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A vacation property at the heart of Suncadia, a stone’s throw from all your favorite activities and amenities. A place so fun, so full of delight, your kids will beg you to take them there, not just when they’re little but into their teen years and beyond. A place that will lure them home from college for cozy winter weekends, and for prolonged summer stays in their early adulthood. And when they have kids of their own, this will be the first choice for big, boisterous family gatherings. The cul-de-sac on which your daughter spent countless hours riding her bike will be where she teachers her daughter to do the same. Imagine a place that will be forever close to your heart, and your children’s hearts, and their children’s. This is Legacy at Suncadia. Make it your family’s legacy.

As a member of the Legacy community, you’re part of something bigger: Suncadia—Seattle’s beloved backyard escape, just 80 easy miles from the city. From sea level to mountainside, it’s a journey from grey city to blue sky, from tight timelines to an open window of possibilities. Becoming an owner at Suncadia makes every weekend, or any time, a vacation—no plane ticket or plans required. And though it’s so conveniently close, you’ll be amazed at how far away you feel— and how revitalized you’ll be. Owning at Suncadia gives your family a unique legacy—a getaway and a homecoming, all at once.

Everything families love about Suncadia is as close as can be to your Legacy doorstep. How close? On foot, it’s just close enough for a quick chat on the way to the winery and our beloved Lodge; it’s a bike ride adventure for a 10-year-old to the waterslides at the Swim & Fitness Center; an easy scooter-scoot for small legs to the park; a fast huff and puff to the tubing hill and skating rink. And more, much more—all easily accessible via our 40plus miles of hike and bike trails.

And your property’s prime location works for you even when you aren’t here to take advantage of it. Our property management company has found that the closer a home is to the heart of Suncadia, the more successfully it performs as a rental.

Legacy at Suncadia is also close to Prospector Golf Course—so close, in fact, that for 23 lucky families, it’s a gorgeously green extension of your back yard. Designed by late legend Arnold Palmer, Prospector is among Washington’s top ten golf courses. Even if you don’t golf, living golfside has many perks, including this: homes on golf courses

tend to hold their value better than those not on the course. If golfside life is calling you, don’t wait. Legacy is your last opportunity to build a courseside home at the heart of Suncadia.

Don’t miss this last opportunity to build your dream home on Prospector Golf Course.

Legacy gives you the opportunity to custom build your perfect vacation property on roomy but reasonably-priced homesites from the low $100,000s. Lots starting at a quarter-acre allow you to build a home that your family can grow into. Legacy was carefully and creatively designed for the families it’s destined to attract. We created a natural buffer on one side of the neighborhood, so no homes will be immediately adjacent to

Suncadia Trail. And quiet cul-de-sacs will mean safe spaces for younger kids to play and ride their bikes while the older kids are off tearing up the trails. Though located at the center of Suncadia’s amenity-rich action, Legacy will be a selfcontained, close-knit community of neighbors— the kind of neighborhood that’s become all too rare.

Don’t miss this last opportunity to build your dream home on Prospector Golf Course.

Disclaimer: The features and amenities described and depicted herein are based upon current development plans, which are subject to change without notice. Actual development may not be as currently proposed. All content, including prices and availability is for information purposes only and is subject to change without prior notice. Maps and illustrations shown are artists’ concepts and for illustrative purposes only. This material shall not constitute an offer or solicitation in states or jurisdictions where registration is required but not yet completed. Obtain the property report required by federal law and read it before signing anything. No federal or state agency has judged the merits, if any, of this property. Listed with Suncadia Real Estate Sales Company, licensed real estate broker. Copyright 2017 New Suncadia, LLC. Developer Commitment: New Suncadia LLC’s plan, subject to the above disclaimer, is to begin construction within 120 days of when 60 or more Suncadia and Nelson Preserve developer-owned homesites are sold and closed.

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Legacy at Suncadia Brochure  

Legacy at Suncadia Brochure