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Cover the top half of a card blank with check paper, then add floral paper to the bottom half. Use your apron template as a g uide to cut away the top corners, as shown.



Layer up your trims, pocket, greeting tags and utensils onto the apron. Use sticky foam pads to add depth to the pocket, buttons and the tops of the utensils.

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Papercraft ~


Stick a loop of ribbon to the top of your apron card and a short ribbon strip at either side. Curl the side ribbons around to the fro nt and secure in place with do uble-sided tape .


We'd love to . . wllllt you IMke with JO"' he.,...., so send In JO"' mn:ls to: Yow Cards. Papercraft inspirations, 30 Monmouth Street, Bath BA1 2BW or emad a good-quality picture of your card to There's a prize waiting for all those we publish!

Fifties Kitchen

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M ix It Up!





Fifties Kitchen Beautiful Backgrounds

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Fifties Kitchen Beautiful Backgrounds

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Thank you very much



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Fifties Kitchen Beautiful Backgrounds

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Fifties Kitchen

Sunshine Blooms



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Fifties Kitchen Beautiful Backgrounds

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c 16 essential designs for you to keep and collect. Start today!

···································································································································································· Papercraft ~ 49

Make a top-fold card blank from kraft card. Print the sentiment onto a p iece of white card and cut into a square. Stick onto a kraft speech bubble die-cut.


Print out the Hipster Squirrel and colour with markers. Mount ont o white card and cut out.


Wrap a length of ribbon around your scalloped strip. Tie a bow just below the centre and stick the strip to your card front.


Add your heart-shaped doily at a jaunty angle and stick the squirrel and sentiment on top with sticky foam pads.

Print the squirrel design and colour with markers. Mount onto kraft card, trim, then stick the squirrels to your card front.

Tie six buttons wit h twine and stick them, in rows of three, at opposite corners of the card front.

Print your sent iment onto white card and snip to size. Mount onto kraft card and fix to the card front.


.......................· Papercraft ~

Cut a strip of kraft card, long enough to fi t down the middle of your card front. Trim the long e dges with scalloped scissors and add a slightly thinner strip of patterned paper on top.


Stick two piece s of patterned paper to your card front, as shown, to make a colourful background.



Cover your card front with floral patterned paper.


3 4



Enlarge the squirrel image and print onto card. Now cut out the shape to use as a template for your card blank! Score and fold a piece of kraft card and place your template on top, with the squirrel's ears above the fold. Draw around the template and cut out.


0pen your digital patterned paper in Word {or similar computer software). Copy and paste the enlarged squirrel image on top of the patterned paper and print. Repeat with two more patterned papers.



Cut out the squirrel shapes from each of the patterned papers and paper piece onto your card blank. Print your sentiment on patterned paper and die-cut into a speech bubble.


St ick the sentiment t o the card front and embellish with gems.


Score and fo ld your kraft card to make a top-fold card blank. Trim a piece of woodgrain patterned paper to fit the card front, wrap with twine, then stick in place on the card front.


Print out the squirrel and colour wit h markers. Mount onto white card and cut out, leaving a narrow border.



Die-cut a scalloped circle and top with a patterned paper circle and coordinating paper strips. 0pen your digital patterned paper into Word {or similar computer software). Paste the sentiment on top of the design and print out. Trim the sent iment to size and add some gems.



Stick the squirrel to the die-cut scalloped circle with sticky foam pads, then add to the card front along with your sentiment.

.. Papercraft ~ 51

Get "Whale" Soon


Cut a strip of dotty patterned paper, layer onto brown card to create a border, then add to the green card blank.

First make the sea - cut three strips of blue card and punch scallops along the top edge. Layer the blue strips up to cover the bottom half of the card front.



Punch and build the paper owl - punch an extra chest piece from white card then cut in half and turn upside-down to make the nurse hat! Snip a piece from a punched flower fo r the little red heart.


Stick the owl onto a die -cut circle of white card, then layer onto a larger brown scalloped circle.


Print out a greeting, layer onto brown card, then stick to t he card front along wit h the finished owl piece.


52 Papertraft &llsf>!~

Use the template on page 77 to paper piece the whale. Fix it to the card front with st icky foam pads.



Designed by Zoe Pierson

Print out your greeting, cut into a strip, then snip a V-shape into the right edge. Layer onto blue card to create a border. Add the g reeting to the card front, then embellish the sea with glitter glue.



••• ~-

••• ~·



I get well soon I For the background, cut a p iece of dotty paper, slightly smaller than your card front, and st ick in p lace . Add a strip of black card across the card front, and add a dotty strip on top.


Paper p iece the banana, using the tern plate on page 77 as a g u ide. Stick the banana to the card front with sticky foam pad s.



Print out your get well greeting, t rim to size and layer onto b lack card. Stick to the top-left of the card front.


Embellish the card with yellow Candy Dots.

Cut a panel of p ink patterned paper and add to a slightly larger panel of p ink card. Stick to the t op-left o f your card front.


Stick the 'So Cute!' cat sticker to a white card rectangle and layer onto pink card to create a border. Fix this to the card front with st icky foam pads.



Embellish the patterned paper panel with paw st ickers and punched flowers. Print your get well greeting, layer onto pink card, and fix in place.


~ ~ ........... Papercraft ~




Cut a piece of black card measuring 6x8in. Measuring from the left edge, score and fold two vertical lines at 2 in and 6in. This makes the centre-opening card blank.

Create an A6 card blank from black card. Cut a piece of white card to fit the card front and stick in place, leaving a thin black border around the edge.

Cut two strips of orange handmade paper, each measuring 5'.4x1 'Ain. Stamp the strips with the pumpkin design from the Halloween Lace set. Ink the edges of the paper strips and stick them in place, one on each side of the card front.

Using a hand-cut cloud template, build up a stormy sky background using Pumice Stone Distress ink and a shaving brush.




Cut a piece of black card to the same width as the cloudy background card and 2in high - snip into one of the long edges to create a grassy border and attach to the card front, at the bottom of the cloudy background.


Stamp the 'Happy Halloween' skeleton onto a scrap of orange paper, cut out and layer onto a s lightly larger piece of purple card.

Stamp the gates onto beige card and cut out, leaving a small strip along the outside edges - attach the fo lded strips to the back of the card, so the gates can open.


Cut a strip of black card and wrap around the whole card, leaving a small overlap at the front.



Stick the 'Happy Halloween' skeleton in place to cover t he join in the black wrapped card. Embellish with punched flowers and glitter glue.


St amp the house, trees and branch onto card, and colour in the house with ProMarkers. Cut out and attach to the card, fin ishing with a little glitter glue.

..· 54 Papertraft ~



Stamp the Strange Family group onto bleedproof card, then colour with ProMarkers and cut out.

Cut a piece of white card, slightly smaller than your card front.


Spread some Texture Paste paste onto the white card panel and smear it around. Press a piece of bubble wrap onto the surface to create a pattern, then remove the bubble wrap and leave to dry.


Cut a piece of black and gold patterned card, slightly smaller than your card front, and stick in place.


Stamp the banner onto purple card and cut out. Handwrite the 'Happy Halloween' greeting using a metallic gold pen.


While your background is drying, stamp the monster, eyeballs, flask and bug onto white card, colour with ProMarkers and cut out.


Die-cut a fancy frame shape from black card, attach some gold dotty paper behind it, and stick to the card front.


0nce the background is dry, use a scrap of sponge to dab on various shades of ink until you're happy with the effect. Stamp on some random splatters from the stamp set and the spooktacular greeting.


Stick the stamped family and greeting banner to the card front with plenty of sticky foam pads.


Designed by Sarah Hurley


Stick your stamped images onto the background with sticky foam pads!


Papercraft ~

..路 55



. •


' .. ..


- •~'

• \;f.


Cut a piece of patterned paper, slightly smaller than your card front, and st ick in place. Wrap a strip of black lace around the middle of the card front, from top to bottom. Stick the ends on the inside of the card.

Cover the card front with pink card. Stick a length of t ulle lace down t he right-hand side. Cut a piece o f floral paper the same height as the card front, but about 1 Omm narrower. Stick this to the left side of the card front.

Using the template on page 78, cut a tag shape from plain Fancy Pants paper. Add a Kaisercraft ru b-on doily to the top of the tag, then punch a hole. Thread with twine and tie in a bow.

Die-cut a heart frame from pale pink card. Die-cut a yellow spotty bird, then flip the paper over and cut another bird facing the opposite direction.




St ick a vellum doily embellishment at the top of the card front and layer the heart frame on top with sticky foam pads. Add two lace st ickers (keep them on their acetate backing) and a cluster of paper flowers. Stick the birds to the frame, supported with sticky foam pads.



Make a mini envelope from dotty paper- you'll find the tern plate on page 78. Rub-on a half-doily, then tuck the t ag into t he open envelope. Stick to the card front with sticky foam pads.


Stick a butterfly chipboard sticker on top of the tag.

Spell out your greeting with stickers on a panel of white card. Trim a curve away from each side of the panel - you can use a circle punch for this if you like.


...................................... ...... ........ ....... ...........· 56 Papertraft &l.1!'(nttloM

Back the 'perfect' lace sticker wit h pink card and glue it to the card front. Finish the g reeling with t iny alphabet stickers, arranged on skinny paper strips.


Designed by Jo Chivers



Stick a piece of dotty patterned paper onto the card front. Snip a slightly smaller piece of coordinating paper, wrap blue lace around the top and bottom, then layer onto the card front.


Cut out a bicycle design from the Lucky in Love pack and trim with red lace at the top and bottom . Die-cut a parenthesis shape from spotty paper and stick to the back with sticky foam pads. Fix this layered topper in place on t he card front.


Glue some paper flowers to the corners of the bicycle topper. Spell out t he greeting wit h st ickers. Punch six hearts, fo ld lightly and use them to embellish the greeting and topper. Make a bow from blue lace and twine. Stick it on top of the blue lace across the bottom of the card.


Cover your card blank with cream card, then stick st rips of Guipure lace across its width - wrap the ends around the sides.



Stamp a lacy heart onto white card then cut out. Stick a wood veneer tag to the card front with PVA g lue, so the plain back is showing. Add the stamped heart so it overlaps the tag, raised on sticky foam pads. Die-cut a banner from aqua card and add it to the card front, overlapping the tag. Add the word 'ce lebrate' with letter stickers. Finish the g reeting on the tag with smaller letter stickers.


Add a posy of paper flowers at the top-left corner of the tag and heart.



Finish with a wooden butte rfly embellishment.

Designed by Jo Chivers

To finish, add a length of red lace across the bottom of the card front.



~ ~ Papercraft ~ 57

Die-cutting project Tracy started crafting four years ago. Her favourite style is shabby chic, and she loves to embellish! Tracy finds colouring so relaxing t hat she often picks up her markers during her lunch breaks at work!

~~~t~:ba~ t!:~c~tt:

hidden pockets! Back a Lovely View die-cut with acetate, then you can spell o ut your message in the little windows.


Papercraft ~

Die-cutting project

racy Payne has gone die-cut crazy with the latest dies from Little Darlings Rubber Stamps. We love the Lovely View die-cut shapes - they're inspired by those classic View-Master toys! "I wanted to show you that die-cut shapes are more than just

pieces of card," says Tracy. "You can thread twine and pearl strings through the lacy edges, highlight the details with inks, and layer up to make more complex designs." Embellish your die-cut designs with clusters of bows and blooms for a spectacular finish.

Tum the

page for more lacy cards

F.uzzies Sentiments,

â&#x20AC;˘see page 76for stockists


f'-"e/ Sf-ldreJ

Die-cut a lacy square, then add another on top at an angle to make a stunning shaped card. You can curve the bottom point to help it stand.

Papercraft ~~


• '• • q

Cut a large white sq uare using the largest d ie in the Darling Sq uare Set. Don't remove the die - use it as a stencil t o add Milled Lavender Distress ink to the card with a blend ing t ool.

IlP-Cut two lacy circles from white card using the Lovely View Die. Lig htly ink the ed ges of the shapes with Milled Lavender Distress ink and a blend ing tool.

Use the centre die from the Darling Square Set to cut a piece of lilac patterned p aper. Stick to the centre of your large white die-cut sq uare with doub le-sided t ape.


Papercraft ~

Run larger frame dies through your die-cutting machine twice, turning it 90° before the second pass - machines don't always cut with even pressure, so this gives a crisp finish!

Thread 2mm string beads in white and lilac through the lacy holes aro und the edge of the white d ie-cut square. Secure at the back with a piece of stro ng tape.

St amp your sentiment onto a long panel of white card. Using a pencil o r small paintbrush, roll the card over at the top and under at the bottom, creating a scroll.

Die-cutting project


a great alternative to scalloped circles - add a greeting in the middle, and surround w ith paper flowers!

Glue a mini spool embellishment to the rolled corners of your paper scroll. A few dro ps of Tacky PVA g lue (from The Range*) will hold the wooden shapes safely in p lace.

Use sharp scissors to cut two b utterfl ies from the PionDesign Studio of Memories d ie-cut sheet - cut one med ium butterfly, and o ne smaller butterfly.

Arrange the scroll, lacy circles and butterflies onto the square white panel with do ublesided tape and sticky foam pads where needed. Embellish with lots of paper flowers!

Papercraft ~~ 61

Die<utting project

&e&ss 'Moderation' and 'less is more' have definitely taken a break this time! My dad brought us back a View-Master from his travels in Africa in about 1957 and the Lovely View die is so evocative of that toy. The die-cuts were raised up o n sticky foam pads to enhance the lacy effect and add dimension. I wanted to use my new owl and branch die but needed to find a way to make it stand out. Using clear ink and e xtra thick embossing crystals, I gave the owl a good deep enamelled finish. Heat e mbossing my die-cuts is something I will definitely do again because as well as making t~em stand out more, it also makes them more robust - for my second card, the embossed mannequin shape was strong enough for me to g lue over the aperture. I added the white scroll of flowers but it looked a little out of place, so I carefully peeled off my paper flowers and gave them white petal base layers.

~~(t f!:!':~

my favourite embellishments, and this project did not disappoint. The dies are beautifully intricate, and I loved the fact that the inner cutting spaces allowed ribbon to be threaded through, adding extra interest to the card. First I made the 'Lots of Love' card. I always love to use Tim Holtz inks to colour plain card and this time I found it easy to mix the colours as they blended in well with the backgrounds papers. I used the embellishments to create a focal point, and finished with die-cut flowers and gems. My next card was more beautiful and feminine. The die-cut mannequin and those beautiful wings were so evocative of a butterfly that I had these thoughts in mind straight away. A d elightful card to appeal to lots of age groups.


!etse the biggest die-cut frame to make a shaped card, and layered up my patterned paper and cardstock to create an interesting shape. The image I have used is a House Mouse stamp, coloured with my Spectrum Noir markers to match the papers. I cut one of the die-cuts in half to make a border for my focal image and added another to form a lacy edge around my Craftwork Cards sentiment. Finally, I layered up the flower die-cuts for dimension and topped them with a ribbon rose bud. A little bit of Stickles glitter glue helped to add a shimmer around the edges.


Papercraft ~...tlOll.s

Tum the page to see

how it's donef

' Papercraft "'*~


Fold a pretty pinwheel flower card Your friends will be so impressed with this beautiful card, but it's su rprisingly easy to make. "Wh ile this striking pinwheel flower may look intricate and impressive at first glance, the individual tiles which make up the larger design are actually formed from just two simple folds," e xplains Julie. "Another reason this is a great desig n to start with is that the button in the centre can also be used to d isguise any unevenness in your first attempts at fold ed points." Choose your favourite double-sided patterned paper and give it a whirl!

1f 101/1â&#x20AC;˘e new .f.o M.1.J ma.lui(J, 1fJ wo14ft mveslr'!J '" d. ~Olfe fotder d.lftl J 60r't'!J ~oa.rtl fhej'1â&#x20AC;˘e JO usehl'


Use a cutting mat which has grid lines on it as a base for your folding. The gnd will help you line up each fold, making for crisper angles and easier positioning.

Cut a 7.Scm square of patterned paper. Lay it face-down, then fol d one corner up diagonally to meet the opposite corner. Line up the corners so they match exactly.

64 Papercraft U\.Sf'!r~

Run a bone folder along the fold to make a sharp crease. If you don't have a bone folder, the edge of a plastic ruler will do - just be careful not to tear the paper.

Turn the shape until it has its right-angled corner at the top-right. Fold the point at the bottom up towards that corner. Crease with a bone folder.


for more fabulous folding I

Stick the flap down with double-sided tape. You've now created yourfirst 'tile'. Make three more t iles using the same paper, then m ake four t iles from contrasting paper.

Place the first t ile with the corner at the top-right again and stick a contrast ing t ile on top - line up the inside edge of the flap section with the long edge of the first t ile.

Continue lin ing up and sticking the t iles, alt ernating between the different patterned papers. Take care to line up each new t ile with the central point of the p inwheel.

Papercraft ~~


Create a kite1otd medattion design All that's needed for this beautiful starburst-st yle medallion is some careful cutting and fo lding you could die-cut the squares to make sure that each one is exactly right, but a ruler or paper cutter will work just as we ll if you take your time! Julie says, "Many tea bag folding designs initially appear quite clean and angular, but if t hat's not your natural creative style, don't be put off! With a few different treatments, such as inking the edges and gently curling each tile, then you can easily achieve a softer look."


Finished medallion not looking quite perfect? Don't panic! Cover the centre with a paper flower. small punched circle or button to help disguise any uneven tile layers.

fuse Pew Prop Jlftpa.Js d. pomJeJ elfd, so ,p s edij ./-o ;,,t, & ~es ofJour sh?fes

.路 . ... ...


*see page

76 for stockists

Cut a 6x6cm square of green patterned paper and ink the edges. Fold the square in half diagonally, from corner to corner, then crease along the fold.


Papercraft ~

G o over the diagonal fold with a bone folder to make a crisp edge. Open the paper square up and place it face-d own before you move onto step 3.

Turn the paper square so it's a d iamond, with points at the top and bottom. Fold the left and right points in to meet the centre crease. Turn this kite shape over and ink the edges.


Thin papers are best for tea bag fo lding - origami papers or pages from old books are great alternatives to patterned papers!

Place a ruler over the top section of the kite, between t he two opposite p oints. Fold the bottom point up to meet the ruler. Th is completes your f irst t ile!

Repeat all the steps to make a second kite t ile from contrasting paper. Now slide the b ottom corner of the first t ile into the slot at t he front of the second tile.

Add eight more tiles. You can adjust the posit ioning until the shape is symmetrical. Slide the medallion ont o a circle of card covered in double-sided tap e and press down.

Papercraft ~~


Ask the ••• •• •• •

Commissioning Editor Angela has the best tips and knows all the latest products

Card Making Expert www.clarecurd


Spot-free heat embossing


( Craft Designer www.sarah hurley

Guest Expert, Stix 2 Anything

Send us your crafting questions!

68 Papercraft ~




How do I stop the embossing powders from sticking to other parts of the paper and creating spots. I've tried brush ing the stray bits of powder away, but just can't get a clean effect? Sarah Jane Stewart, Facebook

Sarah says ... An anti-static bag is a great investment! When you're handling your paper, moisture from your hands can transfer, causing powder to stick in the wrong place. If, however, you wipe your paper or card over with the antistatic bag before stamping, it removes this and gives you a cleaner finish. Then, before heating your embossing powder, use a fine paintbrush, or anti-static cloth to remove any stray particles (if there are any!). Also, make sure your ink pad isn't too dry - sometimes this can be the cause as there isn't enough ink for the powder to stick to, so when you heat it the powder blows into other areas. Heating your design from underneath can also help with this.

• Delicate dies What's the best card thickness for delicate and intricate flower dies with thin stems and so on? I'm often find ing that they are ripping and tearing when I peel them off the die. Natasha Thumwood, Facebook Clare says... There are so many thicknesses and brands of cardstock available these days that it can be so difficult to know where to start! For my die-cutting and electronic diecutting I like to use either Bazzi/I cardstock or American Crafts cardstock. They cut really cleanly and are robust enough to stand up to being removed from the die. Bazzi/I cardstock ranges in GSM (grams per square metre) anywhere between 210-290, and American Crafts is around 220gsm, so use something around that weight and you should be fine. Another little tip is if you're using metal dies, after you have cut your design, bang the dies on the table and this will loosen the design from the die. If you're still having trouble removing it cleanly, you can use a specialist non-stick sheeting that goes between the die and the cardstock to help remove the die (like using baking parchment when baking!). A third little tip is to use a pokey tool to push the design out from any holes in the die before teasing the die-cut from the die.

I love adding lace trim to my cards, but attaching it neatly and securely always proves a problem. I've tried using PVA glue and got in a real mess, and also glue dots - but they can't always cope with the weight of the lace. Do you have any other adhesive options I could try? Kelly Roundhil/, Stockport

Angela says... When it comes to lace and lace trim, the best adhesive to use is usually double-sided sticky tape. This will attach the lace secure ly, plus there's the added bonus that it's a clean, mess-free 'dry' glue that won't get all over the lace itself These days you can also pick up self-adhesive lace and crochet trims from brands such as Docrafts* - designed especially fo r crafters such as yourself!


Ask the experts, Papercraft inspirations, 30 Monmouth Street, Bath BA1 2BW


•• •• •• •

Perfect layers please! I find matting and layering paper panels on my card b lank really hard to get right! I'm always having to try and unstick and reposit ion them if t hey're not straight, which ends up being extremely messy and often t he card gets ruined in the process. It's so hard to get a neat finish - what can I do to ensure I get things right first time? Lisa Phillips, Darlington Michelle says ••• The Layer Perfect from Stix 2 Anything* is just the tool for this type of crafting issue. It's a clear acrylic multipurpose craft tool with lots of uses, but was initially launched for perfect matting and layering. You can also use your cutting knife to cut along any of the four sides as they all have steel re-enforced edges.

Missed out on an issue of Papercraft inspirations? Don't worry! Back issues are available. UK back issues cost £4.99 each, Europe issues cost £5.99 each and Rest of the world issues cost £6.99 each

Michelle Johnson is demonstrator for Stix 2 Anything, the craft glue specialists. Here are her top three tips for how to use PI/A glue when you're card making ... Use PVA to attach fine-detail die-cut shapes like snowflakes, flowers and letters. Simply glue the back then press firmly to attach to your project. Then set it aside to allow it t o dry clear.

Keep your favourite issues handy and safe binders co st £8.99 (UK), £7.99 (UK subscrib ers), £8.99 (Europe) or £9.99 (rest of world)

PVA can also be used t o decorate your project. Simp ly squirt the glue, add some glitter when wet or let it dry clear then add transfer foil, pressing with the shiny side up.

PVA is great for gluing the tiniest of products like gems, sequins, punched shapes and beads in place. Attach the fine nib which is supplied for adhering the intricate tiny shapes to your project. Simply place a dot of glue relevant to the size of the prod uct, lift with a pick up pencil and d rop onto the glue. Allow t o dry.

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Papercraft (11.spir~


Behind the scenes


See p15

special Pick of the Day. They sold out in just a few hours! I felt incredibly proud.

Tattered Lace S/-ephAltie Wt;11h:l-mdlf, s.f-ar of t!rea.f-e 4 t!raf TV, alfd trea./-or of ./le popular Td..f-.f-ered Ute rd'!Je of 1it./-r1&t.f-e dies, sltd.res .f-h.e SfoCJ ~eluitd & ra'!Je' s trea.f-101f ...

Sl-ep Mlf re We!Jlt.f-mdlf, trea..f-or of Ta.Nerd Ute

When was the Tattered Lace brand first launched?

meant I had t o learn about t he manufacturing process.

Tattered Lace was first launched on Create & Craft TV in March 2013, but it had been six months in the planning and the designing.

What was the initial response from the public to the Tattered Lace collection?

What were your main aims for the collection? I wanted to create rea lly detailed dies so t hat if I d id a shoe, for example, you could see t he detail, but I also wanted the designs to be lacy and the paper lines rea lly fine. All t his

70 Papercraft ~

The initial response was simply amazing! My first range was a set of interlocking dies. I love aperture cards and wanted the frames to have sentiments floating over the cut-out shapes, so we launched an interlocking collection of dies with the die-cut sentiments floating over die-cut frames on Ideal World as a

How many dies do you have in the collection and how often do you bring new ranges out? We now have around 400 d ies, but some of the early ones will be retired before this Christmas. To keep up with demand , I design about 20 new dies every month .

How long would you say each die takes to create? It's interesting t rying t o work out how long each d ie takes. Sometimes from my initial sketch we can g et something on the computer withi n hours, but sometimes even after days of making changes, the d esign ends up in an ' ideas for later' folder.

What's the most common request you get from your customers when it comes to new die designs? Gosh, that's a tough quest ion! I have so many designs on my list t hat we add to every week. I have

Behind the scenes had some unusual requests too. We've been asked for dies of kitchen appliances - the cooker, the fridge, the washing machine - and also a lizard and a goat!

The Tattered Lace range seems to focus on intricate designs has the manufacturing process had to be any different than for regular dies in order to cope? Because Tattered Lace designs are so intricate, we have the dies coated with a non-stick surface, which helps the paper or card release. We also have tiny 'pokey holes' placed on the back of the die and t hrough the metal so the sma llest, most detailed, pieces

What's the first thing for you to consider when designing dies? Whatever I am designing, I always consider the finished application, such as t he size of the cards, other projects like home decor or gifts, then I do my colour and trend research. That sounds a bit mad but it helps me see how designs will go t ogether.

What sort of design 'rules' do you have to remember for dies? Line have to be a certain size and distance apart but we have got it so there are very few ru les.

Where are the dies made? The dies are designed in

The initial response was simply amazing the dies sold out in just a few hours! can be teased from the die with a pokey tool or tweezers.

Tell us about the launch of your new Christmas dies - how many new dies are you going to be releasing this year? We're doing three festive releases this yea r. One wi ll be exclusive to Hobbycraft, and I launched an early range in June on Create & Craft TV. I still have a few designs for a later release - it's so hard as Christmas is one of my favourite times of the year, and I keep thinking of new designs! I t hink my favourite is the Nativity which you can build scenes with .

Derbyshire where I live, manufactured in America then shipped in bulk from our warehouse, also in Derbyshire. If I could make them in the UK, I would, as it's important for me to support local workforces.

What makes them different to other dies on the market? I do try to make them more d etailed and intricate, it's become a brand style.

How many people are involved in the creation of a new range? There are five designers in our graphics team, but some of them work on packaging, some work

on on line projects. I'm really keen on education so we're always producing tip sheets and we still have our My Craft Studio brand for digital crafting. The n there's a design team working with the dies to create finished proj ects.

Above: The packaging covers are cut down ready to be assembled with the dies before sealing.


-· C'• O C?>

---------......... . ~-..

What's been the most satisfying aspect of launching the Tattered Lace brand? When a retailer came up to us at CHA and sa id, "I have to order this as my customers are asking for it, " - she was based in Peru!

What plans do you have for Tattered Lace next year? We have just released a range of embossing folders that work with the dies, and I designed corners for the first time which are lovely. We' re about to launch interlocking folders that are quite clever, but I have an idea for die-cutting that is still in the d evelopment stage - I hope to have a new concept ready for January!

fiird ouJ more

dou.f Hte r1.'/je 1.1rJ Je.f1.i(s of .· jour lfedres.f 1..f ww.v.

Below: The warehouse team packing dies ready for a big launch on Create and Craft TV!

Papercraft ~~


The Stamp Attic where .... re 1tl\1h1 be~11b Christmas rs cornng ... Bebunnr from Crafters Companion New festive embosSll'lg folders Memory Box seasonal des Decopatch papers and mache Graphic 45 rwas the Nrsj'lt Before Christmas and lots more Workshop wrth Lin Brown now booking See website for more information Contact Wendy on 01235 760821 9 Arbery Arcade . Wantage Oxon OX12 8AB or vi&1t our website at

., . ·•.

Spr1nKle lw1nKle

· Offtring a wide ~ of quality croft supplies. classes and worlcshops SHOP AND WEBSITE NOW OPE FOR B SINE SS Shop Clllinc and at Oii" mail p-CllUc:s at: East Coast Slonigt. U111 Z4 6on Cmsl 8USillm Pri. a.ndllartOll Rood. Wu! l,.u\ Krg's Lym l'E34 3LW (,_. Caks lilts..ztaod Sifflicr)

www.spr1nkle- w·n Plmst ch«k tilt wtbsote doily cs new prodl.ds i n bdng Clddtd all tilt twnd


For Ail. )Our Ctaftng needs Biid st8tldard postage in tOOstcasesis FREE' Please coruct us on:

01455 823 112 Or visit us at: 72 Main Strte~ Newbold

Verdon, Leicester LE9 9NP

·•·•· ···:• .. ···~··· . .... . . ... ·· · ····SUP-PLIES ·=· CARDMAKING ~.


•.···.•·.·= •••·••·······~·~·· ••·· ••••• •• •• •• • •

Craft Creations

Craftwork Cards presents tn r;-~e fresh ideas f~r using seaside papeYf) in style


~ 路


..) J

Transform a plain gift bag Use your papers to customise a kraft gift bag. Cover the bag with papers and use a scallop border punch to create layered waves from d ifferent patterns. Embellish with a cut-out anchor, some ribbon and a row of beach huts. Make a matching covered tag and tie to the bag using string to complete the look.

Create a stunning seaside wall hanging!

Visit the Craftworks Cards stand at The Handmade Fair, 19th21 st Sept, Hampton Court, www. thehandmadefair.


Here's a clever idea that's so simple but would make a great gift. Cut some chipboard into three strips and cover with seaside paper. Link the strips together with twine to create a wall hanging. Add the words using die-cut letters, then hand-cut beach huts to hang along the bottom and add some knotted string around one of the strips. Two bulldog clips and some thin wire create an easy hanger to display your design.

Craft a quick beach card Harbour Boulevard 8x8in Paper Pad, RRP 拢6.45, from Craftwork Cards*.

Create happy memories of days spent beside t he sea with a beach-themed card. Take a sheet of beach hut patterned paper and trim so that the row of beach huts is the backdrop to your card. Add seagull paper, shells and create fo lded paper windmills. Embellish with Card Candi and a spiral fl ower made of punched and fo lded circles.

Papercraft "'*~



// ··. ..·····':. //:...... ...=

Our digital crafting expert, Jenny, browses the internet for top papercrafting ideas and reveals what you can find on our website ...



Our we5si./-e


Updated daily, our website is the place to come for all your free downloads the exclusive pap ers and proj ect printables we feature in each issue! Once you've downl oad ed them on to your comput er, you can p rint t hem out ag ain and again. Via t he biog you can also enter our fab competit ions, find out what's new, hear about the latest offers and promotions, get bonus project ideas and sign up for our emai l newsletter. Come and visit us tod ay!




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_..._ Cl

Youmllm Pa~ Tv papercraftinsp papercrafttv - -""'

We love 'pinning' ideas from the magazine, our designers and the web! Every month we' ll share a favou rite pinned proj ect- if you'd like to be featured , email us! Recently we've been enj oying pinning fab p hotos from our archives - we love this scrumptious ice crea m card from summer 2013. The free printables are still avail ab le on our website too !

Head over to You Tube and check out our very own channel, PapercraftTY, for our latest craft videos!

Share your ideas with us! 74

Papercraft ~

This month, Jenny shows you how to use a layout sketch to create a simple scrapbook page wit h your favourite photos. Click onto YouTube t o see how it's done.

Your Letters, Papercraft inspirations, 30 Monmouth Street, Bath BA1 2BW


~ WHAT YOU'VE ~ BEEN SAYING Join in and tell us what you think at papercraftinspirations

LAUREN: I've got a paper cutting book and craft knife b ut haven't really had a go yet. HELEN: Yes, I fo llow My Paper Cut Heart and Paper Panda.

We asked our Facebook fans: 'Would you like to try the current trend for intricate paper cutting?' ' Like ' us to keep up with our latest news! GAIL:

I'm interested as I've always believed it is something I'd be atrocious at, but I have a friend who believes that anyone can learn to do anything if they have the rig ht tutorl

For instant ideas, download Papercraft inspirations from Apple Newsstan d, Google Play or Zinio. See t he latest projects, find out about new products, learn new t echniques and click straight through to the content online. Each issue costs just £2.99 and a year's subscription is only £27 .99. Tell you r overseas craftin g friend s too, they' ll love it! Buy your copy today from ...


Apple Newssta~d (i~ad: iPhone, i~od touch). . ....;._ - · -

,) zinio· ~


Li -····--

Alex from AlexScisso rhands creat es the most fantastic digital elements for card making and scrapbooking - as well as papers and toppers, you can buy more unusual motifs like bunting, frames, and these funky sem i-transparent washi tape strips (£1 .81). Layer them onto digi scrapbook pages or print and stick! AlexScissorhands

Zinio (PC!MadAndroid) Google.Play (PC/Android) http:/ / 142Ahbk

Card made using free ice cream sundae papers from issue 127 of @papercraft nsp #handmade @Sonja W

............. _ _.... ...... ....,.,.. ........ _ .. _.._.....•--••rt11J_. .,.,,.._.u~ .,,~

'ltil ....................,...._.......... A.'ft>

........... i.. . . . . . . . . rtMI ........... .

Every month we meet new and exciting pap ercraft bloggers. This issue, say hello to Rebecca from Eclectic Endeavours! "My crafty time is mainly spent making ca rds but I also create scrapbook pages, canvases, gifts and g ift packaging," says Rebecca. "While shabby chic and elegant are my go-to styles, I also make projects in other styles depending on who I'm creating for. I create a fair number of masculine cards as I have three sons! Recently I've renewed my love of j ewe llery making and I've also branched int o mixed media with its messy creativity and I'm loving it." You're sure to be inspired by Rebecca's fantastic designs and crafty tips!




Papercraft ~~



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All the templates & outlines you'll need for the projects in issue 130

Cards for All Occasions, page 52, Get Wha le Soon Card

Cards for All Occasions, page 53, Peel Bette r Soon Card use at 100%

Teacup Cards, page 24, Sha pe d Card use at 100%

Papercraft Ul.!l'ir~


Your Free papers, R page 40, etro Apron Card enlarge by 200%

Home Style, pages 36-37 use at 100%

!-----------------------------I' I













Cards for All Occasions page 56, Butterfiy Card use at 100%

i : : I

! : : I



















______________________________ !

Papercraft ~

Cards for All Occasions page 56, Butterfiy Card use at 100%


', •












on't miss your next issue!


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0 Whip up scrumptious paper puddings!

0 10 new ideas for festive washi tape

0 Craft a trio of pretty paper Christmas trees

PkollpfJ.e slue.1-J ' 拢m!JellisltmelftJ Pes!J.lfer tud !h.lfls flodi'/J powder po.fa Mlteswe des!Jlf slue.1-J 'l?olftlJ si(verJfi路l-!er


Thethri Kirsty Neale's craft drawer at home is always awash with washi tapes, but she knows just what to do with the leftover reels ... enerally speaking, I'm a sucker for a new trend, be it veneer shapes, spray mists or arrows on everything. I am, however, just as keen to jump ship once that trend starts getting overexposed. Call me

Whether you think that calls for an intervention, or a top-up shopping trip depends on your own situation, but in my defence, I use the tape regularly, rather than just hoarding it. For a while, I wasn't sure that made any difference. However

'Tftere over ~ 0 reefs of l'/d.Shi much you use, the tape never seems rit "tf_ Jest drawer ... ~u./- it1 to run out. But mJ Je.let1u, (use .ffte. fdpe then, a couple of are fine, but the bigger the crowd 0 l' months ago, it gets. the keener ryu!a.~lif, ra.Hur .fM.t1 finally happened. I am to drop out and JUSf fwd.rdiitd i./-' I pulled off a strip,

fickle, but I don't enjoy crowds. Small groups

find a nice, calm spot on my own. As it is in life, so it is with craft supplies. The one exception is washi tape. It's come a long way since the days when you had to order it online from Japan or the US, and although its scarcity was part of the appeal back then, the huge range of designs available in these days is a pretty good trade-off. There are currently over 30 reels of washi in my desk drawer.

Got plenty of washi tapes in your stash? Keep the empty reels and you'll never be short of mini circular frames to add to your cards!


and suddenly ... I was left with an empty reel. Tape finished. After a brief period of mourning and a slightly longer period of not tidying my desk, I realised the reel was ripe for repurposing. In the interests of full disclosure here, I have to admit to finishing two more rolls extra-quickly so

there were a couple of spares to experiment with (oh, impatience). I ended up using all three on my thank-you card below, but if you're not awash with empty reels yourself, a single one would be just as effective. Two of mine were wrapped in coloured embroidery thread and the third one was decorated with paint and patterned paper. I then set about filling the 'frame' created by the reel, or adding details on top, such as the sentiment and embellishment. You could either try the same ideas, or use them as inspiration to dream up your own tiny-tapereel embellishments.

.. .


• • • • • • • • • • • • • • • •

Fold Away D.tuxe Spedal Edition Complete with storage


boxes and drawers

Price £139S plus £.SO shipping SPECIAL OFFER

£1095 incl. delivery SAVE £350

MAPLE When closed· width 92cm (36.51, depth Skm (331, lwoght I 79cm (70S) When open · width 18'\cm (76j,depth42on (16.Sj With~ deskfold down. hftght 179cm (7051

Fold Away Petite Complete with st orage boxes. Price £750 plus £25 shipping


£625 incl. delivery SAVE £150

When dosed· Width 96on (38"), depth 83on (33'). height ncm (30") When open - width 192cm (76j, depth 83on (33'). hetght non (30")

Really Useful Storage C.binet complete with storage boxes

"' .c 41





~ RHlly Useful Storage C.blnet with Doors Comp~tewrth

6 x9 litre boxes

Complete with 4 x 19 litre boxes

6 x 9 litre boxes 32 x 4 litre boxes Price £6S9.10



plus £25 shipping



0 E

£575 incl. delivery 5AVEOVER £100

8 x 4 lrue boxes Prlce00130 plus £20 shipping

Pleue note an rum11ui.1tems are suppfied setr assembfy ·assembly can be arranged plHse call for runher detlils and char~s





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Alexandra Palace Show 20th & 21 st September Alexandra Palace, London

Over 60 retailers offering the latest papercraft products

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BARGAINS Plenty of 'show only offers', so come and grab a crafty bargain


To enter our

Come and see your favourite Create & Craft TV Demonstrators

Prize draw, book via our Website and enter


FREE car parking & courtesy buses available Book your ticket in advance now, to enioY an ear\Y bird discount.

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Discounts are a ·1 grou bo . var able for P okrngs of 20 or more (av .1 People r k . arable through th IC et hotline only). e



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