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Thursday 10 January 2013

GUEST SPEAKER Troy Buswell to speak at local luncheon WA state politician, Troy Buswell, State Treasurer, and Minister for Transport and Emergency Services, will be the guest speaker at a local business luncheon being held at Lindsay’s Restaurant at Club Capricorn Resort. The luncheon is the second function sponsored by Capricorn Village Joint Venture, Club Capricorn Resort and the Sun City News. Last year, Leader of the Opposition, Mark McGowan, was the guest speaker at a business breakfast. Mr Buswell has been the Member for Vasse since the 2005 WA election. Prior to entering state government, Troy was chairperson of the Cape Naturaliste Tourism Association and represented his community as a

councillor with the Shire of Busselton for six years, the last two as Shire President. As Minister for Transport, he is responsible for all WA roads and railway systems, it is hoped Mr Buswell can provide an insight to the much needed railway to Yanchep, along with the dualling of Marmion Ave to Yanchep, and the extension of Mitchell Freeway to Neerabup Road which is proposed to be the east-west link between Marmion Ave and Wanneroo Rd. Tickets are limited for the Thursday 17 January luncheon, and can be purchased for $20 per person, contact Club Capricorn Resort on 9561 1106 to book your tickets.

Caravan park under new management At the Shire of Gingin’s council meeting, held one week before Christmas Day, the newly appointed Chief Executive Officer, Jeremy Edwards, presented three late and urgent reports for the council to consider. In a report about the Guilderton Caravan Park, one of the most popular coastal parks in Western Australia, the council were informed of recent changes in management at the caravan park. The report stated in early October 2012, the shire started to receive complaints from customers in relation

to the operations of the Guilderton Caravan Park. A series of meetings were held between the shire and the contractor, Jeff Jamieson. As discussions progressed Mr Jamieson terminated his contract. On 23 November, shire administration and available councillors (Cr Roe and Alderson) discussed the appointment of a new manager for the caravan park. At the December meeting, council agreed to Geoff Liddelow’s appointment; approved an additional cost of $184,675, and reconvened the park management committee. MORE page 4


Spot the pollie With three elections over the next ten months, it will be intriguing to see how often the politicians that are supposed to represent us in federal, state and/or local government, will be seen in our community.

The region’s most popular newspaper The Sun City News is a newspaper that has served the local communities in the northern portion of the City of Wanneroo and across the Shire of Gingin since 1997. Our mission is to help build a better community through editorial leadership and to entertain and inform our readers.

Of our current politicians, state member, John Quigley, would be the most accessible. The large majority of new residents to the region, couldn’t name their federal member, Judi Moylan.

We are the only locally owned and operated independent newspaper in Yanchep. We are dedicated to the belief that a strong community newspaper is essential for a strong growing community. We exist to serve residents, local community groups and businesses, and ask for their support in return.

Ms Moylan is retiring when the federal election is held, and former state politician, Christian Porter will be seeking election.

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At a recent local survey, over 60 per cent of residents couldn’t name their local councillors who represent them at council. Local government elections will be held in October.

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Fr o m t h e e d i t o r ’ s d e s k Welcome back from the Sun City News crew. After a short festive season break, we are back on board, with today’s edition of the Sun City News marking the return of our fortnightly local newspaper. As well as catching up on anything you missed in the past week or so, check out our feature ‘2012 in Review’ plus other goodies. I’m sure 2013 is going to be an interesting year, considering there are three elections, federal state and local government over the next ten months - The Sun City News will endeavour to

provide the latest updates from the politicians at each level of government. It is our intention to provide the most comprehensive fortnightly local news coverage, plus daily online updates at our Facebook page, through Twitter and at www. Readers’ contributions and comments are always welcome. In today’s modern society, about fifty per cent of the population want to receive a regular newspaper, free in their letterbox, while the other fifty per cent read their local news

online - Computer, laptop, tablet, iPad or on a mobile phone. As statewide and national newspapers wrestle with dropping readership, newspapers that provide a comprehensive local news service, both online and the printed newspaper, their popularity continues to grow. At the end of December, I received the online stats for the Sun City News and our online readership has grown by over 50 per cent in one year - Not bad for a little local community newspaper, some of the major mastheads would like those results.

If you have any suggestions, please feel free to email them to In early February, the Sun City News will conduct its annual Readers’ Survey. I invite all local readers to participate and help us to continue providing the community with the ‘Best Local Newspaper’ - These surveys have been held for nearly ten years, with the Sun City News dominating the ‘Best Local Newspaper’ category for the past five years. I thank everyone for their ongoing support.


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Thursday 10 January 2013 - Page 2 - Sun City News

New tank secures water “Elevation of the tank on Carabooda Hill allows water to gravity feed to the CaraboodaNeerabup Water Supply Scheme, providing a sustainable, energy-efficient water supply.”


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The Minister thanked Carabooda residents for their co-operation and patience during construction of the vital infrastructure.

Minister for Water, Bill Marmion, this week announced the completion of a 60 million litre tank located at Carabooda. Mr Marmion said the tank was part of a $35 million upgrade of the Carabooda-Neerabup Water Supply Scheme and was the biggest steel water tank yet built by the Water Corporation.

Mr Marmion said: “The tank and associated pipework, built by the State Government for $18 million, will secure water supply requirements out to 2025 for Perth's rapidly growing northern coastal development strip, between Kinross and the southern extent of Yanchep.

“The Carabooda tank site can accommodate a second tank when demand drives the need for additional storage and water pressure, but this is not anticipated until after 2025,” he said. “Demand will be monitored during the next 15 years and future expansion will depend on growth in the northern development corridor.”

Digital arrives for Lancelin area People in Lancelin, Nilgen and Karakin are encouraged to get ready for digital TV now, as analog TV signals are scheduled to be switched off and replaced with digital from 17 January. The Digital Switchover is coming early to Lancelin, Nilgen and Karakin ─ With the rest of the Perth metropolitan switchover region scheduled to switch off analog TV signals on 16 April. The early switchover is happening because, unlike most other transmission sites, the local television tower cannot broadcast analog and digital TV signals at the same time. Head of the Digital Switchover Taskforce, Nerida O’Loughlin, said: “For most people making the switch to digital is easy and inexpensive. People can choose to either connect a set-top box or digital TV recorder to an existing analog TV or use a digital TV, which has a built-in digital tuner.

"This is a good time to read your TV or set-top box manual so that you know how to do minor troubleshooting, for example, how to retune your channels. “Once the upgrade of equipment is completed people should retune their set-top box or digital TV to start enjoying all the digital channels.” “For households in Lancelin, Nilgen and Karakin that require practical assistance to make the switch, such as the elderly, people with disabilities and their carers, the Household Assistance Scheme is also available,” Ms O’Loughlin explained. The Household Assistance Scheme is available to residents in Lancelin, Nilgen and Karakin. The Department of Human Services has written to those eligible people inviting them to opt-in for assistance.

The scheme provides an entire package of assistance and is free to eligible households. Assistance includes the supply and installation of a set-top box, a demonstration of how to use the equipment, 12 months after care support and equipment warranty and where necessary, antenna and cable upgrades if the resident owns their home. Once residents have opted-in to the Scheme a government contracted installer will call to arrange an appointment. The installation will occur shortly after the switchover, so the technician can tune in the new digital channels. To find out more about the switch to digital TV residents can enter their full address into the mySwitch tool on the Digital Ready website - or call the information line on 1800 20 10 13.

Stolen car causes fire A stolen car, dumped and ignited in Reinhold Road, off Wanneroo Road is believed to be the cause of a bush fire, last Saturday.

hard to contain the fire. State Emergency Service volunteers, WA Police and the Salvation Army supported the fire effort.

Over 70 fire fighters, two helitankers and an aerial intelligence helicopter worked

It was estimated that 12.5 hectares of bushland was burnt.

Police are asking anyone who may haver seen any suspicious behaviour in the Romeo Road, Wanneroo Road and Bernard Road areas to contact Crimestoppers on 1800 333 000 or through their web site.

Thursday 10 January 2013 - Page 3 - Sun City News

Letters to the editor Good will Do you have a 15-16 year old who was out and about Yanchep on Friday 14 December, at approximately 9.30pm and do you know what they were up to? Four little angels, two boys and two girls, decided to frighten and vilify residents in one home because they are visitors from abroad. As a parent you should be so proud ‘coz they knew their rights’ when challenged. I suppose all four asked for long white robes and white pointed hoods for Christmas? Hearing the language they were using, a bar of velvet soap to wash out their disgusting mouths would be more appropriate. Name and address supplied.

Hoons I refer to Dave's letter of Sun City News dated 20 December, wherein he commented on the hoon problem, not enough after hours police patrols and police stations not being manned. I would like to comment on the manning of police stations as there seems to be a belief in the community that manned police stations somehow deter crime - Not so.

You could have 500 police officers sitting in Yanchep police station and they would not deter crime. Police stations should be open offices hours and manned by civilians - A wise old police sergeant once said to me many years ago 'you won't catch crooks sitting in the office son, get off you backside onto the streets and catch some crooks'. The same sentiments apply today - We want as many police on the street as possible. Police cars, today, are high tech and unless they arrest someone there is no need to go to the police station however the above is somewhat simplistic and there are many, many other factors that effect the police efficiency. Ask any officer, not the hierarchy as you will get a politically correct answer, what ties up their time - Paperwork, duplicious reports, etc. Go to any court house in Western Australia on any day and see how many officers are just standing around waiting to give evidence; on many occasions only to find some solicitor who has originally advised his client to plead not guilty to change their plea to guilty at the last moment.

A time and motion study needs to be done to review the work load of street coppers and keep them on the road. However, it does not matter how efficient our police department is in catching and prosecuting crooks it is all a total waste of time unless the courts make the crooks realise there are consequences for their actions. Most crooks, especially juveniles, have no fear of the consequences of their actions - Just ask the idiots on the trail bikes, they don't care because they know nothing will happen in court that is of any deterrence to them. It is time that the judiciary put the safety of the public before the rights of crooks. My opinion is that once you break the law and impinge on my rights you forfeit your rights. M Baker, Two Rocks.

Guns I read about how America is having trouble with their gun laws. We, here in Australia made the big move to rid ourselves of guns and look at us now, just as many of the things as we had before.

hoons, late at night, whilst trying to get home from Perth. One had her car rammed and was chased by a four wheel drive with three screaming idiots in it. This person had a fourteen year old daughter in the car who had to watch while these three things tried to force her mother to stop, god knows what could have eventuated if she had stopped. So, I see in the papers and on the news this sort of thing going on more and more and it seems there is no way to stop these criminals from doing what they want, when they want. I wonder if a car was stopped under the same circumstances, the driver’s window wound down and when the idiots arrived there, they found themselves looking down the barrel of a peacemaker. Does anyone in power have a better way to stop this sort of behaviour, or do we wait until more of our womenfolk are dragged out of vehicles to face whatever fate awaits them? B Rowe, Yanchep.

I have spoken to two women who have been terrified by

Caravan park under new management FROM PAGE 1 The reconvened Guilderton Caravan Park Management Committee, (Crs Ammon, Alderson, Collard and Kestel plus manager of Corporate Services and the CEO), will be responsible for considering the tender process and appointment of the manger/ contractor for the park. In another ‘late and urgent’ report presented to the council related to problems with the shire’s relevantly new prime mover - The Mercedes Benz 2644 Fleetstar was purchased new in January 2009, in September 2012 transmission problems were reported with the vehicle. The prime mover had approximately 260,000k on the clock and according to the shire’s Plant Replacement

A consulting engineers’ report stated: “Various sections were in very poor condition with many potholes of considerable size and depth.”

Program was not due for replacement until 2016/17. A vehicle manufacturer’s report indicated that there was less than two litres of oil in the transmission case. Manufacture specifications require 17 litres of oil. The shire mechanic confirmed that there was no external oil leaks from the transmission. The council agreed to the expenditure of $63,000 to

Thursday 10 January 2013 - Page 4 - Sun City News

purchase a new transmission in preference to spending $35,500 on a transmission overhaul. In the third ‘late and urgent’ report considered by the council related to urgent construction works required on Croot Place, Woodridge. The report stated: “For some time, concerns have been expressed by road users of Croot Place.”

There was considerable discussion about the two property owners, Centre West Exports and T C Do, using Croot Place daily with heavy trucks and their unpreparedness to contribute to the road repair costs. Mr Tedisco indicated he was prepared to asphalt his driveways. Eventually, on a split vote, 64, the council agreed to seek reallocation of $300,000 from the Federal Department of Regional Services. The Shire of Gingin’s next council meeting is scheduled for Tuesday 15 January, starting at 3.00pm. Members of the public are welcome.

Sand damages car With the strong winds that ripped across the outer northern suburbs in late November, a Yanchep family are being stymied by a land developer about the sand damage to their vehicle.

Georgiou, but it would not be until after Christmas. Mr Baker believes he’s being given the run around and said: “I am sure other people have had the same damage, but do not know how it was caused.

Adam and Sharon Baker’s, brand new $65,000 Mitsubishi Pajero was badly pitted and damaged by sand blowing from the Alkimos South Development across Marmion Ave. The car was two weeks old and only had 1374k on the clock. Sand now clogs the airconditioner and is throughout the vehicle. All property developers, when given earthwork approvals agree to manage sand problems during the course of their earthworks.

“Sand control is non existent the fence netting is always blown down and there are no water carts operating to suppress the dust and sand. Equally, the management of dust and sand problems seems to be the least adhered too. To add frustration to this problem, the Bakers’ are being fobbed off between the developer, Landcorp; earthworks contractor, Georgiou and agent, Lend Lease.

Dion Warnock from Lend Lease initially told the Baker family he would talk to Georgiou, who emailed Mrs Baker suggesting ‘they were the only complaint, all their staff cars were OK’.

The Sun City News has been unable to contact the City of Wanneroo, the developer or contractor about dust and sand control on new developments due to the festive season break.

Mr Warnock then told the Bakers he would have another discussion with

Photo: Is the fence netting a sand prevention measure or just advertising?

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Marina petition popular Since the local communities of Two Rocks and Yanchep became fully aware of some of the issues and concerns at and about the Two Rocks marina, local resident Ross Brewer, started up a petition to request the WA State Government and Minister for Transport take back control and management of the marina.

Within only a couple of weeks, nearly 500 signatures have been collected with more expected. The petition states: “Under the current lease arrangements over the Two Rocks Marina, the leasee has failed to properly maintain the boat ramps which are an essential

community asset . . . at the expiration of the lease over the Two Rocks Marina, the State of Western Australia resumes control and responsibility for the Two Rocks Marina for the betterment of all recreational and commercial users.” The Sun City News under-

stands that since it published two articles late last year, some repair work has been done at the marina complex. If anyone would like to sign the petition before it is presented to WA State Parliament, copies can be found in a number of local businesses.

Asbestos removed from bus shelter number of asbestos buildings along our coastline. Other public buildings and commercial premises that are known to have asbestos include, toilet blocks at various locations, Yanchep Surf Life Saving Club facilities and a number of buildings in the Two Rocks marina complex.

Last week, heavily masked asbestos specialists removed the roof of the Two Rocks Shopping Centre bus shelter and replaced it with a brand new Colorbond roof. For more years than anyone can remember, many long term residents have expressed grave concerns about the

In July 2011, the Western Australian Department of Health conducted a survey of local governments, with input by other relevant government agencies, due to the high numbers of incidents it was encountering from asbestos associated with building demolitions, asbestos removals and illegal dumping. Responses from 28 of 140 local government councils

showed that 40 per cent of all metro councils and 15 per cent of regional councils had asbestos issues and problems. Local government was particularly concerned about limitations in the current regulatory systems to address these problems, especially in terms of regulatory penalties, interagency cooperation, and guidance and training available to their EHOs. The report recommends that some of the actions already in train to address these issues should be better resourced, expanded and fast tracked. These include the revision of the Health (Asbestos) Regulations 1992, and further development of the formal

asbestos regulatory agency cooperation and coordination. One of the report’s conclusion was that proper asbestos management in WA is hampered by comparison to some other states by the lack of co-ordination and collaboration; and greater efforts should be made to create and convene an adequately resourced and empowered regulatory group. Since the release of this report by the WA Department of Health in December 2011, little can be found about what the Department of Health has done, or if the WA State Government has commenced to review and improve the legislation related to asbestos problem in Western Australia.

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Thursday 10 January 2013 - Page 5 - Sun City News

Police kept busy Over the festive season both local police, Joondalup District and Warwick Traffic Division were seen and heard frequently across the region.

Traffic police were kept busy over the Christmas - New Year period, with several locals being charged with a variety of offences.

Yanchep Police officer-incharge, Sergeant Peter Reeves, told the Sun City News that the Yanchep Sports Club had been burgled twice in December.

Speeding offences on our local roads were at an all time high. Several local residents have been charged with various drink-driving offences - The highest reading recorded by Yanchep police was 0.2.

A 17 year old youth, a 21 year male, and a number of local children, all from Yanchep have been charged in relation to the 13 December, break-in. The children have been referred to Juvenile Justice. Police are following a number of lines of enquiry in relation to the sports club break-in that occurred on Christmas Day. On 19 December, there was a break-in at the Yanchep Service Station, a Yanchep 17 year old has been charged. A workshop at the Yanchep National Park had several tools stolen from it over the festive season break, if anyone has any information, please contact Crimestoppers on 1800 333 000. On 2 January, Yanchep District High School was broken into, The extent of the damage and theft was unknown, due to some teachers still being away.

Police have been receiving a number of reports of theft, while families are enjoy themselves at various beach locations. Sergeant Reeves advised people to be careful, when they are swimming and leaving valuables and mobile phones unattended.

Rowdy parties Police attended a number of rowdy and ‘out-of-control’ parties over the past four weeks - An out of control, unsupervised party in Totnes Way, Yanchep, was closed down by police and attracted the attention of the forensic squad the next day. Police attended another rowdy party in Wilkie Ave, Yanchep. At about 11.00pm, in Butler, a teenager’s party on New Year’s Eve was ‘out of control’ with about 70 people, reportedly throwing tiles from the roof of the house. The teenager’s parents were away, and police arrested a number of people.

A number of minor accidents occurred in the Yanchep Lancelin region, with the worst being a single vehicle hitting a tree on Wanneroo Road, near the Yanchep National Park. A 54-year-old male driver received serious injuries and was flown to Royal Perth Hospital by the RAC Rescue helicopter.

Domestic violence Domestic violence continues to taking up over 50 per cent of police time - Family and domestic violence is a complex and challenging issue, WA Police have implemented a range of initiatives in response to family and domestic violence, but when dealing with these issues it takes up extensive resources, reducing the amount of time police can put into other problem areas.

Vandalism continues Over the school holidays a variety of senseless vandalism and graffiting has occurred across the region. Teenagers and skateboarders made crude ramps from nearby building site materials. They are also believed to have broken into a building site toilet, stole toilet paper then proceeded to decorate a playground with the paper which was left to blow across the estate. A variety of graffiti has appeared on developers’ roadside signage, with the worst being a massive tag on Two Rocks Road. This type of vandalism costs every resident thousands of dollars through extra rates and taxes to clean up. It is becoming more and more obvious that new people who are moving into the region are barely aware of the town’s history. They are too busy working and sadly remain uninformed and selfish when it comes to taking an interest in and assuming their part in the community's present and future well-being. We all need to work together and ensure a safer and crime-free community for everyone. Photos: Courtesy of Tracey King.

Thursday 10 January 2013 - Page 7 - Sun City News

Local Dining & Entertainment

Teka’s story - Elephant Hills Thailand camouflaged on thin moss covered branches that hung over the muddy river. Arriving at the elephant experience, Baby Ha Ha (Ha Ha meaning 55, because she was born on the 2555 on the Buddhist calendar) and her mother, TorPor, were seen getting washed. Ha Ha was playing and bumping into the mahout.

Teka’s story I have always been engrossed in elephant conservation but I didn’t know it was possible for a year seven student to be involved in such things until I went to Elephant Hills in southern Thailand.

ABOUT TEKA Two Rocks Year 7 student, Teka Davis, enjoys writing and on a recent overseas trip set herself a challenge to write a summary of her adventure. Teka’s interests include kayaking and outdoor activities. She is the youngest person ever to go into the Malaui Basin in Boreno. The Sun City News is delighted to publish her story and photos.

Only a two and a half hour drive from Phuket, you come to a breath-taking conservation park along the Khao Sok River. Our tents were luxurious with views of mountains with layers of thick jungle towering above them across the river. On the first day’s canoe trip we saw things that appeared out of nowhere - Pythons were curled up in ferns, water monitors were hiding under the thick layers of safari grass and frogs were

After preparing the elephant’s food, I fed a small, cute, quiet and shy elephant that was in the corner. She was so delicate but you could not miss the feeling of the muscles as the elephant’s trunk wrapped around your hand and squeezed it until you let it have the fruit. After feeding, two elephants headed to the swimming pool for a cool muddy bath. They played, ducked their heads right under the water and were giving each other piggyback rides.

Cheow Lan Lake was a beautiful lake formed by a dam and it was so cool to see the mountains jutting up 1000m into the air.

Por, our guide, started explaining about the plantations of rubber trees and plants and animals in the area.

A classic long tailed fishing boat was our transport to the most amazing and excellent places.

We started up a beautiful little waterfall that was covered in moss - Cute little red crabs came out of holes to greet us.

The lake camp was beautiful, peaceful, relaxing with stunning views, but we were looking for more adventure. We had a buffet lunch before jumping into canoes and exploring the area. Next morning, we crossed the river on a traditional bamboo raft and made it up the muddy bank.

At lunch, Dad was allowed to grind a coconut to get coconut juice. Elephant Hills is carved in my mind forever - The one on one elephant experiences are truly unique. I will go back again for more exhilarating activities.

Santa visits Lancelin

After the bath, my family scrubbed the larger elephant with coconut fibre and water. We all washed it down and Mum found a smooth spot behind the elephants’ ear. We then took turns hosing it down. The next morning we woke up early to see the mountains across the lake emerge from the morning mist which made it look like the floating mountains of Avatar.

Thursday 10 January 2013 - Page 8 - Sun City News

It is a Christmas tradition in Lancelin for Santa to take to the streets on the back of a tractor wending it's way through the streets of the town. Children who spotted Santa were treated to a bag of lollies and a jolly belly laugh. Photo: Courtesy of Kym Illman.

Local Dining & Entertainment

Aussie Day breakfast The free breakfast will be served between 8.00am and 10.00am. Live entertainment will be provided throughout the morning and the local Community Awards will be made at 10.30am. There will be entertainment for the children too.

The annual Yanchep Two Rocks Recreation Association ‘Aussie Day’ breakfast will be held at the Phil Renkin Centre in Two Rocks on Saturday 26 January. The committee is planning to cook over 500 full breakfasts for the local community - For a small committee, this is a massive task. Australia Day is the official national day of Australia

celebrated annually on 26 January, the date commemorates the arrival of the First Fleet at Sydney Cove in 1788, and the proclamation at that time of British sovereignty. Although it was not known as Australia Day until over a century later, records of celebrations on 26 January, date back to 1808, with the first official celebration.

If you can volunteer a couple of hours helping with the set up, please be at the Phil Renkin Centre between 5.00pm and 6.30pm on Friday 25 January. Each year over 500 people partake in the free breakfast, but sadly only about 40 to 50 people stay around for the award presentation, hopefully this year more families will stay and enjoy the free entertainment and chat with fellow local residents.

Activities to keep kids busy the younger ones to test their adventurous spirit and a few spaces on Camouflage Capers and our newest exciting activity ‘Life through a lens’.

Y a n c h e p National Park is hosting their popular ‘Nearer to Nature School Holiday Program’ commencing 11 January. Nearer to Nature provides fun nature-based activities that are designed to get kids outdoors enjoying the natural environment. This summer’s program has plenty of activities that will help beat school holiday boredom and keep the kids cool. Part of the program will run at Yanchep National Park,

with activities also held at six other locations around the metropolitan area during January and February. Yanchep National Park Visitor Service Manager, Julia Coggins, said, “Although Adventure caving for the older kids is booked out we still have spaces for

“Participants in life through a lens will have the opportunity to submit their photos to the Nearer to Nature team for the chance to be awarded the top photographer in our Capture Life through the Lens Competition.” For more information and bookings, call Nearer to Nature on 9295 2244.

Hells Bells at Two Rocks Yanchep and Two Rocks residents will be provided a free concert at Charnwood Reserve at Two Rocks on Saturday 9 February - Highly acclaimed tribute band, Hells Bells, will entertain you with a great array of AC/DC hits. Support group, Splinta, is a five piece teenage rock band from Perth, who have been jamming with each other since early primary school where they continually cleaned up at the talent shows. This event is part of the City of Wanneroo ‘Summer Concert’ series.

Thursday 10 January 2013 - Page 9 - Sun City News

2012 in

Most popular news article for 2012 In February 2012, eighty-seven year old, Norman Mills, went missing from Bethanie Beachside - The Sun City News covered the tense time of the search for Mr Mills, with over 100 police and SES volunteers searching the streets and backyards within a 250 metre radius of Bethanie. Then miraculously, Mr Mills was found about 36 hours later, safe and well. The Sun City News provided readers with an exclusive interview about Mr Mills and his adventures. The Sun City News received a Bethanie Media Medallion certificate for this story.

Council News The Sun City News is the only newspaper organisation that has a media representative at almost every council meeting at the City of Wanneroo and Shire of Gingin - These reports over the past 12 months have drawn the most readership and comments. In every issue, last year, readers could keep up with every council meeting at Wanneroo and Gingin, giving readers the most comprehensive news reporting delivered to the region.

Biggest story of the year Two issues were considered by readers to be the biggest and most important for the year The delays for the sporting ovals in Yanchep and the poor state of the Two Rocks marina received equal billing. The delays over the construction of the promised Yanchep Active Open Space, ovals will affect Yanchep District Junior Football Club, which has over 350 junior members all trying to use one average side oval. When the Sun City News published the articles about conditions and concerns at the Two Rocks Marina, a public outcry extended into state parliament and both topics will continue to be featured throughout 2013 and possibly beyond. In the rural area, a proposed massive egg farm at Redgum Farm on Cowalla Road, West Gingin was strongly opposed by local residents. AAA Egg Co wanted to build 12 sheds with over 360,000 hens housed at the facility. After many meetings, the council eventually rejected the application. There was no doubt the final decision will be made by the Minister for Planning and the State Administration Tribunal - No outcomes were know at the end of 2012.


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Boardwalk fiasco SAVE T Association does not represent the wider community. For many years there have been only about 12 to 15 active members.


Front pages from 2012



Thursday, 15th March, 2012

Phone: (08) 9561 2500

Several previous active members have stopped attending association meetings because of its single-minded approach. Some people believe this group has cost the community dearly Their actions are retarding the advancement of development in the community. The Residents Association’s constitution is about building communities, fostering community spirit, working towards improving the local environment and identifying amenities needed.

For over 20 years the Yanchep Two Rocks Recreation Association has been providing the local community with an ‘Aussie Day’ breakfast at the Phil Renkin Centre in Two Rocks. This year on Australia Day, Thursday 26 January, members of the recreation association are preparing a fully cooked breakfast for 600 people between 8.00am and 10.00am. The day will start with a flag raising ceremony commencing at 8:00am

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followed by the breakfast. Free entertainment will be provided all morning with Pete Robson. At 10.30am, the local Community Awards will be presented.

Get dressed up The Sun City News photographer will be looking for the best dressed ‘Aussie’ outfits - So get out your Aussie flags, thongs and hats and get into the action.

The annual Yanchep Two Rocks Recreational Association Community Awards were presented after nearly 500 people enjoyed fully cooked breakfast at the Phil Renkin Centre on Australia Day.

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Trevor Hutchinson received the Community Person award for his tireless work at the Two Rocks Volunteer Sea Rescue Group. Yanchep District Junior Football Club was awarded the Community Group of the Year for

their work with youth and promoting junior sport. Jamie Gugiatti and Brayden McCarthey were joint recipients of the Youth Achievement Award. These young ambassadors have devoted many hours to volunteering. Linda

Several residents opposite Redgum Farm on Cowalla Road are strongly objecting to a proposed egg farm opposite their rural conservation properties.

Cockman and Ross Brewer were awarded Australia Day medals for their ongoing local community volunteering work. Catch all the Australia Day photos at


Photos - Top: Protest signs along Cowalla Road. Bottom: Dirt road entrance to proposed egg farm.


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The residents’ major concern relates to a buffer zone of between 300 to 1000 metres from the sheds will impose on their capabilities to build and lifestyle.

Each shed is 135 metres long by 16.5 metres wide and will house thousands of laying chooks.

The documentation available for public comments does not show how any of theses issues will be handled.

The Sun City News understands the residents are considering legal action to stop the buffer zone being on their property.

Some of the residents believe there would be water issues at the proposed site. The council doesn’t know if the applicant has an appropriate water licence for the property.

One side of the road is zoned Rural while the opposite side is Rural Conservation, imposing various conditions. There are nesting eagles and wildlife enjoying this land. Some residents believe, at the least, the council should conduct an impact study to determine the full effect of a very large egg farm in this location. Residents in the area are also concerned about stable fly issues, fowl manure stockpiling and disposal, chicken carcass disposal, feedlot issues and traffic issues.

Running a ongoing open warfare against the Yanchep Boardwalk would appear to be against the association’s constitution.

The Shire of Gingin has extended the public submission period until the end of February and a copy of the application is available on the shire’s website.

Newly appointed Superintendent for the North West Metro region, Charlie Carver, is asking the community to help bring an end to the arson attacks that have been occurring in Yanchep and Two Rocks.

Rewards of up to $50,000 are offered for reporting information that leads to the identification and conviction of arsonists.

Superintendent Carver told the Sun City News that he was disgusted at the amount of local hooning and bad driving.

AAA Egg Company were contacted by the Sun City News, but no response to a media enquiry was received.

Over the past three years nearly 400 fires have been deliberately started. In the past month there have been up to eight fires a night.

FESA promotes the Arson Reward Scheme and actively encourages people with knowledge of suspicious persons or firelighters to report this vital information to Police. Ring Crime Stoppers on 1800 333 000.

The number of officers at Yanchep police station have been increased from four to eight with the Traffic Division being instructed to patrol Marmion Avenue, Yanchep and Two Rocks every shift.

The Sun City News understands at least one councillor will need to make a ‘Declaration of Financial Interest’ due to being involved in the egg laying industry.

Fortunately, due to our very diligent and quick response local volunteer fire officers, these fires have been stopped before getting out-of-control or causing extensive damage.

The little bit of information you might have could be a vital piece to solving these life-threatening fires. Your help is needed before someone is seriously injured and vast amounts of property lost.

Over the past week, the presence of police vehicles has been very obvious. One unmarked police car, a black V8 Falcon with beautiful mags and huge spotlights has surprised a few.

Another growing crime in the region has been stealing from building sites.

occurred is because people are leaving doors and windows open or cars unlocked.

Police are working with the Housing Industry Association to address this growing problem. CCTV is being randomly installed at various building sites.

Superintendent Carver is asking everyone to be ‘more alert’ and report any suspicious activity in their street. Call 131 444, the little piece of information you have could be the vital piece of information that solves another crime.

If anyone is offered cheap white goods such as ovens, hotplates or air conditioners, call the police, there is a good chance they are stolen property. Minor house breaking and stealing has increased across the region. The main reason this has


e We c hallengit yo u t o f i n d c heaper!

and the community has had a variety of opinions.

Originally the council proposed a walkway along the fence line of the residential homes, but a few residents stated they didn't want it near their property - In fact they said 'Put it in the dunes.'

The Yanchep Two Rocks Residents Association under the presidency of Barry Higgins actually supported a boardwalkwalkway through the dunes.

When the new City of Wanneroo was elected in December 1999,

During the following years, the council presented various ideas

The current magnificent structure has irritated less than a handful of local residents and a bunch of

The police are working closer with the City of Wanneroo to help address local crime issues, as residents of the region your help in invaluable to making our homes and streets safer.

hanger-ons, including the less than popular Two Rocks Yanchep Residents Association. Many people believe this association has pulled the wool over a local state politician's eyes - ‘The boardwalk is not a vote winning issue’.

At last week’s City of Wanneroo council meeting, Yanchep resident, Magdelena Gwinnett, in a deputation said: “I organised a petition to save the Yanchep Boardwalk from demolition. In just over a month I collected 466 signatures from residents in Ocean Lagoon Estate and surrounding streets in old Yanchep.”

Continued on page 9

Current views in the community indicates the Residents

The most valuable natural resource in the northern metro corridor, the Yanchep National Park, is environmentally stressed with a snake-infested muddy lake as its key attraction. Three years ago, the Sun City News first raised the community’s concerns about the region’s biggest attraction. Each year from spring through to late autumn/early winter, the lake is either a gigantic mud cake or a few patches of water only a few millimetres deep. Noxious, out-ofcontrol weed is starting to invade the dying lake.

 Evergreen  No Maintenance  Child & Pet Friendly  UV Stabilised

In 1989, the Department o Conservation and Land Management prepared a ten year managemen plan which stated: “Within this beautiful and tranquil park, visitors participate in many activities including rowing on Loch McNess.

In 2010, the Department o Environment and Conversation prepared another managemen report that stated: “This draf management plan includes strategies to reduce the detrimental effects and threats such as land clearing, introduced animals, weeds and declining groundwater levels.”

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e We c hallengit yo u t o f i n d c heaper!


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getting this foreshore walk was a priority for Yanchep residents.

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When the Ocean Lagoon Estate in Yanchep was first approved as a residential development, over 20 years ago, a coastal walking trail was planned and the developer, Peet & Co, contributed close to $200,000 towards the cost to build the walkway.

Wa n t t h e B E S T E X P O S U R E f o r YO U R P RO P E R T Y I N YA N C H E P ?

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0402 078 847

It does state: “All the poultry sheds will have a controlled environment which will reduce any smell and risk of fly breeding.

AAA Egg Company has submitted a plan showing 12 very large egg laying sheds and are seeking approval for the first four sheds.

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The applicant’s documentation does not show how many laying hens each shed will hold.

The agreed final buffer zone is at the discretion of the council and could impose on other property owner’s land.

Cnr Marmion Ave & Village Row, Yanchep

Still the region’s No 1 LOCAL NEWSPAPER


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Thursday, 19th July, 2012

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Yanchep District High School held a Flag Raising Ceremony, last Friday, as a lead up to NAIDOC Week and involving the City of Wanneroo’s Reconciliation Action Plan (RAP). Invited guests and speakers included Noongar Elder, Oriel Green, Member for Mindarie, John Quigley and City of Wanneroo Deputy Mayor, Laura Gray.

More photos online at Around 300 community members and school students joined in the NAIDOC Celebrations at the Wanneroo Library and Cultural Centre earlier this month. The day was entertaining and informative, filled with fun activities and cultural performances and the official launch of the City of Wanneroo’s 2012 – 2014 Reconciliation Action Plan (RAP).

Community members enjoyed performances from Urban Youth Effect and their dance routine and experienced the sound of the didgeridoo played expertly from Derek Nannup during the flag raising ceremony.

In response to feedback, the City of Wanneroo hosted five RAP Community gatherings in Yanchep, Merriwa, Wanneroo, Banksia Grove and Girrawheen during the 2011 Reconciliation Week.

The launch of RAP saw the result of two years of enormous support, commitment and effort from the community.

“The RAP Working Group was made up of 16 community members, three councillors and two staff who met monthly from July 2011 until April 2012, reflecting on feedback from community members to create the actions and negotiating these with the City’s administration,” Mayor Tracey Roberts said.

Over two years, The City of Wanneroo consulted with key members of the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander communities, from within the city and beyond, to progress this important step towards reconciliation.

“The draft RAP was sent out for broad public comment, then onto Reconciliation Australia for their endorsement. There was a significant amount of work, sharing, patience and understanding called upon to create our very first document. “We are very fortunate that the City of Wanneroo has a visible commitment to building and extending its close relationship with all residents. It is the outcome of a significant and sincere process of consultation and negotiation with members of the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander community.”



WINTER MARKET DAY Lisford Ave Two Rocks






Thursday, 16 August, 2012

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OFF TO OLYMPICS PLAN RELEASED Fifteen year old Yanchep youth, Callum Murphy, is off to the London Olympics, next week, after winning a national competition.

Callum is a keen cricketer, who attends Belridge Cricket Academy and he is hoping to visit the famous Lords Cricket Club.

precincts - Lakeside, Gloucester Lodge (Northern), Crystal Cave (Eastern), Golf Course, Central and Service.

Callum will be flying business class to London, staying at the Carlton Towers Hotel in Knightsbridge, with tickets to the volleyball, athletics and closing ceremony. Also included in the prize is a private function and tour of the famous British Museum.

Callum was one of 25 lucky winners in Australia and he said he is looking forward to a trip of a life time.

In the Golf Course precinct it states: “To maintain the existing use of the precinct until such time that it is required for alternative uses or rehabilitated for conservation purposes - Review options for use of the golf course area as required.”

At the start of the meeting Mr Burt confirmed that holding the meeting on a Sunday was not costing the council any wages or days off in lieu.

Speeches were made by Mayor Tracey Roberts, and the RAP working group chair, Oriel Green, who was named female elder of the year in the State NAIDOC awards.

9.00am - 1pm

N E W B E A C H E S TAT E Thursday, 2 August, 2012

Last Sunday morning, the Shire of Gingin council set a first by holding their annual Budget Meeting on a Sunday. Chief Executive Officer, David Burt, told the Sun City News, he couldn’t find a week day time that suited all councillors to deliberate the 2012/13 budget.

NAIDOC week celebrations are held around Australia in July each year to celebrate the history, culture and achievements of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples.

WHEN Sat 14th July WHERE Phil Renkin Centre

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Photo: Callum is packed and off to the airport to catch the plane to London Olympics.

Gingin’s budget

Four students, Yazmin Tougher, Taneisha Stimpson, Shaylee Verwey (photo) and Ethan Polak raised the Australian flag, Western Australian flag, Australian Aboriginal Flag and the Torres Strait Islander flag while Liam Cockman, Jordan Boughton and Patrick McCormack played the didgeridoo.

City of Wanneroo’s RAP is a vision for reconciliation described as: “Reconciliation is the healing journey that builds respect and recognises the uniqueness, equality, and rights of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people and all Australians through understanding and accepting the past and working together for a better future”


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Council appoints new CEO At last Tuesday’s council meeting the Shire of Gingin appointed Jeremy Edwards as their Chief Executive Officer for the next three years. Mr Edwards has over 20 years local government experience, working for the Cities of Bayswater, Swan, Joondalup and Wanneroo. Mr Edwards’ commencement date is still to be negotiated, but it is anticipated he will commence by October 2012.

The meeting started at 9.00am, with the CEO introducing the nearly 50mm thick budget papers for consideration, explaining that the major income/ expenditure component of the budget was previously considered at a special budget forum held in late May - The budget as presented was balanced with a zero base and did not provide for a surplus or deficit. Two major projects were removed from the budget, Guilderton Boardwalk and Cunliffe Street car park beautification, as per a council decision on 17 July 2012.

The council determined the rates would be increased by 6.52 per cent compared to 2011/12 - The rates revenue equates to 39 per cent of the council’s total annual revenue, fees and charges raise 23 per cent of the annual revenue with a further 32 per cent being raised through grants.

More budget details on page 12.

S H U H A R I K A R AT E Thursday 30 August, 2012

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Chairperson of the Conservation Commission Western Australia, Brian Easton, (left in photo) presented the report to Minister Marmion at a private function in Cabaret Cave in the Yanchep National Park. Mr Marmion said: “Through the management plan, visitors will gain enjoyment from the natural,

Mr Marmion told the gathering that Yanchep National Park would become the ‘Kings Park of the northern suburbs’, but didn’t say it would have free entry similar to Kings Park.

The 64 page report is divided into four management areas: natural Environment, cultural heritage, visitor use, and managing resources. The management plan states: “Significant management pressures on the values of the area include drying climate conditions and declining groundwater levels, inappropriate fire regimes, environmental weeds and feral animals. “The effects of an increasingly urbanised landscape, persistent declines in rainfall and ongoing

groundwater abstraction pose considerable pressure on the ecology of the planning area. “Management actions are therefore additionally aimed at assessing and minimising the effects of continuing declines in rainfall and groundwater levels on tuart and banksia woodlands, freshwater wetland systems (such as Loch McNess), and groundwater dependent eco-systems within Yanchep National Park and Neerabup Nature Reserve.” Under the ‘Managing visitor use’ section it divides the park into six

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Book Week is the longest running children's festival in Australia, celebrating its 65th birthday in 2010. Each year, many schools and public libraries across Australia spend a week celebrating books, Australian authors and illustrators, developing activities, competitions and telling stories relating to a theme to highlight the importance of reading.

Several litters have been dumped at or near the Two Rocks shops, adding to the existing problem.

Feral cats are carnivores and can survive with limited access to water, as they use moisture from their prey. They generally hunt, kill and eat small mammals, but also catch birds, reptiles, amphibians, fish and insects.

Feral cats are predominantly solitary and nocturnal, spending most of the day in the safety of a shelter such as a burrow, log or rock pile. According to the Federal Department of Environment: “There is clear evidence that feral cats have had a heavy impact on fauna.”

To add to the problem, some residents are feeding these unwanted cats, encouraging them to breed. In addition a couple of the major dump bins are being left open with easy access to food scraps. Feral cats can carry infectious diseases such as toxoplasmosis and sarcosporidiosis, which can

be transmitted to native animals, domestic livestock and humans. Management is more difficult because feral cats are wary of traps, do not take baits and generally avoid human contact, making them hard to shoot. Even if cats are removed from an area, it is quickly recolonised.

The WA State Government has implement a new law dealing with cat welfare - The law will be implemented in two phases. The first phase will come into effect on 1 November 2012; the second phase will be in force a year later. The law requires all domestic cats to be sterilised, microchipped, wearing a tag and registered. Cat owners found not to be compliant may face fines of up to $5000.


Fortunately, The Queen of Hearts and The Mad Hatter were not like the White Rabbit and arrived to the assembly on time. The Princesses, Pirates and James’ Giant Peach were perfectly presented and Dr Seuss saw double with two Cats in a Hat.


Feral cat numbers around the Two Rocks shops and the nearby marina are on the increase.


Phone: (08) 9561 2500

The theme for 2012 was ‘Champions Read’. To celebrate the theme the school held a Book Week assembly; displayed a list of teachers’ favourite books in the library and students wrote about their favourite book and character.

Sadly, many people get a lovely fluffy kitten as a gift, but don’t want it when it grows up; or their cat produces a litter of three to six kittens and they don’t know what to do with them - So they dump them.

Elle Tonee from Yanchep has set up a local ‘Cat Rescue Service’ and if you have an unwanted cat/kitten or stray, this new group could help - They aim to taken in unwanted kittens, sterilise, microchip and rehome these felines. Elle can be contacted on 9561 2593.


Two Rocks Primary School celebrated the 2012 Children’s’ Book Week with great gusto!

Feral cats have caused the extinction of several species and contribute to the disappearance of many ground-dwelling birds and mammals.

The ten year plan does not provide details as to how the State Government is proposing to finance and implement their objectives set out in the document. The management plan can be accessed at -------------------------------------------NOTE: The Sun City News was the only media outlet to attend the official release of the management plan - The Sun City News continually strives to provide the best and widest coverage of local news. --------------------------------------------


Thursday 13 September 2012

Management of the Two Rocks Shopping Centre are taking measures to try and control the feral cat problem - All residents and visitors are asked not to feed or encourage the feral cats.

“Yanchep also contains Aboriginal heritage sites of mythological ceremonial significance and forms part of a migratory route historically used by Aboriginal people.” cultural and social environment of Yanchep National Park and provided with a range of naturebased recreation, education and interpretation activities. It is known as Perth’s natural and cultural meeting place and among the most popular parks in the State, attracting about 275,000 visits a year.”




“It is one of the biggest, relatively undisturbed natural areas on the Swan Coastal Plain that provides an important corridor for wildlife. It is also a breeding and feeding ground for the threatened Carnaby’s cockatoo.

Last week, Minister for Environment and Water, Bill Marmion, released the State Government’s new management plan for Yanchep and Neerabup National Parks.



Mr Marmion said: “The park has a range of natural values, including caves and scientific and cultural importance. It also has freshwater wetland systems that are habitat for many native plants and animals, including resident and migratory waterbirds.

Brought forward works valued at $820,883 and untied funds amount to $71,290 were carried forward into the 2012/13 budget.

The annual rubbish collection fee was reduced from $275 to $194 per single household bin with each property being levied a sererate waste management rate of 0.0005 cents on Gross Rental Value or Unimproved Value of the land with a minimum/maximum charge of $94.00 plus GST - $491,150 is estimated to be collected in rubbish collection fees.


Photo: Teachers and students dressed up for Book Week at Two Rocks Primary.

Councillor upsetting local community City of Wanneroo councillor for the Coastal Ward, Robert ‘Bob’ Smithson, who hasn’t attended any council meetings since early May, this year, has angered many residents in his ward (Butler, Quinns Rocks and Mindarie) and in the South West at Donnybrook. Mr Smithson has been collecting nearly $140.00 per week ($7000 pa) without attending any council meetings for the past four and half months.

Local residents who helped reelect Cr Smithson, last October, have expressed their disappointment at his behaviour and treatment towards the local community.

After several complaints to the Shire of Donnybrook-Balingup, the shire has called a public meeting to specifically discuss Cr Smithson’s Cosmic Resources venture.

The Sun City News understands Cr Smithson, for the past six months, has been developing a sandstone mining venture at Irishtown, near Donnybrook - This venture does not appear to have proceeded smoothly.

About two years ago, Cr Smithson held a public meeting at the Donnybrook Hotel, acting as a consultant for an interested party, that he would not name. About 40 residents attended the meeting, which did nothing to

eleviate their suspicions about Cr Smithson’s activities. In April, this year, Cr Smithson told the Donnybrook Mail that he was the new chief executive of a $4 million deal to re-open the controversial sandstone quarry at Irishtown. Smithson went on to state that the venture had a 50 percent silent partner and the entire operation was West Australian owned and all services would be sourced locally.

April 2012 documents from ASIC indicate a chinese connection with the venture. In the past few weeks, police have been investigating allegations of trespass, search warrants have been issued and concerns are growing within the local Donnybrook community. Cont’d page 4.

Community h All too often we hear members of the community ‘whinging and whining’ about what the police aren’t doing or that they don’t do anything for the local community. The WA police spend around 50 per cent of their time dealing with domestic violence issues between spouses, partners and children. While there is no single cause that leads to domestic violence, there are a number of risk factors associated with perpetrators and victims of domestic violence. Police spend hours of their valuable time dealing with domestic violence, while the

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Thursday 10 January 2013 - Page 10 - Sun City News

wider community don’t see any o this going on - Police devote many hours to domestic violence issues and general policing including traffic issues in ou community.

Regularly those members of the community who complain abou police inaction are the same people who won’t help the police to resolve local community safety issues.

Effective community policing involves both local residents working with local police to make the community safer fo everyone.


Most popular front page

The ‘SAVE THE LAKE’ front page was the most popular with readers and politicians. The article raised the concerns at the lack of an effective water management plan for the northern suburbs’ most popular national park. Member for Mindarie, John Quigley, representing residents from Clarkson to Two Rocks and Yanchep, highlighted the catastrophe and mess at the Yanchep National Park’s biggest attraction. After copies of the Sun City News were tabled in State Parliament, Mr Quigley become known as the ‘Monster from the black lagoon’.

Biggest waste of money for the year Except for a small minority of residents, the Yanchep boardwalk is one of the most admired and used walkways along the City of Wanneroo coastline - Yet this small group, supported by the Yanchep Two Rocks Residents Association has cost the City of Wanneroo council tens of thousands of dollars because they don’t want it - NIMBY (Not In My Back Yard). The issue has been resolved with a State Government approved modified boardwalk to be constructed - The final figure is still unknown, but it is expected to end up costing nearly two million dollars when finalised. The minority group still believe it should be completely demolished and removed, replacing it with a walkway that was voted unpopular by most local residents.


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C A N A R B Y S ’ TA G G E D

Thursday, 12th April, 2012

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Thursday, 26th April, 2012

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SIGN CONFUSION Thursday, 10 May, 2012

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Portrait added to collection

LAKE EGGstatic fun

A magnificent portrait of the late Mr Phil Renkin wearing his unform and medals has recently been purchased by the City of Wanneroo and will be included in the council’s prestigious art collection.





DOCKERS VISIT Thursday, 7 June, 2012

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At last Tuesday night’s City of Wanneroo council meeting a report relating to the desperately needed sporting ovals in Yanchep has suffered severe delay implications for the local sporting community.

Painted by highly acclaimed Yanchep artist, Claire Glen Hughes, this mixed media artwork started out as a photo of Mr Renkin in May 2010. It was reworked using pastels and pencils to create the lifelike portrait of Phil Renkin.

An urgent confidential report was presented to the council behind closed doors and then deferred because councillors ‘wanted additional information’ before making any decision.

Ms Hughes, who has 40 years experience in portrait painting, told the Sun City News: “I felt it was important to show the realism of Phil Renkin. I become engrossed in capturing people’s features. The face is a window of the soul.”

While the pine plantations are being ‘harvested’ ahead of schedule to help with the water problems related to the Gnangara Mound - Rehabilitation work of these denuded areas is having extensive effects on the local wildlife and birdlife.

e loss of water in the lake Reduction in annual rainfall and e pine plantation issues’.

ast week, the Minister for nvironment, Bill Marmion, told e Sun City News: “In response the declining levels at Loch cNess, the Department of Water (DoW) is undertaking work develop an improved underanding of the lake/cave system. he work will help DoW develop hort and longer term responses the declines and inform future odelling work.”

little implementation to ensure the future of the Yanchep National Park. Many people wonder why they are paying an entry fee at the Yanchep National Park, when less and less care and maintenance appears to be happening at the park. Minister Marmion said: “The gate fees collected by the department are necessary for management and maintenance and improvement of visitor services and facilities in the national park.”

here appears to have been an cessant amount of planning and

Cont’d page 5

In perfect autumn weather a record crowd attended the Sun City News Easter Egg Hunt at Old Nursery Park in Yanchep. It was estimated that over 600 people attended the annual event. The Easter Bunny was very popular with the children. Jumping J-Jays provided plenty of entertainment for the children between the various ‘Easter Egg Hunts’ - The Easter Bunny presented all children under three with a bag of Easter Eggs.

The Yanchep Lions provided plenty of sausage sizzles and drinks. The Yanchep Two Rocks Recreation Association provided some old fashion games, but it was the egg hunts that all the kids wanted. Cadbury, for the second year, provided 10,000 Easter Eggs for this very popular local community event. Sun City News editor, Terry Loftus, said: “This was the third year for our Easter Egg Hunt and each

year, more and more children and families are getting involved. “Planning for next year’s event starts soon and if there are any parents who would like to be on the organising committee, please contact me at the office. “With the continual growth in the local region, next year, I would expect more children and families attending the event and it would be great if local parents could spare some time to help with the event.”

In the 48 hours following the Easter Egg hunt, the Sun City News received many phone calls and emails as well as comments on Facebook about the event. Amanda Corley from Yanchep said: “Huge thank you to the Sun City News for putting on the Easter Egg Hunt in Yanchep this morning. The kids loved it!” Check out all the photos from the 2012 Easter Egg Hunt at www.sun in the multimedia section.

Anyone wanting a copy of any of the photos should email editor, indicating if they’d like a group photo or one of the many individual photos from the event - Photos will be supplied for personal use free.

Easter colour competition winners

Hundreds of acres of former pine plantation land lays stripped of any vegetation, wildlife and birdlife without any immediate plan to restore the areas to their natural local bushland. Some areas have been ripped bare of the pine plantation for up to four years without any rehabilitation work being done - If this land was rehabilitated as has been promised, it could help out with the Carnaby Cockatoo issues.

In the Gnangara Sustainability Strategy, a multi government departmental report, which includes the pine plantations around or next to the Yanchep National Park states: “Since 1999, areas harvested of pine have not been re-planted, which has led to a gradual decline in the carrying capacity for Carnaby’s Black Cockatoos . . . The land without pine would be unlikely to sustain the biomass of Carnaby’s Black Cockatoos.” Local state politician, John Quigley said: “Good on you for raising the pine plantation issues concerning the removal of the pines, failure to replant, the likelihood that this will now become an area for off roaders

which will cause further environmental damage and the likelihood of further death or injury. “The majority of environmental problems we have out here, all seem to find their root cause in the over reliance upon the Gnangara Mound as the first principal water source.” The Minister for Environment; Water, Bill Marmion told the Sun City News: “There has been clearfelling of pines by the Forest Products Commission next to Breakwater Drive and Wanneroo Rd in Two Rocks because of severe drought affecting the pines and the subsequent need for salvage harvesting. “Over the past six years as part of

DEC’s Gnangara Park concept plan, funding of around $150,000 a year has been spent on revegetation of native species in the Gnangara, Pinjar and Yanchep plantations. These trial areas have had a particular emphasis on banksias and marri (red gum) to produce a food source for Carnaby’s cockatoos.”

Other water problems Gingin Brook and its wetlands are under threat from reduced rainfall and increased water extraction. The Gingin groundwater catchment is particularly unique in that it contains the freshwater Gingin Brook and a complex association of wetlands. Currently Department of Water is preparing a groundwater allocation plan and an important

Gingin Water Group chairman, David Rickson, recently met with the Department of Water to discuss this issue and has reservations about the process. Mr Rickson said: “Department of Water has attempted to include GDE in the planing but have restricted it to public land. This is limiting their ability to effectively model impacts on GDEs and it is a concern of the Gingin Water Group the many wetlands on private properties will be negatively impacted because they have been ignored. We are urging farmers and water users to get involved with the planning process.”

The City of Wanneroo has over 200 works of art in its collection including paintings, works on paper, photographs and small sculptures. This is the third artwork by Ms Hughes the council has purchased for their collection.

Land was identified north of the Yanchep Beach Road roundabout, then in May 2011, $240,000 was put into the council budget - Yanchep Active Open Space, with construction expected to start in 2012/13.

The collection is acquired to provide a cultural and financial investment for the community.

The Sun City News understands the total project is estimated at over $2 million and includes two senior size sporting ovals, complete with car parking, amenities building, a path network and multi-purpose courts. The process of getting the various approvals at state and local government level has dragged on, but the biggest ‘hiccup’ appears to be funding issues related to the road to the facilities.

If anyone would like Ms Hughes to do their portrait, in the first instance contact the Sun City News on 9561 2500.

Sleeping rough - Growing problem There are more and more people ‘down on their luck’ sleeping rough at local shopping centres and car parks. Recently there has been several reports of people sleeping rough on and around the lower level at the Two Rocks Shopping Centre in stairwells and nearby bushes; using the public toilets as their bathroom. A shocked local shopper reported a naked female was having a bath in the hand basin in the toilet block.

See page 20

Over two years ago, the Wanneroo Council announced that ‘a deal was being done’ with a local developer to bring on the much needed sporting facilities early.

After the portrait is framed, it will be displayed at the Phil Renkin Centre in Two Rocks, later this year.

issue in this planning is the adequate provision for groundwater dependent ecosystems.

Over the past few years, people have been known to take up habitation inside the King Neptune statue and at various car parks along the coast. Some reports indicate sleeping rough and homelessness has increased by over 20 per cent in the past two years. Various reasons are giving by those who do not have a home to stay at - Family issues, domestic violence and financial problems including not be able to pay the

high rents or raise the bond required. The sad fact is, homeless people are largely invisible to the broader community and there is a lack of acknowledging the growing problem of homelessness. Support accommodation is minimal or next to non-existant in the outer northern suburbs, with Joondalup Crisis Care providing advice on available hostel and refuge accommodation.

Ovals delayed

A lady who had been sleeping in one of the stairwells at the Two Rocks Shopping Centre told the Sun City News: “Crisis Care is overloaded and couldn’t help me, that why I’m here.” One local resident said: “It’s a sad indictment of our society when so many folks are homeless. Australia is a country which has values completely different from the USA or Britain. We have a ‘look after your mate’ as part of our character. Anyone who is

In 2008, then prime minister, Kevin Rudd, kicked off a bid to halve the homelessness rate by 2020.



WILD STORMS Thursday, 21st June, 2012

Phone: (08) 9561 2500

Perth Arson Squad detectives are investigating a suspicious house fire in Yanchep.

and were squatting at the property. The power had been disconnected to the property.

The Compass Circle fire started about 1.00pm, last Wednesday afternoon causing about $150,000 damage.

It has been reported the squatters were seen leaving the property about 15 minutes before the fire started.

Firefighters from Yanchep, Butler and Joondalup attended the blaze.

Nearby residents told the Sun City News that they believed a ‘drug lab’ was being operated from the property.

The Sun City News was told by a neighbour that the rental property tenants had recently been evicted

Squad had investigations.



Fire and Emergency Service Authority firefighters had to return to the property later that night to attend a reignition of the fire at the house. Photos - Above: Courtesy of Grace Carlton, only moments after the fire started. Right: Mopping up after the fire was contained.

Yanchep police said they could not confirm any suspicions until the Arson

Capricorn’s public art

Local sporting clubs are concerned about the delays as they are already under-resourced with only one sporting field - Oldham Reserve. Every week the Yanchep District Junior Football Club has over 300 registered players attending training and juggling match fixtures. Also sharing the one playing field and inadequate changerooms, facilities and toilets, is the senior football, senior and junior cricket and Little Athletics. Due to the lack of facilities all clubs are being restricted on providing the best for the local youth.

Related issue All elected members in the Local Government are duty bound to make various declarations to ensure that our local councils are open, honest and accountable. During last week’s City of Wanneroo council meeting, the Sun City News is aware of two councillors who received campaign donations, but only one councillor made the appropriate declaration.

Since the earthworks started at Capricorn Yanchep back in 2005, Capricorn’s public art coordinator, Maggie Baxter, has worked with artists to commission and install public artworks in the newly created park.

. . . continued page 7

These works have helped beautify the landscape, create points of interest and provide links to the area’s history, heritage and environment.

Yulunda a hit

genuinely hard done by deserves all the help we can give. The last census indicated 14,000 people were sleeping rough in Australia every night. This is up from 10,000 people per night in the 2001 ABS census. Another 85,000 were on the couches of friends or family, in cars, or in short-term accommodation.

The report council was to deliberate on related to funding issues pertaining to the road access.


Currently there are seven wonderful art locations within the Capricorn Yanchep development including Club Capricorn, Zamia Park, Harford Park, Old Nursery Park and Lindsay Beach Park.

Two Rocks teenager, Yulunda ‘Yully’ Gross, has a passion and a drive for music. Her genre is Indie, although Yully can bust a Rap, Yully loves to write her own music, and has recently joined iTunes with her first single, ‘Relationships’.

with American music producer, Jason X from HooksandBeats. As one web commentator said: “Your amazing gurl! Keep it up! Can’t wait to hear you latest track and see your name up in lights!!!”

Recently the creation and incorporation of a new community group, the Two Rocks Yanchep Culture and Arts Network (TRYCAN), is providing further local opportunities to foster and grow the arts in the area.

Yulunda told the Sun City News, this song went ‘viral’ on the internet.

A film clip of Yully singing her latest release can be googled on the internet. Perth Free Runners helped with the production of the film clip.

For more details about the public art or other TRYCAN activities, contact Philipa on 9211 0500 or email

Photo (left): Yulunda Gross.

Photos: Supplied courtesy of Capricorn Yanchep.

Yully has just released her new song ‘World Ends Start’, in partnership

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Minister for Police, Liza Harvey, along with the Commissioner of Police, Karl O’Callaghan, will host a community forum to be held at Quinns Rocks Sports Club, Tapping Way on Thursday 4 October.


Phone: (08) 9561 2500



Thursday 11 October 2012






Thursday 25 October 2012

Phone: (08) 9561 2500




do na te: mo bro .co/T erryL oftus

Thursday, 8 November, 2012

Phone: (08) 9561 2500




Thursday, 22 November, 2012

Phone: (08) 9561 2500

With school holidays and the festive season just around the corner, it’s a timely reminder to be more careful on our roads. Christmas is the busiest time on the road when people are driving to meet family and friends. It is time to show your experience as a driver by following speed limits and keep our roads safe.

“I believe community forums provide an invaluable opportunity for members of the public to discuss local crime issues with myself, the commissioner, senior and local police officers. Local residents are able to air their concerns and suggestions for policing in community,” said Ms Harvey.

ersonal involvement by embers of the public, therefore, a sensible strategy for ddressing both the objective and

Sixty-eight local children and 14 volunteers from APA Stageworks took part in their annual performance ‘Step into the Spotlight’ at Yanchep District High School late last month.

Neighbourhood Watch represents the most visible and substantial effort undertaken by the police to develop community-based crime prevention, but for some reason more and more locals are shying away from this activity.

Cont’d page 4

Thursday 20 December 2012

Phone: (08) 9561 2500


Take care and make sure you are not the next road statistic or worse!

subjective aspects of public security - Neighbourhood Watch is the most familiar communitybased crime prevention program.

Public perception of Neighbourhood Watch has been strongly favourable everywhere except Western Australia.

Merry Christmas and a Properous New Year to all Sun City News readers


Thursday, 6 December, 2012

Speeding, fatigue and driving while under the influence of drugs and alcohol are the biggest causes of death and serious injury on our roads, with safety risks heightened during holiday periods like Christmas.

ble standard

oreover, likely additions of ersonnel and money, as many udies have shown, will neither wer crime rates nor reduce the ublic’s fear of crime.


Phone: (08) 9561 2500


Take responsibility this festive season when driving - All of us need to take greater personal responsibility when behind the wheel.

Yanchep Police Sergeant, Peter Reeves, is keen to see local residents at the meeting. The meeting starts at 6.30pm at Quinns Rocks Sports Club, 17 Tapping Way, Quinns Rocks.

he police cannot be everywhere, or would one want them to be.


Ms Harvey said community forums are an important part of community policing and offered local residents the opportunity to raise law and order issues concerning them.

cilitating efforts by the public to ke protective measures on their wn behalf. It grows out of the ealisation that the first line of efence against crime is not the olice, but potential victims.


do na te: mo bro .co/T erryL oftus

The new Woolworths supermarket at Yanchep opened their doors at 8.00am on Wednesday, much to the delight of many local residents. At over 4,000 square metres and offering more than 44,000 product lines, Woolworths Yanchep will offer local shoppers the ultimate shopping experience.

Woolworths will employ approximately 140 people in the Yanchep supermarket. Yanchep store manager, Craig Higgs said: “I’m really pleased that with the opening of the new supermarket in Yanchep, Woolworths are able to welcome so many new people to the company.

“We have set about creating a food market which brings customers into the fresh area, inspires meal ideas, provides a wide choice of healthy options and delivers a huge range of grocery lines at great prices.”

Mayor Tracey Roberts cut the ribbon to officially open the Woolworths Yanchep supermarket. Photo (L to R): Woolworths WA regional manager, Brad Bolin, City of Wanneroo Mayor Tracey Roberts and Yanchep store manager, Craig Higgs.

The children performed a wonderful rendition of the Alice in Wonderland Ballet along with a Michael Jackson Tribute, Wizard of Oz Special. The APA dance crew wowed the audience with their ‘APAWOKKEES’ finale.

The group raised over $500 for Cystic Fibrosis WA by selling merchandise and donations on the night. APA Stageworks principal, Tammie Rafferty, conducts classes in ballet, pointe work, tap, jazz, contemporary, street dance, SLT (stretching, limbering and technique), drama, musical theatre, pop school, kids club and show work in Yanchep for all age groups.

A number of former APA Stageworks students have become outstanding performers including: Ashley Birchall who has appeared as lead vocalist and dancer in several productions in the United Kingdom including Les Miserable; Sammy Winward who is an exceptionally talented young dancer, who has an incredible voice. Sammy is a very successful young actress and plays the part of Katie Sugden, in

Emmerdale, one of the UK’s biggest soap operas; and Ana Tanaka who is an extremely successful model, working for the likes of Ed Hardy, L’Oreal and Emirates Airlines. Ana has made many TV appearances and continues to work hard and is pursuing her music career. Miss Winward said: “Miss Tammie has the rare ability to inspire and

challenge, coupled with a great sense of humour and absolute discipline, she thinks outside the box and has been responsible for launching the careers of numerous dancers, singers and actors in an enthusiastic and selfless manner.” If your child would like to explore their cultural talents call Ms Rafferty on 0435 443 407 or email

Driver’s account of accident Saagar Indian Restaurant is excited to bring Indian delicacies to the local communities of Two Rocks, Yanchep and the growing northern suburbs area. Ravi Sharma and Nitin Gathari, restaurant owners had the grand opening of their restaurant last Monday night, which was well attended by over 100 guests, including Mayor Tracey Roberts.

Ravi is an experienced restaurateur with over 20 years experience in the hospitality industry, currently also operating Sangeet Indian Restaurant in Joondalup. Nitin, on the other hand brings his financial expertise to the business being a qualified chartered accountant operating from Clarkson.

The Saagar Indian Restaurant at the Two Rocks Shopping Centre is open Thursday through to Sunday between 11.00am and 2.00pm for lunch and Wednesday through to Monday from 5.00pm to late for dinner. For table bookings call 9561 6622.

Indian cuisine encompass a wide variety of regional cuisines native to India. Given the range of diversity in soil type, climate and occupations, these cuisines vary significantly from each other and use locally available spices, herbs, vegetables, and fruits.

There is also an extensive takeaway menu.

Indian cuisine has been influenced by a 5000 year history of various groups and cultures

interacting with the subcontinent, leading to a diversity of flavors and regional cuisines found in modern-day India At Saagar Indian Restaurant in Two Rocks, they are specialising in North Indian cuisine which is sure to quickly become a mustgo-to local dining experience.

Last Monday’s horrific accident on Two Rocks Road, Yanchep, is a timely reminder to all road users to be extra careful. Mr Simon Brown, 25 year old from Two Rocks told the Sun City News he was travelling south on Two Rocks Road heading to work. He said a white Toyota was following a motor bike, turning right out of Zamia Rise, heading north towards Two Rocks. “As I was coming down the hill doing 90kmh, I could see the

Toyota approaching the T junction. I could tell she wasn’t going to come to a complete stop. “I swerved into the other lane to go around her, expecting her to look at the last minute and brake. However she did not brake but continued turning right. “The front right of her Toyota Yaris collided with the front left of my Nissan Patrol sending her car spinning. I then shot off into the sand and collided with a large limestone boulder. If I had of

simply slammed the brakes on instead of swerving I would have hit her driver’s door direct - The firefighters and ambulance officers agreed the outcome would have been fatal.” “The car burst into flames instantly and two passersby stopped and removed a couple of shovels from my trailer and shoveled sand on to the flames to extinguish them. “The lady was cut from her vehicle and airlifted to Royal Perth Hospital. Last I heard she was

stable with two fractures to her neck and one to her back. They were unsure if she would need surgery, but would likely be in a neck brace for five months. “I was taken to Joondalup with possible neck and ankle fractures, but was cleared with just sprains and soft tissue damage. I was later transfered to Royal Perth also, to monitor an ectopic heart beat, possibly due to bruising and swelling around my heart, but was released the next day.

“I would like to express my sincere gratitude to Steve, the Landcruiser driver, and the other drivers for stopping and helping out. The fire and ambulance crew, who attended within minutes were fantastic.” Clarkson police attended the accident, the Sun City News understands they have reported the incident to North West Traffic and the investigation is still ongoing.

More than 10,000 calls for help were received over three hours as wild weather caused havoc from Lancelin to Albany, leaving more than 50,000 homes without power. Dozens of fallen power lines left tens of thousands in the dark, at least two schools were badly damaged, while Perth's new $20 million boutique luxury hotel had its roof ripped off and a chimney demolished by the vicious gusts of wind that blasted the coast. In the photo above, taken by avid photographer, Kym Illman, snapped the spectacular lightening

strikes off Lancelin Bay. In the photo, right, a huge branch snapped off, just missing the heritage listed Yanchep Inn. A couple of property developers’ signs were totally demolished in the storm. To check out a full collection of amazing photos from the storm, go to The Sun City News welcomes your photo submissions, email your amazing Christmas and festive season photos to news@suncitynews. - Don’t forget to include your name and contact number.

The weather over the past fortnight has been anything but normal. Wild 100 kilometre plus winds, storm clouds rolling in with choppy wild seas and waves crashing into the Two Rocks marina wall. Gary Horsting from Carramar, snapped this great photo from the Two Rocks Shopping Centre, only a short time before the weather turned for the worst. While the storm clouds rolled in over the marina, the hot topic around the region was - What’s

happening about the Two Rocks marina and public boat ramp? As the inadequate recreational boat ramp heads into the busiest time of the year, questions arise again about where does the boat ramp fee go? The Sun City Yacht Club, for a number of years, have stated they only collect the money; it goes to the marina management. Regardless of who is responsible, the boat ramp has been described as probably the ‘worst in the state.’

The launching ramp is fractured, the roadway is pot-holed, with no facilities to washdown boats or dump rubbish. In the last issue of the Sun City News, extensive criticism was directed at the WA State Government and the leasee, Yanchep Sun City Pty Ltd, with the marina being described as ‘decrepit and dilapidated’. Besides being a small working marina for professional fishermen, a number of people reside on boats in the marina in what

has been described as below standard conditions. As one former onboard Two Rocks marina resident told the Sun City News, the Health Department and the Occupational Health and Safety should be inspecting the entire marina. Unfortunately, most government departments and the local government authorities only respond to complaints, and many times find it easier to refer it to another authority, saying it is not within their jurisdiction.

About three months ago, the Department of Transport told the Sun City News it was waiting for the transfer of responsibility for the marina to be completed. Many new residents to the region who want safe modern boat access to local waters believe the State Government isn’t fully supportive of the providing basic infrastructure requirements to the outer northern region. The nearest alternate recreational boat ramp is at Mindarie Marina.

Dreaming of a new car or overseas holiday? Are you ready for home improvements or going back to study? The ‘I Want’ Personal Loan from Bendigo Bank is loaded with benefits and tailored to suit your needs. Applying is fast, simple and no fuss. If you know what you want, but need help to get it: Drop into your nearest branch at 3 Constable Street, Gingin, 9575 1560 or 442 Lancelin Plaza, Lancelin, 9655 2973. Terms, conditions, fees and charges apply. All loans subject to the bank’s normal lending criteria. Bendigo and Adelaide Bank Limited ABN 11 068 049 178 AFSL/Australian Credit Licence 237879. PL11 (172484_v1) (22/11/2012)

Thursday 10 January 2013 - Page 11 - Sun City News


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Thursday 10 January 2013 - Page 12 - Sun City News


Yanchep’s hidden gem Time for tree change



This unique and inspiring pole home situated in the old lagoon area is a hidden treasure with three good size bedrooms and two 2 bathrooms.

Take a close look at what this 3.09 hectare property has to offer - Very comfortable and spacious 300 square metre, four bedroom, two bathroom home with huge lounge with slow combustion tile fire; large country kitchen with extra large pantry; dining area with additional wood fired cooker. External laundry with extra bathroom; large activity room and also a study/family room area.

This home is one of a kind and sits on a large 835 square metre tree lined block with a permanent ocean view. Inspection by appointment only, call Kelli on 0414 846 861 or John on 0409 561 956. To have your property featured in the Sun City News, call 9561 2500, during office hours or email your property details and photos to: and one of our representative will confirm your request. Advertising in the Sun City News real works - You are advertising in the region’s most popular local newspaper.

Location: 8 Chrisp Place, Yanchep. Asking price: $525,000 Agent: John Bloomfield Real Estate 19 Brazier Road Yanchep 6035

This home features enclosed verandahs to keep everything nice and dry and free from outdoor pests. Lush green lawn areas for the kids or pets and mature garden areas with plenty of palms.

6m x 9m utility room, two sheds plus two 22,000 litre water tanks, water licence and bore with reticulation. The property is fully fenced with tall mesh fencing. Some trees in the nursery area. For more details or to make an appointment to view, call Ray Perkins from Realsell on 0419 905 836.

Location: 312 Raphael Road, Bullsbrook. Asking price: from $785.000 Agent: Realsell, Wanneroo

On the property there is a 1,250 square metre shade house plus 6m x 9m garage,

Thursday 10 January 2013 - Page 13 - Sun City News

Phone: 9405 1488

Crossword & Diary COMMUNITY DIARY Thursday 10 - 13 January Lancelin Ocean Classic 2013 - At various locations in Lancelin and Ledge Point.

Saturday 12 January First day of sailing for 2013 for the Sun City Yacht Club. New members welcome.

Sunday 13 January Lancelin Coastal Swapmeet - Hopkins Street, Lancelin 8.00am to 2.00pm.

Thursday 15 January Shire of Gingin Council meeting.

Sunday 20 January Capricorn Yanchep Family Fun Day at Old Nursery Park, Yanchep.

Saturday 26 January Australia Day celebrations

Sunday 27 January Picnic in the Park at Gabbadah Park, Guilderton. Tickets can be purchased, call 0410 582 817.

Monday 4 February Free 8 week exercise program starts at Yanchep Community Centre. Call 9405 5600 to book.

Monday 4 February Yanchep Two Rocks Recreation Association’s monthly meeting. 7.30pm at Phil Renkin Centre, Two Rocks all local residents welcome to attend.

Tuesday 5 February City of Wanneroo council meeting.

Wednesday 6 February Lancelin and Coastal District RSL monthly meeting, 4.30pm at Lancelin Angling and Aquatic Club. New and social members welcome.

Saturday 9 February City of Wanneroo - Free live concert ‘Accadacca’ tribute outfit ‘Hells Bells’ at Charnwood Reserve, Two Rocks. Gates open at 5.00pm.

Monday 11 February Yanchep Two Rocks RSL meeting at Yanchep Sports Club. Meeting starts at 11.00am. New members are very welcome.

Thursday 14 February Valentine’s Day - Celebrate Valentine’s Day by giving flowers, chocolates, jewelry or taking your loved ones out for a special dinner.

Sunday 17 February Yanchep District Junior Football Club registration day at Oldham Reserve.

Saturday 9 March Western Australia state government election will be held - Voting is compulsory. Are you enrolled?

Sunday 10 March Inaugural ‘Yanchep Folk Festival’ at Yanchep Inn Live solo artists and bands - Original acts.

GET LISTED If your club or community group would like to have their meeting dates and/or event listed on the Sun City News Community Diary, email your information to or fax to 9561 5691.

Crossword Answers Across: 1 Alcohol 7 Angst 11 Messiah 17 Lorry 18 Edge 19 Thai 20 Lodge 21 Goodman 22 Opera 24 Driller 25 Aspen 26 Gamut 27 Teens 28 Leo 30 Lit 31 Bow 33 Influence 36 Triennial 39 Scent 41 Seine 42 Aloha 45 Ease 46 Tent 47 Abyss 49 Weld 51 Nursing 53 Duel 54 Tanager 57 Entry 58 Saddler 60 Defer 61 Davis 62 Soapbox 64 Amiss 68 Pitiful 71 Mire 72 Whereas 74 Dodo 75 Hyena 76 Area 77 Arid 79 Reuse 80 Ideal 81 Mania 83 Bedspread 87 Hundredth 90 Elk 91 Fig 93 Sod 94 Proud 97 Tiara 99 Legal 102 Houdini 103 Anzac 104 Anemone 105 April 106 Dona 107 Thou 108 Space 109 Resolve 110 Gluey 111 Rustler.

Down: 1 Alga 2 Loosen 3 Crop 4 Ordeal 5 Hymn 6 Lenience 7 Agog 8 Nepal 9 Strut 10 That 11 Midpoint 12 Slit 13 Solemn 14 Idle 15 Agenda 16 Hers 23 Emit 28 Les 29 Ocean 31 Bring 32 Wee 33 Inapt 34 Flown 35 Ensue 36 Teeny 37 Idyll 38 Loser 40 Tern 41 Stir 43 Headpin 44 Algebra 47 Auditor 48 Bedside 50 Defoe 52 Stair 53 David 55 Ado 56 Rex 58 Sap 59 Emu 62 Sahib 63 Amend 64 Ahead 65 Meal 66 Seam 67 Sarah 69 Found 70 Leech 72 Wreak 73 Sinus 76 Adelaide 78 Dinosaur 80 Ire 82 Add 84 Europe 85 Studio 86 Diaz 88 Exempt 89 Trance 91 Final 92 Grate 94 Phar 95 Ours 96 Dill 97 Tang 98 Achy 99 Less 100 Goal 101 Leer.

SPORTS RESULTS GOLF Guilderton wed 19 Dec - S/ford: B Johnson 20, J Bresland 19. NTP: A Wetherly 3rd, B Wegner 4th, G Susac 8th. Best 3rd shot: J Bresland 6th. Longest putt: B Watson 9th. Wed 2 Jan - S/ford: G Susac 22, J Bresland 20. NTP: D Roxburough 12th, P Rouse 13th. Best 2nd shot: G Susac 16th. Longest putt: J Hardeman 10th, T Button 17th.

SCCC Ladies Tues 18 Dec - Casino S/ford: M Crow, S Morris 87, J Brennan L Bracken 65.

Yanchep Golf Club Sat 22 Dec - Stroke: R Cherry 64, J Mcintyre, ocb W Pawlenko 65. Sat 5 Jan - S/ford: J Tonti 44, G Curtis 43, M Nunn 42.

Email your sports score to

Yanchep Two Rocks Recreation Association’s

AUSTRALIA DAY BREAKFAST Saturday 26 January, at Phil Renkin Centre, Two Rocks 8.00am - 12noon Kitchen open 8.00am to 10.00am Community Awards presentation at 10.30am Live music 8.00am to 12noon. Bouncy Castle & Face Painting

Would your business like to sponsor the ‘Crossword and Community Diary’ page? This is a rare opportunity for a local business to promote their products and/or services on a very popular section of the Sun City News. The Sun City News is eager to secure a long term advertiser at a very affordable ad rate - If you would like to discuss advertising on this page, contact Terry on 9561 2500 or 0414 425 858. Thursday 10 January 2013 - Page 14 - Sun City News

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Today’s women Health, Beauty & Wellbeing Try these yummy BBQ pork and pineapple kebabs

Today’s women

Ingredients Pork tenderloin, about 375gms. 1 lime. 1 large orange. 2 tbsp (25 mL) vegetable or olive oil. 2 garlic cloves, minced. 2 tsp (10 mL) finely chopped canned chopped chipotle in adobe sauce. 2 tsp (10 mL) dried oregano leaves. 2 cups (500 mL) large chunks fresh pineapple, about ⅓ of a pineapple. Salt. Fresh mint, coarsely chopped.

Directions n Cut pork into bite-size chunks for threading onto skewers. In a bowl just large enough to hold pork, finely grate peel of lime and orange into bowl. Then squeeze lime juice (about 2 tbsp/25 mL) and orange juice (about ¼ cup/ 50 mL) into bowl. Add oil, garlic, chipotle and oregano. Whisk to combine. Add pork and stir to coat. Refrigerate covered at least 4 hours or overnight, turning occasionally.

n Oil grill and preheat barbecue to mediumhigh. Thread pork onto skewers randomly with pineapple. Sprinkle with salt. Grill, brushing with marinade and turning frequently until cooked through, 7 to 10 minutes. Adjust heat as needed. Remove to a platter then sprinkle with mint. Enjoy with grilled sweet potato slices and a black bean salad.

Treating chronic conditions with the Buteyko Breathing Method respiration, the normalisation of breathing and the Bohr effect.

Rebecca Jennings, a Buteyko Educator in Perth since 1999, has joined Coastal Family Wellness at Two Rocks to offer health education programs in the Buteyko Breathing Method. The Buteyko Method is a breathing training program which has gained wide appeal for the relief and improved quality of life it can provide for sufferers of asthma, sleep disorders and other breathingrelated conditions. It is scientifically based on the standard medical principles of

Health improvements to be gained include reduction in asthma symptoms and medication, improved tolerance of asthma triggers, reduced allergic reactions, increased energy, better sleep and reduced tiredness for people with sleep apnoea, plus reduced nasal congestion and snoring. A three day Buteyko Breathing Method workshop is being held in Two Rocks starting 15 January, Call 9561 2686 for full details.

Headaches: A real pain in the neck! Current statistics show that approximately one-third of Australians are headache

sufferers, and 60 per cent of these people experience reductions in work and social capacity due to them. Do you fall into this category?

significantly reduced, if not stopped, by a drug-free, surgery-free, scientifically proven method, would you be interested?

Many headaches are said to be cervicogenic, meaning that they originate from dysfunction of the neck, often over a period of many years.

Well the fact is that the answer may be right around the corner, because your local health experts at Coastal Family Wellness in Two Rocks are trained healthcare professionals who deal with headaches on a daily basis.

Your joints will no longer work in the fashion they were designed to, and the small muscles at the base of your skull tighten up as a consequence. The pain from this dysfunction is then referred into the skull causing you a headache.

Chiropractic adjustments and massage therapy have been shown to be an extremely effective way to restore correct motion to your dysfunctional spinal segments, improving not just your headaches, but your overall health.

Is your neck stiff, tight or sore? This could well be the cause of your headaches.

Call Coastal Family Wellness Two Rocks on 9561 2686 to find out more.

If you were told that these headaches could be

WA kids set to participate in national dental survey Staff from Dental Health Services have commenced the WA component of the National Child Oral Health survey. The survey will provide a snapshot of the dental health of about 30,000 young Australians. About 4,500 children from WA, aged between 5 and 14 years, from 141 public and private

schools across the state are expected to participate. The survey is expected to be completed by mid 2013, and offers Western Australians the opportunity to take an active part in determining the current dental health of their children. Participants will be given a dental inspection and parents

or guardians will be asked to fill out a survey about their child. Participation is optional, and results of your child's inspection will remain confidential. Parents or guardians will be provided with general information regarding their child's oral health condition.

conducted at dental therapy clinics located near your child's school, or in certain circumstances at schools using portable dental equipment. The survey is being coordinated by the Australian Research Centre for Population Oral Health, at the University of Adelaide.

The dental inspection will be

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Health, Beauty Wellbeing



(08) 9561 5183

Location: YANCHEP

KIDS CLASSES Dance & Performance Academy Ballet:  Royal Academy of Dance Syllabus  3 year olds to adults  Grades to Majors Be that Beautiful Ballerina! 

Jazz & Tap:  From 7 years old Beginners adult classes: Tap, Ballet & Jazz Qualified teacher RAD, RTS and BBO

Contact Beverley on 9561 2697


Appointments call Donna on

9561 6336 or 0403 768 933

Your business could be here

4 Foreshore Vista,Yanchep

Thursday 10 January 2013 - Page 15 - Sun City News

Sun City News Classifieds EMPLOYMENT


WANTED Sun City News Letterbox Distributors in Shorehaven Estate The Sun City News has a vacancy for letterbox distributors at Shorehaven Estate and Two Rocks. n Fortnightly deliveries n Earn good money n Good conditions

HOUSEKEEPING STAFF Current driver’s licence essential and must be available to work any day of the week, including week ends as required.  Please phone Michele on 9561 1106

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KITTEN 12 week old male, black with white paws and belly lost on Sat 22/12/12 in old Yanchep area. Much loved pet, he lost his collar. Please call if anyone has seen him or might have him, he is very friendly and I miss him dearly - 0423 461 298.


PRIVACY POLICY The Sun City News collects your personal information to assist us in providing the goods and services you have requested and to improve your products and services. We at Sun City Publishing Pty Ltd and all related companies may be in touch with you to let you know about goods, services or promotions that may be of interest to you. Please let us know if you object to this and if you would prefer not to be contacted with special offers or in relation to our other goods and services. You can do this by contacting the newspaper by any of the following methods: Email: Telephone: 08 9561 2500 Facsimile: 08 9561 5691 Mail: Po Box 1, Two Rocks 6037. You can gain access to your personal information by contacting the Administration Officer.

DEADLINE FOR NEXT ISSUE The next issue of the Sun City News will be published on Thursday 24 January, 2013. All ad material, classifieds, Community Notices and articles must be required by 12noon, Saturday 19 January, 2013.


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Community Notices Yanchep Two Rocks RSL will hold their first meeting on Monday 11 February, at 11.00am in the Yanchep Sports Club. New members will be made welcome. Enquiries to 9561 1672. ---------------------------------EXPRESSION OF INTEREST Are there any mature surfers, interested in creating some sort of local, casual surfing group for the purpose of surfing together and possibly participating in other activities? Contact Ian Donaldson on 9561 5533.

On the Sunday 27 January, the Guilderton Community Association will hold their annual ‘Picnic in the Park’ at Gabbadah Park, Guilderton. Tickets are for sale, contact Julie 0410 582 817. ---------------------------------On Saturday 12 January, the Sun City Yacht Club will hold their first sailing day 2013. Activities start at 9.00am. ---------------------------------The next ‘Cruise to the Crown, Burswood Bus’ trip will be held on Tuesday 15 January. Contact May on 9561 6295 to book. ----------------------------------

Yanchep Two Rocks Recreation Association’s

AUSTRALIA DAY BREAKFAST Saturday 26 January, at Phil Renkin Centre, Two Rocks 8.00am - 12noon Kitchen open 8.00am to 10.00am Community Awards presentation at 10.30am Live music 8.00am to 12noon. Bouncy Castle & Face Painting Thursday 10 January 2013 - Page 16 - Sun City News

ARE YOU ELIGIBLE FOR FREE COMMUNITY NOTICES The Sun City News offers ‘Free Community Notices’ for all local community groups and notfor-profit organisations who provide the wider community a free activity or service. If a fee or charge is being made to attend or participate in a community event, the Sun City News will charge an ‘at-cost fee’ to publish the activity. If you are unsure of your status, please feel free to contact the Sun City News on 9561 2500, during business hours to verify you qualify for a free Community Notice. All community notices must be emailed to or faxed to 9561 5691. No verbal notices will be accepted.



Tr a d e s S e r v i c e s If you’ve got a problem, we’ve got a tradie to fix it! Accounting / Taxation ACCOUNTANT - CHARTERED

Tax returns & Financial Statements prepared

Individual & small - med business specialist

Suite 12/10 Reid Prom Joondalup





Boring / Excavation


Tel: 9301 1520 Airconditioning Services

Reliable Maintenance


Carpentry & Building Maintenance

Cooling Services Installations




Air Conditioning & Refrigeration Split systems installed & supplied 20 years experience Local Resident John 9561


Carpentry & Building Maintenance Renovations Kitchen Installs Demolition Door Hanging



Skirting & Floors Partition Walls Complete start to finish service No job too small Police Clearance

5355 - 0417 176 978

Auto Repairs



Auto Repairs



Auto Repairs


Cabinet Makers

Carpet Cleaning


Cabinet Makers

Ceiling Fixing


Car Detailing


Carpet Cleaning


ROB 0417 189 567

To advertise your business, phone Terry on 9561 2500

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Tr a d e s S e r v i c e s If you’ve got a problem, we’ve got a tradie to fix it! Concrete Services


Painting Services

Plumbing Services


Create that unique decorative look



Andy 0416 289 860 p/fax: 9561 5098

Exposed Aggregate Honed Concrete Limestone Grey Concrete Coloured Concrete Driveways Alfrescos Pool Surrounds Stepping Stones


Painting Services

Plumbing Services

Pest Management


P.L. 6718 G.F. 007623

Domestic and Commercial Plumbing and Gas Installations and Servicing  Over 20 years local experience


0430 788 150 Dog Grooming

Home Maintenance/Renovations

Your Local Small Builder - 35 Years Exp.       

Render Internal Plastering Dry Lining New Ceilings Cornice Window Replacement Pre Sale Makeovers


Bath Reno’s Kitchen Reno’s Walls Removed FREE Quotes FREE Advice

Done for the right


Phone John 0424 615 059

Dog Grooming

Lawn Mowing Services

Lagoon Dog Grooming

Wells Lawnmowing






Wash & tidy up $25

Reliable Service

Located in Yanchep

15 Years Experience

Call Fiona on

0434 283 612 Electrical Services


Call Chris

0412 302 443 Lawn Mowing Services

Plastering Services

lll#_^bhbdl^c\#cZi BdgZi]Vc_jhi bdl^c\ <VgYZc^c\8aZVcjehEgjc^c\ BjaX]^c\GjWW^h]GZbdkVa <jiiZg8aZVc^c\AVcYhXVe^c\ Ldg` <jVgVciZZY# >chjgZY#

Electrical Services


Plumbing Services


Plumbing Services

Roofing Services

 Trip switch Fans protection TV points  Surge protection  TV antennas  Hard wired  Power point smoke alarms  Lights Call Neal 9561 2237  


0419 915 991 Electrical Services

MY Plumbing & Gas  Installation & Servicing of L.P.G. & Natural Gas Appliances  Septic & Leach Drains Installed & Unblocked  Renovations & New Housing PENSIONER DISCOUNTS

Phone/Fax: Mark (08) 9561 1080

PL 5868 GSL 007123

To advertise your business, phone Terry today on 9561 2500

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Tr a d e s S e r v i c e s If youâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;ve got a problem, weâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;ve got a tradie to fix it! Roofing Services

Roofing Services

Septic Services

TV Antennas

Tiling Services

Ceramic floor and wall tiles layed

No job to big or small Free quotes Phone Rex or Judy

9561 6604 or 0417 799 689 ERRORS AND OMISSIONS


Tree Lopping Services

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Welding Vancan Metal Fabrication Steel & Alloy - Fabrications Trailer & Dinghy Repairs Roof Racks

John Van Maanen Unit 1, 6 Glenrothes Cres, Yanchep

9561 5185

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Sun City News - 10 January 2013  
Sun City News - 10 January 2013  

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