number of different barriers were installed to restrict access and signage was installed to notify of the closure.

“Just maybe, this location could be still opened, you don't need to drive like you’re the only one out on the tracks.”

The key reason given for the closure of the track is the high risk of serious vehicle collisions, not only on the track, but also on the beach. A City of Wanneroo notice handed out by rangers at the closure site stated: “With a growing local population and an increasing numbers of families now using these beaches for swimming, four wheel driving can simply not continue.” Social media worked overtime over the weekend with the sudden closure. Ashley Pearce wrote on the Sun City News Facebook page: “That's not gonna stop people they can get in through Willbinga or 2 mins down the road.”

City of Wanneroo rangers and local police are patrolling the area regularly and have adopted a zero tolerance approach to anyone caught breaking the law.

Sean Young wrote: “Derrs is clearly a 4x4 area, if you can't get in their because your scared it's too unsafe then you shouldn't be driving a 4x4 anyway.

“You can't pull up anywhere up the Derrs track without finding s#*tloads of smashed beer bottles, etc, no need for it, take your s#*t with you so others can enjoy.”

Colin Moyle wrote; “Instead of putting a sign up, patrol it, provide bins and teach people respect for the environment so all can enjoy our coast.

“I'm more annoyed at the ferals from out of town that come up here to enjoy our beautiful piece of paradise, as we all should, but then they leave their s#*t everywhere.

Mitch Hawkins said: “Uncalled for from the council point, I have not heard about any accidents in those dunes and we go there all the time.”

Steve Lancaster said: “If only people could drive there 4x4s at a slower safe speed, take your rubbish home and slow down when approaching a group on the

Kathryn nominated Kathryn has provided students with greater career opportunities by establishing a program that offers Bachelor of Nursing students the option to obtain a Certificate III in Health Services Assistance or a Diploma of Enrolled Nursing via recognition of prior learning; giving students the opportunity to start their careers sooner and secure employment before graduating university.

Two Rock resident, Kathryn Schache, was a finalist in last Monday night’s West Coast Institute (WCI) Awards. Kathryn, a nursing lecturer, was nominated by her manager, Judith Peters, for the Trainer of the Year Award.

Kathryn’s students speak highly of her teaching style and her ongoing teaching style provides them with the best learning experience possible. Kathryn Schache told the Sun City News she has been at WCI for the past seven years and was surprised to have been nominated for such a prestigious award.

The City of Wanneroo web site states: “The City is also working with adjoining landowners and developers to ensure other access areas are monitored, and to educate drivers on relevant laws. “Later this month the City will invite public feedback as part of a community consultation process on the issue of off-road vehicle access.”

Status continued The Yanchep Satellite City Project first received Commonwealth Major Project Facilitation status in 2002, and was renewed in 2007, 2010 and 2013. The current status expires at the end of 2016. Major Project Facilitation status offers potential investors tailored facilitation services to address the nature and complexity of a project and improve the proponent's familiarity with the Australian Government and business environment including advice on necessary Government approvals as administered under Australian Government legislation. It also facilitates relationships between the proponent, key Australian state and territory government agencies involved in the approvals processes, and can provide assistance to proponents to consider and

respond to specific impediments or policy issues raised during the approvals process or during project development. Major Project Facilitation status aims to support projects that are expected to: boost Australian industry innovation; have significant net economic benefit for regional Australia, taking account of a region’s investment needs; and/or deliver a significant contribution to economic growth, exports, employment and/or infrastructure development. The granting of status does not bind either the Commonwealth or proponent to any particular action or outcomes; and does not endorse the project in anyway. To date, no local potential projects have advanced through the Commonwealth Major Project Facilitation program.

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Mailbox Mailbox gone The mailbox has gone from Yanchep park. I had to pay every time I posted a letter or get a pass for the year. Now I have to travel to St Andrews to post my mail. It’s getting further away, my friends don’t have computers. Constance Neave, via Facebook.

Lindsay homestead I thought you might be interested in the following information - The City of Wanneroo in its wisdom has finally decided to do something about removing the asbestos fibres from around the Mary Lindsay homestead. They removed the outside asbestos from the house some time again and have had a ‘temporary fence’, which has been knocked down for ages, around the house to prevent what, I don’t know. So last week they have started removing the dirt from around the homestead, erecting fencing at the road entrance to the poor excuse of a walkway, also erecting signs saying keep out due to asbestos removal. The same week they erected a lovely big expensive sign stating this was the ‘Beach Access’, which is ridiculous because they have put up other signs saying keep out.

4 n Sun City News n Thursday 27 March 2014

Now we local residents of Lindsay Beach can’t access the beach thru there, so we have to go up to the lookout access to get to the lagoon, or heaven forbid we might try to drive to the lagoon and take our chances on getting a parking bay. We have had to put up with the very unsafe ‘path’ which leads onto our lovely walkway to the beach, which in itself is ridiculous and it’s a wonder nobody has slipped on the slope of rocks because I have nearly gone over several times. My question is: Why didn’t they do all that they needed to do to the homestead before they put in the walkway to the beach? This would have allowed the whole thing to be completed in the natural order. It might make an interesting photo to see the two signs up together, remembering they were put up in the same week. Sharon Fiorentino, Yanchep.

Too noisy What is all the plane noise we in Yanchep are subjected to most days? The racket seriously affects the quality of life as the peace is shattered by the constant drone as the machine dives around. I am told, but do not know if it's the case, that it is just one person who takes people up in his plane.

Is he then running it as a business? If so, I cannot see how he has got licence to be up there so often. Surely it should be limited? I don't wish to rain on anyone's parade but it seems to be selfish behaviour with an element of, 'I'm all right Jack' about it. Can anyone shed some light on the culprit? David Lowndes, Yanchep.

It’s a joke What do we have to complain about? Came here for boating, can’t launch, wanted to fish and surf north, closed, business in town is dead, no. Nothing to complain about, just a joke that's all. Steve Lindau, via Facebook.

Clarity needed What gives rangers and police the right to close the Derrs track? Isn't it a licenced road now? The police seem to think they can drive up an down the track trying to catch people on dirt bikes and breathalysing drivers on the track. The smart thing to do would be open it back up to the public or your gonna get complaints about 4x4 drivers making new tracks and all the dirt bike riders are just going to ride on the streets, simple as that. Jed Lowry , via Facebook.

Shire welcomes dentist He is very passionate about dentistry and has a special interest in dental surgery. He has also been a tutor for dental students at the Oral Health Centre of Western Australia over the past few years. Dr Barron said: “My current practice is a family orientated one servicing children to seniors, all with a broad spectrum of dental needs. This is what I’m hoping to achieve at the Gingin Dental Clinic, servicing the entire community with the highest quality of care for each individual patient.” The Shire of Gingin has welcomed Dr Jonathan Barron, who will soon be providing his dental services to the region. Dr Barron currently owns the Beaumaris Dental Clinic in Ocean Reef where he has built up the practice over the past eight years.

Dr Barron aims to have his Gingin practice up and running by early May. Dr Barron is looking forward to forging long term relationships with the Gingin community by providing outstanding dental services to every patient.

Don’t become a victim

Change your smoke alarm battery this April - More than 12,000 residential home fires were attended to by Fire and Emergency Services throughout Australia in 2013 - Smoke alarms provide an essential early warning, and time to evacuate safely – but only if they work. Throughout April, the Australian Fire and Emergency Services together with Duracell, is urging all Australians to change their smoke alarm batteries.

Paul Swain, national spokesperson for Fire and Rescue, said: “As a fire fighter I see a devastating number of house fires every year and unfortunately, not everyone gets out alive. Smoke alarms save lives by providing a critical early warning and can give you time to evacuate safely – but only if they work. “We’re working with long term campaign sponsors Duracell to continue encouraging Australians to change their smoke alarm battery this coming April. “We recommend using long-lasting 9V alkaline batteries to ensure year round protection.”

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Join the Great Cocky Count The sixth Great Cocky Count (GCC), WA’s biggest survey for Carnaby’s Black-Cockatoo, will be held on 6 April 2014. During this annual communitybased survey, volunteers count Carnaby’s at night-time roost sites across the southwest, from Geraldton to Esperance, on a single night in April. The 2014 GCC will also count red-tailed black cockatoos. A key aim of the GCC is to survey as many roost sites as possible. They need your help to make the 2014 GCC the most comprehensive survey ever.

So how do you count the cockatoos? You arrive at a registered survey site 30 minutes before sunset and count the cockatoos as they fly into their night-time roosting trees. You record your count on a survey sheet and continue counting until 30 minutes after sunset. The 2014 survey is on Sunday 6 April, from 5.30pm to 6.30pm. The numbers of Carnaby’s Black Cockatoo has decreased by nearly 50 per cent since 1970. Birdlife Australia, the Great Cocky Count organisers don’t have an accurate estimate of how many remain in the wild.

The GCC is a survey where volunteers go to registered sites and count all the cockatoos roosting in trees at those sites. The GCC helps determine if there has been a change in numbers from previous years, and identifies habitat that is important to the cockatoos. To find out more about this survey, or to be part of roost surveys, contact Hugh Finn, Great Cockatoo Count coordinator, BirdLife Australia, on or call 9287 2251 or 0400 177 615.

Developer responds Following on from the City of Wanneroo’s response to maintenance issues in some of the new estates, Acumen Development Solutions for Capricorn Yanchep provided the following response about maintenance in their developments: “The streetscape maintenance for the areas within Capricorn Yanchep that are currently the responsibility of the developer (Capricorn Village Joint Venture) are maintained under a regular maintenance program by contractors appointed and co-ordinated by the project management team. “These areas are regularly inspected by the project team and are well presented.”

Jarrod Rendell, principal for Acumen Development Solutions told the Sun City News: “We will continue to work closely with the City of Wanneroo to ensure the more established areas of the community are also looked after appropriately and welcome the recent direction given to their contractors to improve the established streetscapes, including the areas around Lindsay Beach Boulevard where residents have had some recent concerns. In the end, the presentation of the community is a shared responsibility amongst the residents, developer and council.”

Earth Hour and outdoor movie at Brighton

The Brighton Outdoor Movie Night is back again, and is set to be bigger and better than ever before as it coinciding with the largest global movement to target climate change – Earth Hour.

There will be market stalls including gifts, glow sticks, face painting as well as free children's activities and food and drinks for purchase before the animated family film Rio hits the big screens at 7pm.

The Earth Hour Movie Night at Brighton this Saturday night at Brampton Park and will be one of hundreds of events happening across the world.

Satterley Property Group is partnering with Rotary Club of Mindarie and ENACTUS ECU along with major sponsors City Of Wanneroo, Satterley Property Group and Ocean Keys Shopping Centre to bring the community this free event.

Come along to this free community event and be part of the solution while enjoying free all the activities.

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Bethanie couple Platinum anniversary On 25 March, John and Betty Church, residents of Bethanie Beachside, celebrated their 70th wedding anniversary. The spritely couple, originally from the UK, came to Perth in 1958 with their three eldest children on the P&O liner, Strathnaver. Their family has since grown to five children, 12 grandchildren and nine great grandchildren. John, now 89, was a motor mechanic by trade before training as a pilot with the RAF during World War II, while Betty, now 88, kept continually busy with part time work with the Red Cross and Myer. Betty later ran a fruit and veg store in Mullaloo before her and John sold it to buy and completely renovate a cottage in Quinninup.

One of the couple’s favourite memories during their life in Australia has been a long trip across the Nullabor in a caravan with their five children. When asked what their secret is for a happy marriage, the couple agreed, “You have to row the boat together.” Kerryn Monger, Chaplain at Bethanie Beachside said: “John and Betty came to live at Bethanie Beachside earlier this year and have already made a big impact on the village. “We’re honoured to be spending this fantastic milestone with them and wish them many more exciting memories together.” The Churchs’ celebrated their platinum anniversary with a family gathering at their favourite local restaurant.

If you are celebrating a milestone wedding anniversary or birthday, send your photos and details to the The Sun City News continues to provide the most comprehensive local news coverage possible. Sun City News editor, Terry Loftus said: “I welcome all readers contributions, local communities want to read about what’s happening in their region, at their local school or church. “I feel it is important to keep the local newspaper as a true local Covering local news, local issues, local photos, supporting local businesses and employing local people. “If you need help putting your local news article together, call me, I’m available to help.”

Why don’t they answer my call? In the first three months of this year, the Sun City News has received over 50 phone calls from irate residents from across the region, stating they can’t get in contact with their local councillor or politician. The Sun City News can confirm that, at times some councillors and politicians can be difficult to contact. Equally, some politicians are very easy to contact, for example state member, John Quigley avails himself and respond to enquirers’ calls very quickly. The major difference between state politicians and elected councillors, a state member is a full time position with an official office and support staff. Elected local government councillors are usually business people, farmers, retirees and their election to a local government authority becomes a ‘second job’ where they do what they can, when they can; and receive a remuneration for their efforts. At the City of Wanneroo, elected councillors receive $30,000 plus expenses per year, for each of the four years they are elected for. Shire of Gingin, councillors receive around $8000 per annum. Within the local government authorities, each elected councillor usually devotes as much time as they possible can, outside their employment and family life. It would be expected that if anyone stands for a public position, such as a elected councillor, they are prepared to make themselves available to the local community, ratepayers and voters. Unfortunately, under the current local government structure there is no mechanism for the general public to lodge a complaint about their local councillor, unless it is a serious offence that would attract the interests of the Corruption and Crime Commission. Over the past five years, the City of Wanneroo’s North Ward has gone from two councillors living in Yanchep/Two Rocks, to none after last year’s election - Many residents are finding this difficult to deal with. With less and less residents being able to attend local community meetings, the opportunity to meet their ward councillors are reduced. Then there are many local groups who haven’t seen their local member for a considerable period of time. Starting next month, in the next issue of the Sun City News, a column will commence - Council Corner. This column will avail itself to local government councillors to submit their items of interest for the local community. Equally, the Sun City News invites local residents and ratepayers correspondence about their dealing with their elected representatives. Send your contribution to, please include your name, address and phone number. No anonymous correspondence will be accepted or published. 8 n Sun City News n Thursday 27 March 2014

Regan wins championship

Coffee van dilemma

In early March, Two Rocks teenager, Regan Davis went to Esperance to compete in the ‘2014 South East Open Soapbax Championships’ organised by Esperance Soapbox Club. After a weekend of hard work and tough racing, Regan was crowned the winner of the championships.

The Stray Cat mobile coffee van has proven to be popular with passing traffic selling coffee from their van in early January, initially at a truck stop on Indian Ocean Drive, and recently on Marmion Avenue in Alkimos.

Soapboxing was a sport developed over 50 years ago designed to be a cheaper and easier alternative to gokarting.

Main Roads WA and two local councils, Shire of Gingin and City of Wanneroo, have been issuing warnings to cease trading. Main Roads would not permit this commercial activity at the truck stop on Indian Ocean Drive, while the local government authorities state the vendor requires a valid stallholder’s permit.

Nowadays, the soapboxes have been developed into aerodynamic vehicles that travel up to 110km/h with fibreglass bodies, magnesium alloy rims and silicone nitrate bearings. Fifteen year old, Regan has been a member of the Perth Soapbox Club for the past six years. He currently has the fastest senior soapbox in WA. The Esperance Soapbox track is the longest and considered one of the hardest tracks in the country. Regan found it very difficult to steer with the road chewing up his tyres. He was not expected to win the race as other competitors had additional advantages, such as more body weight and faster tyres.

Article and photos submitted by Regan’s sister Teka Davis

Although it was very competitive, Regan still managed to beat the other soapboxes by mere centimetres. Contrary to most of the other competitors, Regan works on his own soapbox. He ensures his soapbox is in excellent condition before every race by rinsing and lubricating his bearings, pumping up his tyres to the right pressure and cleaning out the stones and debris from the track.

Regan Davis said: “There are many reasons why I race. I do it for the speed, the excitement and the fact that if you do start to lose control, that’s it, you're gone. “The real lure for me is the progression and the feeling of accomplishment you get when you finally achieve something. “Winning the championship did not seem much of a reality in the build up to Esperance

and my aim for the weekend was to finish in the top four. “Over the course of the weekend, I started to see signs of some real speed.” Regan’s car was proven to be the quickest at the meet. Regan said: “It’s back to the drawing board to prepare to defend my championship. The car is now going under the knife to make room for some new technologies.”

Stray Cat owner, Lyndsay Bennett, said he did not understand why his business was not permitted, while the Driver Reviver caravan had been allowed to park at the same spot on Indian Ocean Drive. “They cited that it’s actually a safety issue, but many a truck driver have said it’s the best truck access and egress there,” he said. “The government spends a lot of money trying to combat driver fatigue.” Main Roads said the department did not have the power to allow commercial enterprises to sell coffee or other refreshments on some of the main country highways, as no process currently existed to allow it to happen safely. Mr Bennett has attended local council meetings recently in an attempt to try and keep his business alive and viable.

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New Ocean Keys now open The first stage of extensions of the Ocean Keys Shopping Centre, Clarkson was opened for trading last weekend. After nearly 14 months of development, the first stage of a two-year $105 million development is now open, which includes a new undercover car park, more than 30 stores including JB Hi-Fi, The Body Shop, House, Priceline, Michael Hill, Angus & Coote and Boost Juice. The second and final stage of Ocean Keys will feature a new Target, Coles, Kmart, Woolworths and more than 120 shops and services should be open by late 2014. Ocean Keys Development Manager, Jennifer Berrigan, said it was exciting to see the new stores open at Ocean Keys. “After nearly 14 months of development, which has already seen the impressive new undercover car park open in December, It was

brilliant to see stores such as JB Hi-Fi, The Body Shop, House, Priceline Pharmacy, Michael Hill, Adairs and Boost Juice welcome customers at Ocean Keys,” said Ms Berrigan. “The new Ocean Keys Shopping Centre offers our customers a modern and convenient shopping experience that features an exciting range of well-known national brands, as well as local, independent retailers,”

Last weekend saw celebrations such as free craft activities, roving entertainers, face painting, balloons and a range of giveaways and free gifts. The celebrations don’t stop there with Ocean Keys giving customers the change to win prizes over the next few weeks by shopping at the new centre. The centre’s car parks includes the convenience of Park Assist technology, and

the majority of parking bays will be undercover or shaded. The Ocean Keys development is part of AMP Capital Shopping Centres’ $2.8 billion development pipeline which also includes redevelopments at Macquarie Centre in Sydney and Pacific Fair on the Gold Coast. For more information about the redevelopment at Ocean Keys or for what happening at Ocean Keys Shopping Centre visit

Congratulations to top achieving Cub and Scouts from the Gingin and certificates at a function at Government House. Chief Commissioner of Scouts, Larry Lucas, and Minister for Community Services, Seniors and Volunteering and Youth, Tony Simpson, presented the awards. Both Heath and Kate’s families attended this very special occasion.

Do you know someone special? The Sun City News is asking readers to nominate local people to be featured in a new column starting soon. Lauren Ball, Heath Taylor and Kate Passmore have achieved the highest award that can be earned within the scouting movement. Lauren Ball set her goals high and pushed herself over the last three years to achieve the Grey Wolf Award in Cubs. Lauren received her Grey Wolf Award with many other cubs at the Morley Recreation Centre with her parents, and sister, Aimee.

10 n Sun City News n Thursday 27 March 2014

Heath and Kate started scouts together and right from the very beginning they decided that they would be pushing each other along to achieve the highest award that they could get within the scouting section that being the Australian Scout Medallion. With the Australian Scout Medallion only 10 per cent of all scouts go on to achieve this award.

Heath and Kate had received their Grey Wolf award in the cubs, now they have both gone on to Venturers and hopefully heading towards their Queen Scout Award. Over the last three years they have been working to complete all sections of their green record book, which has proved to be quite challenging at times. Heath and Kate were presented their medallions

Do you know someone who has a special story to tell, or has achieved something special? Then why not nominate them to the Sun City News, contact Terry on 9561 2500 or terry@, outlining a few details about your nominee, don’t forget to include their contact details. Look out for the first feature starting in late April.

Beachside blocks released - page 3

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12 n Sun City News n Thursday 27 March 2014


Capricorn release beachside blocks

Capricorn Yanchep’s latest release featuring 66 new lots is great news for buyers looking for a coastal lifestyle.

we’ve previously experienced for land this close to the beach and we don’t expect these blocks will last long.”

Situated in the estate’s Beachside precinct, just 500 metres from the ocean and next to a future three-hectare park, the blocks in the Seaside release start from $213,000 and range in size from 352sqm to 620sqm.

“Offering beachside living that can enjoyed every day of the year, these lots will appeal to a range of buyers eager to buy into an established and award winning estate where everything you need is already on the doorstep.”

Not only will purchasers secure a fantastic coastal lifestyle, but they’ll also enjoy the many amenities that have made Capricorn Yanchep such a sought after address, says Jarrod Rendell, Project Director for Capricorn Yanchep. “There’s no need to wait for facilities to arrive at Capricorn Yanchep. Everything you need is already here,” Mr Rendell said. “Combine this with the strong demand

Named the nation’s Best Residential Development for 2013 by the Urban Development Institute of Australia (UDIA), Capricorn Yanchep is a thriving community that already offers schools, shops, coastal boardwalks and wellestablished parks with mature trees and lush lawns to play on. The vibrant mix of new and established amenities includes the new Woolworths at

Yanchep Central, the recently opened Yanchep Beach Primary School and a host of community attractions, including a tennis court, footy goals, walkways and public art installations to enjoy. Yanchep Lagoon, one of the area’s top natural attractions, is just a few minutes drive away. There are popular fishing, sailing, surfing and diving spots along the coastline, and Yanchep National Park and Sun City Country Club are just a stone’s throw away. “The unbeatable mix of existing amenities, the beachside location and the active lifestyle on offer will once again prove a big drawcard for people looking for a friendly beachside community they can quickly feel a part of,” Mr Rendell said.

Construction work on the Seaside release has already begun and titles are expected to be available in September this year. The lots will be adjacent to a centrepiece park that will be created amongst established trees on more than three hectares of land. All homes at Capricorn Yanchep are designed in line with the estate’s guidelines, which gives buyers confidence in the quality of the development while reflecting the coastal location. For more information, phone Tina Sherrie Jones on 9561 6018, visit the web site: or call into their sales office.

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Bold and beautiful

If you're in the market for a quality, modern home that has had all the hard work done for you - You've just found it. This immaculate In Vogue built, ex-display double storey residence screams luxury and is waiting for it's lucky new owner to possess the keys. Located in the premium and highly sought after private beachside estate of Jindalee, This luxurious 280 square metre build is perfect, conveniently located close to all amenities: Doctors surgery, gym, food outlets, hairdressers, Coles and the beautiful Jindalee foreshore. Downstairs is home to many different zones. A generous sized theatre and, great sized study and a plentiful open plan living area and an extra large alfresco perfect for entertaining the family. The designer kitchen is the real drawcard to this home. Complimented by the light and spacious living/dining room, the kitchen features a gourmet island kitchen

with Askalan bench tops, overhead cupboards, Blanco S/S appliances, range hood, integrated microwave and space for double fridge. The king-sized master bedroom has an abundance of robe space and is tastefully finished. The open en-suite is complete with an extra large shower, double vanities, feature lighting, huge mirrors and a separate W/C. With three additional double bedrooms upstairs, one of which has a semi ensuite (perfect for guests). All bedrooms feature built in robes. Professionally designed front and rear landscaping compliments the bold and modern aesthetics of this home. Call Chris Minchinton or Josh Douglas from Professionals Northern Coast to arrange an inspection. Address: 23 Jindalee Blvd, Jindalee. Asking price: from $895,000. Phone: 9562 2888.

Big seaside stunner

This gorgeous super sized near new four bedroom, two bathroom residence with so many extras is situated in the upmarket Yachting Village. With a wonderful big open plan design, plus theatre and activity rooms, attractive decor, beautiful porcelin tiling, carpets and drapes. The huge glamour kitchen with Essa stone tops, stainless steel appliances, plus endless cupboard and bench space. All the bedrooms are queen size with robes, the master ensuite has his and hers vanities. Large outdoor alfresco entertaining area with cafe blinds over looks nice established gardens. There is an extra big double garage, a huge 18 metre long high roofed carport with all the side access you could ever want. Extensive hard stand areas gives you the

freedom to park so many vehicles, plus there is a separate free standing 7m x 7m workshop with 3 phase power at rear. The presentation of this home is truly amazing and will surely satisfy even the most meticulous of buyers. Call Craig Hoskins from L J Hooker Two Rocks on 0414 473 360 to arrange an inspection of the great family home. Address: 50 Whetherley Drive. Two Rocks. Asking price: From $695,000. Agent: L J Hookers Two Rocks, Shop 13, 10 Enterprise Avenue, Two Rocks. Phone: 9561 1207.

Live on golf course

Step inside this gated community and enjoy all the amenities on offer. There is a below ground swimming pool with a shaded BBQ area plus the use of the tennis court. Overlooking the driving range of the Yanchep Golf Course is this private three bedroom, two bathroom, Dale Alcock built home.Spacious Master bedroom with ensuite and walk in robe plus minor bedrooms are double size and also have built in robes and the main bathroom is a convenient semi ensuite. The lounge room to the front of the home is perfect for some quiet time plus there is an open plan family and dining room to the rear of the home which has lovely views out to the golf course. The kitchen is central to the home and offers stone bench tops and ample cupboard space with a dishwasher and double fridge recess. There is an external store room for the bikes etc as well as a double garage with automatic roller door. 14 n Sun City News n Thursday 27 March 2014

The paved alfresco completes this wonderful lifestyle and is perfect to enjoy breakfast lunch and dinner overlooking the golf course. This property is ideal for downsizer retirees or young couples seeking low maintenance and easy lifestyle with resort facilities. Minutes away from the iconic Yanchep lagoon, Historic Yanchep National Park, Yanchep Central Shopping Centre and Two Rocks Marina. Call Tracy Ewins on 0449 074 270, or Kellie Penton 0417 945 462, from Ray White Sun City to arrange an inspection. Address: 26/146 St Andrews Drive, Yanchep. Asking price: $439,000 to $449,000. Agent: Ray White Sun City - Yanchep 1/99 Lindsay Beach Boulevard, Yanchep. Phone: 9561 6400

Today’s women

Health, Beauty & Wellbeing

The 2014 flu vaccine Research shows the influenza vaccine can also protect against heart attacks. Given that ischaemic heart disease is the leading cause of illness and death in the world, the impact of influenza vaccine in preventing heart attacks could be significant on a population level.

Influenza affects up to 15 per cent of adults and 30 per cent of children each flu season and early indications suggest we could be facing a severe season. The 2014 seasonal influenza vaccination is available now. So, what strains does it protect against and who should be vaccinated?

The 2014 flu season

What is influenza? Influenza is a serious viral illness that causes 1,500 to 3,500 deaths in Australia each year from complications such as pneumonia and secondary bacterial infections.

additional influenza B strain. There are two major circulating lineages of influenza B, and research shows that the TIV matches the circulating B strain only 50 per cent of the time. As such, the QIV offers greater protection against influenza B.

There are two major types in humans – influenza A and influenza B, with the A strain causing more severe disease. Influenza B, however, causes a disproportionate amount of illness in children. The virus also has many animal hosts including birds, pigs and horses. Genetic mixing between human and animal strains can cause new pandemic strains, to which humans have little or no preexisting immunity. This susceptibility gives rise to rapid spread, high rates of illness and more severe disease. Once new strains emerge in humans, they become established as seasonal variants in the population and tend to cycle over the years, with different strains dominating each year. The seasonal flu viruses we see now were once pandemic strains.

Seasonal vaccination Seasonal influenza viruses mutate continually, so the vaccine needs to be updated annually to match the expected strains. The commonly used vaccine (trivalent, inactivated influenza vaccine or TIV) covers three strains: two types of influenza A and a single influenza B strain. Protection is strainspecific, so the vaccine will generally only provide good protection against the included strains.

Should I get vaccinated?

Each year the World Health Organization evaluates the data on circulating viruses and decides on which strains should be covered in the vaccine. Influenza is, however, unpredictable, and sometimes a strain which is not covered in the vaccine can emerge during the flu season. In 2014 the vaccine includes: an A/California/7/2009 (H1N1) pandemic 2009-like strain (similar to swine flu); an A/Texas/50/2012 (H3N2)-like strain; and a B/Massachusetts/2/2012-like strain. Influenza vaccine is an inactivated product, so it cannot cause the flu. The vaccines are safe and effective, although one brand, Fluvax, is not approved for children under the age of five years because of an increased risk of febrile seizures. There is now a quadrivalent influenza vaccine (QIV) available, which has the same strains as the trivalent plus protection against an

The government recommends, and funds, the influenza vaccination for all people aged 65 years and older, Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people aged 15 years or older, pregnant women and anyone over six months of age with a medical condition that predisposes to complications of influenza. These conditions include heart disease, respiratory disease, chronic illnesses including diabetes, kidney disease, asthma, immunosuppression and chronic neurological conditions. Children on long-term aspirin therapy should also be vaccinated. Pneumonia is a common complication of influenza, so people in these at-risk groups, along with infants and over-65s, are also recommended to have the pneumococcal vaccine. The rates of influenza vaccination for people aged 65 years and over are high, but people aged less than 65 years with medical risk factors are less likely to be vaccinated. Only 30-50 per cent of people with risk factors get vaccinated each year.

We often see the strain that dominated in the northern hemisphere in DecemberJanuary appear in our winter. The major circulating strain in the United States this past winter was the pandemic H1N1 (swine flu) strain, which has a different pattern to usual seasonal influenza, in that it affects people aged 24 to 64 years more than people at the extremes of age. Usually, other strains of seasonal influenza affect the extremes of age most – the very young and the very old. Others who are more at risk with the pandemic H1N1 are pregnant women, people who are obese, and Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people. Flu seasons typically cycle between mild and severe epidemic years. The last severe influenza season in Australia was in 2009, the year of the pandemic swine flu, and we’ve have had mild to moderate flu seasons since. This, coupled with the fact we’ve had an early start to the flu season in 2014, with higher case numbers compared to the same time in previous years, suggests we could have a severe season in 2014. Anyone in the groups recommended for vaccination on the National Immunisation Program schedule should get vaccinated as soon as possible. Source: Professor Raina MacIntyre, Head of the School of Public Health and Community Medicine at University of New South Wales, for The Conversation.

Today’s women

Type 2 diabetes Type 2 diabetes usually first appears in middle-aged or e l d e r l y

p e o p l e , although it is now occurring with increasing frequency in younger people, including children. In this type, the pancreas produces some insulin, but it's not as much as your body needs and typically cells do not respond properly to the insulin. It happens slowly and insidiously, and a person can have diabetes for many years without knowing it. In Australia, it's been estimated that more than one million people have type 2 diabetes, and about half of them are unaware of it. But it's been shown that up to 60 per cent of cases of type 2 diabetes can be prevented. People who are overweight are particularly likely to develop type 2 diabetes. It tends to run in families and in Australia, it is more common in Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders, Pacific Islanders, Asian Indians, Chinese and people from the Middle East than in Australians of European origin. Indigenous Australians have one of the highest rates of type 2 diabetes in the world. People with type 2 diabetes may have it for many years before they first develop the classic symptoms of thirst, frequent passing of urine, hunger and weight loss. But while it's less dramatic in onset than type 1 diabetes, its effects can be just as serious over time. This is because high blood glucose levels can cause all sorts of damage to body tissues and organs. n Poor healing. Infections are more likely, they last longer and are more difficult to treat. Skin wounds and ulcers form more easily and take longer to heal. n Atherosclerosis. This is narrowing and hardening of the arteries, and people with diabetes are especially prone to it. It can cause heart attacks, strokes and peripheral vascular disease (poor circulation to legs and feet). n Small artery disease. Diabetes causes a special type of disease of very small arterial vessels (the microcirculation) that affects important organs – especially the kidneys, the retina (the light-sensitive part of the back of the eye) and the nerves. Blindness, kidney failure and peripheral neuropathy (disease of nerves causing paralysis and loss of sensation) are common in advanced diabetes Whether, and how fast, these complications develop is in direct proportion to how long a person has had the disease, and how poorly controlled the blood glucose levels have been. Smoking, high blood pressure and cholesterol, and a heavy alcohol intake can all accelerate these complications.

Appointments call Donna on

9561 6336 or 0403 768 933 4 Foreshore Vista,Yanchep

Thursday 27 March 2014 n Sun City News n 15

Local Dining & Entertainment

Local news from the locals Great photo

Eglington resident, Brenda Brown, snapped this great photo on her mobile phone during last Friday’s lightening storm.

Can you help? Last Sunday morning (23 March) a residential home in the Wilson Place/Gage Road area in Two Rocks was broken into between 8.00am and 10.00am. Items stolen include: iPad, a safe containing, passport, foreign money, documents, and sentimental jewellery including a gold chain and other items. A suspicious person was seen in Gage Road around the same time, carrying a pillow case stuffed with items. If anyone saw anything suspicious can they contact Police on 131 444 or Yanchep police station on 9562 9300.

16 n Sun City News n Thursday 27 March 2014

You will see this police car over Easter

Easter is just around the corner and WA police will be aout and about blitzing various regions. Highway patrol vehicles will be regularly patrolling Yanchep and Two Rocks especially Marmion Ave, Wanneroo Road, Indian

Ocean Drive and Two Rocks Road, all hours of the day and night. Police are reminding everyone to ensure their form of transport is well maintained for the Easter break.

Photo workshops Over the upcoming school holidays, the City of Wanneroo gives you a chance to look behind your camera lens with some photography workshops. The workshops offer a great opportunity to capture that perfect picture to enter in the Youth Photography Exhibition the City of Wanneroo will host throughout June. The workshop costs $15 per person, bookings are required. Bring your own camera or borrow one for the day. To find out more information about the City of Wanneroo school holiday activities planned contact Youth Services on 9405 5600.

April school holiday activities for our kids The Yanchep National Park is hosting activities in both the first and second week of the upcoming April school holidays. There will be two Adventure Caving sessions on Thursday 17 April, the first from 10.30am aimed at kids aged eight to 10 years and the 1.00pm session is suited for 10 to 14-year-olds. On Wednesday 23 April, children aged three to six years can discover the magic of Yanchep’s caves in ‘Enchanted Environment’.

The ‘Discovering the Six Seasons’ will venture into Aboriginal culture and how local Noongar people used the changing of their six seasons to hunt for food. ‘Star Swamp’ hosts two sessions on Wednesday 16 April, including Where’s Wallaby? which is suitable for four to seven-year-olds and ‘Aliens in the Bush’ for eight to 13-year-olds. The Australian bushland is under threat from introduced species and this activity allows kids to find out how

they got there and what the consequences for our bushland are. Bookings are essential, contact Nearer to Nature on 9295 2244.

Holiday Fun at AGWA As part of the Perth Heritage Festival, The Art Gallery of WA will be hosting a range of fun activities for families, using art to enrich your historical knowledge of Perth from Sunday 13 April through to Sunday 27 April.

Local Dining & Entertainment

Local news from the locals Great photo

Beach problems

These two photos highlight some of the issue occurring along our northern coastline.

Yanchep artist and photography enthusiast, Angie Beck, submitted this great photo of the Yanchep Lagoon on a perfect Sunday morning.

4WDers think they can simply ignore signage and regulations. These vehicles had to drive past

Market Day and Car Boot Sale The Yanchep Lions’ Market Day is combining with the Yanchep Two Rocks Recreation Association’s Car Boot Sale on Sunday 6 April, behind the IGA Supermarket at Two Rocks, to provide the community and visitors with one big event. If you want to be part of the car boot sale, bays cost only $8 each and can be booked by contacting Pamela on 9561 1623. The combined Market and Car Boot Sale day has several new stallholders attending. including fashion, jewellery, architectural antiques and more.

4WD issues up and down the coast

the No 4WD signs to get bogged in the estuary. These thrill seekers need to take their 'good, clean family fun' to the approved 4WD areas.

The day’s fun and sales start at 8.00am, buyers are free and local buskers are welcome. If your community group is holding a market day or car boot sale, let the Sun City News know, email your event details to or phone 9561 2500. On Sunday 20 April the Woodridge community will be holding their annual Easter Market day. The market starts at 8.00am, so be early to grab a great bargain.

Members of the Seabird community are concerned about the latest damage to their coastline, beach and beach access after the recent landslides with the change of weather - The Sun City News understands Shire of Gingin officers have attended and are preparing a report. Meanwhile local residents are gravely concerned about the future of their coastline.

Thursday 27 March 2014 n Sun City News n 17

Colourful cast in Senate election On Saturday 5 April, WA election weary voters face a choice of 77 candidates in a rerun of the Western Australian Senate ballot that could determine the shape the Abbott government’s first term. The extra ordinary poll has been forced on voters because of the astonishing bungle after last September’s general election in which 1375 ballot papers were somehow lost. The WA Senate rerun has now taken on far more importance than just a simple election of six members for the upper house. It has become an early referendum on the gathering ambitions of the new Coalition government and the effectiveness of the Labor opposition just getting up off the mat. And its outcome could complicate even further the jumble of minor party and independent senators sitting on the upper house crossbench who will determine the fate of every piece of government legislation opposed by Labor and the Greens. This crucial verdict is being cast by a state which covets its otherness and distance from Australia’s eastern seaboard, reminding those ‘over east’ that its capital city is closer to Jakarta than Canberra. It is also a state that has had a very different recent economic experience than the rest of the country, with the mining investment boom, now coming to

that gave us the assorted crossbench elected in the general election, a system that allows obscure parties to get elected on a tiny number of votes, which has been widely criticised and is now subject to a parliamentary inquiry. It makes the final seat almost impossible to predict. At a very long shot PUP preferences could even see the Help End Marijuana Prohibition party (Hemp) get elected.

an end, trucking in riches but also a higher cost of living and stretched public services. But if the WA Senate rerun is a referendum on the Coalition’s polarising resolve to be a freemarket, low taxes, no hand-outs, more logging, we’re-not-doingmuch-about-this-theory-calledclimate-change-we’re all-about-economic-growth kind of administration, the west may just be the polarised kind of place to cast that verdict. It has, after all, given us mining billionaire, Gina Rinehart, who, with her personal wealth of almost $20 billion, has criticised ‘the left’ for advocating welfare policies Australia simply could not afford, and warned Australians they are competing with countries that offer $2 an hour wages. On the other hand, the celebrated author, Tim Winton, believes the prosperity of his state’s mining boom has bred ‘a certain

18 n Sun City News n Thursday 27 March 2014

smugness that has paralysed parts of the communal brain’. And it has elected Greens senator, Scott Ludlam, now once again facing the voters, whose recent speech, in which he declared it was wrong for Australia to act as though his state was ‘just Gina Rinehart’s inheritance, to be chopped, benched and blasted’, has been viewed on YouTube more than 793,000 times. Observers, including the ABC’s Antony Green and the Truthseeker blog, believe the Coalition will win three of the six seats, Labor another two and that the sixth seat will be fought out between the Greens and the Palmer United Party or the Nationals. One of the biggest questions about this Senate election is just how many of the 77 candidates do you know? The Senate uses a complicated system of distributing preferences

Perhaps the Senate could get more wacky after all. And that unpredictable final seat will write the last and crucial chapter of this somewhat fantastic electoral story. The choice of candidates for Western Australia's Senate election re-run was not as large as first thought, with 77 candidates nominating. The Australian Electoral Commission says it expected 100 candidates to nominate, but the number is a record for the state. The parties represented include the Socialist Alliance, Rise Up Australia, the Sex party, the Shooters and Fishers, the Animal Justice party, the Outdoor Recreation party and the Smokers Rights party. Euthanasia advocate Dr Philip Nitschke is also standing, as are former ABC Perth personalities Russell Woolf and Verity James, who intend to run on a Save Our ABC ticket.

After enrolments closed, 1,480,303 West Australians are eligible for the ballot. The number one position on the lengthy ballot paper went to the Wikileaks Party, who changed their candidates in the hour before nominations closed after number one candidate Gerry Georgatos withdrew for personal reasons. With a list of 33 nominated parties, and two independent candidates, Labor will appear in the sixth column of the ballot, the Liberals will be placed 18th, the Greens 27th and the Palmer United Party 16th. Last place for the parties on the ballot went to the Outdoor Recreation Party (Stop the Greens). Voters have the choice ‘above the line, ticking one box only’ or ’below the line’, ticking all 77 boxes. Above the line voters, also referred to as ‘a group voting ticket’ - The AEC will automatically allocate preferences in the predetermined order outlined by the particular party or group. Below the line, you can choose to fill in every box below the line in the order of your preference. More importantly, it is vital that everyone cast their vote, make it count, openly know there is not another scheduled election until October 2015 Local Government election.

Ramp work progresses Earlier this week, the first of the new slabs was laid in the re-established Two Rocks Boat Ramp.

Structures spotted around the region

Each slab weighs nearly three tonnes and requires precision engineering to position each one. The communications process is quite unique It requires a diver in the water, signalling the overseer on the jetty, who is in radio contact with the bulldozer driver. Each slab, after being specially constructed, is carefully transported to the boat ramp, unloaded, inspected, stress tested to the highest standard, then each slab is carefully loaded on to the dozer and slowly inched into position. Under the instructions from the diver, each slab is engineered into position, interlocking to provide a safe and secure new ramp. The laying of the slabs will take several days and the Sun City News understands the new contractor is a few days ahead of the original revised construction schedule.

approached by Yanchep Sun City Pty Ltd to rescue the disasterous missmanagement of the original project. Yanchep Beach Joint Venture has strong history of ‘getting the job done’.

There is a strong possibility the ramp could be open for the Easter holiday period.

YBJV built the Yanchep Central Shopping Centre, years ahead of normal expected scheduling to fulfill a promise they made to the community a few years ago.

All of this has only been possible since Yanchep Beach Joint Venture (YBJV) CEO, Ang Gin Wah, was

YBJV was behind the retaining of a police station in the region - When the WA police were going to close

down the Two Rocks office, Mr Ang Gin Wah stepped in and negotiated with the WA State Government to build a new police station at Yanchep. YBJV has many new future plans to help progress the Yanchep Satellite City project. With the recent appointment of former City of Wanneroo mayor, Jon Kelly, as Economic Development Manager for YBJV, there is no doubt the local community and businesses will see various activities start up over the upcoming months.

With so many projects coming online in the region, it is important readers don’t get the wrong developers mixed up with the wrong projects. Additionally, it is frustrating to see various politicians and councillors spruiking or taking photo opportunities to profile themselves. Some politicians have a small input to help, but most are simply seeking photo ops to make it look like they have played a vital role - When the railway gets to Yanchep, then take the accolades, not before.

Thursday 27 March 2014 n Sun City News n 19

Crossword & Diary COMMUNITY DIARY

Friday 28 March Gingin West Bush Fire Brigade AGM. 7.30pm in the Woodridge fire shed.

Saturday 29 March The Craytown Derby - Yanchep Redhawks vs Lancelin Pirates at Oldham Reserve. Game starts at 1.30pm.

Thursday 3 April Carers Community Expo at Butler Community Centre, 55 Kingsbridge Blvd, Butler, 12noon to 3.00pm. To register call 1800 052 222.

Sunday 6 April Gingin Triathlon in and around Gingin town area. starting from 7.00am. Some road will be closed.

Wednesday 9 April Messy Church at Gingin Uniting Church in Weld Street from 3.30-5.45pm. For families and anyone interested. Afternoon tea and evening meal provided and lots of fun activities. No charge. Contact: Marian Crew 9575 1357.

Thursday 10 April The Annual General Meeting of ‘Yanchep and Districts Country Women’s Association’ will be held at the Phil Renkin Centre, Two Rocks. Starting at 9.30am. All welcome.Please ring Helen on 9561 2221 for more information.

Tuesday 15 April Community Casino Bus leaves Phil Renkin Centre, Two Rocks at 5.15pm and Yanchep Sports Club at 5.25pm. Bookings 9561 5321 or 0407 992 384.

Saturday 19 April Bush Poet’s Campfire at Gabbadah Park, Guilderton. Starts at 7.00pm.

Sunday 20 April Woodridge Easter Market, grab a bargain. Starts at 8.00am.

Sunday 20 April Easter Treasure Hunt at Granville Park, Gingin. bookings and full details 9575 1253.

Wednesday 23 April Classic story time at Two Rocks library. Bookings and enquiries 9561 1110.

DEADLINE for NEXT ISSUE All Community Diary, Sports Results, News articles and Photos are required by 12noon, Saturday 5 April. Email to

SPORTS RESULTS GOLF Guilderton Sat 8 March - S/ford: R Prince 25, B Wegner ocb P Flavell 21, B Watson, B Threlfall & R A Prince 19, G Robson 18. NTP: C Meharry 12th, P Flavell 17th. Longest drive: B Hardeman 10th, B Gault 11th. Longest putt: R Wheeler 14th. Wed 12 March - S/ford: B Johnson 22, J Bresland 18.

NTP: R Prince 12th, J Bresland 13th. NTP in 2: B Johnson 18th. Longest putt: B Hicks 17th. Sat 15 March - Par Bisque: B Gault ocb B Johnson 5up, B Watson & B Wegner 4up. NTP: B Wegner 8th. Longest drive: A Gault 5th. Longest putt: B Hardeman 7th. Wed 19 March - S/ford: B Johnson 26, J Bresland 21, B Watson 20, B Gault 19. NTP: B Hardeman 3rd. NTP in 3: R

Prince 1st. Longest putt: B Gault 4th, B Hicks 8th, J Hardeman 9th.

SCCC Ladies Tues 11 March - Stroke: M Budeslik 68, D McNarey 70, N Ford ocb M Glover 71. Tues 18 March - Stroke: M Glover ocb S Sherwood 72, M Budiselik 73, J Brennan 74, J Lecointe 74. Best gross: J Brennan 86.

SCCC Fri 14 Nov - S/ford Ladies: M Dickerson 36, M Budiselik, B Tierney 34, L Wells 33. S/ford Men: G Dawson, D Atkinson 40, P Kelly, L Comer, C Higo 39, S Menzies 38, V Howell, M Ansell 37. ---------------------------------------

Email your sports score to ---------------------------------------

Got any local news? The Sun City News welcomes all Local News articles and/or photos. If you have any news or photos, email your article to Don’t forget to include your name and contact detail

Life in Fishermans Hollow at Yanchep Lagoon in the 1950s and 1960s - More next issue. 20 n Sun City News n Thursday 27 March 2014

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Public Announcement GINGIN TRIATHLON ROAD CLOSURES 6 APRIL 2014 The Inaugural Gingin Triathlon consisting swim, run and cycle legs is to be held within the townsite of Gingin on Sunday 6 April 2014. The program commences at 7.00am at the Gingin Iluka Aquatic Centre, with an intended finishing time of approximately 10.30am. The routes for the cycle and run legs have been selected to showcase the town of Gingin. It is intended that the road closures will commence at 7am. In order to provide competitor safety the following roads will be closed from vehicular traffic: Proposed Full Road Closures n Intersection of Weld Street and New Street (old recreation centre entrance) n Intersection of Mooliabeenee Road and Old Mooliabeenee Road n Intersection of Weld Street and Brockman Street n Intersection of Brockman Street and Fraser Street n Intersection of Cheriton Road and McHavloe Drive Proposed Partial Road Closures with Marshall Control n Intersection of Weld Street and Horan Street n Intersection of Weld Street and Jones Street n Intersection of Weld Street and Church Street n Intersection of Brockman Street and Robinson Street n Intersection of Brockman Street (north) and Brockman Street (west) n Intersection of Brockman Street and Shanks Pony Lane n Intersection of Brockman Street and Cairn Crescent n Intersection of Robinson Street and Daw Street n Intersection of Robinson Street and Vincent Street


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ethic. Possess good writing and computer skills Be able to work both independently and as a team player. Contact with clientele will be predominantly over the phone. We offer a base package with a bonus incentive, along with all the benefits of working locally.

Any queries on the intended road closures please contact the Shire’s Executive Manager Operations - Allister Butcher on 9575 2211.


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Yanchep Redhawks vs

Lancelin Pirates 1.30pm - Saturday 29 March at Oldham Oval, Lagoon Drive, Yanchep


Sat 29 March, 7.00 am till 11.00am. 30 /146 St Andrews Drive, Yanchep. -------------------------------------------------------------

All ad material, classifieds, Community Notices and articles must be required by 12noon, Saturday 5 April, 2014.

Classifieds - 9561 2500

This ensures that those who are unable to attend, for whatever reason, are kept informed of a function or meeting being held so everyone can take part, other commitments permitting. There are two grades of membership n Serving and ex-service (male & female) n Affiliate - This is open to anyone who has or had a family member in the services.

We are a friendly golf club situated in the picturesque and peaceful Yanchep National Park, 50km north of Perth.

For further information, contact 9561 1672.

After game presentations are held at our licensed clubhouse adjacent to the course. We are affiliated with Golf WA and Golf Link. We are happy to introduce keen new golfers to competition golf.

The next issue of the Sun City News will be published on Thursday 10 April, 2014.

You are welcome to join, even if work commitments prevent attendance at meetings. All members receive a copy of the minutes and notices after each meeting.

Yanchep Golf Club starts its Winter Competition on Saturday 5 April at 11.30am

The course features nine grassed greens over 2595 metres. We play 18 holes from two sets of tees.



Check our website for further information.

Support local BUSINESS - It’s the FUTURE

MEMBERSHIPS AVAILABLE It has come to our notice that many people from Quinns, Two Rocks and further up the coast, may miss out on knowing a new art group has formed. We are within 40 mins of those particular residents who love to paint, make Glass art or small sculptures. We have a website: Email: Phone Rita Cowan, President, on 0412151937

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