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Thursday 3 October 2013


Elizabeth Thompson has been named the region’s best family day care educator in the 2013 Excellence in Family Day Care Awards. The Two Rocks family day care educator is one of 19,000 family day care educators providing quality early childhood education and care to more than 125,000 children across Australia. Last week, Family Day Care Australia celebrated the important role family day care educators play in the lives of families and communities across Australia by announcing the regional winners in its annual national awards. More than 2000 nominations were received from families with educators judged on their commitment to providing quality early childhood education and care in a unique, home-based setting. Family Day Care Australia Chief Executive Officer Carla Northam said: “To be named the regional winner is recognition of Elizabeth's dedication to providing quality early childhood education. It also highlights the wonderful and unique relationship between educators like Elizabeth and the children in their care. State winners will be announced in October, with the Excellence in Family Day Care National Award Winner revealed in Melbourne on 2 November. Winners will share in more than $20,000 worth of prizes.

Vote in local council election The 2013 local council elections are heading for one of the tightest elections on record. Both the City of Wanneroo and the Shire of Gingin council elections have various hidden twists and deals that could affect the future direction of each council. After resisting a ‘no ward’ election at the Shire of Gingin for a number of years, this year’s Gingin council election is based on no wards and a reduction of one councillor. Eight candidates are seeking election to one of four positions.

Out-going shire president, Michael Aspinal, along with deputy shire president David Roe, and councillors, Reg Beale, Val Ammon and Glenn Rule are seeking re-election. The challengers for the four vacant council seats are: Max Benari, Frank Faulkner and Sandra Smiles. The Shire of Gingin council election looks like a three way contest - Coastal vs Greater Gingin region vs the ‘Boys Club.’ History shows that incumbent councillors have a twenty per cent stronger chance of winning, but

with five councillors seeking election to only four seats, someone is going to miss out. It is very hard to assess the candidates from their submitted profiles. Wanerie’s Max Benari, who was a candidate at the last council elections states in his profile: “ I believe the best social service any government can deliver is full employment, and local government should focus on infrastructure. Good roads and adequate power supplies best facilitate business development.”

Frank Faulkner says: “ I stand for quality planning ideals, harmonious interfacing interests, reviewing standards and family recreation.”

seeking re-election for a further four year term with a base remuneration of $30,000pa, plus a variety of expenses.

While Sandra Smiles from Seaview says: “I have a strong commitment to contributing to my community . . . My interests are enhancing our lifestyle while supporting business development and tourism, fostering recreation and cultural pursuits and working towards environmental sustainability.”

In the North Ward, there are two candidates contesting this important ward election - Deputy mayor, Laura Gray, and Liberal Party candidate in the 2013 WA state election, Linda Aitken.

At the City of Wanneroo, there are eight vacancies that 23 candidates are contesting. All incumbent councillors are

Among a variety of rumours, both candidates have run minimal campaigns to win North Ward vote.

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Join a committee The City of Wanneroo has a number of committees and advisory groups, to which they are seeking nominations from the community to join.

The region’s most popular newspaper The Sun City News is a newspaper that has served the local communities in the northern portion of the City of Wanneroo and across the Shire of Gingin since 1997. Our mission is to help build a better community through editorial leadership and to entertain and inform our readers.

Residents are being encouraged to nominate for any of the following committees: Arts Advisory Committee; Environmental Advisory Committee; Community Safety Working Group; Healthy Communities Steering Group; Heritage Services Advisory Group; Reconciliation Action Plan Working Group; Roadwise Working Group; and Wanneroo Business & Tourism Development Working Group.

We are the only locally owned and operated independent newspaper in Yanchep. We are dedicated to the belief that a strong community newspaper is essential for a strong growing community. We exist to serve residents, local community groups and businesses, and ask for their support in return. The Sun City News is published every second Thursday, and live 24/7 online. By advertising in the Sun City News you are buying into an envied relationship we have within the business community and our readers. CONTACT US: To place advertising To submit a letter to print With a story idea To provide feedback

Email addresses: Office Manager Editor Stories Classifieds Letters Find us on Facebook IMPORTANT NOTICE TO ALL ADVERTISERS All advertising must be pre-paid prior to deadline unless an authorised 21 day account has been established with Sun City Publishing Pty Ltd. Payments can be made by credit card, cheque, money order or cash at our office, Shop 14 Two Rocks Shopping Centre, Enterprise Ave, Two Rocks. The Sun City News is audited annually.

To nominate, call the Governance Officer at the City of Wanneroo on 9405 5000.

9561 2500 (Fax) 9561 5691 9561 2515 9561 1175

Fr o m t h e e d i t o r ’ s d e s k It was disappointing to see the WA State Government’s credit rating slip from the prestigious AAA recently. What frightens me more is the deterioration of individual credit ratings and the effect it has on families for years, and years. Personally, I believe both the Federal and State Governments have overspent their budget and have not managed the country’s finances sufficiently.

write properly, let alone manage their own finances - What chance of managing the country’s finances.

governments and individually at an even higher uncontrolled rate - Some people make a monthly credit payment with another credit card.

Government, all governments State, Federal and Local Government should be managing the country and its assets better.

How the hell do they expect to pay off the debt?

Big time manufacturing in Australia is dying, Australia is too expensive to manufacture most consumables.

Luckily, we have time to correct for the future, but we need to be pro-active and have more foresight to recognise that we need to change.

We mine resources, sell them off and then buy them back at a higher price - Is this in the best interest of Australia and our future?

We need more real communityminded thinkers and less swindling self-centred people who are only motivated for self interest.

So what is the future?

Do you think we are up to the challenge?

Unfortunately our governments are doing similar - transfering debt to another period - It’s financial debt on steroids.

Adding to this, we are constantly reminded about the ‘boom’!

There are a number of people bragging about surviving the 2009 GFC, to me, the question is have we?

The only boom I’m seeing is growing debt, both with

Or, are we starting to feel the delayed reaction of the GDC?

Thursday 3 October 2013 - Page 2 - Sun City News

Currently, we can’t even teach our future politicians to read and

Lucky Lotto region Brighton Newsagency, Lancelin Newsagency and Gingin Supermarket haven’t sold a winner in the past ten years. In WA there has been a run of big winners with a $20 million win in February, $10 million win in May, $20 million win in August, and a $22.2 million win, third largest Lotto prize ever won in this state, in September. Taking the state and local populations into account, WA is leading the way as the luckiest state in the nation.

West Australians spent a record $820 million on Lotto last financial year. WA keeps its record as having the most Lotto sales per capita in the world. In Lotterywest’s annual report recently tabled in parliament, it shows that there is evidence interactive gambling and increasingly popular sports betting was harming Lotto, especially with young punters. Record Lotto jackpots ensured that Powerball sales rose by 54 per cent; and Oz Lotto by 30.5

per cent. In all, 70 West Australians have shared $102.5 million worth of division one prizes. Over the past ten years, the outer northern region has had four division one winners - Two Rocks Newsagency sold the winning ticket in May 2003, and October 2010. The new Yanchep Central Newsagency has sold two division one winners in only seven months of trading $565,719 (April 2013) and $1 million (September 2013).

A proportion of all Lotto monies is returned throught grants to various community groups for a variety of projects. Two Rocks Volunteer Marine Rescue Group received a $20,572 Lotterywest grant, last year, to purchase vessel equipment to support their sea search rescue activities. The City of Wanneroo received a $14,999 Lotterywest grant, earlier this year, to purchase equipment for Banksia Grove and Two Rocks toy libraries.

Bulk rubbish - Ugly sight

The City of Wanneroo provides two bulk collections each year One for green waste, trees and shrubs only, and one for general waste and junk such as furniture, whitegoods, timber, etc. Some people across the North Ward in the City of Wanneroo have started dumping general bulk rubbish on their verge, months ahead of the next scheduled collection. The next general bulk rubbish collection in Yanchep and Two

Rocks is scheduled for the week commencing 6 January 2014.

face on-the-spot fines for illegal dumping.

Signage is placed on the main entry roads to each suburb during the week prior to bulk collections and bulk rubbish must not be placed on the verge until your area has been advertised, one week prior to collection starting.

If rubbish has been dumped on the verge before the approved date causes a fire or injures someone, the householder/resident could be legally responsible for injuries or damage insurance claims.

The Sun City News understands that residents dumping rubbish on their verge three months early will be asked to remove it themselves or could

This is a free service the council provides the community, as residents and householders it is our responsibility to work with the council.

Thursday 3 October 2013 - Page 3 - Sun City News

Mailbox Boat ramp closure No mention of the closure of the Two Rocks boat ramp from 10 October to 5 November - Recfishwest or Dept of Transport know nothing about it either. A small sign was taped to the handrail some time last Tuesday. Although long overdue for a massive upgrade, why close it five days before the start of the demersal fishing ban on the 15 October? If the weather is good, up to 100 boats will be out on the last weekend, (12 and 13 October) costing local businesses lost revenue too. It makes you wonder if those involved in the closure and upgrade know anything about fishing, boats or launching ramps! Geoff Henderson, Two Rocks.

Be upfront I agree with you, we have been done again in regards to broken promises and I think there are many more to be relayed to us, it will only be a matter of time when we wake up to these people who say they want to get into parliament to make the system better and fairer for all - What a joke!

As you remind us they have recently had a nice lift in their pay packet in more ways than one. I feel before each election all salaries and allowances should be properly stated that this is what they will get for the whole of their term, ‘full stop’. That goes for staff also, then they will know the rules and if they like what’s offered at that time, ‘end of story’. I do believe this secret group of people who run the allowances board should be completely changed. The ordinary workers are being short changed every way you look at the system. There should be no homeless people in a state such as WA. We have a very unfair system when you look at the price of rentals, which is more than a person gets on the dole or pensions of various groups. Thanks for pointing out some of these serious things which are going on. But I guess we get what we deserve, it’s only people themselves who can make these changes. By the way, what local law states you can be a paid councillor and not do a stroke to help your area? Audrey Hine, Joondalup.

Rubbish dumping I agree, we have a real problem with various household rubbish being dumped in the bush and public land. We recently decided to go for a drive out towards the former pine plantation along Breakwater Drive to take our dog for a run. We were shocked and dismayed at the amount of rubbish that has been dumped there. But I don't believe that increasing the fines is the solution, let's face it, how often will the rangers be able to get there in time to give out fines and most dumping will take place when no others are around to witness it happening. I feel the solution is go to the root cause, which is quite obviously the fact that we all have to pay huge sums of money to leave our rubbish at Tamala Tip. I'm not that old, but still remember when you used to be able to take your rubbish to the dump free of charge. These days you have to be rich to just afford to take it somewhere legal. Either that or live with it building up in your property until the annual free collection where not everything is accepted anyway.

A while ago, we had to clear out a heap of rubbish left by some former tenants at our rental property and take it to the dump. It cost us over $150 to leave it there. How many people can afford to pay these copious amounts of money in our local community? I know many would be struggling. The dump should be a free service provided by City of Wanneroo. If necessary, a small increase to everyone's rates wouldn't even be noticed to accommodate this. Then I think we would all see a huge reduction in the rubbish being dumped and ruining our public land. Audra de Pina, Two Rocks. Views expressed in the Letters to the editor are not those of the Sun City News. We welcome topical letters, with preference to letters of no more than 200 words. All letters are checked for authenticity. Pseudonyms are not acceptable. Mail your letters to: The Editor, PO Box 1, Two Rocks, WA 6037. Fax: 9561 5691. Email: Online at then go to Opinions - Letters to the Editor.

Sun City News is the region’s most popular local newspaper

Thursday 3 October 2013 - Page 4 - Sun City News

Local hero to compete in 2013 Perth International medallist at the US Amateur before reaching the semi-finals. He is a name to remember.

delivers significant television and media coverage of Western Australia across the world.”

Vice President and Director of Golf for IMG in Australia, David Rollo, said the player line up was presenting an exciting mix of talented youth and experience.

“Being the only Australian event to partner with the European Tour and the PGA Tour of Australasia means we will enjoy the talents of a diverse range of international golfers in Perth in October particularly at such an important time of the season in the lead up to the final series of the Race to Dubai,” Rollo said.

Tickets are now on sale for the Perth International, Australia’s richest Tour event. Tickets are available from and start at $44. Children under 16 are free when accompanied by a paying adult and there are single day, weekend and four-day pass options available.

“We are delighted to be able to provide an opportunity for Brady Watt to play an international Tour event in his home state. He has had an exceptional year being co-

Eventscorp Executive Director, Gwyn Dolphin, said: “ The Perth International not only adds vibrancy to the state by attracting thousands of spectators, it also

Hailing from Yanchep, Watt is currently ranked fourth in the R&A World Amateur Golf Rankings. He recently went head-to-head with another of Australia’s top amateur golfers, Oliver Goss, for an allAustralian battle at the United States Amateur Championships.

Australia’s current number one amateur golf champion, Brady Watt, has been invited to play in October’s Perth International at

Lake Karrinyup Country Club, joining defending champion Bo Van Pelt and Brett Rumford.

Lake Karrinyup Country Club is widely acknowledged as Western Australia’s premier private golf club and has been regularly rated as one of the top ten golf courses in Australia.

Bullying - Top issue for WA school children Australian students say school bullying is the most important social issue to tackle, according to the latest Australian Bureau of Statistics data. Recently released ABS ‘Census At School’ data places ‘reducing bullying in schools’ as the number one issue in 2013, ahead of having healthy eating habits and access to the internet. Bullying at school has been the highest rated social issue, across Australia over the last four years, ABS assistant director of education services unit Frances Mawdsley said. "Reducing bullying has been the social issue of highest importance to Australian students since 2010, with a peak level of importance recorded in 2012," she said.

"It has actually reduced across Australia in 2013, but still remains as the number one issue." Students rated the importance of reducing bullying in the survey, a median of 84 out of 100, Ms Mawdsley said. West Australian students had rated the importance 80.4 out of 100. The figures indicate that bullying causes a great deal of anxiety among children, ECU Child Health Promotion Research Centre Professor Donna Cross said. "It doesn't shock me at all that it's rated as the highest issue impacting students. It shows it's a very serious issue," she said. "When children report data like that - the general sense is that bullying

is highly prevalent and causing anxiety among children." While the ABS data doesn't indicate whether the students are being bullied at school, the information is useful to understand how important prevention methods are to them, Ms Mawdsley said. "What we are asking our students to do is to rate the level of importance these issues are for them – the data doesn't indicate whether the students are bullied. It's about to what level of degree it is important to them as an issue," she said. Bullying behaviour causes both victims and bullies to experience distress and psychological harm, and impacts the ability to learn effectively, Professor Cross said.

Thursday 3 October 2013 - Page 5 - Sun City News

"We recently conducted a large survey across Australia of 7000 children. Twenty-five per cent of children reported that they were being bullied every few weeks. A quarter of children are being bullied and half of all children have experienced at some point," Professor Cross said. "This is a whole community problem, everyone needs to take action when they see aggressive behaviour. Adults need to have zero tolerance and act quickly when it is perceived. "From the outset, adults need to address with their children what it means to be a bystander and what to do when they see bullying. "Young people often say that peer support helps them. If peers say

'this behaviour is unacceptable' then the bully is less likely to keep doing it." Professor Cross said her research also showed it was important for parents to let children ‘help themselves’ when it came to addressing bullying. "One of the most debilitating things that children experience is when an adult says 'I'll handle it'," she said. "Be a sounding board for your child and spend time with your children to find out who their friends are. Support them to make good quality friends and encourage their friendships to blossom." Source: WA Today.

Upcoming events - Be quick to book She was appointed parliamentary secretary to the Minister for Finance; Commerce; Small Business in December 2010, and was promoted to the position of Minister for Police and Road Safety in June 2012.

State politician, Liz Harvey, is the current Minister for Police; Tourism; Road Safety; and Women's Interests; and will be the guest speaker at the next local business breakfast to be held in Lindsay’s Restaurant at Club Capricorn Resort on Wednesday 4 December. Liza Harvey represents the electorate of Scarborough in the Western Australian Legislative Assembly. Ms Harvey was born in Manjimup, the third of six children and a fifth generation Western Australian. She has lived in Scarborough for the last 20 years and is a small business owner employing over 50 Western Australians. As a business owner and an active member in her local community, Liza is acutely aware of the importance of law and order and community safety, both of which are of high priority to the people of Western Australia.

of this inaugural event. To register your expression of interest in this tournament, contact the Sun City News on 9561 2500. Entry into the tournament will be $120 per player.

This is the third event in the past 15 months to be provided jointly by Capricorn Joint Venture, Club Capricorn Resort and the Sun City News.

Currently there are a couple of sponsorship packages available - If you or your business would like to become a major or minor sponsor, call Terry Loftus on 0414 425 858.

Ms Harvey’s will talk about tourism and small business at the breakfast.

Some sponsorship packages include automatic entry into the tournament.

Tickets are limited for the December breakfast and can be purchased from Club Capricorn resort for $15 per person on 9561 1106.

Registration day changed

Poker tournament In February 2014, a Texas Holdem Poker tournament with a prize pool of about $10,000 will be held in Cabaret Cave in the Yanchep National Park. The WA Poker League, Yanchep Inn and Sun City News have been working with Poker for Charity Association to create this unique event ‘Underground Poker tournament’. The tournament will be restricted to only 80 players, deep stacked with 30 minute blinds, with no top ups or rebuys to determine the winner

The Sun City Yacht Club’s summer season and registration Day has been rescheduled to Saturday 9 November, followed by ‘Open Day’ on the 10 November, due to the Two Rocks boat ramp being closed for maintenance - This season there will be opportunities for members to sail in one of the club’s 420s or Reacher class dinghys. Instructors will be on hand to show you the ropes. It is 40 years since Alan Bond established the Sun City Yacht Club; and since then many sailors, young and old, have been involved with sailing at Two Rocks. Dinghy sailing is open to all ages, from eight years upward. For more information contact the SCYC on 0428 628 753.

School fete The Two Rocks Primary School annual fete will be held in the school grounds on Sunday 24 November, between 10.00am and 3.00pm. There will be over 70 stalls with many rides, games and amusements.

Surf Club season starting Club Registration day for Yanchep Surf Life Saving Club will be held on Sunday 20 October, at the clubhouse between 10.00am and 12.00 midday. The official patrol season starts on Sunday 10 November, with Nippers being held between 10.00am - 12.00 midday each Sunday morning.

Market Day The Yanchep Two Rocks Lions Club is holding a Market Day in the car park near the Two Rocks Tavern on Sunday 3 November, between 9.00am and 2.00pm. If you would like a stall call Jo on 9561 2031 between 10.00am and 5.00pm. This market is scheduled to be held on the first Sunday of the month.

Thursday 3 October 2013 - Page 7 - Sun City News

Local council election FROM PAGE 1 Deputy Mayor and Two Rocks resident, Laura Gray is seeking re-election, stating: “For the past eight years, my passion, enthusiasm, experience, integrity and commitment ensured that as your local Councillor I understood and responded to many challenges on your behalf.” Linda Aitkens’ profile states: “I'm passionate about providing a better lifestyle for local residents. My priorities are: Better local community and sporting facilities; Better recreational facilities for Seniors; Better traffic controls at our suburban intersections.” Ms Aitken has openly stated that she will be contesting the next State Government election. Back in July 2013, Weekend West journalist, Gary Adshead, revealed connections between a northern suburbs church which embraces supernatural healing and speaking in tongues being closely connected to the Liberal Party. The Sun City News is aware this church already has connections in both the Wanneroo and Joondalup councils. In the Coastal Ward, there are five candidates for two positions, Ian Goodenough, is not seeking re-election, after his successful election to Federal Parliament, while Rudi Steffens is.

Mr Steffens’ profile states: “Since 1999 as an inaugural councillor in Wanneroo, I have assisted hundreds of residents, groups and associations with local issues.” New candidates for Coastal Ward are: Glynis Parker, Mark Diggins, Sabine Winton, and Geoff Newby-Butt. Little is known about the candidates, their profiles can be found on the WA Electoral Commission web site. In Central Ward, Dot Newton and Dianne Guise are seeking re-election. Martin Miller, Adrian Lancaster and Kim Shanks are contesting the two seats. In the South Ward, where the biggest candidate nomination were received, 11 individuals have nominated for three vacancies. Brett Treby and Stuart McKenzie are seeking reelection, while Domenic Zappa, Hugh Nguyen, Long Lam, Virendra Parikh, Les McDonald, Samuel Jordan, Dave Tierney and Julie Moroz are all first time candidates; Judy Hughes who was a councillor between 1999 and 2005, is seeking another return to local government. Most registered residents and ratepayers in their respective local government region should have received their ballot papers already.

If you haven’t received your ballot paper, contact your Electoral Commission returning officer. At the Shire of Gingin the returning officer is George Gifford and can be contacted on 0467 802 284. Jim Kelly is the City of Wanneroo returning officer and he can be contacted on 0417 961 194. Local government elections are held on the third Saturday in October, every two years. This year’s elections will be held on 19 October 2013. This year, the WA Electoral Commission received a total of nearly 800 nominations for just over 300 vacancies, an increase of 12 per cent over 2011. This is the largest number of candidates ever. Earlier this year, all councillors received up to nearly 300 per cent increase in remunerations and a number of upgrades to their expenses. The official vote count will commence after 6.00pm, on Saturday 19 October in the Shire of Gingin Administration office and at the City Of Wanneroo council chambers. Members of the general public are welcome to attend, or they can follow the vote count through the WA Electoral Commission web site.

With every Local Council election, there is usually a change in dynamics on the council - You will find that there is usually a minimal turnover of councillors unless there is a major issue or a particular political party or interest group strongly and financially supports a particular candidate or group of candidates. Voters need to actively seek sufficient information about their candidate before voting. The more responsible voters are, the more informed voters are, the better candidate will be elected. Sadly, many residents and ratepayers don’t even bother voting, let alone doing any research; it is usually the same residents and ratepayers who are the first to whinge and moan about what the council is or isn’t doing. An active community, that cares about what goes on in their community, will do the responsible things to ensure their region has the best representation possible. The Sun City News will provide updates of the council election online at suncitynews. as well as on its Facebook page and through Twitter. Get the latest election updates at

OPINION A bus is not a rally car Ever since I was twelve years old I can remember catching Transperth buses and trains to visit my father. I thought this was an awesome adventure that I was embarking on. As I got older I started to take notice of things that would happen during the trip like the bulling, teasing and heated discussions going on between the school children from Mindarie Senior College and Clarkson Community High School. As my school days ended I still noticed this bulling and that nothing was being done about it. One day I hopped off of the bus and called Transperth's information line to report the bulling, soon after transit guards were seen on two 490 buses a day however, the bulling never stopped. This one particular day, my friends and I were catching the bus to Clarkson and a bus driver swore at us for no reason, we were on the phone reporting the incident straight after it had happened but no action was taken and no apology was given. After moving away from Two Rocks to Maddington, I started catching four buses a day to and from work, during this time I have

Thursday 3 October 2013 - Page 8 - Sun City News

had bus drivers on the 228 and 229 routes go through red lights, nearly hit light poles as they turn corners, not slowing down until the last possible moment jerking everyone forwards in their seats and having headphones in while driving ultimately taking their attention off of the road. I, myself, as a person who relies on public transport to get around Perth, worries about the safety of each and every passenger aboard Transperth buses when bus drivers drive unsafely and treat their bus like a rally car in a race. When a bus driver is driving a bus they are not only responsible for themselves but also the possible 59 to 76 passengers that could be on the bus as well. Ultimately I feel bus drivers in Perth have forgotten about the safety of their passengers and just care about getting from A to B as quickly as possible so they can be done with their day and go home. The bus companies are meant to provide a good quality and safe service to their customers and Transperth is not doing that. Ebony Alsop, former Two Rocks resident, now living in Maddington.

Naturalist and great photographer

Naturalist and relatively new resident to Yanchep, Monica Iseppi, since she was a child, has always loved two things: animals and photography, and has been lucky in both aspects. As Monica said: “On one side I grew up in a house surrounded by a beautiful garden full of creatures and things to explore, and my family has always supported my interests, allowing me to study natural and animal science. “On the other, my uncle is a brilliant photographer who has given me the passion for photography, and my

first camera, encouraging me to experiment with always new techniques and equipment. “So I become a naturalist and a wildlife photographer in my country, north-east Italy, dealing with educational projects to raise peoples’ awareness of the importance of preserving our environment.” In 2010, Monica and her partner organised a 4x4 trip around Australia, and they fell in love with the beauty and wilderness of Australia, the marvellous weather, people's unique kindness and lifestyle.

In 2012, they decided to migrate to WA, with the hope to start a new life in Yanchep one day. And now they are here, in this amazing growing city, gate to the outback, with so much potential. Monica sent a few of her great photos to the Sun City News and a slide show of Monica’s photography will be available at or check out her web site at which has a collection of places, subjects and topics that have impressed her most.

Thursday 3 October 2013 - Page 9 - Sun City News


- What’s happening at your school

IMCC right there at the finish line

School named It’s now official ‘North Yanchep PS’ is to be known as Yanchep Beach Primary School. Currently 170 students have enrolled, and if you would like to enrol your son or daughter, there will be an Open Parents Meeting at the Capricorn Enterprise Centre, starting at 7:00pm on Tuesday 22 October.

Irene McCormack Catholic College Christian Service Team, comprising of 24 students and seven staff, were given the responsibility again this year of manning the Marathon Recovery Tent at the recent City to Surf marathon, which drew over 48,000 registered participants and raised over $650,000 for WA charities.

Christian Service Co-ordinator at the College, Karen Wilson, said: “The day was a great success and our team brought lots of enthusiasm and positive energy. It was such a privilege to be at the end helping these amazing athletes and supporting charities across Perth.”

Shire sponsors student Shire of Gingin president, Michael Aspinall and CEO, Jeremy Edwards, attended the Gingin District High School to present Jimmy Lister with the shire sponsored ‘Shire President’s Leeuwin Voyage Challenge 2013’ award. The Leeuwin Voyage Challenge is not a luxury cruise, Jimmy will be climbing the masts, steering the ship, navigating, scrubbing the deck and assist with sailing both day and night in four hour shifts when the voyage begins on 19 October.

Everyone is welcome, you can simply turn up or, preferably, RSVP to Matt Jarman, school principal at matt.jarman@

Maths wizards Two Rocks Primary School held a five week competition involving mental math questions. The students were given a set amount of time to complete the questions. The end results were extremely close. The winning students were: PP-2: Thomas 2/3H and Years 4-7: Oliver 6W.

Student scholarship award program The Yanchep District High School student scholarship award is to recognise, reward and celebrate young people who have shown dedication and commitment to their school, their local community and are paving the way for their own future. Students must nominate themselves for the scholarship by

Thursday 3 October 2013 - Page 10 - Sun City News

using the official nomination form available from the front office. Once all completed application forms are received, they will be considered by an assessment panel at the City of Wanneroo with schools and students being notified of the outcome. The scholarship can be used for the payment of associated fees, textbooks, excursions and other study related requirements. Nominations close Friday 25 October 2013.

New building starts The new buildings for Gingin District High School are scheduled to start construction during the October school holidays. Construction includes a shower and change rooms for students, a dance/drama classroom and an extra classroom, as well as a staff office. At the same time, the Home Economics room will be substantially upgraded to provide more benches and better use of space.

Year 7 Canberra Camp Ella Kriwopischin and Liza Joubert from Gingin District High School submitted the following report about the Year 7 Canberra Camp. On the 28th of July, 27 Gingin students and four teachers went on a memorable and educational trip to Canberra for one working

week. The most memorable and educational places we went to included the National Museum, High Court, Australian Electoral Commission, Australian War Memorial, old Parliament House and new Parliament House. The most memorable place was new Parliament House where we saw the House of Representatives and the Senate. The House of Representatives has 150 members of parliament and the colour is green because it represents the colour of eucalyptus leaves. The Senate has 76 members and the colour is red because it represents the colour of the Australian outback. The flag on top of parliament cost $4 million and it is about as big as a double decker bus. The building alone costs $1.1 billion and the inside is mainly made out of marble from around the country. Parliament House was opened on the 9 May 1988, by the Queen and an interesting fact is that if you link up all of the hallways in one straight line it will equal to 25 kilometres. The educational benefit of going to Parliament House was that we learnt about parliament, the structure of government and we now have a greater appreciation of how it runs and influences our nation. Two photos with the student outside Parliament House were supplied, but unfortunately their resolution was to low for printing.

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Thursday 3 October 2013 - Page 11 - Sun City News

Thursday 3 October 2013 - Page 12 - Sun City News


Spacious cottage home close to beach Located in the Lindsay Beach Estate just a few hundred metres from Yanchep’s best beach and a short stroll to the fabulous lagoon. If you are looking for a solid investment or a beachside down sizer be sure to put this on your must view list. This beautiful homes is on an elevated location close to the beach with neutral decor throughout and high ceilings to the living area. The master bedroom has its own ensuite.

You will not be disappointed with this location, at this price. This property is currently tenanted at $390 per week and is a sound investment. Call Brian Nathan from Professionals Lagoon Real Estate on 0407 082 155 for a private inspection that won’t disappoint. Address: 34 Lookout Drive, Yanchep. Asking price: $425,000 Agent: Professionals Lagoon Real Estate. Shop 2/5 Village Row, Yanchep.

The kitchen/family area is a great open plan with a complimentary outdoor alfresco area. The kitchen has stainless steel appliances, range hood and oven. The front garden is low maintenance with reticulation.

Great family home on big block Located in the very popular Harford Grove Estate in the Capricorn Yanchep development this four bedroom, two bathroom 2009 Ventura home is a great family home. This home is located an easy walk to the new Yanchep Beach Primary School, opening in January 2014, and shops. This home is a generous 236 square metre on a generous 502 square metre block featuring solar heated dual pool/spa.

Other features include solar hot water system with gas booster, double garage and reticulated landscaped gardens. The owners are motivated to sell as they are looking for a tree change. Call Tracy Ewins from Ray White Sun City on 0449 074 270 to inspection this wonderful family home. Address: 27 McClements Drive, Yanchep. Asking price: $485,000

Features include: four bedroom, two bathrooms, formal lounge/theatre room, kitchen/dining/living, plus a third living/games room.

Agent: Ray White Sun City Shop 1, 99 Lindsay Beach Road, Yanchep.

All this opening out to the spacious fully fenced entertainment area and gorgeous solar heated in-ground dual swimming pool/spa with built in jets and underwater seating.

Sun City



Adver tising Package NOW AVAILABLE with up to 50% Discount BOOK NOW!

9561 2500

Thursday 3 October 2013 - Page 13 - Sun City News

PROPERTY GUIDE Great family home

This family friendly, affordable big home has heaps of extras. Situated in a small quiet street in the popular ‘Reef Estate’ with beautiful parks and walk ways on your doorstep. It is just a short stroll to the beach and Two Rocks Marina, shops and cafes. This wonderful home features a large master bedroom with an ensuite including a double shower.

The family home also features a big activity area, open study, double garage and parking. Call Claire from John Bloomfield Real Estate on 0414 220 301 for your private inspection. Address: 10 Llewellyn Way, Two Rocks, Asking price: $450,000. Agent: John Bloomfield Real Estate 19 Brazier Road, Yanchep.

Other features include theatre room, 29 course ceilings, reverse cycle airconditioning, timber flooring, three more bedrooms all with robes.

Advertising in the Sun City News - GETS RESULTS

Thursday 3 October 2013 - Page 14 - Sun City News

Wild storm causes local damage

Storms with relentless rain and heavy winds have damaged scores of homes and stretched emergency services resources. At one stage, around 3.00am, Yanchep Beach Road was blocked when a whilly-whillie caused two trees to fall. City of Wanneroo emergency workers cleared the trees by dawn.

Almost 10,000 homes lost their power supply as the violent storms lashed the South West and metropolitan area for more than 24 hours. Photos supplied courtesy of the following people: Danny O’Loghlen, Vicki Larkins, Jamie Howell and Sue Zemke.

Thursday 3 October 2013 - Page 15 - Sun City News

Local Dining & Entertainment Missing a USB?

Moore River News a grant winner

Last week, a Sun City News staff member found this cute USB thumb drive, which is now with Yanchep police.

association with our workforce. Fostering more inclusive communities is at the heart of Our Neighbourhood and our people are well placed to ensure that their local communities continue to thrive and connect.”

There appears to be several personal and private documents on the 4GB drive - This is an opportune moment to remind everyone who uses these type of thumb drives to be very careful about where they are kept or stored.

Moore River News was successful in their submission for ‘Moore River News Website - Moore News on the Web’ and awarded $5,000 in grant funding.

If you think you own this thumb drive, call into Yanchep Police station.

The funding will be used to help secure resourcing to develop a website for the local community to access online news, publicise local events and publish the community newsletter.

More cars seized

Yanchep police have been kept busy with a variety of local issues - This car was seized after being stopped for illegal use of fog lights - the driver had a suspended licence and vehicle seized. Late last week, local police charged a 19 year old Yanchep man with stealing and numerous counts of fraud. Police are warning all residents to ‘Keep your credit cards safe’. Yanchep police recently tweeted: “Parents, do you know where your kids are tonight? If not, why not.”

Local Australia Post Community Postal Agent, Mrs Anne Stroud from Woodridge CPA, has been successful in securing a $5,000 community grant for her community organisation, Moore River News, as part of Australia

Post’s ‘Our Neighbourhood’, a new community program launched earlier this year.

with whom they have a direct connection to receive a grant award towards a local project.

The Our Neighbourhood grants program invited Australia Post’s workforce to nominate registered charities or community organisations

Australia Post Managing Director and CEO, Ahmed Fahour, said: “These grants are extra special because of their direct and personal

Moore River News team member, Deborah Gowans, said: “We work very hard as volunteers to provide this service and it will feel great to know more people will have the opportunity to enjoy our efforts. It will build a portal for better communication to service our communities.”

Read-Jones Trophy Day this Saturday The annual ‘Read-Jones Trophy’ will be battled out between Yanchep and Quinns Cricket Clubs this Saturday afternoon, at Oldham Reserve. This family fun day involves a twenty-20

cricket match starting about mid-day. There will be a bouncy castle, face painting, sausage sizzle and food for the kids while available. Lance Read and Paul Jones

Thursday 3 October 2013 - Page 16 - Sun City News

were respective president of each cricket club, and this is the third year of the cricket match. The 2013/14 cricket season starts on 12 October, if you

would like to play cricket, juniors or seniors, give Yanchep Cricket Club president, Adam Fields a call on 0417 903 838 for full details.

Local Dining & Entertainment Fremantle Dockers’ local influence Fremantle Dockers fans in Yanchep weren’t afraid to show their colours Someone decided paint the Dockers’ colours and logo on local real estate agent, John Bloomfield’s bird ornament in the middle of night recently. Alanah Ashfield and her children, Laila and Zak, weren’t afriad to show their Docker outfits with a stroll along Lagoon Drive on Grand Final morning. If you have any great local photos, send them to news@ with a short story and your details.

Neergabby fireworks night

Last Saturday night, the Neergabby Community Association held their annual firerworks night. A near record crowd, estimated at about 4000 gathered around the bonfire and the burning of the ‘guys’. Then followed one of the greatest fireworks shows you would see. This great family activity was entertained by The Mucky

Bush Band with their timeless music and bush dancing. Many families brought a picnic dinner or enjoyed one of the association’s great hamburgers. This night is certainly ‘onenot-to-miss’, it was great to see so many local families having a great night - Well done, Neergabby Community Association.

Black & White ball a success About 100 people attend the inaugural ‘Black and White Ball’ held in Cabaret Cave in the Yanchep National Park, last Sunday night. Event organiser, Heather Jarvis, told the Sun City News that the evening raised about $5000 for the upcoming Telethon.

The money was raised from a raffle, silent auction and a percentage of the ticket price. The eveing was such a success, that planning for next year’s event is already underway - 5 October, 2014. It was wonderful to see everyone dressed up.

Thursday 3 October 2013 - Page 17 - Sun City News

Book Review The Sun City News crew are all keen book readers, today you can read your favourite book on an iPad, hardcover or softback - Here is our selection this week. Sergeant Boehm, it’s a story that will end as tragically as it began. For this is clearly no ordinary siege. The boy, known as Ali Khan, seems as frightened as his hostages and has yet to utter a single word.

book is a pure work of art. You have to take your hat off to anyone who could come up with such a madcap concept, and then carry it off with so much aplomb.

Her young daughter has been kidnapped and she is awaiting news of the two men who went to pay the ransom and bring her child to safety. The kidnapper wants a huge amount of cash, as well as The October List, an enigmatic document which is always at the heart of the action.

The seconds tick by for the five in the shop: Mitchell, the talented schoolboy; Mouse, the shop assistant; Kimmi, the nail-bar technician; and Roger Callaghan, the real estate agent whose reason for being in Bondi that day is far from innocent.

No Place Like Home From bestselling author and award-winning journalist, Caroline Overington, comes another thought provoking and heartrending story, that reaches from the heart of Bondi to a small village in Tanzania. Shortly after 9.30 in the morning, a young man walks into Surf City, Bondi’s newest shopping complex. He’s wearing a dark grey hoodie, and a bomb around his neck. Just a few minutes later he is locked in a shop on the upper floor. And trapped with him are four innocent bystanders. Police chaplain, Paul Doherty, is called to the scene by Senior

The October List is a brilliant concept and a fine read.

And of course there’s Ali Khan. Is he the embodiment of evil, as the villagers in his Tanzanian birthplace believe? Or just an innocent boy, betrayed at every turn, who just wants a place to call home?

The October List Author, Jeffery Deaver, is high up on many people’s list of favourite crime authors, with Lincoln Rhymes his finest creation. He’s sold millions upon millions of books and appears on bestseller lists all around the world, so why would Jeffery Deaver feel that he needs a write a stand-alone book? The October List is a story told backwards, the word ‘gimmick’ does spring to mind. But forget any preconceptions, because this

all. The story begins/ends as single mum Gabriela is sitting in a borrowed apartment in Manhattan, her eyes glued to the clock.

The Vale Girl

Imagine then, setting the whole idea on its head and beginning the story at its finale, then progressing or retreating, perhaps, to where it all began.

Thursday 3 October 2013 - Page 18 - Sun City News

Sarah Vale, the missing girl, is known as ‘the prostitute’s daughter’. Her friend and the instigator of the search for her is Tommy Johns, ‘the boy with the dead mother’. From an early age Sarah has been helping her alcoholic mother, counting her earnings in the mornings and hiding cash so they can eat and pay bills. The kids at school taunt Sarah, and after being assaulted on the way to school she truants and retreats to her favourite swimming hole at the creek. It’s from here that she disappears. Tommy is an intense boy, with an itinerant, heartbroken father who leaves him alone at home for long stretches. Recently his feelings for Sarah have deepened into love, and he raises the alarm when he can’t locate her. He finds an ally in the local policeman, Sergeant Henson, and together they begin to search for the girl no one else seems to care about.

Deaver is the king of the corkscrew construct, with plots that always keep you guessing right to the end.

Each chapter in The October List is timed and dated and the action occurs over just two days. Even the pages and chapters are numbered back to front, to underline the reverse nature of it

town in NSW, set in the late ’80s. The author has chosen her era and setting well; the fictional town of Banville feels claustrophobic and hostile to the two teenage misfits who tell much of the story.

Nelika McDonald’s debut novel is about a missing girl from a small

The small town secrets and entanglements are revealed slowly and cleverly, and many characters are not who they seem.

Pet Care

Pet care, pet’s care Cut out whatever shapes you like and place onto cookie sheets. Bake in your oven at 180 degrees for 30 minutes or until the treats are browned. Once the biscuits are finished, turn off your oven, but leave the treats to cool completely inside your oven before taking them out. Many people with pets want to make their pets' lives great and comfortable; while their pet cares for them.

Ingredients: ½ cup of peanut butter, 3 cups of oat flour, one large egg, and two tablespoons of olive oil.

These treats may remain out or be stored in your freezer. This recipe is a cheap way to

There are many ways you can pamper your pet without spending a lot of money. Try these suggestions for pampering your pet.

n If your pet loves treats, you can pamper your cat or dog by making him or her some homemade treats. If your dog likes peanut butter, you may want to pamper your pet by making him or her some Peanut Butter Dog Biscuits.

Take your dog for regular walks. Curl up and take a nap with your cat. Let your pet sleep on your bed. There are plenty of ways to show your pet you love him or her and giving him or her extra love and care is one great way you can pamper your pet. n Play sessions are another great way to pamper your cat or dog. One game my cats absolutely love to play is chasing the laser pointer - Laser pointers are cheap and provide hours of fun for your feline.

If you have a dog or a cat, you probably already know that they spend a majority of their time sleeping. n One way you can pamper your pet is to give him or her a comfy pet bed. While some beds certainly can be expensive, not all of them are. In fact, you can find plenty of great, comfortable pet beds at reasonable prices.

hugs. Spend time playing with your dog or cat regularly.

Many dogs love to play fetch - A squeaky toy is a great toy in which to play fetch with your dog. n Many pets love being brushed, so another good way to pamper your pet is to groom him or her. pamper your dog as most of the ingredients needed for this recipe are already in the cupboard.

You will also need enough water to moisten the mixture. First, combine and mix all of the ingredients, adding enough water to moisten the mixture - After you've mixed all of the ingredients well, make a large ball out of the mixture.

n Love is something you can give your pet for free - There are several things you can do to show your cat or dog you love him or her. Spend some time petting your cat or dog. Give your pet

Next, roll out into a pancake like form about 8/10mm thick.

Today’s women

Cats also love to be brushed and groomed. If you have a cat or a dog, there are many ways you can pamper your pet on the cheap. Try some of these ideas for pampering your pet to show your cat or dog how much you love and care about him or her.

Health, Beauty & Wellbeing

Today’s women

Fresh food tricks

What producers and supermarkets do to keep food looking fresh Fresh food sold isn’t always as fresh as you might think.

chemical compounds contribute to flavour.

Technological advances mean the lamb chops that look so succulent could have been butchered four months ago, and those shiny red apples might have been in storage for more than a year.

1-MCP is already used extensively for apples, and increasingly for other fruit, such as avocados and melons. Fruit is often sprayed with fungicides to prevent mould; imported fruit and vegetables may be fumigated with methyl bromide to comply with quarantine regulations.

Chilled beef mince can now be stored for up to 44 days and cuts of lamb for up to 112 days. Some supermarkets have their own butchery, but there is a trend to distribute prebutchered meat from a central location. A steak can be vacuum-packed or placed in special modified atmosphere packs for display. The gases used for these packs are carbon dioxide and nitrogen – Carbon dioxide inhibits growth of microorganisms and nitrogen is an inert filler. The gas mixture may also contain a small amount of carbon monoxide, which reacts with the myoglobin in the meat, producing a healthy-looking red colour, even when the meat is far from fresh. Carbon monoxide is permitted as a food additive in Australia, but it’s technically a ‘processing


What you can do aid’, which means it does not have to be declared on the label. The extended storage time for meat is made possible by new technology, but there are concerns about possible health risks. Harmful bacteria can grow to dangerous levels while the food remains attractive to the eye. Clostridium botulinum is of most concern because of the severe illness it causes. Thorough cooking should kill most bacteria, extra care is needed to make sure the meat is cooked right through and to avoid cross-contaminating other foods with bacteria via knives or cutting boards, etc.

Most of our fruit and vegetables are stored for at least a few weeks. Produce is chilled as soon as possible after harvest, so that it deteriorates much more slowly. Controlled atmosphere storage and packaging, with lower levels of oxygen and higher levels of carbon dioxide than normal air, can further slow down deterioration. 1-methylcyclopropene (1-MCP) is increasingly being used to extend the storage life of some fruits and vegetables. This chemical blocks some of the biochemical changes that occur as fruit ripens and matures. Tests have shown the fruit remains hard and 1-MCP also prevents production of

Follow the seasons, fruit and vegetables that are in season are likely to be fresher, tastier and more nutritious. Choose fruit that is well coloured and with a bright appearance. Feel for a tender texture and smell the stem end for stone fruit and the blossom end for apples, tomatoes and melons. Only buy fruit with a full, fruity aroma.

Appointments call Donna on

9561 6336 or 0403 768 933 4 Foreshore Vista,Yanchep

Scrutinise your vegetables, green vegetables should be crisp and not shrivelled. Bargains are not always of high quality and may have reduced shelf life. You may end up wasting money by throwing out spoiled food. If you do buy bargains, use them up quickly. Source: CSIRO and CHOICE.

Thursday 3 October 2013 - Page 19 - Sun City News

Crossword & Diary COMMUNITY DIARY

Monday 7 October Yanchep Two Rocks Recreation Association monthly meeting at Phil Renkin Centre, starting at 7.30pm. New members welcome.

Thursday 10 October Yanchep and Districts Country Women’s Association will hold their monthly meeting at the Phil Renkin Centre, Two Rocks, starting at 9.30am. All welcome.

Saturday 12 October The new Gingin District CRC facility officially opened.

Sunday 13 October Gingin Open Garden and Craft Day. 10am - 4pm.

Tuesday 15 October Crown Casino Bus - See Community Notice.

Friday 18 October Yanchep Two Rocks RSL Golf Day. 9.00am at Yanchep Golf Course. $150 per team of three.

Saturday 19 October Local Government elections - Don’t forget to vote.

Saturday 19 October Annual Bindoon Show - Gold coin entry, join in all the fun of the show.

Wednesday 23 October Messy Church 3.30 - 5.45 pm at Gingin Uniting Church. For the whole family and anyone interested. Creative activities & short worship service followed by a meal. No charge, just lots of fun.

Sunday 3 November Woodridge Spring Fair, from 8.00am.

Sunday 3 November Sunday Market at Two Rocks Car Park area, near tavern. 9.00am to 2.00pm.

Saturday 9 November Registration day at Sun City Yacht Club, 9.00am to 1.00pm. Ages 8 yrs through to adults.

DEADLINE for NEXT ISSUE All Community Diary, Sports Results, News articles and Photos are required by 12noon, Saturday 28 September.

SUBMIT YOUR COMMUNITY EVENT ONLINE Go to Community Events Fill in online Submit Event

IT’S FREE Crossword Answers Across: 1 Gambia 7 Undesirable 14 Debar 15 Baron 16 Onus 17 Indians 18 MacKillop 20 Found 21 Opera 24 Leech 25 Face 26 Prudish 28 Iowa 31 Brisk 32 End 34 Habit 35 Stolid 39 Elk 40 Maori 42 Line 43 Eurasia 45 Harmony 47 Add 48 Civic 49 Aid 50 Elder 52 Platter 53 Errol 55 Lesotho 56 Parsnip 57 Imitate 60 Taunt 61 Liberal 63 Exile 65 Ita 66 Tuber 67 Ark 69 Enlarge 72 Glitter 75 Liam 77 Given 78 Leo 80 Ensure 81 Annal 82 Sex 83 Washy 85 Rest 87 Faction 88 Snag 90 Atlas 94 Demon 95 Scope 96 Shortcake 97 Donovan 98 Ante 99 Rinse 100 Inert 101 Thoughtless 102 Rupert.

Down: 1 Genoa 2 Abductor 3 Maine 4 Brad 5 Absorb 6 Greedily 7 Unmask 8 Dick 9 Soil 10 Inlet 11 Rule 12 Asocial 13 Elevated 14 Diffuse 19 Phobia 22 Pure 23 Risk 27 Gnome 29 Windcheater 30 Visit 32 Ear 33 Droll 36 Tullamarine 37 Lactate 38 Diverting 40 Madonna 41 Indelible 44 Air 45 Hirsute 46 Yes 49 Arraign 51 Roberts 53 Eat 54 Lit 58 Axe 59 Ellis 61 Lug 62 Being 64 Eaves 67 Alarmist 68 Kansas 70 Rex 71 Vestment 73 Turnover 74 Reagent 76 Matthau 78 Lace 79 Ohio 83 Waders 84 Yonder 86 Earth 88 Scone 89 Apart 91 Long 92 Stet 93 Daze 95 Snip.

SPORTS RESULTS GOLF Guilderton Sat 14 Sept - Par: R Prince Sq, B Johnson -2. NTP: B Gault 3rd, P Fennell 13th. Best 3rd shot: B Hicks 1st, P Flavell 16th. Longest putt: P Fennell 9th. Wed 18 Sept - S/ford: R Prince 20, J Bresland 18. NTP: J Abbot 3rd, P Rouse 4th. Longest putt: R A Prince 2nd, B Hicks 9th. Sat 21 Sept - Stroke: R

Wheeler 64, P Rouse ocb T Button 69. NTP: I Street 3rd, P Flavell 13th, B Johnson 7th. Best 2nd shot: B Gault 5th. Best 3rd shot: P Flavell 11th. Longest putt: R Wheeler 10th. Wed 25 Sept - S/ford: B Gault 20, P Flavell 21. NTP: B Hardeman 12th, B Gault 13th. Best 3rd shot: J Bresland 18th. Longest putt: B Watson 10th & 17th.

SCCC Ladies Tues 17 Sept - S/ford: M Budiselik 38, N Ford ocb M

Glover 33. Tues 24 Sept - Stroke: P Haynes 73, F Read ocb L Williams 75. Medal of Medal: F Read.

S Menzies ocb C Elsworthy, B Bloomfield 40, N Arthur 39, G Hooper 38. Hole in one: C Elsworthy 9th. Eagle: K Rayner 4th and 18th.


Yanchep Golf Club

Fri 20 Sept - S/Ford Ladies: M Glover 35, M Budiselik 32, B Tierney 30. Men: A Morris 43, Hotchin 41, D Mann ocb P McCoy 40, M Stone 39, K Chetti 37. Fri 27 Sept - S/ford Ladies: S Morris 37, P Haynes 34, M Glover 33. Men: M Taylor 41,

Sat 22 Sept - Stroke Men: Grant 64, P Hewett 65, McLennan 66. Women: Warrilow 69, G Reyne 74, Rapinese 77.


Email your sports score to

2014 Community Business Directory Book your ad early for the 2014 Community Business Directory for a chance to win FREE advertising in the Sun City News in 2014.

Call Terry on 9561 2500 before end of October. Thursday 3 October 2013 - Page 20 - Sun City News


Trades & Services BOBCAT


from $2200

 Trip switch Fans  TV points protection  Surge protection  TV antennas  Hard wired  Power point smoke alarms  Lights Call Neal 9561 2237 

per fortnight

To advertise phone 9561 2500 or email:



Tax returns & Financial Statements prepared

Individual & small - med business specialist

Suite 12/10 Reid Prom Joondalup


0419 915 991














FLASHPOINT Cooling Services Installations




Air Conditioning & Refrigeration Split systems installed & supplied 20 years experience Local Resident John 9561

5355 - 0417 176 978


Your Local Small Builder - 35 Years Exp.       

Render Internal Plastering Dry Lining New Ceilings Cornice Window Replacement Pre Sale Makeovers


Bath Reno’s Kitchen Reno’s Walls Removed FREE Quotes FREE Advice

Done for the right


Phone John 0424 615 059








Thursday 3 October 2013 - Page 21 - Sun City News


Trades & Services LOCKSMITH





from $2200 per fortnight

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Wells Lawnmowing Professional Reliable Service 15 Years Experience

Call Chris

0412 302 443 LAWN MOWING SERVICES lll#_^bhbdl^c\#cZi BdgZi]Vc_jhi bdl^c\ <VgYZc^c\8aZVcjehEgjc^c\ BjaX]^c\GjWW^h]GZbdkVa <jiiZg8aZVc^c\AVcYhXVe^c\ Ldg` <jVgVciZZY# >chjgZY#


MY Plumbing & Gas  Installation & Servicing of L.P.G. & Natural Gas Appliances  Septic & Leach Drains Installed & Unblocked  Renovations & New Housing PENSIONER DISCOUNTS

Phone/Fax: Mark (08) 9561 1080

PL 5868 GSL 007123








Domestic and Commercial Plumbing and Gas Installations and Servicing Over 20 years local experience

Andy 0416 289 860 p/fax: 9561 5098



Thursday 3 October 2013 - Page 22 - Sun City News

P.L. 6718 G.F. 007623



Trades & Services TV ANTENNAS


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Ceramic floor and wall tiles layed

No job to big or small Free quotes

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To advertise phone 9561 2500

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or email:






Sun City News Classifieds PUBLIC NOTICE



LETTERBOX DISTRIBUTORS The Sun City News has a vacancy for a Letterbox Distributor. NOTICE OF SPECIAL MEETING OF COUNCIL Notice is hereby given that the Shire President of the Shire of Gingin, in accordance with the provisions of Section 5.4 of the Local Government Act 1995 has exercised his power to call a Special Council Meeting.

If you would like to deliver the Sun City News every second Thursday in Two Rocks, call Carolyn on 9561 2500 during office hours. Good remuneration. Good conditions.

The Meeting specifics are as follows: Date: Tuesday, 22 October 2013 Time: 3.00 pm Place: Shire of Gingin Council Chambers, 7 Brockman Street, Gingin WA 6503 Purpose: 1. To swear in new Councillors; 2. The election of the Shire President and Deputy Shire President; and 3. Appoint representatives to Committees and Working Groups.

Earn Extra Cash


Start selling Avon today. Just $20 to get started. Call 0419 762 196

WANTED Qualified Chef for busy Gingin café. Applications close 14th October 2013. Phone 0427 083 499.


NOTICE TO MARINERS The TWO ROCKS BOAT RAMP WILL BE CLOSED from 10 October 2013 to 6 November 2013, for scheduled maintenance work. We apologise for any inconvenience and thank you for your co-operation. Management of the Two Rocks Marina

Gardener wanted -Young, fit gardener for 1 or 2 hours per week, suit student or two students working together, good working conditions, $16.00 ph. 0407 199 507. ----------------------------------

DEADLINE FOR NEXT ISSUE The next issue of the Sun City News will be published on Thursday 17 October, 2013. All ad material, classifieds, Community Notices and articles must be required by 12noon, Saturday 11 October, 2013.

Boat - Alum, 6.05m Stacer. Fully rego, 115hp Mercury in VGC. $23500. 9561 5070. -------------------------------Ford sedan, 2000. Petrol/gas. Goes well. reg $600. 9561 5070 -------------------------------Craypots (6) and ropes. $300 lot. 9561 5070. -------------------------------Royal Flair poptop caravan 17’6”. Royco model. Top cond. Loads of extras avail. $16000. 9561 2141. -------------------------------Brand new, never used 3+2 Seater Sofa Set, Brown. Very comfy. $450. 9561 6319. -------------------------------Futon sofa bed and mattress black crome ex cond. $50. 0408 541 886. -------------------------------Rallador Salad Chief. Not used still in box. $50. 0408 541 886. --------------------------------

Yanchep Dolphins Little Athletics TRAINING DAYS The Sun City News offers ‘Free Community Notices’ for all local community groups and not-for-profit organisations who provide the wider community a free activity or service. If a fee or charge is being made to attend or participate in a community event, the Sun City News will charge an ‘at-cost fee’ to publish the activity. If you are unsure of your status, please feel free to contact the Sun City News on 9561 2500, during business hours to verify you qualify for a free Community Notice. All community notices must be emailed to or faxed to 9561 5691. No verbal notices will be accepted.

Sun City Yacht Club Registration Day Saturday 9 November SCYC Clubroom, next to Sea Rescue 9.00am to 1.00pm Ages 8 years through to adults.

Yanchep District Junior Football Club CLUB POSITIONS - STILL VACANT Treasurer Secretary Web site Manager Apparel Co-ordinator First Aid Co-ordinator Please contact club president, Malcom Browne on 0428 559 026 pr Heldy Hodgson on 0421 940 149

Casino Bus Every third Tuesday of the month Departs Phil Renkin Centre at 5.15pm Pickups at Yanchep Sports Club at 5.25pm Return trip at 11.00pm $15pp inc bus fare, dining and gaming vouchers Bookings 9561 5321 or 0407 992 384




Mon and Wed 4:30-6:00pm at Oldham Reserve, Yanchep. COMPETITION DAYS Saturday 7:30am approx at Ridgewood Oval, Hester Ave Ridgewood. First competition day - 12 October For more details contact Tina Daly on 0437 208 827.

Thursday 3 October 2013 - Page 23 - Sun City News

Sun City Artists’ Association EXHIBITION People’s Choice Awards ‘Under the Australian Sun’ Inaugural exhibition, open to residents of Two Rocks and Yanchep for art, photography and craft. Entry form from the Gallery. Shop 19, Two Rocks Shopping Centre Open: Thursday to Monday 11am to 3.30pm.

Thursday 3 October 2013 - Page 24 - Sun City News

Sun City News - 3 October 2013  

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