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SUN CITY NEWS Thursday 19 September 2013

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SHOCKED Two weeks ago, the Sun City News received a barrage of phone calls and emails expressing concerns about the retaining wall being constructed at the Yanchep Lagoon. The Yanchep Lagoon has been described as ‘one of my favourite beaches to visit with the kids. Catch it on a good day, when the tide is out and there is an easterly wind - and you could almost be in the Maldives’. Yanchep Lagoon is one of the most stunning beaches along the WA coast attracting thousands of visitors during summer. About a month ago, the City of Wanneroo blocked off the Fishermans Hollow end of the lagoon area to commence the long talked about upgrades. The Yanchep Beach Lagoon Redevelopment project includes: the realignment of Brazier Road

connecting through to Capricorn Esplanade; relocation of the Surf Club facilities and redevelopment of the park areas. The City of Wanneroo consulted with the community about the project in October 2012. Work commenced on Stage 1 of the project - Brazier Road between Wilkie Ave and the Yanchep Kiosk in July 2013. Currently work is centred on the western retaining walls that run parallel with the new alignment and the underground drainage infiltration basin within Fishermans Hollow. Brazier Road between Wilkie Avenue and the Lagoon Cafe is closed to traffic, it is anticipated to reopen in late December 2013. The cafe is only accessible from Two Rocks Road. On 6 and 9 September, the Sun City News contacted the City of

Currently the wall is about three metres high with another coarse of limestone blocks to go on top of the wall, plus a conservation fence on top of the limestone wall This type of fencing is about one metre tall.

Wanneroo asking: “How much higher will the retaining wall being constructed at the Yanchep Lagoon to be built?” The Sun City News also asked: “Can a timeline be provided for the following: completion of the Brazier Road section; start and completion of the northern road section; and expected start and finish of the new surf club facility. The next day, Director of Infrastructure, Dennis Blair, who is in charge of the project visited the Sun City News office with four other City of Wanneroo staff to explain the project currently being constructed. They confirmed

that the sea wall was to be constructed across the front of the lagoon, veering inland as it approached the new surf club site. Mr Blair said that the views of the lagoon would be better when the project was finished.

WA MP, John Quigley visited the construction site last weekend and was shocked at the height of the wall and it effect on blocking views of the lagoon from the cafe and car park area.


Speedy ranger As you drive around the Yanchep National Park, you will notice a variety of speed limit signs Mostly 10km/h or 20km/h.

The region’s most popular newspaper The Sun City News is a newspaper that has served the local communities in the northern portion of the City of Wanneroo and across the Shire of Gingin since 1997. Our mission is to help build a better community through editorial leadership and to entertain and inform our readers.

It has been reported to the Sun City News that one of the rangers obviously doesn’t adhere to the speed limit in the park.

We are the only locally owned and operated independent newspaper in Yanchep. We are dedicated to the belief that a strong community newspaper is essential for a strong growing community. We exist to serve residents, local community groups and businesses, and ask for their support in return.

Then last Saturday morning, a Sun City News photographer witnessed this ranger speeding towards the caves - No doubt there must have been an emergency, but then again is it a case of ‘do as I say, not as I do’?

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This same ranger has been ‘chipping’ park users about their parking habits. Wouldn’t it be great if the ranger set an example for others - Life would be better for everyone.

Fr o m t h e e d i t o r ’ s d e s k Just when you thought all the elections were over, the Local Government elections are to be determined in mid-October. By the end of September/early October all registered voters will receive their postal voting forms. Voting is not compulsory and usually only about 40 per cent of residents seem to be bothered voting. Across our region, which includes the City of Wanneroo and/or the Shire of Gingin, there are a variety of local issues that directly effect our communities. If local communities want the best for their region, they need

to get involved - That starts with casting your informed vote. Be informed, all too often, if someone bothers to vote, they simply don’t know anything about the candidates or their aspirations. To me, politics and religion should not be involved in Local Government, sadly this is not the case. All too often a candidate uses Local Government as a stepping stone into federal or state government politics. So how do you get the right person to represent you and your community?

Thursday 19 September 2013 - Page 2 - Sun City News

With your voting ballot paper, each candidate’s profile is published. Don’t just believe what is presented to you - Ring them, ask them questions, then decide if they are the person to represent you. If they don’t answer their phone during the election period, just imagine how difficult it will be to get hold of them when they are elected. Equally, candidates who live locally, are involved with local community groups and know the local issues. Doing the local community group circuit a few months out from an election,

doesn’t wash with me - I want an independent candidate that truly wants to go the ‘extra mile’ and help the local community. If you don’t do your research, or can’t be bothered voting, then you get what you deserve. Most local issues are, and can be dealt with at Local Government level, that’s why it is important to have devoted councillors that want to work for the local community, not use their position as a stepping stone to a political career. Think about your vote, and make sure you lodge your vote.

Efforts recognised Late last month, Yanchep Surf Lifesaving Club’s newly elected committee for the 2013/14 summer season, unanimously awarded deputy Mayor and North Ward councillor Laura Gray, patron of the club for her ongoing work and efforts in developing, progressing and pushing for the new surf club facilities which are expected to start construction soon. Yanchep Surf Lifesaving Club president, John Heesters, told the Sun City News that without Cr Gray’s efforts these plans would still be years away. The 2013/14 club registration day is Sunday 20 October, at the clubhouse between 10am and 12midday.

Photo: Yanchep Surf Lifesaving Club president, John Heesters and Cr Laura Gray looking at the latest plans outside the old surf club building.

Have your say on fracking Western Australian Member for Moore, Shane Love, is urging the community to make themselves heard at the upcoming inquiry into the ‘Implications for WA of Fracking for Unconventional Gas’. A recently announced WA Upper House Standing Committee on Environmental and Public Affairs will investigate the impact of fracking on land use, the use of groundwater and potential for the use of recycled water, the regulation of chemicals used in

the fracking process and land rehabilitation following the hydraulic fracturing process. In addition, Mr Love said the committee could broaden the scope of its enquiry to include other matters pertaining to fracking, should it see fit. Attending two of the ‘Frack Free Mid-West’ sessions in Dongara and Badgingarra recently, Mr Love said the public should exercise their right to get involved in the inquiry and make a submission.

“We need to have a thorough understanding of the impact of the fracking industry from an environmental, economic and social viewpoint,” Mr Love said. “These were issues that I raised during the election campaign and I urge those with concerns to make a positive contribution to the inquiry and make a submission.” Submissions can be made up to 5pm on 20 September, and should be sent to Margaret Liveris at lcepac@parliament.

Porter wins Pearce risks at campaigning, risks that you won't win your seat or you will win your seat and you will end up in opposition.

Former WA Attorney General, Christian Porter, a man once touted as a future WA Premier easily won the Federal Government seat of Pearce.

"In fact the whole thing was a major exercise in risk and difficulty. But I never wanted a risk free life in politics."

Mr Porter said he had taken an ‘enormous risk’ leaving state politics to pursue a career in Canberra. This bold move worked, winning the seat of Pearce with a swing of 3.85 per cent against Porter in primary votes and 0.59 per cent after the two party preferred count was completed.

Mr Porter told the media: "There was enormous risk for me leaving state politics. There are

Mr Porter sold their family home in Bateman, so they could live in Yanchep, which is in his Pearce electorate. He played down suggestions he would be a minister in Mr Abbott's Cabinet any time soon.

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Mailbox Parking problems

Rubbish dumping

I have just read the Sun City News and was enlightened by the article on Parking Problems. I am new to the area and do go to the Two Rocks Shopping Centre. I have noticed the vehicles that park as described in the no parking or bus areas.

On a recent bushwalk through Neerabup National Park, some amongst our group spotted a 4WD towing a trailer full of household rubbish entering the bush.

I thought I had moved to an area with a high level of illiterate people and wondered how they got their driver’s licence. I now know that they are just ignorant. Name and address supplied.

Does anybody care During the past few weeks whilst travelling between Gingin Brook Road and Neerabup, I have observed the following on the sides of the road at various locations LCD TV, lounge with two chairs, computer screen, microwave in tree, numerous plastic oil containers, various items of clothing, and a complete bed which appeared to have been stripped as the driver was travelling as it started with two pillow cases, then two pillows, then further along two sheets, later a doona, and eventually the mattress. Besides the usual bottles and cans, etc, if nobody cares about our environment any more, why don't we all do the same and make our highway a pigsty to be proud of. Steve Squires, Woodridge.

It was obvious to all that they were intending to dump their rubbish. They quickly bolted further into the National Park but not before a photo was snapped with registration number to boot. The fabulous City of Wanneroo Rangers responded within minutes, but by then the culprits had long disappeared. On investigating, the rangers spotted a pile of rubbish which very much looked like the load that had been observed by our group on the back of the trailer of the suspicious vehicle. Whilst the rangers indicated they would proceed to prosecute, they also indicated that gaining a conviction without the evidence of actually seeing people in the act of dumping is difficult. The on-the-spot fine, if they get caught in the act, is only $200. This hardly seems like a deterrent anymore. Anyone driving around our City would clearly see that these hard working rangers are fighting a loosing battle against the dumping of rubbish in our community - Of course this impacts on us all. Our local environment is being trashed and of course it

is the money collected from our rates that has to be used by the City for the inevitable clean up. Surely it is time to increase fines so that these people might think twice before continuing to use our bush and road reserves as dumping grounds. Sabine Winton, Nowergup.


You have some peculiar local government laws here and I don’t understand a few of them, such as: some councillor getting paid weekly without lifting a finger in public and will not answer why, if he should have resigned his seat and let someone else do his job, other councillors are having to deal with his share of the decisions.

To the parents of the 16 year old boy who is currently driving a red scooter around the Lindsay Beach Estate in Yanchep, I would like to inform you of his antics.

Whether he does his work by email or any other way it’s not an honest way to work for the community. Why is local government laws allowing him to be paid?

He has had great delight in doing ‘doughnuts’ on the newly levelled blocks on the beachfront.

Also, you have a few people on council who refused to forward their own wards’ petitions and left it for the few courageous councillors to do the work - They deserve to be shunted out of office.

Also doing a burn out on our newly laid garage floor. All of this while having a passenger on the back. While speaking to one of our friends about this, they informed us that he has also been riding the scooter on the boardwalk down to the beach. I’m sure other residents can add to his antics. Name and address supplied.

Council elections We have new elections coming up for council and people have to make their choices of so many people. Some are well known and others you may never find out information on; others that could really make you think twice about.

Watch out folks, who you choose this time around. Also, could I ask the editor to go into depth in regards to the ‘Dadour Amend’, which I know the government wants to get rid of. I understand it will not affect WannerooJoondalup at present time, but could it be a problem for a later event when a referendum is needed on different issues? ‘Dadour’ knew what he was doing and worked very hard to win this amendment. Audrey Hine, Joondalup.

From Facebook Just looking at my rates notice and have not noticed before as always pay full amount, but I had assumed that taking an option of two instalments means you would pay one now and the other in six months, this is normal with other companies and service providers. City of Wanneroo rates option of two instalments is pay half now and half in two months. Not really much of an option for people. It seems they want our money quickly but don't feed it back into the community. I notice in your recent articles Yanchep is still waiting for its oval. Can someone remind

me why we pay elected members and why they are going to get even more money?

faster than Two Rocks - Why can't it change to Yanchep?

Why are we paying directors and administrators and giving them five weeks holiday?

Not free

Elise Brackford.

Yanchep post office? Why, oh why, is there only a post shop in Two Rocks? I live in Yanchep and get parcels and if not home have to travel to Two Rocks to pick them up, really hard when working. I know there are a lot of people annoyed at this, Yanchep is growing so much

Thursday 19 September 2013 - Page 4 - Sun City News

Shona Andrews

City of Wanneroo have posted on their facebook about the ‘free’ concert in November - It may be free to get in it, but it's not free to the ratepayers who's rates are paying for the concert, $13,750 deposit for each artist just paid, and by the time all the expenses are added up it will be over $100,000 for this concert as has been the cost in past years. On the artist fees alone it is around 20 average house-

hold rates going to cover the cost - Not really happy when our rates keep going up. Why is this kind of expense allowed to keep happening? Why are our elected councillors allowing this expense? There are better ways to involve the community without this huge price tag. Definitely not voting for any current elected members, definitely hope there are some new nominations for the positions up for election soon. The only reason more ratepayers are not complaining about the waste money is they aren't told the cost. Elise Brackford.

The Hobbits are coming stage’ scenes in Bilbos House and co-ordinating the lighting, sound, backstage and front of house with box office.

Since his adventures with Gandalf the wizard, Bilbo Baggins, is now the sheriff of Hobbiton. Living peacefully with the Hobbits and Dwarves in the Shire of Buckland ruled over by the Thain, Sir Gornehad, who live in Brandy Hall with his daughter, Peppalily. Her wicked stepmother, Heldora, plans to inherit the kingdom by disposing of Peppalily; with help of a gypsy and the giant Bork ‘Galaxy’. The 22 youth cast at Atlantis Productions tells the story ‘Hobbits: The Hidden Years’ which will open in November. Currently the cast has been involved with filming sections of the play in the Yanchep

If you would like to help out, contact Ted Dowling on This production has been supported by the City of Wanneroo, Healthways and Nicole Norelli and her film crew.

National Park and rehearsing in the Little Mermaid Theatre to present this unique stage and screen production.

Once the filming is finished, there will be many hours of editing by the film director to deliver the finished film.

Over a three days, the cast has been juggling the intricacies of filming outdoor scenes in costume and make-up.

This has been a first and lasting experience for the young cast, who still have weeks of rehearsing the ‘on

The Sun City News will keep readers informed on how they can purchase tickets to see this wonderful production in November.

Photo: Cast of Hobbits: The Hidden Years in rehearsal.

Council elections look intriguing councillors seeking re-electing to only four vacancies.

Twenty-three people have nominated for eight positions at the City of Wanneroo, while eight people have nominated for four positions at the Shire of Gingin. In the Shire of Gingin council elections, five of the eight nominees are already elected

Shire of Gingin no longer has wards elections, candidates are to be elected to represent the entire municipality. This was the result of numerous council meetings and extensive negotiations with the WA Electoral Commission. In the City of Wanneroo elections, deputy mayor, Laura Gray is seeking re-election, while Linda Aitken, Liberal Party candidate in the March state election, is seeking support to become a councillor to represent the North Ward.

Ms Aitken, told the Sun City News, while she has handing out ‘How to vote’ cards at the Phil Renkin Centre, she wanted to represent the North Ward, and seek election to the WA state parliament in 2017. In the Coastal Ward, Rudi Steffens is seeking reelection and has four opponents including Sabine Winton from Nowergup. After 14 years as a Coastal Ward councillor, Ian Goodenough, was recently elected to the federal parliament for the electorate of Moore.

The most intriguing ward in the upcoming City of Wanneroo election is the South Ward Eleven candidates are vying for three positions. Brett Treby and Stuart Mackenzie are seeking re-election. Local council elections are conducted by postal voting. Photo: North Ward candidate chats with Two Rocks resident, Ross Brewer and his 99 year old mother outside the Phil Renkin Centre on state election day.

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Volunteers breakfast

On the first Saturday in September, the Yanchep Two Rocks Recreation Association held their annual Local Volunteers Breakfast at the Yanchep Inn. MP John Quigley and association president, Pam Williamson, welcomed nearly 100 guests to the free breakfast and acknowledged the great works of many of our local groups, including Community Bus Committee, RSL, Red Cross, Yanchep Junior Football Club, Yanchep Lions Club, TRYACT, Yanchep Two Rocks Home Support Group, Shuhari Karate Group, Yanchep Fire Brigade, Yanchep Emergency Food Relief, Yanchep National

Park volunteers, Atlantis Productions and Two Rocks Volunteer Sea Rescue. Sea Rescue volunteer, Jim Smith, who has been helping out at Two Rocks for over 14 years, was the guest speaker.

He spoke about the great comradery, and some of the experiences he has endured as a sea rescue volunteer. The City of Wanneroo supported the event through its Community Funding grant.

National Science week at GDC his life covering Antarctic Auroras to Moon Dust. Professor Burman talked about the history of the Moon and how it might have formed and its interaction with the Earth.

Advertising in the Sun City News

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Professor O’Brien is the first Australian to receive the NASA medal for Exceptional Scientific Achievement for his Apollo 14 Charged Particle Lunar Environment Experiment. He has more scientific experiments on the Moon than anyone, five of which are still there. These were placed on the Moon by Apollo 11, 12, 14 and 15 missions. Professor O’Brien showed an instrument that he designed to test the surface on the moon which was used in the Apollo 11 mission, along with various photographic images and his precious medal. Professor Brian O’Brien and his colleague, Ron Burman, held a captive audience at the Gravity Discovery Centre’s morning tea on The Moon Event to celebrate

National Science Week with over 30 visitors and two schools enjoyed the presentation as Professor O’Brien shared stories and the journey through

Eric Quinton, from Quinns Baptist College, was in the audience with his mother. Eric was fortunate to be able to chat to Professor O’Brien and wear his NASA medal.

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A day in the life of a Yanchep Police Officer There is no other job like that of a police officer. The following is a rare glimpse into ‘an average’ day of a police officer at the Yanchep Police Station, which occurred last Friday 30 August. Being a small station in a rapidly growing community the demands on Yanchep Police have never been greater or more diverse to maintain community safety and confidence. The day commenced with two officers being summonsed to court for a trial regarding a disorderly conduct matter. Some may consider being tied up in court for a full day to be a waste of police resources, but officers treat all charges with the same vigor and on this occasion were successful in having the accused convicted. Soon after arriving back at the station the most feared call for police attendance was received, a sudden death. A prompt attendance confirmed the untimely passing of one of our community which aroused a mix of heavy emotions. The officers have family, but they are temporarily forgotten to direct all available compassion to the grieving family in their time of need. Day shift, return home late, but not before handing over the reins to the next shift who continue with the coronial investigation. Keeping the momentum, officers return to the road to maintain a presence in their community while continuing with assigned case files. Within a short time they follow up with a family domestic investigation while serving court documents. Life skills are called upon to prevent further violence in the home, an all too common occurrence.

An opportunity to conduct proactive patrols was taken, concentrating on a reduction in burglaries and theft from homes under construction and protecting the many businesses in the local area. Those patrols were complemented by traffic stops to ensure road users were complying with the road rules. It is now just before 8.00pm when a call is received requiring urgent attendance at a crash. Lights and sirens for a number of police vehicles. A horrific scene is encountered after a vehicle collides with a pedestrian causing serious injuries. Again officers are hit with a mix of heavy emotions. The nature of the injuries called for an immediate response by the RAC rescue helicopter which landed on the road near the crash scene. The efforts of passing motorists, Yanchep St John Ambulance officers and attending critical incident medical team was first grade, and officers are amazed at the professional response given to the patient in the middle of the road during a rain storm. Inquiries to work out what happened continue long after the patient is air lifted to hospital.

It is now the early hours of the morning and with the road re-opened and an unlicensed driver taken off the road, a meal is long overdue to keep the energy levels up. The inside of a Toyota Hilux is used as the dining room, an all too common occurrence for officers throughout the state. Dinner is interrupted by the chilling sound of colleagues calling for urgent backup as they are surrounded and assaulted without cause. The feeling of helplessness is almost overwhelming knowing that distance would prevent Yanchep officers from assisting. Further patrols are conducted throughout the northern most portion of the police district until time runs out. Paperwork is completed, equipment is returned and officers call it a night, heading home to beat the morning sun. Sometimes the greater challenges aren’t those experienced at work, but the ability to leave it behind. For the small number of staff able to have the weekend off, it is a chance to remind yourself of your relationship with your family, children or friends and maybe enjoy Father’s Day at home. For the others, you take what sleep you can and soldier on the following day for who knows what. Considering the highs and lows during one day, imagine what you would achieve in a career. The police are always after quality applicants, so if you think you have what it takes, Step Forward - www.stepforward.

Editor’s comment All too often we are quick to criticise the local police, quizzing where they are when you think they should attend an issue in your area. Hopefully, this article gives residents a glimpse into just one day of local police.

Thursday 19 September 2013 - Page 8 - Sun City News

Without these dedicated officers, life in our region would be worse. Residents need to understand the more we help the police, the better they can make our community crime free - Reporting incidents, knowing which numbers to ring in an

emergency or to report a concern. The police are not sitting at Yanchep police station waiting for your call, every day they have a fully booked schedule, but are flexible to meet those emergencies as they arise.

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Be King of The Knoll - Price Reduced All three bedrooms have built-in robes, the master suite enjoying a larger walk-in robe and spacious ensuite with double vanities and a double shower. This home offers good separation and luxurious features throughout. Together with full security including a vision intercom system, split-level air conditioning and solar hot water. You will feel like ‘King of the Castle’ in this fabulous custom built luxury home with views that will last forever. There is a huge living areas over two floors looking out to 270 degree views of the Indian Ocean and surrounding countryside beyond. The upper level living area runs the entire length of the home opening out to an enormous 27 square metre plus balcony, perfect for lounging and enjoying the scenery. The light and bright kitchen boasts quality throughout and has its very own separate scullery/preparation room. A feature archistone wall greets you off the entry, together with the study and wrought iron turning staircase with bamboo steps leading down to the lower floor. The lower level of the home hosts another living area/parents retreat.

With this unique family home you have an opportunity to enjoy a unique home in a unique location. Call Claire Morrell from John Bloomfield Real Estate on 0414 220 301 for a private inspection that won’t disappoint. Address: 8 The Knoll, Yanchep. Asking price: $1,150,000 Agent: John Bloomfield Real Estate. 19 Brazier Road, Yanchep.

About The Knoll The Knoll is Capricorn's oceanside precinct.


Lots are literally a stone's throw from the beach, and include elevated lots with views of the ocean and inland. There are only nine lots remaining, all over 1000 square metres each in size. The views are spectacular.

this area also opens out on to a spacious paved and decked front garden.

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PROPERTY GUIDE Big beautiful family home

This modern four bedroom, two bathroom family residence has a wonderful big floor plan tucked away in quiet spot in elevated position. This home features super spacious open plan living areas, nice paintwork, fixtures and fittings throughout with easy care floor tiling to all traffic areas. Other features include reverse cycle ducted air conditioning, insulation, large kitchen with gas hot plates, huge master bedroom with WIR's, plus 3 others, all doubles. The double carport has extra height and all set on a generous 792 square metre corner block with room to park a boat or caravan, set in tidy gardens.

Thursday 19 September 2013 - Page 12 - Sun City News

Currently this home has excellent tenants on a fixed term lease paying $450.00 per week until the 31 January 2014. This magnificent home was built in 2002 by Content Living Homes. Call Craig Hoskins from Martin Dickhart Real Estate on 0414 473 360 to arrange an inspection. Address: 9 Bower Grove, Two Rocks Asking price: $429,000 - $449,000. Agent: Martin Dickhart Real Estate Two Rocks Shopping Centre Two Rocks

Today’s women

Health, Beauty & Wellbeing

Today’s women

Bipolar disorder We hear a lot about it in the media, who has it, who’s suffering because of it, and if a famous movie star, such as Catherine Zeta-Jones admits to having it, some of the stigma surrounding it seems to melt away from it.

The younger the age of onset, the more likely the first few episodes are to be depressive. Diagnosis of a bipolar disorder requires a manic or hypomanic episode. Because of this many are initially diagnosed and treated as having major depression. A major depressive episode can last for up to two weeks. If left untreated depressive episodes can last as long as six months.

But what is Bipolar disorder and what does it mean for those who have been diagnosed with this severely disabling condition. The current term ‘bipolar disorder’ is of fairly recent origin and refers to the cycling between high and low episodes (poles). The term ‘manicdepressive illness’ or psychosis was coined by German psychiatrist Emil Kraepelin in the late nineteenth century, originally referring to all kinds of mood disorder. German psychiatrist Karl Leonhard split the classification in 1957, employing the terms ‘unipolar disorder’ (major depressive disorder) and bipolar disorder. Sufferers of this debilitating illness look exactly the same as you or me. For many illnesses

or disabilities, you may be able to notice a marked change in appearance or speech etc, but not in cases of a person who is bipolar. Bipolar disorder is also known as bipolar affective disorder, manic-depressive disorder, or manic depression. It is a mental illness and psychiatrists can sometimes refer to it as a mood disorder. People suffering from bipolar often experience wild mood swings. High or euphoric mood changes known as mania

alternating with feelings of extreme lows, episodes of depression. Those showing psychotic symptoms of bipolar disorder have often been misdiagnosed with schizophrenia. Around four percent of men and women suffer from bipolar disorder. Both genetic and environmental factors contribute to the likelihood of a person developing bipolar disorder. There is no one factor that indicates an individual is prone to developing this disorder as it is not discriminate to race, culture or country.

There are several common precursors in children who are later diagnosed as being bipolar. These include mood abnormalities, full major depressive episodes, and ADHD. Anti-psychotic drugs have been found to assist with managing this disorder, but long term effects of drugs used are not clear. Anti-depressants have not been found to have any benefit over that found with mood stabilizers. For many individuals with bipolar disorder, good treatment results from an accurate diagnosis.

Appointments call Donna on

9561 6336 or 0403 768 933 4 Foreshore Vista,Yanchep

Do vitamin pills work? Vitamin pills are big business, from chewable ones for children and tablets especially tailored for women going through the menopause to essential oils for dodgy joints and high-dose vitamin C to pep up your immune system, there is a supplement for everyone.

A study of more than 2,000 men found that those with the highest levels of Omega 3 in their blood were 71 per cent more likely to develop the most lethal form of prostate cancer, and 44 per cent more likely to develop low grade prostate cancer.

And it’s not just Omega 3 that is under scrutiny. According to a study at the Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Centre in Seattle, there is surprisingly little evidence that any vitamin or mineral pills prevent disease, unless people are suffering from a nutrient deficiency.

For most people, taking multivitamin and mineral supplements at the recommended dose is safe. It is recommended consulting with your doctor before commencing any vitamin and/or mineral supplements

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Book Review The Sun City News crew are all keen book readers, today you can read your favourite book on an iPad, hardcover or softback - Here is our selection this week. Amazing Aussie Bastards

crowd. Immune to critics and disbelievers, undaunted by illness or financial setback, they have done what writer Somerset Maugham so admired - 'moulded life to their own liking'.

Usain Bolt - Faster Than Lightening

From Prince Leonard of Hutt, the rebel WA farmer who seceded from Australia, known more readily as His Royal Highness Prince Leonard of Hutt, the selfappointed monarch of Australia’s only secessionist micro-nation, Hutt River Province Principality, founded in 1970 amid a media and bureaucratic firestorm. Princes, paupers, prime ministers, and bastards. Here is a selection of 25 amazing men from all walks of life, and from all around Australia. Amazing bastard (colloquial), n: a bloke who does stuff that other bastards wouldn't try in a month of Sundays. We've all met them, or at least read about them - men who drive faster, climb higher, build and invent and triumph over impossible odds. Journalist Lawrence Money has assembled a collection of Amazing Aussie Bastards who truly stand out from the

Then there is Bob Katter, founder of the latest political party (who tells why he once threw eggs at the Beatles), and the indestructible giant of Australian radio, Alan Jones (who finally reveals the reason he switched stations). It's a book that celebrates stellar Aussie male achievement. What's their secret, these Amazing Bastards? What makes them tick? Can we be like them? The answers lie within this book’s pages.

story in his own words: from humble beginnings in Jamaica, to international stardom at Beijing and on to the new heights of superstardom he has reached since lighting up London 2012. Full of the charm and charisma that has made him the most popular sporting figure of our time and a universal celebrity, this is a book that Usain's millions of fans will love.

The autobiography of the fastest man of all time and a superstar whose talent and charisma have made him one of the most famous people on the planet. Whether you know athletics or not, and even whether you know sport or not, chances are you know Usain Bolt. The fastest man on the planet, not just now but ever, Usain has won the hearts of people everywhere with his mind-blowing performances and his infectious charisma uniting supporters around the world. In this, his full autobiography, Usain tells his

Usain Bolt was born in Jamaica on August 21, 1986. As early as age 14, Bolt was wowing fans of sprinting with his lightning speed, and he won his first high school championships medal in 2001, taking the silver in the 200 metre race. Usain Bolt is a Jamaican sprinter widely regarded as the fastest person ever. He is the first man to hold both the 100 metres and 200 metres world records since 1977. He is the reigning Olympic champion winning six Olympic gold medals in sprinting, and a five-time world champion. This is a great sporting book.

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Local Dining & Entertainment

Local news snippets Wine & Cheese On Saturday 21 September, the Sun City Yacht Club is holding a ‘Wine & Cheese’ night at their clubhouse, next to the Sea Rescue HQ.

Local wildflowers

Bookings are essential as numbers are limited, call 0418 925 715.

Rural Women’s Award open The Rural Women’s Award recognises the vital contribution women make to this State as advocates for rural industries and communities. The WA winner of the 2014 award will receive a $10,000 bursary to help develop their vision or project. This can help in many ways, including formal training in leadership and business management, overseas study, business plans and pilot programs. Nominations close on 31 October, forms and further information is available at

Local photographers, Ben Weide, Denise Lord and Dianne Hewitt snapped these great wildflower photos.

School Buzz Unfortunately the School Buzz column was not completed in sufficient time to be published in this edition. Several great School Buzz articles and photos have been carried over for a monster double dose next issue. If you would like to submit an article to School Buzz, it easy - Take a wonderful unique photo, write a short story about your photo, then email it to buzz@suncity Articles are welcomed from students, parents and teachers. If you would like to discuss your article call Terry on 9561 2500.

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Local Dining & Entertainment

Amazing new studio Other classes on offer include: barbie ballet, ballet, tap, jazz, street dance, contemporary, drama, musical theatre, pop school and kids club.

Promote your next event or function in the Sun City News 9561 2500

Classes are held for students aged two through to adults. The next set of adult classes start next term on Tuesday and Thursday mornings. Over the last two years, the group has had some dances choreographed by former student, Alicia Pattyson, a professional contemporary dancer with C-12 contemporary dance company in London. APAstageworks was established in late 2010, running classes from Yanchep Community Centre before out growing the facility and moving to Club Capricorn Resort. The group had been on the look out for new premises for past 12 months due to the fact they had out grown Club Capricorn. The group has now moved to Gloucester Lodge in the Yanchep National Park, where they have a large beautiful new studio as their home. APAstageworks director, Tammie Rafferty, said “I am thrilled with the new venue here

at Gloucester Lodge, it’s a dream studio in an idyllic location. We are very lucky." After three very successful concerts at Yanchep District High School, the group has recently announced that their ‘Step into the Spotlight 2013’ concert will be held at Cabaret Cave in the Yanchep National Park in December. The students will perform a matinee and evening performance in this magical venue. APAstageworks now offers new ‘ACRO’ classes on Saturday afternoons with an amazing young enthusiastic teacher, Miss Steph.

Other teachers include: Fay Fitzgerald, a professional dancer and choreographer who has works in England, Kim Brown, a professional dancer in Dubai, and Ashley Birchall, currently performing in Starlight Express in Germany. All the cyber teachers are former students of Tammie Rafferty, from the UK and are delighted to be part of APAstageworks in Yanchep. If you are looking to get involved in dance of any style, contact Tammie on 0435 443 407 or

Neptune neglected Despite efforts of some local residents over a number of years, a meeting with King Neptune’s owner, Adrian Fini Group, has been near impossible. The group who were prepared to look after the area, including installing a safe pathway, feel they have been blindsided trying to arrange a meeting to get approval from the owner. In the meantime, the King is continually being grafittied, vandalised and abused. Local resident, Alistair Clark recently snapped this photo from the Two Rock's boat ramp area of a guy clambering over the statue structure. No one knows or wants to discuss the long term future of the world famous King Neptune statue, designed and created by Mark LeBuse as part of the now-defunct Atlantis Marine Park.

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Crossword & Diary COMMUNITY DIARY

Saturday 21 September Yanchep Junior Red Hawks Trophy Day and AGM. Oldham Reserve. 10.00am to 3.00pm.

Saturday 21 September Y Colour Diet - Infotalk: 12-2pm at Two Rocks Marina, upper level, green picnic bench area. BYO Salad (undressed).

Saturday 21 September Wine and Cheese Night at Sun City Yacht Club.

Saturday 28 September Neergabby Community Association annual fireworks.

Sunday 29 September Gingin Jive - Massive vintage and retro fair at Granville Park, Gingin. 10am to 4pm.

Saturday 5 October Registration day at Sun City Yacht Club, 9.00am to 1.00pm. Ages 8 yrs through to adults.

Sunday 13 October Gingin Open Garden and Craft Day. 10am - 4pm.

Friday 18 October Yanchep Two Rocks RSL Golf Day. 9.00am at Yanchep Golf Course. $150 per team of three.

Saturday 19 October Local Government elections - Don’t forget to vote.

Saturday 19 October Annual Bindoon Show - Gold coin entry, join in all the fun of the show.

Sunday 3 November Woodridge Spring Fair, from 8.00am.

Saturday 9 November Car Boot sale at Phil Renkin Centre.

Saturday 9 November City of Wanneroo present two prominent Australian artists, Lisa Mitchell and Josh Pyke at Wanneroo Showgrounds.

DEADLINE for NEXT ISSUE All Community Diary, Sports Results, News articles and Photos are required by 12noon, Saturday 28 September.

SUBMIT YOUR COMMUNITY EVENT ONLINE Go to Community Events Fill in online Submit Event

IT’S FREE Crossword Answers Across: 1 Manners 7 Pasta 11 Caracas 17 Aries 18 Pare 19 Afro 20 Agape 21 Scruple 22 Osaka 24 Nigeria 25 Story 26 Poser 27 Enter 28 Ali 30 Pin 31 Due 33 Ecologist 36 Beefeater 39 Ensue 41 Toast 42 Excel 45 Gulp 46 Holt 47 Sling 49 Aria 51 Elegant 53 Otic 54 Scrooge 57 Eerie 58 Sticker 60 Snowy 61 Metre 62 Hygiene 64 Dress 68 Ternary 71 Rosy 72 Viaduct 74 Rust 75 Lyons 76 Pack 77 Iran 79 Peter 80 Fluke 81 Tulip 83 Obliquely 87 Bonaparte 90 Rat 91 Mob 93 Ned 94 Harpo 97 Sadat 99 Steam 102 Oceania 103 Piano 104 Immerse 105 Sonic 106 Neon 107 June 108 Urger 109 Entreat 110 Tenor 111 Signore.

Down: 1 Mass 2 Arctic 3 Niro 4 Neural 5 Espy 6 Spelling 7 Prop 8 Aesop 9 Taken 10 Afar 11 Conquest 12 Rage 13 Agenda 14 Cart 15 Apiece 16 Sear 23 Asia 28 Age 29 Issue 31 Dealt 32 Eft 33 Evens 34 Oscar 35 Tulle 36 Boone 37 Thick 38 Roger 40 Epee 41 Thai 43 Erosion 44 Lioness 47 Stirrup 48 License 50 Agony 52 Greed 53 Otter 55 Cry 56 Ewe 58 Set 59 Ear 62 Hello 63 Growl 64 Dicky 65 Rake 66 Suit 67 Scrub 69 Attar 70 Yorke 72 Vault 73 Talon 76 Pleasant 78 Nineties 80 Fur 82 Pad 84 Beacon 85 Impair 86 Soda 88 Astern 89 Teaser 91 Maine 92 Banjo 94 Hose 95 Rent 96 Once 97 Spot 98 Tour 99 Smug 100 Ergo 101 Mere.

SPORTS RESULTS GOLF Guilderton Sat 31 Aug - Stroke: B Wegner 64, P Flavell 67, I Street & R Wheeler 68. NTP: I Street 4th. Longest drive: P Flavell 10th. Best 2nd shot: I Street 14th. Best 3rd shot: P Rouse 6th, P Flavell 16th. Longest putt: B Hardeman 10th, J Bresland 18th. Wed 4 Sept - S/ford: C Meharry 21, B Gault 20. NTP: P Flavel 3rd, J Bresland 4th, B Hicks 8th. Best 3rd shot: B Gault 1st. Longest putt: R Wheeler 9th. Sat 7 Sept - S/ford: R Wheeler 41, B Hicks 38, I Street 35, B Hardeman 31.

NTP: J Bresland 4th, R Wheeler 17th. Best 2nd shot: P Flavell 5th. Longest putt: J Bresland 15th. Wed 11 Sept - S/ford: B Watson 18, J Bresland 17. NTP: B Wegner 12th, B Hardeman 13th. Best 3rd shot: B Wegner 18th. Longest putt: B Hicks 10th, J Hardeman 17th.

SCCC Ladies Tues 3 Sept - Stroke: M Wetherly 71, F Read ocb J Brennan, L Bracken 72; S Harding 73: Monthly Medal: F Read. Least putts: M Wetherly 28. Best gross: M Wetherly 84. Tues 10 Sept - S/ford: N Ford 39, B Tierney 35, S Harding ocb J Brennan 33.

Fri 6 Sept - Ladies S/ford: A Mann ocb S Morris 35, A Tran 34, L Williams ocb M Wetherly 32. Men: R Woolley 42, D Williams 40, R Flannery 39, C Wells ocb S Panui 38, D Hotchin, G Tait 37, V Annamalay, L Ryan 36.

Delle-Grazie 38. Highest score: N Delle-Grazie 117. Tues 3 Sept - Coasters 9 def Saints 2. Highest peg: R Leslie 57. Highest score: L Twyford 100. Neptunes 7 def Kruizers 4. Highest peg: M Sorenson 32. Highest score: M Sorenson 165.

Yanchep Golf Club


Sat 7 Sept - Three person ambrose: A Faulks, G Reyne, N Byrne 561/2 P Leigh, J Tonti, D Attwood 572/3. I Lowe, J McIntyre, S Murray 575/6.

Mortlock League - Grand Final Reserves: Gingin 16.7 (103) def Toodyay 6.3 (39). Metro League - Kwinana 19.11 (125) def Yanchep 9.5 (59).


DARTS Tues 27 Aug - Neptunes 7 def Coasters 4. Highest peg: R Leslie 56. Highest score: M. Sorenson 133. Saints 6 def Kruizers 5. Highest peg: N.

Email your sports score to

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Sun City News Classifieds PUBLIC NOTICE



STRATEGIC COMMUNITY PLAN Council has adopted a Strategic Community Plan in accordance with Section 5.56 of the Local Government Act 1995 and regulation 19C of the Local Government (Administration) Regulations 1996. This Plan will apply to the Shire of Gingin for 2013-2023. The Strategic Community Plan can be viewed at the Administration Centre, 7 Brockman Street Gingin, the Lancelin Agency Office, 255 Vins Way Lancelin, or on Council’s website JEREMY EDWARDS CHIEF EXECUTIVE OFFICER

Woodridge Community Association Public Meeting Monday 14th October @ 7. 30pm What would you like for Woodridge? Come to our public meeting and let your voice be heard? The WCA Committee would appreciate your ideas on activities you would like to be involved in and suggestions how to get started. We want you all to be part of our great community. Would be good to see the hall full of new and older residents. You will be informed on all that is going on in the Shire. Make the effort to spare a couple of hours of your time. The Committee welcomes you.



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DEADLINE FOR NEXT ISSUE The next issue of the Sun City News will be published on Thursday 3 October, 2013. All ad material, classifieds, Community Notices and articles must be required by 12noon, Saturday 28 September, 2013.




Sun City Yacht Club

The Sun City News has a couple of Letterbox distribution position becoming vacant in early October. If you would like to deliver the Sun City News every second Thursday in Two Rocks, call Carolyn on 9561 2500 during office hours. Good remuneration. Good conditions.


Fundraising for Moon Bears Woodridge - 22 September 12 to 1pm - Sausage sizzle ($3.00ea) 1pm to 2pm - Auction 2pm to 4pm - Devonshire Tea ($3.50) 2pm to 4pm - Darts If you would like to donate an item for auction, call Brenda on 9577 1371.

Wine & Cheese Night Saturday 21 September Members and Guests welcome Bookings essential - 0418 925 715

Registration Day Saturday 5 October SCYC Clubroom, next to Sea Rescue 9.00am to 1.00pm Ages 8 years through to adults.

Yanchep Junior Red Hawks Football Club Trophy Day and AGM at Oldham Reserve Saturday 21 September 10.00am to 3.00pm There will be a selection of FREE rides for the kids, Dunk the Coach or your mate.


Various committee positions need to be filled, your support is needed.

The Sun City News offers ‘Free Community Notices’ for all local community groups and notfor-profit organisations who provide the wider community a free activity or service. If a fee or charge is being made to attend or participate in a community event, the Sun City News will charge an ‘at-cost fee’ to publish the activity. If you are unsure of your status, please feel free to contact the Sun City News on 9561 2500, during business hours to verify you qualify for a free Community Notice.

AGM business to include canteen proposal.

All community notices must be emailed to or faxed to 9561 5691. No verbal notices will be accepted.

Bookings 9561 5321 or 0407 992 384

Casino Bus Every third Tuesday of the month Departs Phil Renkin Centre at 5.15pm Pickups at Yanchep Sports Club at 5.25pm Return trip at 11.00pm $15pp inc bus fare, dining and gaming vouchers

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